Are USB Gamecube controllers tornament legal?

  1. I have a Gamecube controller that connects by USB, so I'm wondering if it's tornament legal, since if someone's using an original Gamecube controller, they have to use the adapter leaving me with the USB port in the back of the dock. I think that'd be the reason why it'd be banned, but when it comes to controls, I think it'd be legal because of that. PlushUmaru-chan - 1 month ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. That really depends on who's organizing tournaments in your region. The only ay I see it being an issue is for 2v2 matches if everyone is using a USB only controller.

    For what it's worth, the grey USB plug in the GameCube adapter is for rumble only. As long as no one cares for rumble, it can be unplugged.
    Cozy (Expert) - 1 month ago - report 3   0
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