How Long Do Sudden Deaths Last?

  1. Okay. So I'm in an Arena with custom stages. And some knucklehead decided to choose a stage where it's literally impossible to die. (Unless you use an attack/Final Smash that teleports you away.) So we've been sitting in this Arena for God knows how long waiting for something to happen. I'd leave, but I already blocked the other guy (who I think picked this stage) and I quite like this Arena. So how long do we have to sit here? I remember that something similar happened awhile back and eventually the camera panned upwards and basically killed everybody at once. I might not respond, but I'll definitely read your answers! Thanks in advance! KirbyFan - 1 month ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. There is no time limit. In past smash games sudden death would have bob ombs flood the stage until someone gets knocked out. But now the screen zooms in toward the middle so it is easier to get knocked out. Doesn't work too well with custom stages that have an impossible to escape room though... Flamingoodness - 1 month ago - report 7   0
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