Are Mario Golf Super rush Spirits and No More Heroes Spirits back on the Spirit Board?

  1. I only need 6 more spirits 3 are Mario Golf the other 3 are No More Heroes I missed those events. zillajay23 - 2 months ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. They are a part of the spirit boards normal rotations yes. You should still be able to obtain them eventually. Phoneguyhello12 (Expert) - 2 months ago - report 6   0
  2. Thanks I've reshuffled a ton and been playing for a few weeks clearing the board just haven't come across them so was starting to wonder. I will just keep at it. zillajay23 - 2 months ago - report
  3. Have you seen them in the regular rotation or are you just guessing? Just wondered as I haven't seen one Mario Golf or No More Heroes at all? I was starting to think maybe the next update would include them. zillajay23 - 2 months ago - report
  4. You'd have to wait until the next update.
    If you don't have a spirit, they usually show up straight away on the spirit board, so that's a good way to know if they're in the game yet or not.
    Start up the game, see if it updated, go to the spirit board, and reshuffle if you don't spot it the first time. If nothing, then probably gotta wait more.
    Eyemeralds - 2 months ago - report
  5. Thaks a lot I appreciate the help. Yeah definitely not their I've been reshuffling and playing every day and not seeing any. At least I know now it's jut waiting for the update. zillajay23 - 2 months ago - report
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