Is changing the right stick to tilt a good option?

  1. So I know tilt attacks are important and are good, but im really bad at pulling them off. Should I change my right stick to tilt, then? I do like the convenience of being able to smash attack quicker, but I think I would use tilt more, but i don't know. (Btw I know you can smash attack without the right stick im just not great at it)

    User Info: BionicBeast

    BionicBeast - 4 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Go with whatever works best for you.

    User Info: Pikasprey

    Pikasprey - 4 weeks ago 1   1

Top Voted Answer

  1. I think that if you're already very used to the default controls, then you probably shouldn't switch up like that. You're more likely to get better if you stick with what you know. What your suggesting for yourself seems like it's going to significantly change the way the controls work, in a way that it could easily throw you off in a fight.

    User Info: MDBSONIC

    MDBSONIC - 4 weeks ago 1   0

Other Answers

  1. There's advantages to tilt stick (Faster aerials), but it depends on what you prefer. Personally, I finally chose to do tilt stick plus made the left stick more sensitive to make it easier to input Smash attacks with it (Plus turned off stick jump). In the end, though, it's up to what you think would work best for you

    User Info: tailsBOOM1992

    tailsBOOM1992 - 4 weeks ago 0   0

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