this is my very first smash game. i played 48 online games but only won 12, any tips?

  1. i lost to a kirby and lil mac. Which alot of people say are low tier

    User Info: Ne202xus

    Ne202xus - 1 month ago
  2. most of the time, you should let your opponents come to you and learn to play again them that way, giving up too much ground is not good. Mixing up is crucial when playing smash, being too predictable is not a good thing. Filter in grabs into your attacks, not to much, but just enough where your opponent may not see it. Also learn teching, this is hitting R or L when you are about to land on the ground, if you time it right, you will "tech" and be able to act much more quickly, very important.

    User Info: pwiggler

    pwiggler - 4 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well it's kinda hard to give a lot of tips when I don't know your main but I can try.
    1. Be patient, bait your opponents.
    2. Look at what options you have, and choose the best one.
    3. Do not get tilted, best way to do this is by playing in battle arenas.
    4. Practice combos and execution in training mode.

    I hope this helps! ^_^

    User Info: DDrakgo

    DDrakgo (Expert) - 1 month ago 7   1

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  1. Use the board for questions like this. More room for actual discussion!

    User Info: amgoosehjonk

    amgoosehjonk - 1 month ago 9   5

Other Answers

  1. low tier doesn't mean much unless you're highly experience. Since you're a beginner don't take tier lists too seriously, every character has strengths and weaknesses.

    Overall just keep playing, watch what your opponent is doing, don't just try to play your game plan.
    Understand your characters strengths and weaknesses.
    Use training mode to try to setups and combos
    Also when you find a character you really click with, look online for some guides, maybe you'll find something you didn't know about the character.

    User Info: NeoXZero15

    NeoXZero15 - 2 weeks ago 4   1
  2. Look up good players that play the characters you want to learn and try to imitate what they do and then later refine it into your own style. If you're new, I suggest you learn heavy characters first as they can often make good comebacks when they make a mistake.

    User Info: CaliberChamp

    CaliberChamp - 2 weeks ago 2   3
  3. Just play Ness and spam PK Fire as many times as possible. Your GSP should reach 3 million in no time.

    User Info: demariw

    demariw - 1 month ago 2   13

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