When do you unlock Incineroar, Charizard and Greninja?

  1. Incineroar, Charizard and Greninja are my favorite smash characters and I was wondering when you unlock them?

    User Info: Pokegod666

    Pokegod666 - 1 week ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Aside from the World of Light, where characters are scattered around the map, each character can be unlocked by completing Classic Mode with a specific other character. They're set up in different "chains" based on each of the 8 starting characters, so beating Classic with each new character that you unlock will continually add more. Assuming that you're starting from a fresh file with no characters unlocked:

    Incineroar: Clear with Pit (Samus -> Inkling -> Wii Fit Trainer -> Pit -> Incineroar)
    Greninja: Clear with Sheik (Donkey Kong -> Bowser -> Pokemon Trainer -> Rosalina -> Dedede -> Sheik -> Greninja)
    Pokemon Trainer: Clear with Bowser (part of the above chain)

    If you already have some of the above characters unlocked, you can start with them and play Classic to unlock the next one in line.

    User Info: -hotdogturtle--

    -hotdogturtle-- (Expert) - 1 week ago 1   0

Other Answers

  1. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/switch/234547-super-smash-bros-ultimate/cheats

    User Info: Gargomon251

    Gargomon251 - 5 days ago 0   2

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