How do I get spirits 1368 to 1379?

  1. Probably a event I missed but if still obtainable how do I get them?

    User Info: LifeCelebrant75

    LifeCelebrant75 - 2 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. They are not currently obtainable, but they will probably be added into the Spirit Board rotation when the next DLC character is released, or with a different update.

    User Info: RoIIaRova

    RoIIaRova - 2 weeks ago 7   2

Top Voted Answer

  1. Those are the spirits from the Pokemon Sword/Shield, Resident Evil, and Astral Chain events. If I'm reading right, they should be appearing on the Spirit Board and/or Shop with all the other spirits in the game. If not, then they'll show up there by the next major patch.

    User Info: SmokeRulz

    SmokeRulz (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 7   0
  2. wow that's a lot of missed events.

    User Info: Gargomon251

    Gargomon251 - 2 weeks ago
  3. and more if you missed the River City Ransom event they had during the last weekend

    User Info: godzillahomer

    godzillahomer - 2 weeks ago
  4. I've gotten the River City ones after I noticed the tetris spirits came back after I missed that event. After missing that one event I felt like my collection would always be incomplete so from that point on I've just ignored all other spirits that came through. After hearing this I will definitely start collecting again.

    User Info: LifeCelebrant75

    LifeCelebrant75 - 2 weeks ago

Other Answers

  1. Yes, if you miss the spirits from these events, they won't appear again until the next big update. I missed the Daemon X Machina event, but the spirits are just now showing up on Spirit Board after my game updated to v7.0.0.

    User Info: AndyKusanagi

    AndyKusanagi - 2 weeks ago 3   0
  2. While everyone else answered the question accurately enough, the EXACT spirits you are looking for are "Zacian & Zamazenta" from the Pokémon: Sword and Shield event, and "Lappy" from the Astral Chain event, if the listed spirits are correct.

    User Info: FMT_Player

    FMT_Player (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 2   4

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