Why isn't my game giving me the "Awaken All The Fighters" achievement?

  1. I 100%ed the map in WoL and the game decided not to give this achievement. Does anyone know if this is a bug? I don't have the DLC Fighters if that helps (mainly because I haven't gotten NSO yet).

    User Info: DiduXD

    DiduXD - 1 month ago
  2. People, I figured it out. No need to keep giving me notifications for a month old question.

    User Info: DiduXD

    DiduXD - 1 week ago

Accepted Answer

  1. What do you mean "achievement"? Is it a Challenge or a Milestone?

    User Info: Gargomon251

    Gargomon251 - 1 month ago 3   7
  2. A Challenge. Also haven't gotten the "Win In All Fights" one yet either (and I have won every fight).

    User Info: DiduXD

    DiduXD - 1 month ago
  3. How many characters are shown in the "Characters rescued" or something like that in stats? If it's 73 then you are good to go.

    To get "Win In all Fights" you must do both Dharkon and Galeem individually on top of the true ending.

    User Info: KoltPenny

    KoltPenny - 1 month ago
  4. I unlocked 72 (remember, you start with Kirby so he makes 73) and I did Galeem and Dharkon separately after I got the "true ending".

    User Info: DiduXD

    DiduXD - 1 month ago
  5. There is 74 characters in the base game in total. Subtracting Kirby would make it need to be 73 characters that need to be awakened.

    User Info: jumper1234

    jumper1234 - 4 weeks ago
  6. it is possible you missed one character you need to unlock somewhere you may not know it is there, a few hidden characters to unlock actually, probably you missed one from Zelda area, this is probably most missed one, it will requires the right riddle of time to unlock one more character...

    User Info: dragonfoxmem

    dragonfoxmem - 4 weeks ago
  7. Richter, Dedede and the Zelda ones are the easiest to miss. You might want to check some guides if need be

    User Info: tailsBOOM1992

    tailsBOOM1992 - 3 weeks ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. I might be too late in answering, but my gut is telling me you missed Richter. He is in Dracula's Castle (the southeast sub world in the Dark Realm) and he appears after you destroy all of the "black ghosts" throughout the castle using the cannonballs. Otherwise, a sure fire way of double checking is going into the overhead view and looking at the entrances to the sub worlds in the both the light and dark realms: is there a tiny Star next to the portal? If not, that's where your missing fighter should be.
    I hope this helps :)

    User Info: FMT_Player

    FMT_Player (Expert) - 1 month ago 17   0

Other Answers

  1. You should have:

    - Spaces cleared: 615.
    - Fighters awakened.

    In order to get both "Win all Fights" and "All fighters awakened" challenges unlocked.

    User Info: KoltPenny

    KoltPenny - 1 month ago 3   0
  2. Fighters awakened: 73****

    User Info: KoltPenny

    KoltPenny - 1 month ago
  3. Chrom is the trickiest fighter to find; I struggled to get to him when I did the WoL.

    There are a LOT of optional routes when you get to the Dark World or whatever. The hardest ones to get to are Chrom and Mii Fighter.

    User Info: Dissidia_Crazed

    Dissidia_Crazed - 2 weeks ago 0   0
  4. You need to awaken them all in the Story Mode.

    User Info: ImnotOasisGamer

    ImnotOasisGamer - 1 week ago 0   1
  5. This might sound stupid, but are you sure you actually awakened everybody? I know a couple characters can be a little tricky to find (Luigi for example).

    User Info: Other_Self

    Other_Self - 1 month ago 0   3
  6. I thought mewtwo was tricky to find

    User Info: LuigiRocks444

    LuigiRocks444 - 3 weeks ago 0   3
  7. 3 things.

    1. Play a round, that might help.

    2. Um... you don't need NSO for the DLC...

    3. You might need the DLC

    User Info: IdontcaresoFoff

    IdontcaresoFoff - 1 month ago 1   5
  8. I don't? I mean I'm certain the eShop needed NSO to access it. My friend told me it did.

    User Info: DiduXD

    DiduXD - 1 month ago
  9. You need a nintendo ACCOUNT. Not NSO

    User Info: IdontcaresoFoff

    IdontcaresoFoff - 1 month ago

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