How does the unlock chain for Classic work?

  1. Been wondering this for a while. Let's say I unlock Peach in standard Smash mode (as in where you just pick the characters and stage then you go beat each other up) and then use her in Classic.

    IIRC the next character after unlocking Peach is Wolf. Upon clearing Classic with all the conditions (must let time limit expire, have a certain distance covered), would I get Wolf straight up or would it be an earlier character from the chain?

    User Info: DiduXD

    DiduXD - 6 days ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Look at the table here:

    The way the table works is once you beat a character's classic mode you'll face the character directly below it (in the same column). If you have already unlocked that character, you will instead face the character below that one. If there are no characters left in that column, you will instead face the next available character in the leftmost column.

    So, in your example, if no other character has been unlocked you will face Falco. Doing either Peach's Classic or Falco's will yield Daisy. Doing either of the 3 will yield Bowser Jr. And finally, doing either of the 4's Classic will yield Wolf. Keep going past Mewtwo and you will Sonic, Bayonetta, Little Mac, etc.

    User Info: Neospartan

    Neospartan (Expert) - 6 days ago 1   0

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