Why couldn't Mai get a censored outfit like Mythra did?

  1. Mai's outfit wouldn't have been appropriate for an E10+ game but neither was Mythra's and that's why she got a censored outfit.

    User Info: MoneyMan1000

    MoneyMan1000 - 2 weeks ago
  2. Because screw censorship. If something has to be censored to make it in a game it shouldn't be in at all, so they made the right decision.

    User Info: Hollow_Tim

    Hollow_Tim - 2 days ago

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  1. Monolith Soft, the developers of Xenoblade, are owned by Nintendo, so it's a lot easier to get approval for the censored design. On the other hand, censoring Mai might be seen as impolite, from the perspective of SNK.

    User Info: crazybenjamin

    crazybenjamin - 2 weeks ago 18   1


  1. Mythra's outfit was barely changed. Mai's is incredibly overt, as well as all the movements and mannerisms she does. There's just no use bothering with the CERO board.

    User Info: SmokeRulz

    SmokeRulz (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 16   4
  2. Nintendo has more creative freedom with their own characters than they do with 3rd party characters.

    User Info: Lord_of_Spade

    Lord_of_Spade - 1 week ago 7   1
  3. Sakurai didn't want to change Mai's look or the sake of censorship. Either Mai was going to go in as she looks normally or not at all. Sakurai wanted no middle ground.

    User Info: AmephEstMako

    AmephEstMako - 1 week ago 4   1
  4. They could have used hersSprite variation from Real Bout Fatal Fury 1&2, and not have any animations that were deemed inappropriate. Would have been easy, not to mention let's not talk about other things in the game, like any FE character in spirit form. Tharja for a good example, or just how the game is thirsty anyways. Not like Mai sitting in the background with her fans either up high enough, or just use her said example above. I think it could have been done easy.

    User Info: Master2873

    Master2873 - 1 week ago 1   8
  5. I personally think it was because Sakurai actually wanted the "controversy" to go down how it did. I mean, he didn't have to point out Mai's absence, and with 20 cameo characters people would've been like "we got 20 characters, why are you so hung over a single absentee?". And yeah, she could've been covered up with some shorts and an undershirt, but Sakurai has also expressed frustration with CERO's rating process, so he might have found a way to vent off in an indirect way.

    User Info: Neospartan

    Neospartan (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 2   12
  6. from what i got from a friend, apparently, excluding mai would be like excluding one of the major names like link/mario/etc in smash, so her absense would've been noticed, i feel like it was just a jab at CERO, and also just an explanation for why she's gone so he doesn't get 3 million tweets asking him why.

    User Info: HueyLaforet

    HueyLaforet - 1 week ago
  7. Not everything is a conspiracy.

    User Info: Valkenhyne

    Valkenhyne - 1 week ago
  8. Because Mythra's "Censored" outfit is actually an improvement. Fashion sense in XC2 is one big flaming trainwreck and Nintendo took the opportunity to attempt a saving throw.

    User Info: shanloric

    shanloric - 1 week ago 2   24

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