How do I fight Spirit 1319?

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    User Info: thps48

    thps48 - 5 months ago

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  1. It's event only, for the Labo set. You're too late, you'll have to wait until they run it again or add another way.

    User Info: Gargomon251

    Gargomon251 - 5 months ago 14   0
  2. Same for 1317, 1318 and 1320.

    User Info: Regezerem

    Regezerem - 5 months ago
  3. The Labo spirits are now standard in the board, so I don't think it's too late.

    User Info: Auranin

    Auranin - 4 months ago
  4. They are not. They only enter rotation if you have already obtained them once, just like Summon-exclusive spirits.

    User Info: Rainierman

    Rainierman - 4 months ago
  5. I didn't even see when this event happpened o_O

    User Info: JelDeRebel

    JelDeRebel - 4 months ago
  6. It happened the last weekend of April.

    User Info: MetalSmasher86

    MetalSmasher86 - 4 months ago
  7. The week after Joker IIRC

    User Info: tailsBOOM1992

    tailsBOOM1992 - 3 months ago

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