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  1. So like, if there's an attack in this game that clanks with basically any move, does that mean I could, for example, toss out a nair as Mario at the right place and time to completely avoid the hit?

    User Info: Ironsqueaker

    Ironsqueaker - 6 days ago
  2. What is "clanking" in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

    User Info: OwynRoss

    OwynRoss - 2 days ago

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  1. Clanking makes both characters be put in lag most of the time. I've only seen clanking on the ground. Say we both f tilt then we end up in that animation where we stand there a bit.

    User Info: Shirokunssb

    Shirokunssb - 16 hours ago 1   0

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