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  1. Hey, I was wondering how to counter against people who simply stay under a platform in Battlefield and throw projectiles at me. My main is Mario, who can deal with this (sort of, the reflect comes in handy but I can't approach) but when I play Jigglypuff, Marth, Roy, or others, I can't approach a spammy Link, Palutena, Mewtwo or Wolf. Halp!

    User Info: KirbysDownB

    KirbysDownB - 2 months ago


  1. You can attack projectiles. Most attacks will clank with projectiles, making them disappear. You take no damage for this. Even as Jigglypuff, attacking with forward air and neutral air will destroy most projectiles and allow you to approach. This doesn't work for everything, but most of the fast spammy projectiles are weak, making them very easy to destroy with regular attacks (even jabs too).

    User Info: rioleo

    rioleo - 2 months ago 3   2

  2. One good way to help with the projectile spam besides counters and reflecting is dodging . You can dodge while you hold your shield button down and use tilt left control stick in the direction that you think would be the best way to dodge the attack. And you can air dodge too while in the air press and hold shield and use the left control stick . There's also something called a shield cancel up smash which you can do if they're near you and projectile spamming where you tilt the smash (right control stick) up while your shielding

    User Info: GudnamesRTaken

    GudnamesRTaken - 2 months ago 2   1

  3. attack the projectiles then go down to the lower platform as soon as possible

    User Info: WinnerPerformer

    WinnerPerformer - 3 weeks ago 1   0

  4. Don't forget a lot of projectiles (generally) have a huuuuge start up. If Link throws his boomerang, hes pretty open for a drop Nair. Also you should learn whether its better to be in front of or behind certain matchups. Certain characters have a better Bair/Fait/Uair than others to its important to know which is better. Plus, especially in battlefield, you could also stand on the very top platform and just pressure them. They won't be able to get to you (generally), and it allows you to move around if needed.

    User Info: ImTheLoneWolf

    ImTheLoneWolf - 3 weeks ago 0   0

  5. I recommend just going to the side of the stage and recovering from a ledge or directional air dodging through the gap between the platforms as most people don't guard there. Mario's dair (down air) is also good at catching jugglers as it is long lasting and annoying to deal with. One final tip is to try to maintain peak stage control and always DI (directional input) in any direction other than up as they can start a ladder combo using the platforms as a base (EX: Mario ladder).

    User Info: Torusorus

    Torusorus - 1 month ago 0   1

  6. @Gargomon251 It matters because certain characters, such as Roy, don't have a great move that can slip under the platform without hitting the projectile. For example, if a Lucas is using PK Fire repeatedly under a plat, Roy doesn't have a great option to attack, due to him having a slow dair and not enough range on his sword. Yes, though, I should be more unpredictable.

    @Torusorus @GudnamesRTaken Thanks, those are really good ideas.

    @rioleo That's extremely useful. Over the past two weeks I've tried to implement it with mixed success. Thanks!

    User Info: KirbysDownB

    KirbysDownB - 1 month ago 0   2

  7. Go under the platform maybe?

    User Info: Foxpips

    Foxpips - 3 weeks ago 0   3

  8. I'm not sure why "under the platform" would matter. Can't you just jump over them, or roll behind them, or use your own projectile, or Perfect Shield?

    User Info: Gargomon251

    Gargomon251 - 1 month ago 0   5
  9. them being under the platform makes jumping over more work, and it makes your entry predictable, so they jump and aerial you ie samus' fair, rolling behind only works from close up and not every character has a projectile, so it's a valid part of the question

    User Info: afroboy25

    afroboy25 - 3 weeks ago
  10. If you jump over them, you land on the platform directly above them, and you're open to punish. If they are not under a platform, you can jump over them, and come down on them with an attack.

    User Info: ThePirateEli

    ThePirateEli - 3 weeks ago
  11. Additionally, shield-dropping through platforms no longer exist, so landing on a platform above someone is less safe than it has ever been.

    User Info: ThePirateEli

    ThePirateEli - 3 weeks ago

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