Replay rewind/fastforward?

  1. I was just wondering if I can fast forward or rewind and replay? I don't want to sit through seven minutes of a match for 30 second clip. But I also don't want to miss the clip and have to restart. Anyway I can rewind and/or fastforward while converting into a video? Thanks!

    User Info: Scradow64

    Scradow64 - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Unfortunately, there's no way to fast forward or rewind when converting a replay to a video.

    User Info: HerbalBerbal

    HerbalBerbal - 2 years ago 3   1
  2. It's been half a year and even with that whole replay sharing stuff going on, they still haven't going about those replays any more bearable. I don't get it, man.

    User Info: Twusterrrr

    Twusterrrr - 1 year ago
  3. It would be nice for it to be implemented in the next update, but Sakurai has done a lot for us in this game, so I think complaining about this should be out of the question now. uwu

    User Info: Scradow64

    Scradow64 - 1 year ago

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