Who's the better final boss spirits choice?

  1. Should I use Beast Ganon with Celebi? Or Skull kid with Elise? Celebi takes up 3 spaces and recovers some health every 5 seconds. Skull kid uses life steal along with Elise (takes 2 spaces) who recovers small amount health every 5 seconds. Which would you choose?

    User Info: flutie868

    flutie868 - 11 months ago


  1. I'd just go with Skull Kid and Elise, cause why not?

    I actually used Nightmare with two Physical Attack buffs on it, myself, both times I ran the final boss. I didn't have Skull Kid enhanced at that time, otherwise I'd have used him instead, since he's more powerful.

    User Info: SmokeRulz

    SmokeRulz (Expert) - 11 months ago 2   0
  2. I don't know if Beast Ganon's ability would be useful, because the only dash attacks that would hit Galeem's core or Dharkon's eye reliably for enough damage to be spammable would be Ike's, Dedede's, and King K. Rool's. Villager's and Isabelle's can hit, but they won't do very much damage.
    I used my secondary K. Roolwith Skull Kid and Meloetta (who has the same effect as Elise) and spammed up smash and back air, because you heal more by hitting the bosses a lot than just relying on 'some health every 5 seconds'. Not to brag, but I ended the Galeem/Dharkon fight on Hard with <130% using that combination. The characters I used (in order) were Ganondorf, who has the highest average damage output of any character and is also pretty heavy, Cloud, who is much lighter but has high damage on most of his moves, and King K. Rool.

    When either boss gets stunned, stay away from the middle of the main stage, because the other boss will unleash a single, devastating attack on the stunned boss.
    I can give you tips for each of the characters I used.

    Use your most damaging attacks, mainly forward air, back air, neutral air, and forward smash. If you find yourself near either of the cores close to the ground, use up tilt and Warlock Punch, your neutral special/B.

    Forward smash, forward air, back air, up air, and Cross Slash (side special)
    Use Cross Slash on either of the bosses as soon as your Limit Gauge is full.

    King K. Rool:
    All smash attacks (especially up smash), Blunderbuss (neutral special), forward, back and up air. Don't forget that your down special also acts as a counter.

    I was writing an answer to your question and ended up writing an almost complete guide on how to beat the final boss fight on Hard mode. I can only offer my apologies if you used up valuable time to read the entire thing.

    User Info: Hwlooahdfsjl

    Hwlooahdfsjl (Expert) - 11 months ago 2   0
  3. I used the godkiller Lucas.
    Armor Knight/Armor Knight + headbutt of doom settles things rather quickly.

    User Info: Twusterrrr

    Twusterrrr - 6 months ago 0   0
  4. Use Akuma, he's straight up better than both of the final spirits you get.

    User Info: cinosgaming

    cinosgaming - 10 months ago 0   1

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