How do I beat Geno????

  1. I've beat Pauline and the Dr. Wily spirit after multiple attempts. Now I've been stuck on the Geno spirit for a few hours now and I'm really getting annoyed. Any tips?

    User Info: meepa667

    meepa667 - 1 year ago

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  1. You really just have to DO IT. There's nothing crazy going on here, it's just a bit of a mob battle with a time limit that's fairly generous. But I'll list some tips anyway, I suppose:

    - Spread out your Skill Tree and beef yourself up. This thing practically breaks Adventure Mode in half, in combination with the spirits themselves.
    - Use the strongest Primary Spirit you can, ideally a Legend, at Level 99. A Blue one would be best, but a really powerful Red or Neutral will do fine as well.
    - Equip whatever Secondaries you think you'll need. "Jam FS Meter" would be a nice effect to have since Sheik's FS meter is going to charge faster, but it'll fill two slots. Can also try focusing on damage output, since you're on a time limit. Spirits that boost Physical Attack or Special Power are good examples.
    - Go wild and start taking people out. The Mario Galaxy stage you're on can cause some easy KOs, especially at the left side, so it's potentially abusable. Do your normal deal of dodging and shielding when necessary, and try not to let them swarm you.
    - When Sheik appears, focus on her. The others might be a problem, sure, but the match will instantly end if you can take her out. If the others are too annoying, then try to get rid of them first, but remember you're being timed.
    - If all else fails, just come back and do the fight later. Much like with other Legend spirits you come across, Geno is not required to be beaten at all to open up any pathways. You're free to skip past him and try later when your Skill Tree is more full, or you have better Spirits.

    For me, I waited until I was nearly done with the Light Realm map, and I ran around fighting all the Legends I skipped out on before, so by the time I decided to do Geno, I was pretty powerful and ready for him. I don't remember what Spirit(s) I used, unfortunately, but I do know I beat the level in one try generally by cheesing it with Bowser. Heavy characters in general (Bowser, Ganon, etc) can be pretty useful for brute forcing your way past some of the fights.

    One useful Spirit to look for is the X Parasite. You can only buy it in one of the shops (I forget which one, it specializes in spirits like that), but it's pretty cheap. It can be enhanced at Level 99, where it becomes Nightmare, a pretty powerful Red spirit with 2 slots and the Lifesteal ability. Nightmare can be a huge help in any level that isn't a powerful Blue spirit that counters it.

    User Info: SmokeRulz

    SmokeRulz (Expert) - 1 year ago 3   1
  2. Spam Down B with Kirby. That's how I beat him 1st try.

    User Info: Yhtomitos

    Yhtomitos - 1 month ago
  3. Also, try staying in the middle

    User Info: Yhtomitos

    Yhtomitos - 1 month ago


  1. My battle, I used Link with a Primary Spirit which has Lifesteal (e.g Skull Kid and Majora's Mask). That will heal a bit of damage with any attack, then the support spirit I used has the ability 'Slow Super Armor'. Then just spam up smash. That's what I did

    User Info: BinnyCinny

    BinnyCinny - 1 year ago 2   1
  2. Make your primary spirit proto man. Make your support spirit polar bear or any spirit that has slow armor. Select link as your character. Go under the platform and start spamming up a

    User Info: Kite1272

    Kite1272 - 1 year ago 1   0
  3. The power to get another FS immediately after your first from your skill tree helps a lot too.

    User Info: awesom-o

    awesom-o - 1 year ago 0   1
  4. Ganondorf has Super Armor on his Neutral B. Landing a couple of those can clear the field REALLY fast.

    User Info: JiggyNinja

    JiggyNinja - 1 year ago 1   2

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