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  1. I've noticed some gameplay where people use share stock in team battle

    What's the button combo needed to do a share stock?

    User Info: BLU_REMOTE

    BLU_REMOTE - 3 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. A+B, if it's the same as in Brawl or Smash 4.

    User Info: Lagfile

    Lagfile (Expert) - 3 months ago 6   1

Top Voted Answer

  1. As Lagfile said, press A and B at the same time. Of course, your partner needs to have an extra life to give. Otherwise it won't work.

    User Info: UltimaSora91

    UltimaSora91 - 1 week ago 6   0

Other Answers

  1. A+B at the same time

    User Info: TropicalAngel2

    TropicalAngel2 - 1 day ago 0   0

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