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  1. I plugged my WiiU adapter into the dock, plugged in my GameCube controllers, and even going through the "Change Grip/Order" menu, it doesn't work at all. Help?

    User Info: Jamieson

    Jamieson - 1 month ago


  1. 1. Make sure both USB connections are secure.
    2. Try activating the GameCube Controller before opening Smash Ultimate, at the Switch main menu screen. You can activate GC controllers there and use them to select software.

    User Info: ChaseArni

    ChaseArni - 1 month ago 5   1
  2. Does your adapter come with a switch that lets you switch between PC and Wii/console mode? If yes, make sure it is in Wii mode.

    Also the possibility that your adapter is borked.

    User Info: FelurFalas

    FelurFalas - 3 weeks ago 1   1

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