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  1. Can anyone run down all of the facilities in World of Light and where to find them?

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    TRVGW - 4 months ago

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  1. Almost everything is on the Light Realm map:

    Wii Balance Board - Found in the upper part of the central metropolis area. Teaches Lightweight Style.
    Honey Queen - Colorful ribbon area northeast of the central metropolis. Teaches Big-Bee Style.
    Slowpoke - Just northwest of the ribbon area where Honey Queen is. Teaches Forgetful Style.
    Darunia - Watery mountain area east of the ribbon area where Honey Queen is. Teaches Boulder Style.
    Capt. Cuttlefish - West of the central metropolis, below the foggy forest. Teaches Land Style.
    Copper - West of the foggy forest, below the cloudy area. Teaches Brick-Wall Style.
    Zangief - "World Map" sub-area, reachable via the airport portal in the southern lake. Teaches Overthrow Style.
    Riki - Eastern part of the map, where the hot springs are below the volcano. Teaches Strategist Style.
    Kat & Ana - In the lower section of the trainyard in the east. Teaches Ninja Style.
    Ryoma - In the upper section of the trainyard in the east. Teaches Demon Style.
    Peppy Hare - Far northwest part of the map where you're in space. Teaches Air Style.
    Dyntos - Pink cloud area in the northeast, you need either the red tunnel in the southeast, or Ho-Oh to reach it. Teaches Equipment Style.

    Judging by a map I've found of the Dark Realm, there appears to be three more Dojos in the game:
    - One in the southeast section, just south of the central map point
    - One in the northern section, just northwest of the central map point
    - One in the southwest section, far into it just before the subarea portal

    However I cannot find a single guide or even a Reddit or forum post detailing any of these Dojos, who runs them, or what they do. But that's where they are.

    Doc Louis - In the bottom part of the central metropolis. He's the only Gym.

    Timmy & Tommy - Animal Crossing village in the center of the map. Specializes in spirits related to items.
    Beedle - Southwest part of the map in the forest. Specializes in spirits that are living creatures.
    Anna - Southern part of the map, east of that big lake where the airport is. Specializes in equipment-related spirits.
    Sheldon - Eastern part of the map in the city below the light maze. Specializes in weapon-related spirits.
    Funky Kong - In a DKC-themed sub-area in the eastern part of the map. Specializes in transportation-based spirits.

    Ruins - Southwestern ruins area above the giant mushrooms. Takes 2 hours to search, gets you Spirit Points.
    Caves - In the foggy forest in the northwest. Takes 6 hours to search, gets you support items.
    Jungle - On the island in the far southeast of the map (need Lapras). Takes 10 hours to search, gets you mostly Snacks.

    User Info: SmokeRulz

    SmokeRulz (Expert) - 4 months ago 0   0

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