No Challenger approaching appearing, how can I fix it?

  1. I've been trying to unlock the rest of the characters, as I have 59/75 currently. When I try the smash stock 1 min method (which I did to get half my characters) it doesn't work anymore. I even did a classic run on Link and didn't get one. Been trying the method for an hour & ½. Is this a problem for anyone else? I just wanna unlock everyone else, I'm so close.

    User Info: TheBlackGuy450

    TheBlackGuy450 - 2 years ago
  2. WoL works in unlocking characters, but challenge and smash modes don't for me.

    User Info: TheBlackGuy450

    TheBlackGuy450 - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Just play through World of Light. It's a more sure-fire method, since any non-Spirit characters you fight gets automatically unlocked across the whole game, and even if you don't win, you can immediately try again rather than having to wait for Challenger's Approach to pop up again.

    User Info: AndyKusanagi

    AndyKusanagi - 1 year ago 6   9

Top Voted Answer

  1. A lot of players have this issue reported. Is the newest patch installed? It's possible the patch has removed this.
    Also, did you lose to any of the unlockable characters?

    If you lose to new challengers, you can refight them from the menu. However the option isn't always there.
    Go to the single player mode. On the screen where you can choose classic, Training and co. a door symbol appears.
    The first time this door appears, you receive a notification. The door appears roughly after every two runs of classic mode.

    User Info: Externica

    Externica (Expert) - 2 years ago 17   8
  2. It's 1 run, not 2. I can definitely confirm that

    User Info: darkdeity9

    darkdeity9 - 1 year ago

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