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by Adjneki

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Guide and Walkthrough by Adjneki

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/02/2018

Chapter VI

[ CHAPTER VI - Hopper Rouley ]

Not everyone made it to the top, but among those who did, nobody managed it by sheer luck.

You'll switch back to Hopper. None of you are upset about Thorn's escape / You are someone upset that you missed Thorn in Ursus and will ask Sheck about Unda as well. Brann left Ursus in a hurry, too, you can ask Sheck:

  1. What do you have against Vichti junior? (chose /available if Thorn was in Jail/)
  2. Who beat up Brann? (available if Thorn was in Jail) / Would you know if the healer Unda is in the city? (available otherwise)
  3. Are you going to send anyone after Thorn?
  4. Do you know where Thorn's daughter has disappeared to?

1st: He persuaded the king to let his mercs patrol the streets, while Sheck's guards should guard the palace and deal with abominations in he woods - lead to heavy causalities.

2nd: Own bodyguards. / Why do you need to see her? She hasn't been seen for several years now. Her daughter runs the house.

3rd: Slowly... Will wait for Prince Treeg to decide what to do.

4th: No. You decide to check out Undaa's house for clues.

(If Ho is injured) Sheck requests to check on prince Ho. However, you are not allowed to go there. You:

  1. I am ready to examine Prince Ho. (chose)
  2. I wouldn't recommend meddling in another's enchantments.

1st: Sheck will try to figure out how to get inside, Ake will stay away from Unda's house.

Interactions: Ake, Sheck, Teek's Inn, Unda's House.

Curse power ~36-50%, Day ~13-15.

Teek's Inn:

You'll ask about the quarrel between Thorn and Brann. Turns out Brann is a rotten bastard.


Coronzon asked him to watch after you:

  1. Do you report my every step to the cardinal? (chose)
  2. And did Coronzon give you any orders regarding the prince?
  3. Maybe he asked you to stab me in the back, eh?
  4. Or does Coronzon have his own stake in this game?
  5. I should be going, then.

1st: How would he do that.

2nd: How could you even say that...

4th: Yeah. He is looking for Gleda, wanted to ensure to reach Opacum. You think this is connected to the Temple.

3rd: He is not a murderer.

5th: You ask why he sent Stein off. He got no trust in him, the prince forced to let him join the party.

Unda's House:

(If Thorn was in Jail, "A") Sheck thinks there were no secret doors, the house was surrounded. You decide to look around yourself.

(If Thorn wasn't in Jail, "B") You got the same start as Thorn here. You are haunted by a sense of danger. You find a woman, her hands are grinding some herbs, but her gaze meets yours and then shifts to something behind you - you got a warning before the battle.

Reward: None, ~L14. Skill points gained: 1.

B: Philia is no longer tense, looks at you with a hint of admiration. You'll tell Sheck refered you to her:

  1. Did you mind me killing your guests?
  2. Philia, who is your mother?
  3. Can you tell me anything about my blackened hand?
  4. Just one question - would you happen to have a dungeon here?

1st: Unbidden guests, np.

2nd: She asked that question, once. But she shouldn't ask. She thinks she is a toy as well.

3rd: Not much, it looks like a partial curse (had 40%). Someone else shouldered the rest. Hopper thinks her mother did it.

4th: Your question tells her you're also known as Blance. You can peer into the cellar using the trapdoor. If you are done, she gotta go. You can find the riddle there (see below).

You are asking her to tell you more: Her mother said that if the Reaping begins, Opacum will be her only sanctuary, so she is heading there.

A: Things available for interaction: Junk, Outhouse, Small Garden, Table, Wall.

Junk: You couldn’t find any trapdoors.


  1. Check the hole.
  2. Inspect the walls.
  3. Exit and close the door.

2nd: They are nice, but nothing special.

1st: You’re kidding, right?

1.1. Oh yes.

1.2. Of course not.

1.2: … the smell leaves no doubt: this is an outhouse :-).

Small Garden:

It is impossible to hide anything among the flowerbeds.


You shout to the commander, you can get down to the menhir behind the wall. But Sheck will say, again, the house was surrounded.


  1. Lift the table.
  2. Inspect the table. (chose)
  3. Move the table.
  4. Leave.

2nd: You notice scratch marks.

3rd: Underneath you found a ladder and a small scroll at the first rung. You took it before Sheck approaches you. Sheck'll shake his head: "And if you do not burn out, carry it." (riddle)

You think the scroll was written to you: "Your path leads to the West. May you not shy away from tall buildings and may you remember old friends and ancient enemies alike." (riddle)

1st: Nah, impossible, even for Ake.

Sheck grats to your finding (cellar).

Sheck think it is time to get inside the palace (Palace available for interaction).


You gather infos why Ho was in Thorn's team, as a soldier. Prince Treeg made his base in Ursus to be closer to Ho; Ho joined Odalan company of young soldiers to keep away from grandpa's spies.

Day 14. Time to check out the palace.


You find an old woman, Tante, beside the prince's bed. You realize this is not ordinary healing. Philia saved the prince with a sleeping enchantment. You need time to figure out how you can help, which leads to dangerous solution. You'll try to unweave the spells but you run into a trap and the spell drains lifeblood from the prince.

You must transfer the spell onto someone and it can't be you (seems your choice makes no sense):

  1. Look at Sheck. (chose)
  2. Look at Ake.

1st: "Cast it onto me, Hopper".

2nd: Ake spits hatefully. “Bring it on, then!” Same outcome.

Before doing so, Tante grabs your hand to receive it - either way. Ho will open his eyes, but Tante is dead.

Hode has no injuries.

Bells are ringing, Sheck thinks the king is dead.

You can leave through the Gate.


(Random outcome)

Sheck catches up with you, shares a story about an Unda-like woman he met a couple of days ago. She told him to mention one word when he see the scribe (you, i guess): Friga. Skill Points gained: 1.

Sheck 2 (had once Thorn wasn't in Jail and he had the temple language twice): "shouldn't shy away from tall buildings, and that both old friends and ancient enemies could be useful". Also mentioned "Friga".

Riddles: "And if you do not burn out, carry it." (riddle part) "Your path leads to the West. May you not shy away from tall buildings and may you remember old friends and ancient enemies alike." (just suggestion against curse, story)

Well, can see a “Ghostly Tower” and a “Scarlet Tower” in the nearby (SPOILER: Either can be good for you.).

Available routes:

- Old Gebonan Road.

- Southern Road.

- Woodland Way.

I chose the 3rd.

[ Coopers Village ]

Day 15. You notice a band of Enses, the Reapers' hounds.

  1. Try to negotiate with the Enses. (chose)
  2. Attack the Enses. (seems to be a better one over the 1st)
  3. Leave the road.

1st: You tell them you are Dorpkhal's shadow. Ake got hurt, you will have a battle.

There are four thrower kinds against you. As I've unlocked "Fire Blade" skill, it was easy.

Reward: none. Seems like i was on my 14th level. Skill points gained: 1.

[ The Crooked Menhir ]

Day 16. The Reaping grow stronger:

  1. Give in to the curse.
  2. Resist the curse.

1st: The curse is spreading. Blance stats are lowered. Skill points gained: 1. Curse power 58%.

Ake notices a man squirming at the end of a rope (mentioned event):

  1. Move on.
  2. Investigate around here. (chose)
  3. Wait.

2nd: You are ambushed by bandits.

Not a too difficult battle and you can take your time behind an obstacle for a while.

Ake finds you after the battle, he killed the "almost" hanged man. L16 for me.

You'll take the "Old Gebonan Road" again towards the Scarlet Tower.

Taking “Southern Road” from Ursus:

[ Black Woodpecker’s Tavern ]

Day 16, curse power ~36%. Reaping grow stronger:

  1. Give in to the curse.
  2. Resist the curse.

1st: Stats lowered, curse increased to 44%, Skill point received: 1.

Ake lags behind, he is in pain (mentioned event).


- Southern Road.

- Trappers’ Path.

I’ve stayed on the 1st one.

[ Trappers Winter Hut ]

Day 17. You sense some sorcery connected to the Reaping in the depths of the nearby forest. (mentioned event)

You can ride onward the same route.

[ Highland Settlement ]

Day 18. You catch up with a squad of Isanan soldiers. They look odd, for Berkanan troops – faces painted black, and hair woven into dual braids. (mentioned event)

You can continue your trip on the “Berkanan Road”, which leads to the “Scarlet Tower”.

[ Scarlet Tower ]

Day 17, ~44% curse power. You restock your supplies and a distant tower draws your attention. Locals says the tower's nickname is "The Witch's House". You decide to check it out – your riddle mentioned high building -, so you can find Atori there.

Important decision:

  1. Ask Atori to let you see the tower.
  2. Say goodbye and leave.

1st: Nope, but you got new options.

  1. Ask Atori about her matters in need of attention. (chose)
  2. Use a spell. (haven't checked, might increase curse power on Hopper)
  3. Pressure the girl.
  4. Leave.

1st: She and her father oppose slavery. She was tracking Ryan, who raided Berkanan villages with the Gells to capture locals. She got here as a result for now, could locate Ryan's hideout. You:

1. Offer help. (chose)

(2-4 same options)

1st: Atori will point out the hideout.

You'll waste a day to find it, but Ake could see him finally. Ryan will try to run away, Ake after him. Soon as they both leave, Gells will be on you.

Another easy battle, L17. Skill Points gained: 1.

Ake behead Ryan meanwhile. Atori will let you in to the tower. You find your the true name of your old friend, known as Rask in Berkana, on the the wall over and over: CHIRLAN. After reading, the runes vanish without a trace.

3rd: Showing the paper from Treeg is pointless. You can still choose to help or leave.

Your blackened arm feels less cold, good sign (Curse power lowered to ~40-54% /-4%/).


- Berkanan Road.

- Old Gebonan Road.

- Wild Boar's Path.

I chose the 2nd to get to the Stony Watch.

[ Stony Watch ]

Day 19. Ake is in pain:

  1. Offer to examine Ake's back.
  2. Propose taking a short rest.
  3. Ask what needs to be done. (chose)

3rd: Getting a family. You:

3.1. Offer to examine Ake's back. (chose)

3.2. Move on.

3.1: You are using pine tree ointment successfully.


- Old Gebonan Road. (chose)

- Raven Gorge.

I chose the first just to check out the Highland Retreat's Inn.

[ Highland Retreat ]

Day 20. Reaping grow stronger, you:

  1. Give in to the curse.
  2. Resist the curse.

1st: The curse is spreading (62%). Blance's stats lowered. Skill points received: 1.

(Ouch, no Inn or anything alike...)

You can take the "Stone Road" to get to the Woodland Camp.

Taking “Wild Boar's Path” from “Scarlet Tower”:

[ Hunters’ Outpost ]

Day 21, curse power ~40%. Reaping grow stronger:

  1. Give in to the curse.
  2. Resist the curse.

1st: The curse is spreading (~48% /+8%/). Blance's stats lowered. Skill points received: 1.

You ride by an emaciated beggar and toss some copper coins into this lap. He bows and yells that he’ll never forget your kindness, and that the gods will absolve you, because they know Babalon is trustworthy. Ake bursts out laughing after hearing this name:

  1. Recount the story of the name.
  2. Have a laugh with Ake.
  3. Keep quiet.

1st: You tell him the story of the 12 sorcerers (Calz, Lasdi, Holda, Hami, Mieth, Gono, Toh, Tranan, Puim, Harga, Prap and Babalon), who were fighting against five Reapers seven hundred years ago. They’ve sacrificed themselves. Ake falls silent. You tell him Babalon means “mischievous” in the Temple tongue. Ake can’t understand how you can remember these.


- Perilous Path.

- Wild Boar’s Path.

I’ve used the 1st path.

[ Outcast Stockade ]

Day 22. Nothing happened.

You can continue your trip on this road to get to the “Woodland Camp”.

Taking "The Old Gebonan Road" from Ursus toward the "Woodland Camp" (40% curse):

[ Two Geese Tavern ]

Day 15. Random event 1. When you stop to rest, Ake - who's been eyeing your notebook and sketches for some time now - finally asks you about it. (mentioned event)

Random event 2. The road lulls you into a daydream - but then, a stabbing pain your blackened arm, followed by a burst of pain in the back of your head, all but knock you out of the saddle. You see Enses ahead. (mentioned event).


- Old Gebonan Road.

- Peat Track.

I went towards the 2nd, wanted to check out the tower.

[ Ghostly Tower ]

Day 16. Reaping grow stronger. I gave in to the curse (48%). Skill points gained: 1.

The fog over the road parts to reveal an old watchtower. Ake is suspicious: “This is the Ghostly Tower!” Always appears from the mist, always in a different place… You tell him it’s just an old abandoned Gebonan watchtower, but there is somewhere – a human being, not a malignant spirit:

  1. Get closer.
  2. Ride past.

1st: As you ride closer, a well-dressed Berkan practically skewers you with his gaze, introduces himself as Gregg, a mage. He’ll tell you someone left runic inscription all over the interior of his tower and he can’t undo the protecting spell. You ask whether you may try to get ride of the spell.

He’ll let you do it if you can answer his question.

  1. Try to answer the question. (chose)
  2. Threaten the mage.
  3. Use a spell against Gregg.
  4. Leave.

1st: “The Vandils condemn you to death. Their law permits you to state your last words. If you tell the truth, you’ll be drowned. If you lie, you’ll be hanged. What can you say so they’ll cancel your execution?” (holy-moly...

1.1. They will hang me. (chose)

1.2. They won’t hang me, but they’ll drown me.

1.3. They won’t hang nor drown me.

1.4. Can you repeat the question?

1.1: Gregg nods. He'll ask you how you arrived at this conclusion - you'll explain it. The mage laughs and let you investigate the tower.

Over and over you see one word: CHIRLAN. Old name of your friend, Rask. Once you are done, both Gregg and the tower disappears.

You can continue your way towards "Wolves' Grazing" through the "Peat Track".

[ Wolves' Graznig ]

Day 18 (took 2 days). You stop in a tiny village to buy fresh bread from a roadside bakery. (mentioned event)

You can only take the "Witch's Path" route towards the "Eastern Stockade".

[ Eastern Stockade ]

Day 19. Ake lags behind, he's in pain. (mentioned event)

Take the "Witch's Path" toward "Woodland Camp".

[ Woodland Camp ]

Day 20-23. You may got a Reaping grow event here as well (~58%). Random event 1. You give some coins to one of your older student and send him away. Ake surprised:

  1. Hex Ake.
  2. Fool Ake. (chose)
  3. Laugh it off.

2nd: Some chats about the past.

3rd: You are joking.

Random event 2. You glimpse something white through the dry creepers and layers of soft moss – an ancient altar. (mentioned event)

You take the Perilous Path to get to the Burial Stockade.

Random event 3. You camp for the night and try to get some sleep, but Ake keeps pestering you. (mentioned event)

[ Burial Stockade ]

Day 22. Nothing happens – or another Reaping grow event, up to the day -, but you have to choose a route:

- Abandoned Road.

- Hollow Path.

- Misty Track.

- Reckless Path.

- Toll Collectors' Bypass.

I took the 4th (Reckless Path) to check out the Heretic Chapel.

Day 23. You need to make camp. Your eyes became black and Ake will ask what is happening:

  1. Say that it's all a delusion.
  2. Say that these are the effects of the sorcery. (chose)
  3. Blame it all on the strangeness of the Wasteland.

2nd: He nods and wonders if you can tell anything more. You:

2.1. Tell Ake about yourself. (chose)

2.2. Don't tell the giant anything.

2.1: 1k years ago Curros came to earth. Ake will laugh. You tell you must be one's children...

1st: You tell him this is an enchanted place. He feels his head in panic, he don’t want to grow tail and horns...

Take the Reckless Path again.

[ Heretic Chapel ]

Day 24. The Reaping grow stronger again. You:

  1. Give in to the curse. (chose)
  2. Resist the curse.

1st: The curse is spreading (70%). Blance's stats lowered. Skill points received: 1.

You come to your senses, see illusions:

  1. Join the battle.
  2. Call out one of the warriors. (chose)
  3. Gather your remaining strength to dispel the illusion.

2nd: Useless. You can still choose from the above options.

1st: Leads to a battle with mixed enemy types.

Could reach L20. Skill points gained: 1.

You are off from your choosen path. You shall figure out something about your new strength and the retreating blackness on your arm (curse decreased to 68%).

You need to take the "Reckless Path" to the "Frog Bastion".

[ Frog Bastion ]

Day 25. You see triple menhir rising above the steppe. You see 5 Reapers on the other side:

Adna, Atraakh, Childao, Dorkphal and Tribibar. They move towards you as everyone around them falls. You've lost:

  1. Reminisce. (chose)
  2. Change the memories.
  3. Awaken at any cost.

1st: You lose consciousness again and again, while you try to remove the grey arrows from your chest. The twelve stone figures are slowly turning to ash. You wake up finally. Ake will be there.

2nd: You keep your eyes open through sheer willpower. You leave your body and from above you can see there are no Reapers, but all of Terminum shakes with earthquakes and calamity. Your death would have made the abyss complete. You can still choose from the above options.

3rd: Curse power increased (+1% for me). Skill points gained: 1.

Available routes:

- Marsh Road.

- Rogue Path.

Took Marsh Road, as it might be faster, towards the March Watch.

Day 26. You are having a daydream. Dorpkhal stands before you:

  1. Accept the will of your master.
  2. Refuse. (chose)
  3. Use your strength to wake up. (not quite sure whether this is a better one than the 1st)

2nd: Resistance is useless. You can choose from the above ones.

3rd: The curse is spreading (69%). Blance's stats are lowered.

Ake wonders what happened.

You continue through the Marsh Road.

Day 27. Reaping grow stronger:

  1. Give in to the curse.
  2. Resist the curse.

1st: The curse is spreading (77%). Blance's stats are lowered. Skill points gained: 1.

You remember you had two companions a lot earlier, Rask and Orkan (Chilran and Zong). One of them became bount to the Vale of Merc, the other to his body. You are also bound to your body, hence this curse of yours:

  1. Pay attention to your condition. (chose)
  2. Dwell upon your memory.
  3. Use your strength to drive the memories away.

1st: Only 2 of the 42 knives remain. Who could have Orkan's knife, you wonder. You blackened arm makes you feel naked...

2nd: Rask waves his hands and whispers you shouldn't worry about the small things. If a master like Orkan says you'll succeed, then you must succeed. You'll have strength. Orkan wants to split the menhir onto fourteen pieces. You got some more information, then Rask will give you a knife telling he is cursed.

You continue the journey through the Marsh Road.

Taking the “Abandoned Road” towards “Marsh Watch”:

Day ~25. Nothing has changed in the Ashen Wasteland for hundreds of years, but now everything feels different. You are about to make camp.

“Abandoned Road” available for you.

[ The Bone Well ]

Day 26. Nothing happens. You can use the same road again to get to the “Cursed Village”.

[ Cursed Village ]

Day 27. You see a triple menhir rising above the steppe. You and your friends freeze in your tracks. (mentioned event)

Take the “Abandoned Road” again to reach the “Marsh Watch”.

Taking the "Hollow Path" towards the "Mars Watch":

[ Unquiet Graveyard ]

Day 22, curse 56%. Nothing has changed in the Ashen Wasteland for hundreds of years, but now everything feels different. (mentioned event)


- Ashen Path.

- Hollow Path.

Choosing 2nd will take you to the "Dead Oak", then to the "Cursed Village".

[ Dead Oak ]

Day 23. The Ashen Wasteland seemed hostile from the very beginning, but after a while, it makes its presence known in a very peculiar way. (mentioned event)

You can continue on the "Hollow Path" road toward the "Cursed Village".

Day 24. Reaping grow stronger. I gave in to the curse (64%). Skill point gained: 1.

[ Cursed Village ]

Day 25. You open your eyes and shiver, as if waking from a daydream. A familiar and terrifying silhouette, Dorpkhal's, looms before you.

  1. Accept the will of your master. (chose /another shall be yours imo/)
  2. Refuse.
  3. Use your strength to wake up.

1st: Suddenly you feel like you're possessing someone. Why do you think he is not the same god, who poured greatness through Doprpkhal even in you? Why are your hands getting clammy? You enter a small village near a menhir, which is full of Enses. Dorpkhal manipulates your hands in this rite. Some more terrible texts here.

You can go to "Marsh Watch" from here.

Taking "Ashen Path" from the "Unquiet Graveyard" (Day 22, 56% curse):

[ Unquiet Graveyard ]

Day 23. The Ashen Wasteland seemed hostile from the very beginning, but after a while, it makes its presence known in a very peculiar way. Rask and Orkan used to call themselves Chirlan and Zong. (mentioned event)

"Bottomless Well" is ahead through the "Ashen Path" (3 days).

[ Bottomless Well ]

Day 24. Reaping grow stronger. I gave in to the curse (64%). Skill points gained: 1.

You come to your senses in an unfamiliar place. It's the same Wasteland, but the unknown hills around you are covered in fog. (mentioned event, -2% curse for me)

"Ashen Path" will take you to the "Mars Watch".

Taking "Misty Track" towards the "Marsh Watch" (Day 21, 56% curse):

[ Grey Mound ]

Day 22. Nothing has changed in the Ashen Wasteland for hundreds of years, but now everything feels different. (mentioned event).

"Misty Track" is available to get to the "Ruined Fortress".

[ Ruined Fortress ]

Day 23. You see a triple menhir rising above the steppe. You and your friends freeze in your tracks. (mentioned event)

You can take the "Rogue Path" to get to the "Cursed Village".

Day 24. Reaping grow. I gave in to the curse (65%). Skill points gained: 1.

The next stop is the "Cursed Village", which was mentioned, so i won't repeat the details here.

[ Marsh Watch ]

Day ~26-29, curse power ~64%. Up to the day, you may receive a Reaping grow event. You met a Strange woman in the inn, she just stole your book. Rask is there as well, but you realize you've been hexed.

You'll have a chat with Rask (Chilran):

  1. Who is she? (chose)
  2. Why do you need me, Chirlan?
  3. What power do you mean, Chirlan?
  4. Enough conjecture. I've got bigger problems.

1st: Maybe just an Undra pretender. You think it is Chila - witch? -, you heard off.

2nd: A witch told him you should find each others. He'll tag along you.

3rd: If he knew the sercer, he'd possess it. She is not allied with the High Umra of the North.

4th: You show your blackened hand to him. You ask why he wanna join you: to survive. He also got a kind of curse. Another riddle: “And with every step your burden shall become heavier, for you carry it for many, and their number increases still...” (riddle)

Rask will have a chat with you after you leave the Inn: He was asked by Philia to watch Gleda until Thorn comes. Philia headed to Opacum after, but Rask received a message to be forwarded to you: Venture west, even a scoundrel can be useful (riddle). The witch also said the real trial lies in Friga - and it spells certain doom for you.

[ CHAPTER VI - Thorn Brenin ]

The voices of those nearest and dearest still echo in your mind. You rush into battle as if you were late for a meeting.

You switch back to Thorn. Day 29, Average morale (70%), 327 Strixes. You can interact with Helm in the camp.


  1. Isn't it a bit early for you to prepare for death? (chose)
  2. Want to tell me something?
  3. Are you worried about something?
  4. I'm not much of a fan of idle chatter, Helm...

1st: So far he's been lucky, but you don't get it why he wanna go to the west.

2nd: You saved him when he was a child.

3rd: He thinks the hag gathered your squad together.

4th: Now you remember him at least.

Available routes:

- Berry Path (54).

- Marsh Road (54).

- Secret Path (27).

Took the 3rd for 27 Strixes towards "Warden's Mansion" (checking 1st one below).

[ Warden's Mansion ]

Day ~29, 300 Strixes. Random event 1. A man in ragged clothes want you to dig (check outcome before decision):

  1. Keep going forward. (might be better!)
  2. Take the poor wretch to other people.
  3. Dig under the boulder. (chose)

3rd: You just wasted your time, companions agree. Stoorn, a peasant, approaches you and wants you to take Loor home, to the Ironmonger's Village. Story info about Loor's father, a guard captain. All of a sudden Loore is slipping a metal object into your hand: A captain insignia with a strix.

Strixes received: 20. Morale decreased by 10% (60%).

2nd: Your turn around to take him to the neareast village, your party is happy. Morale increased by 10%. However, the village is abandoned and you lose half a day getting back on the road, where you meet a peasant, Stoorn. He asks whether you mind if he takes Loore, the village's fool, home. Days elapsed: 1, Strixes lost: 28, Strixes received: 20.

1st: Your party doesn't resent you for passing this one by. Nothing happens.

Random event 2. You witness a strange scene on the road: several Gells extorting money from travelers, while waving a piece of paper in the air. The villagers seem used to it, but walk away upset. Vraselgath, the traveller, introduces himself and will tell what is happening: the local governor hired them to hunt bandits… The Gells are approaching:

  1. Tell the Gell to stuff it. (BEST)
  2. Pay and be done with it. (maybe it is easier)
  3. Take the roundabout route.

2nd: Gold lost: 100. It was easier to pay than to incur the governor’s wrath. You can go away.

1st: Battle, but massive Loyalty increase for everyone.

Random event 3. Vai points at an odd structure of stone and branches. (mentioned event)


- Poacher's Path (54).

- Robber's Track (27).

Took the 2nd towards the Wicked Gulley.

[ Wicked Gulley ]

Day 30. Random event 1. You met with a Berkanan patrol. Tomas eyes are suspiciously watching you:

  1. Attack the patrol.
  2. Offer Tomas a bribe.
  3. Answer all inquires patiently. (chose)
  4. Try to flee.

3rd: They let you go.

Random event 2. You approach an old stone bridge over a narrow river with boggy and swampy banks. A fat guard stands beside a pole that blocks the way like a toll gate. He is asking for 10 golds:

  1. Talk to the guard.
  2. Pay for passage.
  3. Break the pole.
  4. Kill the impudent fellow.

1st: You are asking around for the commander. It’s not your concern who appointed him.

3rd: You push the guard off the bridge. Everyone is laughing, as he got hard times getting out with that weight. Morale increased by 10%.

Random event 3. A scared young lad walks down the road. He introduces himself as Klemens. He's been hiding from a band of Enses. You:

  1. Chase and fight the abominations. (chose)
  2. Forget it and move on. (suggested, not too worthy and you lose day and strixes)

1st: They are too quick, you'll lose a day finding them. Days elapsed: 1., Strixes lost: ~36. Battle.

Reward: 12 Strixes, 1000 Gold, 1xTrauma card shard.

Routes (293 Strixes):

- Robber's Track (27).

- Shamanic Fell (54).

I chose the 1st one to get to the Woodland Bastion.

[ Woodland Bastion ]

Day 31, 266 Strixes. Random event 1. Brett notices several Gells. Jarknhaan, their leader, demands either gold or strixes as "tax", unless you wanna die:

  1. Ask them why they need strixes. (chose)
  2. Try to scare them away.
  3. Attack first. (haven't checked)
  4. Buy your way out with gold. (haven't checked)

1st: To save his skin. You can still choose from the above options.

2nd: He wants a fight against "Mad Thorn", you received a battle, you'll be surrounded.

Not a too difficult battle, yields low amount of Strixes, but some cards and gold at least.

Reward: 10 Strixes, 1800 Gold, 3xVampirism card shards and XP.

Random event 2. You mistake a woodland path for the road you need to take and you run into a company of Enses who are building a trap. (mentioned event)

Routes (276 Strixes):

- Robber's Track (54).

- Watchmen's Fell (27).

I took the 1st one to get closer to Friga.

Day ~32 (could reach with 28). You see people are leaving Friga, you show your papers to a sergeant called Sieglif and asks what is happening. He says Gells and Vandils turned mad, Prince Hederlig is fending them off for now. You ask about Prince Treeg (Jerana): The king is dead, his son is making his way to Heiborg to defend it.

You stick with the Robber's Track for 27 more Strixes (Friga).

Taking "Berry Path" towards "Serpent Tower" (not going into deep details):

In the marshy wood, you come across a hut made of branches and rubble. An idiotic man, Erwin, mumbles incoherently. You spot several really valuable items at him:

  1. Take all of Erwin's valuable items.
  2. Get the feeble-minded man back to his people.
  3. Buy something. (chose)
  4. Leave the feeble-minded man alone and move on.

3rd: Mirror Shard, Small Bag of Herbs, Strix Earring, 2Paralysis, 2xBurning Souls, Shaman's Amulet. You can still choose from the above options.
4th: Nothing happens.

You can only take the "Old Gebonan Road" towards the "Shaman's Tower" (~66 Strixes).

[ Shaman's Tower ]

Day 29. A group of armed men approaches your camp from the forest. A Vandil will say they don't want to fight you, "Mad Thorn". Foshta knows this bowman and offers herself to talk to him. Thing is, Brann Vichti is offering money for your head, but they'll leave you alone for 3000 gold (WTH... Back in Ursus Brann mentioned 1000. Rates?)

  1. Let Foshta negotiate with the Vandil.
  2. Join the battle.
  3. Try to flee.

1st: Foshta will have a hard speech. The Vandil turns and leaves.


- Old Gebonan Road (66).

- Ore Ravine (33). (this is the "what if")

SPOILER: In case of 2nd you can't save the Prince - he will die in Friga -, nor you can speak with the main cannibal about his secret.

The first one will take you to Friga. I'm hereby describe what will happen if you choose the 2nd one - jump below for Friga part:

[ Stone Gates ]

Day 30. You approach the highway. It's teeming with soldiers and fugitives. You hear cattle lowing and heavy wheels creaking. People are leaving Friga. (mentioned event with Sieglif)

Windy Path is available for 33 Strixes.

[ Storm Pass ]

Day 31. Your company rides past a roadside shrine. (mentioned event, cp V)

Routes (33):

- Windy Path (White Tower).

- Wolf Lair (Friga).

Took the 1st towards the White Tower.

[ White Tower ]

Day 32. Well, you can fight against the cannibals. Then same outcome.

[ Friga ]

Day ~28-33, Strixes 222. The mountain gate is unguarded, you hear weapons clanking. Krieger (if alive) or Gleda don't understand why there's no guard around, even so there is a siege. You think those are needed on deck.

You can interact with Fisk, House, Western Gate or take your leave.


He'll know about the White Tower, but it was destroyed. He can point it out on the map.

Western Gate:

Groups are pressing the attack, instead of leaving. You can help the trapped Berkanans or just keep searching for the prince.

Important decision:

  1. Join the fray. (chose)
  2. Look for Prince Hederling.

SPOILER: Choose the 1st one to save Prince Hederling.

1st: Leads to a battle.

Note: Watch the enemies' passive skills, death can increase attack.

Reward: 150 Strixes, 2300 Gold, 2xSacrifice and 1xStone Skin card fragments, XP.

You are forced to retreat as well, but the gate closes behind you. One of the saved warriors, Hederling, wants to talk to you. You'll say you are looking for the prince and it turns out he is the prince:

  1. Why are you fighting among the common soldiers?
  2. Why is the siege so poorly organized?
  3. Do you know the whereabouts of my son, Macht Brenin? (chose)

3rd: Your lad disappeared when the siege began, Drooket still searches for him. You shall speak with Lon, commander of the guard. You can take your leave from now on.

3. Thank you. That's all i wanted to know.

1st: His ppl are exhausted and wanted to help to buy time for the refugees.

2nd: He is no less surprised. Maybe Frisia hired the tribes to do this, but that seems impossible.

3rd: He owe you his life. He'll remember this.

You can speak with Lon from now on.


He'll tell you who is Drooket:

  1. What happened to him? (chose)
  2. Do you know where he is?
  3. Why are you looking for him?

1st: He was ambushed by unusual bandits (cannibals).

3rd: He was a like a mentor to your son.

2nd: If he knew, he wouldn't be standing in front of you without him. You mention the White Tower and he'll say it is a death trap.

1. Let's go and search for him.

1: The prince wouldn't mind and all of Mact's men are dead.

You can leave the town now. Routes:

- Eagle Ravine (54).

- Old Gebonan Road (27).

- Wolf Lair (27).

Wanted to check out The Three Springs before the White Tower, so i chose the 2nd.

[ The Three Springs ]

Day 34, 345 Strixes. Nothing happens. You can continue your journey through the "Cursed Ravine" (54 Strixes) route. The route description says there's an enchantment on this road.

Day 35. You spot Enses who are building a trap:

  1. Attack the Enses. (chose)
  2. Ride away from the Enses.

1st: Loyalty increased: Andra, Foshta, Helm.

2nd: Loyalty increased Foshta.

Checked Loyalties:

Average: Brett, Fisk, Foshta.

Low: Skoor.

Rest of the team were on high.

Reward: 15 Strixes, 1550 Gold, 2xTime Acceleration card shards and XP.

You can continue your journey on the Cursed Ravine path for 27 (333) more Strixes.

Taking the “Eagle Ravine” route to reach “White Tower”:

Day 30. Vai rides up to you. He’s heard of this place and if the legends are true, the ruins have menhir-like powers – Hermit monks still inhabit it:

  1. Turn to the abode.
  2. Stay on the road.

1st: Loyalty increased: Vai. You can’t see monks around, but both the ruins and shrine are well-kept.

You find the monks in the ruins – tortured to death. No doubt Enses did it:

  1. Bury the monks. (chose)
  2. Search the abode.
  3. Return on the road.

1st: Turns out to be a bad idea, takes too much time and effort. Vai’s prayer abates the rage in your heart, morale increased by 10%. You need to choose from the above options.

2nd: You found a string of beads with several strixes and some coins. Gold received: 100, Strixes received: 5.

Before leaving, you hear the twang of a bow-string, there’s an Ense ambush. Gleda is closest to the attackers. Your heart sinks as you realize that you won’t be able to defend her (but nothing special happened right there). Your only hope that luck is on her side.

You’ll be surrounded from left, right and bottom.

Reward: 15 Strixes, 1000 Gold, 2xSacrifce card shards and XP.

The “Eagle Ravine” route requires 33 more strixes.

[ White Tower ]

A semi-ruined structure comes into sight. The situation isn’t as bad as you feared – not many cannibals around.

Day 36 (once reached on d31). Drooket would like to sneak up from the side if you can distract the cannibals at the tower. A huge Vandil, Mabok the Cannibal, steps into your path.

Playing a riddle game with him will reveal his biggest secret:

  1. Well then, tell me your riddle.
  2. Prepare to die, scum!


"What everyone knows, but few accepts.

What everyone fears, but also scares with.

What's different for each, but similar for all.

What everyone hides, but non can tame?" You:

  1. Passion.
  2. Hatred.
  3. Truth. (chose)

3rd: Right. He is holding his loot under the twentieth tile in the fourth row, marked with rune "B".

1st: Wrong guess.

2nd: Wrong guess.

Drooket could sneak in meanwhile either way, cutting two cannibals into pieces. Mabok will send some men to intercept Drooket, the rest is on you. He flee into the forest.

Reward: 100 Strixes, 2300 Gold, 2xTrauma card shards and XP.

Either Gleda will rush to your son (up to day amount and maybe your choices) OR

You find your son's body with a missing arm, but at least he is alive.

For a reason Drooket might got a wound right there and he'll say "Just some ill luck" (unsure about the event, maybe the temple tongue things or early arrival):

  1. Try to dress the wound. (chose)
  2. Let the man die.

1st: You can tell the wound is something not even a skilled healer could heal.

Or you will have some chat:

  1. Hug Drooket.
  2. Nod to Drooket, dryly. (chose)

2nd: He'll give you a bear hug either way.

1st: How can you possibly thank him… Too bad you couldn’t kill all of them, especially the leader.

All of a sudden bolts are flying towards Gleda and Mact. Drooket catched the one aimed Gleda, but the 2nd bolt reached Drooket's heart, instead Mact.

Drooket will say: Take the package in his bag and the locket from his neck. Wait until you meet someone who can guess what’s in the locket. If he guesses right, give him the package. Give Brett the locket to wear, you'll be saved in Opacum and you'll be cleansed at the Water Menhir.

Also gives a warning on a narrow-faced woman:

  1. Ask about the package.
  2. Ask about the woman. (chose)

2nd: Drooket already dead.

1st: Same outcome.

If you could figure out the riddle earlier, you can find the cannibal's loot: Gold received: 230 (?). Strixes received: 8.

Your son will have a chat with you:

  1. I'll give you a piece of my mind, once you recover. (chose)
  2. Your mother dies before could see you again.
  3. I'm not letting you out of my sight ever again!
  4. No more heroics for you... for now.

1st: He just lost the arm you broke earlier (if lost his arm). / He remember how you taught him.

2nd: Misfortune. He wanted to be too much like you.

3rd: He is a grown man. Drooket mentioned this 3rd Reaping will be the last one.

4th: He just wanted to be more than your, the famous Thorn, son.

[ CHAPTER VI - Lo Pheng ]

"A Shadow Clan warrior serves his employer as long as it doesn't infringe his loyalty to the Shadow Clan. Treachery is unforgivable." Shadow Clan's code for warriors of peace.

Switching back to Lo.

You can only take "The Qimra Path" for 120 Strixes (424). Before doing that, you can interact with your new member, Khama.


You wonder when he will remove his mask:

  1. Take it off.
  2. Do you remember your home?
  3. Did the gods destroy your world? (chose)
  4. Good talk, Khama.

3rd: He pondered that. You:

3.1. Why did she talk to you? (chose /Loyalty increased: Khama. [ SECRET ]/)

3.2. What do you mean?

3.1: She saw he don't kill on the spot. Maybe one of the black-masked warrior gone mad and seek to devour their the world...

3.2: Ask her when you see a delicate shadow, a light bow will be slung over her shoulder. Don't attempt to sweep aside the black tresses covering her face - only death beneath. He saw five Reapers, but there are many Umbras who can be Reapers.

2nd: Painful. You:

2.1. I don't want to hurt you.

2.2. Memories of home are painful for me, too. (chose)

2.2: Both of you renounced yours, but he even killed his keen.

2.1: Even pain has its limits, but his mother recognised him among the killers. The Reapers forced them, even said "love".

1st: He'd fall. You:

1.1. What if it takes you over again?

1.2. And nobody could do it? (chose /Loyalty increased: Khama. [ SECRET ]/)

1.2: Heart black-masked warriors did it. He only found ordinary faces. They have tried to turn against the Reapers and the simple Enses.

1.1: It won't consume him, but he'll burn out.

4th: Desert in his heart.

Note: Even so both of the above options can increase the Loyalty, the max is average here.

Day ~20.24. Random event 1. You encounter a couple of drunk Gells dragging a bloodied Ense by a rope:

  1. Finish the Ense off. (chose)
  2. Give the Ense some water.

1st: Khama will mention his own kind cut off the hand.

2nd: The Ense will die a moment later. Loyalty increased: Khama.

You (in case of both options):

  1. Find out where the Gells are taking the Ense.
  2. Fine out where the Gells found the Ense. (chose)

2nd: You ask the Gells, they just had fun...

1st: To the first Frisian watch. They pay for it dead or alive.

You (in both case):

  1. Kill the Gells yourself.
  2. Ask Reet to kill the Gells. (BAD)
  3. Tell Khama to kill the Gells. (chose /BEST))

3rd: Sent his sword through the necks of both Gells. Loyalty increased: Khama.

2nd: Shakes her head, but you will do it instead. Loyalty decreased: Reet.

1st: You killed them.

Note: You can actually increase Khama's Loyalty twice!

Random event 2. Oddly-clothed people are moving alongside the road, hiding in the hollows and hills. An odd warrior gets closer to you:

  1. Attack the strangers.
  2. Enter the conversation. (chose)

2nd: Heard rumours, but what are you doing here:

  1. Tell him that you are a Frisian nobleman's guard.
  2. Tell him that you're saving these people - and yourself. (chose)

2nd: Who's a threat to an Eikon:

  1. Tell him that even an Eikon is no match for an army. (chose)
  2. Tell him that during the Reaping, anyone can be dangerous.

1st: He wonders if you can join his squad. You tell this is not a good idea.

2nd: “Do we really look like bandits?” asks the stranger, cocking his brow. You think they must be spies. Same outcome (below).

The warrior say thanks on the news and will wonder if you heart about the bridge which goes through the Great Abyss. You say they shall wait in the Vale of Mercy, no such rumours.

He nods and leaving you.

Random event 3. You hear Khama muttering something under his mask. He is singing like Reet did earlier. (mentioned event, below)

96 (400) more Strixes to continue your trip through "The Qimra Path".

Day 26. Day elapsed: 1 (actually that shall be 2). Strixes lost: 2x24.

Random event 1. You see a pregnant Frisian lying on the road, holding an infant.

You (check outcome):

  1. Allow Shannet to finish the woman off. (chose)
  2. Save the woman.
  3. Don't approach the poor woman.

1st: Happened, then later Shannet will say no one can stay clean.

Soon you encounter a Frisian squad who will ask if you saw a pregnant woman with a child, their captain's wife. Shannet will answer and tell the truth. Unavoidable battle.

2nd: Those ready to give a child their blood to drink, deserve respect. You'll spend the whole day with her saving, but will give you strixes and gold: Day elapsed: 1, Strixes received: 5 (you lose some hence the path), Gold received: 100.

Random event 2. You see a tornado... or a man. You (i got no clue on this, yet):

  1. Retreat.
  2. Ask Reet about the dancer. (chose)

2nd: Qimra say he's a dervish (mad monk) who appeared the same day a star fell from the sky. You:

2.1. Retreat

2.2. Approach the dervish. (chose)

2.2: Your stones are burning.

1. Retreat.

2. Draw closer. (chose)

2nd: Lo Pheng has a minor injury. You:

1. Retreat.

2. Decide to take a few more steps. (chose)

2: Lo Pheng has a medium injury. You:

1. Retreat.

2. Take the final steps. (chose)

2nd: Lo Pheng has a heavy injury. You hear the man's voice: "It's not the right time, little Lo. There is still strength to hold on. I'm happy, little Lo, that some of you still have the strength to seek and to act."

You get back to yourself: no dervish and maybe no one saw him.

Random event 3. Scavenger birds circle over a lying rider:

  1. Leave the road to see what happened.
  2. Send one of your companions to investigate. (chose /BAD/)
  3. Resume your journey.

2nd: Khama has a minor injury. The Frisian captain is holding an unarmed crossbow.

1st: You deflect the captain's arrow and finish him off. Ruor will say you are incredibly fast, but that was his last bolt (i saw no Loyalty or morale change). Striexes received: 8. Gold received: 230.

3rd: You move onward, nothing happens.

Random event 4. Frisian traveler on the dusty road:

  1. Remind them that water is scarce.
  2. Do nothing. (chose)

2nd: You will explain how important to keep your supplies, but Reet will say they are not animals.

1st: Your companions quiet down. You think the Frisian can reach a well without dying. You also hear the above from Reet.

Random event 5. A small group of oddly-clothed people attracts your attention. (mentioned event, above)

You move forward on "The Qimra Path" for another 48 Strixes (336).

Day 27. You may get one of the above events or read below.

Random event 1. You see a Frisian traveller on the dusty road. He is clearly suffering from thirst. (mentioned event)

Random event 2. Khama is singing and you decide to talk to him:

  1. How many years have you worn the mask?
  2. Alright, I won't bother you with conversation.

1st: Alike five years. They delayed the end of the world. His world was enveloped with flame during its final hours.

Speaking about Sacred Hunt:

  1. Whom did the Sacred Hunt target? (chose)
  2. What made you believe in the end of the world?
  3. Alright, I won't bother you with conversation.

1st: Heretics, wearing black-painted masks. The lands around the Fingers of the Gods became practically deserted.

2nd: Sun grew brighter burning everything out, plague, many changed into monsters. You get more background stories.

  1. Dis those Umra look like people? (chose)
  2. Haven't you tried killing those Umra?
  3. Do you no longer hear voices?
  4. Alright, I won't bother you with conversation.

1st: Looked how they pleased.

2nd: The ones with black mask, but none succeeded. However, Umbra had some internal conflicts.

3rd: He does, a terrifying breathing.

4th: As you wish.

Continue your trip for 24 more Strixes to the Black Obelisk.

[ Black Obelisk ]

Day ~24-29, 269 Strixes. Nothing happens. You can interact with Khama (if you haven't done so earlier).

Available routes:

- Monk's Path (96).

- Path of Mercy (96).

- The Qimra Path (48)

Took the 3rd toward "Torture Stockade".

Day 30, 245 Strixes. Gells line up in front of the gate of a stockade:

  1. Send an envoy.
  2. Join the battle. (chose)
  3. Walk past.

2nd: Means a battle.

Reward: 20 Strixes, 1200 Gold, 4xDistortion card shards and XP.

(Encountered a bug once: The last dude stayed alive with -8 health... So Lo could collect a minor injury from a dead...)

1st: Alus volunteers. Unfortunately, one of the Gells strikes and he fall to the ground. Battle. Alus has a minor injury - and not available in your roster.

Reward: 15 Strixes (-5) and the same.

Alus will tell Gells were tight-lipped about who was being kept in inside.

The stockade is silent, inside you found dead Ense prisoners. Seems you killed the Gells unjustly.

3rd: Your companions regard you with contempt. Morale decreased by 10%.

Continue riding for 24 more Strixes ( ~271 Strixes, more or less up to earlier events).

[ Torture Stockade ]

Day 30, 247 Strixes. Nothing happens.


- Prisoners' Path (48).

- The Qimra Path (72).

Aimed Shephers' Shelter for now (2nd).

Day 31. You spot a fat middle-aged Frisian having a fight against dogs. Your companions try to chase the pack away:

  1. Watch. (BAD)
  2. Intervene. (chose)
  3. Forbid your companions from helping the Frisian. (BAD)

2nd: You kill most of the dogs, the rest scatters. The Frisian seems to thanks, but upon turning your back, he tries to kill you. You kill and search him. Gold received: 230.

1st: Same outcome, but the Frisian aimed a mate and will receive a minor injury. Ruor has a minor injury.

48 more Strixes for The Qimra Path.

Day 32. You smell a mobile kitchen, there's a Frisian camp surrounding a well in a shallow valley. Three tents, several poles, assembly area and a scaffold for punishment.

Shannet say it's a rally point for Frisians. She wanna sneak in:

  1. Organize a raid. (chose /I think this is better/)
  2. Reject the idea.

1st: You are going down, then:

1. Search the leftmost tent.

2. Check the central tent. (chose)

3. Search the rightmost tent.

4. Leave the camp.

2nd: Leather sacks and a heap of strange mechanisms covered with a tarp. You:

2.1. Look inside the sacks.

2.2. Inspect the strange devices. (chose)

2.3. Exit.

2.2: You find stacks of guns. You get another option and the same as above:

2. Disable the weapons. (chose /Must be a good idea.../)

2nd: You disable all and break the neck of a Frisian who entered. Time to go.

You can still either choose a tent or leave:

3rd (rightmost):

3.1. Stun the Frisian commander. (chose)

3.2. Try to open the chest carefully.

3.3. Exit.

3.1: Success. You got more options:

3.1.1. Take the necklace and open the chest. (chose)

3.1.2. Take the necklace and leave.

3.1.1: You take the necklace, some documents, a purse and an itinerary outlined on a map. Strixes received: 8, Gold received: 500.

You can still search the leftmost tent or take your leave.

2nd: Foodstuffs, water and waterskins. You:

2.1. Examine the waterskins. (chose)

2.2. Exit the tent.

2.1: They are all sealed by the Temple (you can't recognise the letters). You had to kill a drunken Frisian.

You take your leave, but a bit later the Frisians are after you, you'll have to fight them.

Reward: 10 Strixes, 1200 Gold, 2xThe Reaping's Breath and XP.

You must go on The Qimra Path for 24 more Strixes (217).

[ Shephers' Shelter ]

Day 33. Your strixes burn themselves out. You see a man ahead, loaded with goods and money, but the clothes say something:

  1. Walk past.
  2. Ask about the road.
  3. Ask the merchant if he has anything for sale. (chose)

3rd: He got many goods, he is wearing weird stuffs against the bandits (market opens).

Wares: Snake Totem, Bear Totem, Moon Charm, Strix Pendant, 3xBerserk’s Fury, 3xSacrifice, Monk’s Beads, Menhir Figurine.

2nd: He tells you he’s fleeing Gellia, because the Gells have lost their minds.

You can continue your journey towards "The Roaming Menhir" through The Qimra Path for 96 Strixes.

Day 34, 187 Strixes. Reet tells she knows what it cost to give her your stone. The stone dies as it absorbed her curse. You:

  1. Reminisce. (chose)
  2. Put these thoughts out of your mind. (might be better)

1st: You remember to another earlier events. You are wondering whether you had true friends before you received your strixes.

2nd: It's pointless to mourn the dead. Whatever doesn't get you closer to victory is useless.You don't do anything to Reet, because then losing the sacrificial stone would be pointless.

The Qimra Path requires 72 more Strixes and you must go that way.

Day 35, 163 Strixes. All of a sudden Reet bolts to one of the trees. She hands over strixes, but crying:

  1. Say nothing.
  2. Talk to Reet later. (chose)

2nd: One of the men killed near the tree was her childhood friend. He was killed by Enses. Strixes received: 5. Morale improved by 10%.

48 Strixes required to continue your journey on The Qimra Path.

Day 36, 144 Strixes. The road goes through an abandoned Gellian village:

  1. Kill the marauder. (chose)
  2. Walk past.
  3. Ask if he has anything to sell. (check out below, mentioning this event again)

1st: You kill him and throw him and his stuffs into an open grave. Your companions whisper in approval behind you. Morale increased by 10%.

3rd: He got many almost free items… Disgusted, you decide to leave as soon as you finish trading, otherwise you kill him. Morale decreased by 10%

Wares: Heirloom Ring, Speed Potion, Strix Penant, Temple Ring, 3xDistortion, 2xSpirit of Despair, 2xTime Acceleration. (Note: You can’t kill the marauder after seeing the wares.)

You need to spend 24 more Strixes to get to The Roaming Menhir through The Qimra Path.

Taking the “Monks’ Path” from the “Black Obelisk” (started from d24):

Day 25. Random event 1. Smells from a mobile kitchen leads you off the road. (mentioned event)

72 more strixes required for Monk’s Path.

Day 26. You continue your journey until you sense an enchantment on the road ahead. It feels like a brewing thunderstorm, but the skies above are clear and still. Reet will tell there’s a sanctuary nearby which was used by Gellian shamans and attracts the Enses. It’s not on any map, but it can’t be more than three leagues away now. You need help:

  1. Ask Reet’s opinion of the menace.
  2. Ask Kendi’s opinion of the menace.
  3. Ask Alus’ opinion of the menace.
  4. Make a decision.

1st: “What danger are several Gellian dotards?” she asks with a shrug. But if you want to avoid the place, you can head slightly to the north.

2nd: No idea, she’d stick with the current road.

3rd: He suggests you skirt the sanctuary from the south, because he’s used to circumventing trouble from that direction.

4th: You got new options (check outcome).

  1. Skirt around the sanctuary from the north. (fight)
  2. Keep moving in the same direction. (nothing happens)
  3. Skirt around the sanctuary from the south. (chose /fight/)
  4. Wait for the menace to go away.

3rd: The sense of menace seems to lift, but a band of Enses springs an ambush.

Reward: 20 Strixes, 1200 Gold, 3xWill of Steel card shards and XP (easy level).

1st: Well, this time you are having a battle against Gells.

Reward: 15 Strixes, 800 Gold, Amulet of Detachment.

2nd: Your heart thumps in your ears as if you were a callow youth, not a warrior of peace - the feeling melts away after several hours. Nothing happens.

The Monk’s Path requires 48 more strixes.

Day 27. The road climbs a hill, then dives into a hollow. You see several Gells line up in front of the gate. (mentioned event)

Monks’ Path requires 24 more strixes.

[ The Salty Well ]

Day 28. The itching inside the Eikon patterns makes you grind your teeth in pain and scratch your scars. You see a man ahead, loaded with goods and money. He looks like a merchant, but his clothes aren’t those of a man with means. (mentioned event)


- Bahldarian Road (48).

- Monks' Path (120).

- Prisoners’ Path (48).

I took the 2nd one.

Day 29. Reet tells you what she knows what it cost to give her the stone that saved her. The stone died with the curse, she adds. (mentioned event)

Day 30. The road goes through an abandoned Gellian village. A young Frisian shovels earth near the roadside altar. (mentioned event, above)

72 more strixes requires for the Monks’ Path.

Day 31. Just off the road, you hear shouting, barking and muffled growls. You investigate, discovering a huge wolf tied to a tree. (mentioned event)

Monks’ Path requires 48 more strixes.

Day 32. A column of smoke rises from behind a low hill. Children scream inside a hut engulfed in flames, a Gellian woman thrashes about while a bunch of Frisians idly watch and exchange banter:

  1. Pass by unobtrusively.
  2. Try to help the woman.
  3. Attack the Frisians and send one of your companions to rescue the woman. (chose /seems to be the best/)

3rd: You pick the best person for the job. When you attack, Alus (if you got him) darts to the burning hut. You’ll have a battle without him against Frisians.

Reward: 10 Strixes, 1000 Gold, Cracked Emerald, 3xBack in Time, 3xTime Acceleration and XP.

Alus could save the woman, she hands you over a strix-encrusted pendant. However, you’ll tell her it’s Reaptime and keep it.

24 Strixes to get to “The Roaming Menhir” through the Monks’ Path.

Taking the "Path of Mercy" towards "The Roaming Menhir" (Day 27, 20% morale):

Day 28. A column of smoke rises from behind a low hill. You skirt around it and discover a roadside hut engulfed in flames. (mentioned event)

Day 29. You continue your journey until you sense an enchantment on the road ahead. (mentioned event)

Day 30. The itching inside the Eikon parrerns makes you grind your teeth in pain and scratch your scars. (mentioned event)

[ Royal Tower ]

Day 31. The road climbs a hill, then dives into a hollow. (mentioned event)


- Bahldarian Road (48).

- Path of Mercy (72).

Let's pick the same rout now.

Day 32. You travel through uninhabited lands. Without warning, Reet throws her bow, quiver and her travel bag down and bolts to one of the trees. (mentioned event)

You need 48 more Strixes to continue.

[ Salty Gulley ]

Day 34 (took 2 days). You hear barking and growling. As you draw closer, you see a pack of steppe dogs mauling a woman. (mentioned event)

You need 96 Strixes to get to "The Roaming Menhir" on the remaining "Path of Mercy" route.

Day 35. Reet tells you that she knows what it cost you to give her the stone that saved her. (mentioned event)

72 more Strixes required.

Day 36. Something is happening in the roadside ditch. (mentioned event)

"Path of Mercy" requires 48 more Strixes.

Day 37. The road goes through an abandoned Gellian village. (mentioned event /could increase the morale to 50%/)

You need 24 more Strixes to get to "The Roaming Menhir".

[ The Roaming Menhir ]

Day 33-37, 120 Strixes. Reet will say you need to lure the wandering menhir:

  1. Ask about waiting for a menhir.
  2. Choose the rest area.
  3. Ask why Reet is uneasy. (chose)

(Saving spot for you.)

2nd: You choose the place to start the fire, keeping an eye on Reet. It feels like she wants to tell you something. Same outcome.

3rd: She looks back, then approaches. You'll have a conversation here about this shortcut and blood requirement:

  1. Weapons, armour and all? (chose)
  2. How soon will the menhir appear?
  3. How much blood do we need to spill?
  4. Is there any other way? (you can't choose 3rd after this)

1st: Yes.

2nd: Usually by now.

3rd: She can't tell for sure.

4th: No other shortcut around. Qimra would normally travel to the Reclining menhir, but something gruesome is going on. Death may attract the menhir, but will also anger the menhir guardian.

  1. Who is this guardian?
  2. Is this guardian merciful? (chose)
  3. Who do you propose we kill?

2nd: He's like you.

1st: Not a Qimra, servant of the Roaming Menhir.

3rd: Nobody. She'd rather wait for an enemy. Loyalty decreased: Reet.


  1. Wait for the menhir to appear. (chose)
  2. Rest and then continue our journey.
  3. Lure the menhir out.

1st: End of chat.

2nd: Even you can't hold up the Frisian legions. More talk is unnecessary.

3rd: Time is precious.

Considering the situation, you tell to Reet (important decision):

  1. We need a sacrifice.
  2. We should spill blood.
  3. We should give up on the shortcut. (chose)

1st/2nd/3rd: A bit different texts, but all Reet knows that blood must be split. She doesn't know what else can lure out the menhir. Shannet: There's a burden in every party, let's get ride of it and use the free blood.

SPOILER: She wanted to kill Alus, but Khama's (if you got him) flying sword knocked the weapon out from her hand. Khama say Gells are coming this way, victim not needed. If you ain’t got Khama, Shannet will kill Alus.

Battle against Gells.

Reward: 55 Strixes, 2000 Gold, Small Bag of Herbs (Heals 2 levels of injury per day, while resting) and XP.

The menhir appears. Huge and floating on the sky. Reet couldn't find its guardian, however, she smells out approaching Enses. Another battle against them this time - Reet is not available for this fight.

The warlock will be hard there, try to avoid its range (or use Lo). You can kill the right team easily with Lo: Just walk there and use your Sudden Abyss (walk +1 might needed). Archers would be nicer (i used others to level them up).

Reward: 50-55 Strixes, 2000 Gold, 2xSpirit Armor and 2xEnergy Surge card shards, XP. (received 55 when i wanted to give up)

You see someone next to Reet, must be the guardian:

  1. Put your hand on the hilt of your sword.
  2. Nod to the stranger.
  3. Remain impassive. (chose)

3rd: So does the stranger.

1st: Ignored.

2nd: Either he didn't see it or thought that's not a greeting.

Orkan is a warrior, deadly, even for an Eikon.

You can interact with Alus, Khama, Orkan and Shannet.


He is terrified (check outcome):

  1. I will keep an eye on Shannet.
  2. You should thank Khama. (chose)
  3. Get a hold of yourself. Our journey is far from over.

2nd: Already did, also teaching him Berkanan.

1st: Loyalty increased: Alus.

3rd: He wouldn't tackle a grave wound, but can help with something smaller, but requires a lot of energy. Party Injury level decreased by 1.


  1. Who destroyed your world? (chose)
  2. Who are the Reapers?
  3. Can you kill a Reaper?

1st: No clue, heart about a mad god. Sun burnt everything, poison fall like rain.

2nd: God servants, Umra etc.

3rd: No. You need a god's weapon to do that.

He didn't want a silly death, so he saved Alus:

1.1. Didn't the Enses pour blood over the triple menhir? (BAD)

1.2. And you knew about it the whole time? (chose)

1.2: He felt like he is drunk for a while.

1.1: Infused that with both power and poison. Loyalty decreases: Khama.


  1. So who are you now? (chose)
  2. So how much time do you have?
  3. So how much time does this world have?
  4. We will talk again, Khama.

1st: Ense outcast, tribeless warrior, former assassin. She remembers Reet saved him.

2nd: Until the Reaping is on, maybe less. He wanna save the Qimra.

3rd: No clue. Things not as bad as it was in his world, yet. He might feel the death bringer.

4th: End of chat.

Shannet (check outcome):

  1. You'll have to tone it down. (chose /BAD/)
  2. You shouldn't make fun of death.
  3. You must not kill for pleasure. (BEST)

1st: She will pass you some gold for her funeral. Gold received: 100, Loyalty decreased: Shannet.

2nd: Whatever...

3rd: Nothing gets past you, take these Strixes. Strixes received: 5.

New options:

  1. Even the grisliest wounds heal. (chose)
  2. Try not to tear apart the lives of others.

1st: Maybe, if you haven't got too much scars.

2nd: Look, who is talking.


As you got Reet with you, he'll help her and ensures you're not transported to death.

  1. How does one kill a Reaper? (chose)
  2. Where will the shortcut take me?
  3. What keeps the stone afloat?
  4. I say we can move on.

1st: Why you ask:

1.1. To oppose the Reaper! (chose)

1.2. To share this secret knowledge with my clan!

1.1: By using the special stone knifes. One is at Blance, the other was stolen.

1.2: Maybe your clan seek vengeance on the higher powers. Same story.

2nd: To another menhir down south.

3rd: Some info.

4th: Give a bit of time, the stone got a cooldown...

You've unlocked chat with Reet and Swarty, interaction with the Menhir.


The ulcer isn't hurting as much since the menhir appeared:

  1. Do you want to stay then?
  2. How is Orkan intimidating?
  3. Why would you want to die by my side? (chose)

3rd: Then she'll know death is the only option. She thinks Reet is Orkan's daughter.

1st: She would, if she could have wings. Same story.

2nd: Orkan reminds her of Nakoma - the one, that turned into a Reaper. Same story.


  1. What do we have to do? (chose)
  2. What are we going to see?
  3. What are we going to feel?
  4. How much more time do you need?

1st: Put some of your blood onto the stone.

2nd: Kind of darkness.

3rd: Clueless. Felt nothing before the Reaping.

4th: Few moments.

(Day 37, Morale 30%, 230 Strixes)

Orkan lifts his hand:

  1. Ask Orkan whose blood he needs.
  2. Ask Orkan where the shortcut will take you.
  3. Ask if he is a Reaper. (chose)

3rd: Cold have become one... but no.

1st: His is sufficient. It’s only human blood, regardless what you may think. Your blood is needed elsewhere.

2nd: He is not sure. He'd rather send you to the Vandil Forest or to Ursus, but the Vale of Mercy could draw you, too. He'll keep you safe from the Reclining menhir.

Orkan will shout to take care of Reet, whatever happens.

A battle is awaiting? Several astounded Gells unsheathe their swords before you. Kendi will be unhappy about what happened. They'll attack you from left and right sides, so you may want to use other heroes than archers. The right side only got 3 enemies, so maybe you shall clear that wing in your first round.

Reward: 50-55 Strixes, 2000 Gold and XP (5 Strixes based on luck i guess).

Khama will like the mountains. Reet will say you are somewhere on the edge of the Vale of Mercy, she'll also spot Ense footprints:

  1. I don't see any footprints.
  2. What could be as powerful as a menhir?
  3. What are the Gells doing here? (chose)

3rd: Kendi will say they are mountain dwellers, but Reet disagree. There shouldn't be any Gells in the Milky Mountains.

1st: Kendi will agree. Reet will say a Qimran can spot them.

  1. Curiosity is shortcoming.
  2. Luckily, I'm not an Ense. (chose)
  3. We should try and find our way.

2nd: Maybe something more powerful is here, other than a menhir.

1st: Khama say the shortcoming is the essence of humanity, but Reet will counters it isn't, if paired with intelligence. You'll follow the Enses' track.

3rd: That’s what I’m doing – Reet said. You shall follow the Enses.

A path leads to an ancient temple. No menhirs around, but Enses are blocking your way.

Reward: 50 Strixes, 2000 Gold, 3xMental Strike, 3xBack in Time, 3xTransformation card shards and XP.

You notice a middle-aged woman with white hair. Reet whispers in your ears that she is a seeress (Amma):

  1. Do you think we have much time? (chose)
  2. Are you a seeress? (BEST)
  3. What brought the Enses here?

1st: Gives you a kind of riddle answer.

3rd: Same reason why you end up here.

2nd: She can be a seeress, a healer… some call her a witch. Party injury level decreased by 1.


  1. What does the future hold for me, Amma? (seems you shouldn't ask)
  2. Does Orkan know that we're here? (chose)
  3. How long will the Reaping last?
  4. What are the Gells doing here, Amma?

2nd: He may suspect something.

1st: Your future is in Opacum.

3rd: Once cannot foresee everything.

4th: They were guards against the Enses. She wanted to stay here, but seeing you and Reet, changed her mind and wants to go to Opacum. You'll escort her by the Vale of Mercy and Vandil Forest.


  1. I'm headed in a different direction.
  2. What's in Opacum for you? (chose)
  3. Why is the menhir dead?

2nd: Unsure, but the Reaping isn't so powerful there.

1st: You don't know where you're going, yet.

3rd: She can see the future, but she can’t divine the past – she can’t solve the riddle of the dead menhir.

Before leaving, she will tell you why you can't refuse her.

You are standing in front of that house and you can interact with Bolla, Khama, Reet, Ruor.


She likes it here, in the mountains:

  1. What do you mean by "fine"? (BEST)
  2. We're not in Berkana yet, Bolla. (chose)
  3. I can't promise that we'll be lucky, Bolla.

2nd: But isn't Frisia either.

1st: Life is fine etc. Loyalty increased: Bola.

  1. Even a slave can run away from its master!
  2. Do you still have family there?
  3. Are you like a seed eager to impregnate the soil? (chose /BEST/)

3rd: Take your prick. She will never be a slave again. Loyalty increased: Bola.

(Game crashed at this point for me.)

2nd: She doesn't know her kin enough to keep searching. She'll know Amma had a kind of tragedy.


  1. Where do you want to go? (BEST)
  2. What if she's really a queen? (chose)
  3. Were you thinking of approaching her?

2nd: He doubt it, but she (Anna) is powerful.

1st: It appears you both all heading to Berkana. He’d follow Amma… if you did so, too. Loyalty increased: Ruor.

Story about Pallian enchanters:

  1. The ones that record legends on animal hides?
  2. The ones that can make warriors fearless? (chose /BEST/)
  3. The ones that can howl louder than the wind of a storm?

2nd: At least you know something of the Pallians. Loyalty increased: Ruor.

He'll tell everything he knows about Opacum.


  1. You're picking up the language quickly.
  2. Does it worry you? (chose /BAD/)
  3. Do you think that she's come here the same way as you?

2nd: He feels he won't last long - ever since he saw Amma. Loyalty decreased: Khama.

3rd: He doesn’t know, but she does.

1st: Indeed...

He'll also mention there's something like a menhir in the nearby:

  1. Is it one of the ruins?
  2. Is it something hidden in her hovel?
  3. Is it the rock itself? (chose)

3rd: Something Amma is wearing or herself. You got a warning, Amma might be stronger than you – Umra aren’t human.

2nd: Same outcome.

1st: No, it's something Amma is wearing.


1. How many Umbra servants are there? (chose)

2. Who are the Reapers? (like seriously... how many times to ask this one)

3. What can you tell me about the gods of your world?

4. And the last question for now...

1st: 5 High Umra and 8 Lower Umbra (curros/runaways).

3rd: Talking about them in vain was punishable by death. 4 or 5 tried to save his world.

2nd: High Umra. He'll list you the High Umra names: Dorpkhal, Atraakh, Adna, Childao and Tibibar, the greatest. He has old man face, but his body is like a towering athlete.

4th: Why menhirs, Umra and Enses are the only remnants of his world. He'll say there's an ark with his kin.


Reet sees darkness in Amma:

  1. So far, I understand one thing: we're in the mountains.
  2. What kind of deeds? (chose)
  3. What do you mean, "someone like Orkan?"

2nd: Amma foresees the future. She fears Amma saw how you two died.

3rd: She suspects Amma is an Umbra. They can be killed just like the Reapers, but they will re-spawn after many years. Same outcome.

1st: She'll take mountains over the Reclining menhir - or any place swarming with Frisians. You are loser to Berkana anyway.

Now you can interact with Amma again or check your party management.


  1. You could have read about it in the ancient manuscripts.
  2. Do you think all Eikons keep secrets?
  3. The temple is hundreds of years old. Have you forgotten the generations of sculptors and stonemasons that had worked on it? (chose)

3rd: 800 years old. Amma will say there's no another warrior of peace in Terminum, she will summon you ("Live and wait for the summon."). She looks familiar, because she is the Great Ancestress. She also mentioning to protect Reet or you'll die.

2nd: No secret can be kept forever, but all the maxims of the Great Ancestress are carved in stone. Non can be removed from the Temple – except one. Same outcome.

1st: No. All the maxims of the Great Ancestress are carved only in stone. Same as 2nd.