how do i get past the second part of the freezer level?

  1. i have unlocked the second room in the freezer level and figured out how to lower the box, but i cant figure out the next step. i assume i need to warm up the room so i can use the water, but nothing i have works on the thermostat on the wall

    User Info: DARVIdD2

    DARVIdD2 - 1 year ago

Accepted Answer

  1. To get the room warmed up you need to go back to the previous room and check the ice shards on the floor, there will be a handle there now. Once you have attached the handle the next step can be annoying depending on what you have done in the stage. If you already used the motor oil so you could turn on the canning machine you need to restart the stage to get it back so it can be used to grease the handle. After doing this you should turn on the canning machine to collect a can since it is used in the box puzzle.

    That should get you to the next puzzle but since you want to know how to finish the stage there is one last thing you should know. The final puzzle deals with the box in the second room but unless you are lucky you might miss what you need to do to get it into place. The meat hooks in the previous room actually change where the hook puts the box based off of how they are turned before you lower the box (think of no arrow as off and arrow showing as on). So turn them around in different sequences until you find one that makes the box drop in the groove so you can slide it. Other then that strange puzzle you should be able to figure out the other aspects of the stage without too much trouble.

    User Info: Mileslayton

    Mileslayton (Expert) - 1 year ago 0   0

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