how do i get past the second half of the space puzzle?

  1. I seriously need help with this one
    I need a detailed guide to this level

    User Info: Arbiterlone

    Arbiterlone - 1 year ago


  1. The bottom left room is a decoy and picture the rooms as this:

    1 (1) 2 (5) 3 (6)
    4 (2) 5 (7)
    6 (3) 7 (4)

    Just follow the step from 1 to 7 in bracket
    Charged the capsule again after the second time and stick it to the ceiling once u find the monster and have it follow u, then look back into the room you just left and shoot it then use his hand to flee.

    User Info: CSUM

    CSUM - 1 year ago 0   0
  2. This is a detailed guide, follow the steps exactly and you will escape, here is an element of rng, but the videos creator tells you how to complete it, remember to save often as you can die on this level.
    As I cannot put the link on here (and i don't want to get banned) type 'Li Chen escape trick' and click the first link, it will show a playlist of the levels they have done so far!
    Hope it helps you!

    User Info: JimmyTwist

    JimmyTwist - 1 year ago 0   0

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