Has anybody encountered this Sen's Fortress Glitch?

  1. I found a strange bug where all the enemies except the giants are gone as far as I can tell from sen’s fortress. Here is what happened before the glitch: I died by falling off near the electric snake person at the top level, decided to backtrack to firelink to get some spells from Logan, sat at the bonfire down there multiple times, then went back up, sat at the perish bonfire, and went in. Every snake person is gone. Resting at the top bonfire did not change anything

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    Azuma_ - 1 month ago


  1. No, but I did notice that the boulder dropping Giant will sometimes despawn on top of the fortress, yet the boulder can still be heard rolling inside. I'm not sure why that happens, but it seems if I kill the first two Serpent Soldiers, then the Serpent Mage, and other Serpent Soldier to reach the lift and go up it may not spawn when I get up there. Conversely if I go through the fort to the boulder switching room then go back to the lift after switch the boulder to empty exit, taking the sleeping Serpent Soldier exit, it tends to spawn.

    That guy is always supposed to respawn, and if he's not there the boulders aren't supposed to be active. So it could be related to the glitch. Keep in mind the fortress has non respawning Firebomb Giant, Gate Giant, Mimic, 4 Titanite Demons, Richard, the Boss, and Crestfallen Merchant(though why you'd kill him I don't know) that are only testable while alive(oh and Siegmeiyer & Big Hat Logan if you didn't progress them yet). The Serpent Soldiers, Serpent Mages, Both types of Balder Knights, Black Mace Knight, Sniper Knight, Boulder Giant are supposed to respawn.

    Just in case you're wondering I haven't killed the Iron Golem yet, plus I'm level 34 using 5+ Black Knight Sword, +5 Tower Kite Shield, +10 Heavy Crossbow, +10 Long Bow, Stone Armor, Blood Stained Skirt, the rest is Wanderer's Set, Havel's Ring, and Cloranthy Ring. Obviously I can't use the Fire Link bonfire, as I clearly have Anastaia's armor, but haven't been to Anor Londo, and I did clear the fort of everything(except the Crestfallen Merchant), yes Big Hat Logan is at Fire Link and Siegmeiyer moved on to Anor Londo. Not sure of anything else of use, Dragon's still alive a back at the Parish, Sif is dead, and currently in Chaos Covenant, oh Offline mode, and didn't kindle the bonfire up there. None of that probably matter to the Giant despawning though.

    You can respawn the Serpent Men by reloading from menu right? If not you tried going through a loading zone, like to the Asylum or Anor Londo? The game does behave different when loading respawns between resting at bonfires, locational distant(like between 3 areas), and full reload warp.

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  2. Death did respawn all the enemies, so I would assume that other loading screens would as well. After posting this, I went around more off the roof and noticed that it was only special enemies who had spawned. My only guess is that these enemies spawn with the fortress, and respawning enemies have a different spawn trigger that I possibly skipped.

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    Azuma_ - 4 weeks ago
  3. Yeah the game has several types or enemies. In this case the Invaders(which includes bosses, minibosses, area NPCs tied to the area) have to go through a flag check to tell if its been tripped to load or unload via killing or not. That likely prevents the enemy from despawning via the glitch you were having, or should I say the check ensures they spawn even if the glitch happens after. The other regular enemies exist in one of two groups ones that leave bodies and ones that vanish on death.

    The game doesn't seem to care about ones that vanish, but what ever tracks the ones with bodies can behave weird. It's likely why leaving causes them to get trapped in walls, rats to cllip through the floor into the void, and respawing them via area change resets their starting position but not their active state(most easily seen with Stone Guardians in Darkroot Garden).

    Of course with that said there are also special class of Invaders used for Quest related flags, that clearly covers the NPCs that only show up later based on events and similar enemies like the Gold Golem. Though I'd think all NPC class objects native agro flag if you've hit them but not killed them. Its likely the main difference between them regular invader and boss(it is however possible the same flag controls things like Sif being spawned). It does make me wonder if special enemies like Richard & Havel have a non-agro state though, or Hollow versions of NPC for that matter.

    User Info: AkaneJones

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