Has this happened to anyone else?

  1. I'm on NG+ right now and i just finished O&S. I killed Ornstein last to get the leo ring, since i killed Smough last in NG. Before i could pick it up, however, i got disconnected. When i reloaded the ring wasn't there. Its not in my inventory, its not in the chest behind Frampt, its not on the balcony, and its not anywhere in the boss area. Ive tried quitting and reloading but i havent seen it. Its not that big of an issue because im not going to use it, its just frustrating as hell because i was going after all 4 knights of gwyns items. Is there anyway to get it now, or will i have to wait till NG++?

    User Info: Sythe_ofDeath

    Sythe_ofDeath - 7 months ago

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