System error crash?

  1. During the game against Krampus, the boss of the second world (Trollmeria), the system will abruptly crash. A black screen pops up that says "A system error has occurred" and the only thing I can do is click "ok." There is no troubleshoot option and no matter how many times I play, it only happens on this stage. I can play other stages fine, but I can't get past this system error and continue the game. It's frustrating, can anyone help?

    User Info: Tawny0wl

    Tawny0wl - 1 year ago


  1. This was happening to me too. I was playing with two players, not sure if it's the same with different players. This was always being caused for us when we were crafting gun powder in the middle of three vertical crafting stations. We were able to beat it by not crafting in the middle station.

    User Info: PsuFan

    PsuFan - 1 year ago 0   0

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