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Crash 'n the Boys: Ice Challenge Cheats


  • Event Passwords

    Event 109250
    Event 22437
    Event 36088
    Event 44994
    Event 56342
    Event 67153
    Event 78368
    Event 86562
    Event 90508

    Contributed By: ReyVGM and baju.

    2    0

  • Passwords

    Enter at the passwords screen.

    Music Test7031
    Play as Dodgeball Team4728

    Contributed By: Llamaman2.

    1    0

Double Dragon Cheats


  • Invisible Williams: Get all your hearts here

    In mission two, after crossing the pit by climbing onto the fence and moving right, two enemies start walking towards you. When the one closer to the top of the screen almost walks past the girders (The red steel beams in the background) Climb the fence, and walk back past the pit and climb off the fence. Climb back on, and head back to where the two Williams enemies were coming at you, start kicking and punching were the williams near the girders was and you'll start hitting "Invisible Williams" Keep on kicking and punching til you get all your hearts and techniques in the second mission!

    Contributed By: Metalpycho.

    9    0

  • Morphing Weapon

    When fighting two Chintais at the end of Mission 4, one of them will have a knife. Jump kick him to make him drop the knife, but don't pick it up. Stay near it and fight the Chintais. When you beat the last one, pick up the knife JUST as the defeated Chintai flashes the fourth time. It will transform into a bat-like weapon that you can use to fight the Lindas with. Let one of them hit you to drop the weapon, then use the the same "fourth flash" trick to get a strange-looking weapon you can use against the Abobos that appear next. Again, get one of them to hit you to drop the weapon and repeat the trick, and you'll get yet another weird weapon to use againat Willy. But you can't use the trick to get a weapon to use against Jimmy.

    Contributed By: ZaphodBblbrx1.

    4    1

  • Stairway to hell

    In the first mission, right before you enter the boss area, notice the ''pole'' against the right wall. If you go as far right as possible, then press ''up'', it'll act like an elevator and your character will rise and go offscreen. Pressing left or right on the D-pad will put you back on the ground, and pressing down will kill you.

    Contributed By: Sol_Sadguy and Gamecube_Gamer.

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  • Bypass Level 2 Boss

    At the end of Mission 2, as soon as the end-boss comes out of the door, climb down the ladder. After descending a second or third story, you should hear the sound of victory. Your opponent has been defeated and you can move on to the Mission 3!

    Contributed By: J.Lau.

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Double Dragon II: The Revenge Cheats


  • Continue

    At the Game Over screen, enter the following codes very quickly to make the continue screen appear. You only have once chance to enter the cheat, and you cannot mess up and restart the code. If a mistake is made, the continue screen will not appear.

    Continue from stages 2 and 3.Press Up, Right, Down, Left, A, B.
    Continue from stages 4, 5, and 6.Press Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A, A.
    Continue from stages 7, 8, and 9.Press A, A, B, B, Down, Up, Right, Left, on Controller 2.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

    5    19


  • Helicopter glitch

    When playing the stage that you are inside the helicopter, there is a way to make the door close as soon as it opens. After it opens, just pause the game and leave it paused for about 10 or so seconds, and then unpause the game. After unpausing the game, the door should close, saving you the hassle of worrying about getting sucked out, and you can just concentrate on the enemies.

    Contributed By: Saikyo Mog.

    4    4


  • Extra Lives

    Choose the ''2 Player'' game where you are able to knock out the other player (mode B is the one that introduces friendly fire). Once the first screen of foes is defeated, knock out the other player. Each time you defeat the other player, you get a 1UP.

    If you are playing with two players, you can also use this to your advantage. When both players are low on health, kill each other because finishing off the other player gives you an extra life. Both players will break even on lives but how have full health. If one player has only one life remaining, that player should kill the other player first.

    Contributed By: Dallas and IntyLab.

    12    2

Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones Cheats


  • Continue in Level 4 or 5

    If you die in levels 4 or 5, on the Game Over screen, enter the following button combination to continue

    Continue on levels 4 or 5Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A, Start

    Contributed By: terrisus.

    5    7

  • Skip Title Screen

    During the copyright screens, hold A and B to move to the game selection menu.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    4    5


  • How to double your single player

    You must be in 2-player mode where you can hit one another. In the first stage of the game, defeat the first horde of enemies and then proceed to beat either Billy or Jimmy to death. When the character is in the blinking death animation phase go talk to the man and it will bring the dead character back to life with one hit left. After the man is done talking and dies, defeat the rest of the horde with both characters alive and walk out the door. When you reappear, the fallen character that you killed before talking to the dying man will no longer be on the screen but if you go to the selection screen where you can equip the nunchuk, you can now select Billy or Jimmy so that you have an extra chance in single player mode (making the game much MUCH easier considering the difficulty and lack of gaining a continue until very late in the game).

    Contributed By: slightlord.

    4    1


  • Twice the Kick

    You must be in 2 player mode. Have Billy and Jimmy Lee stand next to each other and use the Cyclone Spin-Kick. Both characters will lock arms, back to back, and the kick will be twice as long and powerful.

    Contributed By: Ryan Rider.

    7    2

Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku: Soreyuke Daiundoukai Cheats


  • Maximize Points

    Whenever you are in a screen with weapons and a wall, pick up the weapon, throw it into the wall so it bounces and lands on your feet, then pick up again and repeat the process until you maximize your points and easily win the championship.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

    2    1

Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki Dayo Zenin Shuugou! Cheats


  • All Techs and 990200 ryo

    To get all the Techs and 990200 ryo in any version of the game do the following.

    Method 1 (from the beginning of the game)
    Press A or START until you reach a screen with the two main characters and press SELECT to enter the name change screen. Continue to Step 2.

    Method 2 (any time while in-game)
    Step 1
    Press START to bring up the menu.
    Go to SETUP (last option on the bottom right) and press A.
    Press SELECT to enter the name change screen.

    Step 2
    Change your character's name to Koganemushi (a japanese beatle).
    However, it is currently impossible to display Hiragana in this form, but you can still enter the code.

    Enter the following characters:
    Fifth column, second row.
    First column, second row.
    Press B to go back to the last character!
    Eleventh column, first row.
    Fourth column, fifth row.
    Eighth column, second row.
    Second column, third row.
    Now go to END, which is all the way on the bottom right.

    In a fairly well known translation of the game this would be:
    square above -
    the big white sock

    It should be noted that this code does not max out your stats as previously stated.

    Contributed By: SSGWNBTD.

    3    0

  • Become Rich and Powerful, literally!

    To get over 990,020 ryo, all the Special Moves in the game and have your status maxed out, go to the Game Mode screen and press Select. Then change one of the character's name to Koganemushi. This trick will only work with the character who's name you've changed.

    Contributed By: Godai-Kun.

    3    0

Kunio-Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League Cheats


  • Codes

    Use all characters' Hissatsu AttacksDuring a Nekketsu League match, pause the game. Press A, A, A, B, A, A, A, B, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, then unpause.

    Contributed By: PentarouZero.

    3    8

  • Group Stage

    1 winED5 9FA AC1E
    10 winF03 5CD CD81
    11 winF43 5CD C183
    12 winF39 B03 0DDC
    13 winCC9 9FA DE37
    14 winF88 5CD D095
    15 winF3E B04 1EDE
    16 win - Playoff 70 ptsF3E B08 13E0
    17 win - Playoff 75 ptsCCB 9FF F838
    18 win - Playoff 80 ptsCCC 9FF F838
    19 win - Playoff 86 ptsF8A 5C3 FBA6
    2 win293 5CD ADAB
    20 win - Playoff 92 pts8D1 D9C 515D
    21 win - Playoff 97 ptsF30 B0E 3EF1
    22 win - Playoff 102 ptsF30 B02 33C4
    23 win - Playoff 108 ptsF8E 5CC 01AB
    24 win - Playoff 114 ptsCC4 9F9 1A1E
    25 win - Playoff 121 ptsF82 9CC 1E8D
    26 win - Playoff 128 ptsF38 302 5DC7
    27 win - Playoff 135 ptsCC4 5F9 2F32
    28 win - Playoff 143 ptsF82 10C 24B1
    29 win - Playoff 151 ptsF38 782 64CC
    3 win349 B03 D9F7
    30 win - Playoff 159 ptsF82 18C 3484
    31 win - Playoff 167 ptsCC4 5C9 4F26
    32 win - Playoff 174 ptsCC4 6C9 4628
    33 win - Playoff 182 pts8D9 A74 BB48
    34 win - Playoff 190 ptsF82 2BC 5395
    35 win - Playoff 197 pts8D9 B84 CA68
    4 winCFA D95 155F
    5 win3B3 5CD B9AB
    6 win7B3 5CD BDAD
    7 win7C3 5CD B1BE
    8 winB79 B03 FDC8
    9 winF79 B03 F1CA

    Contributed By: vasya228.

    1    0

  • Sound Test

    On the Waiting Room screen before a match, choose the "Select BGM" option, then point ot the sixth option in the next menu. Hold Left and press Select to activate the test.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    2    0


  • Passwords

    Play in Technos Japan CupF38 09A 16F7

    Contributed By: PentarouZero.

    1    0

  • Passwords

    1/16 final enabled1444444441
    1/4 final enabledBBBBBBBB7B
    1/8 final enabled0000000018
    one win each team, 255 points, 1/4 final guaranteed59E058CCC3
    three wins each, 255 points, directly to 1/4 finalF38AF2CCC2
    three wins each, 70 points, directly to 1/16 finalF38AF213CD
    three wins each, 90 points, directly to 1/8 finalF38AF227DE
    two wins each, 255 points, 1/4 final enabledAE35ADCCEA

    Contributed By: AlexKuusk.

    4    0


  • Pause anywhere

    Using a 4-player adapter, push Select on controller 3 to pause the game anywhere (not just during a match) without stopping the music.

    Contributed By: PentarouZero.

    1    1

Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu Cheats


  • Codes

    Activate sound testAt the title screen, hold select and left and then press A
    Choose the same character for 2-PlayerOn the title screen, hold A and B on controller two and then push start on controller one
    Go to End BattleOn the title screen, hold select+right and press A. Then select story mode.
    Use ToragiOn the character select screen, push right to not use a custom fighter, then hold select and press A, Right, A.
    Use ToraichiOn the character select screen, push right to not use a custom fighter, then hold select and press A, Left, A.

    Contributed By: Ominae.

    19    11

Nekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk Heroes Cheats


  • Last Game Password

    Last GameFE5 F02

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

    3    1

Nintendo World Cup Cheats


  • Modify the amount of time the matches last.

    When turning on the console, keep pressing Select. This resets an invisible time counter to 0. Each time you press the A button, that counter goes up by 1, adding one minute of time for each half of the match (for example, press the A button 2 times to make each half of the match last 2 minutes instead of the usual 4).

    Contributed By: Damon Plus.

    7    0


  • Level Passwords

    The following passwords get you to a desired team in World Cup mode.

    West Germany12811

    Contributed By: Silk.

    5    11

  • Passwords for all teams

    These passwords work for all teams, the only difference is the last two letters. So, use the letter combination from the key below, and insert it into the last two places of the password you want to use.

    00: USA
    01: Holland
    02: Japan
    03: France
    04: Cameroon
    05: Russia
    06: Mexico
    07: England
    08: Spain
    09: Brazil
    10: West Germany
    11: Argentina
    12: Italy

    10th Match602##
    2nd Match103##
    3rd Match307##
    4th Match015##
    5th Match220##
    6th Match721##
    7th Match115##
    8th Match424##
    9th Match626##
    Final Match128##
    Semifinal Match223##

    Contributed By: terrisus.

    6    0


  • Play on a different field on Tournament Mode

    Play a "VS Match" and select the field you want to play the tournament on (Bumpy, Soil, Concrete, Sand, or Ice). At the end of the match, simply start playing "Tournament Mode", and the game will be set on the field you selected in "VS Mode". If you don't want to play the "VS Match" against someone, it's recommended to set the the timer to 1:00 minute (in codes section) and let the game play itself.

    Contributed By: Dan_Castro.

    4    1

Renegade Cheats


  • Level Select

    At the title screen, enter the following codes:

    Stage 2Hold Left on Controller 2 and press Down, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up, Start on Controller 1
    Stage 3Hold Down on Controller 2 and press Up, Down, Left, Down, Right, Down, Start on Controller 1
    Stage 4Hold Up on Controller 2 and press Down, Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Start on Controller 1

    Contributed By: Dallas.

    3    0

River City Ransom Cheats


  • Debug Password - "Shin" Mode - All Stats, Items, Money, and Combo Speed Maxed Out

    On the password screen enter: MShin – – – – – – Technos – – – – Japan – – – – – – The dashes are spaces. This password is the only one in the game that allows spaces to be used as characters. The main character's name is changed to Shin, all stats are maxed out including the hidden combo speed stat, maxed out money, all secret technique books in inventory.

    Contributed By: GIGA255.

    17    0

  • Passwords

    Final Boss, w/ Max Stats, Dragon Feet, Stone Hands, Grand Slam, and Texas BootsXfMdZTHwiR3 jaj6jfRUDEt tilm2tWRo8b
    Final Boss, w/ Max Stats, Stone Hands, Dragon Feet, Acro Circus, Grand Slam, 4 Karma Jolts, and $999.99 cashXfMdZTHUPR3 rztzPeQUCTt 61lxhtWRoZb
    Ivan Beaten, High School Opent1izvpdOZnZ JxNkJp7Cpub XMPQgXErSMF
    max stats, s.hands, d.feet, a.circus, $400, no story progressedltarnhVidfhdcmoZRjaQTRfUXYofbaZVN
    Power Upw412ysgtMqc MUSjKm2PqtE UJMNdUTGOQC
    Start w/ all abilities and 500$ in cashjrYplfTgbdj nOorLTIYXwR SjTuqpilUHP
    Strange Item in Inventory that gives stat increases.fHUFBbvcnpa MS8iPpICZJP VKNOeVRQPDD
    7    14


  • Dont lose half your money when you die. (2 players only)

    In a 2 player game, when one player is running low on health have the other first leave the screen. Then have the player in need of health kill their own character. When the low health player dies, as long as the other character is out of the screen waiting to go to the next area, he will retain all his money. If there are no holes to jump in or the enemies are taking to long to defeat the character, it might be preferable to have both characters go near the edge of the screen and have your teammate beat you up till you are defeated then immediately run out of the screen.

    Contributed By: MISTERPERK.

    7    1

Easter Eggs

  • Kunio and Riki's Hidden Portraits (USA Version)

    Start the game in Normal mode and enter the Status screen. Once in the status screen, hold Left on Controller 2 and press Right + Select on Controller 1. If done right, you'll arrive at a screen with a portrait for Kunio and Riki while the Double Dragon theme plays in the background.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

    9    1


  • Change Character Names

    On the character select screen, press Select on the controller to go to a screen where you can change Alex and Ryan's names to whatever you want.

    Contributed By: Flying Omelette.

    9    3

  • Merlin's Mystery Shop

    To find Merlin's Mystery Shop go to the Armstrong Thru-Way. Once inside press up at the top wall and the wall will open. Inside you can buy the best items in the game.

    Contributed By: Dyse.

    12    1

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