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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Link | Updated: 12/14/17


Breath of the Wild is Nintendo's first main Zelda game to feature DLC, and six months after the Master Trials, the Champions' Ballad DLC is an expansion that does not disappoint, providing a story-driven expansion that grants some additional Memories, a tough new challenge that tests even the most seasoned Breath of the Wild players, and even more delightful shrines with fresh new puzzles and concepts.

With that said, The Champions' Ballad can be a little bit cryptic at times, and some of the objectives may require just a bit more help. If you do find yourself in need of a little assistance, this guide is here to help out! It will contain a thorough and detailed guide for each of the quests you embark on in the expansion pack, with detailed shrine walkthroughs with all chest locations. I'm taking a short break from continuing my main BotW guide to write this one. It won't be long, so sit down, buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

Main Game Mastery

There are many occassions throughout this guide when I reference Shrines and locations you can find in the game's main quest. If you do find yourself looking for a Shrine that you may not have discovered, consider consulting my guide for the main game, which you can find in my profile. Cheers!

Version History

  • v0.2 "Ballad" (12/09/2017): First version, first set of trials complete.
  • v0.35 "Zora" (12/10/2017): Finished the Champion Mipha's Song quest. Four to go!
  • v0.5 "Rito" (12/10/2017): Completed the Champion Revali's Song quest as well. Three more left!
  • v0.65 "Goron" (12/11/2017): Champion Daruk's Song quest is now finished too!
  • v0.8 "Gerudo" (12/14/2017): Champion Urbosa's Song quest completed. Added guides for two pieces of bonus armor.
  • v1.0 "Link" (12/14/2017): Final Trial completed. All bonus armor guides completed as well.