Confusion about Common Den vs. Rare Den on Serebii?

  1. I wanted to get the TR30 and looked up on serebii.

    They said via max raid @

    Since I'm quite early ingame and to increase my chances not looking for purple rays all day, I wanted to get the TR by defeating a common Den (normal red ray) with eg Wooloo in it and according to the bracket of the above link on Serebii, there exists a "Common Den 65" at Motostoke Riverbank, feel free to look up yourself; it's the 4th entry from that TR-30-link under "Max Raid Battle Location -> Motostoke Riverbank".

    BUT if you actually look up here:
    then there's no "common" Den 65 since all Den 65s are using a RARE table on that list..

    So question in short: Where the heck is the promised Wooloo in common Den 65?

    User Info: Crystal3

    Crystal3 - 2 weeks ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. As I said in the other response on the other section, it's very likely that, at the very least, there's a mistake in the naming of the Dens: there are two Dens named 40 and 65, one in Motorstoke Riverbank and the other in Bridge Field; furthermore, most encounters are listed as "Common Den 40" or "Rare Den 65" with few, if any, exceptions, and common Wooloo is listed as not being able to give TR 30, but TR 27, instead. It's the rarer Normal Types that are listed as being able to give the TR for Encore.

    All in all, I'd likely try the Dens in Bridge Field that are listed as potentially spawning Wooloo, but it's possible there's a mix-up on the site and so you might be wasting time on something you can't get yet and/or are much more likely to get if you wait just a bit later in the game.

    User Info: Andrex_93

    Andrex_93 (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 1   0
  2. Sry for the double post; this question got an error message at first and I didn't know if it would have been sent or not.

    User Info: Crystal3

    Crystal3 - 2 weeks ago

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