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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DBM11085

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 10/16/17 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide


    Welcome to my guide for Golf Story! Highly anticipated since it was first revealed earlier this year, this is an excellent and light-hearted game that mixes golf with RPG elements, and plenty of humorous moments in between. Even if you don't care for golf by itself, the controls are simplistic and the game is easy enough to enjoy regardless. Bugs aside (there's a patch coming any day now), it's very much worth adding to your Switch collection today!

    If you want to get right down to the meat of the game, select Story Mode. My guide covers the entire story progression, as well as all the optional NPC challenges and side quests the game has to offer. If you just want to play golf and nothing more, you can play on any course you've unlocked in Story Mode by selecting Quick Play.

    If there is any erroneous or missing information, any comments about this guide, or information you think I should be adding, send me a PM on GameFAQs. I hope this guide is useful to you and more importantly that you enjoy this game!

    Version History

    Version 1.05 (10/16/2017): Added the missing bonus hole location in Coldwind Wastes.

    Version 1.0 (10/11/2017): The first version of this guide.


    • zelos71: For providing the missing bonus hole in Coldwind Wastes.