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General FAQs

FAQ/Move List (ARC) 03/05/08 Goh_Billy 7.4 92K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) 04/02/00 JKuroki 5.0 171K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) 06/23/03 Shirow Final 253K
FAQ/Move List (NEO) 07/29/09 IceQueenZer0 22K
Short Move List (ARC) 04/10/01 Yoma 1.0 17K

Character FAQs

B.Jenet (ARC) 08/19/03 TalbainEric 6K
Freeman (ARC) 02/13/02 Omega Cosmo 1.03 23K
Freeman (ARC) 06/23/03 Shirow 2.5 38K
Gato (ARC) 04/29/01 Drahktar 0.51 13K
Grant (ARC) 07/15/03 Basel 105K
Hokutomaru (ARC) 04/20/00 Mathonwy 1.03 56K
Kevin Rian (ARC) 03/18/00 Gunsmith 0.8 25K
Kim (ARC) 10/07/01 Dosuchin 1.0 5K
Kim Jae Hoon (ARC) 03/31/00 BYip 0.51 21K
Marco (ARC) 06/23/03 Shirow Final 32K
Rock (ARC) 08/08/00 GalFord 15K
Terry (ARC) 08/27/00 ghoward11 1.0 13K
Terry (ARC) 11/25/00 Ryo 0.5 9K
Terry (ARC) 06/23/03 Shirow Final 71K

In-Depth FAQs

Colors FAQ (ARC) 04/19/01 t-bob 1.0 5K
Combo FAQ (ARC) 10/20/00 1 Eye Samurai 1.1 7K
Combo FAQ (ARC) 03/20/00 Gunsmith 1K
Combo FAQ (ARC) 06/04/00 MGA 1.1 23K
Endings FAQ (ARC) 06/09/03 Basel 17K
Quote FAQ (ARC) 12/15/01 Dark Id 1.0 70K
Story FAQ (ARC) 12/07/01 KLantis 387K

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