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Save State Hacking Guide by DavieZBOY

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 04/24/01

            SEIKEN DENSETSU 3
		 Hacking Guide
			version 3.0

  		©  Copyright DavieZBOY (DavieZBoy@aol.com) 2000-2001

1) Intro
2) Getting Started (For Beginners)
	2.a) Tools
	2.b) Basics-what you need to know
	2.c) Hacking
	2.d) Saving
3) Hacking Guide for SD3
	3.a) HP
	3.b) MP
	3.c) Stats
	3.d) Status
	3.e) Exp.
	3.f) Level
	3.g) Weapons
	3.h) Helmets
	3.i) Armor
	3.j) Gauntlets
	3.k) Shields
	3.l) Spells
	3.m) Classes
	3.n) Characters
	3.o) Luc (Gold)
	3.p) Items
4) F.A.Q.
5) Special Thanks
6) Other Junk
Version  History-

v 1.0 - First release, just about everything you see here.
v 1.5 - Forgot to add Tech Gauge Max thingy, in Class section, and decided
that the Special Thanks section was sorta empty, so I added a couple 	more
v 2.0 - Added another site to where you can find this Guide, in the Other Junk
section. =)
v 2.5 - Fixed a minor error I had made.
v 3.0 - Fixed the storage system problem, thanks to Da_Wrecka. Fixed up a
little the entire document, went through the whole thing and made some
changes, especially the "2) Getting Started" section. It all looks a lot nicer
now, and is more understandable (at least I think it is). =)

1- Intro:


	This is DavieZBOY's Seiken Densetsu 3 hacking guide. For those of you
who don't know what Seiken Densetsu 3 is, why are you reading this? Just
kidding, but for those of you who don't know, but are familiar with Secret of
Mana, this would be Secret of Mana 2, if it were released in the US, but alas,
it never made it all the way. But, thanks to Neill Corlett
(www4.ncsu.edu/~nscorlet/sd3) we can now play it in 100% english....on a ROM,
just make sure you own the original cartridge. This is such an awesome game, I
decided to make a SaveRam, or .SRM (the save file for the ROM) hacking guide
for it, since I know how.


2- Getting Started (For Beginners):


	Ok, this section is for those of you who don't know a thing about
hacking SRM files, or at least don't know much.

2.a- Tools:

	Ok, for hacking SD3 SRM files, what you need is-

	-An .SRM file for SD3
	And of course you'll also need the emulator and ROM to play it.

	You can get HexWorkshop at: www.bpsoft.com, and the rom and emulator,
you can search for them on the web. I use Hex Workshop v. 2.54, it works best
for me, and it'll be easier to follow along using it. Also, I believe the
newer verions are Trial Versions, not Freeware.

2.b- Basics-what you need to know:
	Note: This may be a little confusing, but try to bear through it all. If
you don't understand it all, that's ok, it should come clear when you actually
try and do it. Also, if you find any errors, please be sure to notify me about

	Ok, first of all, to understand the process of hacking an SRM file, you
need to know what Hexadicimals are. If you've ever used GameShark or GameGenie
codes, you would've had to use Hexadicimals. They are sorta like our number
system except they not only use the numbers 0-9, but they also use the letters
A-F. The values of each digit are as follows:

Hexadec. = Decimal
	00 = 0
	01 = 1
	02 = 2
	03 = 3
	04 = 4
	05 = 5
	06 = 6
	07 = 7
	08 = 8
	09 = 9
	0A = 10
	0B = 11
	0C = 12
	0D = 13
	0E = 14
	0F = 15
	10 = 16
	11 = 17
	12 = 18
	13 = 19
	14 = 20
	... You get the idea right? this keeps going all the way to, FF = 255.

	Now you must notice that a two-digit hex number can go between 00 and FF
(0 and 255 decimal). This is important to know because one byte of data is a
two-digit hex number. It's the basic unit of data that you'll be dealing with
when hacking any ROM SaveRam, Save State, or even the ROM itself.

	Ok, first of all you need, a Hex editing tool, preferably Hex Workshop
(look in above section for more details). Ok, now you need to load you SRM
file, it should be located in the same folder as your ROM, and should be named

	Now, when you load the SRM file into Hex Workshop, it should look
somewhat roughly like this, at least if you're using Hex Workshop v. 2.54:

| Hex Workshop - [SEIKEN~.SRM]                                      _ [] X
|  File     Edit     Disk     Options     Tools     Window     Help
|  (a bunch of tools that I can't draw)
|(Section 1*)(Section 2*)                              (Section 3*)
| 00000000    6578 6973 7420 2020 0000 00|00 0000 0000 exist   ........
| 00000010    4800 6100 7700 6B00 0000 0000 3387  0287 H.a.w.k.....3...
| 00000020    024C 004C 0000 0000 0000 0000 4000  0000 .L.L........@...
| 00000030    4C00 6900 7300 6500 0000 0000 33BE  02BE L.i.s.e.....3...
| etc, etc, etc
| Ready                     |Offset: 0000000A|Value: 131072|8192 bytes|OVR
|___________________________| (Section 4*)___|_____________|__________|_____

	* Does not say Section 1, 2, 3, or 4. I put them in there so I can
explain those sections easier.

	Ok, now starting with Section 1: This is a list of addresses to tell you
which section you're on, very helpful in letting you know where you are, so
that you don't get lost too easily. For example, the top section is located at
offset 00000000, or just 00, and goes all the way to 0F, the second to top
section is located at offset 10(hex value), and ends at 1F, the third at 20,
	Now Section 2: This is the file or SaveRam itself, it's displayed in
hexadicimals. Each byte in the game or file is stored with two hex digits. So
the first byte (which is two digits) of the file has 65(hex value), the second
byte has 70(hex value), the third has 69(hex value), etc.
	Now for Section 3: This is just the same exact data as Section 2, only
it's displayed in ASCII text format instead of Hexadicimal value, I recomend
when hacking to use Section 2 instead of this Section, but you can expiriment
here if you like, although I don't think you'll acomplish anything with it.
Remember, two hex digits make up one byte, but ASCII text only one digit makes
up a byte, that's why there are 32 digits in Section 2, and only 16 in Section
3, for each line or section. You should know that the data in Section 2, and
the data in Section 3, are exactly the same, if you change the hex value of a
byte in Section 2, the value of that byte in Section 3 will change to what it
would be in ASCII format.
	And Finally Section 4: This is the exact offset of the byte that your
cursor is on right now. Right now the cursor (the wanna be cursor that looks
like this,"00|00") is on offset 0000000A, or just 0A, if you move the cursor
one space left, it will be on offset 09, if you move it one space right, it
will be on offset 0B, if you move it one space down, it will be on offset 1A,
etc. You can't move it up, because it's at the top already. Section 4, is like
Section 1, only more specific.

	If you didn't get that, well, oh well, hopefully it will make sense when
you're actually hacking it. =)

2.c- Hacking:

	Ok, in this section, I'll help you hack something in your SD3 SaveRam

	(Note: I am showing you how to hack the top save file in your SD3 game,
so if you don't want to mess with the top saved slot in your game, I suggest
saving your current game in another slot as well, and if you wish to hack your
second or third saved slot, add 800 to every offset I give, for the second
slot, and 1600 for the third slot. For example, when I say go to offset 1FD,
if you're hacking the second slot, go to offset 9FD)

	First of all, load your [ROMNAME.SRM] file using Hex Workshop. Go down
to offsets 1FD and 1FE (offsets explained in above section 2.b). These two
offsets are where your max HP is located. You can type into these two offsets
or data blocks (four digits, two for each data block), any hexadicimal between
00 and FF, let's say... E7 and 03, that should work pretty good. So go to
offset 1FD, and type in E7, then go to 1FE which is next, and type in 03. And
you've hacked you first SaveRam! But you're not finished yet. Try saving your
hack and going to your saved file in the game, I guarantee you, it won't be
there! There will be no saved file there! Want to know what to do? Go to the
next section, 2.d- Saving, and find out!

2.d- Saving:

	Now this section will most likely be sorta hard to explain, seeing as I
don't have any screenshots to explain to you, but I'll do my best. After
you've hacked or done whatever changes to your SaveRam, to save, follow the
following instructions:

	After doing your changes or hacking, and you want to save, highlight
everything from offset 70 or 00000070, to offset 7FD or 000007FD. You DON'T
highlight anything before offset 70, because that's just the text that says
the names and data of your save file on the screen with the save slots, and
has nothing to do with the actual stats of the game, so DO NOT highlight it.
If you don't know how to highlight this section, get your cursor or your mouse
to offset 70, click on the mouse, and hold it down, and drag it all the way
down to offset 7FD, and let go right before offsets 7FE and 7FF, which are the
two offsets at the end of the section 7F0, now everything should be
highlighted between the offsets, 70 and 7FD. Now go to the 'Tools' menu in
HexWorkshop, and click on Generate Checksum, or press F12. Then click on the
'Generate' tab. Different hexadicimal numbers will come up in different
spaces. The one that says "Checksum-16" is the one you're looking for. What
this did, is add up all the hex numbers between offsets 70 and 7FD. Whatever
numbers it gives you, write them in the offsets at the end that you didn't
highlight, 7FE and 7FF, only write them reversed. For example, if in the
"Checksum-16" space it says: 64C4 when you pressed the 'Generate' tab, in 7FE
put in C4 and in 7FF put in 64, instead of 64 in 7FE and C4 in 7FF, so that's
C464, instead of 64C4, got that? It said 64C4, and you put in C464. Make sure
you read this right, and at least understand it while you're testing it,
because it is impotant! Now, you can save, and it'll finally work. Go to your
game and the saved slot will be there with the changes you've made. Now
remember to do this every time after hacking the game, It may seem like a lot,
but it's actually quite easy to do. And I guess that wraps up this section.
Hope I covered everything you needed to know. =)


3- Hacking guide for SD3:


	Well, assuming you know how to locate offsets, I'll now give you the
offsets to everything I know of, that you can hack, and the data to put it
with. I'm just giving you the offsets, I ain't saying, "Ok, the Max HP is
located at 1FD-1FE" I'll just be saying, "Max HP: 1FD-1FE", so Good Luck!

3.a- HP:
	Remember, you can put in any Hex Value from 00-FF, and if you want 999
HP, put in E7 and 03.

	1st Player:
	Current HP: 172-173
	Max HP*: 1FD-1FE

	2nd Player:
	Current HP: 271-272
	Max HP: 2FC-2FD

	3rd Player:
	Current HP: 370-371
	Max HP: 3FB-3FC
(*what you hacked in section 2.c- Hacking)
3.b- MP:
	Again, if you want 999 MP, put in E7 and 03, if you only need 99, try
63. =)

	1st Player:
	Current MP: 174-175
	Max MP: 1FF-200

	2nd Player:
	Current MP: 273-274
	Max MP: 2FE-2FF

	3rd Player:
	Current MP: 372-373
	Max MP: 3FD-3FE

3.c- Stats:
	Again you can put in any Hex value from 00-FF, and that goes for
everything so that I don't have to keep repeating myself. You might just want
to expiriment yourself with the Stats, if you want 99 of 'em all, put in 63.
There's also a problem with the stat Luck, it seems to go back down to what it
used to be, when you check in the 'Y' menu, after you've already hacked it,
but even though it shows up like this, I believe it stays how you hacked it,
it just says different. =)

	1st Player:
	Strength: 176
	Agility: 177
	Vitality: 178
	Intelligence: 179
	Spirit: 17A
	Luck: 17B

	2nd Player:
	Strength: 275
	Agility: 276
	Vitality: 277
	Intelligence: 278
	Spirit: 279
	Luck: 27A

	3rd Player:
	Strength: 374
	Agility: 375
	Vitality: 376
	Intelligence: 377
	Spirit: 378
	Luck: 379

3.d- Status:
	Same thing I said above. Except the thing about Luck. =)

	1st Player:
	Attack Power: 1A7-1A8
	Evade Rate: 1AE
	Defence Power: 1AF-1B0
	Magic Defense Power: 1B1-1B2

	2nd Player:
	Attack Power: 2A6-2A7
	Evade Rate: 2AD
	Defence Power: 2AE-2AF
	Magic Defence Power:  2B0-2B1

	3rd Player:
	Attack Power: 3A5-3A6
	Evade Rate: 3AC
	Defence Power: 3AD-3AE
	Magic Defence Power: 3AF-3B0

3.e- Exp.:
	Well, this is you exp. points, I don't really think this matters much,
since you can just hack your level in the next section anyways, but go ahead
and mess with this if you'd like.

	1st Player:
	Total Experience: 17C-17D
	Remainder of Total Experience: 17E-17F
	Experience for Next Level: 186-187
	Remainder of Experience for Next Level: 188-189

	2nd Player:
	Total Experience: 27B-17C
	Remainder of Total Experience: 27D-27E
	Experience for Next Level: 285-286
	Remainder of Experience for Next Level: 287-288

	3rd Player:
	Total Experience: 37A-37B
	Remainder of Total Experience: 37C-37D
	Experience for Next Level: 384-385
	Remainder of Experience for Next Level: 386-387

3.f- Level:
	Well, this is your experience level, if you want to be lvl 99, type in
62, if you want to be level 255, type in FF,if you want other levels, just

	1st Player:
	Experience Level: 18A (some examples: 00-level 0; 62-level 99; FF-level

	2nd Player:
	Experience Level: 289

	3rd Player:
	Experience Level: 388

3.g- Weapons:
	Anyone can equip any weapon, as long as you hack it into the 'Equiped
Weapon' section, and that goes for all the armors and helmets and rings and
shields too, but it still won't show when you're battling, if you give Angela
a Lance, she'll still appear with a Rod.

	1st Player:
	Equiped Weapon: 18F
	Extra Weapons: 1B5-1BB

	2nd Player:
	Equiped Weapon: 28E
	Extra Weapons: 2B4-3BA

	3rd Player:
	Equiped Weapon: 38D
	Extra Weapons: 3B3-3B9

(the following Submitted by ShaheenJim)



01-Bronze Sword
02-Iron Sword
06-Steel Sword
07-Bastard Sword
08-Silver Blade
0F-Mythril Sword
12-Valar Sword
13-Kusanagi Blade
16-Muramasa Blade
1B-Brave Blade

1F-2A-Nothing Swords.


2B-Leather Glove
2C-Iron Knuckles
2D-Needle Glove
2E-Molebear Claw
2F-Chain Glove
30-Bagh Nakh
31-Fiend's Claw
33-Moogle Claw
34-Keen Knuckle
35-Power Glove
36-Kaiser Knuckle
37-Acid Claw
38-Cyclone Claw
39-Mythril Claw
3A-Bone Knuckle
3B-Kerberos Claw
3C-Diamond Knuckle
3D-Ghost Hand
3E-Rock Claw
3F-Gleam Glove
40-Jug Puncher
41-Vampire Claw
42-Aura Glove
43-Rotten Knuckle
44-Dragon Claw
45-Spiral Claw
46-Holy Glove
47-Skull Disect
48-Gigas Glove

49-54-Nothing Claws


55-Flint Knife
58-Roundel Dagger
5A-Steel Dagger
5D-Main Gauche
5F-Crystal Dagger
60-Elf Dagger
63-Mithril Knife
65-Dancing Dagger
66-Field Dagger
68-Merkiel Dagger
69-Sylvan Knife
6B-Sheol Dirk
6C-Crescent Knife
6E-Crimson Glare
71-Kongo Rakan

73-7E-Nothing Knives


7F-Wooden Cane
81-Witch Staff
82-Oak Pine
83-Pewter Rod
84-Ruby Cane
85-Crystal Rod
86-Soul Rod
87-Varshu Staff
88-Cunning Staff
89-Ash Cane
8A-Will Staff
8B-Tot's Cane
8C-Rajin's Cane
8D-Mythril Rod
8E-Skull Rod
8F-Memyl Rod
90-Druid Cane
91-Revelation Cane
92-Nebula Staff
93-World Tree Branch
94-Ancient Rod
95-Mizunara Cane
96-Eternal Rod
97-Celnunnos Cane
9A-Spirit Cane
9B-Rune Staff
9C-Dragon Rod

9D-A8-Nothing Staves


A9-Hollow Rod
AA-Wood Flail
AB-Ball and Chain
AC-Light Flail
AE-Steel Maul
AF-Duck Ironball
B0-Silver Flail
B1-Heavy Flail
B2-Hammer Flail
B3-Morning Star
B4-Heiro Flail
B5-Puppet Flail
B7-Mythril Maul
B8-Troll Maul
B9-Cuneal Maul
BA-Holy Flail
BB-Thibula Flail
BC-Gravity Maul
BD-Ultima Maul
BF-Meteo Smash
C1-Satan Flail
C2-Vertina Maul
C4-Gigas Flail
C5-Maul of the Dead

C7-D2-Nothing Flails


D3-Bronze Lance
D4-Long Spear
D8-Steel Lance
DA-Silver Lance
DB-Wing Spear
DC-Mystic Spear
DD-Plune Lance
DE-Dark Piercer
DF-Torrento Spear
E0-Golden Spear
E1-Mythril Spear
E3-Griffin Lance
E5-Wolf's Fang
E7-Valkyrie Spear
E8-Mideel Spear
EC-Blaze Piercer
ED-True Spear
EF-Dragon Lance
F0-Giant's Spear

F1-FF-Nothing Spears

3.h- Helmets:
	1st Player:
	Equiped Helmet: 190
	Extra Helmets: 1C5-1CB

	2nd Player:
	Equiped Helmet: 28F
	Extra Helmets: 2C4-2CA

	3rd Player:
	Equiped Helmet: 38E
	Extra Helmets: 3C3-3C9

(the following Submitted by ShaheenJim)


01-Leather Visor
03-Studded Helm
04-Visored Helm
05-Horned Helm
06-Silver Sallet
07-Beryl Arnet
08-Dragon Helm
09-Hero's Crown
0A-Protection Helm
0B-Rising Moon Helm
0C-Skull Head

0E-Warrior Band
10-Chakra Band
11-Werewolf's Mane
12-Majuu Mask
13-Genjuu Mask
14-Dragon's Mane
15-Ivory Band
16-Darkshine Band
17-Sapphire Band
18-Ruby Band

19-Leather Hat
1B-Feather Hat
1C-Fearie Hat
1D-Grizzly Garea
1E-Black Hood
20-Fool's Crown
21-Wind Spirit Hat
22-Silver Wolf Garea
23-Stealth Hood
24-Bloody Mask

26-Witch Hood
27-Emerald Tiara
28-Panther Hood
27-Emerald Tiara
28-Panther Hood
29-Silver Circlet
2A-White Snow Veil
2B-Mist Veil
2C-Moonstone Tiara
2D-Myien Crown
2E-Eremos Crown
2F-Rune Veil
30-Ancient Tiara

31-Cat-ear Hood
32-Rabite Hat
33-Mog Cap
34-Silk Robbin
35-Parobin Hood
36-Holy Spirit Hood
37-Sunstone Hat
38-Spiritus Robbin
39-Bishop's Ribbon
3A-Sage's Ribbon
3B-Undead Ribbon
3C-Bitium Ribbon

3D-Winged Ribbon
3E-Leather Helmet
40-Viking Helm
42-Unicorn Helm
43-Aurora Helm
44-Pegasus Helmet
45-Vanir Helmet
46-Stardust Helmet
47-Rising Dragon
48-Wolf Helmet

3.i- Armor:
	1st Player:
	Equiped Armor: 191
	Extra Armor: 1C5-1CB

	2nd Player:
	Equiped Armor: 290
	Extra Armor: 2C4-2CA

	3rd Player:
	Equiped Armor: 38F
	Extra Armor: 3C3-3C9

(the following Submitted by ShaheenJim)


7F-Quilted Leather
80-Hard Leather
81-Bezant Mail
82-Lamellar Armor
84-Half Plate
85-Plate Mail
86-Lunula Mail
88-Pegasus Armor
89-Leanis Plate
8A-Knight Armor
8B-Swordsman Armor
8C-Gold Armor
8D-Platinum Armor
8E-Dragon's Mail
8F-Hero's Armor
90-Protect Armor
91-Master's Armor
92-Skeleton Mail

93-Cotton Uniform
94-Leather Belt
95-Fur Vest
96-Warrior Uniform
97-Chain Vest
98-Wolf Belt
9A-Beast Uniform
9B-Lyshee Vest
9D-Amber Uniform
9E-Red Uniform
9F-Blue Uniform
A0-Genjuu Belt
A1-Majuu Belt
A2-Scale Uniform
A3-Byakko Uniform
A4-Genbu Uniform
A5-Seiryuu Uniform
A6-Suzaku Uniform

A7-Cotton Kilt
A8-Black Fatigue
A9-Camoflage Cloak
AA-Thief's Cape
AB-Soft Leather
AC-Idaten Cloak
AD-Chain Guard
AE-Moonbeam Cloak
AF-Elf Breastplate
B0-Fleetwind Cape
B1-Flourite Plate
B2-Utsushimi Cape
B4-Yafuku Cuirass
B5-Ninga Garb
B6-Shijima Mail
B7-Phantom Cuirass
B8-Silverwolf Pelt
B9-Wind Demon Mail
BA-Black Garb

BB-Cotton Robe
BC-Silk Robe
BD-Witch's Robe
BE-Queen Bee Dress
BF-Bat Coat
C0-Tiger Bikini
C1-Rose Leotard
C3-Owl Coat
C4-Zephyr Robe
C5-Mananan Robe
C6-Sunrise Dress
C7-Dusk Dress
C8-Pure White Robe
C9-Darkness Robe
CA-Dreamdevil Coat
CB-Myein Dress
CC-Eremos Coat
CD-Rune Coat
CE-Ancient Robe

CF-Chibikko Robe
D0-Lamb Suit
D1-Priest's Robe
D2-Popoi's Rags
D3-Sailor Dress
D4-Poto Suit
D5-Velvet Cap
D6-Moogle Smock
D7-Pakkum Suit
D8-Glint Robe
D9-Utsufishi Robe
DA-Golden Robe
DB-Silver Robe
DC-Minister's Robe
DD-Shrine Girl Robe
DE-Kurikara Robe
DF-Bishop's Robe
E0-Sage's Robe
E2-Bitium Dress

E3-Padded Leather
E4-Cuir Boulli
E5-Feather Vest
E6-Spiked Leather
E8-Banded Mail
E9-Scale Mail
EA-Mani Plate
EB-Steda Plate
EC-White Eagle Plate
EE-Valkrie Mail
EF-Rune Armor
F0-Wing Armor
F1-Fang Armor
F2-Phantasm Armor
F3-Goddes Armor
F4-Polaris Armor
F5-DrgnKnight Armor

3.j- Gauntlets:
	1st Player:
	Equiped Gauntlet: 192
	Extra Gauntlets: 1D5-1DB

	2nd Player:
	Equiped Gauntlet: 291
	Extra Gauntlets: 2D4-2DA

	3rd Player:
	Equiped Gauntlet: 390
	Extra Gauntlets: 3D3-3D9

(the following Submitted by ShaheenJim)


49-Leather Gauntlet
4A-Steel Gauntlet
4C-Strength Armband
4D-Knight's Crest
4E-Fencer's Armband
4F-Dragon Ring
50-War King's Crest
51-Master's Armband

52-Leather Neckband
53-Beastman Collar
54-Power Wrist
55-Red Moon Horn
56-Cardinal Eye
57-Mad Beast's Fang
58-Gragon's Bone
59-Toshei Armband
5A-Demon Neckband

5B-Utsusemi Earring
5C-Thief's Earring
5D-Cobra Earrings
5E-Ancient Talisman
5F-Tree Spirit Ring
60-Mistscreen Charm
62-Lucky Card
63-Stealth Card

64-Jewel Ring
65-Crystal Ring
66-Mist Pendant
67-Protect Ring
68-Snow Crystal
6A-Sage Stone
6B-Blizzard Hairpin
6D-Marble Ring

6E-Bunny Egg
6F-Moon Ring
70-Protect Earrings
71-Whitelight Ring
72-Blackshade Ring
74-Moon Flower
75-Black Onyx

77-Steel Bracelet
78-Wind God Bracelet
79-Earth Bracelet
7B-Rune Earrings
7C-Yadorigi Armlet
7E-Giant's Ring

3.k- Shields:
	Anyone can equip a shield, as long as you put it in their 'Equiped
Shield' slot by hacking, but it will only appear on the person if it's Duran,
and the cool thing is, they'll even show on his dark classes! Also, it's cool
to equip everyone with a shield, because it'll still help your stats (wouln't
really make much difference though, if you hack the stats). =)

	1st Player:
	Equiped Shield: 193
	Extra Shields: 1DD-1E3

	2nd Player:
	Equiped Shield: 292
	Extra Shields: 2DC-2E2

	3rd Player:
	Equiped Shield: 391
	Extra Shields: 3DB-3E1

(the following Submitted by ShaheenJim)

F7-WaterDragon Shld
F8-Red-heat Shield
F9-Thunder God Shld
FA-Earth Shield
FB-Gold Shield
FC-Dragon Shield
FD-Sacred Shield
FE-Oath Shield
FF-Adament Shield

3.l- Spells:
	Spells, techs, and enemy or boss spells are all fitted into this
category. You can have up to 12 spells, so choose wisely. =)

	1st Player:
	Spells: 1E5-1F0
	Targeting Value: 1F1-1FC

	2nd Player:
	Spells: 2E4-2EF
	Targeting Value: 2F0-2FB

	3rd Player:
	Spells: 3E3-3EE
	Targeting Value: 2EF-2FA


01-Single Target
02-Multi Targeted
03-Single/Multi Targeted
04-Caster Only (can only be casted on the person casting, like Kevin's
Pressure Point)

The best thing to do, is probably make all your spells Single/Multi Targeted.

(the following Submitted by ShaheenJim)

00-(no spell)
01-Diamond Missile
03-Stone Cloud
04-Protect Up
05-Speed Down
06-Diamond Saber
07-Air Blast
09-Stun Wind
0A-Speed Up
0B-Protect Down
0C-Thunder Saber
0D-Ice Smash
0E-Mega Splash
0F-Cold Blaze
10-Mind Up
11-Power Down
12-Ice Saber
15-Blaze Wall
16-Power Up
17-Mind Down
18-Flame Saber
19-Evil Gate
1A-Dark Force
1E-Dark Saber
1F-Holy Ball
20-Saint Beam
21-Heal Light
22-Magic Shield
23-Tinkle Rain
24-Saint Saber
26-Half Vanish
27-Body Change
28-Life Booster
29-Energy Ball
2A-Moon Saber
2B-Sleep Flower
2C-Poison Bubble
2E-Aura Wave
2F-Counter Magic
30-Leaf Saber
31-Detect	(dummy spell which has a unique visible graphic but no effect)
32-Turn Undead
33-Demon Breath
34-Rainbow Dust
36-Ancient 2	(dummy)
37-Ancient 3	(dummy)
3B-Lamian Naga
3C-Unicorn Head
3D-Machine Golem
41-Great Demon
42-Earth Jutsu
43-Thunder Jutsu
44-Water Jutsu
45-Fire Jutsu
48-Rock Fall
49-Land Mine
4A-Poison Bubble
4B-Flame Breath
4C-Blow Needles
4D-Deadly Weapon
4E-Double Spell
4F-Pressure Point

(techs and monster abilities start here, there are still a few normal here and
there too)

50-3-step Cut
51-Whirlwind Sword
52-Flashing Sword
53-Maigic Circle
54-Vacuum Sword
55-Eruption Sword
56-Whirlwind Kick
57-Tornado Throw
58-Water-Moon Slice
59-Bastard Slam
5A-Byakko Shockwave
5B-Stardust Bomb
5C-Genbu 100-Kick
5D-Blow Impact
5E-Suzuka Sky Dance
60-Seiryuu Death Fist
61-Dead Crush
62-Flying Swallow Toss
63-Silhoutte Slice
64-Dance of Roses
65-Thousand Slice
66-Shadow Dive
67-Split-Image Slice
68-Pink Typhoon
69-Star Attack
6A-Spiral Rod
6B-Dancing Rod
6D-Hot Shot
74-Vacuum Surge Spear
75-Flying Heaven Spear
76-Light Shot Spear
77-Falling Star
78-DragonTooth Spear
79-Hundred Flower Dance
7A-Hand Axe
7B-Shuriken	(normal spell)
7D-Pumkin Bomb
7E-Silver Dart	(normal spell)
7F-Cutter Missile	(normal spell)
80-Crescent	(normal spell)
81-Rocket Launcher	(normal spell)
82-Axe Bomber	(normal spell)
83-Grenade Bomb
84-Dark Fear
85-SurpriseBox Bomb
86-Death Roulette
88-Rust Hurricane
89-Sweet String
8A-Eye Beam
8B-Dive Attack
8C-Bubble Breath
8D-Grand Slam
8E-Grand Slam(no, that's not a missprint, it's put in there twice)
8F-Power Punch
90-Sky Attack
92-Feather Blizzard
93-Black Rain
94-Gas Cloud
95-Ghost Road
96-100 Tentacles
97-Squid Ink
98-Tidal Wave
99-Revenge Spike
9C-Hell Cross
9D-Darkness Beam
A3-Mr. Death God
A4-Ogre Box
A5-Kaiser Mimic
A6-Spined Kelp
AA-Trap Level 1
AB-Trap Level 2
AC-Bloody Axe
AE-Ice Cradle
B7-Gravitation Press
B9-Spiral Moon
BA-Grenade Bomb
BC-Lava Wave
BD-Heat Beam
BF-Death Ecstasy
C0-Whirlwind Sword
C1-Magic Circle Cut
C2-Vacuum Sword
C3-Eruption Sword
C4-Silhoutte Slice
C5-Shadow Dive
C6-SplitImage Slice
C8-Star Shot Spear
C9-Whirlwind Sword
CA-Vacuum Sword
CB-Eruption Sword
CD-Demon Scream
CE-Air Slasher
D4-Metal Wave
D5-Spiral Moon
D6-Turn Wind

3.m- Classes:
	1st Player:
	Character*: 18C
	Class Changes Made: 18D
	Class: 18E
	Tech Gauge Max: 185

	2nd Player:
	Character: 28B
	Class Changes Made: 28C
	Class: 18D
	Tech Gauge Max: 284

	3rd Player:
	Character: 38A
	Class Changes Made: 38B
	Class: 38C
	Tech Gauge Max: 383

*Character: This does not change which character you have, it just changes the
colors of your character, and the name of the class, to the colors and the
name of the class of the character you pick.




00-Base Class
01-First Class Change
02-Second Class Change


Base Class:

00-Base Class

First Class Change:


Second Class Change:


In other words, just put in the following, for the class you want:

010200-God Hand
010201-Warrior Monk
010202-Death Hand
020202-Ninga Master
030200-Grand Divina
030202-Rune Master
040203-Evil Shaman
050101-Rune Maiden
050201-Star Lancer
050202-Dragon Master
050203-Fenrir Knight


04-lvl 1 tech
07-lvl 2 tech
09-lvl 3 tech

If you want your lvl 3 tech, I suggest you put in 09, for you Tech Gauge
3.n- Characters
	1st Player:
	Character: 160

	2nd Player:
	Character: 161

	3rd Player:
	Character: 162


(the following are sprites you can use, but I warn you, are very glitchy, and
your game will be restarting all the time, some of them have pretty cool sub-
screen poses though, and you could try them just for fun)
0E-Mana Godess
0F-Wierd looking Mana Stone

3.o- Luc (Gold):
	Luc: 491-493
The most possible Luc, would be if you filled all the offsets with FF.

3.p- Item Inventory:
	These are all the items you can have in your item ring, and how many.
The cool thing is, you can have up to 255 of the same item in your item ring,
instead of just 9! Pretty cool, eh?

	Items: 756-75F
	Item Quantities: 760-769


Put 63 to have 99 of that item, or FF to have 255

(the following Submitted by ShaheenJim)

01-Paladin's Proof
02-Lord's Proof
03-Master's Proof
04-Duelist's Proof
05-Gold Wolf Soul
06-Silver Wolf Soul
07-Death Wolf Soul
08-Demon Wolf Soul
09-Good Luck Die
0A-Bad Luck Die
0B-Bullseye Die
0C-Nighteye Die
0D-Arcane Book
0E-Book of Secrets
0F-Book of Rune
10-Forbidden Book
11-Holy Water Vial
12-Bottle of Salt
13-Bottle of Ashes
14-Bottle of Blood
17-KnightDrg Chain
19-Item Seed
1A-Mysterious Seed
1B-Flying Item Seed
1C-Magic Seed
1D-??? Seed
1E-Weapon/Armor Seed
1F-Earth Coin
20-Gnome Statue
21-Basilisk's Fang
22-Bullete's Scale
23-Needlion's Eye
24-Molebear's Claw
25-Storm Coin
26-Jinn Statue
27-Harpy's Fang
28-Bird's Scale
29-Bee's Eye
2A-Siren's Claw
2B-Ice Coin
2C-Undine Statue
2D-WhiteDragon Fang
2E-Sahagin's Scale
2F-Slime's Eye
30-Poseidon's Claw
31-Flam Coin
32-Salamando Statue
33-Fire Lizard
34-Drake's Scale
35-Battum's Eye
36-Kerberos' Claw
37-Darkness Coin
38-Shade Statue
39-Ghost's Eye
3A-Specter's Eye
3B-Shadowzero's Eye
3C-Demon's Claw
3D-Light Coin
3E-Wisp Statue
3F-Poto Oil
40-Pakkun Oil
41-Mama Poto Oil
42-Papa Poto's Claw
43-Moon Coin
44-Luna Statue
45-ChibiDevil's Eye
46-Porobin Oil
47-Wolf Devil Oil
48-Carmilla's Claw
49-Myconid's Eye
4A-Assassin Bug Eye
4B-Dryad Statue
4C-Grell Oil
4D-Matango Oil
4E-Crawler's Claw
4F-Hand Axe
52-Pumkin Bomb
53-Round Drop
54-Pakkun Chocolate
55-Magic Walnut
56-Honey Drink
57-Pupui Grass
58-Stardust Herb
59-Angel's Grail
5A-Magical Rope
5C-Chibikko Hammer
5D-Moogle Badge
5E-Pihyara Flute
5F-Wind Drum
60-Dreamsee Herb
61-HalfKey A	(dummy)
62-HalfKey B	(dummy)
63-Mystery Key	(dummy)
64-Dragon's Eye	(dummy)
65-Illusion Mirror
66-Demon Statue	(dummy)
67-FF-Nothing Item's	(all dummy)

3.q-  Item Storage:
	The way the game stores items in storage is very different than how the
items and equipment has been stored, it's more like how the stats are stored.
Thanks to DaWrecka, I was able to find this out. The items are all already
stored in your storage (like stats), so that instead of of putting an item and
it's quantity in your storage, the items are already there and have their own
offset, all you have to do is put in the amount of that item (like when giving
yourself a certain amount of Strength or Intelligence). If you want just 255
of all items, then fill all the following offsets with FF, if you want 99,
fill them with 63, if you want none, fill them with 00.

	Nothing: 6A5
	Paladin's Proof: 6A6
	Lord's Proof: 6A7
	Master's Proof: 6A8
	Duelist's Proof: 6A9
	Gold Wolf Soul: 6AA
	Silver Wolf Soul: 6AB
	Death Wolf Soul: 6AC
	Demon Wolf Soul: 6AD
	Good Luck Die: 6AE
	Bad Luck Die: 6AF
	Bullseye Die: 6B0
	Nighteye Die: 6B1
	Arcane Book: 6B2
	Book of Secrets: 6B3
	Book of Rune: 6B4
	Forbidden Book: 6B5
	Holy Water Vial: 6B6
	Bottle of Salt: 6B7
	Bottle of Ashes: 6B8
	Bottle of Blood: 6B9
	Briesingamen: 6BA
	MorningStarChain: 6BB
	KnightDrg Chain: 6BC
	Gleipnir: 6BD
	Item Seed: 6BE
	Mysterious Seed: 6BF
	Flying Item Seed: 6C0
	Magic Seed: 6C1
	??? Seed: 6C2
	Weapon/Armor Seed: 6C3
	Earth Coin: 6C4
	Gnome Statue: 6C5
	Basilisk's Fang: 6C6
	Bullete's Scale: 6C7
	Needlion's Eye: 6C8
	Molebear's Claw: 6C9
	Storm Coin: 6CA
	Jinn Statue: 6CB
	Harpy's Fang: 6CC
	Bird's Scale: 6CD
	Bee's Eye: 6CE
	Siren's Claw: 6CF
	Ice Coin: 6D0
	Undine Statue: 6D1
	WhiteDragon Fang: 6D2
	Sahagin's Scale: 6D3
	Slime's Eye: 6D4
	Poseidon's Claw: 6D5
	Flame Coin: 6D6
	Salamando Statue: 6D7
	Fire Lizard: 6D8
	Drake's Scale: 6D9
	Battum's Eye: 6DA
	Kerberos' Claw: 6DB
	Darkness Coin: 6DC
	Shade Statue: 6DD
	Ghost's Eye: 6DE
	Specter's Eye: 6DF
	Shadowzero's Eye: 6E0
	Demon's Claw: 6E1
	Light Coin: 6E2
	Wisp Statue: 6E3
	Poto Oil: 6E4
	Pakkun Oil: 6E5
	Mama Poto Oil: 6E6
	Papa Poto's Claw: 6E7
	Moon Coin: 6E8
	Luna Statue: 6E9
	ChibiDevil's Eye: 6EA
	Porobin Oil: 6EB
	Wolf Devil Oil: 6EC
	Carmilla's Claw: 6ED
	Myconid's Eye: 6EE
	Assassin Bug Eye: 6EF
	Dryad Statue: 6F0
	Grell Oil: 6F1
	Matango Oil: 6F2
	Crawler's Claw: 6F3
	Hand Axe: 6F4
	Shuriken: 6F5
	Dart: 6F6
	Pumkin Bomb: 6F7
	Round Drop: 6F8
	Pakkun Chocolate: 6F9
	Magic Walnut: 6FA
	Honey Drink: 6FB
	Pupui Grass: 6FC
	Stardust Herb: 6FD
	Angel's Grail: 6FE
	Magical Rope: 6FF
	Gunpowder: 700
	Chibikko Hammer: 701
	Moogle Badge: 702
	Pihyara Flute: 703
	Wind Drum: 704
	Dreamsee Herb: 705
	HalfKey A	(dummy): 706
	HalfKey B	(dummy): 707
	Mystery Key	(dummy): 708
	Dragon's Eye	(dummy): 709
	Illusion Mirror: 70A
	Demon Statue	(dummy): 70B
	Nothing	(dummies): 70C-7A4


4- F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions):


	Ask the questions first, and I'll post the answers. =)


5- Special Thanks:


	Special Thanks go to the following people:

	ShaheenJim, for contributing the lists of Weapons, helmets, armor,
gauntlets, shields, spells, and items. Visit his awesome site at:

	Niell Corlett, for translating this awesome game to 100% english. Visit
his site at: www4.ncsu.edu/~nscorlet/sd3

	Da_Wrecka, for helping me to figure out the storage system.

	And thanks to everyone at the GameFAQs' Seiken Densetsu 3 message board
for inspiring me to write this FAQ. =)


6- Other Junk:


	Not much here. This Hacking Guide is ©  Copyright DavieZBOY
(DavieZBoy@aol.com) 2000. The following sites should be the only sites that
this Hacking Guide should be found on. If found on other sites, please contact
me at my e-mail mentioned above and at the beginning of the Guide, and notify
me of the site that has this FAQ. The sites so far are:


	If you'd like to use this Guide on your site, please feel free to e-mail
me. again my e-mail is: DavieZBoy@aol.com. And it looks like that just about
wraps up my Guide, hope you enjoyed it. =)

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