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Party Guide by node

Version: 0.71 | Updated: 02/18/01

                                                                          ®   .gÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃb.
  .g$ÛÛÛÛ$b.                $$$$$ $$$$$                                     d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b.
 d$$$$$$$$$$b   .g$ÛÛÛÛ$b.  ````` $$$$$   g$$$d .g$ÛÛÛÛ$b.  $$$ÛÛÛÛ$$b.    l$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b
g$$$$l  $$$$$g d$$$$$$$$$$b ¦$$$$ l$$$$  g$$$d d$$$$$$$$$$b $$$$$$$$$$Ìb   l$$$$$d´    `b$$$$$d
;$$$$l  $$$$$lg$$$$l  $$$$$b¦$$$$ l$$$$ g$$$d g$$$$l  $$$$$b$$$$l  $$$$$           ¸¸¸.;$$$$$l
 `b$$$$b.     l$$$$l  $$$$$l¦$$$$ l$$$$l$$$l  l$$$$l  $$$$$l$$$$l  $$$$$            $$$$$$$$g´
   `b$$$$b.   l$$$$$$$$$$$$$¦$$$$ l$$$$$$$$$  l$$$$$$$$$$$$$l$$$l  $$$$$            l$$$$$$$b.
     `b$$$$b. Î$$$$l  ¸¸¸¸¸¸¦$$$$ l$$$$l$$$l  Î$$$$l  ¸¸¸¸¸¸l$$$l  $$$$$   l$$$$$$   ``d$$$$$$b
l$$$$l  $$$$$bl$$$$l  l$$$$l¦$$$$ $$$$$ Y$$$b l$$$$l  l$$$$ll$$$l  $$$$$   l$$$$$b     g$$$$$$g
g$$$$l  $$$$$gl$$$$l  Î$$$$l¦$$$$ $$$$$ `Y$$$bl$$$$l  Î$$$$l$$$$l  $$$$$   `d$$$$$bgggd$$$$$$d´
 b$$$$$$$$$$b  `g$$$$$$$$$b´¦$$$$ l$$$$  `Y$$$b`g$$$$$$$$$b´$$$$l  $$$$$    `g$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$´
  `"~ªªªª~"´     `ªªªªªªª´  ªªªªª ªªªªª   `ªªªª  `ªªªªªªª´  ªªªªª  ªªªªª      `ªªªªªªªªªªªª´
l$$$$$$e.                                                       lÃÃÃl
l$$$$$$$$b    .g$ÛÛÛÛ$b. $$$ÛÛÛÛ$$b.  .g$ÛÛÛÛ$b.   .g$ÛÛÛÛ$b.   l$$$l    .g$ÛÛÛÛ$b. lÃÃÃÃ  ÃÃÃÃ
l$$$l  $$$g  d$$$$$$$$$$b$$$$$$$$$$Ìbd$$$$$$$$$$b d$$$$$$$$$$bl$$$$$$$$ld$$$$$$$$$$bl$$$$  $$$$
l$$$l  $$$$lg$$$l   $$$$b$$$$l  $$$$$l$$$$  $$$$lg$$$l   $$$$bl$$$$$$$$ll$$$$  $$$$ll$$$$  $$$$
l$$$l  $$$$ll$$$l   $$$$l$$$$l  $$$$$l$$$$  $$$$ll$$$l   $$$$l  l$$$l   l$$$$  $$$$ll$$$$  $$$$
l$$$l  $$$$ll$$$$$$$$$$$l$$$$l  $$$$$ `b$$$b;    l$$$$$$$$$$$l  l$$$l    `b$$$b;    l$$$$  $$$$
l$$$l  $$$$lÎ$$$l   ¸¸¸¸¸l$$$l  $$$$$    `b$$$b. Î$$$l   ¸¸¸¸¸  l$$$l       `b$$$b. l$$$$  $$$$
l$$$l  $$$$ll$$$l   l$$$ll$$$l  $$$$$l$$$$  $$$$ll$$$l   l$$$l  l$$$l   l$$$$  $$$$ll$$$$  $$$$
l$$$l  $$$d l$$$l   Î$$$l$$$$l  $$$$$l$$$$  $$$$ll$$$l   Î$$$l  l$$$l¸¸¸l$$$$  $$$$ll$$$$$$$$$$
l$$$$$$$$d´  `b$$$$$$$$g´$$$$l  $$$$$`b$$$$$$$$g´ `b$$$$$$$$g´  `g$$$$$l`g$$$$$$$$b´ `b$$$$$$$l
ªªªªªªªªª´     `ªªªªªªª´ ªªªªª  ªªªªª  `ªªªªªªª´    `ªªªªªªª´     `ªªªªª  `ªªªªªªª´   `ªªªªª`ªª
S E C R E T  O F  M A N A  2 | L E G E N D  O F  T H E  H O L Y  S W O R D  3      ©1995 SQUARE
                               Seiken Densetsu 3:  Party Guide
                                    Date Created:  May 27, 2000
                                    Last Updated:  February 18, 2001
                                         Version:  0.71
                                              by:  node
>>D I S C L A I M E R<<
        This guide may not be copied or sold for profit.  It may not be 
        printed in magazines or any other publications.  It may be posted 
        on your website(s) if you ask for permission and is left 
        unaltered.  This guide is for personal and private use only.
>>T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S<<
I.        Revision History

II.       Introduction

III.      Information
           a) Controls
           b) Stats
           c) Spirit Days
           d) Spells List
           e) Skills List
           f) Shields

IV.       Character Analysis:

           a) Angela
           b) Duran
           c) Kevin
           d) Hawk
           e) Lise
           f) Carlie

V.         Party Guide:

           1) Angela, Carlie, Lise 
           2) Angela, Carlie, Duran
           3) Angela, Carlie, Kevin
           4) Angela, Carlie, Hawk
           5) Angela, Lise  , Duran
           6) Angela, Lise  , Kevin
           7) Angela, Lise  , Hawk
           8) Angela, Duran , Hawk
           9) Angela, Duran , Kevin
          10) Angela, Kevin , Hawk
          11) Carlie, Lise  , Duran
          12) Carlie, Lise  , Kevin
          13) Carlie, Lise  , Hawk
          14) Carlie, Duran , Kevin
          15) Carlie, Duran , Hawk
          16) Carlie, Kevin , Hawk
          17) Lise  , Kevin , Hawk
          18) Lise  , Kevin , Duran
          19) Lise  , Duran , Hawk
          20) Kevin , Hawk  , Duran

VI.       F.A.Q.

VII.      End Notes

I.  R E V I S I O N  H I S T O R Y
Feb  18, 2001  - 0.71: Fixed some minor errors thanks to <thundasnake@hotmail.com>
                       for pointing them out.

Jan  27, 2001  - 0.7 : Added suggestions from readers.

Sept 11, 2000  - 0.63: Gave DragonKnight Zero<dragonknight_zero@hotmail.com>
                       credit for his spell list.  I'm terribly sorry DragonKnight
                       Zero, I hope the e-mail clears things up.

Aug  31, 2000  - 0.62: Minor update.  Changed my email address and added
                       FAQS.  Enjoy :)

June 30, 2000  - 0.61: Fixed a minor error in the title.  It's suppose to be
                       Legend of the Holy Sword _3_ not 2.  Thanks to 
                       Phystarstk@aol.com for pointing that out.

June 2, 2000   - 0.6 : Added a rating system for party. Added final stats for
                       all classes.  Verified everyone attack recovery, boy
                       is my face red... Sorry about the faulty info about
                       Duran.  He IS the slowest...

May 31, 2000   - 0.5 : Added requirements for 2nd class change and every
                       character's best weapon/armor.  Controls, spells list
                       and other misc. information.

May 29, 2000   - 0.32: Damn, I should have double checked what I wrote,
                       just revamped my work in this tiny update.

May 27, 2000   - 0.3 : Created.

        Seiken Densetsu 3 aka Secret of Mana 2 was created in 1995 by SQUARE.
        Sadly the game never made it overseas.  Fast forward to 1999 and we
        find an independent translating group fully translates the game.  Now
        we can see what all the fuss was about.

        This is truly one of the finest games made.  One of the reasons why 
        Square didn't translate this game and bring it over to the U.S is 
        because the SNES market was dying and people were waiting for the next 
        gen systems.  The graphics are one of the best if not the best ever on 
        the SNES.  The sound is excellent and of course since it's from Square, 
        so is the music.  The storyline you ask?  Good not great.  Nothing too 
        complex, pretty much the same old hero must save the world story line 
        with the dungeon-town-dungeon-town formula that we all know of.  Theres
        that occasional eye brow raising plot twist but nothing spectacular.

        The gameplay is almost like the first SoM.  Gone is the percentage bar
        but you still must wait before you can attack even if there isn't a bar.
        Also each character has a unique weapon unlike the original where anyone
        could equip anything.  Additionally, you can't charge your weapons like
        in the first SoM.  You have to attack the enemy and each attack charges
        your special technique bar and when it's full, you can execute your special.
        Each character is unique and you can choose which character you want in
        your party from the beginning of the game.  There are 6 to choose from.

        One of the best thing about Seiken Densetsu 3 is the ability to change
        classes.  When you reach a certain point in a game and have enough exp.
        points, you'll be able to change classes.  It is possible to change classes
        twice.  You can either goto the Light or Dark side.  This makes it feel like
        theres more than 6 characters in the game.  Another very cool thing about
        Seiken Densetsu 3 is that depending on the characters you choose, you will
        get a unique storyline.  I believe they call this the triangle system or
        something.  Anyway, all of these features adds to tons of replay value as
        there are many different party combinations you can do which brings you to
        this guide...
A     :  Attack, Confirm
B     :  Cancel, Tech, Run
X     :  Ring Menu
Y     :  Main Menu
R     :  Partner 1
L     :  Partner 2
START :  Item Menu (activates other players if pressed on other controllers)
SELECT:  Leader change

S T A T S  I N F O
After leveling up, a screen will pop up requiring you to pick an attribute
you would like to raise.  Here's what the attributes mean:

Strength     (STR):  More power.  Your attacks and tech will do more damage
                     if this is raised.
Agility      (DEX):  Increases your evade rate and hit rate.
Vitality     (CON):  Increases your HP and enemies' attack won't hurt as much.
Intelligence (INT):  Increases chances of dodging enemies' magic attack and
                     decreases the damage dealt to you.
Spirit       (PIE):  Indirect magic effectiveness increases.
Luck         (WC) :  Increases chance of critical hits and lowers amount of
                     traps in the item roulette.

S P I R I T  D A Y
Notice how there's a day for every spirit?  If you cast the spirit's spell
on their day, their spells becomes more effective.  Here's the elemental
weakness chart:

Earth <> Wind
Moon  <> Tree
Fire  <> Ice
Light <> Dark

and vice versa.

S P E L L S  L I S T
Compiled from DragonKnight Zero's faq <dragonknight_zero@hotmail.com>

SPIRIT         SPELL               COST       EFFECT
WISP           Holy Ball           2MP        Lvl. 1 Light Magic
               Saint Beam          5MP        Lvl. 2 Light Magic
               Heal Light          3MP        Restores HP
               Magic Shield        4MP        Raises magic defense
               Tinkle Rain         2MP        Cures status ailments
               Saint Saber         4MP        Light attribute on weapon
GNOME          Diamond Missle      2MP        Lvl. 1 Earth magic
               Land Slide          4MP        Lvl. 2 Earth magic
               Stone Cloud         7MP        Lvl. 3 Earth magic(petrify)
               Protect Up          2MP        Raises defense by 1/5
               Speed Down          2MP        Lowers hit + evade
               Stone Saber         4MP        Earth attribute to weapon
UNDINE         Ice Smash           2MP        Lvl. 1 Ice Magic
               Mega Splash         4MP        Lvl. 2 Ice Magic
               Cold Blaze          7MP        Lvl. 3 Ice Magic(snowman)
               Mind Up             2MP        Raises magic power and defense by 1/5
               Power Down          2MP        Lowers power by 1/3
               Thunder Saber       4MP        Ice attribute on weapon
SALAMANDO      Fireball            2MP        Lvl. 1 Fire Magic
               Exploder            4MP        Lvl. 2 Fire Magic
               Blaze Wall          7MP        Lvl. 3 Fire Magic
               Power Up            2MP        Raises attack power by 1/3
               Power Down          2MP        Lowers magic power and defense by 1/3
               Flame Saber         4MP        Fire attribute on weapon
SHADE          Evil Gate           2MP        Lvl. 1 Shadow Magic
               Dark Force          5MP        Lvl. 2 Shadow magic
               Death Spell         8MP        Kills any enemy whose level is lower than 
               Anti Magic          4MP        Cancel magic effects
               Black Curse         6MP        Lowers every attribute of enemy
               Dark Saber          4MP        Shadow attribute on weapon
JINN           Air Blast           2MP        Lvl. 1 Wind Magic
               Thunderstorm        4MP        Lvl. 2 Wind Magic
               Stun Wind           7MP        Lvl. 3 Wind Magic(silence)
               Speed Up            2MP        Raises hit and evade by 1/3
               Protect Down        2MP        Lowers defense by 1/5
               Thunder Saber       4MP        Wind attribute on weapon
LUNA           Lunatic             5MP        Lowers max HP by 1/5
               Half Vanish         3MP        Cuts current HP by 1/2
               Body Change         3MP        Turns enemy into Shell Hunters
               Life Boost          4MP        Raises max HP by 1/5
               Energy Ball         6MP        Increases critical hits
               Moon Saber          4MP        1/8 damage from weapon is absorbed as HP
DRYAD          Sleep Flower        3MP        Puts enemy to sleep
               Poison Bubble       5MP        1/15 damage is absorbed as MP(poison)
               Trans Shape         2MP        Invulnarable for short period
               Aura Wave           3MP        Maxes tech bar
               Reflect Magic       4MP        Creates barrier that reflects most ATTACK
               Leaf Saber          4MP        1/15 of damage from weapon is absorbed as

S K I L L S  L I S T
SKILL                              COST       EFFECT
Unicorn Head                       1MP        Lvl. 1 Summon magic
Machine Golem                      2MP        Lvl. 1 Summon magic
Ghoul                              3MP        Lvl. 2 Summon magic
Ghost                              5MP        Lvl. 2 Summon magic
Gremlin                            3MP        Lvl. 2 Summon magic
Great Demon                        5MP        Lvl. 2 Summon magic
Demon Breath                       6MP        Shadow damage and lowers enemymagic defense
Freya                              7MP        Lvl. 3 Summon magic and turns enemy into
                                              Shell Hunters
Marduke                            6MP        Lvl. 3 Summon magic(silence)
Jormundgand                        7MP        Lvl. 3 Summon magic(poison)
Lamia naga                         6MP        Lvl. 3 Summon magic
Rainbow                            10MP       High-Powered magic attack
Aincient                           12MP       Meteors rain on enemies for heavy damage
Turn Undead                        1MP        Kills undead, 999 to bosses
Double Spell                       9MP        High powered magic attack
Black Rain                         6MP        Strong Shadow magic
Big Wrench                         4MP        Damage and lowers max HP
Hidden needles                     3MP        Damage (silence)
Fire Breath                        3MP        Fire elemental attack
Poison Mist                        3MP        Tree damage (poison)
Thunder Skill                      3MP        Wind damage, lowers defense
Earth Skill                        3MP        Earth damage, lowers hit + evade
Fire Skill                         3MP        Fire damage, lowers magic power and defense
Water Skill                        3MP        Ice damage, lowers attack power
Shuriken                           1MP        Damage, lowers hit rate
Grenade Bomb                       7MP        Tree elemental, absorbs MP
Axe Bomber                         6MP        Throwing weapon
Rocket Launcher                    5MP        Fire elemental damage
Crescent                           4MP        Shadow elemental damage
Cutter Missle                      3MP        Throwing weapon
Silver Dart                        2MP        Light elemental weapon
Land Mine                          4MP        Lvl. 2 trap
Rock Fall                          3MP        Lvl. 2 trap
Spike                              2MP        Lvl. 1 trap
Arrow                              1MP        Lvl. 1 trap
Pressure Point                     1MP        Raises Kevin's attack power

SHIELDS               EVADE RATE     WHERE               Class         SPECIAL
Earth Shield          20             Forcena             Knight+       Strong against Earth
Thunder God Shield    20             Forcena             Knight+       Strong against Thunder
Red Heat Shield       20             Forcena             Knight+       Strong against Fire
Water Dragon Shield   20             Forcena             Knight+       Strong against Ice
Gold Shield           20             Elrand              Knight+       Nothing
Dragon Shield         20             Weapon/Armor Seed   Knight        Strong against dragons
Oath Shield           20             Weapon/Armor Seed   Lord          Nothing
Adament Shield        25             Weapon/Armor Seed   Lord          Higher evade
Sacred Shield         20             Weapon/Armor Seed   Paladin       Nothing
IV.  C H A R A C T E R  A N A L Y S I S
a) A N G E L A
        ¬SEX: Female, AGE: 19, WEAPON: Staff, HOME: Altena, CLASS: Magician
        ¬ATTACK SPEED:  Slow, Attack Power:  Very Low, Single Swing

        The dark wizard of the group.  She has the most powerful
        attack spells out of the rest.  She has weak offense,
        which isn't a problem because her power lies in her magic.
        Just carry a lot of magic walnuts.  She also learns 6 spells
        before she even changes class and she can multitarget all of
        her first spells which is a plus.  More of a support character
        if you ask me.  _Tech>  Double Attack

Sorceress (Light)         :       She learns Saint Beam, Land Slide, Thunderstorm,
                                  Mega Splash, and Exploder.  Nothing special.  Can't
                                  multitarget her new spells either.  _Tech> Pink typhoon

Grand Deviner (LL)        :       Has the ability to multitarget her new spells now.
Requires:  Arcane Book            But they still suck.  She learns Double spell which
Weapon:  Gunbantine               takes quite a while to cast.  _Tech> Spiral Rod
Armor:  Mayan's Dress

Arch Mage (LD)            :       Same abilities as the Grand Deviner, just switch double
Requires:  Book of Secrets        spell with Rainbow.  _Tech>  Dancing Rod
Weapon:  Spiritual Staff
Armor:  Elmos' Coat

Delvar (Dark)             :       Same thing as her first class with one extra spell,
                                  Dark Force.  Better offense than the sorceress, but
                                  as I've said before, her offense really doesn't matter
                                  since she's only useful because of her spells.
                                  _Tech> Star Attack

Magus (DD)                :       She learns Land Slide, Thunderstorm, Mega Splash,
Requires:  Forbidden Book         Exploder, and the most powerful spell in the game,
Weapon:  Dragon Rod               Ancient.  Takes a long time to cast.  _Tech> Hot Shot
Armor:  Ancient Dress

Rune Master (DL)          :       Her best class IMO.  She gets the ability to multitarget
Requires:  Book of Rune           Dark Force.  She is also the only class with Level 3
Weapon:  Rune Staff               elemental spells  which besides doing a lot of damage,
Armor:  Rune Coat                 adds status ailments.  She also gets the Death Spell
                                  which does 999 to enemies weaker than you.  Too bad she
                                  can't multitarget her new spells.  _Tech> 10t

STR:   8            14            17             16         13        16           15
AGI:   8            14            17             16         13        16           15
VIT:   8            14            18             18         14        18           19
INT:   12           17            21             20         18        22           21
SPR:   11           17            19             20         16        18           19
LUC:   10           14            16             17         13        15           16
b) D U R A N
        ¬SEX: Male, AGE: 17, WEAPON: Sword, HOME: Forcena, CLASS: Fighter
        ¬ATTACK SPEED:  Very Slow, ATTACK POWER:  Very High, Single Swing

        What a disappointment.  He was suppose to be the strongest
        fighter but he's not even stronger than Hawk (well he is
        technically but Hawk's double swing does more damage).  He's
        not entirely useless as his sabers are useful.  

        Note:   Only Duran's Light side can carry a shield (+Evade,
                see _Shield section_ of the guide for more info).
                Duran is also very slow.

Knight (Light)            :       He learns Heal light.  Good if you don't have a
                                  healer in your group. _Tech> Step Cut

Paladin (LL)              :       Gets Saint Saber but can't even multitarget it.
Requires:  Paladin's Proof        He does get a full screen Tech and the best shield
Weapon:  Brave Blade              but it's not worth it.  _Tech> Flashing Sword (all)
Armor:  Hero's Armor

Lord (LD)                 :       Can now multitarget Heal Light and can cast tinkle
Requires:  Lord's Proof           rain.  Nothing else... Only good if you don't already
Weapon:  Sigmund                  have a healer.  Personally, I wouldn't touch his Light
Armor:  Guardian Armor            side since they all pretty much suck except for the
                                  ability to wear a shield and shields makes you pimp-like
                                  or something.  _Tech> Magic Circle

Gladiator (Dark)          :       He learns the 4 useful elemental sabers.  Higher offense.
                                  Full screen tech. _Tech> Whirlwind Sword (all)

Duelist (DD)              :       Learns Dark Saber.  Still can't multitarget Sabers.  Has
Requires:  Duelist's Proof        highest offense out of all his classes but not very useful.
Weapon:  Death Bringer            _Tech> Eruption Sword (all)
Armor:  Skeleton Mail

Swordmaster (DL)          :       Easily his best class.  Can now multitarget all his
Requires:  Master's Proof         elemental sabers.  He learns Moon and Leaf sabers
Weapon:  Ragnarok                 but can't cast it on more than one person.  Go with this.
Armor:  Mastery Armor             _Tech> Vacuum Sword (all)

STR:   12          17           21         21          18            22            21
AGI:   10          15           17         18          16            19            18
VIT:   11          17           21         21          17            21            21
INT:   8           13           15         16          14            17            16
SPR:   8           14           17         16          13            15            16
LUC:   8           14           16         17          13            15            16
c) K E V I N
        ¬SEX: Male, AGE: 15, WEAPON: Claw, HOME: Beast Kingdom, CLASS: Grappler
        ¬ATTACK SPEED:  Very Fast, ATTACK POWER:  High, Double Swing

        This is what I'm talking about.  Kevin is the strongest fighter in
        the game whether day or night hands down.  He has the ability to
        hit twice.  At night, he becomes a wolf and becomes even more stronger.
        Very useful as he can heal you if you go with his light side.  He also
        gets 2 tech with each class change another +.  _Tech> Ashura Dream Fist

Monk (Light)              :       He learns Heal Light and Pressure point.  Pressure point
                                  makes Kevin even stronger and heal light makes him that
                                  much more useful.
                                  _Tech> Whirlwind Kick (all), Tornado Throw

God Hand (LL)             :       Nothing much but Aura Wave (Maxes Tech Bar).
Requires:  Gold Wolf Soul         _Tech>Byakko Shockwave (all), Stardust Bomb
Weapon:  Spiral Claw
Armor:  Byakko's Suit

Warrior Monk (LD)         :       Gets to multitarget Heal Light now and gains Leaf Saber.
Requires:  Silver Wolf Soul       Possibly his best class if you don't have a healer.  Bad
Weapon:  Holy Glove               thing is he doesn't have a full screen tech.
Armor:  Genbu's Suit              _Tech> Genbu 100-Kick, Blow Impact

Bashkar (Dark)            :       Gains nothing new but has more strength than the Monk.
                                  _Tech> Water Moon Slice (all), Bastard Slam

Dervish (DD)              :       He learns the useful Moon Saber.  Can't really lose with
Requires:  Demon Wolf Soul        Kevin no matter what class you choose.
Weapon:  Giant's Glove            _Tech> Suzaku Sky Dance (all), Varitubach
Armor:  Suzaku's Suit

Death Hand (DL)           :       Kevin's strongest class.  He learns Energy Ball (increases
Requires:  Death Wolf Soul        critical hits)._Tech> Seiryuu Death Fist (all), Dead Crush
Weapon:  Skull Disect
Armor:  Seiryu's Suit

STR:   10         15         18            17             16           18            19
AGI:   9          14         17            16             15           17            18
VIT:   12         18         22            22             18           22            22
INT:   8          13         15            16             14           17            16
SPR:   8          14         17            16             13           16            15
LUC:   8          14         16            17             13           16            15
d) H A W K
        ¬SEX: Male, AGE: 17, WEAPON: Knives, HOME: Navarre, CLASS: Thief
        ¬ATTACK SPEED:  Fast, ATTACK POWER:  Medium, Double Swing

        Hawk has the most spells/skills out of all the characters.
        He also has the the ability to attack twice making him the
        2nd best fighter.  High agility means more evade and higher
        hit rate.  Always a good character to have on your team.
        _Tech> Backslash

Ranger (Light)            :       Learns a few useless trap moves.  Sleep flower is ok.
                                  He has weaker offense than the Ninja.  Get this for his
                                  final light classes.  _Tech> Flying Swallow Toss (all)

Wanderer (LL)             :       Gets a lot of new spells.  Can now multitarget sleep
Requires:  Good Luck Dye          flower and body change.  Lunatic is good as it can
Weapon:  Orihalkon                lower a boss' HP.  Transhape makes him invulnerable
Armor:  Illusion Cuirass          for a while.  He also gets Reflect Magic, Energy Ball,
                                  and Aura Wave (always good to have).  Only downfall is
                                  weak offense._Tech> Dance of Roses

Rogue (LD)                :       Sleep flower and Body Change can now be multitargeted.
Requires:  Bad Luck Dye           As with the Wanderer, gets a lot of new skills, mostly
Weapon:  Man Slaughter            useless as he can't multitarget any of it.  Better offense
Armor:  Fur of the Silver Wolf    than the Wanderer.  It's really a choice between better
                                  skills or more offense.  _Tech> Thousand Slice

Ninja (Dark)              :       Stronger than the Ranger and has Hawk's most useful
                                  skills IMO.  His new skills deals damage and lower the
                                  enemy's stats.  _Tech> Silhouette Slice

Nightblade (DD)           :       Gains Poison Mist (Poison), Fire Breath, Hidden Needles
Requires:  Nighteye Dye           (Silence) and Big Wrench (lowers HP).  His new skills
Weapon:  Death Stroke             makes him even more useful.  He also gets a very good
Armor:  Jet-black Garb            full screen tech. Best Class IMO. Also the strongest
                                  class for Hawk.
                                  _Tech> Split Image Slice (all)

Ninja Master (DL)         :       Gains nothing new but the ability to multitarget all
Requires:  Bullseye Dye           of his Ninja skills.  I like the ability to multitarget
Weapon:  Kongou Raken             Shurikens and possibly kills the enemies before they
Armor:  Fuuma Clan's Armor        even reach you.  A nice class though not his best.
                                  _Tech> Shadow Dive

STR:  9          14           16           17        15            18             17
AGI:  12         17           20           21        18            21             22
VIT:  9          15           19           19        15            19             19
INT:  9          14           16           17        15            17             18
SPR:  9          15           18           17        14            17             16
LUC:  12         18           21           22        17            20             21
e) L I S E
        ¬SEX: Female, AGE: 16, WEAPON: Spear, HOME: Rolante, CLASS: Amazoness
        ¬ATTACK SPEED:  Slow, ATTACK POWER:  High, Single Swing

        A good fighter and has very useful skills.  She can boost
        your stats (light) or lower the enemies'(dark).  I would
        choose the latter because you can buy stats up items but
        you can't buy stats down items.  But then Marduke rules.
        It's all up to you.  _Tech> Whirlwind Lance

Valkryie (Light)          :       She gets all the stats up spells but can't multitarget
                                  them yet.  She gets a full screen tech but is weaker
                                  than the Rune Maiden.  _Tech> Vacuum Surge Spear (all)

Vanadies (LL)             :       Weak.  Can't multitarget her stats up spells and her
Requires:  Briesingamen           summon sucks.  Don't touch this.
Weapon:  True Spear               _Tech> Light Shot Spear (all)
Armor:  Goddess Armor

Star Lancer (LD)          :       She can finally Multitarget her stats up spells and
Requires:  MorningStar Chain      learns an excellent summon, Marduke.  Marduke does damage
Weapon:  Star Geyser              to all enemies on screen and has a chance of silencing
Armor:  Polaris Armor             them.  One bad thing is she doesn't have a full screen
                                  tech.  _Tech> Falling Star

Rune Maiden (Dark)        :       All the stats down spells and better offense than the
                                  Valkryie.  _Tech> Flying Heaven Spear (all)

Fenrir Knight (DD)        :       She can multitarget her spells now and gains a nice
Requires:  Gleipnir               summon.  _Tech> Hundred Flower Dance
Weapon:  Giant's Spear
Armor:  Wolf Hesin
Dragon Master (DL)        :       Sucks.  Can't multitarget and gets a pretty good summon
Requires:  KnightDragon Chain     but nothing great or worthwhile.
Weapon:  Dragon Lance             _Tech> Dragontooth Spear
Armor:  Dragon Knight's Armor

STR:    11        17        20         19           16            19             18
AGI:    11        16        19         18           17            20             19
VIT:    10        16        20         20           16            20             20
INT:    10        15        17         18           16            19             18
SPR:    10        16        19         18           15            17             18
LUC:    9         14        16         17           15            17             18
f) C A R L I E
        ¬SEX: Female, AGE: 15, WEAPON: Flail, HOME: Wendel, CLASS: Cleric
        ¬ATTACK SPEED:  Slow, ATTACK POWER:  Low, Single Swing

        The White Mage of the group.  She's a good party member to have as
        she learns Heal Light and Tinkle Rain before her first class change.
        She's more of a support character as her offense sucks and her attack
        spells aren't that good neither.  _Tech> Bonkle

Priestess (Light)         :       She gains the ability to multitarget Heal Light,
                                  Holy Ball and learns 4 elemental sabers.  Good
                                  class to start off with.  _Tech> Jump

Bishop (LL)               :       Learns Saint Saber, Magic Shield, Turn Undead (all),
Requires:  Holy Water Vial        and can now multitarget Tinkle Rain.  Her Turn Undead
Weapon:  Judgment Flail           skill is highly useful as it can kill any undead enemies
Armor:  Bishop's Robe             and does 999 to undead bosses.  A good class overall.
                                  _Tech> ChopChop

Sage (LD)                 :       She can multitarget all her old spells now and learns
Requires:  Bottle of Salt         Saint Beam.  Multitargeting sabers can be useful at
Weapon:  Giant's Flail            times but isn't really needed.  Your sacrificing a lot
Armor:  Sage's Robe               of good spells on her otehr classes for this feature.
                                  _Tech> BoomBoom

Enchantress (Dark)        :       More offensive power than the Priestess and gains 2 weak
                                  summons.  Can now also multitarget Heal Light.
                                  _Tech> Dash

Evil Shaman (DD)          :       Gets some good summon and has the highest offensive
Requires:  Bottle of Blood        attack out of her other classes.  Demon Breath is her
Weapon:  Juggernaut               best skill for this class and Anti magic comes in handy.
Armor:  Betium Dress              An ok class overall.  _Tech> HugeHuge

Necromancer (DL)          :       She can multitarget Tinkle Rain now.  Learns Dark Saber,
Requires:  Bottle of Ashes        Ghoul, Ghost, and that ever so useful Black Curse.
Weapon:  Skullhead Flail          I would get this if you don't have any stat lowering
Armor:  Undead Suit               party members in the group as Black Curse is the only
                                  thing that's good.  _Tech> Craaaazy

STR:   8          13           16        15          14             17             16
AGI:   8          14           16        17          13             16             15
VIT:   8          14           18        18          14             18             18
INT:   11         16           18        19          17             20             19
SPR:   12         18           22        21          17             20             21
LUC:   11         16           18        19          17             19             20
V.  P A R T Y  G U I D E
R A T I N G S  K E Y
A.MAGIC:  The party's offensive magic power and effectiveness. (Ancient, Marduke, etc.)
S.MAGIC:  Party's support magic effectiveness and usefulness.  (Attack up, Moon Saber, etc.)
HEALING:  The party's ability to heal each other.  (Heal Light, Tinkle Rain)
OFFENSE:  The party's fighting ability and offensive power.
          (In other words, do you have Kevin? ;)

5 - Excellent
4 - Good
3 - Ok
2 - Below Average
1 - Bad
1.  Angela¬Carlie¬Lise
        Alright party.  Theres a healer, attacker, and good attack spells.
        Angela should be Rune Master or Magus depending on what magic you like,
        Rise should be Star Lancer so you can raise your party's stats, and
        Carlie should be a Necromancer, she can heal your party and lower the
        enemies' stats.  Rise is the main attacker, while Angela casts spells,
        Carlie will heal when necesarry.

        A.MAGIC: 5
        S.MAGIC: 4
        HEALING: 5
        OFFENSE: 1
2.  Angela¬Carlie¬Duran
        An OK party.  Duran of course will be doing most of the attacking,
        and Angela will be doing the offensive spells, and Carlie (like always)
        will heal.  Duran should be Swordmaster, Angela as Rune Master/Magus,
        and Carlie as Necromancer.  You'll need walnuts.

        A.MAGIC: 5
        S.MAGIC: 3.5
        HEALING: 5
        OFFENSE: 1
3.  Angela¬Carlie¬Kevin
        Another good party.  You have an excellent attacker (Kevin), excellent
        spells (Angela), and an excellent healer (Carlie).  Kevin should be
        Dervish/DeathHand since you won't need a healer but it's up to you
        and you should choose a class that contains the skills you like,
        Angela a Runemaster/Magus, and Carlie should be Necromancer so she
        can lower the enemies' stats.  Lovely.

        A.MAGIC: 5
        S.MAGIC: 2
        HEALING: 5
        OFFENSE: 2
4.  Angela¬Carlie¬Hawk
        This is another good team.  Hawk should be doing the main attacks, Angela
        the main spell caster, and Carlie the healer.  Hawk should be Rogue
        or Nightblade (Wanderer offensive is too low), Angela a Runemaster/Magus, 
        and Carlie a Necromancer/Bishop/maybe even Dark Shaman.  It depends because
        if you choose to go with Rogue then you'll need Necromancer because Hawk
        won't be able to lower enemy's stats.

        A.MAGIC: 5
        S.MAGIC: 3
        HEALING: 5
        OFFENSE: 1.5
5.  Angela¬Lise¬Duran
        Below average party but playable.  Angela as Runemaster, Lise as Starlancer,
        and Duran as Lord/Paladin.  Duran and Lise will be doing the attacking and
        Angela with the spells along with Lise (Marduke).  Duran will also be doing
        the healing and Lise will be raising stats.  Personally I would go with Lord
        even though his offense will be kinda of weak because multitargeting healing
        is a necessity IMO and Saint Saber isn't very good.

        A.MAGIC: 5
        S.MAGIC: 3.5
        HEALING: 3
        OFFENSE: 2
6.  Angela¬Lise¬Kevin
        Much better than the one above.  Kevin should be Warrior Monk, Lise a Star
        Lancer, and Angela a Runemaster/Magus.  Kevin and Lise will be attacking,
        and Kevin will be able to heal without sacrificing anything unlike Duran.
        Lise will raise stats and summon Marduke.  Angela will be doing the spells
        as always.

        A.MAGIC: 5
        S.MAGIC: 2
        HEALING: 3
        OFFENSE: 3
7.  Angela¬Lise¬Hawk
        Pretty bad as you don't have any healers in your party.  Hawk and Lise
        will have good attack power, and Angela will have the spells.  Hawk
        should be NightBlade/Ninja Master, Lise as StarLancer, and Angela as
        Rune Master.  Make sure you have a lot of healing items.

        A.MAGIC: 5
        S.MAGIC: 4
        HEALING: 1
        OFFENSE: 2.5
8.  Angela¬Duran¬Hawk
        I'm sure you get the routine by now.  Anyway, this team is a bit better
        since you'll have a healer.  Duran as a Paladin/Lord, Hawkeye as a
        Ninja Master/Nightblade and Angela as RuneMaster/Magus.  You know what
        to do...

        A.MAGIC: 5
        S.MAGIC: 3.5
        HEALING: 3
        OFFENSE: 3
9.  Angela¬Duran¬Kevin
        Ahh..No more sacrificing.  Duran definitely as SwordMaster with his sabers,
        Kevin as Warrior Monk with his multitargeting healing ability and Angela
        as Rune Master/Magus.  Duran and Kevin are the attackers while Angela casts
        offensive spells.  Not bad.

        A.MAGIC: 5
        S.MAGIC: 2.5
        HEALING: 3
        OFFENSE: 3.5
10. Angela¬Kevin¬Hawk
        Great team.  Two good attackers, one healer and one powerful spell caster.
        Kevin should be Warrior Monk, Hawk NightBlade/NM, and Angela a Rune Master.

        A.MAGIC: 5
        S.MAGIC: 3
        HEALING: 3
        OFFENSE: 4
11. Carlie¬Lise¬Duran
        Pretty good, you'll have an excellent healer, 2 good attackers, Sabers,
        and some good spells.  Carlie a Necromancer definitely, she can lower stats
        and heal, Duran as a SwordMaster with his Sabers, and Lise as a StarLancer
        as she'll raise your stats and has Marduke.

        A.MAGIC: 3
        S.MAGIC: 5
        HEALING: 5
        OFFENSE: 2
12. Carlie¬Lise¬Kevin
        Even better.  Kevin as Warrior Monk/Dervish/or whatever because you already
        have a healer, Lise as Starlancer and Carlie as Necromancer.  Carlie will heal
        and lower stats, Lise will raise stats and summon Marduke, and Kevin will just 
        kick ass.

        A.MAGIC: 3
        S.MAGIC: 4
        HEALING: 5
        OFFENSE: 3.5
13. Carlie¬Lise¬Hawk
        Another good team.  Carlie as Necromancer, Lise as Starlancer, and Hawkeye as
        Nightblade/Rogue.  Same tactics as above with Hawkeye and Lise being the
        main attacker this time.  Plus, he has all of those nice skills.

        A.MAGIC: 3
        S.MAGIC: 4
        HEALING: 5
        OFFENSE: 3

        "Alex Slatin" <zable_fahr@hotmail.com> writes:

        Judging from my own experience, a party with Lise as a Fenrir Knight, Hawk as
        a Wanderer, and Carlie as a Bishop is pretty danged effective if you know the
        quick-spellcasting trick (pack a lot of walnuts, though). Lise takes care of
        the stat-lowering angle, and Lamia Naga seems to have more raw power than
        Marduke, which partially makes up for the lack of status changes. Hawk can
        repeatedly quick-cast TransShape and attack with Half-Vanish, Lunatic and
        Poison Bubble (in that order for best effect). As for Carlie, Turn Undead is
        DAMN effective on enemies in the final stretch of the available story arcs
        (Deathjester and Jagan are both undead, and so is the Carmilla Queen that
        Jagan brings along). Your approach is also pretty good (and probably even
        better), but I just thought you might not have considered this one yet.

14. Carlie¬Duran¬Kevin
        Another OK team.  Duran and Kevin will be the main attackers, and Carlie will heal.
        Duran will be SwordMaster (Sabers), Kevin should be a Dervish/Warrior Monk but it's
        up to you, and Carlie a Necromancer (stats down).

        A.MAGIC: 2
        S.MAGIC: 3
        HEALING: 5
        OFFENSE: 3.5
15. Carlie¬Duran¬Hawk
        Pretty much the same as the above, although your sacrificing attack power for
        more skills.  Carlie a Necromancer, Duran a Swordmaster, and Hawkeye Nightblade/
        Wanderer.  Carlie heals and lower stats, Duran cast sabers, and Hawkeye along
        with Duran attacks.  Hawkeye also has those extra skills that are good to
        cast once in a while (Reflect Magic, energy Ball, Trans Shape, etc.)

        A.MAGIC: 2.5
        S.MAGIC: 3.5
        HEALING: 5
        OFFENSE: 3
16. Carlie¬Kevin¬Hawk
        This was the first team I chose.  Very good team because you have 2 strong
        fighters, and an excellent healer.  I would make Carlie a Necromancer/Bishop,
        Hawk a Nightblade/Wanderer, and Kevin a Dervish/Warrior Monk (Moon or Leaf sabers

        A.MAGIC: 2.5
        S.MAGIC: 3
        HEALING: 5
        OFFENSE: 4
17. Lise¬Kevin¬Hawk
        Wow.  A great team, Lise a Starlancer, Kevin a Warrior Monk, and Hawk a
        Nightblade/Ninja Master.  Everyone will be attacking, Kevin will heal,
        Lise will raise stats, and Hawk will lower stats.  Possibly my fav team.

        A.MAGIC: 3
        S.MAGIC: 4
        HEALING: 3
        OFFENSE: 4.5

        <phoenixarmy@drgmail.com> writes:

        i have a party suggestion 4 u. It's constructed with Kevin(Dervish),
        Hawk(NightBlade),and Lise(Dragon Master,Fenrir Knight).This Party is
        the ultimate in stat downs. The only problems are Hawk, which can't 
        multi-target, but he gets Split-image slice,which beats any spell i know
        other than Ancient.Lise is another thing: you chose what she goes for,
        but it's really a question of more strenght or multi-target stat downs.
        Either way, she's great, and Dragon Fang Spear hurts bad, and looks cool.
        As For Kevin... it doesn't matter. He is the ultimate fighter IMO.
        Go for Kevin as main char. because ArchDevil isn't a final boss.He's THE 
        Final boss.

18. Lise¬Kevin¬Duran
        Another fun team.  Lise as Starlancer, Kevin as Warrior Monk, and Duran
        as Swordmaster.  Lise will raise stats and she has Marduke (great summon),
        Kevin will heal, and Duran will cast Sabers.  Everyone will have great
        attack power.

        A.MAGIC: 2
        S.MAGIC: 3.5
        HEALING: 3
        OFFENSE: 4
19. Lise¬Duran¬Hawk
        Not very good but can be playable...  Lise as Starlancer, Duran as Lord, and
        Hawk as Nightblade/Ninja Master.  Lise will raise stats and cast Marduke once
        again, Duran will be the healer, and Hawk will lower enemy stats.  Everyone will
        have good attack power.

        A.MAGIC: 2.5
        S.MAGIC: 4
        HEALING: 3
        OFFENSE: 4
20. Kevin¬Hawk¬Duran
        Great team offensive wise.  Kevin should be Warrior Monk, Duran a Swordmaster,
        Hawk a Nightblade/Ninja Warrior.  Kevin is the main healer, Duran casts Sabers,
        and Hawk will lower enemy stats.  Everyone will have great attack power. I like
        this team.

        A.MAGIC: 2
        S.MAGIC: 4
        HEALING: 3
        OFFENSE: 5

VI.  F. A. Q.
Q:  When I'm in the Moonlight forest (or anywhere with clouds), I can't see anything
    but clouds!  How do you fix this?

A:  If your using an emulator, switch to a 32-bit video mode so that transparency will
    be enabled.

Q:  When can I change class?
A:  When your at level 18, find a mana stone and you will be able to change classes.
    You can then change again at level 38, but will require a special item.  Please
    look at the character analysis to see what you need.

VII.  E N D  N O T E S
        Please send all questions,  comments,  sugestions,  mistakes, or
        your  2  cents on the parties  to node@simplypimp.com and I'll be
        sure to add it to the guide.  The latest  version of  this guide
        can always be found at www.gamefaqs.com
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