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FAQ/Walkthrough by 3vrB257A5gq3fg

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/24/19

Seiken Densetsu 3
Walkthrough (version 1.00)

Based on: SFC, NTSC-J version (SHVC-A3DJ-JPN)

- When saving the game, the most recent save file is automatically
selected, so be careful if you pick up an older save file again.
- Physical damage is a straight up ATP - DFP.
- Special attacks use the following ATP multipliers:
 Level 1 | 1,5 (+5)
 Level 2 | 2,0
 Level 3 | 2,5
- Elemental resistance involves the following ATP multipliers:
 Weak      | 1,5
 Resistant | 0,5
 Immune    | 0
 Absorb    | -1
- Hitting an elemental weakness with a spell produces double damage.
- No enemy is weak to Dryad or Luna.
- Level 2 and 3 techs ignore weapon element.
- The saber ATP bonus can't stack with Power Up; the more recent one
will replace the other. If you want the Power Up bonus as well as
elemental damage, you need to get the saber in first.
- Stat Up / Down spells produce an increase / decrease of 1/3. For HP,
it's 20%.

- There are 6 characters: Angela, Duran, Hawkeye, Riesz, Kevin and
Charlotte. At the start of the game, you form your party by choosing
three of these characters. There is no way to switch these afterwards.
- The first character you choose will determine which of the three
different storylines will take place.
 Angela / Duran    | Dragon story
 Hawkeye / Riesz   | Demon story
 Kevin / Charlotte | Beast story

- Angela learns the most powerful offensive spells in the game (mainly
of use against bosses due to counters).

- Duran has high ATP and also learns most elemental sabers on the Dark

- Hawkeye's ATP isn't that high, but he gets two hits, which more than
makes up for it. On the Dark path, he learns skills with stat down

- Riesz is a good fighter and can also learn stat up spells (Light path)
or stat down spells (Dark path).

- Kevin can deal the highest physical damage in the game thanks to his
ATP bonuses. The first one is a 1,15x multiplier received in his night
time wolf form. The second one is the Power Up bonus of 4/3 that becomes
active when he gets hit in his wolf form. The total bonus is a little
over 1,5x.
- Kevin does two hits with his normal attack and Lv1 tech just like
Hawkeye. The tech will rarely get two hits outside of bosses, though.
Typically, on normal enemies, one of the two hits will get a Miss or
just miss completely due to the knockback.
- On the Light side, Kevin learns Heal Light and Hikou. Hikou has the
effect of Power Up, but Kevin can only use it on himself.

- Charlotte is best suited for healing spells, as she has the highest
Piety and learns Heal Light and Tinkle Rain without class-changing.
- On the Light path, Charlotte gets the basic elemental sabers.

- Most of the game is the same regardless of which characters you choose.
The differences between the 3 storylines are the dungeon after the first
visit to Mana no Seiiki, and the final dungeon. Each character also has
their own short intro sequence.
- You really shouldn't worry too much about your character choices.
The only thing you should avoid is having Angela and Charlotte in the
same party. They both have very poor physical damage potential, so
having them both would serve a great disadvantage.
- Another prominent aspect of SD3 is its class change system. Each
character has 7 different classes (including the default one). You
can do two class changes. The first one requires you to be at Lv18,
and the second one requires Lv38 as well as a specific item. You can
choose from two different classes at each class change. You should
read about the different classes and choose the ones you want in advance.
- The party I use is Angela, Duran and Hawkeye. The classes I get are
the Rune Master, Sword Master and the Nightblade.

- You'll no doubt notice issues with the game engine (such as enemies
still being able to attack you for a while even after hitting 0 HP).
However, because of how simple the action is, it's no big deal. You'll
just have to get used to it.
- Always focus on increasing Strength and Constitution when leveling
up (thus increasing your ATP and DFP).
- If a stat has been increased in recent levels, there's a chance it'll
be locked out.
- Weapons have a base ATP value as well as a Str modifier (eg. 24 + 12*Str).
- Body armors have a base DFP value as well as a Con modifier (eg. 46 +
12*Con). They also provide MDF based on an Int modifier (4 or 8 * Int).
DFP maxes out at 300. Every character can reach it regardless of class
- The highest multiplier for both weapons and body armor is 14. Thus, a
single point of Str translates to a 14 point difference in ATP / damage
with the best weapons.
- Dead characters are automatically revived with 1 HP at the end of battle.
- Enemies respawn when you move two areas away.
- Normal enemies have a chance of using their special attacks in certain
 a. When hit by magic or Lv2 or Lv3 waza
 b. When dropping below 50% or 25% HP
 c. Immediately at the start of a battle
- The first two apply to all enemies. Consequently, you should not use
offensive magic or Lv2 or Lv3 waza on normal enemies to avoid getting
countered. The special attacks are quite powerful, and you'll have to
put up with enough of them because of b and c.
- Most bosses (the large ones) don't use special attacks as counters.
Instead, they use them according to a timer. However, you still
shouldn't use Lv2 or Lv3 Techs, as they're just not optimal (unless
your Lv1 Techs are doing very low damage due to stat up/down effects).
- The bosses that do counter are the small ones that move more like
normal enemies. There are 7 of those.
- Lv1 techs are optimal not just because of counters but also because
of TP cost; by the time you can use the higher level waza, most enemies
are either dead or close to death. In bosses, the higher TP cost is not
worth the extra damage. And don't forget that elemental sabers don't
affect higher level waza.
- Even Lv1 techs, however, should not be used indiscriminately. You don't
want to use them on an enemy that's close to death especially if they're
casting a spell, as normal attacks are faster.
- Regarding type b actions, the roll is only made when the threshold is
- Unlike in SD2, you'll typically find a save point before a boss
(although, in some cases, you might miss it if it's at a dead end down
a different path).
- You can have 10 different items in your ring menu with 9 of each at
most. You can have at most 99 of any item in your storage. When refilling
items in your ring menu from storage, you don't have to highlight the
particular item on the ring menu's side. You should get rid of items in
your storage that you have no use for.
- Healing items:
 Manmaru Drop      | 100 HP        Poto no Abura      | Heal Light (s/a)
 Pakkun Choco      | 300 HP        Puipui Sou         | Tinkle Rain (s)
 Hachimitsu Drink  | 100% HP       Maama Poto no Abura| Tinkle Rain (s/a)
 Mahou no Kurumi   | 20 MP         Hoshikuzu no Herb  | Remove all effects
                                   Tenshi no Seihai   | Revive with 100% HP&MP

- Heal Light: Class 1 | 25   + 12,5  * Seishin
    (3 MP)    Class 2 | 40   + 20    * Seishin    > * 0,8 when multi-targeting
              Class 3 | 47,5 + 23,75 * Seishin
- Heal Light is the only healing spell in the game. Three characters can
learn it: Charlotte, Duran and Kevin. While Charlotte will always learn
it, Duran and Kevin will only learn it by taking the Light path (which
I would not recommend). Heal Light is by no means necessary, though, and
you should be able to manage with just healing items.
- Tinkle Rain: Heal status ailments.
- Spells triggered by items behave like normal spells except no MP is
consumed and they can't be blocked by Silence. Make sure you use these
items with the character best suited for the spell.
- A subject can only have one status ailment at a time, with the pre-
existing ailment being replaced if another one is inflicted. Consequently,
you can use the Chibikko Hammer to recover from ailments.
- The last enemy you kill (more or less) in a given area has a fair chance
of leaving a chest behind. Enemies have 3 different drop slots: common,
less common and uncommon. Enemies don't drop equipment this time around.
As a result, the chests may not be worth opening because of the traps.
- The game features in-game time flow and a seven-day week. A single day
is approximately 17 minutes long and is split evenly between day and
night. Day and night end halfway through the dusk/dawn transition phases
that cover 1/8 of a single day each (128s). The day of the week changes
192s into the night (128s after dusk ends).
 - Time runs 7,5 times faster on the world map (a single day lasting 2m 16s).
 - If you check into an inn during the day, you can choose whether to get
 up in the morning or at night (after dawn or dusk ends).
 - The Yumemisou item can be used to switch the time of the day (it uses
 the same times as when resting at an inn). The item can't be bought, though.
 - Elemental spells will be 25% stronger when used during the day of the
 corresponding element.
- When choosing a target, the way the indicator responds to input depends
on the way the targets are positioned on the screen. Specifically, it
uses simple x and y-axis values. Eg. if you press down, the indicator
will move to the next target lower on the y-axis regardless of the x value.
- If you hold down the attack button, the AI will take control of the
character. It's generally best to stay on manual, though.
- Check the sound settings in the main menu (not available while actually
playing). I use Stereo and Normal.
- Characters only gain 1 HP per level between Lv46-55 (2-3 if Con is
- Stats:
 Str   | Chikara
 Dex   | Subayasa
 Con   | Tairyoku
 Int   | Chisei
 Piety | Seishin
 Luck  | Un

        Stat ranking

    HP       MP         Str             Con           Int           Piety
 Kevin    Charl.   Duran    21-22  Kevin    22   Angela  20-22  Charl.  20-22
 Duran    Angela   Riesz    18-20  Duran    21   Charl.  18-20  Angela  18-20
 Hawkeye  Riesz    Kevin    17-19  Riesz    20   Riesz   17-19  Riesz   17-19
 Riesz    Hawkeye  Hawkeye  16-18  Hawkeye  19   Hawkeye 16-18  Hawkeye 15-18
 Charl.   Kevin    Angela   15-17  Angela   18   Duran   15-17  Kevin   15-17
 Angela   Duran    Charl.   15-17  Charl.   18   Kevin   15-16  Duran   15-17

- If you're playing the game on an emulator with a rom, make sure you
own an actual copy of the 2005 June/July edition of Playboy's Lingerie.
Otherwise, it's illegal to have the rom on your hard drive.
- Hawkeye gains 72 HP at Lv56 (supposed to be 12).
- Due to a programming error, critical hits rarely occur, and anything
that's supposed to increase the critical hit rate won't change that.
- TP-related issues:
 - TP may deplete with a delay, allowing you to execute the Lv1 tech
 multiple times. This is not uncommon, so I suggest you try and take
 advantage of it.
 - Sometimes, TP will be depleted from another character.
 - A character may gain TP from using their Lv1 tech. (uncommon)
- Incantation time runs by even when the action is paused.
- Controller settings are reset to default if all PCs are incapacitated
(eg. sleep, snowman, dead) without a game over occurring.
- Elemental sabers increase a subject's ATP by 10%, but the bonus is
lost as soon as the subject is hit.
- If a subject has an elemental saber that corresponds with the element
of the day, a multiplier of 0,95 is applied to their DFP when physical
damage is received.
- There seem to be some issues with Kevin's wolf ATP bonus. Sometimes
it gets applied twice, and it's possible for the bonus to remain in
effect after battle and even if you move around.

        Judd / Rabi no Mori / Astoria
        Taki no Doukutsu / Wendel
        Maia / Ougon no Kaidou
        Dwarf Tunnels
        Molebear no Kougen / Forsena / Byzel
        Palo / Ten Kakeru Michi
        Byzel / Judd / Rabi no Mori
        Kaze no Kairou
        Bucca / Kishibe no Doukutsu
        1st Class Change
        Sultan / Deen / Shakunetsu no Sabaku
        Reika no Setsugen
        Mintos / Tsukiyo no Mori
        Lamp Bana no Mori / Diorre
        Ten no Itadaki / Mana no Seiiki
        Altena  |  Navarre  |  Beast Kingdom
        Kaze no Kairou
        Houseki no Tani Dorian
        Hikari no Kodai Iseki (??? no Tane)
        2nd Class Change
        Hyouheki no Meikyuu
        Kaen no Tani
        Wonder no Jukai
        Tsukiyomi no Tou
        Hikari no Kodai Iseki
        Glass no Sabaku  |  Kurayami no Doukutsu  |  Genwaku no Jungle
        Dragon's Hole    |  Dark Castle           |  Mirage Palace
        Mana no Seiiki

                        ---- Intro: Angela ----

Item: Manmaru Drop                              \\\ Altena ||
Default (Angela): Ki no Tsue, Momen no Robe
- Each character starts with 100 Lucre.
- You may want to change the button settings. I set Confirm to R and Ring
Menu to Y myself.
 - The fastest way to get to the ring menu of an AI controlled character
 is to hold the Ally 1/2 button when you hit the ring menu button.
- I use the second window type (the one right from the default one).
- Press Start to access your storage. It can't be accessed during battle.
- Find an area with three NPCs, one sleeping, one blocking a path to some
area, and one just standing around. Talk to the last one. Next, talk to
Victor in the courtyard and you should be able to go see the queen.

                                                \\\ Reika no Setsuken ||
- You can't really handle the enemies, so just make a run for it (I
don't mean run literally, as there's no way to move faster during battle).

Shop:                                           \\\ Elrand ||
 Manmaru Drop             5 Lucre
 Puipui Sou              10 Lucre
 Tenshi no Seihai       100 Lucre
 Mahou no Rope           12 Lucre

- Stock up on Candy.
- Talk to the old woman at the inn to proceed.

                        ---- Intro: Duran ----

Item: Manmaru Drop                              \\\ Forsena ||
Default (Duran): Bronze Sword, Quilted Leather
- Check the dead soldier by the gate, then follow the red mage.
- In town, talk to the fortune teller in the northwest house, then get
the Manmaru Drop from Duran's place.
- Next, go see the king.

                                                \\\ Molebear no Kougen ||
- Head southeast.

                        ---- Intro: Hawkeye ----

Item: Manmaru Drop                              \\\ Navarre ||
Default (Hawkeye): Flint Knife, Cotton Kilt
- Go see Eagle on the east side (choose the 1st option), then meet him
in the Khan's chamber.
- When locked up, keep checking the door. After Jessica leaves, check
the wall.
- Leave the fortress through the southwest cave.

                        ---- Intro: Riesz ----

                                                \\\ Lorant ||
Default (Riesz): Bronze Lance, Padded Leather
- The Needlebird has quite a bit of HP, but at least you can't die.
- In the castle, you need to talk one of the following NPCs:
 a. The regular-looking NPC northwest from the throne room.
 b. The regular-looking NPC south of the throne room.
 c. The amazoness blocking a path on the east side.
- Next, talk to Alma in Elliot's room (near the throne room).
- Next, take the path outside that was previously blocked.
- After the scene at the control room, head to the throne room.

                        ---- Intro: Kevin ----

                                                \\\ Tsukiyo no Mori ||
Default (Kevin): Leather Glove, 
- Head west. Let the dog kill you.

                                                \\\ Beast Kingdom ||
- Go see Lugar talking to his men, then talk to the guy blocking the
path to the throne room.

                                                \\\ Tsukiyo no Mori ||
- Go north.

                        ---- Intro: Charlotte ----

                                                \\\ Wendel ||
Default (Charlotte): Karazao, Chibikko Robe
- Talk to a kid named Mick on the second floor, then rest in the room
where you first woke up.
- Next, go to the balcony to find Mick again.

                                                \\\ Astoria ||
- You can't trigger the scene with the fairy yet.

                                                \\\ Rabi no Mori ||
- Head north to trigger a scene.
- Charlotte's level 1 tech may seem to have two hits, but the first hit
doesn't actually do anything.

                        ---- End of Intro ----

                                                \\\ Judd ||
- You can leave the city at night.

                                                \\\ Rabi no Mori ||
- I'll remind you to boost Str and Con when leveling up.
- Don't fight Ogre Boxes or Kaiser Mimics until late in the game.
- You can plant seeds in most inns. The items aren't anything impressive,
so I'd just use them for healing. They heal the whole party for 50 HP,
which isn't much but it's something.

                  A3            Jd: Judd
                  |             As: Astoria
             A5-A4/             B1: Recovery Point
              |                 Tk: Taki no Doukutsu
          A8-A6                 Kb: Korobokkuru no Mori
          |  |        
    Kb B1-A9 A7-B5-Tk 
      \|     |        
       B2    As       

Shop: Staff - 75 Lucre                          \\\ Astoria ||
- Buy the new weapon now before the village gets attacked.
- To trigger the next scene, you need to talk to NPCs 1 and a or b,
then rest at the inn.
 1. The old woman outside in the village.
 a. The man standing by the water.
 b. The man in Rabi no Mori west of the village.

PC: Duran Lv4                                   \\\ Rabi no Mori ||
Default (Duran): Iron Sword, Hard Leather
- After the Fairy joins, go back to Astoria to find it in ruins, then
head for the cave entrance to find Duran.

Party: Angela, Duran                            \\\ Taki no Doukutsu ||
PC: (Charlotte Lv4)
- I suggest you level up for a while in preparation for the first boss.
First, you should go pick up the Silk Robe at Wendel, though.
- If Charlotte is your third character, she'll join you here.

              | \               
             C1 (B4)            
    B7-B6-B8  |       Rb-A1           Rb: Rabi no Mori
       |   \-B9            \          A2: Recovery Point
       B5                  A2         Wd: Wendel
         \                 |          B7: Recovery Point
          B4         (B4)B3A3-A4      C2: Full Metal Hagger
                   B1        |  
              Wd-B2         A6  

Item: Tenshi no Seihai                          \\\ Wendel ||
 Silk Robe              50 Lucre
 Staff                  75 Lucre

- Talk to the priest at the temple.

Spirit: Wisp                                    \\\ Taki no Doukutsu ||
Boss: Full Metal Hagger
- Cross the chasm with the Fairy's help, so you can explore the rest of
the area.

- 1500 HP, 24 xp, 441 Lucre

PC: Hawkeye Lv4                                 \\\ Judd ||
Default (Hawkeye): Dagger, Kuro no Fatigue
- Catch a boat at the harbor.

Party: Angela, Duran, Hawkeye                   \\\ Maia ||
 Circlet                42 Lucre
 Kawa no Visor          58 Lucre
 Kawa no Boushi         42 Lucre

- Each character has their own inventory for equipment. You can switch
between them when selling but not when buying. To avoid the hassle of
passing gear between characters, you should buy the appropriate gear
for each character individually.

                                                \\\ Ougon no Kaidou ||
- You can't get into Byzel yet.

             | A7  |       
      B2-B1 A8     A4-A1-Ma         Ma: Maia
         Dw\ |        |             B1: Save Point
            A9        A2A3          B2: 2x Machine Golem
           /                        Dw: Dwarf Tunnels
         B3                         Bz: Byzel

Boss(es): 2x Machine Golems                     \\\ Daichi no Sakeme ||

- 605 HP each, 32 xp, 236 Lucre in total

                                                \\\ Maia ||
- Talk to Bon Voyage at his backyard then the old man near the inn.

                                                \\\ Daichi no Sakeme ||
- Check the statue. Assuming you talked to the right people in Maia,
you should get some dialog followed by the ring menu. Choose Wisp and
you can enter.

Item: Nitro no Kayaku                           \\\ Dwarf Tunnels ||
Spirit: Gnome
Boss: Jewel Eater
 Witch Staff            180 Lucre       Majo no Kokui            95 Lucre
 Gladius                210 Lucre       Bezanto Mail            154 Lucre
 Baselard               194 Lucre       Meisai no Manto         100 Lucre

- Talk to the dwarf at the item shop then the one just outside the
village, and you'll be able to access the dungeon.
- When you first find Watts, choose the second dialog option twice
(Takasugiru) or just the first one if you don't have 5000. If you buy
the gunpowder instead (for either 5000 or 3000 Lucre), you could put
Jewel Eater and Gnome on hold for a while.
- Once you catch up to Watts again, talk to him to trigger the boss.
- Don't forget to refill the healing items in your ring menu before
fighting bosses.

       |            |   
    C5 C3    B4-B5-B6   
      \C4    |                      Dw: Dwarf Village
             |    /A3-A5            (B8 ->) B9: Save Point
       B1-B2-B3 A4-A3               C5: Jewel Eater
        |       |    \  
        | A8-A7-A6    A2
        | |          /  
        \-A9    Dw-A1   

- 3380 HP, 48 xp, 879 Lucre

- After obtaining the Nitro no Kayaku free of charge, Watts will ask
if you want to warp out of the dungeon.

                                                \\\ Maia ||
- Talk to Bon Voyage then use the cannon.

                                                \\\ Molebear no Kougen ||

    A3---A6    B2-B3   
    |  | |      |  |             A3: Save Point
    A2 A4A5    B1 B4-B5          Fs: Forsena
    |    |      |     |
    A1   A7-A8-A9      
    |       >B9        
    HT    B8                     HT: Houseki no Tani Dorian

                                                \\\ Forsena ||
 Pakkun Choco           40 Lucre        Jewel Ring              70 Lucre
 Hachimitsu Drink       75 Lucre        Kawa no Kote            98 Lucre
 Hoshikuzu no Herb      16 Lucre        Utsusemi no Piasu       75 Lucre
 Mahou no Kurumi        50 Lucre

- After you're done at the castle, do some shopping before blasting
yourself back to Maia. The cannon will appear in the courtyard once
you've talked to either the woman in the southwest house during the
day or the woman at the bar during the night.

Shop:                                           \\\ Byzel ||
 Drake no Uroko         22 Lucre
 Poto no Abura          30 Lucre
 Maama Poto no Abura    22 Lucre
 Hikari no Coin         22 Lucre
 Specter no Hitomi      40 Lucre

- Check the black market during the night, so you can stock up on the
items above (especially Poto no Abura). You can only buy them here.
 - Specter no Hitomi casts Anti-Magic, which removes the effects of
 support magic as well as elemental resistance for some reason.
- To reach your next destination, Palo, catch a ride from the harbor
for 150 Lucre.

                                                \\\ Palo ||
 Kashi no Tsue          220 Lucre       Jooubachi no Dress      220 Lucre
 Broadsword             276 Lucre       Witch Hood              184 Lucre
 Roundel Dagger         234 Lucre       Lamellar Armor          220 Lucre
                                        Headgear                215 Lucre
                                        Kaitou no Manto         200 Lucre
                                        Garravilla              194 Lucre

                                                \\\ Ten Kakeru Michi ||
- Go to B4 for a scene.

         Kz-B9            C6
            |  C2  Lr 5  / |
          B8B7  C1-C3--C4 C7         
              B6                     Pl: Palo
             /                       B2: Save Point
     A9    B5                        Kz: Kaze no Kairou
       \  /                          Lr: Lorante
         |     | B4         
        A7    B3/           

                                                \\\ Lorant Secret Hideout ||
- After chatting with Riesz and the elder, you can either use the
cannon near the hideout or make your way back to Palo, then catch a
ship to Byzel.

Item: Chibikko Hammer                           \\\ Byzel ||
- Talk to the old lady at the black market to obtain the Chibikko Hammer
(requires an empty item slot).
- Catch a ship to Jad.

Shop:                                           \\\ Judd ||
 Suishou no Yubiwa      154 Lucre
 Hagane no Kote         154 Lucre
 Touzoku no Udewa       160 Lucre

                                                \\\ Rabi no Mori ||
- Head for the gargoyle statue near the area where you met the Fairy.
Examine it to open a hidden passage, which you won't be able to follow
until you use the Chibikko Hammer on your party.

                                                \\\ Korobokkuru no Mori ||
- Talk to all five NPCs inside the tree houses. After that, Don Peri
should co-operate.
- Afterwards, make your way back to Palo and head to Kaze no Kairou
in the mountains.

Spirit: Jinn                                    \\\ Kaze no Kairou ||
Boss: Tzenker

           A6  A5    
         A7  A4                TM: Ten Kakeru Michi
         |   |                 B2: Recovery Point
         A8>>A3-A1-TM          B3: Mana Stone
        / A9    |              B4: Tzenker / Dangard
       |        A2   

- 1808 HP, 160 xp, 1246 Lucre
- Elemental weakness: Earth / Gnome

- Return to the meadow near the Amazon Hideout where you passed out
earlier. Once the ring menu pops up, choose Jinn.

Items: 3x Tenshi no Seihais, 9x Manmaru Drops   \\\ Lorant ||
Bosses: Genoa, Bill & Ben

- 2900 HP
- Elemental weakness: Water / Undine

- You won't be able to save the game between these two battles.

- 900 HP each, 312 xp, 706 Lucre in total 

                                                \\\ Palo ||
 Pewter Rod             378 Lucre       Koumori no Coat         230 Lucre
 Saber                  585 Lucre       Hauberk                 276 Lucre
 Sharkteeth             405 Lucre       Soft Leather            234 Lucre

- After the event, check out the new wares, then get on the ship at
the docks. Note that once you do, you won't have access to the Mana
Stone in a while, so make sure you won't go past Lv18 during the next
few dungeons.

Spirit: Shade                                   \\\ Yuureisen ||
Boss: Gorva
- There are three ghost traders here; one with items, one with
weapons, and one with armor (the same stuff you could buy in Palo).
- Once you find the captain's cabin, examine the bookshelves in this
order: right, left, middle, left. Examine the logbook, then talk to
the spectral figure with the character you are willing to let go for
a while (anyone but Angela). You can still switch it afterwards. The
character will return after the boss.

           | B6 B5 B3 
               B2 | B1
         A8A7   --A9-              B7: Gorva
        (A7)     (A9) 
         A6 A5 A3 |   
             A1 (A3)  

- 2000 HP, 320 xp, 1625 Lucre
- Elemental weakness: Light / Wisp

                                                \\\ Kazantou Bucca ||
 Ruby no Tsue            738 Lucre      Tiger Bikini            234 Lucre
 Steel Sword            1000 Lucre      Half Plate              378 Lucre
 Steel Dagger            820 Lucre      Idaten no Manto         276 Lucre

- Build up to Lv18 here. There's a good spot where you can go around
in a circle. The enemies in the cave are worth more xp, but they're
also quite a bit tougher. I'd say the jungle is faster.
- The totem pole at the Dark Priest village is a recovery point.
- Talk to the Dark Priest near the one who sells weapons. Next, head
west to eventually find an area with no enemies (I suggest you run away
from the Cockatrices on your way there). Examine the small boulder there,
and a ring menu should pop up. Choose Gnome and you'll gain access to
the Kishibe no Doukutsu.

        C6     |       
            C2-C1  B8B9
                  |                 A5: Recovery Point
    A3          B5|                 B9: Dark Priest no Mura
    |            6B4                KB: Kishibe no Doukutsu
    2 4A5  B1A9B  |    
    | |      | 2  |    
     A1-A6 8-| -B3     
         | |           

                                                \\\ Kishibe no Doukutsu ||
- I'd like to remind you that shooting past Lv18 before the class
change should be avoided.
- You'll eventually find yourself at the beach near Maia. Use Bon
Voyage's cannon to reach Forsena.

               |  A9A8      
              A3  | A7      
               | B1 |       
              A4 B2-+--B3-B4
               |    A6  |   
                -A5-   B5   
                        |            B6: Recovery Point
                      B6-            D6: Recovery Point
               D3     |     
             D1D2 C1-B7     
    D8        |   |   |     
     \-D7 D4-C9 C7-C2 B8-B9 
       |  |   \-C8  |       
       D6-|        C3C4     
          D5        |       

Item: Piihyara Fue                              \\\ Forsena ||
- Go have a chat with the king to find out your next objectives.
Afterwards, check the chest for the Pihyara Flute, which you can use
at any beach to call Booskaboo.

                                                \\\ Kaze no Kairou ||
- If and when you reach Lv18, return to the Mana Stone at the end of
Kaze no Kairou for the first class change. Here's what I'm going for:
 - Angela: Dark-Light (Delvar -> Rune Master) (251 ATP max)
 - Duran:  Dark-Light (Gladiator -> Sword Master) (334 ATP max)
 - Hawkeye: Dark-Dark (Ninja -> Night Blade) (294 ATP max)
 - Riesz: Light-Light (Walküre -> Vanadis) (316 ATP max)
 - Charlotte: Light-Light (Priestess -> Bishop) (262 ATP max)
 - Kevin: Dark-Light (Bashkar -> Death Hand) (306 ATP max)

- I go with the Rune Master to get the Death Spell. The downside is it
gives her the lowest Str (15).
- The Sword Master can cast most elemental sabers (all except for Light
and Dark). Leaf Saber allows you to keep your MP up quite well (7% drain).
Moon Saber allows you to drain 13% HP, but it's really only worth using
during bosses.
- I take the Night Blade simply because it has the highest Strength (I
never really bother using the stat down skills).

Item: Tenshi no Seihai                          \\\ Sultan ||
 Crystal Rod            1100 Lucre      Bara no Leotard          600 Lucre
 Bastard Sword          1690 Lucre      Plate Mail               800 Lucre
 Misericorde            1300 Lucre      Kusarikatabira           630 Lucre

- You can do Reika no Setsugen first if you want.

Shop:                                           \\\ Oasis Village Deen ||
 Ryokuseki no Tiara      820 Lucre
 Kiri no Pendant         645 Lucre
 Studded Helm           1100 Lucre
 Gauntlet                820 Lucre
 Haneboushi              800 Lucre
 Dokuhebi no Piasu       630 Lucre

- You can only get these items during the day.

Boss(es): Bill & Ben                            \\\ Shakunetsu no Sabaku ||

      Sl-A1-A2<A6    B3   
            |  |      |   
            A3-A5 B1-B2   
            4  |   |                 Sl: Sultan
              8A7-A9                 Nv: Navarre
               |                     Dn: Deen
               B45                   C5: Bill 2 & Ben 2
         C1   /  \                   KT: Kaen no Tani
         B9-B8    B6-B7-Dn
        / |               
    C3C2 C4-C5            

- 999 HP each, 648 xp, 1066 Lucre in total

Spirit: Salamander                              \\\ Kaen no Tani ||

Boss(es): 3x Machine Golem S                    \\\ Reika no Setsugen ||

        C6   C4                        
        |    C3                                 El: Elrand
        C5  /                                   B4: Save Point
          C2-C1-B9                   El         Al: Altena
          |     |                     |         D1: Recovery Point
    HM    C8  B8B7                   A1         D2: 3× Machine Golem S
    |     |     |                     |         HH: Hyouheki no Meikyuu
    D3-D2-C9D1  B6-B5     A7A6-A5-A3-A2
                    |       |      |   
                   B4 B2-B1-A89   A4   
                    | |                

- 1000 HP each, 648 xp, 1599 Lucre in total

Spirit: Undine                                  \\\ Hyouheki no Meikyuu ||

                                                \\\ Mintos ||
 Soul Rod               2400 Lucre      Bunny Dress             1000 Lucre
 Cunning Staff          2795 Lucre      Lunula Mail             1450 Lucre
 Silver Blade           2820 Lucre      Tsukikage no Cloak      1300 Lucre
 Falchion               3380 Lucre
 Katar                  2600 Lucre
 Karura                 2900 Lucre

Spirit: Luna                                    \\\ Tsukiyo no Mori ||
Boss: Lugar

      TT     |    
      B3   A3A2   
      |       |          Mt: Mintos
      B2 A6A5A4          B2: Save Point
       | |    /          B3: Lugar
      B1-A789/           TT: Tsukiyomi no Tou
        \      B7        C2: Recovery Point
         B4-B5-B6        BK: Beast Kingdom
    BK        /|  
    C6-C5   B9 B8 
       |  3 |     

- 3461 HP, 1120 xp, 1093 Lucre

                                                \\\ Lamp Bana no Mori ||
- You can finally access the forest with Luna's help. Follow the red
flowers (visible at night) to reach Diorre.

    |      A5  A2-A1
    B9   7| |  |    
    |     A-A4-A3   
    B8-B7-6    |    
           \A8A9           A6: Recovery Point
            |              Do: Diorre
            B1             C1: Gildervine
            |   |   
         Do     |   

                                                \\\ Diorre ||
 Toneriko no Tsue       2650 Lucre      Fukurou no Coat         1970 Lucre
 Tot no Tsue            3155 Lucre      Kurohyou no Hood         990 Lucre
 Flamberg               3410 Lucre      Reflex                  1970 Lucre
 Shamshir               3440 Lucre      Visored Helm            1750 Lucre
 Suishou no Dagger      3160 Lucre      Elf no Muneate          1750 Lucre
 Ashura                 3195 Lucre      Yousei no Boushi        1150 Lucre

- Talk to the guy in the southwest building.
- Starting from here, body armors have an MDF modifier of 8*Int.

Spirit: Dryad                                   \\\ Lamp Bana no Mori ||
Boss: Gildervine
- When you examine the recovery point, a ring menu should pop up. Choose Luna.

- 8245 HP

                                                \\\ Boukyaku no Shima ||
- This is the little island east of Maia.
- After the event, make your way to Palo and head for Lorant. Talk to
the amazon in front of the castle, and she'll open a new path for you.

                                                \\\ Ten no Itadaki ||
- You'll find Flammie at the end.

Item: Kaze no Taiko (Unique)                    \\\ Mana no Seiiki ||
- Don't miss the path made by the plants on the water.
- You can only use the drum in the south-most area.

         B5-B6 C1 B9
         |  |   |/  
      B1 B3                   B4: Class Change Point, RP
         |      |   

                        ---- Angela / Duran ----

                                                \\\ Altena ||
 Raajin no Tsue         3480 Lucre      Soyokaze no Koromo      2150 Lucre
 Skull Rod              4000 Lucre      Mamori no Yubiwa         860 Lucre
 Palestorm              4535 Lucre      Tenba no Yoroi          2600 Lucre
 Katzbalger             5070 Lucre      Chikara no Kote         1690 Lucre
 Blue Gale              3830 Lucre      Hayate no Manto         2350 Lucre
 Yasha                  4400 Lucre      Inishie no Talisman     1100 Lucre

- I suggest you level up to Lv30-32 here. Not any higher than that,
though, since you've got the second class change coming up and you
should try not to be higher than the required Lv38 at that point (it
also requires certain items, and getting those will take a while).
- By now, you've likely started getting Bomb and Shinigami-kun from
trapped chests. As a result, you may not want to open any chests.
- After the event in the castle, you can start hunting down the seven
God Beasts (Shinjuu) in any order you want. Getting around will also be
much easier thanks to Flammie.
- The markers on the map will not go out as you defeat the Shinjuus, so
you may want to write down which ones you've killed.

                        ---- Hawkeye / Riesz ----

                                                \\\ Deen ||
- New gear.

Item: (Manmaru Drop)                            \\\ Navarre ||
- Get to the throne room.

                        ---- Kevin / Charlotte ----

                                                \\\ Mintos ||
- New gear.

                                                \\\ Beast Kingdom ||
- Get to the throne room.

                        ---- End Split ----

Boss: Dangard                                   \\\ Kaze no Kairou ||
- Head for the area where you met Jinn. (Enemies: Lv28)
- I'll remind you not to fight bosses during the day of their element.

- (1st Beast) 2670 xp, 22 664 Lucre (5666 Lucre from each phase)
- Four phases
- Elemental weakness: Earth / Gnome

                                                \\\ Molebear no Kougen ||
 Miimiru Rod            6950 Lucre      Mananaan no Koromo      3160 Lucre
 Ayakashi no Tsue       7200 Lucre      Gin no Circlet          2300 Lucre
 Balmunk                7735 Lucre      Fireblaze               2150 Lucre
 Kusanagi Blade         8440 Lucre      Leonis Plate            3155 Lucre
 Dancing Dagger         7600 Lucre      Horned Helm             2350 Lucre
 Bishamon               7735 Lucre      Kenshi no Udewa         2000 Lucre
                                        Hotaruishi no Muneate   3155 Lucre
                                        Grizzly Galea           2100 Lucre
                                        Kirigakure no Fuda      2050 Lucre

- Land on the southern edge of the highlands. Follow the path and you
should find the cat merchants (Josephine & Chiquichita) and the entrance
to the Gemstone Valley.

Boss: Land Umber                                \\\ Houseki no Tani Dorian ||
- The enemies are quite annoying. I suggest you ignore them and make
this a quick visit. (Lv30)

                      |               MK: Molebear no Kougen
            A9-A8-A7---               B5: Recovery Point
           /  \                       B9: Recovery Point
         B1    B2-B3                  C2: Land Umber
               v   |   

- (2nd beast) 3200 xp, 6073 Lucre
- Elemental weakness: Wind / Jinn

Item: Hachimitsu Drink                          \\\ Hikari no Kodai Iseki ||
Lost & Found: ??? no Tane (Paapa Poto Lv33)
- Paapa Potos are spawned by Maama Potos. The ??? no Tane is an uncommon
drop and you can only get them if the Paapa Potos are at least Lv33.
There's no other way to get these seeds until you're at the end of the game.
- Find the area with a note on the wall. After examining it, return
to the previous area and examine the two slabs on the wall. A ring menu
should pop up on each one. Choose Wisp for the left one and Shade for
the right one.
- After passing through the area that used to be flooded, you'll find
two paths leading north. The left one takes you to a save point, and
the right one takes you to Light Gazer.
- This is the place where I get my ??? no Tanes. Unfortunately, you can't
reroll the results (except once, kind of), so you just have to get lucky.
If you're having trouble getting seeds at all, you need to do some resetting.
 - Rune no Sho: A green book.
 - Kenshou no Akashi: A green medallion. (Sword Master)
 - Toushi no Akashi: A red medallion. (Duelist)
 - Yome no Saikoro: A red die.
 - Brisingamen: A golden chain.
 - Seisui no Kobin: A golden jar.
 - Shirou no Tamashii: A green... thing.

 - Angela: Dark-Light (Delvar -> Rune Master) (251 ATP max)
 - Duran:  Dark-Light (Gladiator -> Sword Master) (334 ATP max)
  - or Dark-Dark (Gladiator -> Duelist) (351 ATP max)
 - Hawkeye: Dark-Dark (Ninja -> Night Blade) (294 ATP max)
 - Riesz: Light-Light (Walküre -> Vanadis) (316 ATP max)
 - Charlotte: Light-Light (Priestess -> Bishop) (262 ATP max)
 - Kevin: Dark-Light (Bashkar -> Death Hand) (306 ATP max)

- If you put these items in your ring menu, you can see which class they
unlock in the description. Once the character is at Lv38 and you have
the necessary item, you can use the the statue at the Mana Sanctuary for
the second and final class change. Hopefully, you can do it for at least
two of your characters. If the RNG really screws you over, you may have
to settle for just one. If you hit Lv40 before getting the right items,
you should probably move on. Maama Potos give you 315 xp and Paapa
Potos give you 379. You'll be leveling up fairly quickly.
- If you manage to do the class change at the earliest possible level,
the character will reach max stats around Lv55. Anyone who has to wait
until the end of the game won't get max stats until about Lv70.

Boss: Fiegmund                                  \\\ Hyouheki no Meikyuu ||

            C1 |      
          B7  C2 C5   
          | \   \ |   
       B5-B6 B8  C4   
       |  |  |        
       B4-B3-B9                     RS: Reika no Setsugen
            \|                      C3: Recovery Point
             B2-B1                  C5: Fiegmund
                |  A2 
          A7-A6 |4/ | 
          A8 A5-A3  A1

- (3rd Beast) 3790 xp, 6481 Lucre
- Elemental weakness: Fire / Salamander

Boss: Xan Bie                                   \\\ Kaen no Tani ||
- If you managed to get Angela to class change, you should get the
Death Spell now / soon (Lv44 if you changed at Lv38). You should also
get a couple of levels after each beast. Otherwise, you probably can't
afford the new gear.

      A2B1B2                         SS: Shakunetsu no Sabaku
       |   |                         A7: Recovery Point
      A3--B3-B4B5B6-C1               C3: Xan Bie
       |          |  |    
       | A6    B8B7-B9C2C3

- (4th Beast) 4450 xp, 6891 Lucre
- Elemental weakness: Water / Undine

- Josephine and Chiquichita will have updated their wares at this
point (four Beasts down).

 Nebula Staff           14 335 Lucre    Yuuyami no Dress          3440 Lucre
 Inishie no Rod         17 335 Lucre    Shirayuki no Veil         2795 Lucre
 Tyrving                17 470 Lucre    Kenshi no Yoroi           4935 Lucre
 Muramasa Blade         18 670 Lucre    Gin no Sallet             3415 Lucre
 Merkiel Dagger         17 230 Lucre    Kuro Shouzoku             4135 Lucre
 Taishaku               17 470 Lucre    Kuzozukin                 2865 Lucre

Boss: Mispolm                                   \\\ Wonder no Jukan ||

               B3  _B2
                /                  B5: Recovery Point
             /A8_                  C1: Mispolm
         A8A7    A9   

- (5th Beast) 5180 xp, 7302 Lucre

Boss: Dolan                                     \\\ Tsukiyomi no Tou ||

- (6th Beast) 5980 xp, 7715 Lucre

Boss: Light Gazer                               \\\ Hikari no Kodai Iseki ||
- The enemies will be gone after you beat the boss.

- (7th Beast) 6400 xp, 7922 Lucre
- Elemental weakness: Darkness / Shade

- Pedan should now show up on your map.

                                                \\\ Pedan ||
 Mizunara no Tsue       22 000 Lucre    Kurayami no Robe          7015 Lucre
 Cernunnos no Tsue      31 735 Lucre    Kasumi no Veil            3630 Lucre
 Krau-Solas             21 870 Lucre    Hakugin no Yoroi          8430 Lucre
 Levatein               34 470 Lucre    Beryl Armlet              5070 Lucre
 Sheol no Tantou        18 270 Lucre    Ninja Garb                7200 Lucre
 Fudoumyouou            32 535 Lucre    Noctogoggle               3630 Lucre

- Talk to the guy in the west structure to proceed.

                        ---- Angela / Duran ----

                                                \\\ Glass no Sabaku ||
Lost & Found: Buki Bougu no Tane (Nightblade), ??? no Tane (various)
Boss: Zable Fahr (three parts)
- The Glass Desert is a good place to level up. You can get 100 000 Exp
in about 30 minutes. You'll want to do it at night to avoid Rust Hurricane.
The enemies have between 560-700 HP. Use Death on Nightblades and Lesser
Demons (Nightblades because they're dangerous, and Lesser Demons, so
you can focus on the Gremlins and avoid getting spammed with Evil Gate).
Go rest in Maia when day breaks. You'll get about 60k per trip. 
- The Nightblade's Bunshinzan deals 360/380 pod to all characters. It's
possible for them to use it twice in a row, although it's very unlikely.
I've only seen it happen a couple of times.
- You should try and score the seed weapons (the armor is of little to no
significance, though). You can use Death to take out the Boulders with ease
without the other two characters engaging the enemy. If you don't have
Death, you can still get the seeds pretty easily in the third area (coming
from the north).

             B1                 B3: Zable Fahr
             A9                 B4: Recovery Point
         A-A6_                  DH: Dragon's Hole

- 9380 xp, 14 110 Lucre
- Elemental weakness: Light / Wisp

                                                \\\ Dragon's Hole ||
Lost & Found: Buki Bougu no Tane (Death Machine, Puchi Drazombie,
 Greater Demon)
Bosses: Kokuyou no Kishi, Tzenker 2a, Jewel Eater 2,
 Full Metal Hagger 2a, Guren no Madoushi, (Black Rabi)
- I recommend at least Lv60 before exploring this place.
- Dark Lords can do around 500 pod with Daichifunshutsuken, but they
don't use it as often as ninjas and wolves use their specials.
- There are three normal save points (in A5, C7 and E2) but no recovery
- There's an unusually high number of enemies in E8. They'll respawn
normally, but the path will remain open once you've cleared them out once.

    B3-B2   A9                                        A1: Kokuyou no Kishi
  F1b4   \   |                                        A5: Save Point
    B5-B6 B1 A8    D3*-D2-C2                E9        A9: Tzenker 2a
     |      \ |          /        D3        E8        C6: Jewel Eater 2
    B7 A4-A5-A6        C3-C7-C8   D4 D9*    E7        C7: Save Point
     |  |   /           |     |   D5 D8     E6 D9*    D1: Full Metal Hagger 2a
    B8-A3-A7       C6C5C4  D1 |   D6-D7    E5  E1     E2: Save Point
         \                   C9            E4E3E2     E9: Guren no Madoushi
          A2-B9C1                                     F1: Black Rabi
          A1    C2*                              

[Boss: Kokuyou no Kishi]  A1
- 8310 xp, 1347 Lucre
- Elemental weaknesses: Fire, Wind, Light
[Boss: Tzenker 2a]  A9
- 8830 xp, 5860 Lucre

[Boss: Jewel Eater 2]  C6
- 7504 xp, 7054 Lucre

[Boss: Full Metal Hagger 2a]  D1
- 5970 xp, 5411 Lucre
- Elemental weakness: Dark / Shade

[Boss: Guren no Madoushi]  E9
- 10 540 xp, 1476 Lucre
- Ancient: ~550 pod to all.

- You can now fight the (more or less) fearsome Black Rabi in F1. He
behaves like a normal enemy, so you can easily avoid counters. His
normal attacks are nothing to worry about, so you'll have no trouble
until you hit the 50% mark. His type b action is a combo of attacks
that will leave you severely wounded and Moogled, while the spells he
casts on himself will heal him for 760 HP. If he heals himself back
above 50%, the combo will repeat.
- The solution is quite simple. As soon as the combo begins, hit him
with a Lv3 tech with your strongest character. He's got 240 DFP, so
you'll want to use Power Up. Don't let the other two characters use
techs (on their own) so as not to trigger the TP bug. Stop using techs
when you think you're getting close to 50% (it'll take a few minutes).
You can heal yourself during the combo if needed; just mash the ring
menu button after an attack.
- The Black Rabi is weak to Light but reflects Light-elemental spells.
- Defeating the Black Rabi gives you the Moogle Badge, but it's hardly
of use at this point in the game.

                        ---- Hawkeye / Riesz ----

                                                \\\ Kurayami no Doukutsu ||
Lost & Found: Buki Bougu no Tane (Nightblade, Wolf Devil),
 ??? no Tane (Boulder, Ghost, Puchi Tiamat, Greater Demon)
Bosses: Zable Fahr (three parts), Jagan no Hakushaku
- Just like Nightblades, Wolf Devils may use their special twice in a row.
- Get the seed weapons before proceeding into the Dark Castle.

    B2-B1_               C8-C9D1
    |     A9             C7                 B1: Zable Fahr
    |     |               |                 B6: Recovery Point
    |  A5-A6>A7          C6                 C2: Jagan no Hakushaku
    B3>A4     |     C5  /                   C8: Recovery Point
    |  A3-A2-A8       C3C4                  DC: Dark Castle
    B4    |            |        
    B5*   A1        B6B7B8B9    
                     |   |      
                    B5  C1      

- 9380 xp, 14 110 Lucre 
- Elemental weakness: Light / Wisp

- 8310 xp
- Elemental weaknesses: Fire, Earth

                                                \\\ Dark Castle ||
Items: Mahou no Kurumi, Hachimitsu Drink
Bosses: Full Metal Hagger 2b, Genoa 2, Tzenker 2b, Bijuu
- The early areas of the castle would probably be the best place to
level up. You can even use higher level techs when no Dark Lords are
- Refrain from using a Magic Rope here. Using one could result in the
dungeon becoming unbeatable.

          1F                 2F                  B1      
                             C2*                    C2   
                             C1                     |    
      (E1)            (E4)   |                   C8 C3-C4
    D8-D9~B3-B4-B5     E2-E1 B9-B8-B7    (D7)    |      |
    D7    |     B6     E3         (B6)    D6  D1 C7    C5
          B2                              D5  | /  \  /  
    A4    |     A7                        D4  C9    C6   
    A3-A2-A1-A5-A6        B1-A9-A8          \ |          
                         (A2)  (A5)          D2-D3       
          3F         2F         4F~           B6: Save Point
                                              C2: Full Metal Hagger 2b
                        F1      F5            D4: Genoa 2a
         (F3)            |      F4            E3: Save Point
       E4 F2 (E8)    E8-E9      F3            E5: Tzenker 2b
       |  |  E7                               E8: Save Point
       E5-E6--                                F1: Bijuu

[Boss: Full Metal Hagger 2b]  C2
- 5298 xp, 5170 Lucre
- Elemental weakness: Dark / Shade

[Boss: Genoa 2]  D4
- Elemental weakness: Water / Undine

[Boss: Tzenker 2b]  E5
- 9950 xp, 6133 Lucre

[Boss: Bijuu]  F1
- 12 440 xp, 1572 Lucre
- Elemental weakness: Earth / Gnome

                        ---- Kevin / Charlotte ----

                                                \\\ Genwaku no Jungle ||
Item: Gensou no Kagami
Lost & Found: ??? no Tane (Boulder), Buki Bougu no Tane (Wolf Devil)
Bosses: Zable Fahr (three parts), Shi o Kurau Otoko
- Don't try to fight enemies when Evil Shamans are around.
- The best place to get Weapon/Armor Seeds is at C3. Again, just get
the weapons. Don't bother with the armor.

   MP                    A8         (B2)                               
   D1                (B9)A9(B1)  (B9)B1(B8)  (B3)B2                    
    |                   (B7)        [A9]        (A9)           A7      
   C9 C7 C3                                                    |       
    | C6  C12           (B7)        (b1)        [A9]       A8--A6 A3   
    C8|  | |        (A9)|B3(B1)  (B5)B4      (B6)B5(B2)    |   |   |   
      C5-C4B6(A9)       (B4)                    (B7)       A9 5A4-A1-Pd
                        (B8)        (B9)                          A2   
                         B7      (b8)B8|(A9)     B9(b3)                
                        (B8)        (B1)        (b5)                   

  Pd: Pedan
  A8: Save Point
  C4: Zable Fahr
  C7: Recovery Point
  C9: Shi o Kurau Otoko
  MP: Mirage Palace

- 9380 xp, 14 110 Lucre

- 8310 xp, 4041 Lucre
- Elemental weakness: Light / Wisp

                                                \\\ Mirage Palace ||
Item: Mahou no Kurumi
Bosses: Genoa 2b, Gildervine 2, Gorva 2, Heath
- Hopefully you have Turn Undead (max damage to undead enemies for 1 MP),
otherwise the Necromancers are going to make it hard for you to take out
the enemies. They're all over the place. If you don't have Turn Undead,
it's time to use those Lv3 Techs.
- B9 is the best place to level up. Take out the two Undead enemies with
Turn Undead, then trigger a respawn. If you don't have Turn Undead, you're
kind of fu*ked. While there are no Necromancers inside the palace, there
are Golems instead, so it's definitely not a good choice.

        C3         D3*            ----E1-----        F3-F2-F1   
              (C2) D2              |       D|        F4*        
               C1  | (C6)          E5 6 F1 9 E2                 
         8      B9-+4-C5           || | E9 | E3*        F7      
         7        \| /          E87E6-D5D7D8                    
         6  (B5)B4-A2-C7(C8)     |(E4)|            E9*  4/7* F4*
        B5        /| \           |    |   D4         F4    F6   
            (A4)A3 A1 C9(D1)     -----D3----          --F5--    
      |                                         A2: Save Point  
      A6                           E4-E3        B8: Genoa 2b    
     /|\                                        C8: Gildervine 2
   B1 9 7                                       D6: Save Point  
   B2   8                                       F2: Gorva 2     
   B3                                           F7: Heath       

- All you need to do in the mines is examine the chest.

[Boss: Genoa 2b]  B8

- C3: Talk to all the NPCs (including the dog).
- C6: Just keep going up.

[Boss: Gildervine 2]  C8

- Hit the left switch in D9 then the switch in E3 and you can reach E9.
The switch in D5 allows you to reach the chest.

[Boss: Gorva 2]  F2
- 9950 xp, 6133 Lucre

- The left teleporter in F6 will take you to F7 but only during the night.

[Boss: Heath]  F7
- 10 540 xp, 1476 Lucre

                        ---- The Final Battle ----

                                                \\\ Mana no Seiiki ||
Boss: Ryuutei / Kuro no Kikoushi / Dark Lich
- I usually build up to Lv70 before proceeding.
- The final bosses use spells of all elements, so try to time the fight
on Mana Holy Day.
- You need to defeat all the enemies in C4 to be able to proceed.

      \ 9            
     8 |             
     C6C5-C4-C3 C2 C1
             |  | /  
          B7-B8-B9         B7: Class Change Point, RP
          |                D3: Final Boss
          B6-B5 B3   
             |   |   
          A7 B4-B2   
          |      |   
          |      |   
          A3-A2 B1   

[Boss: Ryuutei]
- Flare: ~450-550 pod to all.
- Ryuutei is by far the hardest of the three. He can lower all of your
stats and will eventually boost his ATP and DFP.

[Boss: Kuro no Kikoushi]
- Catastrophe: ~500 pod to all.
- He doesn't use many multi-target attacks in the second phase, so it
can be hard to get the most out of your Poto Oil.

[Boss: Dark Lich]

Written by 3vrB257A5gq3fg.
This work is public domain.

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