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Mage Walkthrough by --Crow--

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/20/15

Final Fantasy Adventure

Mage Walkthrough
by Crow!
Written February 2015

Crow! on Speed Demos Archive
iiCrowii on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/iicrowii/

v v v v v v v 


The Heal spell reduces your Defense to 0 (as if you're Moogled) until the next
time you pause the game.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Knowing this glitch can save you from many deaths.


[0] Introduction: Why magic?
[1] The Build
[2] Dungeon / Area Walkthroughs
	[2A] Topple and the Marsh
	[2B] Marsh Cave
	[2C] Kett's / Lee's / Vampire's Hotel / Mansion / Dungeon
	[2D] Wendel Area
	[2E] The Silver Mine
	[2F] Gaia
	[2G] Julius's Airship
	[2H] Menos Area
	[2I] Medusa Cave
	[2J] Jadd / Davias's Mansion
	[2K] Mt. Rocks: up to Metal Crab
	[2L] Mt Roks: the climb
	[2M] Mt Rocks: Golem's Cave
	[2N] Glaive / The Dark Lord's Castle
	[2O] From Ish to the Ice Cavern
	[2P] Ice Cavern
	[2Q] Floatrocks and Kraken's Cave
	[2R] Undersea Volcano
	[2S] Lich's Cave
	[2T] Ruins
	[2U] Dime Tower
	[2V] Tower of Gemma
	[2W] Mana Tree and Julius
[3] Math
[4] Legal

[0] Introduction: Why Magic?

This game's design will lead most players to lean toward using weapons as
their primary source of damage.  After all, the big reward inside most
dungeons is usually a weapon of some kind.  However, it turns out that for
most of the game, Magic deals far more damage, far more quickly.

Also, Will acts as a damage multiplier - casting a spell with a fully charged
Will bar deals quadruple damage.  Leveling up Will grants some Wisdom but no
physical attack power, so fully charged Nukes deal insane damage.

If you haven't tried playing the game as a mage, it's an interesting change of
pace. Some portions of the game are much easier, while others are much harder.

The linchpin to the strategy in this guide is the fact that getting a level up
refills your MP.  Therefore, if you keep yourself at a fairly low level but
high Wisdom, you can kill enough enemies with spells to refund all your MP so
you can kill even more enemies.  Ethers and Inns aren't usually required.

For what it's worth, as of the writing of this guide, I hold the world record
for speed running Final Fantasy Adventure, and I use (most of) the strategies
described in this guide.  Here's a link to that run:


A more casual playthrough might stop in additional Inns and Item Shops to make
things easier, but this guide lists only a few of the the many shop options in
this game.

[1] The Build

This is a list of which levels you select for each level-up, as well as which
equipment you pick up.

Level   Build   Notes
0       N/A     You start the game with 2 of each stat.
1       Stamina
2       Stamina Required to fight Imps "safely".
3       Stamina
4       Wisdom
5       Wisdom
6       Wisdom
7       Wisdom
8       Wisdom
9       Wisdom
10      Wisdom
11      Wisdom  Buy Silver Armor from Watts.
12      Wisdom
13      Wisdom
14      Wisdom
15      Wisdom
16      Wisdom
17      Wisdom
18      Wisdom  Buy Gold Armor, Gold Helmet, and Gold Shield in Jadd.
19      Wisdom  Once you reach level 20, you will start leveling Will.
20      Will
21      Will
22      Will
23      Will
24      Will    Buy Flame Armor in Ish.
25      Will
26      Will    Now you have 35 Will, which you need to fight Kary.
27      Wisdom
28      Wisdom
29      Wisdom
30      Wisdom
31      Will
32      Will    Find the Dragon Armor in Dime Tower.
33+     Will    You can complete the game at level 32 or level 33.

[2] Dungeon / Area Walkthroughs


START: tells where these directions begin from.
Go N, E, S, and W indicate which direction you should travel off the screen.
Up, Down, and Door indicate stairways and doors.
(K) the door requires a Key.
(M) going this way requires a Mattock, or the Morning Star.
(Chain), (Sickle), (Axe) going this way requires the indicated weapon.
* indicates a landmark (so you don't get lost reading N, E, E, S, etc)
- indicates a general direction.
--- indicates more specific directions.

For example, here's the prologue:


START: after the character naming screens.

BOSS: Jackal 
--- You will be healed after this fight, so go all out.

Go N, E, Up, W
BOSS: Jackal
--- This time, try to avoid damage.

Go W
- Get knocked down Waterfall.

[2A] Topple and the Marsh

START: at bottom of Waterfall ("Where am I? Where is this?")

- Goal: rescue the Girl.
- Kill enemies to gain Experience.
--- Goblins require 2 hits, while Mushbooms requrie 1.
--- Both give only 1 experience point.
--- Goblins drop Candy, which is worth 2G to sell or 8 HP when used.
- Your first 3 levels go in Stamina.

Go E, E, S, S
- You'll visit this screen and the screen to the east of it 3 times.
--- Kill all but 1 enemy on the first and second visit, then clear them all.
--- The goal is to be around 7 kills past level 2 before rescuing the Girl.

Go E, W, E, W, E, E
* Here is the Girl.
- Kill the Mushbooms, then talk to Hasim (the injured man)
--- You can now use "Ask" to heal, if necessary.
- Get your second level up and 165G ASAP.

- Goal: visit Bogard in the Waterfalls.
Go E, E, N, W, W, N, W
* This is the first screen with Imps and Rabites.
- Imps are brutal.  Be careful.
--- Imps take 3 hits to kill if you have only 1 level up, or 2 if you have 2.
--- Rabites take only 1 hit to kill.

Go W, N, N, S(take U-turn), W, N, Door (Enter house)
- Talk to Bogard 3x
Go N
- Take Chest.
Go S, S (Exit house)

- Goal: sleep in Kett's place
Go S, E, N, S(take U-turn), E, E, Door (Enter Cave)
* This is the Waterfall Cave.

Go S(M), S, Up
Go E, E, S, E, Door (Enter shop)
- Enter the shop with 165G.
- Buy Battle Axe, Key.
Go S (Exit shop), E

* This is the Marsh.
- Equip Axe.
--- Flowers die in a single hit.  Kill them, but ignore their treasure.
--- Marmablues die in 2 or 3 hits.  Avoid them if you can.
Go S, W, S, W, W, Door (Enter Kett's)
Go W, N
- Sleep in bed.
--- You will learn Cure but lose the Girl.
Go S, E, S (Exit Kett's)

- Goal: enter Marsh Cave.
Go E, E, S
- Defeat the Lizardmen to get the Bronze Key.
--- Lizardmen will take 2 or 3 hits to kill.
--- Lizardmen drop Cure potions.  Take up to 2.
Go N, E, N, Door (Enter Marsh Cave)
- Equip the Bronze Key to enter this door.

[2B] Marsh Cave

START: Just entered the Marsh Cave; "Man" will be wandering around.

- Recruiting Man is not necessary.
- Throughout cave: kill all the floating fish enemies, and kill the burrowing
  tentacle monsters if they get in your way.
--- Floating fish drop Mattocks, and you need at least one Mattock drop (or an
      extra trip to the item shop) to get through Kett's.
--- Floating fish deal a LOT of damage.  Use Cure liberally.

- You probably already got all 3 Stamina levels covered before entering this
  cave, so all levels will be in Wisdom.

Go N, W, Down
- Push button to make stairs appear.
Go E, W (go down vine), Door
Go E, S(M)
* This room has a chest surrounded by Ivy.
- Take Chest, then use Sickle to cut Ivy.

Go N, W, Up
Go E, W(go up vine), Door
Go E, S
* You're back in the room with Man.

Go S, W(M)
* This room is the first room with Skeletons.
--- Skletons deal a lot of damage, and aren't worth much experience.
--- If you run out of Keys, you can farm Skeletons in almost any dungeon.
--- Bubble Ghosts are not vulnerable to most weapons.  In later dungeons, they
    can be farmed for Mattocks if you run out.
Go W, N, N(Sickle), E, Down
- The rock conceals a stairway; Mattock it.
Go S, W, Door
Go W, S, E(K), Down
- Press the top button, then use two Mattocks to reach the second button to
  make the Stairs appear.

Go E
BOSS: Hydra
--- Hydra deals up to 13 damage; keep your HP above that.
--- Use Cure Potions and Candy if you have any to conserve MP.
--- Mash the Attack button to extend your invincibility after being hit for an
    abnormally long time.

- Take chests
--- Attack the first chest after opening it to reach the second.

[2C] Kett's / Lee's / Vampire's Hotel / Mansion / Dungeon

START: Just after exiting Marsh Cave

- Return to the hotel.
Go S, W, W, W, Door.

BOSS: Werewolf
- Equip Mirror and Axe, and talk to butler.
--- Werewolf deals about 10 damage, and may hit you right at the start.
--- 4 Axe hits will kill him.

- Goal: find the girl, then backtrack to beginning.
- Throughout dungeon: Kill Owls and Zombies for drops, and kill Mice or
  Pumpkins if they are in the way.
--- Owls drop Crystals, while Zombies drop Ethers or Wisdom Crystals.
--- Zombies can be killed with Fire, or with 2 Mattocks if you are desperate.
--- Owls, Pumpkins, and Mice all die to either 2 weapon hits or 1 Fire cast.

Go E, E, N, W, Up, S, E(M), N, E, S, S, W, Down
- Press button (use Mattock to bust urn) to make the stairs appear.

Go E, N, N(K)
- Take Chain, then use it to escape the trap.
Go S, W, Up, Up
* This is the balcony.
Go W, W(Chain), S(leaves balcony)

Go N(M), N(M), Down
- Push the chest on the button to make the stairs appear.

Go Down
- Mattock the Urn to reveal the stairs.

Go E, S(K)
- The Girl is in the bottom row, 3 from the left.

- Now backtrack to the entrance of the dungeon.
Go N, W, Up, Up, S, S(M), Up
* This is the balcony.
Go E, E(C), S(leaves balcony)
Go E, N, N, W, S, W, N, Down, E, S, W, W

BOSS: Vampire
- Vampire will move left/right half a screen then stop to shoot bats.
- His middle position is randomly a high position or a low one.
- Attack with Fire while he's moving.
--- Bonus points if you enter the fight with a full Will bar (that's 4x damage
    on the first Fire cast)
- Attack from a distance below him with the Chain while he's standing still.
--- Your Chain should destroy the bats as they approach.
--- Attacking his low center position is dangerous.

[2D] Wendel Area

START: Defeated Vampire

- Goal: meet with Cibba
- Ignore Marsh monsters.
Go E, E, S, W, S(Sickle), W, N, S(Chain), E, S
- The Moblin-esque enemies either require 2 Fires or 1 and a Chain hit or two.
Go S
- Bees are dangerous.  Kill them with Fire before walking by.
Go E, N, Door (enters Wendel)
- Keep going North until Cibba cutscene.
- Keep going South until Julius cutscene.
--- You will learn Heal.  Heal sets your defense power to 0 until the next
    time you pause.

Go S, S(exits interior), S(enters town), S, Door (enters Inn)
- Sleep in Inn to recover MP.
Go S (exits Wendel)

START: Just exited Wendel

- Goal: get Oil and enter the Silver Mine.
- Kill all enemies along the way.
- Get at least 1, hopefully 2 Nectars from the Crab enemies.
Go S, W, S, W, W(Axe), W, N, S(Chain)
Go S, E, Door (Enters shop)

- Buy Oil, 2x Key, and 2x Mattock here.
--- Fewer Mattocks may be required if you got extra drops in the Marsh Cave,
    or more may be needed if you spent some on Zombies.
- If you haven't gotten a Nectar yet, go W then E again after exiting the
  shop, killing all the Crabs along the way.
--- You have 2 more chances after Gaia to get Nectar, so don't panic
    yet if you still don't have any.

Go S(Exits shop), N, N(Chain), N, N(Axe), W(Axe)
--- Cut a path East, then North to the clearing, then West, North, West to
    your destination.
Use Door (Enters Silver Mine)

[2E] The Silver Mine

START: Entrance of the Silver Mine

- Goal: survive the mine cart ride.
--- Equip Oil and walk into the cart.
--- Attack any Spiders as you pass through them in hopes of avoiding damage.
--- Hit the second and third switches as you pass by them.
- If you miss, you'll loop back to the beginning.

START: After meeting Watts

- Goal: Defeat Megapede.
- Equip the Chain.
- Kill enemies as you progress.
--- Spiders can be killed with 1 Fire or 2 Chain hits.  They are not worth
    much experience.
--- Fleas are worth a lot of experience.  Kill with 1 Fire.
--- Ignore Mimics.

Go N, E(M), E(M), Down
- Smash the pot and press the button to reveal the stairs.
Go W, W, Door
Go W, N, Stairs
Go S, Stairs
Go S

BOSS: Megapede
- Megapede follows a set path.
--- It enters from the right, does some loops, then exits to top.
--- Then, it enters from bottom, does some loops, and exits to left.  Repeat.
- If you got a Wisdom Crystal from a Zombie but no Ethers, use the
  Wisdom Crystal now.
--- If you got neither, wait for a full Will bar before fighting Megapede.
- Hit Megapede's head with Fire.
- Take the chest to exit the cave.

[2F] Gaia

START: Just left the Silver Mine

- Goal: get to the Dwarf Cave to buy Silver stuff.
- You may be low on MP.  If you have an Ether, use it once you're out of MP.

Go E, S(Axe), S(Axe), S, W, Door (Enters Dwarf Village), S
- Talk to Watts and buy the Silver Armor.
- If you had no Ether, purchase the Silver Sword in addition to the Silver
  Armor so you can kill the Crab and Spider enemies easier without MP.

Go N, Up (Exits Dwarf Village), N, N, W, N, Door (Enters Gaia)

Go W, S, S
- The door here will close when you pass through the pillars.  Enter the
  pillars a second time to open them again.
Go Up (Exits Gaia)
* Bogard shows up here.

Go S
Depending on your MP and your inventory, you now have 2 options:
1. If you are in good shape, use Fire + Axe to kill the Werewolves as you chop
   through the trees.
2. Head south and get an extra screen's worth of Crab enemies.
--- The Crabs are nice because they can be killed with the Silver Sword in 2
    hits, and because they drop Nectar.
--- If you don't have any Nectar yet, you should farm the Crabs until you do.
--- Enter and exit a Crabs screen until you get 2 to appear, then kill 1, and
    repeat the process until you have a Nectar.

Eventually, you'll reach a house.
This is an Inn, in case you're completely dry on MP.

START: outside the Inn mentioned above

- Goal: get to the Airship.
- Kill enemies with Fire.
--- Clouds drop Ethers and Wisdom Crystals.  Ignore the Pebbler's drops.
--- Do not attack the Sahagins.  They do not give enough experience.

Go W(Axe), N, E, N, E(Axe), E(Chain)
- This gap requires a full Will meter for the Chain to get across.
--- Clear any clouds that block your path.
--- Use a Crystal if you have one.

Go N, E, W(Chain), W, S(Chain), W, N, N(Enter Airship)

[2G] Julius's Airship

START: You just entered the Airship, and are climbing the anchor.

- Goal: find the Girl.
- Kill profitable enemies, and ignore weak ones.
--- Ignore any enemies that you recognize from Kett's dungeon.
--- Exception: Kill the Owls with the chain, in case they drop a Crystal.
--- Ghosts, Eye Spys, Owls, Zombies (if they were blocking your path), and
    Clouds all drop useful things.

Go N, N, W, S, Door
Go W, W
* This is the first Eye Spy room.
--- Eye Spys may take 1 or 2 Fires to kill; attack when your Will bar is
    partially full and you'll usually kill them in 1 shot.
Go W, S, Down
- Press the right button to access the left button.
- Kill Werewolves using the same strategy as Eye Spys.

Go W, W, S(K)
- Talk to the Girl through the Fence.
- Bogard will leave you now.
Go N, E, E, Up

Go N, W, N, Up
Go S, W, W, N, Up(M)
* You're now on the Airship exterior.

Go E, N, W, W, S, E, S, E
- Talk to the Girl.

[2H] Menos Area

START: Just completed the Airship / Amanda cutscene.

- Goal: Enter Medusa Cave
- Note: there is a Chocobo near Menos.  This guide does not bother with that
  Chocobo because there are so many juicy enemies to kill that using it
  is counterproductive.

Go S (Exits house), S (Exits Menos), S, S, W (Enters Desert)

- Kill Basilisks, ignore everything else.
--- Basilisks die in a single fire shot.  Ignore their treasure.

Go S, S, W, N, Door (Enters Medusa Cave)
* This is an Oasis.
- 2 Palm trees make 3 lanes (between them, to the right of them, to the left
  of them)
- Walk up the center, then down the right, then up the center, then down the
  left to make the entrance to the cave appear.

[2I] Medusa Cave

START: Amanda just joined you.
--- Amanda can cure the Stone status with her ASK command.

- Goal: Find the Ice spell.
- Kill enemies.
--- As usual, ignore old enemies.
--- Biting Lizards are invulnerable to Fire.  Amanda may kill them.
--- Mummies drop Flame, which is barely stronger than Fire.  Take them if
    you're feeling desperate for MP.
--- Shadow Zeroes deal about 50 damage, so keep your HP completely full!
--- Shadow Zeroes take 2 hits to kill, but grant 2x the experience of
    everything else.
--- Shadow Zeroes drop Ethers and Wisdom Crystals.
--- Did I mention Shadow Zeroes yet?  They're far more dangerous than Medusa.

Go S, S(M), W, W, S, W, W, N
* This room has a lot of rocks.
- You can use a Mattock if a Biting Lizard is making progress difficult to the
- The next room has a recovery pond to the West, behind a locked door.  Use it
  if you need to.

Go N, N, N(Key), E
- Press the lower button, then use the Chain to escape without sliding onto
  the second button.
- In the next room, open the chest to get Ice.

- Goal: Defeat Medusa
Go W, S, S, S, S, E, N(M), N
- Push the snowman onto the button.
Go N
- Use Ice to freeze a Spider, and push the snowman onto the button.
--- Don't let Amanda destroy your snowman!
Go Down, N, Down, W

BOSS: Medusa
- Medusa moves randomly, then shoots snakes for a random amount of time.
- Fire will destroy any snakes it passes through.
- Medusa's head takes much more damage from Fire than does her skirt.
--- Therefore, you should generally be along the top of the stage, except if
    her motion forces you away.
- You should have entered the fight with nearly full MP, from a level shortly
  before entering the fight.
--- If you're running out for some reason, wait for the Will meter to fill
    before each shot for glorious 4x damage.

- Kill Amanda, then walk into her corpse.
--- Your inventory must have space for the Amanda's Tears item.

[2J] Jadd / Davias's Mansion

START: Just completed the Medusa cave.

- Goal: Return to Jadd.
- Kill Basilisks along the way.
W, N, E, N, N, W, N, Door (Enters Jadd)

- Buy Gold equipment.
--- If you are short on money, skip the Gold Shield.
- Sleep in Inn if needed.
Go N, 2x Shops, S, W, N, N, Door (Enters Davias's Mansion)

Go Up, E, E, Down
- Give Amanda's Tears to the parrot in order to make the stairs appear.
- Lester will join your party.

- Goal: Reach Davias.
- Kill a few enemies.
--- Black Mages are invincible, and they deal huge damage.
--- The Gold Shield can sometimes block Black Mages' fireballs.
--- Flames can be killed with Fire with a mostly full Will bar.
--- Demons can be killed with a full Will bar, but they have an erratic shield
    that often blocks your Fire.
--- If a Demon does drop treasure, take that Crystal.

Go E, E, N(M), N, N, W(K), S, Up
- Reach the stairway by going through the room counterclockwise.

Go W, W, W, W, Down
- Make the stairs appear by pressing the right, up, left, then down button.

Go N, W, S, S, E(M)
- If you failed to follow the earlier portions of this guide and don't have
  any Nectar, you can head south to get the Were Axe, then return here and
  THEN bust the East wall with a Mattock.  You'll need to complete an Ice
  puzzle and defeat some Fleas.

Go S, Up, N(K), Up (Takes you to roof), W

BOSS: Davias
- This is one of two bosses in the mid-game that we can't use magic against.
- Use that Nectar, then equip the Cure spell.
--- Nectar grants +15 to your attack damage.  Davias normally takes 5 damage
    from your attacks, so this is x4 damage.
--- Due to a bug, Nectar doesn't work until you pause (e.g. to equip Cure),
    and it also won't go away until you pause.  So, as long as you don't pause
    after selecting Cure, the Nectar will last the whole fight.
- Walk straight into Davias's face and mash the A button as fast as you can.
--- Like Hydra, the goal here is to extend your invincibility by continuously
- Cast Cure any time your HP is less than 45; his fireballs deal around 25
  damage but his body deals around 40.

[2K] Mt. Rocks: up to Metal Crab

START: Lester starts playing music.
- If you need to restore MP, rest in the Inn.  Otherwise, exit town.

START: Exited Jadd
- Kill Molebears, Werewolves, and Gorillas with a single Fire cast.
--- Molebears and Gorillas are worth crazy high amounts of Experience.
--- Iffish are invulnerable to fire.

Go S, E, N, E, N, N, E(Axe)
* You should be walking from a Werewolf room with trees into a lake area.

Go N, N, E, N, W, Door (Enters Metal Crab cave)

START: entered Metal Crab cave
Go W, N(Axe)
- This room features Face enemies.
--- They will presently take 2 hits to kill, but they drop X-Ethers.

Go W
- This room features rocks and Black Mages.
--- Consider using a Mattock to get past the Mages faster.
Go W(Axe), S, W

BOSS: Metal Crab
- Only his face is vulnerable
- His face is not accessible when he's on the bottom of the screen.
--- Therefore, cast with a full Will bar when he is on the top of the arena.
--- With practice, you can score a second hit each cycle.

- Goal: get out of the cave.
Go Down, W, W, W, Up (Exits cave)

[2L] Mt Rocks: the climb

START: Just exited Metal Crab's cave.
- Transition from leveling Wisdom to leveling Will.
--- Once you reach level 20, you will level Will until you have 35 Will.
- Reach Golem's Cave.
- Don't die to Springs.
- Kill Molebears and Gorillas.

Go W, S, E, S, S, S, S, N(Take U-Turn)
- This is the first screen with Spring enemies.
--- Springs are invincible, move fast, move unpredictably, kill you in 2 hits,
    and cause Moogle status.
--- If in danger, save!
--- A nearly full Will bar can kill the Orc enemies with Fire.
- There is a recovery pond to the east.
--- You probably won't need it (you'll be leveling up every few screens).

Go E, N, E, N, N, W, E(Axe)
- You'll need to go a bit west before you can find trees that can be cleared.
- If there are springs blocking your path, consider exiting and reentering
  the screen until they are in less dangerous positions.
--- You can also try the unreliable Slep spell if you're feeling brave.

Go N(Axe), N, E, S, S(Axe), E, N, Door (Enters Golem's Cave)

[2M] Mt Rocks: Golem's Cave

START: Just entered Golem's Cave.

- Goal: Find Cyclops to get the Morning Star
- Defeat enemies.
--- Face enemies can die to one Fire with a partly filled Will meter.
--- Face enemies drop X-Ethers.
--- Minotaurs die to one Fire.
--- Ghosts are still worth killing.
- Remember to level Will instead of Wisdom.
--- Once you reach level 20, you will level Will until you have 35 Will.

- If you go the wrong way, you'll return to the start of the cave.

Go N, E, E, N(M), W, N
- The Werewolf infested puzzle room is solved by pushing a chest onto a button
  and then destroying it.

Go E, E(K), E(Axe), S, S, E, E, Up, E

BOSS: Cyclops
- Cyclops's weapon can kill you in one hit.
- Cyclops has three rows (top, middle, bottom), and may charge forward up to 2
  times at each position.
- Hits to Cyclops's eye deal more damage than hits to his feet.
--- While Cyclops is on the bottom row, let the Will meter fill, and target
    his eye for your next Fire.
--- Otherwise, just do rapid Fires; attacking his eye is too dangerous.
- If you have 2 Wisdom Crystals, spend one here.
--- If you have only 1, save it for Chimera.
- Win the Morning Star.

Go W, Down W, W, W
- You've teleported back to the beginning of the cave, Lost Woods style.
Go N, N(K)

BOSS: Golem
- Equip the Morning Star.
- Golem deals around 45 damage, so keep your HP at 50 or more.
- Fight Golem like an easier version of Davias.
--- If you have a Nectar, use it.
--- As before, mash the A button rapidly to prolong invulnerablility.
--- Stay close to the Golem and you'll score 2 hits per swing.
- Win the Lit spell.

Go N, Up(M), E, Door (Enter the Dark Lord's Castle)

[2N] Glaive / The Dark Lord's Castle

START: just emerged from behind the waterfall.
- Goal: Rescue the Girl

Go E, N, W(Axe)
- There will be some Face enemies; if you have a full Will bar, the Morning
  Star will kill them in one hit.

Go N, Door
* You're in the sewers.
- Ghosts are still worth killing.  Kill other enemies if they block your path.

Go N
- Take the left path.
Go E, E
- Take the lower path.
Go E
- Take the upper path.
Go Up, N, N, Down.
- If enemies block your path on the vine, re-enter the screen.

Go Down, W

BOSS: Chimera
- This boss has an attack that cannot be avoided.
--- Specifically, each time he reaches the center of the screen, he may dive.
--- This deals about 45 damage; if your HP is below 50, cast Cure.
- Stay out of the range of the fireballs that his wings drop.
- Chimera is invulnerable to Lit; Fire must be used.
--- Cast Fire rapidly.
- If you have a Wisdom Crystal, now is the time to use it.

Go S (Enters Girl's room)
- The Girl can heal you with her ASK command.  Do this often.

- Goal: defeat the Dark Lord.
- Don't die to Wizards.
--- Wizards can be killed with about 10 Morning Star hits, but are otherwise
--- Wizards inflict Stone with their magic, or Moogle from touching them.
- Get a level or two from Dark Knights.
--- Dark Knights can be killed with a single Fire cast, but have to be hit
    from the side or the back.

- This, by far, is the hardest portion of the game for this build.  Good luck!

START: in Girl's room

Go Down, Up
* You're now on the castle's roof.
- There is an Item shop / inn to the southwest, if you're desperate.
--- Reaching and exiting that shop is actually pretty challenging.

Go W, W, S, Door (Enter Castle)
Go N(K), E
- There are spikes in the previous two rooms.  They deal lots of damage;
  either avoid the second set while the Girl heals you from the first, or just
  cast a lot of Cure.

Go N(M), W
- The shiny things deal huge damage; don't step on them.

Go Down
- This is one of the 2 hardest rooms in the game.
- You must Chain to the middle platform, then use a full Will bar Chain to the
  left platform to hit the button, then a full Will bar chain to the bottom
- I suggest entering/exiting the room until you get a room with only 1 Wizard.
--- Kill the Dark Knights.
- While you are flashing from damage, you cannot press a button, and you
  cannot enter Stairs.

Go N, E, S, S
- Again, don't step in the energy field.

Go W, Down
- The way this Werewolf room works is, if any of the treasure chests are
  destroyed or moved, the stairs wil disappear.
- If you're feeling fancy, you can take damage from a Werewolf to start
  flashing, then walk through a tresure chest.
- Otherwise, go through the corridor to the left, and be careful to only cast
  spells if you're sure they won't hit the chests.

Go E, E, E(M), E, N, Up

Go N(M), E(K), Up

Go S, W, W, Down
- This is an Ice room.
- The goal is to push a snowman onto each of the two buttons.
- Only the Dark Knights can be turned into snowmen.
--- You cannot push a snowman while flashing from damage.
--- You should probably enter/exit until there's only one Wizard.
- Sometimes, the stairs won't appear even when you solve the puzzle.
--- This is a glitch; the short story is that the Girl is probably to blame.
--- You can sometimes fix it by pusing both snowmen back off of the buttons,
    then pushing them back on.

Go W, N, Up

Go N, W
- This room looks like a throne room.
- If you are close to a level and low on MP, you should kill a few Dark
  Knights here before proceeding to the Dark Lord fight.

Go Up

BOSS: Dark Lord
- Dark Lord deals about 55 damage.  Cast cure if you're below 60 HP.
- Dark Lord can only be hurt by Lit.

- Our first obejctive is to get Dark Lord's AI stuck.
- Equip Cure and run off to the upper right or upper left corner of the arena.
- If Dark Lord is 1/2 tile to the side (rather than exactly aligned with you),
  he may get stuck rather than actually running into you.
--- Sometimes this doesn't happen, and I'm not sure why.
--- If it fails, try again on the other side until it does.

- Now to deal damage.
- Wait for your Will meter to fill.
- Equip Lit and walk down into Dark Lord.
--- This will make him turn away from you.
- Cast Lit.
--- This should hit his backside.
--- If he walks slowly away from you, fire a couple more Lits.
--- If he dashes away, just return to your safe haven.
- Cure yourself and use a Crystal if you have any left.
- Wait for the Will meter to fill, and repeat.

- It is possible that the Lit spell will glitch out and the Dark Lord will go
  flying off the balcony.
--- If this happens, attack him with the Morning Star and he'll die.
--- He'll wrap to the opposite side of the screen than the side he left from.

Go S (Exits to previous room)

[2O] From Ish to the Ice Cavern

START: Just got kicked out of Sara/Bogard's house
"What's that Gemma? ... It's You!"

- Talk to Sara
- Enter the Weapon Shop.
--- Buy Flame Armor
- Enter the Item shop.
--- Buy 3x Keys.

Go W, Door
- Sleep at the Inn.
Go W, Door
- You now have the Chocobot.

Go E, S, S (Exits Ish)
- Talk to your Chocobot to recruit him.

START: Just exited Ish and recruited the Chocobot.
- Goal: reach the Ice Cavern

Go W, N, N, W, W, E
- Get in the ocean via the dock.
Go E, E, S, E, S, S, S, S, N
- Get on land via the dock.

Go N(Axe), N, N
* This takes you to the first screen of the Lorim Snowfields.
- The Chocobo will be kicked to the previous screen.

- Kill some enemies.
--- Wolves and Snowmen die in one Fire cast, while Walruses will die if the
    Will meter is mostly full.

Go N, E, E, S, S, W, S, E, E, Door (Enters Ice Cavern)

[2P] Ice Cavern

START: Just entered Ice Cavern

- Goal: fight Kary with a Will stat of at least 35
--- Once Will reaches 35, you can go back to leveling Wisdom for a while.
- Defeat non-Eye enemies
--- Eyes are invincible, and they inflict Stone.
--- Air Elementals die in 1 Fire cast.
--- Potos (the white jumping things) die in 1 Fire cast, and drop X-Ethers.
--- Duck Knights die in 2 Fire casts or with a nearly full Will bar.

- Something to understand: ice in this game is actually a 1-way conveyor belt,
  rather than behaving like you'd expect ice to behave.

Go N, N
- In each case, use the upper-left available Ice tile.

Go E
- Press the button to move the snowman, then walk downward, then push the
  snowman onto the button to open the door.

Go N (Chain)
- Use a fully charged Will bar to reach the chain post.

Go W(Chain)
- Either let the Will bar charge to use the chain post, or swing the uncharged
  chain as you step onto the ice.

Go N(K), E, N
- You can either step one-half tile onto the right row of ice tiles and cross
  the ice to the north, or you can go across the (third?) ice tile from the

Go N(M)
- Go through the room in a counter clockwise direciton.
- Bonus points if you use a Mattock, which doesn't spend your Will bar.

Go N(Chain)
- This requires a fully charged Will bar.

Go W
- You can either step one-half tile onto the right (or left) side of the ice
  "box" and exit up or down, or you can exit via the rightmost side of the
  ice "box".

Go W, Up, S
- Use the left side of the ice path.
Go S, E, S, E, W
- Transfer to the northern side of the ice path.
Go N, N(M), Up

* You should emerge from the stairs on a screen with two horizontal lines of
  ice, and an obviously Mattockable wall to the north.
- There is a recovery pond to the north, if you need it.

Go E, N(K), Up (to Exterior)
- Go through the room clockwise.

Go E, Door (to Dungeon)
Go W(Chain)
- Either use a fully charged Will bar, or attack as you step onto the topmost
  ice tile.

Go W, S, S
- The door to the South here is opened by the button on the lower right.
- To get there, press the button in the center to melt some of the ice.
- You'll have to hit a chain post while sliding, which works or doesn't work
  seemingly at random.

Go E, E(Axe), E
- Use the lower ice path.
Go E, S
- Use the rightmost ice path.
Go S, W
- Use the lower ice path.
- Use an UNCHARGED chain.
- Be very careful not to get hit onto the left side of the ice while reaching
  the lower ice path.

Go W, W(M)
- You'll step onto a lower ice path, then be taken into a horrible room where
  you must hit one of two chain posts on the left side.
- It helps to make sure your Will meter is NOT full.
- Save before attempting this; with bad luck, you could die with no ability to
  do anything about it.

Go Up (to exterior)
- Use the left chain post with a charged Chain attack.
- Then use the top chain post.

Go E, Door (to dungeon)
Go E(Chain), N, Up (Chain, to exterior)
Go E

BOSS: Kary

- This boss requires some practice to kill with Magic.
- You MUST have 35 Will.
--- If you have less, kill some more Ducks Knights and/or Potos.
- If for some reason you got Nuke before coming here, she is immune to Nuke.
- Only her head is vulnerable.
- You will hit her with Fire, then Lit, then Lit again

- Dodge her initial icicles.
- When she moves down, walk above her, aim to the right.
--- Shoot her as she starts moving to the right, so that your Fireball hits
    her head as it turns downward.

- When she moves down again, walk down and right, aim down, and equip Lit.
--- As she crosses back in front of you, hit her head with Lit.
--- Retreat to the top again immediately!

- Aim to the right, and start shooting Lit right as her left hands pass you.
--- With proper timing, you'll hit her head as she stars moving upward again.
- Walk downward, dodge her charge and icicles, and repeat the pattern.

- Win Ice Sword.

[2Q] Floatrocks and Kraken's Cave

START: Just exited Ice Cavern

- Goal: talk to Cibba and get the Bone Key.

Go W, W, N, E, N, N, W, S, W, S
* This exits the Lorim Snow Fields.
- Talk to your Chocobo here to re-recruit him.

Go S, E(Axe), S, S, E, N, Door
* This enters Lorim
Go E, N
- Talk to Cibba and you'll get the Bone Key.
Go S, W, S (Exits Lorim)
- Talk to your Chocobo agian.

- Goal: go to the Elixir Island and win an Elixir.
Go S, W, N, N, W, S, N (Use dock to enter ocean)
Go N, N, N, W, N
* At this point you're at the mouth of the river.

Go E, E, E, E, E, S, S, E
* This is Elixir Island.
- Your goal is to use Lit to kill all the (fire breathing) sea horses.
--- If the seahorse arrangement is unfavorable, enter / exit until it is more
- Collect the Elixir that appears.

START: Just completed Elixir Island
- Goal: go to the Kraken's Cave.

Go S, S, S, S, S, W
* Going W here takes you into a river.
Go N, N, W, S, N
- Use the dock to head North on land.

Go E, N
- There is a recovery pond here.  Get off the Chocobo and use it.
--- If you're too close to the usage point when you get off the chocobo, it
    may not work.  Exit and re-enter the screen to fix it.

* You are now at the Ammonite Coast.
- The enemies here are incredibly dangerous.
--- Kill them with Lit if you must, but there are better targets later.
--- Feel free to hop on the Chocobo for invincibility, even for short
--- Manta Rays inflict Poison.
--- Griffin Hands inflict Moogle.  You can un-moogle yourself by hopping on
    the Chocobo.
Go S, S(Chain), S, E, S, S, S, W

* This takes you to the Floatrock Fields.
- Floatrocks can be destroyed by the Morning Star.
Go S, S, E, S, S, W, N, S(take U-turn), S, W, S, E, S, E, E, N, W
- Enter this cave by equipping the Bone Key.

START: Kraken's Cave / Cave in the Floatrocks
- Goal: defeat Kraken.

Go N, N(K), E(M), E, E
- This room has 2 buttons and a river.
- Press the first one to open the river, and the second to open the door.

Go N, N, N(M), Down, E

BOSS: Kraken
- You will defeat this boss with Fire, from safety.
- Cast one Fire as soon as you enter the room, then run to the second Bridge
  tile from the right.
--- This square is as close as you can be to the Kraken's right tentacle
    without taking damage.
- Only cast when your Will meter is full.
- The Tentacles are not vulnerable, only his head is.
- Kraken will shake a bit, then either extend a tentacle or not.
--- You can shoot when Kraken decides not to extend a tentacle.
--- You can shoot while Kraken retracts his left tentacle.

Go in door (Exits Kraken's Cave)

[2R] Undersea Volcano

START: Just exited Kraken's Cave.

- Goal: enter the Undersea Volcano
E, S, W, N, Door (Enter Undersea Volcano)

- Defeat Iflyte.
- Kill Enemies.
--- The enemies hit hard in this dungeon.
--- Earth Elementals die in 1 Lit cast and drop X-Ethers.
--- Moths die in 1 Lit cast with a partially full Will bar.
- Don't forget: Level Wisdom until level 31, then level Will again.

Go S, W, N(M), W, W(M)

Go Down (to exterior)
- This is one of the 2 hardest rooms in the game.
- You must sickle a path open to each button, then cast Ice on two Dark
  Knights, and push them onto the buttons.
--- The game may glitch out and not make the stairs. You'll have to try again.
- Enter and exit the room until there is only 1 Wizard.
- Use your best Lolo skills.

Go W, Door (back into the cave)
Go W, N
- There is Lava you must cross to go north here.
- Lava will deal about 3/4 of your health in damage.
--- You can cross in a single hit, but if you're not confident, cast Cure
    twice while you cross.

Go N, N, E(M), Down (to exterior)
Go Door (back into cave)
Go N, E, E, S, E(K), Down (to exterior)
- The lower right rock conceals a stairway.

Right Door (back into cave)
Go S, W, N, Down
- This is another Ice room.
- Getting a snowman onto the upper button is harder than the right button.
- The room may glitch and not give you the stairs.  You'll have to try again.
--- If you killed all the enemies in the room, save, reset (ABSelectStart) and
    reload to bring them back.

Go W

BOSS: Iflyte
- Use Lit.
- Like Metal Crab, only his head is vulnerable.
- His head is still vulnerable when he's in ball form; aim for the center and
  lead your target as he bounces around.
- Win the Rusty Sword.

[2S] Lich's Cave

START: Just received Rusty Sword

- Stock up on supplies.
- Get the Chocobo.
--- If he spawned in the upper left corner, you'll need to enter /exit until
    he's somewhere you can reach.

Go E
* There is a Magic shop here.
- Check your X-Ether count and buy until you feel comfortable.
--- 4 is sufficient if you're good/lucky.
--- 8 should be sufficient regardless.

- Goal: exit the Floatrocks / Ammonite Coast.
- This is just backtracking.
Go S, W, W, N, W, N, E, N, N, S(take U-turn)
Go E, N, N, W, N, N, E, N, N, W, N, N(Chain)
- Cross the river using the Chain before going North here.

Go N
- Use the recovery pond.
Go S, W, S, N
- Get into the ocean via the dock.
Go E, S, S, E
- This is the mouth of the river.

N until you reach Elixir Island
- Defeat the sea horses again for another Elixir.

START: Elixir Island
- Goal: go to Lich's Cave

Go W, W, N, N, W, W, W, W, W, W, W
* At this point, you're at the Crystal Desert dock.  But don't use it.
Go N, N, N, W
- Get on the dock for the Palmy Beach.
Go S, W, S, W, N, Door (enter Lich's Cave)

Go Down, Down, North

BOSS: Lich
- This boss deals about 100 damage per hit.
- Use fully charged Lit spells.

- Lich follows the same movement pattern as Megapede.
--- First, let him cross under you as you cast Lit from the upper left.
--- Then, walk down and right, then left as he crosses over you.
--- Walk up and score another hit as he leaves the screen at the top.
--- Stay near the upper right, dodging skulls, and hit him as he crosses under
--- Walk left, down, right to let him cross over you.
--- Score one more Lit hit as he leaves the screen on the left.
--- Repeat from the beginning.

- Win the Nuke spell.

[2T] Ruins

START: Just got Nuke.

- Retreive Chocobo and enter the Ruins.
Go S, E, N, E, N, E, S
- Use dock to enter ocean
Go S, S, E
- Use dock to get onto the Crystal Desert

Go Down (Enters Ruins)
- Reveal the entrance by casting Nuke on the right crystal.

- Defeat some enemies.
--- Mirrors have projectiles.  Snails do not.
--- Both die in a single Nuke cast.
--- Nuke is not MP efficient, so keep the killing to a minimum.

Go W, W, S (Enters dungeon)

- Ignore Robots.
--- If you must kill one, Lit works, while Nuke does not.
- If low on MP, check if killing Snails/Mirrors/Earth Elementals/Moths is
  enough to level up.
--- Each of those enemies is 100-150 Experience, and you can see how close to
    a level you are on the Status screen or by saving.

Go N, N
- To go north here, use the left half of the center tiles until you get kicked
  to the right side, then use the upper right tile.
Go N, E
- To go east here, use the left half of the center tiles until you get kicked
  to the upper side, the use the upper right tile.

Go E, N, N, N, W, N

BOSS: Mantis Ant
- Don't move.
- Cast Fire when your Will meter fills.
- After he's dead, equip Cure, and survive the 100HP damage tiles as you enter
  the arena then exit to the right.

Go E
- Equip the Rusty Sword
- Press the button.
"The Rusty Sword released it is mystic power..."

[2U] Dime Tower

START: Just left the Ruins
"Tower of Dime will appear somewhere in this desert!!"

- Get Chocobo.
- Goal: arrive at Dime Tower.
Go S, S, E, S, W
Door (Enters Dime Tower)

* Marcie joins.
--- Marcie's ASK command gives you full MP.
--- Nuke anything that is convenient.
--- This is your last good opportunity to get levels.

- Goal: find Garuda.
- Defeat enemies.
--- Swords are not dangerous, but Gauntlets hurt hard.
--- Birdmen can poison, while the Beret wearing fuzzballs can Moogle.
--- Mirrors/Snails are also worth killing.

Go W, N, N, E, E(M), N
- You should now be in a room with 4 coffins.
Go W, Up

Go W, S, E, S, S, E, Up (to Exterior)
Go N, Door (to inside)

Go W, N(K), E
- Get the Dragon Armor
Go W, W(M), Up, Up

Go N
- This is an Ice room.
- Cut trees so you can freeze the Minotaurs.
- You can steer the Ice spell to go diagonally.
--- This can help to avoid having to cut trees that enable Marcie to kill your

Go E(K), S, Up (to Exterior), N

BOSS: Garuda
- Garuda will hang out in an upper corner, shoot some feathers (0-2 sets of 2)
  then dive diagonally before rising to the opposite corner.
- When Garuda is on the left side, being in the lower left corner will evade
  his dive.
- Likewise, when he is on the right, hide in the lower right.
- You need to avoid the feathers, though.
--- Until Garuda is about to dive, stand near the center of the arena, so that
    his feathers won't be aimed near the corner.
- Kill Garuda with fully charged Nuke blasts.

- At the end of the fight, use Marcie to top yourself off.
Go W, W

- Marcie leaves
Go W, W, W
- You'll automatically go up the Waterfall.

[2V] Tower of Gemma

START: Just arrived at top of waterfall.

Go W, N, Door (Enters Tower of Gemma)

- Goal: defeat the 3 Dragons.
--- The exception is if you're right about to get a level.
--- All the enemies here would spells too expensive to justify the kill.
- Ninjas and Fiend Heads are scary.
--- Ninjas' projectiles deal around 90 damage.
--- Fiend Heads and Ninjas can both instantaneously teleport anywhere -
    including directly on top of you.

S, E, E, N, N, N(K), Up (to Dragon arena), N

BOSS: Dragon
- Dragon will go through the arena in a circle.
- Each time he reaches the top center, he will randomly choose whether his
  next circle is clockwise or counterclockwise.
- The only vulnerable square is the foot underneath his head.
--- Do NOT target his head!  His wing will intercept shots that high.
--- Again: target his FRONT FOOT.
- Use fully charged Nukes.
--- Be careful not to let your cast get interrupted by the (weak) fireballs.
--- Consider intentionally taking a hit from fireballs, then using the
    invincibility time to cast your spell uninterrupted.
- When fight is over, use Teleporter.

Go E, Teleport
Go W, N, W, W(K), Teleport (to Exterior)
Go E, Teleport (to Interior)
Go S, W(M), W, S, W, Teleport

Go W, S, S, E
- This is an Ice room.
- Steer the Ice spell through the labrynth, across the orb and to the Minotaur
  on the button.
--- It may take 2 tries, since there is an extra Minotaur down there.
Up (to Dragon arena), N

BOSS: Red Dragon
- This boss has more HP than the last one.  Aside from that, it's identical.
- Use the Teleporter when done.

Go W, Teleport (to Interior)
Go N, E, N, Teleport (to Exterior)
Go E, Teleport (to Interior)
Go S, E, S, Teleport (to Exterior)
Go W, Teleport (to Interior)
Go E, E(K), E, E, E, N
- This is an Ice room.
- The correct button is on the left side of the room, second from the bottom.

Go North until stairs.  Take the stairs to the final Dragon arena.

BOSS: Dragon Zombie
- This boss is like Hydra, except its fireballs aim toward you rather than
- Fire is my choice; Nuke could be okay if you have a lot of X-Ethers left.
--- If you use Nuke, attack from below so that you don't miss his erratically
    moving heads.
- Touching his body hurts really, really bad.
--- Watch out for his 

[2W] Mana Tree and Julius

START: Just teleported after Dragon Zombie

- The path here is one-way, so I won't bother giving directions.
- You'll get the XCalibr.  Weapons with that ridiculous an abbreviation don't
  deserve to be equipped.

BOSS: Julius 1
- This boss remains hard, even if you practice.
- The 3 Julius clones are equally powerful; there is no "correct" Julius.
- His Nukes deal about 20 damage, while touching him deals about 100 damage.
- He can move in a variety of ways, he can slowly fade out and reappear in the
  destination he was walking to, or he can instantly teleport.
--- Instant teleporting is allowed to target your current square, so keep
    yourself above 100 HP.
- Use fully charged Nukes, and you should kill the Julius clones in 1 hit.
- He has a shield.  In general, hitting his back will work, but sometimes
  hitting his side works and sometimes it doesn't.

- You MUST kill the final Julius 1 clone while standing on the left or bottom
  side of the screen!

BOSS: Julius 2
- This boss is kind of like Golem, only with extra lightning bolts.
- Julius 2 begins the fight in the center, heading right.
- On the right side, he may dive down (up to 3 times), and he may dive
--- The diagonal dive is dangerous; don't attack Julius 2 from below when he's
    on the right or left side or else you cannot avoid the diagonal dive.
- When he returns to the center from the right side, he may dive down, but
  will never dive diagonally.
- When he goes to the left side, he again may dive down (up to 3 times) or
  dive diagonally.
- When he returns to the center from the left side, he will never dive; he
  will always simply move to the right.

BOSS: Julius 3
- This boss has a set pattern; his positions are NOT random.
- At each position, Julius will raise his hands then fire 2 Nukes toward you.
- His hands are invincible.
- Below are instructions.
--- The format is Enemy Position: Your position, your action.

Top Center: Bottom Center, walk left until shoot up.
Left: Right Center, shoot left (time shot to intercept Julius's Nukes)
Upper Right: Upper Left, shoot right (time shot to intercept Julius's Nukes)
Sort of Right: Upper Left, walk down, shoot right.
--- This, and the Sort of Left position, are the hardest ones.  Feel free to
    not attack here.
Upper Left: Lower Right, walk left, shoot up.
Sort of Left: Upper Right, walk down, shoot left.
Upper Right: Lower Left, walk right, shoot up.
Lower Left: Upper Right, shoot left, walk down to dodge.
Middle Right: Middle Left, shoot right (time shot to intercept Julius's Nukes)
Middle Left: Lower Right, walk left, shoot up.
--- You may win here.
Lower Right: Upper Left, shoot right, walk down to dodge.
Lower Middle: Lower Right, take a Nuke hit, shoot left.
Upper Right: Lower Left, walk right, shoot up.
Upper Left: Lower Middle, walk left, shoot up.

Julius will then repeat his pattern.

[3] Math

This section explains some detail about how combat works in this game.

Your max HP = 19 + (Stamina * Stamina) * 0.1
Fractional HP is truncated.

Each point of Will grants 0.00625 of the Will bar each second.

Enemies have a random amount of HP, varying by about 6%.
Damage dealt is also is randomized by a few % up or down from the numbers

When enemies attack you, damage works like this:
Damage = Enemy's Attack - (Your Stamina + Your Armor + Your Helmet)

Enemies deal different amounts of damage by touching them vs their projectiles.
--- In general, bosses' projectiles deal less damage than touching them.
--- In general, normal enemies' projectiles deal more damage than touching.
Some items (such as the Flame Armor) reduce damage from a certain element.

When you attack an enemy with a physical attack, damage works like this:

Damage = (1 + Will%) * (Power + Weapon Base Power - Enemy's Defense)

Will% is what fraction of the Will meter is full.
So, if you have a full Will bar, damage is doubled.
--- The Sword's spinning special attack acts as though Will% = 0.
--- The Sword's return trip from the Flying Sword Attack acts as though
    Will% = 0.

Some enemies have an elmental weakness or an elemental resistance.
Elemental resistance makes attacks of that element deal NO damage.
Elemental weakness doubles the Weapon's Base Power.

When you attack an enemy with a magical attack, damage works like this:

Damage = (1 + Will%) * (2 * Wisdom + Spell's Base Damage - Magic Resistance)
         Damage multiplied by 2 if Will% = 100%

So, if you fire uncharged spells, each point of Wisdom grants 2 points of
damage, whereas for fully charged spells, each Wisdom point grants 8 points of

For enemies, Magic Resistance can be different from Defense.
Elemental resistance and weakness works like it does for weapons.

Although all enemies immune to the Flame Chain are immune to Fire, some
enemies weak against the Flame Chain are not weak against Fire.

[4] Legal

This guide is copyright January 2015 by "Crow!".
It will be sumbitted to Speed Demos Archive's forum, and for publication on
Anyone else may not reproduce it in whole or in part without Crow!'s express

That said, I'm eager to share.  Just let me know where you want to post this,
and I'll probably tell you that you can!

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