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Black Rabite Guide by MuskKitty

Version: 1.25 | Updated: 06/20/00

Seiken Densetsu 3 Black Rabite Guide
by MuskKitty <muskkitty@vgws.com>
Version 1.25
20 June 2000

Based on translation by Neill Corlett, Lina`chan, Nuku-nuku and SoM2Freak.

Seiken Densetsu 3 Translation

Lina`chan, Nuku-Nuku and Filia's Translation Domain! 
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Table of Contents

a)Legal Stuff

b)What's New

c)What is the Black Rabite?

d)How to fight the Black Rabite

e)What you'll need to fight the Black Rabite
--Magic & Items

f)What to do just before you fight the Black Rabite

g)Info on the Black Rabite

h)Who to choose


j)How to defeat the Black Rabite the cheap and easy way


                                 Legal Stuff

This guide is copyright 2000 Jeremy Wong. Seiken Densetsu 3 is copyright 1995 
Squaresoft. You may use freely distribute this guide (meaning the file) as it 
remains unedited (if you'd like to correct spelling, punctuation and grammar 
mistakes, that's fine though), and I am given proper credit for it. If you wish 
to use this guide for your webpage or works, I require that you first obtain 
permission from me first, and give proper credit, if permission is given. 

You may not sell this guide for profit, or together with anything else for 
profit, without prior written permission from me. You'll never, ever get the 
permission to sell it anyway, so save us both some time and don't bother asking.

Contact information:

Email: muskkitty@vgws.com
ICQ# : 42546043

Note: Don't send stupid email! I mean, I like SD3, but I don't like things like 
email asking me which video setting to use, or how to use magic. Find that out 
elsewhere. Spam is not tolerated. 

This guide should only be found on:


I know some sites just host this on their servers, without asking. They feel 
it's okay because proper credit is given. Well, I appreciate that, but I'd just 
like to know which sites are hosting my stuff. So, please just email me and ask 
for permission. It makes me happy and it makes you happy. If I find out that 
you're hosting it without permission, it'll probably make me grumpy and I 
probably won't let you host it.

If you really want to have it on your site, but feel too lazy to email, just 
link to GameFaqs SD3 page, 


If you find this on any other site besides the ones mentioned above, please 
inform me, and thanks in advance.

                                 What's New
v1.25, 20 Jun 00
Fixed the same embarrassing error, this time in Kevin's Class Change info. Added 
some info about Poto Oil and Mama Poto Oil.

v1.21, 6 May 00
Fixed an embarrassing error in Duran's Class Change info.

v1.20, 28 Apr 00
Added Character and Classes analysis, info on Black Rabite's HP, added some 
pointers here and there, changed email address. Added more to the Legal Stuff 

v1.11, 15 Feb 00
Minor update to Legal Stuff.

v1.10, 10 Feb 00
Added two new sections, the one you're reading and the cheap and easy methods. 
Corrected some mistakes on the info about the Black Rabite, added Reflect Magic 
section under Magic & Items section, added the spirits associated with each 
spell. Corrected many spelling mistakes and wrong words, but probably made more 
in the process ^^. Updated Credits section.

v1.00, 14 Jan 00
First version

                         What is the Black Rabite?

Evil in it's cutest form.

Basically, it's a secret boss. It resembles a normal Rabite, except that is dark 
purplish in colour, has an obscene amount of HP*, can cast a lot of powerful 
spells, and has some magic resistances and counterattacks.

*Huge thesis on the Black Rabite's HP can be found in 'Info on the Black Rabite 
section' :)
                       How to fight the Black Rabite

First off, you must be playing Angela's or Duran's quest. That means you must 
have Angela or Duran as your main character. As for who to choose, Duran will be 
more useful at the fight, but Angela is generally much more useful as a 
character. So it's up to you. Secondly, you must already have defeated Koren.
After you have done that, walk around Dragon's Hole until you come to a narrow 
corridor leading North to South, which has no enemies in that area. Push against 
the left wall; there's a hidden passage, and you can walk into an area where 
you'll fight the Black Rabite.

Directions: I'll start from the beginning of Dragon's Hole, it's easier. If 
you're lost in Dragon's Hole, just use a Magic Rope. It'd be good if you would 
go back to the Golden Goddess Statue to save and recover too ^^.

After you enter the Dragon's mouth, you'll be in the room where you fought the 
DarkShrine Knight. Head north. Then head north again. The north exit should be 
somewhere to the top left. After that, head east twice.

In the next room, head north, There are 2 north exits here, the one on the
right leads to a dead end (where you fought Tzenker I think). Take the one
at the top left. After that, just continue on; there's only one other exit
per area. (north twice, then in the next area move all the way west until
you reach the south exit). There :)

It's the area north of that one way slope.

                    What you'll need to fight the Rabite 


I recommend that all 3 of your characters be at their final class, and that each 
one of them be equipped with their best armor and weapons, namely those from the 
Weapon/Armor seeds (the brown ones). Be sure to get at the least the armor and 
weapon for every character, the rings, shields and helms aren't so critical, 
since the bonus they add is less.

For those who don't know how to, here's how to get them:

Weapon/Armor seeds are found in treasure chests left behind from defeated 
enemies, around the end of the game. For Angela/Duran 's quest, the easiest way 
to obtain it is to go to the Glass Desert. The enemy that often drops it is the 
NightBlade. Go to the desert (it appears more often at night, so carry some 
Dreamsee herbs with you), and hunt for it. It is usually found in the following 

Boulder         (Night time)


Guardian         (Day time)

Be careful though, as the NightBlade can use Split Image Slice, which can 
devastate your team if you're not careful. If you get hit by the Guardian's Rust 
Hurricane, and then by the Split Image Slice, it's lights out for you, if you're 
at a low level, or couldn't afford to buy the best armor. To prevent this, heal 
fully (and save state if you're using an emulator, which you probably are) 
before entering the next area.

It's important to note that the treasure from the treasure chest depends on who 
dropped it, i.e. the -last- enemy killed. Therefore, you should try to take out 
the other enemies first, and kill the NightBlade last. This can be annoying 
though, if the NightBlade uses his Split-Image Slice. If you have Angela as a 
Rune Master, or Lise as a Star Lancer, you can always mute him to stop him from 
using it :D. If not, try to kill the others as quickly as possible. The 
Guardians are weak against Undine's magic, so if you have Angela in your team, a 
single MegaSplash/Cold Blaze should seriously damage it, if not destroy it. Ice 
Saber works well too. I'm not sure if the Boulders have a weakness. Anyway, 
after you kill the other two, save again, and then get rid of the NightBlade. If 
he doesn't produce a chest, load, and kill him again. Some variation may help, 
i.e. if you killed him and he didn't produce a chest, load and try using 
different magic/techs etc. Once you get a chest, save again :). This should 
almost always be a Weapon/Armor seed, so it should be easy. 

Once you have a substantial number of them, call Flammie to fly you to the 
nearest town (Altena). Run to the inn, and plant them. As with the ??? Seeds, 
you may often get duplicates. One way to avoid this is to save state, then plant 
the seed. If you get something you want, save. If you don't, try planting 
another seed, then planting the Weapon/Armor seed. Sometimes you may get a 
different result, though it's rare. In short, this process will drive you crazy, 
depending on your luck, and how many weapons/armors you want. Bah.

When you're done, it's time to equip. Remember that all the equipment are all in 
one character's inventory, the one who 'talked' to the pot. You'' have to 
transfer the equipment to the others.


You really don't have to bother training up much, since going through all the 
pain of getting all the ??? and Weapon/Armor seeds should have gotten you up 
several levels. Around level 48+ should be fine.

                                Magic & Items

These are some of the spells and items you ought to have. It'll make your life 
much easier when fighting the Black Rabite.


Heal Light (multiple)     (Wisp)

People who have it:

Carlie: Any class except first will have it
Duran : Lord (LD)
Kevin : Warrior Monk (LD)

Item: Lord's Proof 
      Bottle of Holy Water
      Poto Oil

Heal Light multi target is extremely important, since almost every spell the 
Black Rabite can throw at you will hit your entire team. If you don't have it, 
good luck (but you should survive). If you don't have Heal Light at all, heh :P 
You'll probably have to stock up on lots on healing items (which you should do 
anyway), but there's always the danger that you'll run out of them during the 
battle. Moon Saber may help, but not by very much.

Poto Oils are a good substitute for Heal Light multitarget. You can pick them up 
at Byzel's Black Market.


Moon, Leaf or Saint Saber

People who have it:

Moon Saber:   (Luna)
Duran : Duelist (DD)
Kevin : Dervish  (DD)

Item: Carmilla's Claw
    : Demon Wolf Soul (all)

Leaf Saber:  (Dryad)
Duran : Duelist (DD)
Kevin : Warrior Monk (LD)

Item: Crawler's Claw

Saint Saber:  (Wisp)
Duran : Paladin (LL)
Carlie: Bishop (LL)

Item: Papa Poto's Claw
      Paladin's Proof (all)

The Black Rabite has a tendency to cast Dark Saber on you entire team, make them 
heal him with every hit. In order to get rid of it, you either have to cast 
another saber, or use a Stardust Herb (or die and get revived). Saint Saber is 
by far the best one to use here, since the Black Rabite is weak against Light. 
If you don't have Saint Saber, Moon or Leaf Saber can also do the job of getting 
rid of the Dark Saber. Elemental Sabers seem to do 1 damage to him per hit, so 
that's not good. You can always use Stardust Herbs to remove the Saber but, 
unless you have Lise as a Star Lancer, it'll be a pain to re-cast all the stat 
up spells, which you _should_ have. It's also not that great an idea since the 
stat up items and Stardust herbs will run out after 3 uses (for all 3 of your 

If you have Duran in your team, and you made him into a Lord (er, only to get 
multitarget Heal light, I hope), get more of those silly ??? Seeds and get some 
Paladin's Proofs. Each one casts Saint Saber on your entire team. Very useful :)


Stat Up Spells

People who have it:

Lise : Any Light Class (Star Lancer preferred since you can multitarget, and        
also get a cooler summon ^_^ )

Items: Drake's Scale    (Power Up)     (Salamando)
       Bird's Scale     (Speed Up)     (Jinn)     
       Bulette's Scale  (Protect Up)   (Gnome)
       Sahagin's Scale  (Mind Up)      (Undine)

Status up spells are a must in fighting the Black Rabite, especially Power Up 
and Mind Up. Mind Up reduces the damage from his spells, and Power Up increases 
the damage you can inflict. If you don't have Lise, be sure to pop over to 
Byzel's Black Market and pick up 9 of each scale.


Stat Down Spells

People who have it:

Lise : Any Dark Class (Fenrir Knight preferred due to multi target and better        

Hawk : Any Dark Class (Ninjutsu magic)

Item : Needlelion's Eye (Speed Down)     (Gnome)
       Slime's Eye      (Power Down)     (Undine)
       Bee's Eye        (Protect Down)   (Jinn)
       Battum's Eye     (Mind Down)      (Salamando)

Black Curse     (Shade)

People who have it:

Carlie : Necromancer (DL)     

Item: Bottle of Ashes
    : Shadowzero's Eye

Stat down spells aren't really important, since you have the stat up spells 
already. The good part about them is, you need only use them once, on the Black 
Rabite, as opposed to using them 3 times on each of your characters. You would 
also use them if you have Lise or Hawk in their Dark Classes. The downside is 
that the Black Rabite, when hit with a magic/item/Lv2 or 3 tech, will counter by 
summoning a Lv99 Great Demon, or spitting out a nasty spell. It's annoying to 
fight, but it's most dangerous because it can use Demon Breath, which does Shade 
damage and lowers magical ability and defense for all characters. If you have 
Angela as a Rune Master though, you can polish it off with a Stone Cloud before 
it does any damage. If it doesn't summon a Demon, it may hit you with something 
nasty, like Lava Wave, or Stone Cloud.

Considering this, Black Curse is definitely more useful. It lowers all four 
stats of one enemy at once. I'm not sure if the effect is less, but even if so, 
it saves you all those pesky demons and HP. (though the latter shouldn't be much 
of a problem)


Reflect Magic    (Dryad)

People who have it:

Hawk : Wanderer (LL)     

Item : Mantango Oil

The Reflect Magic spell, well, reflects magic back at the caster, in this case 
the Black Rabite. Although you can get the Mantango Oils (if you happened to 
grab some in the Forest of Wonder by killing those silly twerps), it's much 
easier if you have Hawk as a Wanderer, as the Black Rabite can cast Anti-Magic. 
It's probably not worth it to stock up on Mantango Oils just to get it all 
dispelled, but then again, that's my opinion *shrug*.


Chibikko Hammer

This item can be used to give an effect similar to Tinkle Rain multiple. The 
Black Rabite has a spell called Flash, which mooglelises all your characters.
I can't remember if it does damages as well, but it probably would :). Once you 
get moogled, use the Chibikko Hammer on all your characters. You can't use magic 
while moogled, so Tinkle Rain is out. The game only allows one negative status 
on any person at any one time, so the moogle status will be removed. Simply use 
the hammer again to restore yourselves back to size. Of course, you can always 
use Puipui Grasses, but isn't this more fun? ^^

If you're not in the mood for that kind of thing, Mama Poto Oils will do the 
trick. Pick them up at Byzel's Black Market.


Recovery items

Angel Grail        (Revives from unconsciousness with full HP and MP)
Honey Drink        (Heals fully)
Poto Oil           (Casts Heal Light one/all)
Magic Walnuts      (Restore 20 MP)
Pakkun Chocolate   (Heals 300 HP)
Round Drops        (Heals 100 HP)

I think these are obvious. Only the Angel Grails and Honey Drinks are really 
needed; just throw the others in if you have space. The Poto Oils are not really 
needed unless you don't have a character capable of healing the entire team.

          What to do just before you fight the Black Rabite
When you're standing in that narrow corridor. First off (this is important), 
access your status screen, and edit each character so that they will only use 
their level 1 techs (explained below and in Stat Down section). After that, 
check the time of day: The Black Rabite uses more Dark spells than Light, so 
switch it to daytime. The only exception to this is if you have Kevin in your 
party, then by all means switch it to Night :). When you're done, edit your 
inventory. You have 10 slots in your inventory. 

1)  9 Angel Grails
2)  9 Honey Drinks
3)  Chibikko Hammer
4)  Any  
5)  Any
6)  Any
7)  Any 
8)  Any
9)  Any
10) Any

This is my suggested inventory. You can fill slots 4 - 10 with some of the items 
I've listed above, to make up for the spells you don't have. If you have enough 
MP for your healer, you shouldn't need Magic Walnuts, since you won't be casting 
offensive spells. And anyway, the Angel Grail will restore you MP, should you 

Finally, be sure to have you're characters healed to full. Use the excess 
healing items that you have (those that can't fit into your inventory and are 
sitting in storage) to restore your HP and MP. Save state on a different slot, 
and enter.

           		   Info on Black Rabite

Spells the Black Rabite possesses:

Just about every spell in the entire game

Abilities the Black Rabite possesses:

Summon Lv99 Great Demon
The Black Rabite will summon a Level 99 Great Demon if you hit him with a)Magic  
b)Item  c)Level 2 or 3 tech. So try not to.

Note: This is different from Carlie's (Evil Shaman) Summon Great Demon. This one 
isn't an attack spell, but actually produces a Great Demon for you to fight.

Magic retaliation
If it doesn't summon a Demon, it'll hit you with a spell, or a special ability-
attack, like Eye Laser.

Reflect Magic
Sometimes, some of your spells may be reflected to you. It doesn't appear to 
happen always, so I'm guessing it sometimes turns it on/off during the fight,

Absorb Shade-type damage
The Black Rabite will absorb any Shade-type damage that is inflicted upon it 
(meaning that you'll be healing it), so don't bother trying. It'll only give you 
a headache.

Supposedly, it restores his HP to max, but I have my doubts. Anyway, this leads 
us to…

                              The Black Rabite's HP!

Okay, as said above, some say that the Black Rabite heals itself to full every 
time he glows, which is pretty often. However, I'm not too sure. If it did, why 
would he cast spells on itself to heal? There's also a pattern to its magic. You 
usually kill it some time after it casts Ancient, meaning that it probably casts 
Ancient when it's HP is low. This means it can't be restoring its HP when it 
glows, or else it'll be hitting you with Ancient non-stop X_X

However, some people have spent over an hour trying to kill the Rabite. This 
could mean that it does restore its HP, since I don't think any boss would have 
a million plus HP.

One more thing, in Seiken Densetsu 3, the levels of the enemies and bosses are 
proportionate to your own level (usually). I don't know whether this applies to 
the Black Rabite or not, but if it did, it might explain why people at level 70+ 
have problems killing it, while people like me at level 50 didn't find it overly 

                               Who to choose

There's no 'best' character for fighting the Black Rabite. Rather, it's the 
combination of characters that's important, whether they have the appropriate 
magic and abilities to last through. Of course, the classes you choose are also 
important. Also, you shouldn't choose your characters and their classes solely 
based on this guide. The Black Rabite is but a small part of the game, and 
choosing your characters solely to beat him might result in problems in the 
other parts of the games. Say, for example, you take Duran, Kevin and Hawk and 
make them all into their most powerful fighter classes. You might have an easier 
time at the Black Rabite but you might die at bosses who are physically strong.
Also, don't choose the most powerful classes and end up without Heal Light, or 
something. That wouldn't be too smart. In fact, that wouldn't be smart at all.

                          Angela, Princess of Altena

Angela is the main offensive magic user in the game. Physically, she's very 
weak, but usually her magic power makes up for it. However, sometimes this 
doesn't work, such as on bosses which retaliate after magic attacks. Like the 
Black Rabite. Also, her HP doesn't go too high, although her MP will max out.
At the Black Rabite, her low HP may seem like a disadvantage, but her innately 
high magic resistance will make up for it.

Angela is one of the two characters needed as a main character to fight the 
Black Rabite, the other of course being Duran. Meaning that you have to have 
either Duran or Angela in your team. Duran will prove more useful at this fight, 
but overall I feel Angela is a better character. Plus she's cute when she gets 
pissed ^^

Final Classes

Grand Diviner (Light-Light): I haven't taken this class myself, but I think it's 
more or less similar to Archmage, except she gets Double Spell instead of 

Archmage (Light-Dark): Not too great a class, same for Grand Diviner. Rainbow 
won't be too good at the Black Rabite.

Rune Master (Dark-Light): Angela's best class. Death Spell won't be effective, 
as the Great Demons are Level 99 (unless you trained up to the same level 0_o), 
but Stone Cloud will work nicely.

Magus (Dark-Dark): She gets the really nasty Ancient spell. Not too bad a class. 
You can take her if you've already taken Rune Master previously, of if you want 
to go round crushing your enemies into itty bitty pieces with that fun spell ^^

Generally, try to stay away from Angela's light classes. Although they're more 
useful at first, they won't give you the raw magic power her dark classes' have 
at the end. Unless you need a magical boost early in the game, or want to trash 
everyone with multitarget Saint Beam (quite a powerful spell)

Overall best choice: Rune Master

         Carlie, Grand-Daughter of the Priest of Light of Wendel

Carlie is your cleric-type character in the game. Whatever path you take, she 
always ends up with Heal Light multiple. Which is good. She's also physically 
weak, though not as much as Angela. Taken towards the Light path, she gets Holy 
magic as well as protective magic. Taken towards the Dark path, she gets monster 
summoning and curses and all that. She's got a pretty decent magic defense too.
Stats-wise, she's like a less extreme Angela, with a high Spirit instead on 
Intelligence. And she's cute!!!

Final Classes:

Bishop (Light-Light): A great class! You can trash the Rabite with Saint Saber, 
and protect yourself from his magic with Magic barrier. Turn Undead is a nifty 
spell too.

Sage (Light-Dark): Not much to say. Saint Beam isn't too useful at the Rabite, 
and Elemental Sabers won't work well either.

Necromancer (Dark-Light): Black Curse is an evil, evil spell (literally and 
figuratively). Other than that, she's an okay class.

Evil Shaman (Dark-Dark): Demon Breath is an awesome spell ^_^. But since the 
Black Rabite absorbs Shade-type damage, you'll just be healing him, and the 
special effect won't work too, so don't use it there.Anti-Magic is great too.

For the Black Rabite, Carlie's Dark classes aren't as effective as normal, 
because their monster summonings will result in retaliations. The Sage isn't 
effective, period. Well, maybe Saint Beam can be useful. Heh.

Overall best choice: Bishop

                         Duran, Swordsman of Forcena

Duran is your sword wielding hero of the game. The first thing I notice about 
him is that it takes eternity for him to recover after an attack. I've been told 
that every character has the same recovery rate, so the effect is probably 
psychological. But still. :)

Anyway, Duran is a pretty average guy. He may be slow, but he can dish out some 
hard whacks, and his defense is quite good if he gets to use the shields.

Duran is the other character that can fight the Black Rabite. He will be useful, 
as he hits hard and, given the correct spells, can turn the tide in your favour.

Final Classes

Paladin (Light-Light): A good class. With Heal Light, Saint Saber and a powerful 
fullscreen Level 3 tech attack, this is the better Light class.

Lord (Light-Dark): More healing-oriented than the Paladin, with Heal Light 
multitarget and Tinkle Rain. Result is that he isn't particularly wonderful. 
Choose this if you don't already have another person with multitarget Heal 

Swordsmaster (Dark-Light): Woooo!! Moon and Leaf Saber! Great if you're taking 
Dark Path for Duran.

Duelist (Dark-Dark):All you get is the Dark Saber spell. Not that it's of any 
use. You get a disgustingly high attack though. :)

Take Lord if you need the healing.

Overall best choice: Paladin 

                            Hawk, Thief of Navarre

Hawk is the character with the most variety. He's got decent stats, with high 
Agility and Luck, and a double attack. Which makes him a great character, 
needless to say. His attack and defense aren't that high. The attack is made up 
for by the double attack; unfortunately, the defense isn't, so watch out for 
him. Towards the Light path, he leans towards Nature, and gets to use Luna and 
Dryad magic. Very neat as he's the only one that can use any of Luna and Dryad's 
magic, with the exception of Saber magic for Kevin and Duran. Taken towards the 
Dark Path, he learns Ninja abilities, which lower stats too.

Final Classes

Wanderer (Light-Light): The class which gets all of Luna and Dryad's magic, 
except the Sabers and Grenade Bomb. A fun class, as you get to play with his 
many powerful spells like Lunatic, Counter Magic and TransShape.

Rogue (Light-Dark): Gets a whole range of new skills, all attack though. A great 
class due to the different types of damage he can do with his abilities.

Ninja Master (Dark-Light): Nothing new, you just get to multi-target your 
previous skills, so generally NightBlade is preferred. However, Hawk's Ninjutsu 
magic is very powerful, and being able to multi target them is a big help. Go 
blast NightBlades with Water Jutsu, Wizards with Fire Jutsu etc etc and laugh as 
they try to do anything resembling damage.

NightBlade (Dark-Dark): A great class, gets Black Rain (not too useful against 
Black Rabite though), Fire and Poison Breaths and Deadly Weapon. Best of al, his 
tech attack is quite possible the most powerful one in the game. Whack your 
enemies with Split-Image Slice and watch them all die >:) 

Hawk's a really good character; he doesn't have a distinct lousy class :)

Overall best choice: NightBlade

                          Kevin, Son of the Beast King
Kevin only has one purpose in the game: to physically bash up any opposition ^^
He's got the highest attack power in the game, due to his double-attack, plus 
loads of HP. At night, his lycanthropic powers surface, and he can change into a 
werewolf. He is also the only character to have two tech attacks per class, 
after the first class change. Not much for variety, but the strongest 
physically. Sort of like an opposite of Angela, except that I think Angela's 
physical strengths beat Kevin's magical powers ^^.

Final Classes:

God Hand (Light-Light): Not much to say for this one, though Aura Wave is pretty 
good, especially with his Byakko Shockwave (the one which looks like Dangaard's 

Warrior Monk (Light-Dark): Definitely Kevin's best class. With Leaf Saber and 
Heal Light multiple, it's hard to lose with a Warrior Monk in your team ^^. Cast 
Leaf Saber, smack, smack, cast Heal Light, smack smack. Repeat.

Death Hand (Dark-Light): You get Energy Ball. Haven't seen much use for this one 

Dervish (Dark-Dark): Moon Saber. That's about it. Of course, you do get a 
disgustingly high attack :)

Kevin's Dark classes are extremely powerful, but they won't give you the better 
magic spells. So it's up to you.

Overall best choice: Warrior Monk

                           Lise, Princess of Rolante
Lise is a really great character. She has a high attack, her spells are 
lifesavers and some of her God Summons are extremely powerful. The only downside 
is her defense. Other than that, I can't find much wrong with her :) She gains 
support magic after her first class change.

Final Classes

Vanadies (Light-Light): Stay away from this one. It's not a good class, except 
for her awesome Light Shot Spear. Freya's lousy, too.

Star Lancer (Light-Dark): Arguably the best class in the game, the Star Lancer 
gets to multitarget her Stat-up spells. Plus, she gets the most useful God 
Summon. Marduke not only looks cool, hits everyone for decent damage, but also 
mutes them. Great for NightBlades, Wizards and DeathMachines.

Dragon Master (Dark-Light): Umm, not too good. Can't multitarget spells, gets 
Jormungand (not the most useful of God Summons), and doesn't have a fullscreen 
tech attack.

Fenrir Knight (Dark-Dark): The better class for the Dark path. Gets to multi-
target her stat-down spells, and can summon Lamian Naga. This summon doesn't 
have any status effect, but it hits the hardest.

Lise's support magic are ideal for a weak team. Just remember to stay away from 
the classes that I've mentioned.

Overall best choice: Star Lancer


Note: This is my strategy, which worked for me, thus I am suggesting it to you. 
If you want to have your own, it's okay. But if it doesn't work, aha, that's too 
bad ^^

The first thing the Black Rabite will do when you enter, besides giving off this 
nice purplish spark, is to pound you with a multi target Dark Force. After the 
animation is over, quickly heal your characters, then cast/use items : Stat up 
spells and Saber magic. Be sure to press attack once, so that Kevin (if you have 
him) will turn into a werewolf (you did switch it to night time right?). I don't 
know if Lunatic works, but you can try ^^

After that, use your stat down spells on him. If you have a lot, use them one 
after another, since the maximum amount of demons he can have at a time is 2. 
After you're done (and gotten rid of the demons if necessary), try to corner him 
and pound him repeatedly. He may slip out, in which case just corner him again. 
Be sure to use your tech once it turns blue, for the character you're 

The Black Rabite, for the most part, will just do nothing but jump around and 
get hit, and occasionally attack, which doesn't do any significant damage. It's 
real power lies in it's magic. It can cast a slew of it's powerful magic, one 
after another. This means that, once you get hit by the first spell, 
_immediately_ access the character who has Heal light multi target and make 
him/her cast it. If need be, follow up with recovery items. The Black Rabite 
will sometimes cast Dark Force and Black Rain on itself, to heal. It may also 
cast Dark Saber on your party. If that should happen, cast an appropriate Saber 
magic (Saint, Moon, Dryad) to counteract it, or, if you don't have Saber magic 
or items, use Stardust Herbs to remove it (and recast Stat Up spells, if 
needed). It will cast the other spells as part of its spell flurry. Thankfully, 
at least for me, it has always cast Ancient by itself. Be sure to remain healed 
at all times. If you're using an emulator, save occasionally, on alternate slots 
(different from the one you saved on before the battle, of course). Keep this up 
and eventually you should be able to defeat it. It's mainly a question of 
whether you have the correct spells/items, and the HP and magic resistance to 
withstand his magic. It takes quite a while though.

After you've defeated it, he will leave a treasure chest. Inside is the Moogle 
Badge, an item similar to the Chibikko Hammer, but it mooglelises/unmooglelises 
instead. this item may not always appear, so if it doesn't, load and try again 
(This is where the constant saving helps). It's your trophy, so I think you'd 
want to get it :) Be careful to kill him last; if there're any demons around, 
knock them out first.

Well, congratulations! You have defeated the Black Rabite! ^_^ 

           How to defeat the Black Rabite the cheap and easy way
Note: You can use these methods to ensure an easy win against the Black Rabite. 
However, these will take all the challenge out of fighting it, so don't read on 
if you don't want to.


                           <-----Spoiler Space----->

Okay, so you want to play dirty ^^. Here's how:

1)Use a Specter's Eye on it. This will negate its ability to absorb Shade-type 
damage, so when it tries to heal itself by casting Dark spells on itself, it'll 
get hurt. It'll also take a bit more damage if you hit it when you have Dark 
Saber (which it might cast on you). I'm not sure if Anti-magic will work too; 
anyone who can verify please email me.

2)This is really really low, but if you want to.... It's easiest with Angela.

a)Go in, get hit by Dark Force, then run out. Heal if you must.
b)Go back and fight it. After it casts Dark Force, the music should stop.
c)Cast an offensive Dark spell on it.  (Evil Gate / Dark Force)
d)Cast an offensive Light spell on it. (Holy Ball / Saint Beam)

Poof! It'll explode :)

Try to cast the spells as quickly as possible, as in one after another. Don't 
know if items (eg. Light and Dark Coins) work, or if Shade/Wisp attacks (eg 
Demon Breath/ Silver Dart) work; as with above, if you can, please verify.
Also, note that after you hit it with a Dark spell, there's a chance that it 
might spit out a Great Demon. If it does, kill the Demon first, to make sure the 
Rabite itself leaves the chest. This is easiest with Angela, and Carlie at the 
correct class, because then you can pound the Rabite successively before it can 
even recover >:)

If you didn't run in and run out, the trick should still work, just whack it a 
while more after you hit it with the Light spell.

                        <-----Spoiler Space----->


CJayC, owner of GameFAQs, for hosting this.

Squaresoft, for producing such an excellent game. Though why you didn't release 
it in English is a mystery to me.

Neill Corlett, Lina`chan, Nuku-nuku, SoM2Freak, for translating this excellent 
game into English for us all.

DragonKnight Zero, whose Magic and Items Guide I referred to for some of the 
items listed here. It can be found at GameFaqs (http://www.gamefaqs.com), where 
this FAQ should be too.

Hahn's Clone, who told me about the Black Rabite, and other miscellaneous stuff 
about SD3, and for being a really nice guy.

PureDragon, for pointing out the part about the Specter's Eye and the Reflect 
Magic, and for complimenting me on this FAQ ^^

TheProfoundDarkness, for telling me where that annoying blend-in-with-the-snow 
beach near Altena was the first time I played, and also for being a great guy 
and friend.

SeikenFan, for helping to get this guide out sooner than I planned :) 

Magus, for creating the best SD3 FAQ as of yet ^^. Also a nice guy to talk to, 
and shares my views on plagiarists and thieves too :)  

Neville Collins, for his email. Anything in this guide remotely related to the 
Black Rabite's HP was contributed by him ^^

MegaMew812, for telling me about the Poto Oils. (which I knew already but didn't 
think was important :) ) 

Contributions/corrections are welcome.

Seiken Densetsu 3 Black Rabite Guide
Copyright 2000 Jeremy Wong

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