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Monster Item List by SManiac

Version: 1 | Updated: 12/13/99

Seiken Densetsu 3 Monster Item List
Written by Square Maniac (square_maniac@yahoo.com)

This is a Monster-item list for the Super Famicom game Seiken Densetsu 3.
Written in alphabetical order.  
Copyright 1999 Jasin.

V.1   Started 12/13-only to Rolante and past knowledge
Monster               Item1                  Item2              Item3

Armor Knight          Pakkun Chocolate       Angel Grail        Dreamsee Herb
Assassin Bug          Honey Drink            Puipui Grass       Assassin Bug Eye

Battum                Battum's Eye           Round Drop         Stardust Herb
Bloody Wolf
Boulder               ??? Seed
Bound Wolf
Bulette               Bulette Scale

Carmilla              Carmilla Claw
Carmilla Queen        Carmilla Claw
Chibi Devil           Chibi Devil Eye        Item Seed			

Dark Battum           Battum Eye
Dark Priest
Duck General          Pumpkin Bomb
Duck Soldier          Pumpkin Bomb

Evil Sword            Puipui Grass           Mysterious Seed    Storm Coin

Fire Basilisk

Gal Bee               Honey Drink            Puipui Grass       Item Seed
Goblin                Hand Axe               Round Drop		
Goblin Lord           Battum Eye             Magic Rope	        Dreamsee Herb
Gold Bulette          Bulette Scale
Great Rabite
Grell                 Grell Oil
Grell Mage            Grell Oil

Harpy                 Harpy Fang             Stardust Herb      Round Drop

Kasier Mimic          Round Drop             Round Drop         Round Drop
King Rabite

Lady Bee
Lesser Demon          ??? Seed               Shade Statue       Darkness Coin

Machine Golem         Stardust Herb          Round Drop         Hand Axe
Magician              Ice Coin               Flame Coin         Light Coin
Mama Poto             Mama Poto Oil		
Master Ninja
Mega Crawler          Puipui Grass           Round Drop
Molebear              Pakkun Chocolate       Roud Drop          Earth Coin
Myconid               Myconid's Eye          Round Drop         Puipui Grass

Needlebird            Round Drop             Bird Scale         Storm Coin
Ninja                 Round Drop             Dart               Hand Axe
Nightblade            Mysterious Seed

Ogre Box              Round Drop             Round Drop         Round Drop

Pakkun Baby           Pakkun Chocolate
Pakkun Dragon         Pakkun Chocolate
Pakkun Lizard         Pakkun Chocolate
Papa Poto             ??? Seed (lvl +32?)    Papa Poto Oil
Petit Dragon
Petit Tiamat	
Porobin Hood          Dart
Porobin Lord          Dart
Poron                 Dart                   Round Drop         Pakkun Chocolate
Poto                  Poto Oil               Round Drop
Prince Slime

Queen Bee             Honey Drink

Rabilion              Round Drop             Item Seed          Stardust Herb
Rabite                Round Drop             Item Seed          Pakkun Chocolate

Sea Dragon
Sea Serpent
Slime                 Puipui Grass           Slime Eye          Stardust Herb
Silver Knight         Moon Coin
Silver Wolf
Siren                 Siren Claw
Steel Needle
Sword Master

Tiamat                ??? Seed

Unicorn Head          Dart                   Puipui Grass

Wolf Devil            Darkness Coin

Zombie                Magic Rope             Puipui Grass       Round Drop

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