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Walkthrough by EFlynn

Complete Final Fantasy Adventure Walkthrough! 
by Erin Flynn

This walkthrough will take you from the very start to the very end...no 
hunting around for a cave, or a staircase!

START! You are in a arena, with JACKEL.

Jackel: Use your sword, and back off when he comes close. SEE MANUAL FOR 

When Jackel is defeated, you talk to Willy. Willy passes away. You now have 
to go up, right and out through the staircase. From there, go left.

You now have to defeat Jackel again.

When he is defeatd, go in the gate. You leave the castle, and go LEFT. Listen 
to Julius and Dark Lord/Knight.

Dark Lord sees you, and you automatically head to a dead end. Dark 
Lord/Knight pushes you off a cliff, and down a waterfall.

From here, follow these directions. R=Right, L=Left, U=Up and D=Down.

R, R, D, R, R, D. Defeat all of the monsters, talk to the boy, and get the GIRL!

R, R, U, L, U, L, L, U, L, U, D, L, U. Go inside 
the hut. Talk to the man. Then, get the MATTOCK and leave.

D, R, U, D, R, R, Go in cave. Use the mattock to get past the rocks. D, D, Go 

R, R, D, R, Go in shop, buy battle ax. Exit shop.

R, D, D, L, L, L . Go in buliding. Go Left, and Up. Lay down in the right bed. 
Watch what happens.

Then go D, L, D, R, R, R, D, Kill the Lizardmen. Get the BRONZE KEY! U, R, U, Go 
in door...

Cave of Marsh
Talk to man. Say YES to him (it's a good idea) 
U, L, step on switch/square. Go downstairs.
R, L, go in cave. R, D (use mattock) Get SICKLE!
Use the SICKLE to destroy ivy. U, L, go upstairs, R, L, go in cave. 

R, D, D, L,(mattock) L, L U, R(kill all monsters) get Iron Shield!

L, U, R, break rock, go downstairs. D, L, go in cave, L, D, R, step on first 
switch, break rocks, step on second switch, go downstairs, R.

This boss has no name, so we'll call it DragonDude. Use SICKLE and CURE magic. 
Aim at him, dodge the fireballs. When he is defeated, get first thing(fire 
magic), kill chest and get second item (mirror!)

You'll be exited out of the cave. D, L, L, L, L.
Go inside. Equip Mirror and talk to guy. He'll turn into a vampire! I use FIRE 
magic, it's the easiest.

From enterence,Right,Right,Up,Left,go upstairs,
down, Right(break right wall with mattock),Up
Right,Down,Down, Left (Break pots and step on switch) go downstairs(in Lower-
right corner)

right,up,up,get chain and aim it at pole, step on switch,down,down,left,Go 
upstairs,Go upstairs again,left,use chain to cross river,down
up(mattock),(break pots, and go up)

(Put chest on switch) go downstairs

(break pot in lower-right corner) go downstairs


The girl is in the lowest row of coffins, three from right. Now go back from 
here (do the opposite of the directions).

You are at Lee, once you go back.

LEE: Use either Cure and Chain, or Fire. Easier with CURE and Chain, but with 
FIRE you don't get hurt as much. When your done, you head to Wendel!

R, R, R, D, L, D, L, U, D, R, D, D, R, U. Go in town!

You can look around, talk to people, buy stuff. But, to make this go faster, go 
U, U, U, U from enterence.

Now watch (this is interesting!)

The man takes the girl away. To find her, exit the town (D, D, D) Watch this 
(you might be suprised!)

You end back up in Cibba's place. You now have to go to the Airship!

From where Cibba brought you, D, D, D, D, D, D, L, L, D, L, L, Go in cave!

The dwarfs here tell interesting stuff. That is the only reason you are here 
right now. When you've had enough, exit the cave. U, D, D, R. Go in shop. Buy 
oil (it's expensive!). You NEED it. Exit shop.

U, U, U, U, L, go in cave. Equip oil. SAVE THE GAME! Now, ride the rails!

In the mine, you will see 3 levers. The first one you see, leave it be. The 
second lever, though, you have to pull it. Use a weapon and hit it. If you do 
this right, the rail will cut off and you will go in another direction.

The third lever (right after the 2nd) you also have to pull. If you do the lever 
thing right, you will hit a stone, and go flying into a large pit (you meant to 
do that!)

Watts, the dwarf, will find you. Take full advantage of his items that he sells.

U, R, R,(mattock) Step on switch, go downstairs. L, L, go in cave. L, U, go 
upstairs. L, go downstairs. D.

Megapede: Use CHAIN and CURE. Aim for the head!

When he is defeated, and you got the chest, Watts takes the silver to the Dwarf 
Cave. Go there: R, D, D, D, L, go in cave! D, talk to Watts. Buy all of the 
Silver stuff! Gaia won't let you in if you don't have all that Watts offers you! 
Put on Silver Stuff. Exit cave, U, L, U, U, go in Gaia cave. L, D, D, go in 
stairs, watch what happens.

Bogard! How did he follow you? He doesn't even have a chain! Oh well...

D, L, U, U, L, U, L, go in house! Buy silver helemet (you don't have to, but 
it's better than Iron...) R, R, U, R, U (wait for the bar at the bottom to fill 
up, then swing across)R, L, L, D, L, U, U.

You are at the Airship! U, U, L, D, go in door!

L, L, L, U, R, go downstairs, L, D, go on right switch, and then go on left 
switch, go downstairs.
L, L, D, go to the little gate, talk to girl, and go up (Bogard stays with the 
Girl) R, R, go upstairs, U, L, upstairs, D, talk to boy for interesting info!, 
L, L, U, (break pots, go upstairs) R, U, L, L, D, R, D, R, talk to girl. Watch 
what happens.

You are thrown to Amanda's house! Sadly, you see she took the Pendant. Your job 
now is to find Amanda, and get the Pendant back!

You are in Menos, the town Amanda lives in. Talk to the townsfolk; they know 
about Amanda. One boy talks about a Chocobo. Chocobo is VERY useful in the game. 
It is a must have! You can ride on him, and you can pass through monsters that 
way. Neat, huh?

From Menos, Down, Down(cross bridge),Up,Right(cross bridge),Up, Up, Left,Up, Up, 
Right, Down, Right. Use chain and "talk to egg"

L, U, L, D, D, R, D, D,, L, D, L, D

See these monsters that are on the screen? These kind carry Fang (keep a mental 
image in your head) It might take awhile, because they leave empty chests most 
of the time. You need Fang in Jadd. 

From this screen, go U, U, L, U, L, U. Go in town.

Silence. The town is silent. Talk to the townspeople. One should tell you about 
the music.
Go in the mansion. Talk to Davias. He tells you Amanda went to the Cave of 
Oasis(Medusa cave). Ouch! Never came back, as Davias says. 

Go in the weapon shop; buy gold helemet and gold shield. Don't buy gold armor; 
you'll find it later in a cave. From the enterence of Jadd, go U, R. The boy 
asks for a bag of Fang. He's gunna tell you how to get to the cave of Oasis! 

"8 and palm trees. Get it?" he says No...

Exit the town. From Jadd, go Down, Right, Down, Left, Down, Down, Right

8 and palm trees....there are two palm trees here...Get it? If you don't I'll 
tell you anyway. Do a figure 8 around the trees. A cave appears. Go in the cave!

Medusa Cave/Cave of Oasis
These will help you from the enterence to the medusa.

You will need about 1 key and 1 mattock.

Enter. Get Amanda. Go down.Down(use mattock)Left,Left,Down,Left,Left,Up.

At this point, you can go up or left. If you go left, it's one of
those life restoring ponds. If you don't need it, procede....


Again, you can go left to find the gold armor(which is for free)

GOLD ARMOR: Left, Down

If you already have this, procede...

Up(go on square and use chain)Right(get ice Magic)
Up(use ice to turn a monster into a snowman...)
Up,Go downstairs,Up,go downstairs,save game!,Left

You are at Medusa!

MEDUSA: Use Cure and attually fight her with the chain, or use fire(which will 
take forever). What will happen when she dies might suprise you...

Poor Amanda! Go up to her once you kill her (dramatic, huh?)and take her tears.

L, U, R, U, L, U, Go in Jadd!

Go to Davias's mansion again. When you get there, Davias is gone (I guess he 
knew you killed his mother, and went and hid!). Equip Amanda potion and go to 

Hey! The boy didn't tell Lester that Amanda loved him! Oh well...

Start at thrown. Go downstairs. Go right. Right.
Up.(use mattock)Up. Left(need key) Down.
Go upstairs. Left. Left. Left.

Left. (to make this easier, kill all enemies first. Then, starting at the white 
square above the gate, go around the statues,touching every square as you go.)

Go downstairs.Up. Left. Down. Down. Down.
Down.(push snow man on block)Right. 
(kill all enemies and get WERE.)Left. Up. Up.
Right(use mattock)Down. Go upstairs. Up (key)
go upstairs.

(now I'd equip CURE magic and CHAIN)


DAVIAS: If your HP's are pretty high, this is easy. If not,you should get your 
Levels up. Davias is VERY easy with experience , so your first time should be 
slightly difficult. Davias has a ring of fire. Get inside of this ring and hit 
him with the chain. Keep your eye on the HP's. You should have to use CURE alot. 
Soon, he should be gone. ..

Once he is done, Lester will have a harp and speak to you. Now the music is 
playing. He gives you the book of mute. This does help when you have to deal 
with monsters that spit fire at you.

Leave Jadd. D, R, U, R, U, U, R, U, U, R, U, L,
Go in cave

L, U, L, L, D, L,

METAL CRAB: This guy is a tuffy! You should use CHAIN and CURE. He takes out 
alot of HP's and it hard to injure. So SAVE right after killing him!!

go downstairs. L, L, L, go upstairs.

L, D, R, D, D, D, D, R, L, U, R, U, L, go up second vine first. U, go in house, 
buy OPAL equipment(good to buy, you won't be buying any more armor until after 
you fight Dark Lord/Knight)
Exit house, D, D, go on 1st vine, U, U, L, R, U, U, L, D, D, L, U, go in cave

Go up one from the starting room.
Go right. Go right again. Go up (use mattock!)
Go left. Go up. Go right. Go right again.
Go right again.Go down. Go down. Go down.Go right.
Go right. 

CYCLOPS: Fire (CURE and CHAIN is a risk...)

Get Star!

L, D, L, L, L, U, U

GOLEM: Use Morning Star (keep CURE magic handy)
He is e-z!

U, R, go in cave (watch)

These instructions start at the waterfall.

Right. Right. Go in cave. left. left. up.
go in gate. up. right. up. down. right. right.
go downstairs, go up the vine go downstairs,
go downstairs, left
You should be at a boss.

CHIMERA: Use CURE AND STAR. Should be easy to kill.

down, Get girl! downstairs upstairs left, left, left, down,go in door, up, 
right, up(mattock)left,
go on switch and go on stairs, up,right,down,left
stairs,right,right,right(mattock), right, up, up, stairs,down,right,
kill all monsters and get blood sword
left(put snowmen on switches)go downstairs
left,up,upstairs,up,left, SAVE GAME!

you are at Dark Lord/Knight.

DARK LORD/Knight: Use Blood Sword and CURE. When you hit Dark Lord/Knight 
successfully, your HP's go up (the blood in Dark Lord/Knight turns to HP's?). 
KEEP IN MIND, AND KEEP YOUR SELF-ESTEEM UP: You can replace your HP's with CURE, 
and Dark Lord can't!

After Dark Lord/Knight is defeated, go down. Where is the girl? Then you get 
teleported outside, and the girl ignores you (is she mad at me!?). Go L, L, L. 
Watch!! This get's 


Ouch! Where am I? Where is this? Sound farmiller? Now your on this bizzare land 
with crystals. Thanks to the Chocobo, you are saved! So, your kicked out of 
Sarah's house, and Bogard isn't speaking to you. That's okay;)

Go into the weapon shop, and buy Flame equipment. It's very important for your 
next goal. Exit

L, L, go into the house (watch what happens)
Then go back to Sarahs house, talk to Bogard, and leave the town.

Chocobot is waiting for you. Get him! He is absolutley nessessary!!

L, U, U, L, L. get on chocobot. Go onto bridge, and go on water. R, R, R, D, R, 
D, D, D, D, get on land. U, R, D, D, R, U Go inside.

Huh? Nobody's moving...
You might want to look around, although there is not much to look at. Talk to 
the king for an explanation(U from enterence)
Exit Town.
D, L, U, U, L, U, U, U, U, L, go in shop. Buy 'n' sell stuff. Exit. R, R, R, D, 
D, L, D, R, R,
Go in Cave!

Ice Cave
Up(step on square, then push snowman on square)
upstiars,Right(let ice carry you.)
Where you land, go up(mattock),Go upstairs

This is the confusing part of the instructions
If your life and magic is not very high, go up(use mattock) to one of those 
renewing wells)
I highly recommend you do this. First, you might want to go through your ITEM 
list and delete EVERYTHING but Keys. There is something very good in this cave 
that is alot better than x-Ether. Delete that too.
Go left. Then go down.
Kill the bunnies. It leaves a chest with Elixer. When you use Elixer, your life 
and magic amounts go right to the highest it can go (good for later in the 
game). I STRONGLY reccomend getting your whole ITEM list filled with Elixer 
--------------------------------------------------When you are done, go back up, 
and right.
Then go right, Up, Go upstairs,Right,go in cave
Right(let ice carry you...)Down, Down
Left(Up is a renewing well) 
Left(you need to latch onto a pole)
Left(mattock),Go upstairs,Right,Go in cave

KARY: Very Easy! Use Flame Chain and CURE magic.

Get Ice Sword.

L, L, U, R, U, U, L, L, D, D, get chocobot!
D, D, R, D, D, R, U, go inside town.

Ah..it's called Lorim. Okay, you can go up to hear the king thank you (zzzzz...) 
or you can go right, up. Here, Cibba gives you a key. If you lose it or sell it, 
Cibba will give you another. As a matter of fact, you can fill your entire 
inventory with Bone Keys. But, that is stupid.
Exit Lorim.

Don't forget Chocobot! D, L, U, U, L, D go on water, U, U, U, U, L, U, L, L, 

Your going to the floatrocks!
Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, 
Up, Up, Up, Left, Up, Up, Left, Down (get on land) Up, Right (use chain!) Down 
Down Down Right Down Down Down Left You at the Floatrocks!


Go into the Cave!

Underground/Bone Key Cave

U, U, R(mattock), R, R, U, U, U(mattock), go downstairs, R.

KRAKEN: VERY HARD. He lowers your HP's like crazy! Use CURE and STAR. 

Go in cave, R, D, L, U, go in cave, D, L, U(mattock), L, L(mattock), Put snowmen 
on squares, go downstairs, L, go in door, L, U, U, L, D, L, D, D(kill all 
monsters, get ZEUS ax!), U, U, R, U, R, U, R(mattock), go downstairs, go in 
cave, U, R, R, D, R(break lower right stone) go downstairs. Go in 3rd door. D, 
L, U, go downstairs, L.

Iflyle: Long battle. Use STAR and CURE.
Get Rusty Sword!

R, D, L, L, U, L, U, R, U, U, D, R, U, U, L, U, U, R, U, U, U, L, U, use chain, 
U, L, D, Get on Chocobot, go on water, U, R, D, D, R, R, D, D, D, D, D, D, R, R, 
D, R, D, R, ,R ,R, U, L, U, R, get on lan, L, D, D, L, L, Go downstairs, Go 
downstairs, U

LICH: Use Star and CURE. Very hard, watch your HP's!

Get NUKE magic!

Get Chocobot, D, R, U, L, U, R, get on water, D, D, D, get on land. R.

Nuke the crystal that is to the right.

go in cave!

The Cave of Ruins help bring up the Dime Tower.

down,up,right(get the dragon shield)up,up,left,
left(get dragon sword),right,right,right,right,up

Mantis Ant: Use CURE and Star. Watch for the border of those nicking things!

Right(equip Rusty Sword and step on square)

Now, go D, R, D, L. Watch as the great Dime Tower rises once again...

Go in the Tower. Marcie, the robot comes with you. Take full advantage of her MP 

There are many different routes through this tower, and this is one of them.

Left, Up, Up, Right, Down, Right, Right,
Up, Left, Up, Left, go upstairs, left, down,
right, down, down, right, go upstairs, up, go in
door, left, up, right(get dragon armor),left,
left(mattock) go upstairs, up, kill garuda, Have Marcie restore you MP's right 
now, left, left, left, left, left...

Go into the waterfall. You are teleported up to the Mana Shrine, and there is no 
way down...

These instructions do not show how to get certain armor, ect. It just shows the 
way to Julius.

ST= Symbol Teleporter
Around this shrine are these symbols of Mana that teleport you.

From enterence...

down,right,right,up,up,up,go upstairs,up

DRAGON: There are 2 dragons in the Mana Shrine. Use Fire. If you use STAR and 
CURE, it is hard to find the weak spot of him. He must have tough hide or 
something... Anyway, you have to hit his HEAD! When he is done...

go in ST (symbol teleporter)right,go in ST,left
up,left,left,go in ST,right,go in ST,down,left(mattock)
left,down,left,go in ST,left,down,down ,right
go upstairs,up

RED DRAGON: Probably harder than the first. Use Fire, as done on the first 

go in ST,left,go in ST,up,right,up,go in ST
right,go in ST,up,right,right,down,go in ST,left
go in ST,down,right,right,right,right,right

There are 6 squares on the left side. From the bottom, count 2 on the right. Put 
a snowman on that one.

up,up,up,go upstairs,up

Dragon Zombie: Use Fire, as done with the dragons. 

go in ST,up,up, up, up,up,get legendary sword!!

See these elephants? Kill alot of them, and you can get a special shield...

up,up,left,down,left, SAVE THE GAME!, up

You are at Julius.

1st Form. Use Excalubur. These clones take just as long to kill as Dark Lord 

2nd Form: Use Excalubur and CURE. Just keep hitting him and keep using CURE. 

3rd Form: Yes! The girl has arrived! The Girl has broken from the spell. TAKE 
FULL ADVANTAGE OF HER. When Julius appears, hit him. When he disappears, use 
CURE magic and the Girl. If you have Elixer left over from the Ice Cave, THIS IS 

After you defeat him, watch to see what happens (you'll be watching for a long 

THE END! I hope this helped you! 



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