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Translation Differences FAQ by Gouki of Borg

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/11/09

Final Fantasy Adventure/Seiken Densetsu 
Translation Differences FAQ
By Gouki of Borg

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Version History

III. General Differences

IV. Name Changes

    a. Key Terms
    b. Characters
    c. Places
    d. Items
    e. Spells
    f. Weapons
    g. Armor
    h. Bosses

V. Closing Remarks


I. Introduction

The first game in the Seiken Densetsu ("Holy Sword Legend") series was 
released for the Game Boy in June of 1991, designed as a "gaiden" or
sidestory to the Final Fantasy series and combining many familiar elements
from that series with action-RPG style gameplay. It was released in North
America that November, having been renamed Final Fantasy Adventure for
marketing purposes. This series would come to be known as the "Mana"
series among NA players. 

Subsequent games in the series would move away from the "Final Fantasy
Gaiden" aspect, and Seiken Densetsu became a popular series in its own
right. Seiken Densetsu 1 was even remade in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance,
with many of the Final Fantasy influences changed to reflect later games
in the series (Cannon Travel instead of the Chocobo, etc). The remake was
titled Seiken Densetsu: New Testament in Japan and Sword of Mana in 

There were a number of changes made in the game's translation, which are
listed here for those who are curious. Spoilers abound, so I recommend
completing the game first. 

A bit of trivia: The Seiken Densetsu title was copyrighted by Square as
far back as 1987, before the release of the original Final Fantasy. They
planned on producing a game for the Famicom Disk System called "Seiken
Densetsu: Emergence of Excalibur", but it proved too ambitious a project
and was cancelled. Customers who pre-ordered the game received a letter
telling them to look forward to Square's upcoming release, Final Fantasy.

II. Version History

Version 1.0  (9/10/09)

First version, more or less complete unless anyone has any corrections
or new information.

III. General Differences

-The gameplay between Seiken Densetsu and FFA is identical as far as I
can tell.

-Because of how short the English names were forced to be, icons were used
to show item type. In the original Japanese, all the names are written 
out with no icons.

-In the JP version, the level-up types were called "Job Types" and were
named as follows: 

    Strength - Warrior Type (Senshi no TAIPU)
    Stamina - Monk Type (MONKU no TAIPU)
    Wisdom - Wizard Type (Madoushi no TAIPU)
    Will - Sage Type (Kenja no TAIPU)

-The teleporter symbols in the Mana Palace (and elsewhere) were pentagrams
in the original, changed to a different symbol for the NA version. 

-You may already know this if you've played Sword of Mana, but it was
originally Medusa's blood and not her tears that are needed to break
Lester's curse.

-Marcie identifies itself as a "Mummy Seeker". 

-The English translation did the job well enough, although it left out
some nuances that added to the story's emotional edge. For example:

    -Mr. Lee kidnapped the heroine because he wanted a virgin's blood.

    -Before the battle with Shadow Knight, the hero once again vows to
avenge Willy. In the NA translation, Willy is never mentioned again after
the hero's escape, despite the fact that they were best friends. 

    -The hero admits to Lester that he killed Amanda (he says something
like, "She fell into Davias' trap, but she died by my hand"). In the NA
translation he just says she sacrificed herself.

    -The hero mentions Amanda's death during his momentary breakdown to
Bogard in Ish, as one of the reasons why he's not cut out to play hero.
As with the Willy example above, it's refreshing to see the death of a
friend have a lasting impact on an early RPG hero. 

IV. Name Changes

a. Key Terms

FFA           Seiken             Trans
---           ------             ------

GP            RUKU               Luc

Boy           HIIROO             Hero

Girl          HIROIN             Heroine

b. Characters

FFA           Seiken             Trans
---           ------             ------

Bogard        BOGAADO            Bogard

Dark Lord     SHADOUNAITO        Shadow Knight

Julius        JURIASU            Julius

Willy         UIRII              Willy

Amanda        AMANDA             Amanda

Hasim         HASHIMU            Hasim / Hashim

Lee           RI                 Lee

Cibba         SHIIBA             Cibba

Watts         WATTSU             Watts

Chocobo       CHOCOBO            Chocobo

Davias        DEBIASU            Davias

Lester        RESUTAA            Lester

Sara          SARA               Sara

BowWow        BONBOYAJI          Bon Voyage

Marcie        MAASHII            Marcie

c. Places

FFA             Seiken             Trans
----            ------             -----

Glaive          GURANSU            Grans/Glance 

Topple          TOPPURU            Topple

Kett's          BINKETTO no Kan    Vinquette's Hall

Wendel          UENDERU            Wendel

Gaia            GAIA no Dokutsu    Gaia's Cave

Menos           MENOSU             Menos

Jadd            JYADO              Jadd

Mt. Rocks       Kigan Yama         Strange Rock Mountain

Ish             ISHU               Ish

Lorim           RORIMAA            Lorimar

Crystal Desert  GARASU no Sabaku   Desert of Glass

Dime Tower      DAIMU no Tou       Dime Tower

d. Items

Note: Items listed as [None] were removed entirely from the NA version.
In the JP version, only the name remains and they don't do anything 
even if acquired through hacking. Most of them appear to be unused
story items.

FFA            Seiken              Trans
----           ------              ------

Cure           POOSHON             Potion

X-Cure         HAIPOOSHON          Hi-Potion

Ether          Mahou no Kusuri     Magic Medicine

X-Ether        MAJIKKUBOTORU       Magic Bottle

Elixir         ERIKUSAA            Elixer

Pure           Dokukeshi           Antidote

Eyedrop        Megusuri            Eyedrops

Soft           Kin no Hari         Gold Needle

Moogle         MOGURA no Hige      Mogra Whisker [item1]

Unicorn        YUNIKOON no Tsuno   Unicorn Horn

Silence        MONKIIBEIBII        Monkey Baby (?)

Pillow         RAMUJII no Makura   Ramsey's Pillow [item2]

Flame          FAIABOORU           Fireball

Blaze          FAIAROKKU           Fire Rock

Blizzrd        AISUMISAIRU         Ice Missile

Frost          AISUROKETTO         Ice Rocket

Litblt         SANDAAAROO          Thunder Arrow

Thunder        SANDAABORUTO        Thunderbolt

Candy          Manmaru DOROPPU     Round Drop

Key            KAGI                Key

Bone Key       DOKURO no Kagi      Skull Key

Bronze Key     Gin no Kagi         Silver Key

Mirror         Tsuki no Kagami     Moon Mirror

Amanda         AMANDA no Chi       Amanda's Blood

Oil            Sabi TOREERU        Rust Trail [item4]

Crystal        KURISUTARU          Crystal

Nectar         BAKKASU no Sake     Bacchus' Wine

Stamina        ADAMANDORINKU       Adaman Drink

Wisdom         EA no Namida        Air Tear

Will           ATENA no Kisu       Athena's Kiss

Gold           Sakinbukuro         Golddust

Fang           KIBA                Fang

Mattock        MATOKKU             Mattock

Ruby           RUBII no Hajiki     Ruby Marbles

Opal           DAIYA no SAIKORO    Diamond Dice

[None]         FUREAUEEBU          Flare Web

[None]         FUREABAZUUGA        Flare Bazooka

[None]         Ahou YOBI2          Dummy Spare 2 [item3]

[None]         Hi no Yubiwa        Fire Ring

[None]         Sabitsuita Kagi     Rusted Key

[None]         Aoitama             Blue Orb

[None]         Akaitama            Red Orb

[None]         MANA no PENDANTO    Mana Pendant

[None]         MISURIRU            Mithril

[None]         SUTAASAFAIA         Star Sapphire

[None]         BARANSAA            Balancer

[None]         MUUNKURISUTARU      Moon Crystal

[None]         SHINARIOYOBI2       Scenario Spare 2

[None]         SHINARIOYOBI3       Scenario Spare 3

[None]         SHINARIOYOBI4       Scenario Spare 4

[None]         SHINARIOYOBI5       Scenario Spare 5

[None]         Taimatsu            Torch

[None]         DOWAAFU no RANPU    Dwarf Ramp

[None]         Daichi no DORAMU    Earth Drum

[None]         MOOGURI no Fue      Moogle Flute

[None]         RIZAABU             Reserve

[item1]: Curious, as the Japanese word for Moogle is usually "Mogri".

[item2]: I'm unsure as to what "Ramsey" this is referencing.

[item3]: Obviously "dummy" as in "placeholder", appears to be a rude
joke by the programmer as "Ahou" means "Dummy/Idiot/Retard". 

[item4]: Unsure of how "trail" has to do with dissolving rust, but there
it is. Note that this is the same name given in FF6j to the Rust-Rid
you buy in Zozo, so you could translate it as Rust-Rid or Rust Solvent
if you wanted to.

e. Spells

FFA            Seiken              Trans
----           ------              -----

Cure           KEARU               Cure

Heal           HIIRU               Heal

Mute           SAIRESU             Silence

Slep           SURIPURU            Sleepel/Sleep

Fire           FAIA                Fire

Ice            BURIZADO            Blizzard

Lit            SANDAA              Thunder

Nuke           FUREA               Flare

f. Weapons

FFA             Seiken              Trans
----            ------              -----

Broad Sword     BUROODOSOODO        Broad Sword

Silver Sword    MISURIRUBUREEDO     Mithril Blade

Blood Sword     BURADDOSOODO        Blood Sword

Ice Sword       AISUBURANDO         Ice Brand

Dragon Sword    DORAGONBASUTAA      Dragon Buster

Rusty Sword     Sabita Tsurugi      Rusty Sword

XCalibr         EKUSUKARIBAA        Excalibur

Battle Axe      BATORUAKKUSU        Battle Axe

Were Axe        UEABASUTAA          Were Buster

Zeus Axe        Majin no ONO        Demon's Axe

Wind Spear      UINDOSUPIA          Wind Spear

Thunder Spear   SANDAASUPIA         Thunder Spear

Chain Flail     CHEENFUREIRU        Chain Flail

Flame Flail     FAIAFUREIRU         Fire Flail

Star            MOONINGUSUTAA       Morning Star

g. Armor

FFA             Seiken              Trans
----            ------              -----

Bronze Armor    BURONZUAAMAA        Bronze Armor

Iron Armor      Tetsu no Yoroi      Iron Armor

Silver Armor    MISURIRU no Yoroi   Mithril Armor

Gold Armor      Ougon no Yoroi      Gold Armor

Opal Armor      DAIYA no Yoroi      Diamond Armor

Flame Armor     FUREIMUAAMAA        Flame Armor

Ice Armor       AISUAAMAA           Ice Armor

Dragon Armor    DORAGONMEIRU        Dragon Mail

Samurai Armor   Genji no Yoroi      Genji's Armor

Bronze Shield   BURONZU no Tate     Bronze Shield

Iron Shield     Tetsu no Tate       Iron Shield

Silver Shield   MISURIRU no Tate    Mithril Shield

Gold Shield     Ougon no Tate       Gold Shield

Opal Shield     DAIYA no Tate       Diamond Shield

Flame Shield    FAIASHIIRUDO        Fire Shield

Ice Shield      AISUSHIIRUDO        Ice Shield

Aegis Shield    IIJISU no Tate      Aegis Shield

Bronze Helmet   BURONZU no Kabuto   Bronze Helmet

Iron Helmet     Tetsu no Kabuto     Iron Helmet

Silver Helmet   MISURIRU no Kabuto  Mithril Helmet

Gold Helmet     Ougon no Kabuto     Gold Helmet

Opal Helmet     DAIYA no Kabuto     Diamond Helmet

Samurai Helmet  Genji no Kabuto     Genji's Helmet

h. Bosses

FFA             Seiken             Trans
----            ------             -----    
Hydra           HIDORA             Hydra

Vampire         BANPAIA            Vampire

Megapede        ANKUHEGGU          Ankheg

Medusa          MEDYUUSA           Medusa

Metal Crab      FURUMETARUHAGAA    Full Metal Hugger

Cyclops         SAIKUROPUSU        Cyclops

Golem           GOOREMU            Golem

Chimera         KIMAIRA            Chimera

Kary            MARIRISU           Marilith

Kraken          KURAAKEN           Kraken

Iflyte          IFURIITO           Ifrit

Mantis Ant      MANTISUANTO        Mantis Ant

Garuda          GARUUDA            Garuda

Dragon          DORAGON            Dragon

Red Dragon      REDDODORAGON       Red Dragon

Dragon Zombie   DORAGONZONBI       Dragon Zombie

Note: Davias' boss form is called Mindflayer in official materials,
though it's never referred to as such in dialogue. 

V. Closing Remarks

Some links I found incredibly useful:


Jeffrey's Japanese-English Dictionary Server: This is the best Japanese
translation site I've come across on the web so far. I could not have done
these translations without it.


Text dumps of item/enemy names, allowing me to 
check my romanizations and provide quick lists for translation.

Questions? Comments? Contributions? E-mail me: unlimited_justice@yahoo.com

Final Fantasy Adventure/Seiken Densetsu and all related names are copyright
1991 Squaresoft. This document is copyright 2009 by Gouki of Borg.  





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