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Walkthrough by AKishan

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/31/99

Seiken Densetsu 3 Walkthrough
Version 1.0
by Amar Kishan on 7/31/99

This is a complete walkthrough for Seiken Densetsu 3's scenario for 
Kevin, the Grappler of the Beast Kingdom.  The secondary characters I 
picked were Hawkeye and Charlotte. However, it works for most of the 
game if your character is not Kevin, as well. If you have anything to 
add, just contact me at: amar_kishan@hotmail.com.  I hope you enjoy the 
guide.  If you wish to use this guide for any purposes (other than use 
for help), please email me first.  This guide is not to be reproduced in 
anyway without my permission first.  This guide is copyright 1999 Amar 

This covers several things in a patricular format, which is useful to 
know in order to use the guide.

Walkthrough Format: Chapter: (Name)
Section: (A,B,C, etc.)  Name of place(s)
Enemies: (name and level of enemies)  Special: (Special attacks used)
Boss: (If any)

Boss Format:
Name of Boss
Reccomened Level: (Level I was at when I killed it)
Attacks: Name(number affected: 1 or all)
Strategy: (how to kill it)

Abilities Format:

Name: mp (number affected): Stats (Level)
Stats are listed like this:
i.) Inroduction

ii.) Format

iii.) Table of Contents

I.) Walkthrough Part 1: The Spirits
Chapter 1: THE EXILE

II.) Walkthrough Part 2: The God-Beasts
Chapter 3: THE ICE BEAST

III.) Walkthrough Part 3: The Final Showdown (For Kevin/Charlotte only)

IV.) Class Change

V.) Character Abilities

VI.) Enemy Abilities

VII.) Future

VIII.) Credits/Disclaimer


	You will learn about the Beastmen, the Deathjester's alliance with 
the King.  You will learn Kevin's history, and then start the game.  Go 
left, left, and continue along this path until you reach a narrow path.  
Here, Karl will go beserk and attack.

Boss: Bound Wolf
Lv. 1
Strategy: Fight it as hard as you can, and fear not if your hp's drop 
below zero (they will).  Kevin will then become a werewolf, which is 
much stronger, and you can easily defeat Karl.

A.) Beast Palace
After burying Karl, Kevin automatically goes to the Beast Palace.  Talk 
to everyone and save your game.  After talking to the guard in front of 
the King's room, Kevin will overhear a conversation between the 
Deathjester and the King.  Kevin will break through a wall and follow 
the two.  Then, he will attempt an attack.

Boss: Deathjester and Beastking
Srategy: Simply attack one of them once, and you will be warped away.

B.) Moonlight Forest
Enemies: Bound Wolf Lv. 1 Special: Bite
You awaken in the forest where you started with one hp.  Talk to the 
statue, then go left.  You will see now that the forest has some 
enemies.  Take some time to level up to level 2 here.  When you are 
ready, save your game at the statue, go left, take your first path 
north, and meet the Deathjester.  He will talk to you (he tells you that 
someone in Wendel can revive Karl) and open up a path for you.  Go 
through, and head south (I believe).  Here, the game will fade to black 
and white, and you will swim to Jad.

A.) Castle City Jad
In Jad, you will learn that the beastmen have already overtaken the 
city.  You can buy items here (I would buy some candy and a magic rope).  
You can also talk to some of your would be comrades (Hawkeye, Angela, 
Reize).  You will learn that you can sneak out at night from the pub 
owner.  So go to the inn and talk to the owner.  For ten gold, you can 
sleep here.  Choose to wake up at night.  Now, leave the town through 
the south and kill the two wolves.

B.) Rabite Forest/Town of Astoria
Enemies: Rabite Lv1
Myconid Lv 1 Special: Sleep Spore
This forest is fairly easy to navigate.  First, you should build up to 
level 3.  When you are done, go south and follow the path until you see 
a sign.  Go south twice to end up in Astoria village.  Here, talk to the 
villagers, and one will tell you that he saw a light here during the 
night.  Then, go to the weapons shop and buy the iron claw for Kevin.  
Once you are through, go to the Inn and pay 10 gold.  Go north and 
sleep.  You will be awakened in the night, and led outside.  Follow the 
light north twice, then take the west path and follow it through (you 
should pass a golden mana statue).  You will catch up with the light, 
who is really a faerie.  She asks you to take her to Wendel.  She then 
joins you.  Afterwards, you see an explosion.  Return to Astoria to find 
that the Beastmen have destroyed it.  Head north, then east.  Continue 
along the path until you see Hawkeye (or your second character) standing 
there.  Talk to him and he tells you his story.  After he joins, head 
east.  The faerie will destroy the barrier.

C.) Cave of Waterfall/ Wendel
Enemies: Battum Lv. 3,4  Special Attack: Sonic Wave
Myconid Lv. 3  Special Attack: Sleep spore
Zombie Lv. 4 Poison Mist Breath
Goblin Lv. 4  Special: Hand Axe
Boss: Full Metal Hagger
Note: Hand Axe is extremely damaging (40-50) Watch out.
Upon entering, save your game at the statue near the entrance.  Continue 
down and build up to level 4.  Save your game, and then head south.  
From this screen, head south, then west.  You will find Charlotte,  who 
joins you if you picked her.  Head west, west, and leave the cave.  Go 
west to Wendell.  Here, buy the Leather Belt for Kevin.  In the armor 
store, head downstairs and search the barrel to receive a cup of wishes.  
After exploring the town, go north into the Temple of Light.  Talk to 
the Priest of Light, who tells Kevin that he can't revive Karl.  Then 
the faerie appears and asks for help, as the mana tree is dying.  You 
accept, and the priest tells you that Will-o-wisp, one the eight 
elementals needed to open the gate to the Manaland, is nearby.  Make 
sure you have some candys.  After saving at the inn, return to the Cave 
of Waterfall.  This time, return to screen south of the mana statue, and 
go east (you may want to say and heal).  When you reach the edge, you 
will be asked what to do.  Go to the spirit menu and select Faerie.  You 
will cross the gap.  From here, go east, east, north, east (save/heal), 
west, west, north, north.  You will battle the Full Metal Hagger here.
Boss: Full Metal Hagger
Recommended Level: 5
Attacks: Holy Ball (1), Healing (itself), Bubble (All), Dive attack 
(All), Eye Beam (1)
Strategy:  Attack it's eyes, and don't let anyone's hit points fall 
below 40.  Use candies and antidotes if you need to.
Having vanquished the boss, Will-o-wisp appears.  You now have his 
powers.  Head through the new exit, and go west.  Use the faerie to 
cross.  You will run into Lugar, and be captured.  
D.) Jad
Enemies: Bound Wolf  Lv. 3, 4  Special: Bite
After a scene, you will awaken in a prison in Jad.  Duran will be in the 
next cell.  Go to the gate, then talk to the wall facing him.  He will 
escape and free you.  Heal at the statue and save.  Go east and cotninue 
south until you exit the building.  Go to the docks and board the ship.  
You will set sail for Maia.
A.) Maia/Cleft of the Earth
Enemies: Rabite Lv. 4
Assassin Bug Lv. 4 Special: Venom
Poron Lv. 4 Special: Dart
Note: Dart is also damaging, so watch out.
In Maia, buy the Leather Hat for Hawkeye, Cat Ear Hood for Charlotte, 
and Bandanna for Kevin.  Talk to the man blocking the road west and he 
will move.  Go west onto the golden road and build up to level 7.  
Return and rest at the Inn.  Then follow the road west until you see a 
cave entrance.  Go north into the cave, heal up and save your game (the 
statue won't heal you, it is silver).  Go west and cross the bridge, and 
talk to the witch.  Get ready to battle the Machine Golems.
Boss: Machine Golems (2)
Reccomeneded Level: 7
Attacks: Drill Shot (1), Rocket Launcher (1)
Strategy: Concentrate on both by keeping tham both occupied, so they 
can't use attacks as quickly.  Use candies or Charlotte to heal.
The bridge is destroyed, so go back to Maia.  Talk to Bon Voyage (Upper 
right house) and go north.  He'll tell you he needs gun powder.  talk to 
the man in front of the inn next to the jar.  Return to the Cleft of the 
Earth.  Talk to the statue, select Spirit, then Will-o-Wisp.  Go through 
the opening and continue down the stairs, taking a right at the bottom.  
Go north into the dwarf village.  Buy Needle Glove (K), Baselard (H), 
and Ball and Chain (C) for weapons, and Fur Coat (K), Camoflauge (H), 
and Priest (C) for armor.  Then go into the item shop and talk to the 
man.  Shop and sleep at the inn if you want, then go south and to the 
right.  The man will destroy the wall, allowing you to pass.
B.) Dwarf Tunnel
Enemies: Slime Lv. 4 Special: Mucus Shot
Molebear Lv. 5  Special: Rolling
Goblin Lv. 4: Hand Axe
Goblin Lord Lv 4: Power Up
Boss: Jewel Eater
Go east through the opening, east again, west (upstairs), west, and east 
behind the wall.  Go east again and talk to Watts, say no to both his 
offers, then go back west.  Go south.  Follow the one way path until it 
branches off down and west.  Go down, and save your game.  Go north and 
west, and continue until you face off with the Jewel Eater.
Boss: Jewel Eater
Level: 8
Attacks: Gem Missile (1, all), Earthslide (all), Power Punch (all)
Strategy: Since you cannot avoid any of his attacks, just do the best 
you can to kill him.  You will need to heal, so use Charlotte and 
candies.  Never let anyones hit point go below 55.
After vanquiching Jewel Eater, Gnome joins you, and Watts gives you the 
gunpowder.  Take his offer to be warped out (unless you want to level 
build).  Save and head back to Maia.
A.) Molebear Highland/Forsena
Enemies: Moelbear Lv. 5, 6, 7: Rolling
Assasin Bug Lv. 6: Venom
Gal Bee Lv. 6
Magician Lv. 6,7: Ice Smash, Airslash
Machine Golem Lv. 6: Rocket Punch
Unicorn Head Lv. 6, 7
After saving and/or resting, talk to Bon Voyage and he will shoot you 
into the Molebear Highland.  Follow the path until you see some holes.  
Go in them, and talk to Duran.  Go south, east, south, east, into the 
hole and east, then north, hole, north, east, north.  You are now in 
Forsena, which has been invaded by Altena.  From the castle, take the 
side door, save/heal, north, north, north, north, north, north into the 
king's room.  If you want you can build up to level 9 or 10 here.
Boss: Koren
Strategy: Punch him once and he leaves:)
The King will tell you to get Jinn from Rolante next, but you need a 
ship from Byzel.  Leave the Castle and talk to Bon Jour.  Now stroll the 
town.  Buy new armor, and read stuff in the library about the Mana 
beasts and class changes.  Then rest at the inn and return to the 
courtyard.  Bon Jour has the cannon ready.  You are launched to Maia.
B.) Byzel/Palo
Enemies: Chibi Devil Lv. 8, 9: Small
Needle Bird Lv. 8,9: Yellow Wind (defense down)
Harpy Lv. 9: Talon Claw
Zombie Lv. 8: Poison Mist Breath (night)
Follow the golden road to Byzel.  Here, you can check out the black 
market (night only) if you want, but otherwise you can just take the 
ship to Palo.
Something is wrong, as you can tell by the music.  Palo has been 
ovetaken by Navarre Kingdom, Hawkeye's place.  It appears Isabella has 
put a curse on the soldiers.  Buy new armor/weapons here, and go the 
inn.  Walk west out of town.  You are on the Path to the heavens.  
Follow the path north for a while, then take an east turn (I think 
second time this option appears).  Cross the bridge and enter the cave, 
you can build up to level 10 around here if you want.  Save in the cave 
and go south.
C.) Helping the Amazons
Enemies: Rabilion Lv. 9, 10: Summon Level 9 Rabite
Myconid Lv. 8,9: Sleep Spore
Rabite: Lv. 1, 8, 9
Follow the path and you will stumble upon sleeping flowers, and wake up 
in the Amazon hideout.  Talk to everyone, then, from the central area, 
go through the north door on the right.  You should over hear a meeting.  
After this, leave and talk to an amazon standing outside.  Follow her to 
a cannon.  Merci (the amazon) will launch you to Byzel.  Rest at the inn 
so it is night, then enter the Black Market.  Talk to the kid standing 
in front of barrels to get the midget hammer.  Now go to the dock and 
tell the captain to set course for Jad.
From Jad, go through the Rabite Forest until you see the sign that says 
"Astoria".  Go west and follow the path until you see a little midget 
run away.  Talk to the black statue and use the hammer on everyone.  Now 
enter the path that opens.  Talk to the old man, who says Don Perginon 
is not here.  Talk to everyone in the town, (you can enter some of the 
trees), then talk to the old man, who is standing nearby.  He is Don 
Perginon, and he tells you how to free Rolante from the Navarre.  Return 
to Jad and set sail for Palo.
D.) Corridor of the Wind
Enemies: Lv. 10 Armor Knight: Whirlwind attack(all)
Lv. 10 Harpy: Talon Drain
Lv. 10 Chibi Devil
Boss: Tzenker
From Palo (after buying chocolates) head north up the Path to the 
Heavens until you see a cave entrance (far past the amazon hideout).  go 
into the cave, and go north.  You are in the corridor of the wind.  
Hitting switches here changes the wind flow.  Hit the first switch here 
so you can continue west.  Now go north, hit the switches, go west, then 
go east(after going down some ledges).  This is a tricky part now.  Get 
blown back the first statue, then proceed north and hit the switch.  Now 
go back near where the statue was, and go south until you see a gate, 
walk up to it, then go west.  Now go hit the remaining switch in the 
eastern corner of the room, and exit to the south.  From here, follow 
the path but go west.  Save at the golden statue and go back to the 
path.  Now go east.  After seeing the Mana Stone, go east again.  Now 
talk to the Dark Knight.  He leaves and summons Tzenker.
Boss: Tzenker
Rec. Level: 11
Attacks: Air Blast (1, all), Speed Up
Strategy: Wait for the boss to go near the south eastern corner.  Now 
pummel it and heal whenever someones hit points drops below 80.  Note: 
(I don't think it is possible to hit the boss when it is flyiong around 
in the northern corner of the screen.
Now talk to Jinn, and he joins you.  Save, and go back into the tricky 
room.  Exit to the NorthEast, and you will be blown near the entrance.  
Exit the cave.
A.) Rolante Castle
Enemies: Lv. 11 Ninja: Shuriken, Shadow Stike
Lv. 11 Armor Knight: Whirlwind Attack
Lv. 11 Chibi Devil: Mini
Lv. 11 Evil Sword
Boss: Genova
Boss: Bill and Ben
Now you can either head back to Palo for supplies or go back to the 
Amazon Hideout.  Either way, once you are at the hideout, return to the 
meadow, and use Jinn.  The soldiers in Rolante will fall asleep.  Now 
you are sent to retake the castle.  The enemies are hard, and it is 
confusing to find the golden statue.  From the entrance, take the north 
east door, then the north east door inside, east, up the stairs, south, 
north, east, south, east, east, north, north, south, left door, right 
door, and save.  You should build up to Level 12 here.  Then, from the 
room outside the statue, (be prepared for some hard fights) go south 
(other exit), and north. Now face Genova.
Boss: Genova
Rec. Level: 12
Attacks: Frieball (1, all), Melt, Power Up, summon Lv. 10 shapeshifters, 
Trap Lv. 1 (spikes), Trap Lv. 2 (Earthslide)
Strategy:  This boss's weak spot is its mouth.  However, the boss spits 
out many shapeshifters (two-three at a time).  They can become anything, 
so watch out.  It is a good idea to terminate one or two of the 
shapeshifters if they become hard enemies, but if not, concentrate on 
Genova.  Once he dies, the others die as well.
Go north, and face Bill and Ben.
Bosses: Bill and Ben
Rec. Level: 12
Attacks: Shuriken (1, all), Back Slash, Air Strike, Earth Jutsu, Combine
Strategy:  At first, they are combined together, and only one enemy, 
which isn't that hard.  Once they spilt, though, it is very hard.  They 
are Lv. 12 Ninjas with many techniques.  You will need all the healing 
magic and items you have.  Never let anyone's hit points drop below 70 
or so, as some attacks woulkd kill them there.  The plus side is that 
this is nowhere near as long a battle as Genova, meaning they are weaker 
in Hps.
After killing them, head north and talk to Biegui (Isabella).  After the 
ensuing scene, enter the gave and go south.  You are at the top of the 
mountain, so all you have to do is go south all the way to Palo.  At 
Palo, buy new armor and weapons, and restock on items.  Then go to the 
port.  You will board a ship for free.  Little do you know that it is 
a...ghost ship.  
B.) Ghost Ship
Enemies: Lv. 13 Ghoul: Poison, Heal Buster
Lv. 13 Chibi Devil: Mini
Lv. 13 Specter
Boss: Gorva
After you regain control of your characters, head south, east, and 
south.  You should be in a three door room.  If you want items, go in 
the middle door and a ghoul will appear (this only happens after you 
activate the ship, by walking near the left door) and sell you items.  
Otherwise, go to the left door, and follow the path (it has enemies 
now).  At the book case, read them as following Right, Left, Middle, 
Left (Book of Blood, Death, Curse, and Death).  This will open up the 
path to the room on the right.  Read the log on the desk, and Mataro, 
from Byzel, will appear.  He turns Kevin into a ghost.  To revive Kevin, 
you must destroy the source of the problem.  So exit the room and return 
to the three door room.  Now take the staircase in the northeastern 
corner, left, up, and look at the out the porthole (for fun).  Go south.  
The middle door has weapons, the left door has armor (you bought this in 
Palo, right?)  Go up the stairs in the northwest, and face Gorva.
Boss: Gorva
Rec. Level: 13/14
Attacks: Ghost Song (all), Black Rain (all), Anti-Magic (1), Silence 
(1), and Evil Gate (1, all)
Strategy:  This boss is a good deal harder than others you've faced 
(unless you have Angela and Holy Ball).  He vanishes and appears at 
different places on deck, where you can pummel.  But in the sky, where 
you can't reach him, he cast magic that hurts everyone.  You'll probably 
run out of Candies and Chocolates, but if you remember to heal after 2-4 
attacks, you should be fine.
After vanwuishing Gorva, Shade appears and offers you his powers.  Kevin 
is thus cured.  However, it appears that the dark mana stone is not in 
the ship.  Years ago, the god beast within was released and destroyed 
most of the wolrd before vanishing.  Shade has no idea where he is.  In 
other news, the ship is going to collapse, and you black out, only to 
reawaken on Volcanic Island Bucca.
A.) Volcanic Islan Bucca
Enemies: Lv. 13 Molebear
Lv. 13. Rabite
Lv. 13 Rabilion
Lv. 13 Dark Priest: Heal Light, Unicorn Head , Summon Rabite
Lv. 13 Myconid
Lv. 13 Gal Bee
Lv. 14 Cockatrice: Cokcabird Mature
Lv. 14 Cockabird: Petrify Flutter, Yellow Wind
Lv. 14 Golbin Lord
From the shore you're on, go northwest and north (to see the turtle 
you'll soon obtain), then go south back to the orginal shore.  Go 
northeast, west (save here), east, south, west, south, north, west, 
south, west, north, north, north, and east into the Dark Priest Village.  
Here, bye new weapons, armors, and restock on items (you may consider 
getting honey here, as well as walnuts).  From the village, go west, 
south, northwest, north, west, and west.  Now look at the rock in the 
upper left corner.  Select Gnome.  Enter the opened cave.
B.) Seashore Cave
Enemies: Lv. 15, 16 Pakkun Baby: Mature Lv. 15, 16 Pakkun Lizard
Lv. 15, 16 Pakkun Lizard: Gulp, Gulp (1)
Lv. 15, 16 Poto: Summon Mother, Heal Light
Lv. 16, 17 Mama Poto
Lv. 15, 16 Grell: Acid Gel, Funky Dance
Special Note: This dungeon is very difficult.  The enemy difficulty 
factor increases exponentially here, more so than Rolante (that was'nt 
too much).  For the first time in this game, the weaker characters will 
not survive for very long (creatures can take off up to 70 damage, but 
usually only deal half that).  Also, the enemies have higher defense and 
healing spells.  I suggest, once you find a gold statue, you gain some 
levels here (at least level 15).  It may pay off later.
From the entrance, go east, south three times, north three times, west 
twice, south, east, south, and west.  You'll find yourself at a golden 
statue.  Make use it and the nearby rooms to build levels if you want.  
From the statue, go south, west (you must destroy all the enemies for a 
path to open up), west, south, northwest, west, west, and save.  Go 
north twice, and speak to Jagan, another servant of the Dark Prince.  
After his short speech, the volcano erupts, but the turtle you saw from 
earlier saves the day by carrying you to a beach near Maia.  Go west and 
north onto the golden road, then go east into Maia.  Save at the inn, 
and then restock your items.  Now talk to Bon Voyage and be launched to 
A.) Sub-Zero Snowfield
Enemies: Lv. 17, 18 Shahagin: Bubble Bop(1), Hundred Harpoon(1)
Lv. 17, 18 Poto: Summon Mother
Lv. 18, 19 Mama Poto: Saint Beam
Lv. 17, 18 Wizard: Ice Smash, Fireball, Evil Gate, Airslash
Lv. 17, 18 Sea Serpent
Lv. 17, 18 Pakkun Lizard: Gulp, gulp
Boss: Machine Golem x3
From the courtyard in Forcena, go north (many creens) to the kings room, 
and speak with him.  He'll reveal the locations of the remaining Mana 
1.) Undine and the Water: Located in the snowfields south of Altena.  
Its power has already been released.
2.) Salamando and the Fire: Located in the Valley of Flames south of the 
Desert, south of Navarre.
3.) Luna and the Moon: Located in a tower in the Beastlands.
4.) Druid and the Wood: Located in a forest which can't be reached by 
land.  The Fairy King at Diorre, south of this forest, knows more.
He also offers you the Pihyara Flute, which summons the turtle, 
Booskaboo, at certain beaches.  Hence, you no longer need ships!
Head back to Maia using the cannon travel center, then exit the town 
from the west, go south, and go east.  Now use the flute to summon the 
Once you are on the map, head north to where the snowfields are.  The 
big read dot is Altena, which you cannot reach.  However, there should 
be a little bay somewhere north of Altena with fewer glaciers and a 
beach.  Land at the beach, and go east.  You are now in Elrand.  Here, 
buy armor and weapons, and items if needed, and save at the inn.  Head 
south out of town.
The enemies here are much harder, like what happened in Bucca.  Follow 
these directions to the gold save, where you can easily build levels.  
Go south, west three times, south, west twice, south, northwest (gray 
statue), north, west, north twice, west twice, south twice, and east 
(gold statue).  From here, build up to either lv. 17 or 18.  When you 
are satisfied, go west from the save, and west again.  Now you'll face 
the three machine golems after meeting the Dark Knight.
Boss: Machine Golem x3
Rec. Level: 17/18
Attacks: Acid Rain (all), Grenade Bomb (all), Thrunderbolt (all)
Strategy:  Hands down, this is tough.  The physical attacks are doing 50 
+, and the magics are doing 100+.  And to top it off, the  Grenade bomb 
attack does 200 damage to one character, and a hundred to everyone else.  
Watch out.  The robots don't attack continously, like Gorva, but only 
once in awhile.  So heal or whatever during the hiatus, and pummel them.  
If you cannot defeat them AT ALL, leave the snowfield, go to Rolante, 
and class change.  Then it may be easier.  Thats all I can say.
After destroying the machines, save at the statue (if you want), go 
west, and north into the Labyrinth of Ice Walls.  Talk to the stone to 
unleash Undine.  After this, it is a good idea to class change everybody 
(have everyone talk to the stone at LV. 18). If it helps, I made Kevin a 
Bashkar, Hawkeye a Ninja, and Charlotte a Priestess.  Now, the enemies 
in this place are A LOT easier.  Kevin and Hawkeye are doing about 80 
damage per hit, 120 per combo, and 250 per super combo.  The enemies do 
about 8-13 damage!!  This is what it should be.  From the statue, 
backtrack to Elrand, and get a long deserved rest.  Restock on items, if 
you wish, and head to the beach.  Use the flute to summon Booskaboo.  
Its time to get Salamando.
From Elrand, head to the southeast corner of the map.  Sail near the ig 
red dot, which is Navarre.  From here, go left until you see a beach in 
fron of a city.  Dock, and go east.  You are in the Sand City Sultan.  
Talk, and by supplies (which you did in Elrand, right?).  Now go east 
into the desert.
A.) Scorching Desert
Enemies: Lv. 17, 18, 19 Bullette: Defense
Lv. 17, 18, 19 Cockatrice: Cockabird Mature
Lv. 17, 18, 19 Cockabird: Yellow Wind
Lv. 18 Dark Priest
Lv. 19 Duck Soldier: Pumpkin bomb
Lv. 19 Gold Bullette: Gild
Boss: Bill and Ben
From the desert, go east, south, east, south (cave like appearance), 
south (ditto), southeast, east, and east.  You have found the oasis 
village of Deen.  Nothing much here other than an Inn, information, and 
armor.  Buy all the new armor, then exit. From outside, go west, west, 
west, west, southwest, south, and east.  Now face Bill and Ben, again, 
as Bigiue and Jessica enter the Valley of Flames.
Boss: Bill and Ben
Rec. Level: 19
Attacks: Shadow Dive, Shuriken (1, all), Fusion
Strategy:  Once again, this is hard.  You should not even try without 
Heal Light (all), and class change.  Attack them until you can use your 
super combo, and pummel them.  Chances are, someone will die or be 
reduced very low, so use your Angel Grails and Honey.  Once one is 
vanquished, it is easy.  With both on the screen, it is really hard, 
because they continusoly hammer you.  The good thing is when you kill 
them, they are gone for good:)  Go south into the cave.
B.) Valley of Flames
Enemies: Lv. 17 Duck General
Lv. 17 Ninja Master : Shuriken
Lv. 17 Firedrake: Firebreath (all)
Lv. 17 Dark Priest: Unicorn Head
Go south twice, east, south, north, sw (save), and east.  Here, Bigieu 
will threaten to kill Jessica, until Nikita arrives and rescues her.  
Follow Biguie east, and after the scene, talk to the stone to get 
Salamando.  Now go all the way back to Sultan, and go to the beach.  
Summon Booskaboo.  Its time to get Luna.
From the beach near Sultan, swim near the beach at Maia (this in the 
central area).  Near this beach is another beach (same continent).  Dock 
at the second beach and go east (the statue vanishes).  You'll find 
yourself in the moonlight city, Mintos (from Kevin's intro).  After 
buying new weapons and armor, save, and exit the town to the west
A.) Moonlight Forest
Enemies: Lv. 21 Werewolf
Lv. 21 Dark Battum
Lv. 21 Bound Wolf: Bite
Lv. 21 Black Fang: Water-Moon Slice, Bastard Slam
Boss: Lugar
The enemies here are not only easy, they give tons of experience.  Level 
up to 21 or higher if you wish.  From the town, head south twice, 
northwest, west twice, south, west, and north.  Save here.  Now go north 
and watch the scene between Deathjester, Lugar, and your party members.  
After the scene, Lugar fights you.
Boss: Lugar
Rec. Level: 21+
Attacks: Water-Moon Slice, Bastard Slam (1), Seyozu Sky Fist (all), 
Seyozu Death Fist (1), and Moon Saber (itself)
Strategy: This fight is incredibly easy.  Until Lugar uses Moon Saber.  
For some reason, after that, he goes CRAZY.  Worse then Bill and Ben 
with the nonstop attacks, he just pummels your characters.  Excpect 
attacks one after another, like Bastard Slam, then immediatley Water-
Moon Slice.  Have Angel Grails and Honey, or your dead.  The best way to 
hurt him, is to use Holy Ball with Charlotte, then two seconds later, 
use shuriken with Hawkeye.  Then, right after Holy Ball, but before 
Shurken, hit him hard with Kevin's supercombo, and right after the 
shuriken, use Holy Ball.  This only works once or twice, and this guy 
has a lot of hitpoints.  Just never let two characters die, or the third 
one is already dead.
After defeating the Beast Commander, Luna joins you, and after Lugar's 
speech, revives Lugar into a child (by Kevin's request).  Now go back 
and save, then go into the Moonreading tower.  Talk to the stone, then 
leave.  Now is a good chance to more leveling up.  I did this to obtain 
level 22.  After you are finished, return to Mintos and go to the shore.  
After summoning Booskaboo, you must find Dryad.
Swim near the remaining red dot, and land at the beach.  Leave the beach 
and use Luna at the plant.  Wait for night fall.  
A.) Lampflower Forest
Enemies: Lv. 24 Mega Crawler: Spider Web
Lv. 24 Porobin Hood: Sleep
Lv. 24 Lady Bug: Power Up, Vaccum Surge Spear
Boss: Gildervine
Now follow the red flower until you get to Diorre (go south, south, 
west, south twice, east, west twice, north).  Here, go to the mansion in 
the southwest corner of town.  Go north and speak to the Fairie King.  
Now you can talk to everyone.  Buy new armor and weapons, and head out 
of town.  Go east, north, west at the cross roads to the golden statue.  
Use Luna, and then save.  Go west twice, and north twice, and take on 
Boss: Gildervine
Rec. Level: 23
Attacks: Sleep Flower, summon Assasin bug, Hammer Bean, Poison Bubble
Strategy:  Unlike the other recent bosses, Gildervine is easy.  other 
than the fact that he can use sleep at any time, and summons aid, he is 
a goner if you but new weapons, its night, and you are level 23 or so.  
Just keep using super combos, magic isn't neccesary.  About halfway 
through the battle, the pod explodes and a giant head pops out.
After killing Gildervine, Dryad joins you.  You need to go to the Island 
of Oblivion. Now head back out the forest (from the statue, you can 
north, south, east, and follow the path until you reach the entrance).
A.) Summit of the Skies
Enemies: Lv. 25 Needle Bird: Yellow Wind
Lv. 25: Harpy
From the map, go to the Island of Oblivion (Center).  Follow the path.  
After you unlock the gate, Altena, Navarre, and the Beast Kingdom fly 
into the Mana Holyland.  You need to obtain the Father of the Winged 
Ones, a legendary flying beast on the world's tallest mountain.  So head 
for Rolante.  (I went to Jad and took a ship to Palo).  From Palo, climb 
all the way to Rolante, and talk to the Amazon.  She opens up a path.  
Go east, northeast, west, north, east, south.  You will climb a path and 
meet the flying beast.  However, it is not the Father, but a daughter, 
who the fairy names Flammie.  Regardless, it takes you to the Mana 
B.) The Mana Holyland
Enemies: Lv. 25, 26, 27 Rabillion
Lv. 25-27 Rabite
Lv. 25-27 King Rabite: Rabite Rain, Doublespin, Triplespin
You land in the middle of a battlefield.  Past battlefield, anyway:)  Go 
north, west, north, west, north (on lilies), south west, north, and 
north again.  Save at the statues.  Go east twice, northwest, and north.  
In the upper corner of this screen is the Sword of Mana.  You try to 
pull it, but fail.  Then Kevin concentrates on the 7 mana stones.  Then 
he pulls out the sword.  But the fairie had been kidnapped!  The goddess 
of mana appears and tells you that she was kidnapped by Evil, and that 
the tree is withering.  Get the Wind Drum from the chest, but make sure 
you have room for it.  Now you must return to the entrance.  Thers some 
interesting stuff that happens along the way.  this next part matters on 
who your lead character is (it explains how the other scenarios are 
	At one point, you'll meet the Darkshine Knight, who'll tell you 
that an evil infiltrated the Dragon Hole and assassinated their leader, 
the Dragon Emperor.  After that, the knight killed Koren, and will soon 
disappear himself, because he was brought back to life by the Dragon 
Emperor (Note: This will not happen if Duran/Angela is your main 
character).  Continuing on, you'll meet Biguie.  It seems that the Dark 
Prince sacrificed himself to bring the Dark Mana Stone out of another 
dimension, and that with the sowrd of mana, he could be revived.  But 
the same evil that killed the Dragon Emperor sealed the Prince in the 
nether world.  Bigiue, who loved the Prince, killed Jagan, and then took 
her life as well. (Note, this will not happen if Hawkeye/Lise is your 
main character).  Now, at the entrance, you'll fin the Deathjester and 
Heath, the fallen cleric.  They were the evil that foiled the other's 
plans.  And to retrieve the faerie, you must go the Beast Kingdom.  
(Note: If Hawkeye/Lise is your main character, Isabella and Jagan will 
be here, and if Duran/Angela is your main character, Koren and the 
Darkshine Knight will be here, and Heath and the Deathjester would have 
died as well).
	Use the Wind Drum to call Flammie, return to the overworld, and 
fly to the red dot.
C.) The Beast Kingsom
Enemies: Lv. 27 Werwolf
Lv. 27 Black fang: Water-moon Slice, Bastard Slam
Lv. 27 Silver wolf: Garuda 100 Kick, Heal Light
The enemies here are hard.  I suggest levelling up a bit.  Go north, 
northeast, east, south, west, south, south, north.  After the scene, in 
which the Deathjester and Heath obtain the Sword of Mana, go north and 
follow that path.  Talk to the beast King, who tells you that Karl is 
alive, and that Kevin's mother didn't run away, but died.  He says that 
all this was to build up Kevin's anger and make him powerful (don't you 
want to kill him?).  Use the Wind Drum, and fly someplace like Forcena.  
Restock on Items, and sleep at the inn.  Now begins part 2.

Fly to Rolante (easternmost red dot).  Go east through the cave, and go 
east across the bridge into another Cave.  This is the Corridor of Wind. 
Don't attempt fighting the beast on Jinn's day.
A.) The Corridor of the Wind
Enemies: Lv. 28 Chibi Devil: Mini
Lv. 28 Armor Knight: Whirlwind Attack
Lv. 28 Harpy
Boss: Dangaard
Follow the same directions as I gave earlier (see Chapter 4).  Where you 
fought Tzenker, Flammie will automatically be summoned and you will fly 
around on the world map.  Eventually, you'll run into Dangaard.
Boss: Dangaard, the Wind God-Beast
Rec. Level: 25
Attacks: Air Slasher (all), Thunderbolt (1, all), Air Blast (1, all), 
Thunderball (all), Speedup (itself)
Strategy: Despite his semi-menacing look, the two-headed Dangaard is 
simple to defeat.  This battle is very long, but is easy.  First, cast 
Diamond Saber on all your characters (otherwise you'll do very little 
damage).  Then fight him as you would any other boss.  The catch is, Air 
Slasher and Thunderball are attacks you have to heal after, his others 
are not.  Once you take off 1/4 his hitpoints (I think), the view 
shifts.  Take off another 4th, and it shifts back.  Take of the third 
fourth, and it shifts again.  Now kill him.  If he stays in one place 
and roars again and again, he'll either cast magic or attack for a 100 
or so.  Other than this, all this battle needs is Diamond Saber, Heal 
Light, and Magic Walnuts:)
Fly to oasis Deen (south).  Buy the new armor and weapons, and head to 
the Valley of Flames (see chapter 8).  Note: Don't do this on 
Salamando's day!
Inside the valley, run for the gold statue (see Chapter 8).
A.) The Valley of Flame
Enemies: Lv. 30 Ninja Master: Shuriken (all), Earth, Fire, Thunder, and 
Water jutsu (all), Shadow Dive (1)
Lv. 30 Sword Master: Ice/Diamond/Fire/Thunder Saber, Vaccuum Sword
Lv. 30 Firedrake: Firebreath
Lv. 30 Dark Preist: Heal Light, Unicorn Head, Machine Golem Attack
Boss: Xan Bie
The enemies here are harder than Dangaard:)  Well, close enough.  I 
built from level 26 to level 29 here.  I suggest you do too.  When you 
are finished, from the save point head north, south, north, north, east 
twice, south, and east three times (you may have to fight to open the 
last part of this path).  Now go east, south, east, and northeast to 
fight Xan Bie.
Boss: Xan Bie, the Fire God-Beast
Rec. Level: 29
Attacks: Fireball (all), Heat Beam (1), Explode (1), Gigaburn (all), 
Fire Saber (you!), Lava wave (all, itself), Power up
Strategy:  This is indeed a smart enemy, but no match for you.  Cast Ice 
Saber on everyone before heading north onto the main terrace.  He has 
four forms: floating fire (invincible to physical attacks), fire: 
normal, dragon head: normal, and "furnace": healing.  He uses his 
attacks once a form change, but you should be able to deal up to a 1000 
before he does so.  Other than the fact that some attacks do 200+ (which 
can be healed), he also, as said before, is smart.  He'll cast Flame 
Saber on the guy attacking him the most, causing this character to heal 
him with every hit.  Use Ice Saber to counteract.  In furnace form, he 
heals up to 2000 damage, and becomes stronger, but by the time he does 
this, he is pretty weak.  The only thing to really worry about is his 
Gigaburn attack.  This he does once he turns white (the flames).  
Overall, this is a shorter, but more intense battle than Dangarrd's.
Fly to the Labyrinth of Ice Walls (Northern corner).  When you lande, 
buy stuff from the cats outside (very expensive, though).  Go inside the 
A.) The Labyrinth of Ice Walls
Enemies: Lv. 32 Petit Posiedon: Harpooon Hail, Bubble Bop
Lv. 32 Frost Dragon: Ice Breath
Lv. 32 Sea Dragon: Chill
lv. 32 Mama Poto: Calls father
Lv. 33 Papa Poto: Father's Fist
Boss: Fiegmund
Go north, south, northwest, north (must fight), west, northeast, north, 
north, east, south, and northeast.  After saving, level up a bit (to 
Level 31 or so).  From the save, go south, southeast, and north.  Now 
fight Fiegmund.
Boss: Fiegmund, the Ice God-Beast
Rec. Level: 31
Attacks: Cold Blaze (1, freezes character), Icicle (all), Frost (1), 
Mind up (itself)
Strategy: Yet another easy beast.  Use Fire Saber on everyone, then walk 
onto the terrace.  This boss will keep jumping around on the top for a 
while.  Hammer him (Kevin can hit him mabye 12 times before he is 
frozen, with 100 damage per hit).  Fiegmund will use Cold Blaze on the 
character doing the most damage to him, probably Kevin.  Well, use Fire 
Jutsu on him as well, with Hawkeye.  After a while of repetisious 
fighting, Fiegmund will leap off the screen, and jump back, only on the 
bottom of the ice block.  Physical attacks can't hurt him.  Use Hawkeye 
in abundance here.  Basically wait it out with Fire Jutsu.  When 
Fiegmund returns to the upper block, hammer him again.  He should die, 
or be very close, before he jumps off the screen again.
Fly to th Forest of Wonder, east of Altena.  Land, and go west.  Now go 
A.) The Forest of Wonder
Enemies: Lv. 34 Darth Matando: Baby Spore
Lv. 34 Giga Crawler: Sweet Silk
Lv. 34 Queen Bee: Power Up
Lv. 34 Pororbin Leader: Silver Dart
Boss: Mispolm
Go west, northeast, north, east, far northeast, west three times (save), 
northeast, east three times.  You are now at Mispolm.
Boss: Mispolm, the Wood God-Beast
Rec. Level: 31
Attacks: Grenade Bomb (1, all), Counter Magic (itself), Shade Tree(???), 
Sleep Flower (1), Poison bubble (1)
Strategy: This guy is very easy.  Even though tree would brobably be 
weak against Luna, this guy is weak against thunder.  So cast thunder 
Saber and use Thunder Jutsu on him.  Kevin deals 200 per hit.  Mispolm 
stands no chance.  His worst attack is Counter Magic, which makes him 
counter whenever you attack him with magic.  Also, one of the little 
plants to his side may attack for 300 damage to one person, but this is 
once or twice in a battle.
Since the first four beasts were a sinch, does this mean the other four 
will be hard?  We'll just have to see (yes).  Fly to the Moonlight City 
Mintos (western).  From here, head to the Moonreading Tower (see Chapter 
9).  In front of the entrance are two cats who sell armor (buy this) and 
weapons (very expensive, is your call.  I didn't).  Now, after saving, 
enter the Tower.  
A.) The Moonreading Tower
Enemies: lv. 36 Bloody Wolf: Seyozu Sky Fist
Lv. 36 Silver Wolf: Garuda 100 Kick, Heal light
Lv. 36 Beast Master: Calls beasts
Lv. 36 Carmilia: Drain Kiss, Weird attack (lowers max hp)
Lv. 36 Kereberos: Flamebreath
Boss: Dolan
Hard enemies, but if you follow the path, you want have to fight them 
much until you reach a gold statue.  From inside, go northwest, up the 
stairs, south, northeast, up the stairs, south, southwest, up the 
stairs, south, and northeast.  This is the first gold statue.  Use it, 
and build up some (33,34).  From the save, go south,  northwest, up, 
south, northeast, up, south, northwest, up, south, northeast, up, south, 
northwest, up, south, northeast, up, south, northwest, up, south, and  
northeast (lower plattform).  Save here.  Go south, and north through 
the central passage.  Time to fight Dolan.
Boss: Dolan, the Moon God-Beast
Rec. Level: 33+
Attacks: Spiral Moon (all), Halflight (1), Body Change (1), Moon Saber 
(1), Graviton Press (all), Howl (all)
Strategy: THIS is a god-beast.  Thundersaber everyone (I'm not sure, but 
you'll do 10 damage without it).  Thunder Jutsu isn't useful, so have 
Hawkeye attack.  When Dolan first arrives, he swipes across with his 
claw, which he will do a lot later on.  He blocks for a while, then sets 
his hands apart.  At this time, he'll either cast magic (200-400) or 
slam the tower top his hands (200).  His magic attacks can seriously 
hurt the party, and if that weren't enough, he lowers Max hp with 
certain attack, and takes off half your hp with others.  He also minis 
you, which you cure with Tinkle Rain.  His super attack, Spiral Moon, 
looks a lot like Ryu's hadoken, and hurts a lot, too.  this attack does 
400 to everyone.  So use heal light constantly.  He dies like he came 
in, whit style.
After restocking and resting, fly to Byzel, but don't land there.  
Instead, fly north, and the text should change to Cleft the Earth.  Try 
landing here (there is a certain spot).  You'll land in a separate area 
of the Molebear Higlands.  Go north twice, east, northwest, into the 
hole, and west twice.  The guys here are selling the tuff from outside 
the Moonreading Tower.  Go south.
A.) The Gemstone Valley of Dorian
Enemies: Lv. 28, 38 Petit Dragon: Posion Breath
Lv. 28, 38 Slime Prince: Mucus Shot
Lv. 28, 38 Needlelion: Ironsand Needle, Multirolling
Lv. 28, 38 Cockatirce: Mature Cockabird
Lv. 28, 38 Cockabird: Yello Wind, Petriflutter
Boss: Land Umber
This is a challenging area.  Use Hawkeye's Thunder Jutsu to help kill 
the Needlelions, and in the night, Kevin can beat up anything.  You 
should go this way.  Go south twice, east thrice, southwest, west twice, 
southeast, east, south, and west.  Now save.  Go east, east, south, west 
twice, and south.  Go west to fight Land Umber. (try to get it at night, 
not on Gnome's Day)
Boss: Land Umber, the Earth God-Beast
Rec. Level: 33/34
Attacks: Crashball (1), Earthquake (all), Stone Cloud (1)
Strategy: While not as hard as Dolan, he is still moderately difficult.  
However, he is not much (I killed him on Gnome's day).  Before he 
appears, cast Thunder Saber on everyone.  Once he fully forms (the 
robotic arms and crystal are in place), start nailing him with Kevin and 
thunder Justu.  Kevin alternates between doing 200 and 300 damage PER 
HIT, and his super combo does 400.  Thunder Jutsu is weaker, but this 
seems to draw Land Umber's attentions.  He will us Crashball on the one 
who deals him the most damage, but if you use Thunder Jutsu, chances are 
he'll use it on Hawkeye, while Kevin nails him.  If its night, and Kevin 
has Thunder Saber, I give this battle 5-10 minutes (with Heal light, of 
Fly to the red dot west of Rolante, after getting some Stardust Herbs.
A.) The Ancient Ruins of Light
Enemies: Lv. 40 Siren : Melody
Lv. 40 Grell Mage: Trikcy Dance, Flash
Lv. 40 Silver Knight: Magic Circle Sword, Heal Light
Lv. 40 Pakkun Baby: Mature Pakkun Dragon
Lv. 40 Pakkun Dragon: Gulp, gulp
Lv. 40 Mama Poto: Summons Papa
Lv. 41 Papa poto: Father's Fist, Diamond saber
Boss: Lightgazer
Go east, northwest, west, northeast, north twice, southeast, east, 
south, east, and north.  After killing the monsters, read the note.  Now 
go back down.  Talk to the left tablet, and use Wisp.  Talk to the 
right, and use Shade.  Now go south through the passage.  Go west, 
north, east, north, and northwest.  Save here.  Make sure you are Lv. 36 
+, and have Stardust Herbs (leaves).  Go south from the save, northeast 
(make sure it is night), and north, to face Lightgazer.
Boss: Lightgazer, the Light God-Beast
Rec. Level: 36+
Attacks: Saint Beam (1, all), Holy ball (all), God Eyes Blast (all), 
Prisoner (all), Saint Saber (1), Heal Light (itself)
Strategy:  This guy is a pain.  He took me an 1:15 minutes to kill, and 
he uses strong attacks.  Although yo can easily cure his attacks, he has 
a lot of hitpoints, and moogles you.  Thats right.  With Prisoner, he 
Moogles everyone.  You can't cure moogle without Tinkle Rain or Stardust 
Herbs.  I suggest un-moogling Charlotte, then using her magic to heal 
the rest of your team.  Plus, like Xan Bie, he'll try to heal himself 
using you.  He'll cast Saint Saber on the guy hurting him the most, and 
you'll have to nullify that with another saber.  At first, Kevin was 
doing 402 with super attacks, but once he was Saint Sabered, and 
nullified, his power was mysteriously reduced...Good luck!
Fly to Pedan, the only remaining dot on the map.  The clearing to the 
south is where you can land.
A.) The Jungle of Illusions
Enemies: Lv. 41, 42 Guardian: Rusty Hurricane, Breastfire
Lv. 41, 42 Papa Poto: Father's Fist
Lv. 41, 42 Great Rabite: Huge, huge
Lv. 41, 42 Boulder: Antimagic
Lv. 41, 42; Evil Shaman: Antimagic, Summon Gremlin, Heal Light
Lv. 41, 42 Gremlin: Evil Gate
Lv. 41.42 Ruster Bug: Rust
Lv. 42, 43 Lesser Demon: Dark Force
Boss: Zable-Fahr (Kevin/Charlotte only)
Boss: Deathjester (Kevin/Charlotte only)
From the clearing where you land, go south, north, and north into the 
solitary building.  Read the note on the wall, and go to sleep.  Wake 
up, and exit the building.  You are now in Pedan.  Go to the armor store 
for armor.  Then go into a central building.  The man will read a tablet 
telling you of the Masked Mage (Deathjester's master).  Also, speak to 
the Mana Stone Guru, in the western part of town.  He says that the Dark 
Mana Stone should be somewhere nearby.  Other people speak of a Mirage 
Palace in the Jungle of Illusions.   Rest in the inn until it is night, 
then go outside.  Gain up to Level 38 here.  When you fight Boulders, 
who come out at night, they may drop some ??? seeds (they must be the 
last enemy you kill to drop it).  If planted at the inn, they will grow 
into the itms that allow you to do the second class change.  When you 
are done (have at least 3-6 seeds), go to the inn.  Save, and then plant 
them.  Reading the description of the item will tell you what class 
you'll get.  If oyu are unsatisfied, hit reset.  A different item should 
come.  When you are done. call Flammie.  Now fly to the Mana Holyland.  
Once inside, go back to the gold statues (see Chapter 11).  Now, after 
saving, talk to the statue in the center.  Class Change everyone as you 
did earlier, by selecting the correct item.  Now, you are finished.  If 
it helps, I chose: Kevin-Dervish, Hawkeye-Nightblade, and Charlotte: 

Special Note: From here on out, if your main character is not Kevin or 
Charlotte, this guide does not apply.

	From the etnrace to the Jungle of Illusion, go west (through the 
trees), north up the river, northwest on land, and speak to the headless 
statue.  Select Dryad as your spirirt, and a path to the south will open 
up.  Save your game at the statue, then go south.  Go east, and you will 
hear a click.  Go north, west, and sout (you should be hearing clicks).  
Go west, west, north, and heal up.  Now go north to face Zable-Fahr, the 
legendary Dark God-Beast.  Note: If you want this to be a sinch, get up 
to Level 40 (see abilities) and wait for night.
Boss: Zable-Fahr, the Dark God-Beast
Rec. Level: 38+
Attacks: Dark Blazon (1), Dark Beam (1), Dark force (1, all), Evil Gate 
(all), Hell Cross (all), Regenration (all enemies), Death (1), Undead 
Attack (1)
Strategy:  When you begin the battle, cast Saint Saber if you have it.  
Attack the two heads ONE AT A TIME, or the battle will take forever.  
Charlotte's Holy Ball will help a lot, and Kevin in were-wolf form won't 
hurt.  Once you feel like you have the remaining head almost killed (I 
think they are around 5000 hit points), make sure all your characters 
are at high hp levels (higher than 400).  Then kill the remaining head, 
and you will wi....what the (insert expletive here)!!???  The word 
regeneration appears, and the two heads are revived.  Worse yet, another 
head shows up in the center and uses Hell Cross on you.  Heal 
immediately after this.  Once you are done healing, pummel the main head 
with everything you have.  But never let hit points drop below 300-400, 
because Zable-Fahr will use the Hell Cross at least once more before it 
dies.  Once the main head is terminated, the other heads vanish.
After killing Zable-Fahr, a treasure box will appear.  Open it for the 
Illusion Mirror.  Once you are finished, you can use the Wind Drum and 
go back to town to restock on items etc.  When you are finished, return 
to the Zable-Fahr area.  Now go south, south, west, north, north and 
save.  you should be at Level 39-40.  Now, from the save go south, west, 
north, and north.  When you are asked, select the Illusion Mirror.  The 
Deathjester will appear.  After a short speech, he attacks.  This is the 
fihgt you have been waiting for!
Boss: The Deathjester
Rec. Level: 39+
Attacks: Death (1), Cold Blaze (1), Blaze Wall (1), Holy Ball (1)
Strategy:  The first thing he does is split in three.  However, only one 
of the sikcle-wielding maniacs is the real one, and they all look the 
same.  To find out, hammer them with either weapons or Hawkeye's Thnder 
Jtsu, which does decent damage.  Only the real one will take damage, and 
you will still retain your super meter if you attack a fake one.  I used 
Moon Saber, but I am not sure if it helped (though I bet it did).  His 
attacks, while few, hurt badly, and his sickle does pretty good damage.  
After a while, he will flash and change into one the clones.  He does 
this once you found which one he is.  However, once you find the real 
one, you can probably deal up to a thousand damage before he changes his 
After killing him, a path to the north will open up.  You can either 
restock on items or head into the Mirage Palace right now...  Note: Get 
full slots of Stardust Herbs and Cups of Wishes.
After doing what you wish, it is time to enter the mirage palace.  From 
where you fought the Death Jester, go north twice into the palace.
A.) The Mirage Palace: Exterior
Enemies: Lv. 43-46 Dragon Zombie: Methane Breath
Lv. 43-46 Elemental Sword: Sabers
Lv. 43-45 Carmilia Queen: Blood Drain, Strange Attack
Lv. 43-45 Necromancer: Heal Light
Lv. 43-45 Ghost
Boss: Genova
Boss: Ghost
Boss: Gildervine
Go north.  Speak to the priest.  Kill the enemies and go northwest.  Go 
north and speak to the skeleton to save.  There are six paths.  I took 
them in the following order.

1.) Southwest, northeast, west, south, south (don't kill enemies), and 
go southeast.  Now open the treasure.  After you have done this, return 
to the hall.  The southwest orb is lighted.  Save.

2.) West, north (after killing everyone), northeast, center, and north.  
You'll face Genova, who is about as easy as before (actually, much 
easier).  To save you time, I'll put the strategy here:)
Boss: Genova
Rec. Level: 41/42 (this time)
Attacks: Frieball (1, all), Melt, Power Up, summon Lv. 43 shapeshifters, 
Trap Lv. 1 (spikes), Trap Lv. 2 (Earthslide)
Strategy:  This bosses weak spot is its mouth.  However, the boss spits 
out many shapeshifters (two-three at a time).  They can become anything, 
so watch out.  It is a good idea to terminate one or two of the 
shapeshifters if they become hard enemies, but if not, concentrate on 
Genova.  Once he dies, the others die as well.
After killing Genova, you should return to the hall.  the west orb is 
lighted.  Save.

3.) Go northwest, north, and north.  The room should change.  Go south.  
You are in Astoria.  Talk to everyone (including the dog), and return to 
the room from which you came, and face the ghost.
Boss: Lv. 52 Ghost
Rec. Level: 41/42 (this time)
Attacks: ???
Strategy: Just beat this guy to a pulp, as he is not too hard.  If you 
are having to much trouble, use Saint Saber or Holy Ball.
After killing the ghost, return to the hallway.  The northwest orb 
should be lighted.  Save.

4.) Go southeast, and then northeast.  You'll be warped to different 
areas, where you have to kill everyone.  When you finish (stop warping), 
return the hall, where the southeast orb will be lit. Save.

5.) Go east, and northeast.  You'll now have to kill Gildervine (again).
Boss: Gildervine
Rec. Level: 43(this time)
Attacks: Sleep Flower, Summon Assasin bug, Hammer Bean, Poison Bubble
Strategy:  This guy is simple, since you are now very strong.  If you 
need, use Moon Saber to help you attack it.  It is as good as dead.
After killing the Gildervine, head back to the hall.  The east orb is 
lit.  Save.

6.) Go northeast.  After killing all nemies on the screen, go up the 
stairs nad press the switch.  Go back down and enter the door. Go north, 
northeasr, northwest, north, north, northeast,northwest, north, north, 
northeast, northwest.  You should see Karl (I amy have made an error).  
Ignore him (I think you should talk to him until he leaves, but don't 
follow him).  Go northeast, and north.  Now go back to the hall (if you 
go south, it shouldn't warp).  At the hall, all orbs, except the one on 
the skull, are lighted.  Talk to the skull to open up the path to the 
north, and save.

7.) This is the last trial, so to speak.  Go north, north, and north, 
and you will warp into a strange room.  You can exit until you kill all 
the enemies here, and I mean ALL.  This just takes a while, but it isn't 
too hard.  When you win, go north.

B.) The Mirage Palace: Interior
Enemies: Lv. 45 Dragon Zombie: Methane Breath
Lv. 45 Necromancer: Heal Light
Lv. 45 Ghost
Lv. 45 Great Demon: Dark Force
Lv. 45 Power Boulder: Roullette
Lv. 45 Death Machine: Freeze Beam, Thunderbolt
Boss: Gorva
Boss: Heath
The enemies here are considerably tougher than those outside.  Use 
Hawkeye's Blow Needles to stop magic attacks like Thunderbolt before 
they occur.

Go north into the palace, and go north again.  You should save at the 
headless statue.  Go south.  The switch should be in the down position.  
Now go east and north.  Flip the switches so that the left one is down 
and the right one is up.  Now go north, southeast (stairwell), and west.  
Flip the switch on the wall.  Go back and save.  On the way back you 
should see that in the room to the east of the main hall, a bridge has 
opened.  After saving, go to that room, and go up the bridge.  You can 
walk through the northwestern part of the wall.  Step on the teleporter.

From this area, go west and face Gorva, take two.
Boss: Gorva
Rec. Level: 44 (this time)
Attacks: Ghost Song (all), Black Rain (all), Anti-Magic (1), Silence 
(1), and Evil Gate (1, all)
Strategy:  All I can say is use Holy Ball and/or Saint Saber and he is 
From Gorva, you can either save (if you are not confident you can beat 
him easily again if you have to), or continue on west.  You should be 
level 45.  If you decide to continue west, go west and take the 
teleporter.  Now take the south exit from this room, and walk across the 
balcony and take the northeast door.  Make sure it is night.  Take the 
northeast portal.

You are now in the throne room of the Mirage Palace.  In the ensuing 
scene, the Masked Mae will destroy the Sowrd of Mana, and then go to the 
Mana Holyland to chop down the Mana Tree.  You would follow, if not for 
Heath, who blocks your way.  You'll be warped to a separate area to 
fight Heath.
Boss: Heath
Rec. Level: 45
Attacks: Ghost Song (all), Black Curse (1), Saint Beam (all), Holy Ball 
(all), Iourmugand (all), Freya (all), Maraduke (all), Heal Light 
(himself), Ghost (1)
Strategy: Since it is night, Kevin is in werewolf form, which makes this 
battle a little easier.  Still, Heath has some very nasty spells whcih 
do tons of damage (400+), which ties Charlotte up.  Note: Don't waste 
stardust herbs unless Charlotte is silenced by Maraduke, everything else 
can be cured with Tinkle Rain.  I suggest using a Deadly Weapon or two 
on Heath with Hawkeye, then using Black Rain all the time (most of the 
time).  Kevin should NOT be sabered, because Heath is mostly immune to 
all elemental attacks.  If your attacks aren't doing enough, use Thunder 
Jutsu on Heath.  For kevin, it is usually a better idea to use your 
level one attack, which can do up to 400 damage (200 per hit), and is 
much faster than getting his super or ultra combo (which does around 
800).  the worst thing about Heath is his Heal Light spell, which cures 
576+ damage.  You need to move very fast to kill this guy.  Black rain, 
followed up by a succesful combo and (if possible), Holy Ball, should 
take off 1000, half of which he will almost immediately heal.  
Approximately 22 combos as such will kill him (he has 11000 hit points, 
I'm guessing).  Magic Shield may help a lot.  Overall, this is the 
hardest boss you'll be facing in the game.
After defeating Heath, he reveals that the Masked Mage is his father, 
Belgar, who tried to help a dying little girl by studying dark magic.  
He finally became an accomplished Dark mage, but the girl is dead.  The 
people of Wendel began to fear Belgar, and the Priest of Light exiled 
him.  Over the years, his powers grew to fiendish levels.  (You heard 
this is in Pedan).  

Its time to head to the mana holyland, but first, you need to restock on 
items.  If you have any weapon/armor seeds, plant them after saving in 
Pedan to get some armor/weapons (these are the best armor/weapons in the 
game).  When you are done, sell all unescerrary armor, and buy the best 
weapons the guys in Pedan are selling (you may already have done this).  
After that, fly somewhere like Forcena and buy 9 of the important items, 
like Cups of Wishes, Honey, and Walnuts.  Now head for the holy land.
A.) The Mana Holyand
Enemies: Lv. 49, 50 Shapeshifter: Shapeshift
Final Boss: Dark Lich
From where you land, you'll see the Holy land has been totaled. So there 
is a new path to take.  Go north, west, north, east, east, north, 
northwest, north, west, and north.  Save here.  Level build to 46, and 
save again.  Now go east, north on the lilies, and west.  Kill 
everything and go west, northwest, northeast, and east.  Cross the log, 
and the head north to face the Masked Mage.  You're too late.  He' 
already cut down the tree.  But you can still kill him. :)
Final Boss: Dark Lich
Rec. Level: 46
Attacks: Ancient (all), Hell Cross (all), Death (1), Saint Beam (all), 
Dark Force (all), Power Up/Speed up (itself), Leaf Saber (itself)
Strategy:  This guy is very easy.  The key is to keep hp pretty high. In 
the beggining, he is weak against holy (the background is dark).  Use 
Magic Shield on everyone, then use Saint Saber on everyone, coupled with 
a few Deadly Weapons.  By this time, he would have used ancient, which 
hits everyone for nearly 500.  His only other bad attacks are Death and 
Hell Cross.  Just heal light everyonce in a while.  Kevin should be 
doing 400 per hit here, so his super attack will do 900 damage.  After a 
while, the music will change

You are now at phase two, which is easy as well.  Whiler he is powering 
up, you're taking off tons of damage.  Before you know it, he's dead.
After killing him, sit back and enjoy the ending.

Each character has the ability to Class Change twice.  These class 
changes occur at Lv. 18 and Lv. 38.  However, the second change is 
secret.  For the first class change, the character can choose the dark 
(offense) or light (defense) path.  The second class change allows you 
to follow your path, or mix it.  So the final combinations can be Ligh-
Light, Light-Dark, Dark-Light, and Dark-Dark.  With each class change, 
the character's appearance and stats change.  Also, the character may 
learn spells and abilities based on the class.  Some abilities require 
certain stats.  For example, Hawkeye requires agility to perform his 
ninja attacks.

The second class change can be unlocked in the Mana Holyland with 
certain items, which are obtained from ??? Seeds.  Each time you plant 
the seed, you may get a variable item.  Here is a list of the ones I 

???????????????: Death Hand
Demon Wolf Soul: Dervish

Bullseye Die: Ninja Master
Nighteye Die: Night Blade

Bottle of Salt: Sage
Holy Water Vial: Bishop

When you speak to the goddes statue (on terrace) in the Mana Holyand at 
Level 38, you will have the coice of using something.  Use the correct 
item to unlock the class you want.

As characters change classes, they gain many abilities with certain 
statistics (may not always apply).  Below is a list of the ones I have.


1.) Dervish's Abilities
Moon Saber: 16/15/18/14/14/13 (Lv. 39)


1.)Cleric's Abilities
Heal Light: 3 mp (1): 3/3/4/5/7/5  Heals damage

Tinkle Rain: 2 mp (1): 3/4/4/5/7/5 Cures all status effects (not sabers)

2.) Priestess's Abilities:
Heal Light: 3 mp (1, all): 8/9/8/11/12/11 (Lv. 19) Heals damage

Holy Ball: 2 mp (1): 8/9/9/11/12/11 (Lv. 20) Holy damage to enemy

Diamond Saber: 4 mp (1): 9/9/9/11/12/11 (Lv. 21) Adds Earth attribute

Thunder Saber: 4 mp (1): 9/9/9/12/12/11 (Lv. 22) Adds Lighting attribute

Ice Saber: 4 mp (1): 9/10/9/12/12/11 (Lv. 23) Adds Ice attribute

Flame Saber: 4 mp (1): 9/10/10/12/12/11 (Lv. 24) Adds Fire attribute

3.) Bishop's Abilities:
Tinkle Rain: 2 mp (1, all): 13/14/14/17/18/16 (Lv. 39) Cures all status 
effects (not sabers)

Saint Saber: 4 mp (1): 13/15/14/17/18/16 (Lv. 40) Adds Holy attribute

Magic Shield: 4 mp (1): 13/15/14/17/19/16 (lv. 41) Increases magic 
defense by 50%

Turn Undead: 1 mp (all enemies): 14/15/14/17/19/16 (lv. 42) Kills undead 
enemies, depending on level.


1.) Ninja's Abilities
Shuriken: 1 mp (1): 9/13/9/9/9/12 (Lv. 19) Lowers hit rate, attacks

Water Jutsu: 3 mp (1): 10/14/10/9/9/12 (Lv. 22) Water attack, lowers 
attack power

Fire Jutsu: 3 mp (1): 10/15/10/10/10/12 (Lv. 25) Fire attack, lowers 
magic attack power

Earth Justsu: 3 mp (1): 11/16/11/10/10/12 (Lv. 28) Earth attack, lowers 
evade rate

Thunder Jutsu: 3 mp (1): 11/17/12/11/11/12 (Lv. 31) Thunder attack, 
lowers defense

2.) Night Blade's Abilities
Poison Breath: 4 mp (1): 15/19/15/15/14/17 (Lv. 39) Inflicts Poison 

Flame Breath: 4 mp (1): 15/20/15/15/14/17 (Lv. 40) Inflicts Fire damage

Blow Needles: 3 mp (1): 16/20/15/15/14/17 (Lv. 41) Silences the enemy

Deadly Weapon: 4 mp (1): 16/21/15/15/14/17 (Lv. 42) Lowers the enemies 
max hp

Black Rain: 6 mp (all enemies): 16/21/16/15/14/17 (Lv. 43) Shadow attack

The enemies in this game will often use spells and abilities.  They are 
listed below.

Bite: Damage
Sleep Spore: Sleep
Mini: Causes miniture status
Handaxe: Throws axe from distance
Dart: Throw dart from distance
Poison Mist Breath: Poisons
Venom: Poison
Holy Ball: Holy damage 
Healing: Heals
Heal Light: Heals
Bubble Breath: Does damage, may poison
Dive attack: Hits everyone on screen
Eye Beam: Laser attack
Drill Shot: Attack 
Rocket Launcher: Fire damage (?)
Mucus Shot: Poisons
Rolling: Invincibility for time (?)
Shuriken: Ninja star to one or all
Earth Magic: earth damage to one
Back Slash: Strong attack
Shadow Strike: Strong attack
Fireball: Fire Damage
Yellow Wind: Defense Power down
Air Blast: Air damage to one or all
Talon Drain: Drains with attack
Gem Missile (1, all): Earth Damage
Earthslide (all): Earth Damage
Power Punch (all): Attacks everone
Whirlwind attack: Attacks everyone
Black rain: Shadow Damage all
Evil Gate (1,all): Shadow damage
Ghost Song: ???
Anti-magic: Resets super meter
Silence: Stops magic
Melt; Fire attack
Summon (insert monster here): summons monster
Mature (insert monster here): Becomes that monster
Petriflutter: Petrifies
Gulp,gulp: Eats
Combine: Form one out of two
Trap Lv. 1: Spikes
Trap Lv. 2: Earthslide
Heal Buster: ???
Bubble Bop: Attack down
Hundred Harpoon: Fearsome attack
Saint Beam: Holy Laser Attack
Acid Rain: ??? rain
Grenade Bomb: Massive damage to target and anyone in blast radius.
Pumpkin bomb: Fire Damage
Firbreath: Fire Damage
Defense; Defense up
Unicorn Head: Unicorn attack
Water-Moon Slice: Water-Moon attack
Bastard Slam: Attack
Seyozu Sky Fist: Special attack, all
Seyozu Death Fist: Sepcial attack, 1
Earth Jutsu: Earth damage
Hammer Bean: Power down, etc.
Poison Bubble: Poison damage
Vaccuum Surge Spear: Wind attack all
Double/Triple Spin: Attack
Rabite Rain: Damage to all
Garuda 100 Kick: Fearsome damage
Machine golem attack: Attacks
Air Slasher: Air Damage to all
Thunderball: Air damage to all
Thunderbolt: Thunder attack (1, all)
Heat Beam: Flame attack, 1
Gigaburn: Flame attack, all
Lavawave: Flame attack, all
Explode: Fire attack, 1
Cold Blaze: Freezes
Icicle: Ice damage
Mind Up: Intell. Up.
Shade Tree: ???
Counter Magic: Counters when magic is used
Vacuum Sword: Vaccum Attack
Spider Silk: ???
Silver Dart: Better Dart
Baby Spore: ??????
Drain Kiss: Drains 
Spiral Moon: Powerful Moon attack, reduces max hp
Howl: Charges up, and damages you
Halflight: Knocks off half your hps
Body Change: Mini
Ironsand Needle: Earth Attack
Multiroll: Rolling punch
Crash Ball: Throws around the room
Stone Cloud: Earth damage, 1
Earthquake: Earth Damage, 1 or all
Magic Circle Attack: Magic Attack
God Eyes Blast: Fire/Light attack
Melody: Silences
Prisoner: Moogles all
Flash: moogles some allies
Rusty Hurrican: Defense down
Breastfire: Fire attack
Dark Beam: Magic Effectiveness down/Dark damage to one
Dark Blazon: Shadow attack/eating
Dark Force: Powerfull Shadow Attac
Regeneration: Revives/Summons-God Beast
Undead Attack: Summons demons who attack and vanish
Hell Cross: Dark/Fire/Holy Damage (?) to all
Blaze Wall: Fire attack
Death: 999 damage to one
Roulette: Kills one person on screen
Freeze Beam: Snowman
Thunderbolt: Thunder attack/Silences all
Methane Breath: Silences anyone who is hit
Iourmugand: Summons a giant snake which poisons everyone/deals damage
Freya: This charioteer will damage and mini your allies.
Maraduke: He will silence all and deal damage.
Ghost: Deals damage
Black Curse: Reduces overall power.
Ancient: Meteor attack

There is a high chance that I may also right a walkthrough for 
Hawkeye's/Lise's scenario.  However, there is very little chance for 
Duran's/Angela's walkthrough.  Not enough time to play through it three 
times, I guess.


Lise <davama@bergen.org>: Help in the Mirage Palace Interiror.

RBurn's Walkthrough: Help in the Gemstone Vally of Dorian

Squaresoft: Making this game

Neill Corlett <corlett@elwha.nrrc.ncsu.edu> and company: Translation 
patch helped getting ability names and story details

This guide is copyright 1999 Amar Kishan, and Seiken Densetsu 3 is 
copyright 1995 Squaresoft.  This guide is not official.  Do not 
distribute or upload at all without my permission.  This faq cannot be 
reproduced in any way without my permission.
Copyright 1999 Amar Kishan.

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