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Short Walkthrough by NTsui

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/16/00

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*                                                                     *
*                            101 STEPS                                *
*                               to:                                   *
*                                _                                    *
*                               |#|                                   *
*                               |#|                                   *
*          ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~  __|#|__  ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~          *
*          *                 / __*__ \                     *          *
*          ~    _____       /_/ ||| \_\     __    __       ~          *
*          *   /  ___\          |||        |  \  /  |      *          *
*          ~   \ \___          _|||_       |   \/   |      ~          *
*          *    \___ \        / ||| \      | |\  /| |      *          *
*          ~     ___\ \       | |_| |      | | \/ | |      ~          *
*          *    \_____/ecret  \_____/f     |_|    |_|ana   *          *
*          ~                    |||                        ~          *
*          *                    \|/        {Version 1.2}   *          *
*          ~                                               ~          *
*          * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *          *
*                      An UNcomprehensive Guide                       *
*                                                                     *
*                                                                     *
*    (c)1999-2000 Nathan Tsui                                         *
*                                                                     *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


[1] Introduction
[2] Copyright Information
[3] Walkthrough
[4] Credits
[5] Version History

1. Introduction

Hi! I'm Nathan Tsui, also known as Segaholic2! I have been playing
video games since the old Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog up to
the latest Sonic Adventure, Zelda 64, Crash Bandicoot, etc... So why
did I choose to write a FAQ on a game for the outdated Super Nintendo?
Because Secret of Mana ROCKS, that's why!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please feel free
to send them to Nathan Tsui at segaholic2@yahoo.com. Also e-mail me if
you find any errors and I will fix them up for the next version, plus
you will get your name in the Credits Section!

This is "101 Steps to Secret of Mana". I thought that a hardcore gamer
like you wouldn't want a total spoiler for a walkthrough, so this guide
will only tell you where to go and what to do next. I will not go into
detail on the storyline, weapon orbs, armor, enemies, etc... If you
want a FAQ that reveals all that, there are some of those out there.
But hey, after all, discovering is the most exciting part of a game,
and I don't want to take that away from you! I advise you not to read
this thing through for all your needs, but to just play the game
normally and then come here if you are completely stuck on where to go
and what to do next, since that has happened to me before.

Oh, the 101 steps are each paragraph I wrote, plus each boss and mid-

Good luck!

2. Copyright Information

This FAQ is Copyright (c)1999-2000 Nathan Tsui (segaholic2@yahoo.com).
You may distribute this FAQ as long as it is unaltered and NOT SOLD FOR
MONEY. Nathan Tsui alone has the right to make changes to or update
this FAQ. Any unauthorized changes are not approved of by Nathan Tsui
and are prohibited by law.

Secret of Mana and all other related characters, titles, etc... are
copyright (c)SquareSoft.

3. Walkthrough

Remember, I will not mention where all the orbs are, although I know
where they are. Find them yourself! I also will not give tips on
beating any bosses; you watch the pattern and do it yourself! This is
not a cookbook to just follow the directions, it is a guide to help you
through parts of the game you *may* have trouble with.

Start your game and name your guy. Watch the opener and proceed to the
rusty Sword stuck in the stone. Hmm...sounds familiar.

After you pull the Sword out, watch another movie and then cut the
bushes on your right. Find your way back to Potos village.

Go to the house in the upper right corner of the village to start a
movie sequence.
BOSS: Mantis Ant

Leave the village after talking to Jema and the elder. Head down and
left. Follow the signs to the Water Palace. Don't forget to talk to the
soldiers and Dyluck!

Enter the Water Palace and talk to Jema and Luka. When they're done
gabbing, take your Spear and leave.

Head back and you will get caught by goblins.
*NOTE*: There is a branch in the storyline. If you do not talk to the
soldiers and Dyluck, and do not read the "Beware of Goblins!" sign, you
will not get captured. Getting captured is the easier way of getting
the girl. Otherwise you will have to rescue her from two Werewolves in
the forest, and that can be quite a task.

After another movie, go to your right and make your way to Pandora. Go
to the castle in the upper-right corner of the kingdom and make your
way to the second floor. After another movie, the girl will join. You
will receive the Gloves. Leave Pandora via the exit on the left.

Follow the path and head up to transport to the forest. Hack at the
pillars. After a brief conversation with the girl, head back out the
way you came in. Make your way to the center of Gaia's Navel and enter
the left waterfall.

Fight your way through, and when you come to the section where there
is no way to advance except for a door on the left. Go up there and hit
the skull to harden the lava. Make your way till you come to a similar
spot where you have to drop a rock to open a path. Enter the Dwarf

Talk with Watts and then go into the highest door. Take the left path
and pay to watch the show. Head back out when it's done and go up the
right path. After a movie, head back out. An earthquake will hit.
BOSS: Tropicallo

After defeating Tropicallo, the Sprite will join. Get the Boomerang and
Bow and Arrow set. Talk to Watts again and buy the Axe. Head back to
the forest and chop down the pillars, but not before hitting the switch
to the right.

When you get to Elinee's castle, work your way inside and free the
soldiers. Go back up and get to Elinee herself. Another short movie.
BOSS: Spikey

Talk to Elinee and get the Whip. Talk to her again and let her
transport you outside, where Luka will contact you telepathecally.
Take the whip short-cut and the transport to get to the Water Palace.
Talk to Luka. Head out and to the right. Enter the waterfall.
BOSS: Tonpole

After this a door will appear. Enter and gain Undine's powers and the
Javelin. You now have all the Mana Weapons!

Go out and back to the Dwarf Village. Use the Sprite's Freeze spell on
the crystal orb. Enter the Underground Palace.

Go in and to the right, then down. Stand on the switch. Do the same on
the left. A stairway will appear in the middle of the room. Enter it
and continue until you reach the Stage Room. Watch a short movie.
BOSS: Fire Gigas

When you have defeated the Gigas, go up, gain the Gnome's powers and
seal the seed.

Head back to Pandora and talk to Phanna, who should be in the bottom
of the kingdom. You can also recognize her because of her blue hair
and red hair ribbon. Head to the ruins down there. Talk to Phanna and
enter the ruins. This place is rather straightforward. Talk to Thanatos
and fall down the hole.
BOSS: Wall Face

Find Jema and talk to him. Head back to the Water Palace. Talk to Luka
and go to the Dwarf Village. Enter the hole and proceed through the
BOSS: Kilroy

After this you will be back outside. Talk to the Dwarf Elder, then
return to the Water Palace, where there will be MEAN FISHIES & OTHER
BAD THINGS! Go up to the stage and watch the following movie.
BOSS: Jabberwocky

Talk to Jema, go to the Cannon Travel next to Potos and get shot to
the Upper Land Forest. After a movie, you will end up with the Moogles.
Rescue their village from the Pebblers, and proceed to talk to one of
the Moogles. After a short movie, leave the village and "Walk the
seasons from spring to winter..." In other words, in a counter
-clockwise circle starting in "spring". Enter the new opening.
BOSS: Spring Beak

After defeating Spring Beak, head up and talk to ol' Gramps and receive
Sylphid's powers. Head left from the forest. Use Sylphid's Air Blast on
the orb to open up the path. Follow it to enter Matango. Talk to King
Truffle inside Fung Castle, then exit the castle. Fight your way
through this rather hard section.
BOSS: Great Viper

Go up to find a baby Mana beast and watch another movie. Leave Matango
and find the Cannon Travel Center. Select Kakkara. Hmm... obviously
this guy needs to work on his aim; you land in the middle of the
desert. Keep going north (take some lefts) until you come to a
sandship, which is not the first or last "Star Wars"-ish type thing in
this game... ;)

After losing your companions, talk to the pirate twice and do what he
says. Explore the ship (this part was exceptionally fun for me to play)
until you get the Sprite back. Now find the girl. (By the way, in case
you didn't notice, the captain's intentions for helping you are kinda
gross...) The ship will get attacked.
BOSS: Mech Rider

After the boss you will be in the desert...AGAIN! Talk to all the
soldiers, and eventually you'll leave. There is nothing to do yet in
Kakkara, so head right and take Cannon Travel to Ice Country. Leave
Todo Village and fight your way through the Ice Forest for a while.
BOSS: Boreal Face

Go up to find a "tropical" resort. Talk to the character in the center
of the village (doesn't he seem familiar?) to gain Salamando's powers.
Go up again and fight some more to find the Ice Palace. Fight more in
the palace.
*NOTE* Not really important to the game, but if you watch those
floating book enemies for a while, they will sometimes show something
rather gross... >;p
MID-BOSS: Three Tonpoles
BOSS: Frosty Gigas

After you defeat this boss, you will meet a well-known person! Get the
Mana Seed back and head back to Kakkara. Head down once, then left
once, then up once to enter the Fire Palace. Cast Salamando on the
first two orbs and Undine on the last one.
BOSS: Minotaur

Back to Kakkara, right to Cannon Travel, and straight to the Empire!

You land in SouthTown. Go into the house the old lady runs into. Talk
to her and get the secret password. Now go to the farthest right and
talk to the dude. Give him the password "634".

Go through the sewers. When you come out the other side you are in
NorthTown. Watch the movie. Go through the building until you end up
outside. Go to the ruins in the upper-right corner of the city. More
fighting after a movie.
MID-BOSS: Doom Wall
BOSS: Vampire

Another movie. Now head to the castle. Watch a movie when you reach the
Emperor. Talk to the guards.
BOSS: Metal Mantis

Make your way back up and free your friends. There is one tricky part
near the end, where there are a lot of dead transports that just throw
you back. Take the one that works, then hit the switch that looks like
a lamp or ball or something; it's on the upper wall. Now you can
pass. Movie.
BOSS: Mech Rider 2

Another movie. Look who shows up! You receive the Flammie Drum, which
is used to call your pet Mana beast. You can fly him anywhere. Heh.

Land on the small village that is located in the mountain range of your
home continent. Go down and pass the first cave. Continue on until you
reach another cave. Enter it and talk to the bird-like thing.

Go back to the first cave you saw. Play through it. At the end of this
level you will receive Shade's magic power.
BOSS: Lime Slime

Back to the bird. Now go to the Golden Isle. See the pretty Golden
Tower, but it's locked. Then walk all the way along the wall until you
reach a dude at the end. Talk to him.

Go back to SouthTown and talk to the old lady. Go back to the Golden
Isle. Open the locked door. Fight your way through. When you beat this
level you get Lumina's magic.
MID-BOSS: Blue Spike
BOSS: Gorgon Bull

Now back to the birdie man. Go to the Moon Palace, near the Kakkara
desert. When you enter, you have to find a crystal orb. To do this,
walk diagonally. After a while you will come to the same spot. Now go
up. If this doesn't work, walk around anywhere. When you find it, cast
the girl's Lucent Beam on it. In the stage room you will receive Luna's

Bird dude again who will send you to Tanisca. RRRRG! Walk through the
castle to the throne room.
BOSS: Dark Stalker

Talk to Jema and go back to bird man. Talk to bird man and then to the
old sage himself. Accept his challenge and enter the new passage.

Fight your way past these really tough enemies until you come to the
Test of Courage!
BOSS: Shadows X, Y, and Z

Exit and talk the bird man, who reveals his true identity to you!

Now go to the Tree Palace, which is one of the longer palaces. When you
get inside watch the movie.
BOSS: Aegagropilon

After you win go to the stage room, then watch a movie and get Dryad's
powers. Land again after the movie's over. Enter the area and go
through it. Hard. At one point you will have to hit switches as you
fall down a waterfall to shut the waterfall off. The first one is on
the left side, and the next one is on the right side.
BOSS: Hydra

Keep going. Hit the buttons to get rid of the screens in your way. At
one point there will be four dots on the floor. Near the middle is an
invisible button. Also there will be an area with four lights. Hit the
RED, then BLUE, then YELLOW, and lastly GREEN. Go on for a while.
BOSS: Kettle Kin

Talk to Jema and enter the Grand Palace.
BOSS: Snap Dragon

BOSS: Hexas

BOSS: Mech Rider 3

Watch a movie and land again. Don't bother with the Mana Fortress...
yet. Talk to Jema and Phanna. Jema tells you to go to The Pure Land. Do
exactly that.

Fight HARD, HARD, HARD enemies. Go on until...
BOSS: Dragon Worm

After you win, move on and fight:
BOSS: Snow Dragon

After a short while it's another boss.
BOSS: Axe Beak

Move on and another dragon boss.
BOSS: Red Dragon

Fight some more. Now...(RRGH!)
BOSS: Thunder Gigas

After some more fighting, it's time for a dragon...AGAIN!
BOSS: Blue Dragon

Watch a (sad) movie.

Fly to the Mana Fortress. Find your way around until a boss.
BOSS: Buffy

Continue on and take the right path.
BOSS: Lime Slime

Take the transport. When you take the teleport in this room, you must
beat the game or lose the game.
BOSS: Dark Lich

A dramatic movie, then...

And of course...
* * * * * *
*STEP #101*:
* * * * * *
When you've beaten the Mana Beast (this may take a few tries), sit back
and watch a great ending! Relax; relish the moment. Hey, you deserve
it! I guarantee you this will not be the last time you play this gem of
a game!

4. Credits

Nathan "Segaholic2" Tsui-
   E-Mail: segaholic2@yahoo.com
   AOL Instant Messenger: Segaholic2
It's me! I wrote practically all of this thing and did the spiffy ASCII
title up there. Yeah, I'm getting better at doing ASCII's. I wrote this
guide in about two days, or 4 hours typing time at most. Hope ya liked

Jason "Double -S-" Tsui- (stkrule@yahoo.com)
My brother helped me write some of this stuff. Plus, he and I beat the
game together! Not only is Secret of Mana a great Action/RPG, it is
also a great party game! Mega monster bashing fun, yeah!

RPGamer- (jedgington1@yahoo.com)
This guy reminded me to put in the last elementals which I had forgot-
ten! Whoops!

Bethany "Betho" Tsui-
She's my sister. Need I say more?

Emily Lee-
What do I say about her? Uhhh...she didn't help with this guide at all,
but she was here when I finished it. So out of an act of generosity, I
allowed her name to be typed in this. All I can really say is that she
is one of my sister's best friends and she bugs me like crazy. Oh,
yeah; she plays my GameBoy all the time.

5. Version History

Version 1.0- First release!
 All the info typed, added, revised, and completed.
 Grammar and spelling checks.

Version 1.1-
 Grammar and spelling errors fixed.
 Nickname "Ninten-doh-Man" dropped. I go by Segaholic2 only now.

Version 1.2-
 Added the missing elementals.
 More grammar and spelling errors fixed.

end of file

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