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by Dragon Scholar Ryu

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Translation Guide by Dragon Scholar Ryu

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 12/16/17


This guide contains lists of translations for character names, places, items, and other things that players will encounter in the game. Hopefully it will help out importers, and satisfy the curiosity of others besides.

I submitted this guide in Shift-JIS TXT format for a long time (and still keep an updated version of that on my storage site), but at some point GameFAQs changed how it displays such documents in a way that completely mucked up the text alignment in mine. Rather than just pull this guide from the site completely, I finally got around to converting it to HTML.

The switch to HTML gives me access to characters with diacritics rather than being stuck with basic ASCII, so this guide now uses Revised Hepburn romanization instead of wāpuro rōmaji, and features more accurate (or formal) spellings of the translations.

The only complaints I have about the format are that I do not care for being forced to have background coloring in tables, and that I think the normal font size is one or two notches smaller than I would prefer, especially when dealing with kanji. I encourage people to make use of the zoom function in their browsers.

I have done my best to provide accurate translations and rōmaji, having put in a lot of research on entries over the years (albeit at a sporadic pace); and still going back to what I consider "problem entries" once in a while to this day. Suffice it to say, it would be difficult for me to ever consider this guide 100% complete, as I could always wind up finding a more fitting translation for something.

The most recent version of this guide was submitted to GameFAQs on 12/16/2017.