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FAQ/Walkthrough by Phoenix 1911

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 09/08/03

SECRET OF MANA, for the Super Nintendo
FAQ/Walkthrough, rev. 1.05, September 8th, 2003
(c) Phoenix 1911 <regentor@gmail.com>

Hi, and welcome to my Secret of Mana guide.  This game is the second
part in the Seiken Densetsu series, a series probably not as well-known
but definitely equally wonderful to the Final Fantasies.  Even though it
is nothing compared to today's standards, it's a classic, having brought
many people into the RPG-world.  Including me, that is; I've decided to
distort GameFAQs' FAQ-page on this game by burping out yet another FAQ!
If you haven't played the game yet, what are you waiting for?  Grab a
friend and experience this gem altogether!  And of course, I'm here to
help the suckers... er, I mean, the dedicated gamers who are stuck on
particular parts in the game, to completely beat the crap out of this

Before we start, please take these three points in mind:

1.  This FAQ is copyrighted.  Don't gain any profit of it--reproduction
    and modification are prohibited, except for personal, private use.
    If you're a FAQ author and wish to use parts of my FAQ in any way,
    please contact me first.
2.  The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at GameFAQs.
    Wanna host this file?  Great!  You have to drop me a line requesting
    permission, and most likely you will get it.  I especially encourage
    fan-sites to list this document.
3.  I get almost no e-mail concerning this game, so I'll probably reply
    if you drop me a line.  If I don't, it's either my laziness, or a
    technical problem (I didn't receive it, etc.).  Make sure to see
    section 5 first before contacting me!

Thanks for your courtesy, and have fun.

Note that I changed e-mail addresses; everything sent to my @hccnet.nl
after September 2004 was not received by me.  See above for my new
address, and sorry for any inconvenience.

  Table o' Contents:
          1-A:  Introduction
          1-B:  Getting Acquainted
          1-C:  Combat

          2-A:  A Rusty Sword
          2-B:  The Journey Begins
          2-C:  Gaia's Navel
          2-D:  Kick Some Witch Butt
          2-E:  The Water Elemental
          2-F:  The Underground Palace
          2-G:  Beyond the Ruins
          2-H:  Water Seed Missing
          2-I:  The Upper Land
          2-J:  The White Dragon
          2-K:  Damn You, Cannon Man!
          2-L:  Brrr... Cold!
          2-M:  The Fire Seed
          2-N:  The Fire Seed (Part Two)
          2-O:  The Resistance
          2-P:  Phanna and Dyluck
          2-Q:  A Truce...?
          2-R:  The Palace of Darkness
          2-S:  Gold Isle
          2-T:  The Moon Palace
          2-U:  The Imposter
          2-V:  The Test of Courage
          2-W:  Rise of the Sunken Continent
          2-X:  The Grand Palace
          2-Y:  The Pure Land
          2-Z:  The Mana Fortress...

          3-A:  World Map
          3-B:  Leveling Up Weapons/Magic
          3-C:  Secrets, Bugs and Glitches

    4.  CHARTS
          4-A:  Items
          4-B:  Weapons
          4-C:  Equipment
          4-D:  Magic
          4-E:  Shops and Inns
          4-F:  Monsters



  What's New?!:
   - Cosmetic change for the most part; the layout is now similar to my
     recent works.  It's still not ideal, but it's easier to work in.
     Plus I didn't really like the non-indented stuff.
   - Small changes here and there.
   - Sword of Mana (GBA) is out!  Well, the Japanese version (Shinyaku
     Seiken Densetsu) that is... it's gonna take a while before we see a
     glimpse of the US release; December 2 this year is the scheduled
     release for North America.


  You know, yeah, a bucket of random stuff varying from a completely
  useless breakdown of the series to a magnificent (*cough*) analysis of
  the game's mechanics.

1-A:  Introduction

  SEIKEN DENSETSU?  WHOSE MOTHER? --------------------------------------

  Secret of Mana is titled "Seiken Densetsu" in Japan.  A splendid
  series, I tell ya:

    SD 1 -- The first in the series is Final Fantasy Adventure.  It
            originally appeared on the GameBoy, and I have nothing more
            to tell as I haven't played (finished) it...
    SD 2 -- In Japan, this game (Secret of Mana) was released as Seiken
            Densetsu 2 (the literal translation of Seiken no Densetsu is
            "Legend of the Holy Sword").
    SD 3 -- If you like this game, you WANT to play the sequel Seiken
            Densetsu 3.  Squaresoft was stupid and didn't release this
            game to the US, and trust me, this is a superb game.  Your
            best bet is to download the ROM and play the wonderful
            translation by Neill Corlett and his great team.
    SD 4 -- Though not officially a Seiken Densetsu game, Legend of
            Mana, on the PlayStation.  I personally enjoyed this one,
            but it is more complicated than Secret of Mana.
    SD 5 -- Sword of Mana (Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu), released in Japan
            on the GameBoy Advance.  It is a total remake of Final
            Fantasy Adventure (SD 1), and has elements of Seiken
            Densetsu 3 and Legend of Mana in it.  The game has yet to
            hit the US stores, but when it does, you can sure as hell
            expect a FAQ for this game from me.

  STORYLINE ------------------------------------------------------------

  Long ago (as usual), there was a terrible war between the ancient ones
  and the gods.  The ancient ones grew powerful and they used the power
  of Mana to threaten the gods... this was, of course, not good.  A
  great hero, wielder of the Mana Sword, showed these ancient people
  kung fu and destroyed their civilization.  Peace has returned to the
  world, and Mana was in balance.

  "But time flows like a river... and history repeats..."

  The Mana Sword was jammed deep in a trunk nearby Potos Village, to
  protect it from bad stuff.  However!  One certain person (uh, YOU)
  pulled the damned thing free, releasing all sorts of unwanted power.
  And thus, monsters appeared everywhere.  But the pull of the sword
  isn't the main problem, because meanwhile, mysterious figures are
  seeking the eight Mana Seeds in this world.  They are intending to
  break the seals that guard these eight seeds, and are so trying to
  transform Mana into a handful of evil.  Like, EVIL.  Meaning that if
  they succeed, the world will go bye-bye.

  Therefore, it is in your best interests to bring that trippin' Mana
  Sword with you and use it to slaughter them evil fools like a man
  possessed.  You must visit all palaces in the world of Secret of Mana,
  seal the Mana Seeds and gain their power, and return peace to this
  world.  After all, what'd you expect?

  CAST OF CHARACTERS ---------------------------------------------------

  A breakdown of the game's characters is pretty useless in this case,
  since everything is explained perfectly during the game.  Worth a
  mention is that all three playable characters don't have an assigned
  name, meaning that you should make up your own names.  Most websites
  featuring this game use the names "Randi" (boy), "Purim" (girl) and
  "Popoie"/"Popoi" (sprite).  I can't really say whether these names are
  official and acknowledged by Squaresoft or not, which means that I'll
  be using boy, girl and sprite to refer to these characters.

1-B:  Getting Acquainted

  CONTROLS -------------------------------------------------------------

  Pretty simple, really.  Directional buttons make you move (and that is
  the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth), and here's
  what the other buttons are good for:

    X      -- Access menu of ally.  Press again to switch allies.
    Y      -- Access menu of controlled character.
    A      -- Dash (into the direction you're facing).
    B      -- Attack.  Hold this button to charge your weapon.
    Start  -- Press on another controller to jump into the game.
    Select -- Switch characters.
    L/R    -- If you hold R while holding B, you will "strafe".

  You can reset the game by holding L + R + Start + Select, as seen in
  many other Squaresoft-games.

  THE NUTS 'N BOLTS ----------------------------------------------------

  RPG.  That's role-playing game, I guess, and this genre involves
  gazing at your television screen or PC monitor while controlling a
  bunch of people.  The A-B-C is simple: your goal is to walk around and
  visit wacky places, slapping together a team of super-skilled
  personages, and accomplishing a certain goal (which is most likely
  saving the world for the thirty-seventh time).

  But wait; that's not all!  While doing this, you have to explore
  dungeons and slay monsters the monsters inside.  By doing this, you
  will get better (a.k.a. gaining experience), so that you can slay more
  monsters, so that you can slay the boss of the monsters (who usually
  resides near the end of a dungeon), and so that you can eventually
  slay the boss of the bosses.  Isn't that fun?!  To be frank, it's not.
  Fortunately, there is a storyline that makes you forget most of this
  essential RPG-element.

  A bit more on that gaining experience: another typical RPG-element is
  leveling up; fighting monsters willingly to get stronger, making
  future enemies a breeze.  In this game, as long as you don't escape
  from most battles, it's not absolutely necessary to spend hours of
  leveling up, but staying ahead a couple of levels DOES make the game a
  tad easier.  Of course, not only your experience level determines your
  strength in battle--you'll have to equip your characters with weapons
  as well.

  Besides dungeons, RPGs contain places where special events occur, and
  towns.  If you wanna save the world, it doesn't help much to stay in
  the same place the whole game, eh?  Therefore, you have to move on.
  Towns consist mostly of houses, shops and inns.  Shops make it
  possible to buy and sell things, and inns are sowed just about
  everywhere to recover every single lost bit of HP and MP.  EVEN if
  you've been roasted to a pile of nothingness, or attacked brutally by
  a madman, or just lost a few limbs... an inn instantly cures ANYTHING.
  The price of an inn, contrary to equipment, varies from town to town.
  It's mostly not much, trust me.

  You will also have to buy new armor and upgrade your weapons; like I
  said above, leveling up alone won't be enough to sustain the damage
  you take from newer enemies.  Stronger equipment is acquired as you
  go; a handful is hidden in chests, and there are always shops that put
  these things up for sale.  These stores are your main source of
  equipment, and monsters will be your main source of income (as well as
  selling your older gear).  Defeating them will result in the
  acquisition of GP (gold pieces; currency in the game), to reimburse
  the costs, or to sleep at inns to recover your health.  There you go.

  THE MENU RING --------------------------------------------------------

    A listing of items you carry with you, varying from healing items to
    hammers that shrink you.  Select the item you want and press B to
    utilize it.  Select your target by pointing what the game's manual
    calls the "Hand of Fate" (bahaha) to the respective person.

    Same as the item ring, in fact, except that this one deals with
    (prepare for a shock) weapons!  Access the menu of the one you wish
    to change the weapon of, target a weapon, and press B twice to
    confirm your choice.  If you press B once, the weapon will flicker,
    sort of like the game is waiting for a confirmation.  (Totally
    useless, if you ask me.)  If you try to equip a weapon already
    equipped by someone else, the two concerned will swap weapons.

    Unlike the rest of the rings, only the girl and the sprite have
    access to this ring, and they'll GAIN access once you actually take
    delivery of magic.  Select the element of your choice (there are
    eight in total) to go down to a subcategory with the three spells,
    which you can cast till you run out of magic points (MP).

    Ah yes, the screen where you configure your game.  I suppose you
    know how to select and stuff, so I'll go straight to the sub-
    descriptions, if you don't mind:

     + EQUIP ARMOR:  Here, you can equip armor you've bought.  There are
       three sub-rings for this.  To equip something, select the gear of
       your choice and press B twice.  Each sub-ring is armed with a
       trash; to throw away armor (it's better to SELL armor, by the
       way), select a piece of equipment by pressing B once, and move it
       to the trashcan.  Kinda like moving files to the Recycle Bin in
       Windows operating systems.  Lovely.

     + TARGETING:  While it may seem completely useless aside from
       learning the name of a certain monster, this function can detect
       enemies not seen by your optical lenses.  You can also target an
       enemy from an ally's menu ring, and they'll focus each of their
       strikes on the targeted victim.  This is very beneficial when you
       wish to get rid of certain monsters before laying a finger on

     + STATUS:  This is a status-screen, displaying a character's stats
       (level and HP) and values such as strength, intelligence and
       defense.  And the amount of money you have, experience points,
       and how many Mana Seeds you have sealed (a very rough indication
       of how far your in-game progress is).  Hit B to switch people.  I
       had planned to include a list of the statistical values in this
       FAQ, but after testing what they actually affect, I have noticed
       that some are just there "for the show".  That, and my unmatched
       laziness are factors for the idea be dropped.  So... ha.

     + WEAPON/MAGIC LEVEL:  This shows you what weapons you've got, what
       level they are, and how much experience you've with them.  Press
       B and select a weapon to find detailed info.  Press L/R to switch
       to magic (if the selected character _has_ magic, that is to say),
       where you'll find basically the same things.  See section 3-B for
       the mechanics and tips on upgrading these stats.

     + ACTION GRID:  Now this is a handy feature...  This sets someone's
       behavior in battle.  Move them to the block of your choice (e.g.
       lower-left, if you want them to attack--but avoid getting
       attacked as well), then set the level you want your character to
       build his or her weapon to.  It is best to keep this at 0.
       Charging takes a while, and multiple quick hits are mostly better
       than one charged attack.

     + CONTROLLER EDIT:  This is where you can tell your buttons what to
       do.  Hold the button you want to modify the function of, then
       press Left and Right to change the function, and voila!

     + WINDOW EDIT:  And of course, if you're REALLY bored, you can
       change the way the game displays the text.  Press Up and Down to
       change the window frame, or Left and Right for altering the
       background pattern.  Hold A, Y and X while you press Left and
       Right to change the background color (Red, Green, Blue
       respectively).  Have fun.

1-C:  Combat

  HOW TO FIGHT ---------------------------------------------------------

  The battle screen consists of three easy-to-distinguish things: you,
  the enemy, and the environment.  Under on screen are three bars that
  represent the health of your characters (or one/two if you only have
  one/two party members).  (Okay, so that's four things.)  (Whatever.)

  I'm sure you know all the nitty-gritty... in battle, you have an
  attack gauge that determines your power for the instant.  Doing an
  attack (e.g. swinging your sword) requires your strength, and as in
  real life, you're not able to continually attack without getting
  tired.  That's why there's an attack gauge; if it's 100%, then it
  denotes that you can do an attack (press B) or run (press A).  Doing
  one of these will deplete the gauge to 0%, meaning you'll have to wait
  (one or two seconds) until it's full.  It IS possible to attack when
  the gauge is below 100%, but you will do negligible damage because
  you're still exhausted from the last whoosh with your weapon.

  Second, if you press and hold the attack-button, you'll charge your
  weapon.  Once it's full, release the button while standing before a
  very unfortunate baddy, and watch your foe suffering.  You can't
  charge your weapon in the beginning of the game, 'til you've leveled
  it up to level 1 (kill a bunch of enemies).  Killing more monsters
  will raise your sword to level 2, which means a brand new and more
  powerful attack!  Remember that there's a maximal level you can level-
  up your weapon to; to raise this maximum, you'll have to forge the
  weapon with special orbs acquired throughout the game.

  In case you haven't heard, you can play this game with two players, or
  three if you have this multi-tap device thingy (or an emulator).
  Playing with a friend makes the game SO much easier... trust me,
  because in this game, the computer-controlled allies aren't exactly
  *smart*.  Their main occupation seems to be... taking damage.

  METHODS OF DESTRUCTION -----------------------------------------------

  Secret of Mana offers a full arsenal of weapons to Bruce Lee the
  enemy's J-Lo.

   - The first weapon you'll acquire in the game.  This can be used to
     cut down bushes and grass.  It's powerful, and short-range, so I
     suggest walking to the enemy, BLAM, and jumping away (just like
     they do in those turn-based RPGs).
   - Found in the trunk at the beginning of the game.

   - Ah, the spear.  It's a short-range weapon, though the range is
     longer than the Sword's.  Best of all, it hurts.  The Spear is the
     strongest weapon you will get in the game--so strong that a fully-
     charged attack sends monsters flying to outer space (ATTENTION:
     contrary to popular belief, the sky is NOT the limit).  I'd
     recommend letting the boy specialize in this weapon, and the Sword.
   - Given to you by Luka the first time you meet her.

   - A boomerang; I bet you always wanted a boomerang in real life, but
     in this game, there's not much reason to use this one.  It's
     quite... weak.  It's long-range, however, so that's probably the
     reason.  I always let the sprite specialize in this weapon (along
     with the Bow).
   - The sprite comes with this equipped when you recruit him.

   - Of the projectile-weapons, the Bow is my favorite.  I don't know
     why, but if there's a monster on a ledge or below you, the Bow
     almost always hits it, contrary to the Boomerang, the Javelin, or
     any other weapon.  It's stronger than the Boomerang and Javelin as
     well (but not THAT strong) too but the charged attacks aren't
     exactly really spectacular.
   - Given by the Elder, right after the sprite joins your party.

   - The third of the hard-hitting weapons.  This weapon can be used to
     mow down rocks/stone that are blocking your path, but you can also
     employ it on monsters and hear that HACK-roll-sound ("roll" being
     the head of a zombie rolling away).  Not sure what gives, but the
     Axe doesn't seem to be as powerful as the Spear or the Sword, but
     if you want all three of you to shave the hell out of anyone
     blocking your path, here's your weapon.
   - You'll get this after defeating Tropicallo; talk to Watts and buy
     it for 100 GP.

   - Kung fu!  This weapon has the shortest range of all weapons, and
     the strength of it isn't really great.  However, charged attacks
     look definitely spiffy.
   - The girl comes with this equipped when you recruit her.

   - Another weak weapon, though it has a very long range.  Unless you
     use this weapon all the time, this is mainly used to cross chasms
     when a ravine is blocking your path and when there are poles
     available.  You can also use one of those charged attacks to get
     unstuck, but all in all, this weapon isn't exactly my favorite.
   - In a chest; granted by Elinee after defeating Spikey Tiger.

   - The Javelin is as weak as the Whip.  However, the Whip makes a
     pathetic "PSK!"-sound while this one sounds like "BSHK!".  Which is
     why I prefer the Javelin over the Whip.  Which is why my
     preferences aren't exactly reliable.  Which is why you should never
     trust a guy like me.
   - Given by Undine after defeating the Biting Lizard.

  MAGIC AND THE ELEMENTS -----------------------------------------------

  Magic is not bought or learned.  Instead, eight different elements
  exist, granting you their powers to apply throughout your journey.
  Each element has six magical spells; three for the girl and three for
  the sprite.  (The boy doesn't receive any magic; apparently he's too
  dumb for it.)  Here is a list of the elements, including where you
  will get them.  For descriptions of the spells themselves, check out
  section 4-D.

   - Element of water (or ice).  Spells vary from Freeze and HP Absorb
     for the sprite and healing spells for the girl.  Healing is
     essential in an RPG, so you'll probably summon Undine much.  She is
     found in her cave, close to the Water Palace.
   - You'll find Undine after showing Elinee a piece of your sword.

   - Element of earth.  The girl gets a saber and defensive spells,
     while the sprite gains heavy attack-magic.
   - Found in the Underground Palace.

   - Element of wind.  Noteworthy is the girl's exceptionally useful
     (unless you have this guide, feh) Analyzer-spell; with this piece,
     you can Pokédex the enemy.  That basically means you'll learn how
     much HP it has, what you'll receive, and any weaknesses.
   - Sylphid is received from the old guy in the Wind Palace, Upper

   - Element of fire.  Salamando is an offensive type--both the girl and
     the sprite get attack spells (which is rare).
   - He resides, oddly enough, in the Ice Country.

   - Element of darkness.  Only the sprite can handle Shade; he gets a
     semi-useless spell accompanied by an attack-spell and handy magic
     to get rid of monsters' special statuses.
   - This one is in the Palace of Darkness, which is atop the Lofty

   - Element of light.  This exclusive-to-the-girl element knows the
     uber-powerful (and expensive; 8 MP) spell known as Lucent Beam,
     which is a BRUTAL spell you WILL use much.
   - Lumina will bestow her powers upon you shortly after getting Shade.
     She's findable in the Light Palace.

   - Element of moon.  Luna has a wide variety of spells, and definitely
     a favorite.  The sprite gets the feared Magic Absorb and some other
     weird stuff; the girl gains useful effect-spells (e.g. attack power
     up; this rocks).
   - Found in the Moon Palace; in the Sea of Wonders.

   - Element of Mana.  The last element you'll get comes with a revive-
     spell and the useful Burst-attack.  Initially, Dryad's most useful
     magic is disabled, until a certain event...
   - You will obtain this element in the Tree Palace, near the end of
     the game.

  TIPS AND TRICKS (...SOMEWHAT) ----------------------------------------

   + If you have the time, level up!  Not only will you beat future
     enemies easier, but you will also reduce the chance of dying.  Make
     sure you vary the use of weapons and magic, and try not to stick to
     the same weapon all the time.  It's even more important to vary
     magic, because you will need each element!  A strategic move is to
     upgrade Undine for the girl, because this is the elemental that has
     Cure Water, and healing is crucial if you want to survive.

   + While fighting, mashing the B-button doesn't help!  Go to the
     enemy, attack, and quickly get away before the monster bites.  As
     you know, if you hit a monster, it'll be stunned for a little while
     (for about the same time you need to recover to 100%).  If you want
     to escape from an enemy, it's best to attack them (once) first and
     then getting away.

   + Don't give the enemy a chance to attack!  This works best if you're
     with allies and against a single monster.  Once you're 100%,
     quickly attack again to prevent them from moving.

   + The same can be done with magic, once you acquire it.  The trick
     can be done by casting the spell of your choice, and RIGHT AFTER
     the element (Undine, Gnome, etc.) disappears, go into the menu of
     the caster and you will be able to use magic again.  If you do this
     correctly, no damage counter will pop up between the castings, but
     once you stop, the cumulative amount of injury will most likely
     kill the monster.

   + Use the strafe-button while charging your weapon!  Hold R while you
     hold B; this will let you face the same direction while you move,
     and if you master this, it helps.  While charging, you obviously
     want to be as far away to the enemy as possible, and strafing
     contributes to a quick attack.

  STATUS EFFECTS -------------------------------------------------------

  Just like any other RPG, Secret of Mana has a few status effects.
  Here are the ones I can come up with at the moment:

    Balloon      -- You are paralyzed and can't do anything.
    Engulfment   -- You can't move while you lose HP gradually.
    Entanglement -- You can't run.
    Frosty       -- Turns you into a snowman!  You can't move and are
                    more vulnerable to incoming damage.
    Mooglization -- This means you're a helpless pig-faced creature.
    Petrifaction -- Same as Frosty, except that you're "stoned".  Hah.
                    "Stoned".  Funny.
    Pygmy        -- You're smaller, can't attack worth a crap, and
                    your defense is down.
    Silence      -- Controls are reversed (confusion), and magic cannot
                    be cast.  Annoying.

  All of these status effects can be cured by using a Medical Herb
  (item) or by using Remedy (spell, Undine).  The Midge Mallet and the
  Moogle Belt can also reverse the effects of Pygmy and Mooglization
  (nice word, eh?) respectively.


  A few notes...

   * There are many more FAQs available for this game.  If you cannot
     find what you need in my guide, I personally recommend having a
     look at Snow Dragon's FAQ, which is organized and stuff.  Those
     others caught my eye as well (hell, every one of them is worth a
     view), but Snow Dragon is a particular favorite of mine.

   * Remember!  North is up, west is left, east is right, and south is
     down.  I use this quite often throughout the FAQ.

   * And finally, by reading further, you agree that you shall *not*
     send me e-mails consisting of roughly 3/4 of any abusive words-
     dictionary because I have ruined your gaming experience.
     Obviously, this is a walkthrough full of SPOILERS.  I have not made
     an effort in excluding every plot-revealing bit of text--something
     happens, I tell you what.  Remember that a solution to a problem is
     a spoiler as well; always try by yourself before you resort this or
     other guides.  Just don't read more than what you need and you'll
     be fine.

2-A:  A Rusty Sword

  Items    -- Sword, Sword's Orb, 50 GP
  Monsters -- Rabite, Mantis Ant

  A MYSTERIOUS LIGHT ---------------------------------------------------

  First off, of course, select from "New Game" and "Game File".  The
  former is to initiate a new game; the latter is to continue from a
  previously-saved game.  Select New Game now, and a name for the hero
  (the boy).  I don't think there is a "real" name for the hero, so I
  will just refer to him as "hero" or "boy".  Carefully pick out your
  name, as it cannot be changed later on.  After you press Start, watch
  the cheery crap that sort of shows you the plot in Secret of Mana.

  PATH TO POTOS VILLAGE ------------------------------------------------

  Next, you'll find yourself and two friends playing around.  The boy
  falls off the tree they were on, and lands a MASSIVE distance below;
  how he could survive that is beyond me.  You should find a way to get
  up again, so let us explore by going south.  While you follow the
  path, you see a sword in a trunk in the river!  Also, the screen
  suddenly brightens and your name is called.  You, of course, have no
  idea what the heck is going on, and move onward.  The boy says that he
  needs something to cut away the bushes to return to the village, so--
  THIS IS TOO OBVIOUS--circle around into the river and whip the sword
  out of the trunk.  After some weird thing with a ghost and stuff, go,
  hack, and onward.

  There are Rabites here... but what are they doing here?  A mystery.
  While cutting your way through bushes (and unlucky Rabites), work your
  end to the village.  It might be wise to slay each Rabite you
  encounter, since that will result in your Rusty Sword leveling up.
  When a weapon levels up, you'll be able to "charge" it by holding B.
  As of yet, you can only level-up to a max of 1, but as you upgrade
  your weapons, you'll be able to advance further.  Eventually, you'll
  wind up in Potos.

  POTOS VILLAGE --------------------------------------------------------

  Explore, if you wish.  Or not... it's your call.  To continue, talk to
  the crowd in front of the house in the upper-right corner (that is the
  Elder's house).  The Elder goes trippin' and says you are the clown
  that has apparently released some sort of power by grabbing that sword
  (which he refers to as the Mana Sword).  For some reason, that made
  monsters attack the village.  Elliott freaks out too and wants to beat
  you up.  Suddenly, however, an earthquake occurs, and a hole
  emerges...  Both Elliott and you fall in it.

  Boss Strategy -- Mantis Ant:
    LV:  3      HP:  150      EXP:  10        TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  20       GP:   100       ELEMENT:  Gnome

    There's a man above watching your back.  The spiffy thing about him
    is that should you "die" (HP down to zero), he'll revive you.  So,
    no worry, and save your candies for when nobody's looking.  Just
    hack at him (charge up your sword by holding B) and be sure not to
    attack when your power is not 100%.  Use this opportunity to get
    used to the controls in this game, and when you defeat this boss,
    you'll receive a Sword's Orb!  As of now you can't do anything with
    it, but patience, my young apprentice...

  The man will pull you up in the end.  He says it's the Mana Sword
  you've got in your hands, and tells you that it's losing its power,
  and that only you can recharge it.  Fine!  He says that you must go to
  Sage Luka in the Water Palace, and introduces himself as Jema.
  Timothy tells you that the Elder is waiting for you inside his house--
  go there.  Inside, it seems the villagers don't give a crap about you,
  and want you to get the hell outta here.  Before you do, you can hitch
  the 50 GP out of the treasure chest downstairs.

  But wait--there's more!  You can still shop if you haven't done so
  before... I suggest getting and equipping the Bandanna.  You can sleep
  at the inn for 5 GP (thought they wanted to get rid of you as soon as
  possible?) and save, too.  When you're done with everything, be off,
  by talking to the nerd in the lower-right section of the village,
  whose goal in life is to kick naughty people out and stand there
  forever to prevent them from entering again.  Freak.

  The adventure... begins.

2-B:  The Journey Begins

  Items    -- Spear
  Monsters -- Rabite, Lullabud, Mushboom

  WATER PALACE ---------------------------------------------------------

  There are two methods to reach the Water Palace.  You can go for the
  simple way by having a ride via the Cannon Travel Center (go into the
  first passage); it's free, since Jema paid for you already.  The
  longer way is by foot.  Just follow the path, while beating Rabites,
  Lullabuds and Mushbooms.  Be sure not to take the path to Pandora
  (south at the intersection), since you can't enter it.  You can stop
  by at Neko's place, where you can sleep, save and shop.  Neko is a
  freaking swindler, though (prices are doubled), so you should only buy
  things you cannot get elsewhere.  As of this moment, you don't need

  In front of the Water Palace is Major Dyluck with a gang of soldiers
  who are about to leave to splat Elinee, a witch.  But that's later and
  none of your business as of yet, so head into the Water Palace.
  Jema's been waiting for ya.

  Now that you're inside, head all-forward... by doing absolutely
  annoying things to form bridges and everything.  Geez.  Meet up with
  Sage Luka, who tells you about the weird things happening, and more.
  After Jema leaves, say hello to Luka again.  Choose any options for
  different dialogues, but at the end say okay, to do some trippy
  effects with your sword.  When you're about to leave, Luka heals you
  and lets you save, and grants you the Spear, my personal favorite
  weapon.  Next goal: Gaia's Navel.

  On your way back, you will get captured by Goblins (this will only
  occur if you saw Major Dyluck and co. go off).  If so, watch the
  sequence (you're about to get cooked, then some chick rescues you and
  leaves).  Back on the path you were on a while earlier, travel back to
  the fork and go south.  Follow the path (note that when you notice a
  yellow thing while fighting a Mushboom, DON'T step on it unless you
  wish to go back), and you'll arrive in the...

  KINGDOM OF PANDORA ---------------------------------------------------

  The guard who'd block you earlier now lets you pass, by permission of
  Jema.  He says not to talk to the villagers.  The boy, of course,
  talks to the villagers, only to find out that most of them are a bit
  silent... like they're a bit... dumb, or something...  Fortunately,
  you can sleep and save.  Unfortunately, you can't shop.  Now, you can
  go to the castle and dig up info there, but it's not necessary (yet),
  so let's head to Gaia's Navel.

    Note:  You can recruit the girl in Pandora.  However, if you go to
           Gaia's Navel with her, she'll refuse to go with you and
           cruise the Haunted Forest by herself.  Or, if you help her
           and head for the forest, you'll only find out that you'll
           need an axe to continue from there, upon which she'll agree
           to explore Gaia's Navel for a blacksmith.  This stuff takes
           up time and all, so I'll just go to Gaia's Navel without the
           girl.  She can be taken into recruitment at any time, so
           don't worry about that.

2-C:  Gaia's Navel

  Items    -- Magic Rope, Spear's Orb, Boomerang, Bow, Axe
  Monsters -- Rabite, Lullabud, Mushboom, Buzz Bee, Blat, Kid Goblin,
              Green Drop, Tropicallo, Brambler

  PATH TO GAIA'S NAVEL -------------------------------------------------

  In Pandora, go to the western portion of the town and head left.  On
  the fields, I suggest using the Spear--it is stronger than the Sword
  and the range is better.  Just follow the path until you get to a
  split in the road; go left here into Kippo Village.  In the shop, buy
  the boy (say that three times fast) a Chain Vest (strongly
  recommended) and if you took some serious damage, sleep at the inn for
  10 GP.  When you're done, let us proceed.

  The next area is absolutely annoying.  If you've got a really bad
  sense of direction, sit down and listen up: go left and then north
  until you reach a signpost (which points you to the Haunted Forest...
  scary).  From there, go down the stair set.  From here, circle around
  this damn place while squashing many Lullabuds and Buzz Bees, and you
  will eventually end up at a waterfall.  There are two entrances
  situated here; if you want to stop by at Neko's and stock up on items,
  go into the right one, and otherwise take the left entrance.

  GAIA'S NAVEL ---------------------------------------------------------

  In this dungeon, you'll find Blats, Kid Goblins and Green Drops.
  Blats have this ultra-annoying attack ("Balloon") that stops you and
  leaves you vulnerable for a brief moment.  Try to splat them before
  they get a chance to cast this spell.  Kid Goblins in this area are
  usually asleep, but walking near them wakes them up.  Green Drops have
  the ability to multiply; great for leveling up, annoying if you get
  trapped in a corner.  So watch out, now!

  Cross the first screens, 'til you descend down some stairs.  In the
  next screen, a large room with lava, walk all the way to the left and
  go into a small room.  Three Kid Goblins are asleep here.  Bust them
  up, and then aim any weapon on the skull-thing at the end; this will
  make the previous room passable.  This means, of course, you must go
  through the now-accessible passage.  Beware for the two Kid Goblins
  that guard the end of it.  In this room, first go left into a small
  room with two Kid Goblins... and a chest!  Slay the two goblins and
  claim the Magic Rope, an important item that lets you return to the
  entrance of any dungeon you entered.  No need to use it now, though,
  so go back to the previous room and go south.

  Here, go south again (to the right is a dead-end with a Green Drop).
  Follow the path and you'll eventually reach a set of stairs.  Descend
  and go all the way to the right.  Ascend here, and then bury your
  weapon in the Kid Goblin that sleeps in front of another skull-switch.
  Hit the switch; it seems to be connected with the platform over there
  that falls down.  Go back one area (the other paths are blocked for
  the time being) and climb the ladder, leading to the entrance to the
  Dwarf Village!  Original name, eh?

  THE ONE AND ONLY RABITEMAN! ------------------------------------------

  Alright!  Be sure to have a look in the shop, where powerful armor is
  to be found.  Also, recover if you're low on health--you likely do not
  have over 100 HP, so buying a Candy (10 GP) is cheaper than the inn
  (15 GP), for the same effect.  But, seeing as 5 GP is nothing...
  forget I said anything.  Two things need to be done in order to
  proceed (any order):

  1.  Go to the unlabeled door with at least 150 GP in your pocket.
      You'll get to a fork (pick it up!  ^_^;), from which you should go
      left.  You will witness a show here, featuring the ONE, the
      ONLY... RABITEMAN!  You'll have to disburse 50 GP for this,
      though.  Pay it, and the show begins.  A sprite will then appear
      who's in need of money.  100 GP is asked; grant it.  Now, re-enter
      the place but use the door to the right.  It appears they ripped
      you off, but they also realize you've been overhearing them, and
      fortunately they refund the 150 GP.

  2.  Find Watts, the blacksmith (westernmost door).  Talk to him; he'll
      ask for your sword and offers to reforge it for the low, low price
      of 100 GP.  Pay the money, and Watts realizes it's the Mana Sword
      he's dealing with!  Some sort of power somehow souped up his
      hammer, and Watts thinks he can forge an axe.  Come back later, he
      says.  Take note that the Rusty Sword is now the Broad Sword, and
      that upgrading a weapon costs an orb (in this case, the Sword's
      Orb you've acquired after beating the Mantis Ant).

  Now, go back to the main hall again, and suddenly, an earthquake

  Boss Strategy -- Tropicallo:
    LV:  7      HP:  315      EXP:  80        TYPE:     Plant
                MP:  0        GP:   132       ELEMENT:  Dryad

    There are two things you need to watch out for; the Bramblers
    (vines) that lunge for your head, and the downright annoying pumpkin
    bombs he spits at you.  It's the combination of the two that's
    irritant, but the good side is that you can get rid of the vines.
    When you get the chance, hack the source of the Brambler.  When you
    don't, it's probably best to frantically run around to avoid both a
    vine and a bomb down your throat.  When you've gotten rid of both
    vines, you can focus on the fruity thing.

    Tropicallo itself occasionally pops out.  When there's no danger,
    charge up your Sword or Spear.  Try to stay in the middle of the
    room as much as possible, since you don't know where Tropicallo is
    going to pop out.  When he does, unleash the weapon's power, while
    avoiding the pumpkins.  Those pumpkins bounce around until they hit
    you; this can be avoided by waiting 'til the last second and then
    swiftly moving away.  After a few slashes (315 HP for Tropicallo, 78
    HP for each Brambler), Tropicallo's dead meat (err, I mean, fruit),
    and you will acquire a Spear's Orb!

  The Elder and sprite will come in.  You'll learn that the sprite has
  lost his memory, and that gaining some of the Mana energy might help.
  Getting it isn't an easy job, so the Elder asks you to take the sprite
  with you.  Accept (you can't refuse anyway), and name the sprite.
  I'll take the name "sprite", for the sake of this FAQ.  The sprite
  comes with a Boomerang, and by talking to the Elder you will
  additionally receive the Bow!  You'll find out that the way to the
  palace you'll need to go to is blocked by lava, because of Elinee, who
  is our next stop.

  Before you go, stop by at Watts's place.  He's finished making the axe
  and offers it for 100 GP.  Buy it, and then he'll tell you that if you
  have any orbs, you can bring them to him to upgrade your weapons.  You
  just received a Spear's Orb from Tropicallo, so I suggest to have him
  reforge the Spear (200 GP) too!  When you're finished with all, Watts
  shows you a shortcut, leading to the entrance (where Neko's hanging

2-D:  Kick Some Witch Butt

  Items    -- Glove, Boomerang's Orb, 50 GP, Whip
  Monsters -- Chobin Hood, Eye Spy, Werewolf, Polter Chair, Spikey Tiger

  BEFORE YOU GO... -----------------------------------------------------

  Before you go, it is suggested to change sprite's behavior in battle.
  Go into the sprite's menu (by pressing X), and find the Action Grid
  option.  Remove the sprite from the lower-right corner and dump him on
  the lower-left block; this lets him attack monsters carefully.  On the
  field, be sure to equip different weapons and level them up.

  Once you find the girl (or if you already recruited her), repeat this
  for her.  Note that while going through the game, you should move the
  characters one block higher--this lets them approach the enemy instead
  of staying away of them.

  BLAIR WITCH PROJECT --------------------------------------------------

  It's suggested to have any controlled character with the Sword or the
  Axe, so you can cut away the flowers (or whatever those things are),
  and you'll be able to reach them Chobin Hoods and bury your short-
  ranged weapons in them.  The Haunted Forest is north of Gaia's Navel.
  There's a signpost somewhere that points you to the right direction.

  Waste the Chobin Hoods on your way, move on, and find Neko.  Be sure
  to have plenty of healing items now; you'll need them.  Also, don't
  forget to save.  Step into the warp on the platform above.  Now, if
  the girl isn't in your gang (she either left your party or didn't join
  at all), you'll have to fight two Werewolves, which are harder than
  the regular enemies.  Kill them (watch out for their attacks!) to save
  the trapped girl, who joins you.  You'll reach another area.

  Here, go to the right (not left yet) and follow the trail, while
  fighting a couple of enemies.  Step into the warp at the end, and then
  kill off an Eye Spy.  This dude spawns Chobin Hoods, so try to kill
  him as quickly as possible.  Step on the platform to change the rock
  formation, enabling you to continue.  But to do that, you'll have to
  go back; return all the way back to the area with a Mushboom and take
  the previously-ignored left path.  Bonk the bones away with the Axe,
  then move on, into the warp.

  Follow the path AGAIN, and step into the warp (you'll find a cliff on
  your way with two poles, but there's nothing you can do with it now).
  Here, the place forks like hell, but it eventually leads to the same
  place; the last warp.  Whee!  Be prepared for the Werewolf that
  launches itself right into you in the beginning.  After you give it a
  pack of beating, don't go up, but follow an S-shaped trail.  At the
  end are another Werewolf and the entrance to the Witch's Castle.

  WITCH'S CASTLE -------------------------------------------------------

  Step on the switch to open the gate.  Now I wonder; WHAT is the use of
  a gate when there's a button in front of it to open it?  Logic...
  Continue to the next room, where you'll discover all stairs but one
  are enemies (Polter Chairs)!  They won't attack unless you touch them,
  so you can leave them be right now.  Walk north to the next screen,
  and beat up the Eye Spies and any Chobin Hoods they spawn.  After you
  get rid of them, take the left path (step on the switch); NOT the
  right path as it leads to a dead-end with nothing but three Polter

  The other room, of course, isn't free of danger either.  A duo of
  Werewolves finds it necessary to lunge for your head, so give them a
  piece of your sword in return.  After you kill them (or if you've
  managed to outrun them), move on, and you'll find a switch!  However,
  stepping on it does not appear to have an effect, so ignore it for
  now.  Continue south, to the prisons.  Save the soldiers, who are as
  ignorant as the people in Pandora, though one of them is nice and
  hints you that stepping on the previously-ignored with three people
  altogether causes something to form a bridge.  A-ha!  Before you do
  so, check the prisons to the right for Neko, who for some odd reason
  got caught.  Be sure to save, and trust me; having the maximal number
  of Candies and Chocolates with you is paramount.  Buy Royal Jams/Cups
  of Wishes too, if you can afford them.

  Now return to the mysterious switch, and your three characters will
  automatically populate it altogether.  Walk north and avoid the Eye
  Spy.  In the next room, go through the middle door (other two are
  trapped).  Follow the path you can take, watch out for the Eye Spy,
  and step on the switch.  Return to the split and go left.  In the next
  room, fight or avoid the Polter Chairs and talk to Elinee.  Give chase
  when she leaves, then you'll find Dyluck!  Elinee sends him to
  Thanatos, the leader of some secret organization that does naughty,
  naughty stuff.  When she's done rambling, prepare to fight one of the
  hardest boss battles in the game...

  Boss Strategy -- Spikey Tiger:
    LV:  10     HP:  520      EXP:  210       TYPE:     Animal
                MP:  21       GP:   288       ELEMENT:  Salamando

    Spikey will either be on the ground or on one of the two ledges.
    Use the Spear, Sword and Axe while he's on the ground, since those
    two are the most powerful, and use the Bow when he's up, since it is
    the only weapon that can reach him there.  You might want to revive
    a computer-controlled character if all allies get knocked out,
    because if the main character gets knocked unconscious, you can
    press Select and fight/cure with the other one.  Don't bother
    reviving both; you NEED the Cups of Wishes and they probably won't
    do anything useful anyway.  It is highly recommended to bust up this
    boss with a friend!

    When Spikey is below, attack, but don't charge up your weapon; it
    takes too much time and when you're done charging it might be too
    late already.  Avoid his rolling attack, since it can beat you
    unconscious, and be sure to run freakin' around when he's in the
    air, as he's gonna land soon.  Also, don't get too close to him, or
    he'll eat you (or at least do something that looks like that).  When
    Spikey flies to the ledges, equip the Bow and attack, or charge up
    your weapon.  Pray that he won't use many of those fire-spells or
    you're dead meat.  When he's below again, resume attacking him.
    Winning will net you a Boomerang's Orb.

  If you managed to overcome Spikey's aggressive attacks, head back.
  Talk to Elinee, who turns back to normal!  She tells you that you must
  go to Pandoran Ruins to find Dyluck, and that the magic of ice can
  take care of the Crystal Orb in the Underground Palace.  Take the
  contents of the two chests; 50 GP and the Whip!  Go all the way back
  outside.  There are no enemies anymore, making life much easier.
  Still, it's quite stupid that the Magic Rope doesn't work.

  Once you reach outside, Luka telepathically summons you as something
  appears to be wrong.  The girl and sprite decide to come with you.  Go
  back and trudge through the forest again; monsters still populate it
  so be careful.  Go on 'til you reach the warp.  In the next screen is
  a platform with stakes that did not seem to have any use before... but
  now, you've got the Whip!  Line up and everything, then use the Whip
  to pull yourself to the other side.  This leads to a warp that warps
  you to the warp in front of the Water Palace (Dyluck went in there
  when you first met him).

2-E:  The Water Elemental

  Items    -- Glove's Orb, Javelin
  Monsters -- Iffish, Tonpole, Biting Lizard

  WATER PALACE ---------------------------------------------------------

  In this chapter, you will finally acquire magic!  Ho ho ho!

  Inside the palace, go north and talk to Luka.  Restore and save, then
  you'll discover that Undine, the Water Elemental, who lives in a cave
  behind the waterfall, east of the steps leading to this palace, comma,
  is in danger!  Luka is uh, too old, to take care of this herself, so
  it's you who's gotta do the dirty work.

  YOUR FIRST MAGIC ELEMENTAL -------------------------------------------

  Go outside and to the right of the screen, to reach the waterfall.
  Three Iffishes are here.  They might be too powerful for you now, so
  if they manage to clock up a few numbers of damage, swiftly run into
  the cave... to find... more Iffishes.  The room ahead, then, contains
  a pink happy thing.

  Boss Strategy -- Tonpole:
    LV:  11     HP:  600      EXP:  50        TYPE:     Lizard
                MP:  0        GP:   0         ELEMENT:  Undine

    Meh, the Tonpole's just a bonus thing that jumps around and only
    attacks if you're as stupid as he is himself.  It seems you'll get
    damaged if you stay to close to him, so don't do that.  600 HP is
    what you need to deplete, and once you accomplish your task, he'll
    poof into the Biting Lizard, being obviously a tad harder.  If you
    lost, I truly pity you.

  Boss Strategy -- Biting Lizard:
    LV:  11     HP:  770      EXP:  210       TYPE:     Lizard
                MP:  6        GP:   348       ELEMENT:  Undine

    The Biting Lizard now uses his tongue to swallow you or your allies.
    This should be avoided because it deals quite a bit of damage, but
    should someone still get caught, let someone else (press Select to
    switch characters) hit the lizard to free the one that is probably
    realizing why to respect food.  Or, to avoid being drawn in, try to
    attack from an angle, and don't stay in front of the lizard for too
    long.  The Biting Lizard uses Cure Water constantly too; though this
    doesn't make the battle harder, it makes it quite long, which isn't

    Oh!  I actually discovered that if you have just a little bit of
    luck and let the computer-controlled allies attack him, you'd
    probably win too.  Better yet, if you stand still and do nothing,
    he'll sometimes stand still too.  This means that if you don't move
    and if the lizard is in your weapon's reach, you can attack, wait,
    and repeat, without taking any hits!  Make sure your allies don't
    pull of anything now (configure them using the Action Grid).  The
    Tonpole-form has 600 HP, and the Biting Lizard 770 HP.  After you
    win, you'll get a Glove's Orb!

  An entrance will open up, too.  Head inside, and talk to Undine, the
  Water Elemental.  She'll grant you her powers: recovery and defense
  magic for the girl, and attack magic for the sprite.  The hero gets...
  nothing, since he is apparently too dumb to handle magic.  But to
  compensate, you will get a hold of a new weapon, the Javelin!  It is
  the last weapon you will acquire of Secret of Mana's variety of butt-
  smacking artillery.

  Go back outside.  If you use your new magic now, you will notice that
  it doesn't really lash out much as of yet... nevertheless, that is
  because it isn't leveled up yet.  As with weapons, you need to whomp
  monsters (with magic, thus) and yadda blah; I'm sure you know the
  grubby details.  If you wish to learn about the dirty mechanics, see
  section 3-B.  Otherwise, head to Gaia's Navel; Luka says that you need
  to apply the magic of Undine on the Crystal Orb in the Underground
  Palace, so let's do so.

2-F:  The Underground Palace

  Items    -- Axe's Orb
  Monsters -- Goblin, Ma Goblin, Chess Knight, Blat, Green Drop,
              Fire Gigas

  UNDERGROUND PALACE ---------------------------------------------------

  If you were in a pitch-black cave for the last couple of hours: the
  entrance to the Underground Palace is in the Dwarf Village.  You can
  get there via Cannon Travel (shorter, costs 50 GP).  Once you get in
  front of Gaia's Navel, be sure to take entrance to the right for
  Watts's shortcut!  Speaking of Watts... be sure to have him forge all
  those orbs you've got now.  Then, find the spot where you crushed
  Tropicallo; there should be an entrance somewhere.  Go inside and have
  sprite use Undine (Freeze) on the Crystal Orb; this freezes the lava,
  making it now possible to go through the Underground Palace.

  Kill the (Ma) Goblins near the door, and then open that door.  The
  stairs straight ahead are blocked by a pot of fire; to get rid of
  this, take both the left and right path and step on the switch that is
  at the end.  On your way are two Chess Knights; though they aren't as
  aggressive as the Goblins, they have high speed/evade, so avoiding
  them is best for now.  Go up the stairs and step on any of the two
  switches to activate the bridge.  Continue north, follow the trail,
  and equip the Whip.  In the next room is a duo of stakes.  Whip
  yourself to the other side, but watch out for the Green Drop that
  awaits you on the other side--you might want to take care of it before
  by firing a long-range weapon (NOT THE WHIP, THANK YOU).  Go all the
  way north from there.  In the next room, go north again, and keep the
  sprite alive.  Move on, and you'll eventually reach the stage room.
  Gnome is here, but is a little unfriendly, and cowardly runs off (HA)
  once he notices something cometh.

  Boss Strategy -- Fire Gigas:
    LV:  13     HP:  850      EXP:  326       TYPE:     Non-corporeal
                MP:  66       GP:   360       ELEMENT:  Salamando

    If sprite has max MP, this boss is a cookie.  Cast Freeze over and
    over (re-cast it as soon as possible to prevent Fire Gigas from
    doing an attack), and if sprite's magic is level 1, the boss is dead
    after five castings.  If sprite's magic is level 0, you might need
    someone to finish the job with a weapon (use the girl's Ice Saber
    magic on the attacker to improve the damage done).  Really, it's
    that simple.

    However, if you think all of the above is cheap and want to beat him
    without using magic, be my guest.  I still recommend using Ice Saber
    if you prefer a weapons-only approach.  Anyway, don't charge your
    weapon, unless Fire Gigas turns into a buttload of fireballs flying
    around (which is no threat).  Use that opportunity to heal, too.
    Once the bloke returns to his original form, he'll make use of his
    wide variety of fire-spells.  These inflict heavy damage if you
    aren't leveled up, so make sure to counter them with healing-items/-
    spells.  Fire Gigas has 850 HP.  You will receive an Axe's Orb for

  After defeating this boss, head north.  Here is, besides Gnome, a seed
  just like in the Water Palace!  Talk to Gnome, who in return for
  getting rid of Fire Gigas bestows his magical abilities upon the girl
  and the sprite.  When you're finished, go to the Earth Seed and gain
  its powers (you can now build your magic to level 2).  Sprite will
  regain his memory by doing that, and indicates that the Upper Land is
  his home.  Our next stop, however, is Pandora.

  To exit the Underground Palace, you can go by foot (there are no
  monsters anymore), or use the Magic Rope to immediately return to the
  entrance.  While it is tempting to use Cannon Travel (located near the
  entrance of the Haunted Forest), the path to Pandora is overflowed by
  feeble monsters, and although weapons will only gain half the amount
  of experience, a level-up-treat is always useful.

2-G:  Beyond The Ruins

  Items    -- Bow's Orb, 50 GP (x4), Sword's Orb, Spear's Orb
  Monsters -- Tomato Man, Zombie, Chess Knight, Evil Sword, Wall Face,
              Chamber's Eye

  PANDORA --------------------------------------------------------------

  I bet you remember the ruins in Pandora.  On your way to that icky
  place, you'll meet Phanna, who appears to be the girl's best friend...
  Talk to her, and she disappears!  Oh my!  Go south to the ruins and
  discover Phanna in front of them.  Talk to her, and she heads inside.
  Follow her.  The girl mentions that Dyluck might be here too, so
  bizarre stuff is going on here...

    Note:  Reminder; it is, by the way, recommended to have upgraded
           both the girl's and sprite's magic leveled to the max.  Refer
           to section 3-B for quick methods to boost magic levels.  I'm
           so cool.

  PANDORAN RUINS -------------------------------------------------------

  The path is pretty linear.  No splits, things to cut away, or anything
  of that pretty stuff, so it is in your best interests to utilize the A-
  button whenever possible.  Because I am The Laziness, I will not crank
  out a guide for you, so hah.  The side-rooms contain, beside enemies,
  nothing.  Eventually, you will reach a large room with guards all over
  the place and Thanatos on a platform in the middle...  Heal if needed,
  and then approach Thanatos.  He reveals that he drains people's energy
  to create a new world, and you appear to be his next victim.  You're
  dumped in a hole, where the Wall Face awaits you.  Yikes...

  Boss Strategy -- Wall Face:
    LV:  16     HP:  920      EXP:  580       TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  99       GP:   720       ELEMENT:  Sylphid

    Fortunately in the world of role-playing games, bosses are always
    weak against something you've acquired JUST a while earlier.  So,
    have the sprite continuously cast Earth Slide and/or Gem Missile on
    the middle face.  There are two strategic approaches you can make
    use of:

    1.  Attack the eyes 'til they die to prevent them from attacking
        and then aim for the face, or...
    2.  Launch all of your attacks to the face to get rid of it as soon
        as possible.

    If you take the second approach, remember that magic can be cast
    upon the face even when it's closed, and that you should charge the
    weapon of the hero if so.  The girl should heal when the need
    arises.  This approach is a bit harder than the first, so if you
    can't win, go for the eyes first.  To get rid of an eye, make sure
    to focus on a single one.  Have your other party members do so too
    by making use of that nifty Targeting-function in the menu and
    selecting your victim.  Note that if you kill an eye, it might get
    revived soon after (but luckily doesn't receive full HP).

    After you accomplish in closing both eyes, the Wall Face tries to
    push you against the spikes by moving the wall, while not attacking.
    Now be careful--if you get squashed, du bist dead meat!  So, attack
    from afar (or else you will get pushed back while attacking, meaning
    you'll miss) using non-charged attacks, and have the sprite unload
    his bag of magic spells on the face (take THAT!).  Each Chamber's
    Eye has 300 HP.  Winning will net you a Bow's Orb.  Oh, and if you
    want to attack an eye, it seems that the "target" is not the eye
    itself, but the area next to it (use the Targeting-function to see
    exactly where).

  Thanatos will see that you're the one from the Mana Sword and gives up
  the villagers, except for Dyluck and Phanna.  Leave the ruins, by
  finding and talking to Jema.  He says that you must go to the Water
  Palace, but I'm sure you definitely want to take a trip to Pandora's
  Castle first.  Definitely.

  OPTIONAL / RANDOM BITS 'N PIECES -------------------------------------

  Head to the King's room, and talk to the King.  He'll be grateful for
  all you've done, and slaps you access to the treasure room!  Forget
  his speech and plunder the room right away: four chests contain 50 GP,
  but the other two contain a Sword's Orb and a Spear's Orb!  Cha-ching!

  Furthermore, the armor shop in Pandora now actually sells armor.  You
  should have plenty of money now, so buy some Cobra Bracelets (280 GP
  apiece).  Other armor is optional, unless of course, you've been
  wearing the initial equipment all the time.  See the shops-section
  (section 4-E) for a listing.

  OPTIONAL / WATER PALACE ----------------------------------------------

  If you visit Luka, you'll learn that the Water Seed has been stolen!
  The "water told her" (give me a break) that the thieves went to Gaia's
  Navel, so that's where you gotta go now.

2-H:  Water Seed Missing

  Items    -- Whip's Orb, Javelin's Orb, Bow's Orb, Whip's Orb,
              Midge Mallet
  Monsters -- Kilroy, Iffish, Water Thug, Jabberwocky

  GAIA'S NAVEL / THIEVES' SHIP -----------------------------------------

  To get to Gaia's Navel from the Water Palace, use the Cannon Travel
  near Potos (50 GP).  Take Watts's shortcut, and talk to Watts to
  reforge your weapons.  Next, go to the main hallway to find Jema, the
  Elder, and a big hole.  Jema says that the thieves are down the hole
  and that you should give them a big spankin'.  To leave the thieves'
  ship, you must use the Magic Rope.  I don't know of any other way of
  leaving it, but I'm sure I overlooked something.

  Go down the stairs, circle around, and you'll find a chest!  It
  contains a Whip's Orb, so grab it and continue.  Behind the door is
  the boss of the Scorpion Army and two flunkies, and the Water Seed!
  They plan to use the Water Seed to complete their new robot, Kilroy.
  Go through the door in the back to face it.

  Boss Strategy -- Kilroy:
    LV:  17     HP:  900      EXP:  686       TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  18       GP:   650       ELEMENT:  None

    Nothing to worry about.  The fight is divided into two parts; first,
    he'll just slowly approach you and use one of his two hammer-attacks
    to damage/moogle you.  This should be avoided at all costs, but
    should you be unlucky to get turned into a Moogle, whip out a
    Medical Herb right away or use Remedy.  Using long-range weapons
    helps you avoid his attacks, but they're mostly not too powerful.
    Magic isn't too great either; if you want to use it, use either
    elemental, depending on the one you leveled up more.  But you might
    want to save it 'til the second part of the battle, which is
    SLIGHTLY harder.

    Now, once you deplete 450 of Kilroy's 900 HP, he'll go haywire and a
    wheel magically appears under him.  His speed is about twice as much
    now, but you're faster than him even when you're charging a weapon.
    Repeat the process, except be a little faster.  Win the battle to
    receive a Javelin's Orb.

  After winning, the uber-unsuccessful thieves will run off, and you'll
  recover (notice the typo in the game) the Water Seed!  Let us bring it

  THE THIEVES, PART TWO ------------------------------------------------

  In front of the entrance are... many Iffishes!  And inside the palace
  are also blood-thirsty creatures with forks!  Something's up.  Fight
  your way to the end of the palace, where Luka is held captive by
  people from the Empire, lead by a person named Geshtar.  He aims for
  the Water Seed that you've got... SHEESH, it's quite damned popular,
  eh?  You have the option of giving it or trying to run off.  And as
  you know, in an RPG like this it doesn't matter what you choose.  This
  option is no exception; they'll get the Mana Seed and feed you to
  Jabberwocky, Geshtar's pet.

  Boss Strategy -- Jabberwocky:
    LV:  18     HP:  950      EXP:  800       TYPE:     Lizard
                MP:  90       GP:   768       ELEMENT:  Undine

    Jabberwocky has two heads, each attacking anyone that comes close
    and knocking people unconscious.  You must move away from the heads
    while charging your weapon for best results, while you let the
    sprite cast Gnome's spells on the dragon--Gnome is more powerful
    than Undine in this case.  After depleting 475 HP, one head will
    disappear, halving this boss's threat and denoting you're halfway

    Be prepared to heal after Jabberwocky's attacks.  "Poison Gas" is
    not a threat, but really annoying.  "Acid Storm" (level 3!), on the
    other hand, is something to fear--it usually kills someone when the
    spell is concentrated on a single person (for me, that is--it might
    differ if you leveled your characters).  Fortunately, spells aren't
    cast upon you constantly, which means this battle can be over with
    soon.  For winning, you'll get a Bow's Orb.

  Go to Luka.  Jema's there, who brags about he defeating the monsters
  in Pandora, etc., etc.  The better thing is that he gives you a Whip's
  Orb!  Luka says you must reseal the Mana Seed, so run up to it and
  gain its power again.  Jema said that he'll be going home to take care
  of any business there, and that you must go to the Upper Land via the
  Cannon Travel Center near Potos.  Luka says also that you must visit
  Sage Joch in the Lofty Mountains to learn about courage... this is
  where the REAL journey begins.  *music*

  OPTIONAL / RANDOM BITS 'N PIECES -------------------------------------

  Before you go flyin' high to the UPPER Land (ha I funny), stop by in
  the Dwarf Village!  Because the Cannon Travel near Potos doesn't bring
  you to Gaia's Navel anymore, you must go there by foot... but the good
  side is that the enemies are weak, so that means your weapons will
  level-up a bit.  In the village, talk to the Elder (in front of the
  hole he's still amazed by).  In return for saying hi, he'll give you a
  Midge Mallet!  This piece shrinks and un-shrinks people, which is
  useful later.  You can also use it now, if you want it so badly.  Your

  You can also visit Watts and have your stuff upgraded.  When you're
  done with everything, go back en route to Potos, pay 50 GP to the
  Cannon Travel madman, and get blown far, far, far...

2-I:  The Upper Land

  Items    -- Glove's Orb, Axe's Orb, Boomerang's Orb
  Monsters -- Silktail, Steamed Crab, Water Thug, Nemesis Owl, Pebbler,
              Spring Beak, Crawler, Kimono Bird

  GREAT FOREST ---------------------------------------------------------

  Right away, you'll see you've landed in a pig-faced creatures-infested
  place.  Those creatures are Moogles, pretty much helpless moving
  things that pop up in many Squaresoft-games.  Anyway, sprite bumped
  his head again by not landing right, and cannot remember anything now.
  Great!  You'll learn that Pebblers have taken over the Moogles'
  village, and it's you again to take care of everything.  If you want
  to forge stuff, Watts is your friend here (north in this screen).

  The steps:

  1.  First, talk to any Moogle.  Required!

  2.  Go southwest, through the passage, leading to spring (pink trees
      all over the place).  Neko resides here, allowing you to save, and
      buy his expensive stuff--it's suggested to get Quill Caps for the
      girl and sprite, if you have the money.  In spring, go all the way
      east, past the Steamed Crab, to reach summer.  There are three
      ways you can go now: southeast to the Cannon Travel dude,
      northeast to autumn, or northwest to a village.  That village is
      where you got to go.

  3.  Three Pebblers are here!  Waste all three of 'em (Freeze:
      effective) to free the village.  After accomplishing your task,
      walk near the exit for the Moogles (and Watts and Neko) to change
      their habitat.  Two chests appear, containing a Glove's Orb and an
      Axe's Orb.  Take them both (and reforge them), and talk to any
      Moogle.  The sprite will regain his memory, and it is puzzle time.

  4.  "Walk the seasons from spring to winter, spring again and we can
      enter..."  This is perhaps Secret of Mana's most confusing part,
      but hey, I'm here!  Your objective is to walk a counter-clockwise
      circle, starting in spring (go south into summer, and then go
      left).  Go back to summer, go north to autumn, and go west to
      winter, then south to spring again.  Confused?  ...just read

  5.  You'll hear a sound, and a textbox appears on-screen denoting that
      it came from the right.  So, go to the right, then north to arrive
      in the sprite's village!  But, it is in shambles.  Bummer.  Soon
      after, boss-music plays.  Get ready, and go north to find...

  Boss Strategy -- Spring Beak:
    LV:  20     HP:  720      EXP:  1090      TYPE:     Bird
                MP:  99       GP:   864       ELEMENT:  Sylphid

    Short-range weapons nearly always miss, so equip the Boomerang, the
    Bow, and the Javelin.  If you leveled up sprite's Gnome-magic and
    initiated this battle with full MP, this is a breeze; just bounce a
    few Earth Slides at the bird and you're done.  Otherwise, cast them
    until you run out of MP, at which point you should either use a
    Faerie Walnut or attack with Earth Saber-enhanced weapons.

    Be careful not to get anywhere near Springbeak or you'll get
    damaged!  Springbeak has a wide variety of wind-type spells, of
    which every damage-inflicting one, most especially "Thunderbolt",
    should be countered by a casting of the girl's Cure Water.  If you
    keep a close eye on your HP, this battle should be no problem.  You
    will get a Boomerang's Orb for your troubles.

  WIND PALACE / PATH TO MATANGO ----------------------------------------

  After the Springbeak's defeat, a path opens up, leading to the Wind
  Palace.  Enter it, talk to the old man, and learn that he is the
  sprite's grandfather.  He'll tell you what happened, and grants you
  Sylphid's powers!  Now you can use wind-attacks!  Also, make sure to
  save your game.  While you're at it, seal the Wind Seed to gain its
  powers, allowing you to build your magic to level 3.  The man said you
  can use the Analyzer-spell to see how to get rid of the Crystal Orb in
  the forest, opening up a path to Matango.  Time to go.

  Head back to spring.  Here, search the lower-left corner for a path,
  and use the girl's Analyzer-spell on the orb.  It will say that
  Sylphid works on it (what a surprise), so have the sprite use Air
  Blast on it.  Continue.  Defeat the Crawlers if you want, and head
  left.  In the next screen, go for the upper-left corner to reach the
  next screen, in which you must go all the way north for the entrance
  to a cave.  Inside this cave is a Kimono Bird... it spawns Pebblers
  all the time and uses strong spells, so use your most powerful spells
  to kill it.  Or run, as it's actually best to ignore it for now.  Use
  the Axe to wear down the spikes (stalagmites, I believe), and exit the
  cave to the left.  You'll arrive in Matango--the mushroom-looking guys
  (no wait, they ARE mushrooms!) are friendly, so you put aside those
  feelings of battle lust.

2-J:  The White Dragon

  Items    -- Javelin's Orb, Sword's Orb
  Monsters -- Water Thug, Steamed Crab, Crawler, Kimono Bird, Pebbler,
              Great Viper

  MATANGO / FUNG CASTLE ------------------------------------------------

  Find your way to Fung Castle, home of King Truffle.  Two entrances are
  situated here; left is an equipment shop, and right the entrance to
  the castle.  If you want your armor to be optimum, have a look in the
  shop and buy Fancy Overalls (x3), a Steel Cap (x1) for the boy (you
  should have two Quill Caps for the girl and the sprite already; buy
  otherwise two of them here).  Wolf's Bands aren't too much of a help
  if you have Cobra Bracelets, so buying those is optional.  If you
  don't have enough money, sell your old stuff first.  When you're
  finished (don't forget to equip everything!), head into the castle.

  Watts is in the main room, if you need him.  Go to the throne room and
  talk to the mushroom with a moustache.  He welcomes you and stuff, and
  tells you a story about a white dragon appearing here and there.  He
  asks you to go check it out, sort of.  Before you go, go upstairs to
  find a chest with a Javelin's Orb.  Then go back to the entrance hall,
  and go to the right.  Go north for an inn--be sure to save!  When
  you're ready, take the south path into the cave.

    Note:  A note about the inn; if you walk to the lower-right corner
           of the room, you will walk through the wall!  You can get
           behind the counter that way... it's useless, I know, but so
           is much more in life.

  WHITE DRAGON'S CAVE --------------------------------------------------

  First is the open area.  Slice 'n dice your way north, and enter the
  cave.  If you wish to boost your levels first, do so; the girl's
  Sylphid-magic can be leveled by using Analyzer on every enemy there
  is, the sprite should cast Air Blast consecutively until he runs out
  of MP.  If you want the upcoming boss to be not-so-hard, at least get
  Sylphid to level 2 for the sprite, or level 3 if you plan to have
  dinner while fighting it.  And Faerie Walnuts--having a few is

  Inside the cave, go up the stairs, and circle around until you reach a
  duo of poles placed on parallel cliffs.  Use the Whip to reach the
  other side, and continue.  A Kimono Bird awaits you after you go down
  one floor.  They should be avoided, so quickly go to the poles and go
  to the other side, safe from the bird and those damn Pebblers it
  spawns.  Take the stairs, as the other path leads to a dead-end with
  Water Thugs.

  The path forks; take a left.  From here, follow the path until you
  reach a room with Pebblers and a Crystal Orb.  Our friend Analyzer
  indicates that Gnome's magic works.  Have the sprite use Earth Slide,
  for the earth to slide... how appropriate.  Go back one room and
  discover there's a new path (south).  Cross the next room too, and
  land in the Great Viper's lair.

  Boss Strategy -- Great Viper:
    LV:  22     HP:  1330     EXP:  1410      TYPE:     Lizard
                MP:  8        GP:   1056      ELEMENT:  Gnome

    I remember that as a kid, I found this boss hard.  That was of
    course because I haven't upgraded Sylphid's power then... so if you
    wanna get this over with quickly, bombard the snake with
    Thunderbolts all the time.  Use Faerie Walnuts when needed.  Have
    the girl cast Thunder Saber on the attacker.  Now, if you used up
    sprite's magic and have no Faerie Walnuts left, it's best to switch
    to the boy, arm him the strongest weapon available, and attack him
    while paying zero attention to your allies (unless, of course,
    they're controlled by a friend).  Employ Candies and Chocolates when
    your HP is low.

    And remember not to touch the snake itself, unless you feel the odd
    sensation of wanting to get pygmized (while I'm not sure if that
    word actually exists, it means getting shrunk).  Counter this with
    the Midge Mallet, or use Medical Herbs/Remedy if you don't have it.
    Besides hysterically moving around, Great Viper occasionally makes
    use of Gem Missile (level 5).  He features 1315 HP to deplete, and
    after doing so, you'll earn a wicked Sword's Orb.

  An entrance opens up north.  Follow the path into the cave, and work
  your end to the back.  Gladly, no enemies are around.  You'll find a
  white dragon, which (though not as big/powerful/hungry as expected)
  apparently lost his parents.  Because he probably won't survive on his
  own, King Truffle will take care of him.  The King gives the dragon
  the name "Flammie", and tells you that you can use the Cannon Travel
  south to blast to the Fire Palace, near the Desert of Kakkara.

  So, go back.  Forge any weapons with Watts if you need to do so, save
  at the inn, and head back into the forest; after you exit the cave
  with the Kimono Bird, go south and then east to reach the Cannon
  Travel Center.  For the usual 50 GP, you can reach Kakkara or the Ice
  Country.  Now, it doesn't really matter whether path you take--the Ice
  Country is only a bit faster.  Because monsters are stronger there, I
  only recommend going there if you've taken the time to level up.  If
  you plan to go to the Ice Country, head down to section 2-L.
  Otherwise, read on.

2-K:  Damn You, Cannon Man!

  Items    -- Whip's Orb
  Monsters -- Sand Stinger, Pebbler, Spider Legs, Pumpkin Bomb,
              Mech Rider 1

  THE DESERT -----------------------------------------------------------

  Unfortunately, mister cannon man missed Kakkara by a great distance (I
  demand a refund!).  You'll land somewhere in the desert, and have two
  options: (1) find your way to a village or anything and be happy, or
  (2) dry out until you die.  It's most likely the first option you
  choose.  Now, I have taken the courtesy of figuring out the mechanics
  behind this desert--so whoo, I'm a rocket scientist!  Alright; the
  area consists of six (actually seven) screens, broken up the following

       |         |        1.  Bricks, rocks, cactuses and Sand Stingers.
    --(1)--(2)--(3)--     2.  A T-split with Sand Stingers and Pebblers.
       |    |    |        3.  Pools of quicksand containing Spider Legs.
    --(4)--(x)--(5)--     4.  Rocks/bricks, quicksand, Pumpkin Bombs.
       |         |        5.  Bricks, cactuses, and Sand Stingers.

    You just imagine it's a puzzle, of which each piece is the same; if
    you go up from screen (1), you end up in (4), and if you go to the
    left from (4), you arrive in (5).  Simple enough?  Excellent.  Now
    here's the deal: (x) is the starting point, AND is the finishing
    line.  If it's the starting point, there's only one way out: north.
    In order to continue, you must enter spot (x) from either (4) or
    (5), thus NOT from (2).

  If you don't understand all of this, just go up, then left, then up,
  then right.

  Once you've accomplished this, your characters will automatically walk
  to the middle of the screen.  Completely dehydrated, they see
  something north... is it a fata morgana?  Let's find out.  Watch out
  for the Spider Legs that are hidden under the ground (use the
  Targeting-function to see where).  Once the party reaches the next
  area, they'll see a huge ship, and enter it.  Hurray, saved!

  SAND-SHIP ------------------------------------------------------------

  ...or not.  You are Imperial spies, according to the guards.  Luckily,
  the Commander says it's possible you're just lost, and he lets you
  work for him.  The boy gets to whip the engines, the sprite takes care
  of the food, and the girl gets a... hmmm... special assignment
  ("...and she comes with me...!").

  Even though you're safe, you're a slave (that rhymes).  There's pretty
  much nothing to do except for talking to the other slaves.  One of
  them is Sergo (pirate and scourge of the eight seas!)--talk to him
  twice.  He will help you escape.  Once you talk to the guards, Sergo
  will yell that there's a fire, letting the guards move away from their
  post and "find the fire" (just look at them; what a laugh) and
  allowing you to escape.

  So what are ya waiting for?!  Get outside!  On the deck of the ship,
  you can go either left or right.  Unless you're that type of tourist
  that wants to see everything, go left because there's nothing
  unbelievably interest to the right.  Move on until you reach a
  stairway leading inside the ship.  Go in the door south to find where
  the sprite's hanging.  After you discover he's eaten just about every
  bit of food, talk to the sprite for him to join you... much to those
  people's delight.

  Now it's time for the girl; head back to the deck of the ship.  Go
  south from here and go in the door.  There's a fork; go left to reach
  a soldier that can create a log entry (save your game, that is), or
  take the right path to find two soldiers blocking a door.  Talk to
  them, and the sprite will reveal what he really is... a rat!  Even the
  soldiers are shocked; fortunately they leave, leaving the door
  unguarded.  Enter.  After the dialogues inside, the girl finds the
  opportunity to escape with you.  Soldiers try to stop you, until the
  ship trembles.  It appears to be the Empire, aiming to take over the
  ship.  The soldiers are frightened to death, meaning you won't be able
  to watch them fight, but rather have to do the dirty stuff again...

  Go to the deck of the ship again (did I just exit the engine room?),
  to discover it's Geshtar (you know, the dude that captured Luka once).
  Talk to him, and he apparently needs you to redirect Mech Rider 1 to
  the nearest scrap yard.

  Boss Strategy -- Mech Rider 1:
    LV:  23     HP:  980      EXP:  1595      TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  18       GP:   1055      ELEMENT:  None

    This boss isn't terribly hard, but can be a pain in the ass if you
    fight terribly stupid.  The point here is to slash, avoid and
    repeat; Mech Rider will only drive to the sides (trying to hit you),
    stay there for a while, while firing those DAMN! ANNOYING! MISSILES!
    that don't really inflict much damage.  But getting hit means you
    can't attack, so try to avoid these.  Spells are ineffective, but so
    are weapons, so combine the hero's weapon skills with the sprite's
    magic.  The girl should heal, as always.  Despite having 980 HP,
    this battle will be over sooner than you think.  A Whip's Orb will
    be your reward after Mech Rider 1 gets away.  To be continued...?

  After the ship explodes/gets stolen/whatever, you will all land in the
  desert.  Talk to Meria and Morie.  To leave, talk to the soldier that
  says, "A rescue team's coming.  Are you leaving?" and say yes.  You'll
  be in the desert again; the soldier said to go north, so go north.
  Kakkara awaits thee!

  KAKKARA --------------------------------------------------------------

  But, there's no water around here.  If you talk to the two important-
  looking guys north in the village (King Amar and someone else), you'll
  learn that the Fire Seed's been stolen, as well as Salamando (another
  elemental).  Besides an inn (50 GP), Watts (forge the Whip), and a
  shop, there's pretty much nothing of interest, so head down to the
  Cannon Travel Center (to the right of the village).  Pay 50 GP to get
  blown to the Ice Country.

  There IS a Fire Palace around here, but since you aren't supposed to
  be there now, you will not be able to completely explore it yet.

2-L:  Brrr... Cold!

  Items    -- Spear's Orb, Bow's Orb
  Monsters -- Howler, Pebbler, Shellblast, LA Funk, Boreal Face,

  TODO VILLAGE ---------------------------------------------------------

  If you have enough money, buy Chest Guards for everyone, and the next
  areas will be a breeze.  If you don't have the money, sell stuff, or
  buy the weaker equipment.  Watts has taken over the blacksmith's
  house, so you can reforge your weapons there.  There's an inn, too (50
  GP), and when you're ready with all your business here, head west to
  the desert's antithesis.

  FROSTY FOREST --------------------------------------------------------

  Right in the first screen, take any path you like; they all lead to
  the same place.  There are many Howlers here; they are not hard to
  kill and appear in great numbers, so if you wish, massacre these
  babies to score mucho experience.  Go to the next screen to find...
  Rudolph?  It friggin' TALKS, so talk to it to learn that his master
  (Santa, obviously) has been stolen.  Go into his house and steal what
  he probably planned to put under some kid's Christmas tree, a Spear's

  Put aside, those feelings of guilt, and head south.  Move on, till you
  reach an intersection; to the right is the Cannon Travel Center, and
  the other paths lead to the area of the forest.  Left is a bit faster
  than going south, so go left.  In the next area, go south at the fork.
  You'll meet LA Funks--these avoid every single physical attack of
  yours, so have the sprite bombard them with magic.  Evading them is
  better, of course.  At the second fork (left/south), make left, unless
  you wish to cross a path with monsters all over the place.  Speaking
  of monsters...

  Boss Strategy -- Boreal Face:
    LV:  26     HP:  1100     EXP:  2245      TYPE:     Plant
                MP:  12       GP:   1040      ELEMENT:  Dryad

    Right off the bat, this is just a souped-up version of Tropicallo,
    complete with Brambler, new spells, and again, those STUPID ANNOYING
    PUMPKIN BOMBS.  On top of that, magic doesn't hurt him.  Rely on
    your weapons now (equip the strongest ones).  Because of the CPU-
    controlled allies' absolutely outstanding AI (WHY are you so stupid,
    WHY!!!?), configure them to attack the Brambler only.  The girl
    should heal when needed; keep her alive.

    Since the battlefield is one open area, it isn't too hard to avoid
    those pumpkin bombs.  However, if they miss you they just try to hit
    you again.  To prevent them from hitting you, wait until the last
    sec and swift away.  Note that you must hit the face when it appears
    or it will spit out those bombs non-stop.  If you're playing with a
    friend, it's probably best to have one concentrate on the Brambler,
    and the other reserve a piece of his weapon for the face.  You COULD
    just let your allies die and kick some face single-handedly, but
    this is only doable if you have a respectable amount of HP and an
    above-average level.  The Bramblers have 78 HP (but they'll be down
    after only one hit), and winning will result in the acquisition of a
    Bow's Orb.

  After the Boreal Face is down, you'll automatically go north to this
  game's version of Hawaii.

  MEGA-POPULAR TROPICAL RESORT -----------------------------------------

  Yes my friend, it is abnormally warm here.  In the middle of the
  village is a stove that appears to be the cause of all that's good
  here.  You can talk to everyone in this village to learn what's
  obvious and some stupid facts ("I moved from Gold City.") nobody gives
  a crap about.  And in the residences, you'll find--eh?--fireplaces and
  ultra-thick bedspreads?!  I mean, um.

  But to go on with the game, you gotta talk to the jester in front of
  the stove.  You've met him before... ah yes, the Kilroy clowns.
  Luckily, he doesn't remember and leaves you guarding the stove.  Now,
  examine it and you'll hear something.  Reply with yes once it's asked
  whether you wish to open it or not, and Salamando comes out!  He'll be
  eternally grateful for setting him free and grants you his fiery
  powers (whoo!)

  ABANDONED AND COLD VILLAGE -------------------------------------------

  Now that the village has been abandoned, the Scorpion Army leaves
  town.  It's perhaps wise to show Salamando around and level him up to
  level 2 or 3.  Once you're done with that (or didn't do it all, of
  course), head for the north to more snow and ice.

  Go left, up, and right.  Here's a fork; go up to reach Neko (save your
  game only; don't buy as you'll get friggin' RIPPED OFF), or take the
  path to the right to reach the Ice Palace.  Now, collect your senses,
  ready your sword, and head inside.  Oh wait!  You'll need to take care
  of a few monsters first.  In front of the entrance is a duo of
  Shellblasts, too.  When you're finished, burst in.

2-M:  The Fire Seed

  Items    -- Glove's Orb, Boomerang's Orb
  Monsters -- Shellblast, Blue Drop, LA Funk, Specter, Weepy Eye,
              Mystic Book, Tonpole, Biting Lizard, Frost Gigas

  ICE PALACE -----------------------------------------------------------

  Now, the first thing you don't want to do is barrel straight ahead, or
  a Shellblast will smacka yo face.  There's a stair set north of you,
  and three closed entrances with a switch in front of them.  One of
  them looks like it's broken (left), the other (middle) creates a
  passageway that shuts once you try to pass it, and the last one
  (right) is the one you should have.  Watch out for the other
  Shellblasts, and head to the next area.  Here are two Blue Drops,
  which, like the Green Drops, have the ability to multiply.  Don't get
  close to them or they'll attack and turn you into a... snowman!  Your
  best bet is to avoid them and swiftly maneuver into the next room.

  Fork.  To the right is a path to a treasure, so go right first.  Step
  on the switch to create a path, walk around into the now-accessible
  room, and claim a Glove's Orb!  The Specters in this room cannot be
  hit by your regular weapons and need to be pumped full of magic if you
  wish to get rid of 'em.  Return to the fork and take the left path.
  Repeat the same process, except that there's a Blue Drop guarding the
  switch and the room does not contain any prize.

  Instead, it features three Specters and two switches.  The left switch
  does a whoppin' nothing, while the right bumps the wall away to
  uncover a door.  If you don't want to waste MP, quickly head to the
  next room before a Specter casts a spell.  Next is another wee space
  introducing the Weepy Eye.  Kill it, and then trudge on to the library
  featuring a new enemy: the Mystic Book.

    Note:  If you wait a moment while fighting them, Mystic Books will
           turn to a page featuring a naked woman!  Then they hurriedly
           flip to another page.  ^_^;

  Now I have your complete attention, let me state that Mystic Books
  have powerful spells to their potential.  Because of their low
  defense, try to kill them as fast as possible.  Then, try to find your
  way around this friggin' place... to eventually reach a room with MORE
  Mystic Books; you will be trapped once you enter this place.  At the
  end are two switches.  Step on them, and it appears to be another
  trap, dropping you below onto a small isolated platform populated by
  three Tonpoles!

  Boss Strategy -- Biting Lizard (x3):
    LV:  11     HP:  770      EXP:  210       TYPE:     Lizard
                MP:  6        GP:   348       ELEMENT:  Undine

    I strongly advise you to focus on a SINGLE ONE of them at a time.
    If you let all three of them evolve, you will not only lose, but
    also throw your controller/keyboard to the screen out of
    frustration, being completely embarrassed by the fact that you have
    been beaten by three stupid lizards.  Thus, use the Targeting-
    function again and let the computer-controlled allies concentrate on
    the monster you're trying to beat silly.  Tonpoles have 600 HP; the
    Biting Lizards have 770 HP.  See the strategy in section 2-E of the
    walkthrough for details, though I don't think you will need it...

  After beating these three, you'll be at the switches again, except
  that there's an entrance now.  Go north.  (Don't worry, you're ALMOST
  there!)  Kill the Blue Drop, equip the Whip, and get yourself to the
  other side of the room.  Watch out for the enemies and follow the
  trail into the warp.  Three Weepy Eyes await you.  The door in front
  of you leads to what looks like a throne room, with the exception that
  an icky voice tells you to be gone, followed by "Well?" and a yes/no-
  choice.  The stupid thing is that if you say no, you gain control over
  your party and you're free to explore every corner of the room.  But
  if you say yes, you'll be sent directly to the Frost Gigas's room.  Go

  Oh yeah, a boss.

  Boss Strategy -- Frost Gigas:
    LV:  29     HP:  1140     EXP:  3045      TYPE:     Non-corporeal
                MP:  99       GP:   1200      ELEMENT:  Undine

    Obviously, Frost Gigas does not like Salamando.  If you've taken the
    time to level Salamando up to 3, and if you have enough MP (and some
    of those walnuts), you are downright gonna slaughter this boss.  The
    girl has some attack-spells now, so double her with the sprite and
    unleash.  The boy should, err... watch.  If you've got the best
    armor available, you will take barely any damage, so healing is not
    even necessary.  The Frost Gigas acts exactly the same as the Fire
    Gigas, except that Undine-spells are used.  Now, don't bother using
    weapons; he will cast Ice Saber on all of you to minimize damage
    done, and even with the Flame Saber cast upon you it will not be
    enough--only use them when your MP runs out and there're not much HP
    left within this boss.  1140 HP is what you need to melt down, and
    winning will net you a Boomerang's Orb.  (If you lose, the game's
    not over, but you'll be sent to the entrance of the palace.)

  You will meet Santa Claus.  He will explain that he was turned into
  that Frost Gigas thing, because kids no longer believed in him
  (hahaha).  A Mana Seed transformed him, so it's important not to let
  those seeds fall into the wrong hands!  Speaking of seeds, Santa will
  hand you the Fire Seed, and of course, we've gotta bring it back to
  the Fire Palace near Kakkara.

2-N:  The Fire Seed (Part Two)

    Note:  This chapter is connected to chapter M.  Because uh... N goes
           after M.

  Items    -- 1000 GP, 1000 GP, Axe's Orb, Javelin's Orb
  Monsters -- Spider Legs, Mad Mallard, Pumpkin Bomb, Sand Stinger,
              Robin Foot, Dark Funk, Red Drop, Minotaur

  PATH TO FIRE PALACE --------------------------------------------------

  In the Frosty Forest, navigate your way to the Cannon Travel Center
  and buy a trip straight to Kakkara.  There'll be a signpost pointing
  you to the center, so you can't miss it.  Fortunately, you'll land
  where you need to land.  Go talk to the people if you want, have Watts
  reforge any weapons you can upgrade, then make for the Fire Palace to
  return the Fire Seed to its original place.  Make sure to have plenty
  of Faerie Walnuts and sleep at the inn.

    (F)  (K)               K.  Kakkara.
     |    |         |      P.  Path to Fire Palace.
    (P)  (1)--(1)--(2)     F.  Fire Palace.
     |    |    |    |      1.  Bunch of pools (quicksand).
    (2)--(2)--(2)--(1)     2.  Monsters (Mad Mallards, Pumpkin Bombs).

    Yeah--I, your personal rocket scientist, have gone through the
    trouble of listing the paths and stuff.  What's above should be
    simple enough for you: first, leave Kakkara (by going south).  In
    the desert, go south, then left, then north.

  Here's the path to the Fire Palace.  Beat the crap out of the Sand
  Stingers, then head up a platform.  Watch out, though; there're Spider
  Legs lurking right in front of the stairs.  And guarding the entrance
  are Robin Foots (ah, I GEDDIT!  ROBIN FOOT!  Ha ha ha) trying to
  launch arrows in you!  Best to avoid them... or show them the TRUE
  power of a Bow.

    Note:  You can see in the "map" above that you can go north from the
           area in the upper-right corner.  It's a bug of some sorts,
           actually, that enables you to go to a certain place when
           you're not supposed to.  The trick is to stand in the upper-
           left corner and run while facing the upper-left direction.
           There's not much to do, but anyway.)

  FIRE PALACE ----------------------------------------------------------

  Inside, watch out for the two Robin Foots that attack you from both
  sides.  After you beat them, you'll see that you have to go north, but
  that the passage is impassable.  There is a path to the left and to
  the right; go left first.  Move on, and you'll ultimately arrive in a
  large area that appears to be the core of a volcano, but... it's not.
  Anyway, ah look, a Crystal Orb!  Get rid of it.  If you don't know
  how, I ain't helping ya.

  ... ...okay, just have the girl use Sylphid's Analyzer-spell on it to
  discover Salamando works on it and use Exploder to continue (use fire
  to blow out the fire??).  Shouldn't have told you, though.  Watch out
  for the Dark Funks (powerful versions of the LA Funks you met earlier,
  give them a taste of Undine's Freeze) and continue to the next room.
  Here's a Red Drop; quickly waste it.  As for the room, there are many,
  many paths you can take.  The upper-left/-right areas are empty, and
  in the middle, you can go north to continue, or south to return to the
  entrance.  And in the lower-left corner is a hidden passage; it
  appears to be a dead-end, but leads in fact to a chest with 1000 GP!
  So be sure to take it, and then take the north path.

  Another Crystal Orb.  This time it's Fireball you have to use, so use
  it.  After you open up a long path, move on 'til you reach a split.
  Go north first, as there's more cash waiting!  After you get another
  bag of 1000 GP, head back and take a right, up the stairs.  Here,
  ready Undine and cast away!  Most are weak to Freeze (or to magic in
  general... too lazy to figure out).  The path forks like hell, but is
  simple; first take the stairs in the upper-left corner.  It leads
  eventually to an Axe's Orb!

  Once you have it in your possession, return and go down the other set
  of stairs.  A large portion from here on is pretty much following the
  trail.  In the room with a platform and a switch, step on that switch.
  The wall to the right disappears, enabling you to continue.  Ready
  your Whip, and cross chasms.  Go up the flight of stairs, and again.

  Huge room.  There are fire bowls all over the place; step on the
  switch and they'll all light up!  A Crystal Orb appears as well, which
  is vulnerable to Undine (Freeze).  After using Freeze, all bowls dim,
  except for two.  Stand in-between them, and the platform very
  unrealistically makes place for stairs, leading to a platform that
  gives me an icky Zelda 3-déjà vu.

  Boss Strategy -- Minotaur:
    LV:  30     HP:  1200     EXP:  3348      TYPE:     Animal
                MP:  99       GP:   1440      ELEMENT:  Gnome

    Simple, trust me.  Minotaur has level 7 Gnome-spells to his
    disposal, which HURT.  Aside from that, he's pretty much no threat.
    You should attack him whenever possible, not giving him the chance
    to use Earth Slide... if you do have to feel one, use Cure Water
    shortly after it.  Attack, attack... and don't get too close unless
    you think getting thrown around feels good, and have the sprite cast
    a few Thunderbolts.  Even if you didn't level-up Sylphid, it'll do
    much damage (at least over 100), and with 1200 HP, this fight will
    be over with sooner than you think.  Mid-way (after you deplete 600
    HP), Minotaur will get mad and turn all red, and actually try to
    attack you.  Still easy though.  Don't worry.  Your reward will be a
    Javelin's Orb.

  After winning, the path to the stage will open.  Go up and interact
  with the Fire Seed, gaining its powers and enabling your magic to go
  up to a level of 4!  Alright!  Use the Magic Rope to leave and return
  to Kakkara.  There are no enemies in and around the Fire Palace, but
  there are some in the desert.

  KAKKARA --------------------------------------------------------------

  In Kakkara, the water hasn't returned!  Great.  The old guy says that
  a Sea Hare's tail would help, but you don't have it.  Forge any
  weapons with Watts, and go to the Cannon Travel Center.  Take a flight
  to the Empire.  "Keep a low profile while in the Empire!"  Now what
  could that mean?

2-O:  The Resistance

  Items    -- (none)
  Monsters -- Iffish, Dinofish, Blue Drop, Mad Mallard, Pumpkin Bomb

  EMPIRE SOUTHTOWN -----------------------------------------------------

  Now then, there're several places of interest in Southtown.  There's
  an Inn (100 GP) located in the center (somewhat), and the shop is in
  the same building.  An old hag named Mara lives in a residence west in
  the village, and there's a mysterious passage guarded by someone in
  the east part.  Even if you have the money, I do not recommend buying
  armor in the shop.  There's better stuff in a town you'll get to soon,
  and there are little monsters you'll meet in the meantime.

  To continue, head to Mara's house.  Once she spots you, she'll hastily
  retreat in her house.  Enter also and talk to her.  She knows that
  you're friends of Jema and reveals that she's actually a Tasnican spy.
  She will also tell you to enter Northtown via the sewers, and that the
  password to enter is "634".  Now, go to the eastern part of the town
  and talk to the guard.  Input the password, and enter the sewers.

  SEWERS ---------------------------------------------------------------

  Kill the Iffishes, and watch out for the Dinofish (the fish freakin'
  launches MISSILES).  There are Blue Drops in this place too; don't get
  too close to them or they'll frosty (whee!) you.  Head up a platform
  and go down the set of stairs.  Here are more monsters; from the
  stairs down (into the water), head south all the way until you reach
  the next area.  And in here, make your way to the lower-left corner,
  and head into the entrance.

  Here, kill the Dinofishes; remember they can't hit you from below with
  their missiles, and that the Bow/Javelin CAN hit them from above.
  Head south, meet a Mad Mallard, and reach the next area.  Kill the
  Dinofishes you'll come across and head north (the south part is a dead-
  end).  Beat the Blue Drop and circle around, entering the entrance
  that is the exit of this damn place.

  EMPIRE NORTHTOWN -----------------------------------------------------

  You'll arrive in the Resistance's base.  You will get to meet Krissie,
  the female leader of the opposition, and you'll learn that a certain
  "Dyluck" is draining people's energy in the Northtown Ruins, like in
  the ruins near Pandora.  As you see, something's up.  Talk to the
  people in this house if you wish, and then exit to see you're in
  Northtown.  As a small note, you can walk through the trees in the
  southernmost part of this town (useless, to be frank).

  Sell all equipment you have and spend every piece of gold you've got
  at the shop.  If you have enough (26,750 GP), buying the optimal armor
  is strongly recommended--Tiger Cap (x3), Tiger Suit (x2), Tiger Bikini
  (x1), Frosty Ring (x3).  If you don't have enough, you'll have to do
  with Ruby Vests.  If you have some business with Watts, he's in the
  inn.  Pump up any weapons you have orbs for (each one should be level
  4 now), and save.

  Once that's done with, head to the northeast part of the town and go
  right.  In the ruins, head north to find Phanna.  Talk to her.  She
  tells you to scram and does not seem to be okay...  Krissie takes her
  to the doctor in town, and you've gotta beat the crap out of
  everything inside that daunting place, accompanied by creepy music.

    Note:  Or if you want to level-up your characters quickly, head for
           the Emperor's castle (upper-left corner of Northtown).  Right
           now, the path is blocked by a group of three Armored Men--
           kick the hell out of the first (which is able to hit you),
           then use long-range weapons to take out the last two (which
           are safe behind a blockade).  It's not very hard to defeat
           these monsters at this place so I regard this a great
           leveling-up opportunity.  Take advantage of it!  A downside
           is that you can't reach the items they drop, but I'm sure
           Candies and Cups of Wishes aren't THAT exciting.

2-P:  Phanna and Dyluck

  Items    -- Spear's Orb, Bow's Orb, Sword's Orb, Whip's Orb,
              Boomerang's Orb
  Monsters -- Ghoul, Wizard Eye, Imp, Grave Bat, Blue Drop, LA Funk,
              Tomato Man, Zombie, Specter, Red Drop, Green Drop,
              Robin Foot, Doom's Wall, Doom's Eye, Vampire

  NORTHTOWN RUINS ------------------------------------------------------

  I'll be frank: I hate this place.  The monsters are a bit strong (so
  it is of utmost importance to have strong armor) and the dungeon is
  long.  But the reward is everything you see in the "ITEMS"-list on top
  of this chapter!  First off, the Spear's Orb and a Bow's Orb.  At the
  start, don't go directly north, but take one of the side-passages,
  leading up.  Beat up any monsters you'll meet and go into the small
  door.  Follow the path.  Left leads eventually to a Spear's Orb, and
  right to a Bow's Orb.  If you plan to use those weapons throughout the
  dungeon, better forge 'em right away.

  Once you have the orbs in your possession, head north from the
  entrance.  Beat up the Wizard Eye and its spawns (Weepy Eyes), or
  avoid them and run through the door.  Here are Ghouls and Specters.
  Kill (re-kill) them, and head north to reach a room with a Wizard Eye
  and two Weepy Eyes.  After this is a room with three Grave Bats.  And
  after that is a room with a Blue, Red AND Green Drop!  Ready a sharp
  weapon and slash your way through this room (while saying, "die, die,
  DIE!"--it helps).

  In this hallway, go ALL THE WAY to the left.  The door in the middle,
  guarded by a Robin Foot, leads to a dead-end.  Inside the other room,
  kill the drops and go north.  Defeat the Ghouls and Imp here, and go
  down the stairs.  You will come out of a door (eh?) and be attacked by
  a Ghoul.  After taking care of him, take a look at this large room.
  There are Robin Foots all over the place, and there are two doors
  blocked by spikes.  And a regular door in the southeast corner of the
  chamber; enter it.

  Work your ass through the many doors, while whooping the various
  enemies you will encounter.  There's a switch; step on it and you will
  hear a distant noise...  Go back to that large chamber with the spikes
  and all, and hey what!  The spikes are gone!  Now, you first want to
  go through the door in the upper-left corner, as there's a Sword's Orb
  wanting to hop in your inventory.  After letting it do so, go back to
  the large room.  Go down the stairs (south of the door that you've
  used to enter this for the first time, if you remember).  Head south
  all the way and step on the switch.  A door will appear behind you.

  Kill the enemies here, and go through the door.  Then go south into a
  small room with two Imps.  Kill them both and go down the set of
  stairs.  Next is a maze sort of thing--navigate your way to the
  switch, step on it, the spikes will disappear, go through the large
  door, blah blah blah...  You should've learned what to do by now, I
  guess.  Go through a few more rooms, and it's time for a boss.
  Noticed Squaresoft recycling a good chunk of monsters in this dungeon?
  Well, here's no exception.

  Boss Strategy -- Doom's Wall:
    LV:  34     HP:  1180     EXP:  4750      TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  99       GP:   648       ELEMENT:  Shade

    Here's the offspring of the Evil Wall!  The Doom's Wall fears
    Lumina.  But how unfortunately unfortunate, you don't have that
    elemental at the moment.  If you want to use magic now, I just
    recommend using the one that's leveled up most.  Anyway, there are
    two strategies: (1) beating down the head (eyes will go down too if
    you destroy the head) or (2) get rid of those pesky eyes first.
    After you close the eyes, they will be revived (but will not have
    their max HP), and unlike the Evil Wall, this boss will not push you
    against spikes.

    I suggest going for the eyes first.  This is, in my opinion, easier
    because getting rid of the head is a piece of cake when there are no
    eyes using attacks on you.  Better yet, the head will waste some
    time by casting Revivifier on the eyes.  And, seeing as a fully-
    charged attack kills those eyes in one hit, huzzah.  Initially, the
    eyes have 425 HP so unleash a few charged attacks to let them bite
    the dust (oh wait, SEE the dust!).

    The head constantly uses Cure Water on itself, which is his main
    annoyance and the reason you should hack at the eyes first.  Also,
    it has many powerful spells (and an ANNOYING one that grabs a
    character and throws it around, leaving the victim unable to do
    anything).  Try to kill this boss as soon as possible.  The eyes
    have 425 HP.  Your reward will be a Whip's Orb.

  Destroying the Doom's Wall leads into the appearance of an entrance.
  That entrance leads to a large, familiar chamber with a big platform
  in the middle; Dyluck is standing on it!  Go talk to him.  He doesn't
  seem to be 100% at this moment and kills the girl.  The boy then whips
  out his hammer to knock some common sense into Dyluck ("...thanks, I
  needed that!"), and he tells you to enter the room in the back to find
  the girl.  Thanatos is there, with the girl.  Dyluck lends a helping
  hand and gives some life force to the girl, and whoo, a boss!  You
  will have to confront a vampire, named, suitably, Vampire.

  Boss Strategy -- Vampire:
    LV:  35     HP:  2550     EXP:  5148      TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  99       GP:   696       ELEMENT:  Shade

    Chain-casting works extremely well against him, so if you don't want
    to bother fighting, do that.  Vampire uses Undine-spells (Absorb and
    Freeze), can knock you unconscious, and uses Sleep Ring (that knocks
    you asleep).  You can also get poisoned if you let a claw hit you,
    and Vampire can grab you and eat you like Spikey Tiger did.  It's
    important to keep everyone alive; if you take him on solo, Vampire
    will cast numerous spells on you and you're outright gonna die.
    Weapons are not effective until he opens his wings, so charge your
    weapon while they're closed.  You'll receive a Boomerang's Orb for
    defeating him.  Good luck!

  Dyluck is gone already; what a shame.  Leave the place by using the
  Magic Rope (the door to the north won't open anymore, by the way)--if
  you took one of the treasures on the balconies then you will end up
  there.  Head back to the town.

2-Q:  A Truce...?

  Items    -- Glove's Orb, Axe's Orb, Whip's Orb, Javelin's Orb,
              Flammie Drum
  Monsters -- Metal Mantis, Emberman, Armored Man, Dark Ninja,
              Mystic Book, Mech Rider 2

  EMPIRE NORTHTOWN -----------------------------------------------------

  You can visit the doctor's house and hear that Phanna's vital signs
  are WAY off, but that she'll be alright.  His house is left of the
  first fountain you'll encounter, and under the doc's house is the
  Resistance's base.  Enter it.  After you tell Krissie about what has
  happened, she'll (I still have to familiarize myself with using "she"
  when I'm talking about Krissie, so bear with me if I forget the "s" in
  the future) say that the Emperor might wants a truce... that, in fact,
  has been the Resistance's goal since it was established, so the group
  will head to the castle for negotiations.  Follow them.

  NORTHTOWN CASTLE -----------------------------------------------------

  After saving and sleeping at the inn, head to the castle, which is in
  the upper-left corner of the town.  There's pretty much only one path
  you can take, as soldiers block the others.  When you get to the
  dining room, nobody's there.  Strange.  Suspicious.  Mysterious.  Talk
  to the Emperor and he reveals that you're screwed--it's a trap.
  How... expected.  You're dumped in a cell along with your buddies from
  the Resistance, and to leave, you'll have to talk with the guard.  He
  lets you out, although he then throws you into a hole with a walking
  thing that likes to wave with razor-sharp cutting edges.  Groovy.

  Boss Strategy -- Metal Mantis:
    LV:  34     HP:  1220     EXP:  4749      TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  40       GP:   1464      ELEMENT:  None

    Yet ANOTHER recycled boss.  Fortunately, Metal Mantis is easy.  Have
    the sprite unleash with a few castings; it is also very possible to
    beat this boss without the help of magic, as Metal Mantis isn't too
    much of a threat.  He uses a Fire Beam-attack that doesn't exactly
    hurt much, Gem Missile and Lunar Boost.  Counter any attacks
    directed to you with Candies or Cure Water and you should be safe.
    Metal Mantis has 1220 HP and you will receive a Glove's Orb upon
    winning.  How about that.  Oh, and I wouldn't recommend using a
    Faerie Walnut this time, but just continue with weapons after your
    MP runs out, or use no magic at all.  He's so easy.

  Step on the tile when it appears.  Go to the left and make use of the
  yellow thing to do a Whip-jump without a Whip to the other side.  Get
  1000 GP on top of a platform when you see it, then enter the passage
  to your left.  Three Embermen (Embermans?) await you here; though they
  are not hard to kill, they can duplicate and have strong Salamando-
  spells that knocked my party silly, so watch out.

  Free the members of the Resistance (I didn't though, and that deed did
  not have any noticeable effect) and go west.  Go up the stairs, watch
  out for the Embermen and head outside.  Kill the Armored Men and head
  all the way to the right (don't go inside via the entrance in the
  middle).  Enter the door and head north.  Kill the Armored Men, step
  on the switch to open the gate, and enter the small door.  Though it
  seems there is only one Armored Man guarding the two chests, there are
  actually two extra hidden ones!  So be careful, and after kicking some
  rust, open the two chests for two well-deserved treasures: an Axe's
  Orb and Whip's Orb!  Return to get some fresh air and enter the large
  door in the middle.

  Remember that two guards, on your way to the Emperor, were blocking a
  flight of stairs to the left so you had to take the right one?  Those
  guards are gone, so take the left stairs now.  Watch out for the Dark
  Ninjas... they're hazardous to your health, as you've seen in various
  movies.  Walk around until you get outside again, and then go inside
  by taking the big door.  Inside, fight the Dark Ninjas and Mystic
  Books, and then step on the switch.  A door appears.  Enter, waste the
  Dark Ninja, and go up a room.  Make a right.  Defeat the Armored Men
  if they get in your way, and walk into the next area.

  Here, if you just go north and step on the two tiles, you will get
  blown back by DA FORCE.  Instead, go right-left-up and step on the
  warp, and go left-up-right.  But if you now step on the other tile,
  you will also get pushed back!  What now?  I'll tell you.  The
  programmers are very mean, you know, so they put in a hidden switch on
  the wall north of you.  Easy to miss.  Plant your weapon in it and DA
  FORCE will disappear.  You're now able to walk on the tiles and enter
  the door.  The door leads to a room with four bad guys awaiting you...
  Geshtar pleads for another chance to finish you off.  That wish is
  granted, so you will head to a long yet narrow area on top of the

  Boss Strategy -- Mech Rider 2:
    LV:  37     HP:  1258     EXP:  6013      TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  30       GP:   1500      ELEMENT:  None

    Geshtar will constantly ride left and right trying to bore that
    sharp point in you.  This, in case it wasn't already apparent, must
    be avoided.  Do so by not letting him go out of sight, watch where
    he's going and go out of his way to keep away from any damage (and
    getting knocked unconscious).  Don't charge your attacks... once
    it's ready to chunk out a fair amount of damage, Mech Rider is gone
    already, and if you walk to the other side while charging, the same

    To defeat him, use magic (utilize the elemental you leveled up
    most).  It seemed to work much better than physical attacks, so...
    there you go.  Fortunately, Mech Rider doesn't have THAT much HP.
    He'll use the ride-in-your-face-attack and fires hard-to-avoid
    missiles, mostly after you hit him.  Infrequently, he'll also use
    Wave Cannon.  This one hurts; trust me.  Also, Geshtar uses Speed
    Up; note that when he uses this, get the hell out of his way because
    he's going to ride soon after he finishes.  Mech Rider drops a
    Javelin should you manage to beat him.

  Oops.  Looks like Geshtar's a bit pissed you demolished his lovely
  bike yet again, so for revenge he's gonna blow up the whole place.
  Just right when it looks like it's time for the curtains, you hear a
  sound... the sound of... King Truffle!  Go to the right and have a
  chat with him.  He will tell you that he came here by Flammie!
  Apparently, Flammie thinks you are his parents, so Truffle gives you
  the Flammie Drum.  Pound on it anytime, anywhere, and Flammie will
  pick you up and fly off.  Handy, that.

  But before you go explore the vast world of Secret of Mana, Truffle
  wants you to bring him back home to Matango, southwest of where you
  are now.

  Here are the controls for riding Flammie:

    A      -- Go up (ascend).
    B      -- Go down (descend).
    L/R    -- Switch to overhead view, or vice-versa.
    Start  -- Look at the map.

    If you're low enough, the screen will automatically shift into
    overhead view.  To land, just hold the B-button--if nothing happens,
    you can't land.  You can also press Start to look at the World Map
    in globe-form.  If you now press L or R, the World Map will change
    to map-form, if you know what I mean.

  Be aware that I've got a sketch of the World Map in section 3-A, so
  look there if you're helplessly disoriented!  You're welcome.

2-R:  The Palace of Darkness

  Items    -- Sea Hare Tail, Moogle Belt, 1000 GP, Glove's Orb
  Monsters -- Bomb Bee, Trap Flower, Eggatrice, Fierce Head,
              Dark Knight, Dark Ninja, Emberman, Imp, Lime Slime

  OPTIONAL / I BELIEVE I CAN FLY ---------------------------------------

  King Truffle can wait.  ^_^;

  Fly to a small isolated island in the middle of the ocean (see the map
  in section 3-A if you have trouble finding it--look for the Sea Hare
  Island).  The inhabitants of that island moved there because of the
  Empire, but they live quite poor over there.  If you enter the big
  house in the middle you'll arrive in a merchant's shop.  However, he's
  got nothing for sale but Sea Hare Tails.  Surprised that you actually
  came here to get one, you'll get it gratis.  Darrr... he's sitting in
  his store waiting ALL DAY for a customer to walk in to buy some Sea
  Hare Tails--which in reality will never happen--and he'll give his
  first and most likely only purchaser a tail for FREE?  Ahem.

  Now, let's head to Kakkara, which is just north of you.  Be sure to
  land in Kakkara (green place with houses and stuff) and not somewhere
  else, or you'll disembark in the desert.  Talk to the two important-
  looking guys and they'll notice you've got a tail with you.  Then,
  magically, water appears!  In return for this favor, Amar grants you a
  Moogle Belt.  This item can turn you into a Moogle, if you insist.
  WOW.  How crap.  You can also use it to transform back into a human if
  you're in trouble.

  If you haven't done this before, you can get the Midge Mallet.  This
  works the same as the Moogle Belt, except that it shrinks and un-
  shrinks people.  Get it by talking to the Elder in Gaia's Navel (the
  dwarf that stands in front of the big hole).

  OPTIONAL / MATANGO ---------------------------------------------------

  Fly to Matango, which looks like a castle with three purple circles
  and orange dots humping in and out.  King Truffle says that you seek
  the Lofty Mountains, and that they're southwest of here.  Before you
  go, head inside the castle and speak with Watts and upgrade your
  weapons.  If you collected every single orb on your way, all weapons
  should be at level 5 now, with the exception of the Whip, which should
  be 6.  If time allows, I recommend working on the most-used weapons
  and getting every elemental to the maximal level.

  OPTIONAL / MANDALA/MOUNTAIN ROAD -------------------------------------

  When you're ready, board Flammie and head to the Lofty Mountains--it's
  the rocky part of the large island.  There are two places where
  Flammie can land; in the center of the mountains lies the entrance to
  the Palace of Darkness, and somewhere near the ocean is the village
  Mandala.  The palace is pretty much the center; Mandala is left of it,
  a few steps away.

  Obviously, the Palace of Darkness is where you HAVE to go now, but
  Mandala should not be missed either.  Inside, head to the armor shop
  and buy the best stuff available: 3 Ivy Amulets, 3 Magical Armors, and
  2 Circlets.  It's expensive (44,725 GP!), but rewarding.  Equip your
  party members and head to the tower north of the village.  Head inside
  and talk to what the ancients called "Veedios" (*British accent*
  funny, ha ha).  You will "learn" about the Mana Fortress war.  When
  you're done here, leave.

  We've also got the Sage's Cave (to the right of the palace).  If you
  for some reason want to go there, equip the Whip, because you'll be
  needing that often.  Neko will appear mid-way (somewhere between two
  cliffs... he will come into sight after you walk a bit further); he
  stocks the same stuff as in Mandala, which you can buy if you wanna
  (you stupid person you).  Inside the cave, a bird (Jehk) will say that
  Sage Joch went to the palace and that you must scram.  Great.

  PALACE OF DARKNESS ---------------------------------------------------

  Get here by either summoning Flammie and landing in front of the cave,
  or walking that short, short distance on the Mountain Road.  In the
  first room, defeat the Fierce Head (and any monsters it spawns).  In
  the next room you can go left or right; take the right path after you
  give the Dark Knight a beating.  Go north (avoid the ninjas) and ready
  the Axe.  Whomp the stalagmites to your right; left is ignored for
  now, but I'm sure we'll have to return here because there's a crack in
  the wall... hmmm.  Go south (north leads to a dead-end with two Fierce

    Note:  Be sure to bust every Dark Knight you encounter 'cause they
           might drop Magical Armor.  These pricey items sell for good
           cash or are of good use if you don't have them yet.  Also,
           they might even drop GAUNTLETS!!  These babies provide 90
           defense, while the best ring obtainable 'til now provides
           only 20...  Remember that enemies will disappear after
           beating the last boss of a dungeon, so you might want to
           spend some time here messing with those knights.

  Go to the left and through the passage.  Tap the switch for a pole to
  appear (you cannot reach it with your Whip from here).  Return and
  take the path leading south.  In the next area (which is the second
  area of the palace, by the way), walk left and step on the switch.
  This opens up the gate you see in the lower-left corner of the screen-
  -the chamber that is now accessible contains a Glove's Orb (and two
  Fierce Heads).  Ignore it for the moment.  Take the stairs leading to
  the floor below and go through the passage.

  Watch out for the Dark Knight and walk through all those narrow
  passages.  Pick the 1000 GP outta the chest and walk on, to arrive at
  the other side of the "second room".  Don't go through the passage but
  go up the stairs.  Don't attend the Dark Knight; just go through the
  passage.  Here, avoid the enemies again and keep pressing the Up-
  button.  You'll arrive in the cave-like area again.  Kill the
  Embermen, don't go in the room above, and use the Whip on the stake
  you've let appear earlier.  Step on the switch to reveal an entrance
  on the wall that had cracks in it.  Obviously, that's where you need
  to go now, so run all the way back there.  I personally use the Magic
  Rope now and pick up the previously-ignored Glove's Orb while trudging
  to the entrance.

  In the new area, head all the way north.  Step on the switch and
  flames will appear on your left, making an invisible bridge.  Walk on
  and repeat the process with another switch, and another one.
  Eventually, you will enter a dark room with a GIGANTIC blob, and a
  voice will tell you that he, Shade, is going to test you.

  Boss Strategy -- Lime Slime:
    LV:  41     HP:  3470     EXP:  8000      TYPE:     Slime
                MP:  99       GP:   3000      ELEMENT:  Undine

    The blob's size is an indication of how much HP the slime has left.
    Bigger means more, smaller means he's weak.  Magic does not have
    much effect if you didn't level it up, but if both the girl and
    sprite have a level 4-Salamando to their disposal, you will breeze
    through the fight.  Use Exploder and Fire Bouquet continually, or do
    the chain-casting trick for 999s to appear.  Lime Slime has many
    shadow-attacks that painfully hurt you, so let the girl reserve some
    MP to heal.  If you're low in the levels, though, let her heal ALL
    THE TIME... those attacks will give you hell if you're weak.

    As for the boy, I would suggest not charging his weapon but just let
    him hitting the substance as soon as his meter reaches 100%.
    Another problem in this battle is that you can barely move around
    here; there are invisible walls and it's impossible to be in motion
    if you are IN the blob of slime.  Note that once he changes colors,
    his slime-throw attacks inflict various status effects (engulf,
    frosty).  However, these attacks are easily avoided once the slime
    gets small.  All in all, the main thing you should keep an eye on is
    your HP; when this drops, heal immediately.  If you do this, it's
    hard to lose.  The After you win this battle, you will get a
    Javelin's Orb.

  After defeating Shade's monster, you will arrive in a room with the
  next Mana Seed, and an elemental in front of it.  Talk to it, and
  you'll learn that it is Shade, the elemental of darkness.  In return
  for sending that creature back to hell, the sprite will gain its
  powers.  The sprite ONLY, but don't worry; the girl will receive an
  exclusive-to-her elemental soon.  Before you leave, hit the Mana Seed
  on the pedestal to gain its powers and the possibility to up your
  magic's level to 5.

  OPTIONAL / SAGE'S CAVE -----------------------------------------------

  If you talk to the bird-weirdo, he'll say that Sage Joch went to Gold
  Isle, northeast of here.  Blargh.

2-S:  Gold Isle

  Items    -- Gold Tower Key, Spear's Orb, Boomerang's Orb, Axe's Orb,
              Bow's Orb
  Monsters -- Beast Zombie, Dark Ninja, Wizard Eye, Blue Spike,
              Emberman, Gorgon Bull

  GOLD CITY ------------------------------------------------------------

  Call Flammie, turn 45 degrees to the right, and press forward until
  the sea is right below you.  Turn 45 degrees to the left and fly ahead
  until you reach a small island, which is the Gold Isle.  Find Watts in
  the lower-left shop he plundered, and get your weapons upgraded.
  Sleep at the inn (200 GP) if you need to.  In the upper-left corner is
  a normal shop where you can buy lotsa goods...  If you have the cash
  and want the finest stuff available, buy this: Dragon Helm (x3), Duck
  Helm (x2), Battle Suits (x3), Lazuri Ring (x3).  Equip your

  Now, north of the town is a tower, but the entrance to it is locked...
  In the city, if go up the wall, loop around the damn thing and talk to
  the guy at the end, you will learn that the key has been stolen by a
  Tasnican spy from Southtown!  Hmmm...  Mara was a Tasnican, and a spy,
  AND from Southtown!  Let's check out if she knows more.  Board Flammie
  and go east.  Enter Mara's house and talk to her.  She'll say that her
  husband was caught stealing a secret key on Gold Isle (what a
  coincidence!) and she finds it before you know it.  More importantly,
  she'll give it to you, so you can continue your quest!  (Note that she
  won't give the key to you or even mention it if you haven't talked to
  the guy on top of the wall in Gold City.)

  GOLDEN TOWER (PALACE OF LIGHT) ---------------------------------------

  Now you have the key, you can freely enter the palace.  In the first
  room, beat the two Beast Zombies, and take the Spear's Orb out of the
  chest.  Return to Gold City to forge it, and return.  Go to the next
  room.  Fight the Dark Ninja and the Wizard Eye, go through the door
  and up the stairs, and it's immediately boss time.

  Boss Strategy -- Blue Spike:
    LV:  43     HP:  1980     EXP:  9150      TYPE:     Animal
                MP:  99       GP:   3840      ELEMENT:  None

    It's the return of Spikey Tiger!  Except he's blue and stuff.  The
    main difference between the battles is that you now have access to
    magic.  Actually, this is a very easy battle if you have bought the
    best equipment available--most of the tiger's attacks are blocked or
    very little damage is taken.  But if you didn't buy the stuff yet,
    two attacks mostly means knock-out.  I really recommend having the
    latest armor, as it REALLY shows... not only for this battle, but
    for the rest of the palace too.

    Blue Spike uses the same attacks of Spikey Tiger: dropping from the
    ceiling into your characters, rolling around, eating those that get
    close, and jumping on the platforms to cast spells (use the Bow if
    you can't reach him).  If you get Moogled, quickly counter with the
    Moogle Belt.  Cure when your HP gets below, say, 50 (or 150 if you
    don't have optimal armor), and charge your weapon while other party
    members are casting spells.  Note that when you deplete 2/3 of his
    HP, you'll see a death-animation but he's still alive.  You will get
    a Boomerang's Orb upon winning.

  Once you defeat Blue Spike, a stairway pops up.  Take it, and you'll
  arrive in a familiar room... beat the enemies and circle around, up
  the stairway, to meet Gorgon Bull.

  Boss Strategy -- Gorgon Bull:
    LV:  44     HP:  2470     EXP:  9755      TYPE:     Animal
                MP:  99       GP:   4800      ELEMENT:  Gnome

    He has the ability of kicking your ass royally, but is practically
    really easy.  He fears Sylphid, so pump him full of Thunderbolts--
    each use (it Sylphid is level 5) should deplete about one fifth of
    his HP.  In return he uses Earth Slide (level 8!), but that does
    only about 1 damage IF it's distributed to all of you.  If two are
    alive, damage will skyrocket to the triple digits, and if a single
    person eats the spell, it's a super-speedy tour to the game-over-
    screen!  So, keep an eye on your HP and heal when needed, if at all.

    Just attack, attack and attack while the sprite casts Sylphid over
    and over.  Keep him busy (or else he'll cast Defender).  After you
    hack away half of his HP (I think), he goes mad and his attacks are
    slightly stronger.  Just be a bit more careful.  A Bow's Orb will be
    your reward.

  A stairway similar to the one that appeared after defeating Blue Spike
  emerges out of the floor.  Go up.  Talk to Lumina, the elemental in
  front of the pedestal and the girl will gain her (it's her, right?)
  power!  Now you totally own evil enemies... be sure to level-up the
  girl's magic to the max because you sure gotta whoop a lot of dark
  monsters...  Steal some of the seed's powers and use the Magic Rope to
  get out of here.

  OPTIONAL / SAGE'S CAVE... AGAIN --------------------------------------

  Go back to Gold City and have Watts reforge your weapons.  Also
  upgrade your magic levels (see section 3-B for stuff).  When you're
  done, head to the Sage's Cave.  Jehk will say that the Sage went to
  the Moon Palace, which is in the Sea of Wonders.  The Sea of Wonders
  is that big black hole (the "eye" of the desert of Kakkara).

2-T:  The Moon Palace

  Items    -- (none)
  Monsters -- Marmablue

  THE SEA OF WONDERS ---------------------------------------------------

  If you fly Flammie over the big black circle, you will find out that
  you cannot land in the middle of it; in front of the Moon Palace.
  Instead, you'll have to land near the border of it.  Do so.  (You can
  also get here without the aid of Flammie.  See section 2-N for the how-
  to; it's not terribly special, though.)  Go north and enter Karon's
  ferry--a friendly Robin Foot brings you to the Moon Palace.

  MOON PALACE ----------------------------------------------------------

  Karon will be waiting so you can go inside the palace.  Avoid the
  Marmablues; they have a Magic Absorb spell.  When you go through the
  door, you will arrive in a seemingly-empty, black, full-of-Marmablues
  area.  There has to be something here... and yes, it's a Crystal Orb!
  To find it, you'll have to walk around until you stumble upon it.  Or,
  from the entrance, head one screen up (walk north until the purple
  flames are off-screen) and go all the way left/right.  Sylphid's
  Analyzer indicates that Lumina's magic will work (how surprising); let
  the girl cast Lucent Beam for the room to turn "normal".  The next
  room is the stage room!

  Head north and you'll find an elemental again.  This time it's Luna,
  the moon elemental.  Without hesitation, she bestows her powers upon
  both magic users, and a warm, fuzzy feeling of joy will go through
  you: the sprite has MAGIC ABSORB!  Now you can (1) unload the sprite's
  spells on monsters without having to worry about MP and (2) give those
  Marmablues payback time.  Masterful.  Be sure to raise the Mana Seed,
  so that you can raise your magic levels to a max of 7.

  We're done here, by the way!  Short, trouble-free.  Lovely.

  OPTIONAL / SAGE'S CAVE... UNFORTUNATELY ------------------------------

  If you NOW go to the Sage's Cave, the freakin' bird will tell you that
  Sage Joch went to Tasnica.  Tasnica is the kingdom southeast of the
  Empire--see the map in section 3-A to see where to go.

2-U:  The Imposter

  Items    -- Sword's Orb
  Monsters -- Dark Stalker

  CASTLE OF TASNICA ----------------------------------------------------

  Contrary to before, guards won't be blocking your path now.  Head
  inside the castle and you will meet Jema--he says that there's an
  Imperial spy inside, so you gotta be careful.  Ignore the dumb
  soldiers (they say, "Where's the spy?" while walking around
  mindlessly) and just follow the path to end up in the throne room.
  Once you're there, talk to the King.  He freaks out and thinks you're
  spies, following into a badly messed-up dialogue and an easy boss
  fight.  A pathetically easy boss fight.  So pathetic it isn't a boss
  fight anymore.

  Boss Strategy -- Dark Stalker:
    Stats -- LV: 43      HP:  510      EXP:  1219      TYPE: Undead
                         MP:   60      GP:    900      ELEMENT: Shade

    Ah yes, this is just a normal enemy that you will encounter later in
    the game.  But for the sake of thoroughness, here's what you would
    call "filler material".  ^_^;  Um, just attack a few times or dump
    an amply leveled-up Lucent Beam to do away with him.  He's got only
    510 HP.

  Err... yo.  After you let the Dark Stalker go poof, talk to the King
  to let him snap out of it.  The King will give you a well-earned
  reward: a Sword's Orb!  Jema then says that your journey is not over;
  you will have to do the Test of Courage (*echo*) by talking to that
  Sage Joch guy.  Before you have the chance to tell him about your
  current misfortune concerning him, Jema heads off to give the Empire a
  foot in the below.

  Before you head to the Sage's Cave yet again, you can explore the
  castle.  People are walking around now and there's a merchant hidden
  somewhere; in the "heart of theca stle" (second room south of the
  throne room), walk behind the counter and go southeast, through the
  wall.  Even though the merchant offers a bunch of crap that you most
  likely do not need, he is the only person in the game that sells Royal
  Jams and does not have the name "Neko".  Stock up on any healing items
  you need (don't buy equipment) and leave.

  And that's the end of another short chapter.  Next is another shorty.

2-V:  The Test of Courage

  Items    -- (none)
  Monsters -- Nitro Pumpkin, Shape Shifter, Marmablue, Shadow X1,
              Shadow X2, Shadow X3

  SAGE'S CAVE... FOR THE LAST TIME -------------------------------------

  Board Flammie and go to the Sage's Cave.  This time, the bird will
  tell you go get the hell outta here again, but then the Sage appears.
  Go talk to him and he'll talk random garbage, which Jehk translates:
  "You must undergo a test.  Conquer the ones within, and you'll find...
  courage."  Say yes when he asks whether you want to try or not, and a
  path will open up.  Enter.

  The Nitro Pumpkins are very hard to hit with weapons, so you're going
  to need magic to destroy them.  However, they cast Wall initially,
  meaning that offensive magic will be bounced back to one of your
  characters.  To damage them, you have to cast Dispel Magic (Shade) and
  follow with any strong, leveled-up spell.  You'll want to save the
  sprite's MP, though, so be sure to throw in a few Magic Absorbs as
  well.  There are also Shape Shifters in this dungeon.  They, like the
  colored drops, multiply, but create other monsters instead.  Try to
  prevent this; most generated monsters are those that you will also
  find in the final dungeon of the game.

  As for walking through this place, equip the axe as there are a lot of
  stalagmites you have to bunk down.  There are a few intersections: at
  the first, go right, and at the second, take the lower path.  Equip
  the Whip to get yourself on the other side, and then walk on.
  Eventually, you will enter a platform with your three doppelgangers!
  Jehk says that this is the real test...

  Boss Strategy -- Shadow X1/X2/X3:
    LV:  0      HP:  999      EXP:  0         TYPE:     None
                MP:  0        GP:   0         ELEMENT:  Shade

    You are fighting against X1 (boy with Sword), X2 (girl with Gloves)
    and X3 (sprite with Boomerang).  They seem to utilize charged
    attacks often, so be careful (unless you're adequately leveled-up
    and have the optimal armor).  They won't employ magic on you, which
    is a plus.  The minus is that your offensive magic isn't effective
    here, except for Evil Gate (which does damage based on the
    doppelgangers' HP).  Use it one or two times if you want, then
    continue using regular weapons.  I recommend equipping the "heavy"
    weapons, the Sword, Spear and the Axe, because they mostly hit
    (attacks from the other weapons are easily evaded by them) and
    inflict respectable damage.

    To make this fight plain unfair for them, cast Moon Saber on the
    party (or only on the boy if the other characters don't seem to do a
    crap).  I suggest going for one shadow at a time; set the Targeting-
    function for that.  Have the girl cast Lucid Barrier on everyone to
    minimize damage done if you're low in the levels, and heal when
    necessary.  X1 has 999 HP, X2 and X3 have 800 HP.  They're not too
    hard, trust me.  You cannot leave the arena until you've thrashed
    all three mirror images, 'cuz "You can't escape your fears!"

  After you accomplish your task, head back.  Joch will be gone, but
  you'll find out that it was all an illusion--Jehk is Joch!  He was
  faking you all the time!  Now anyway, Sage Joch tells you that the
  Empire is now ready to raise the sunken land and revive the Mana
  Fortress, which is indeed, a very, very bad thing.

  Prepare yourself, bring that big rocket launcher, and let's go put the
  boot in Empire arse.

2-W:  Rise of the Sunken Continent

  Items    -- Spear's Orb, Boomerang's Orb, Whip's Orb
  Monsters -- Aegagropilon, Dark Knight, Shape Shifter, Metal Crawler,
              Steelpion, Kimono Wizard, Basilisk, Marmablue, Hydra,
              Captain Duck, Fierce Head, Dark Stalker, Ghoul,
              Eggplant Man, Kettle Kin

  TREE PALACE ----------------------------------------------------------

  You know that big purple island in the lower-right corner of the map?
  Fly Flammie there.  Previously, you couldn't enter because a strong
  force was pushing you back.  That force is no more now, so you can
  enter.  Inside, the characters will automatically run to the three
  people that are already inside: the Emperor and his flunkies.  Sheex,
  who was the Dark Stalker from Tasnica, wants revenge for what you've
  done to him...

  Boss Strategy -- Aegagropilon:
    LV:  46     HP:  3016     EXP:  11050     TYPE:     Plant
                MP:  99       GP:   1800      ELEMENT:  Dryad

    Aegagropilon is uh, French for "walking melon".  Initially, he will
    cast Wall on himself, which reflects spells onto your party members.
    In order to get rid of this, cast Dispel Magic.  Then, continue your
    regular boss-routine (which you should use for every boss from now
    on) by having the girl casting Luna's spells on everyone.  The Burst-
    attack hurts, so you'll want to minimize damage done.  Or, have the
    sprite use Magic Absorb all the time to completely drain his MP and
    preventing him from casting Wall AND Burst.  Handy, that.  Only do
    that if you leveled Luna's magic, though.

    While fighting him, be sure to stay the hell away from him.
    Touching any part of his body results into damage in the triple
    digits if you aren't careful.  Use the hard-hitting weapons (Spear,
    Sword) from afar (don't bother charging attacks for this fight)
    while the girl cures and uses Luna's spells, and the sprite unloads
    with the most powerful spells to his disposal (Sheex doesn't have
    any weakness).  Eventually, you will win.  You will net a Spear's
    Orb should you win.

  After the battle, go left-down-right-up to enter the stage room.  Run
  up to the Mana Seed to seal it... but it's too late!  The seal is
  melting, which means that the continent that is underneath you will
  rise...  Dryad, the tree elemental, appears.  He tells you that you
  must get the hell out of here, and sprite encourages him to give the
  party his powers.  Dryad says that his "Mana Magic" was sealed by
  Thanatos, though, meaning his help will be limited.  After gaining his
  powers, the party will call Flammie and watch from above the Grand
  Palace rise.
  The music while riding Flammie has changed.  Instead of a happy tune,
  you will have to listen to a sad melody.  Whatever the case, land

  LOST CONTINENT -------------------------------------------------------

  Talk to Jema after you beat the Dark Knights.  He'll tell you what's
  going on: the sunken continent has surfaced, on top of that is the
  Grand Palace, and below there is the Ancient City.  You need to find a
  way through the palace to reach the city, but if you go inside, you'll
  see that the main entrance has no paths.  So, you'll have to find a
  way TO the Grand Palace as well.  Depressing.  Head down the stairs
  while you do away with the Dark Knights, Shape Shifters and Metal
  Crawlers.  At the foot of the tower are two stairs, leading to the
  ground; the right way leads to a pool with nothing but a Dinofish, so
  best to go left.  Well, left brings you to a pool too, but this one is
  bigger and there's a stairway at the end.  Go down it.

  QUICK NOTES ----------------------------------------------------------

  A few enemies (in this chapter AND in the next one, thus enemies in
  and around the Grand Palace) might drop super-duper equipment.  Be
  sure to fight the monsters if you meet them.  Here's the noteworthy:

    Monster:          Spoils:           Stats:
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯           ¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Basilisk       -- Cockatrice Cap -- Head, DEF +142
    Dark Knight    -- Gauntlet       -- Arm, DEF +90
    Dark Stalker   -- Ninja Gloves   -- Arm, DEF +91
    Eggplant Man   -- Watcher Ring   -- Arm, DEF +93
    National Scar  -- Amulet Helm    -- Head, DEF +143

  THE SUBWAY (OR WHATEVER IT IS) ---------------------------------------

  I'm not sure what the name of this location is, but I thought "Subway"
  was appropriate.  Hit me.

  Kill the Steelpion and go left.  You see those purple and blue spikes
  there?  You can't walk through them until you whack them away with the
  Axe, so equip the Axe (leave it equipped because there's a lot more).
  Step on the yellow face to jump to the upper level, and run to the
  right to cross the waterfall; remember that if you walk, you will flow
  back to the first floor.  Open the chest for a Boomerang's Orb, and go
  through the entrance to your left.

  Hack 'n slash your way through the field.  How tempting it may be, try
  not to step on the tile surrounded by blue spikes (or plants,
  whatever); it makes all the obstacles rematerialize.  Go all the way
  north, avoid the Kimono Wizard, and go left when you hit the wall
  (ouch! :P).  There's a cascade of which the current is too strong for
  you to run to the path left of it.  These waterfalls can only be
  passed by flowing with the stream and attacking a red button on your
  way; hold the Up-button to make sure you don't miss it.  If you do
  miss it, you'll have to go all the way back to retry.  Repeat the
  process with the third waterfall; the second has no switch.  Remember
  that the switches on the left are fake; the real one is to the right.
  Go through the passage that is in the end, and get ready.

  Boss Strategy -- Hydra:
    LV:  48     HP:  3382     EXP:  12439     TYPE:     Lizard
                MP:  99       GP:   3600      ELEMENT:  Undine

    If you remember Jabberwocky at the Water Palace, you know how to
    handle this one.  However, there's one new factor you ought to take
    note of: Hydra can grow his heads back!  This is annoying.  Hydra's
    weakness--and he's REALLY weak against it--is Salamando.  Have the
    sprite cast Exploder and the girl use Fire Bouquet.  If you leveled
    the sprite's Salamando to 4 or 5, each casting should wham 300-400
    damage apiece.  Let the girl cast Fire Saber on the boy, the boy
    charge his weapon, and the sprite casts his spells, and this boss
    should go down in a flash.  The reward for your troubles is a Whip's

  After clearing the room, you'll find the Emperor with a buddy of his,
  Fanha, and a regular soldier to substitute that guy you gave a six-
  pack of beating earlier.  They leave before you have the chance to
  take 'em on.  Continue.  Ignore the Kimono Wizard and its spawns, and
  go down the stairs.  In the next room is a handful of monsters.  Fight
  them and move on to what appears to be a wall with three entrances,
  but only the one in the middle takes you to the next area.  You will
  turn up in a room with Captain Ducks (gotta love 'em) and two conveyor
  belts.  Walk over the one to the left (the one that makes you walk
  slowly) while hugging the left wall; you will enter a hidden chamber.
  In here is a switch.  Step on it, and proceed to the rest of the room
  (there should've been something here blocking your path but you just
  got rid of it).  Watch out for the Fierce Heads (they're easy to kill,
  though) and walk forward.  Head into the first door you see.

  It's the Watts guy!  I so happy.  Upgrade your weapons (most should be
  level 5 now, some level 6).  Go north and you'll find Krissie, too.
  Talk to her (updated in rev. 1.0 of the FAQ from "him" to "her"--
  arghable!) to restore your HP (not MP), and then speak to the soldier
  that is walking around as well.  He'll tell you a secret code that he
  learned from an enemy: Red-Blue-Yellow-Green.  Naturally, you have to
  remember this.  Or you just commit fraud by using this guide.

  Head outside and trudge on.  When you get to an intersection, go left,
  since there's a brick wall to the right.  A brick wall means you can
  go down it but not back up!  This is one massive splotch of suck if
  you happily went down one and realized you're back in the beginning
  and have to start over again.

    Note:  However, it's possible to get up there by exploiting an
           unintentional bug.  You know those charged attacks, right?  A
           few of them make the performer walk forward and attack (e.g.
           Sword, level 1).  Now, if you do this in front of the bricks
           facing north, you can pass it.  You'll have to do this with
           all three characters individually.  This way, you can skip a
           big (but not THAT large) portion of this maze... there's
           isn't anything you'll miss, so it's a quick time-saver.  If
           you're planning to do this, do so, and walk on until you
           reach four buttons.  Skip the paragraph directly below and
           read on.

  Go left and through the passage.  Follow the conveyor belt up, kill
  the Fierce Heads, and jump down the bricks.  Take a right and move
  onward, past the Dark Knight.  When you find a switch, step on it and
  go back to where the Dark Knight was.  The barrier has been removed,
  allowing you to go through the passage.  Loop around the damn place
  and you'll see four switches situated in the form of a plus.  Walk in
  the center of it and the barrier will go bye-bye.  Follow the path,
  and you will ultimately see four colored buttons on the wall.

  Kill the Dark Stalker, which is a normal enemy now.  Remember the code
  that the soldier gave you?  Red-Blue-Yellow-Green... ah.  You have to
  hit the buttons in that order.  Do so, and the barrier below will
  vanish.  Go through the entrance and continue.  Use Gnome on the
  Kimono Wizards to clear the path and you'll get to a switch.  Step on
  it (for some reason, that is only possible AFTER doing the four-button-
  code, meaning the shortcut-trick could not be applied for this).  Walk
  all the way to the right and go through the passage that was blocked
  earlier.  Eventually, you'll find a Fierce Head in front of two
  conveyor belts.  Take the one to the right.

  Avoid the Dark Stalkers (or kill them; they MIGHT drop Ninja Gloves!)
  and you'll arrive at... eh, a subway station?  What...ever.  Enter the
  train (check the windows--is the train RIDING?) and run ALL THE WAY to
  the right.  Don't mind the Ghouls, unless you want to fight them for
  the experience.  An Eggplant Man should be at the end somewhere; this
  guy is best avoided since he poops out Needlions (super-Pebblers) and
  has a level 7-Lucent Beam in his bag of magic spells.

  On the other side of the subway station, kill the Shape Shifters, and
  run all the way south.  There should be two H-shaped structures here;
  walk through the right one to open up the door south.  In this new
  area, whack the Dark Stalker and jump all the way down (or do the
  shortcut-trick on the bricks to your left).  Make your way to the
  doorway you see in the lower-left corner and go through it.  Those
  wacky guys from the Scorpion Army are here, and in order to get their
  hands on that lovely sword of yours, they release Kettle Kin on you.

  Boss Strategy -- Kettle Kin:
    LV:  52     HP:  1230     EXP:  15555     TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  33       GP:   3360      ELEMENT:  None

    1230 HP?  What a laugh.  You won't even NEED the girl and the sprite
    here... just equip any strong weapon (I did it with the Sword) and
    do the usual thing: run to him, slash, and get the hell away.  The
    only problem is that he casts Lucid Barrier on himself, which
    protects him from physical attacks.  You should either not give him
    the chance of doing this by attacking him repeatedly or let the
    sprite cast Dispel Magic.  If you want to use magic, Burst (Dryad)
    seemed to work best for me.  Watch out for his hammers; they knock
    you unconscious.  You will acquire a Bow's Orb when you beat this
    scrap.  If you die, I guess that if you had a gun, you couldn't even
    hit the side of a barn FROM THE INSIDE.

  You will appear outside after you show the Scorpion Army who they were
  messing with.  Find the big door and go inside (hey, did the area here

2-X:  The Grand Palace

  Items    -- Sword's Orb, Javelin's Orb, Whip's Orb, Spear's Orb
  Monsters -- Heck Hound, Doom Sword, Turtlance, Gremlin, National Scar,
              Marmablue, Snap Dragon, Hexas, Mech Rider 3

  GRAND PALACE ---------------------------------------------------------

  Ah, the Grand Palace.  This is anything BUT a straightforward place,
  so sit down and listen.  There are various Crystal Orbs everywhere
  that all need a roast.  If you miss one, you're easily lost, so it's
  suggested to bust through this place in one go and in the following
  order (which is summoning the spirits in the order that you've gotten
  those elementals).  It's not THAT complicated, but here are the steps.
  Remember that you can cast any spell (e.g. even Acid Rain, or
  Silence), as long as you use the appropriate elemental.

  1.  Walk forward (not up the stairs) and go through the door in the
      middle.  Ditch the Gremlins and go into the room on your right.
      If you want, defeat the Doom Swords (remember that magic barely
      hurts them).  Go up and slice the National Scar as well (if it's
      there), then use Undine on the Crystal Orb.  You'll hear a distant

  2.  Repeat the process with the orb-room to the right, except this
      time use Gnome.

  3.  Go back to the first room and go up the stairs, past the Turtlance
      (slay them if you wish).  Go up another staircase, and conquer two
      Gremlins.  Equip the Whip and cross chasms twice; first down, then
      left.  Go through the doors that you see (which you can't reach if
      you didn't do the previous orbs) and scat Sylphid on the Crystal

  4.  As expected, you'll have blow another orb in the room all the way
      to the right.  To reach it, head south through the passage, go to
      the right, head north through the passage, and enter the door.
      Make sure you cast Salamando this time.

  5.  Remember a wide stairway on your way to this room?  Go back to
      that place and go up.  There's a gate in front of you, but ignore
      it for now.  First, head to the right and then south through the
      passage (it is actually very hard to see THAT you can go through
      there...).  In the next orb-room, utilize Shade.

  6.  Yep, you guessed it; you'll have to ask for Lumina's help to whomp
      the orb in the opposite room.  On your way, be sure to get the
      Sword's Orb from the chest... this one sometimes disappears, so
      get it if you see it!  Re-enter the place if you have rotten luck.
      Oh, and remember that if you see a door or a passage and I never
      tell you to go there, it's probably a dead-end or a loop.

  7.  One orb left...  Go back to the area with the gate.  See that
      switch there?  You CAN go around and hit it, but using a long-
      range weapon works as well and is faster.  Run through the opened
      gate and go up.  In this chamber, go to through the narrow passage
      in the upper-left corner and walk down the stair set.  Run down,
      right and up and enter a big room with many switches.  Left on a
      plateau is one.  Step on it, go down the stairs that appear, walk
      on another one, and equip the Whip.  Get on the other side, go
      through the door, and let the sprite use Luna's magic on the
      Crystal Orb.

  8.  Return to the big room and go to the opposite side.  Repeat the
      process with the switches and the poles (note that there is no
      pole if you haven't gotten rid of the last orb) and go up the
      stairs.  Step on the switch, and...

  LET'S KICK SOME BOSS BUTT --------------------------------------------

  First victim is a familiar little lizard.

  Boss Strategy -- Snap Dragon:
    LV:  56     HP:  1215     EXP:  19200     TYPE:     Dragon
                MP:  6        GP:   12480     ELEMENT:  Undine

    Aw, how cute.  This is similar to the Biting Lizard except that this
    one skipped the Tonpole-form.  Snap Dragon appears to have the same
    problem: if you don't move, he'll eventually don't do a crap too and
    just look around.  If he's in your weapon's range, then that means a
    clean victory.  If that takes too long, pile a few fire-spells on
    him.  Snap Dragon will use Cure Water three times (he's only got 6
    MP you know) when his HP runs low, so either attack some longer or
    use Magic Absorb (recommended).  This baby, who's just a warming-up
    for the next battle, has to be defeated if you want a Javelin's Orb.

  After beating this li'l dragon, go up to the stage room (you've been
  here before, remember?).  In front of the seed, however, you'll
  find... the Emperor?  Is he... dead?  Hmmm.  Wondering who could've
  done such an awful thing (HE WAS MINE!!), the party will notice that
  there's now a back entrance.  Head through.  In the next area, you'll
  find Fanha.  She (it's a she, correct?) tells you that "they" want the
  Mana Fortress to rule the world.  Soon after, you'll discover that the
  other part of the "they" is Thanatos... it's all a conspiracy!
  Thanatos heads to bump the fortress out of the earth to sequentially
  conquer the world, and you will have to fight Fanha.

  Boss Strategy -- Hexas:
    LV:  57     HP:  3465     EXP:  20103     TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  69       GP:   14400     ELEMENT:  None

    Hexas is fond of using Pygmus Flare repeatedly, which pygmizes a
    character (and drastically decreases defense; quickly use the Midge
    Mallet!).  She'll also draw on Dispel Magic much, which nullifies
    any special effects (e.g. charged weapon, saber).  On top of that,
    you will undoubtedly have a few Freeze/Acid Storm-combos down your
    through.  Worst of all, she's freaking UGLY.

    Every magical attack seems to inflict 1 or very little damage, aside
    from Burst.  Because Hexas uses her attacks over and over again,
    chain-casting is your friend here...  When the sprite's MP runs out,
    have him use Magic Absorb repeatedly (chain-casting again) for a few
    times (depends on how much you leveled it up).  Alternatively, you
    can drain her MP completely, so that she'll only be able to use
    Pygmus Flare, which makes the battle a LOT easier if you have the
    Midge Mallet.  It's not a very hard battle... and you won't even
    need to heal if you follow the above instructions.  Enjoy.  You will
    receive a Whip's Orb if you manage to deplete enough HP and overcome
    her "KICK ME IN THE FACE"-expression.  So ugly.

  Now, go north all the way.  Step on the green button at the end and
  you will be transported to another area.  Mech Rider 3 is here, and it
  seems that it's not Geshtar controlling it, but that Thanatos created
  a living fighting machine using ancient magic.  ("How utterly

  Boss Strategy -- Mech Rider 3:
    LV:  58     HP:  4327     EXP:  21104     TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  38       GP:   16000     ELEMENT:  None

    The boy should attack with his strongest weapon, and preferably with
    the aid of Lunar Boost and Moon Energy.  The girl should cure when
    needed, and the sprite use magic.  Have him cast Dispel Magic when
    you see the word "Wall" on the screen, then chain-cast any high-
    level magic.  Mech Rider will ride left and right while casting Wall
    and Speed Up (and Thanatos somehow wrongly configured him, since I
    saw him using many Speed Ups WHEN HE HAD THE WALL-BARRIER UP).
    Don't stay in his horizontal range, for you might get knocked
    unconscious.  The combinations of weapons and magic will eventually
    lead into a triumph, and a reward for that is a spankin' Spear's

  After kicking yet another butt (next!), Thanatos activates the Mana
  Fortress!  Once the party barely gets away, they see from above the
  place sinking again.  Riding Flammie, you can also see a round mini-
  planet thingy in the air.  That, mister, is the Mana Fortress
  everyone's talking about.  You can enter it by flying Flammie slowly
  over it, but for now, entry is impossible.  Instead, land in front of
  the Tree Palace.  Or Grand Palace, whatever.

  TREE PALACE ----------------------------------------------------------

  Jema, the Resistance, and a few other people are here now.  Talk to
  Jema, who tells you that soon, the Mana Beast will come and bust the
  fortress and destroy the world...  He says that you must go to the
  Pure Land, in order to revive the Mana Sword; only then you will have
  a chance to survive.  After he's done rambling, find the other people,
  talk to them, and most importantly, buy the newest goods from Neko!
  It's extremely expensive (almost 400,000 GP if you buy everything!),
  but you WILL need it... trust me.  If you don't have the cash, sell
  all of your old stuff.  Of course, don't buy things if you have
  substitutes (the good stuff the enemies dropped).

2-Y:  The Pure Land

  Items    -- Axe's Orb, Bow's Orb, Javelin's Orb, Glove's Orb,
              Sword's Orb, Boomerang's Orb
  Monsters -- Needlion, Griffin Hand, Mushgloom, Ice Thug, Dragon Worm,
              Snow Dragon, Eggplant Man, Ghost, Axe Beak, Red Dragon,
              Thunder Gigas, Blue Dragon


    Note:  I've said it before and I'll say it again: wear Neko's
           spankin' armor!  If you don't do so, the monsters' attacks
           will do 200-300 damage per hit, but if you do, the counter
           will mostly not even reach 25.  Quite a difference, eh?
           Alright then.

    Note:  The above note is très important.

  The Pure Land is located on the only island you haven't been to yet;
  the "volcano"-like round land mass in the upper-left corner of the
  world (see the map).  Land Flammie, and you will hear a voice saying,
  "...I've been waiting.  Come here, quick!  I've got milk and cookies!"

  Alright.  Head north to the next screen, after you defeat the Needlion
  and the Griffin Hand.  The Griffin Hands are easy to take care of, and
  they drop Griffin Helmets (strongest helmet for the boy), so it's a
  wise thing to kill every single one you encounter.  Ready the Sword or
  the Axe and cut away the bushes.  Go north again (actually, there are
  two paths you can take; take any).  While finding your way around the
  place (it's all pretty straightforward), obliterate the Mushglooms,
  Ice Thugs (Ice Thugs sometimes drop Dragon Rings, which are pretty
  too) and Griffin Hands.  Eventually, you will reach an entrance to a
  cave.  Enter, and you will arrive in a place that is not a cave, but
  does hold a boss.

  Boss Strategy -- Dragon Worm:
    LV:  61     HP:  3525     EXP:  24290     TYPE:     Dragon
                MP:  99       GP:   17460     ELEMENT:  Gnome

    Dragon Worm is very similar to his grandpa Great Viper in many ways.
    Take his appearance, for instance.  Furthermore, his movements.  And
    his elemental: Sylphid.  Needless to say, pile Thunderbolts on the
    worm while keeping physical assaults to a minimum, because he moves
    around like mad.  And getting hit may result in getting turned into
    a Moogle, so be careful.  During the battle, Dragon Worm uses
    Balloon Ring (balloons you), Petrify Gas (petrifies you), and a
    strong Earth Slide that deals immense damage if you aren't at
    optimal strength.  On the other hand, if you ARE well-equipped, then
    you needn't worry.  Just swift through the fight by using
    Thunderbolts to deplete a total of 3525 HP and this fight is over
    with.  Victory will yield you an Axe's Orb...

  ...as well as a new path.  Head north and north again, and you will
  find a special structure.  If you go through the gate-like thing,
  though, a voice says that you need to exterminate the dragon to the
  left... and before you face this fiend, the voice asks you to save the
  game.  Once you're done and stuff, head left and... no boss.  Kill
  some Griffin Hands and head to the upper-left corner.  There lies the
  entrance to the place where Snow Dragon resides.

  Boss Strategy -- Snow Dragon:
    LV:  63     HP:  2800     EXP:  26588     TYPE:     Dragon
                MP:  99       GP:   18360     ELEMENT:  Undine

    You don't need Analyzer to discover this guy's weakness.  Have the
    sprite and the girl double up to pump him full of Salamando and you
    will win in no time--if you leveled Salamando to the max then the
    fight is plain unfair.  If you didn't, or don't have MP... well, bad
    luck.  Snow Dragon uses Balloon Ring and Freeze Breath, which turns
    you into a snowman plus damages you.  In addition, he has a powerful
    Freeze to his potential which does about the same damage as the
    Earth Slide from the Dragon Worm earlier.  And the thing you should
    really watch out for is Breath Wing, which hurts.  The Salamando-
    strategy works best here, but if you, the tough guy that you are,
    want to take him on with a melee weapon, be my guest.  Try to keep
    distance and use charged attacks, and you will ultimately claim a
    Bow's Orb.

  Leave the arena and head back to the gate.  You can now continue and
  you will be asked again to save your game.  Do so if you wish and move
  on.  At the fork, go to the right (left leads to a dead-end) and find
  a cave.  Go in.  In the new area, just run through the damn place
  (Ghosts cannot be hit with weapons, also) and you will eventually
  enter Axe Beak's nest.

  Boss Strategy -- Axe Beak:
    LV:  64     HP:  2800     EXP:  27784     TYPE:     Bird
                MP:  99       GP:   20400     ELEMENT:  Salamando

    Yawn... a really easy battle.  Axe Beak is a fiery version of the
    Springbeak you've met in the Upper Land earlier and his daily
    occupation seems to be jumping around.  Another problem is that he's
    not exactly easy to hit with physical attacks, so I suggest
    forgetting about weapons in the first place and kicking sprite
    before him.  Axe Beak uses Salamando-attacks that don't hurt you at
    all if you're decently leveled-up and his weakness is obviously
    Undine.  Have sprite unleash with a few doses of Freeze and you'll
    be finished before you know it.  Healing is rarely needed, if at
    all.  You'll win a Javelin's Orb once you win.

  After killing this bird, an entrance opens up to the north.  Go
  through.  In the next small room, immediately go outside of the cave
  because the enemies will give you hell should you get trapped in a
  corner.  Once you're outside, cut your way through the bushes and make
  your way north.  You will eventually reach another gate that cannot be
  gone through before defeating the dragon to the left.  Alas.  However,
  you'll be asked to save the game if you try, so save the game, then
  head left into the cave.  Find an entrance, and...

  Boss Strategy -- Red Dragon (tm):
    LV:  65     HP:  3000     EXP:  29000     TYPE:     Dragon
                MP:  99       GP:   21800     ELEMENT:  Salamando

    Red Dragon is the yang of the yin you've met earlier (Snow Dragon),
    and the only real difference is his use of magic attacks.  He won't
    throw with Freezes and all, but makes use of Salamando's magic to
    kick the heck out of you.  Unlucky for him, you have an elemental
    named Undine right there, and whaddaya know--he's weak against her!
    See the strategy of the Snow Dragon for more info if you're stuck.
    You'll acquire a Glove's Orb once you win.

  Once you're able to continue, make sure you save your game!  Then,
  just walk forward through the path--if the path forks it doesn't
  matter which way you go.  Eventually, you will arrive in a "+"-shaped
  path with two Griffin Hands and a Mushgloom.  You either came from the
  west or the east.  South is actually not even a path, so north is the
  only option left... enter.

  Boss Strategy -- Thunder Gigas:
    LV:  66     HP:  4462     EXP:  30277     TYPE:     Non-corporeal
                MP:  99       GP:   30600     ELEMENT:  Sylphid

    Since you've met some Gigas dudes earlier, this guy's attack pattern
    is predictable.  He punches the ground to do damage to everyone near
    him and uses several Sylphid-spells.  These do very little damage
    and a Cure Water will quickly recover health.  As always, he'll also
    turn into little orbs that fly around--use this moment to heal!
    Healing is paramount in this boss battle, the hardest in the Pure
    Land.  Reason for that is his Blitz Breath-attack.  Even with Neko's
    super-sexy armor, this will do damage that makes the previous bosses
    absolutely nothing--400+ HP of damage is not unheard of.  I haven't
    taken the time to level-up in my game, so these were instant kills
    for me.  A good Dryad may be of use (Revivifier), and if you've
    never used a Cup of Wishes in your entire play-through, that might
    change with this fight.

    Fortunately, a sufficiently leveled-up Gem Missile or Earth Slide
    does about as much damage as his Blitz Breath.  Keep piling these
    spells on him and he will eventually bite the dust.  Remember not to
    use weapons; he is (1) hard to hit and (2) he might cast Thunder
    Saber upon you, and thunder SO happens to be his favorite elemental.
    Later in the battle, he'll transform in those orbs more and more
    often; you must be quick with casting spells or he'll be gone once
    the spell kicks off, resulting in approximately zero damage.  Try to
    keep him busy (in order to keep his use of Blitz Breath to a
    minimum) and you'll eventually win.  Your well-deserved Sword's Orb
    shall be the prize.

  And we, sadly, aren't finished yet.  Only one boss left, though, and
  it's a dragon.  Walk through the new entrance and go on till you see a
  gate.  Save your game if you want, and then head left.  You need to
  use the Sword or the Axe to cut through the bushes (ignore the
  monsters; they are hiding under the trees and), and once you head
  through the entrance in the north, you will arrive on a wide open
  space what seems to be a castle rooftop, with the Blue Dragon.

  Boss Strategy -- Blue Dragon:
    LV:  67     HP:  3200     EXP:  31570     TYPE:     Dragon
                MP:  99       GP:   28560     ELEMENT:  Sylphid

    The Blue Dragon is also weak against Gnome.  Use Gem Missiles or
    Earth Slide all the battle and this'll be over with shortly.  Er...
    if you can beat Snow and Red, this shouldn't be any problem at all.
    Blue has a Blitz Breath attack, but luckily, it is nowhere near
    Thunder Gigas's one.  Blue follows the same attack pattern as the
    previous dragons, so... there you go.  Boomerang's Orb.

  After defeating Blue Dragon, head back to the gate and save.  Go
  through.  You will appear on a spot from where you can see the Mana
  Tree!  Alright!  Time to revive the Mana Sword and teach the bad guys
  a lesson!  At that moment, though, the Mana Fortress shows up and
  Thanatos does a trippin' BOOM!-effect on the tree...  You will appear
  unconscious near the tree and once you wake up, she'll talk to you.
  You'll discover a few very important things; the ghost you've seen
  when you released the Mana Sword near Potos is Serin, your father!
  And your mother, in fact, is this big beheaded tree.  These
  revelations result in an "OMG WTF"-reaction by the boy, but your
  companions snap you out of it, and it is time to teach Thanatos who's

    Note:  By finishing these events at the Mana Tree, you will now gain
           the ability to build your magic up to level 8.  Did you
           upgrade the orbs in your weapons already?  And your magic?
           It is highly recommended to upgrade each elemental to the max
           level, as well as weapons.  There is only one area left to
           clear, and you better attempt to take it down in optimal

2-Z:  The Mana Fortress...

  Items    -- (none) (but the enemies drop HIGH-QUALITY stuff)
  Monsters -- Captain Duck, Dark Stalker, Kimono Wizard, Fiend Head,
              Metal Crab, Turtlance, Tsunami, Wolf Lord, Marmablue,
              National Scar, Doom Sword, Whimper, Buffy, Shape Shifter,
              Basilisk, Dread Slime, Master Ninja, Terminator,
              Dark Knight, Dark Lich, Mana Beast

  MANA FORTRESS --------------------------------------------------------

    Note:  If you're reading this (and most obviously you do, making
           this sentence sound exceptionally stupid), bear in mind that
           the strong enemies in this place occasionally drop treasure
           chests, and if you're lucky, they might contain the last
           weapon orb that you need to get your weapon to the max level!
           Also, some monsters drop ultimate armor that are the best
           available in the game; be sure to fight every single enemy!
           See section 4-B if you're missing orbs, to see what beasts
           you will have to kill.

  Be on Flammie and find the flying thing that looks like a piece of
  scrap.  Slowly ride Flammie to it and the dragon will hover above the
  mini-planet and enter it.  On the exterior of the fortress, find your
  way to the entrance while watching out for the various monsters, and
  go inside.

  Okay; you will need the Whip quite a few times in this level so equip
  it.  Head north after defeating the Metal Crabs and defeat the other
  monsters.  Whip yourself to the other side, step on the pink tile, and
  walk north over the created path.  Watch out; there is a Fiend Head
  with a Dark Stalker here.  In the next area is a Heck Hound and a Wolf
  Lord (watch out for him!).  Eliminate anyone that comes in your path,
  and resume north.

  Now, you will need the Axe.  Utilize it on the diamond-like green
  things that block your way (you have to hack more than one time) and
  step on the switch.  It creates a path leading to the right (and
  regenerates the diamond-things).  Step on the other switch, and a path
  to the left will appear, requiring you to use the Whip to continue.
  Bust the National Scar and head south.  Here, you can either go west,
  or use the Whip to go south.  The path to the left leads to a dead-
  end, so cross chasms via any of the two poles.  Again, walk all the
  way south, stepping on two switches, and beating down the foes you'll

  You'll turn up at a place filled with a buttload of those diamonds.
  Equip the Sword/Axe and hack your way through the place; be sure NOT
  to touch the switch or else everything you mowed down will grow back.
  Kick the hell out of the Metal Crab and continue your kung fu on the
  Tsunamis north.  Circle around the corner and ready the Whip.  Pull
  yourself to the other side, and after you get rid of the Captain Ducks
  (stupid name), enter the big door.  Inside is a Whimper guarding a
  warp; enter the warp and you will arrive in a big dark place housing a
  big dark vampire.

  Boss Strategy -- Buffy:
    LV:  70     HP:  4200     EXP:  35686     TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  99       GP:   22200     ELEMENT:  Shade

    They inappropriately gave the vampire its slayer's name!  Whatever
    the case, ready the girl's magic skills; the significant difference
    between this and the battle between the other Vampire is that you
    now have access to the magic both bosses are weak against.  Lucent
    Beam is your comrade--cast a bunch of 'em and big numbers will
    appear.  Buffy will cast Wall at some point, in which case you
    should throw him (her/it?) a Dispel Magic.  You can also stick to
    physical attacks; charged attacks empowered by Light Saber hurt as
    well.  But I still prefer a powered-up Lucent Beam, which does
    whoppin' damage.

    Buffy's attacks aren't exactly something to watch out for; you will
    occasionally eat an Energy Absorb, and this is mostly followed by a
    Dispel Magic.  Other spells in Buffy's bag of spells include Freeze,
    Dark Force and Leaden Glare.  There are also the old-school physical
    attacks (claw, grab 'n eat, jump on you from above).  These attacks
    do not inflict major injury, but be sure to heal whenever it is
    needed.  Should you win this battle, you will not gain an orb!
    Damn!  Oh well...

  After you win, you can return to the warp (good if you want to fight
  the Whimper to get his items).  But to continue, step on the switch
  north and you will arrive in an intersection with Heck Hounds left and
  right.  This place is a simple maze, and I drew a complete map of the
  place.  I do not know why I had the sudden urge to do this... sorry.

      (d)----+  +--+      a.  The start.  Heck Hound left and right.
       |     | (e) |      b.  Two poles situated; need Whip to cross.
      (d)    +--+ (f)     c.  Dead-end; just a bunch of diamonds to mow.
       |     |            d.  You need the Whip to cross these areas.
    +--+--+  +            e.  A mini-maze!  Maddening.
    |     | (b)           f.  The last warp...
    |     +--+  +--+      g.  Secret door leading to porn images.
    |     |  |  | (c)
    +-(a)-+  +--+--+

    As you can see, the optimal way of crisscrossing through this area
    is going right at first, then right again when you get to a split,
    using the Whip to go up, and right yet again.  Cross the mini-maze
    and step on the warp to find...

  Boss Strategy -- Dread Slime:
    LV:  71     HP:  5000     EXP:  37000     TYPE:     Slime
                MP:  99       GP:   26400     ELEMENT:  Lumina

    Dread Slime is the opposite of Lime Slime; instead of shrinking in
    size with every hit, this one is baby-blob that grows to an ENORMOUS
    splotch covering the entire screen when you give it a good beating.
    It may be very hard to believe, but Dread Slime is actually WEAK
    against darkness.  Have the sprite use Dark Force (which is cheap
    and does respectable damage) continually (chain-casting might help).
    The others can watch.  Or, align them horizontally to the core of
    the slime and employ long-range charged attacks.

    As for his attacks, he's quite weird.  He will counter most
    elemental spells with a level 7-version of it on a random party
    member.  On top of that, he will throw around with Acid Storms like
    there's no tomorrow, and this will hurt you if you don't watch out,
    OR... if you don't have Wall!  This spell bounces back most spells
    directed to you and seriously, this saves your huge ass.  So the
    strategy is: Wall plus Dark Force.  Effortless.  You will need to
    deplete a total of 5000 HP if you want to remove the "r" in Dread
    Slime's name.

  You can now go north.  Be careful now!  The last part of the Mana
  Fortress is filled with tough and VERY hard-hitting monsters (namely,
  the Master Ninja, Terminator, and the Wolf Lord).  When you meet a
  group of these, you better run off if you're low in the levels, since
  a game-over is not unheard of in this place.  Go north, kill the Dark
  Stalkers, and go past the Master Ninja.  You will then arrive in a
  room where Terminators are introduced; they are weak against Shade so
  poof them with a Dark Force.  Next is a Wolf Lord, which you've met
  earlier.  Unleash with Lumina here, but try to conserve the girl's MP
  and save a few walnuts.  You will need it for the next boss battles.

    Note:  These three ultimate monsters drop the ultimate equipment,
           too.  Terminators drop Faerie Crowns (DEF +145, girl/sprite
           only), Wolf Lord drop Faerie Rings (DEF +100, all), and
           Master Ninjas drop Faerie Cloaks (DEF +250, girl/sprite
           only).  For the boy, you will need a Griffin Helm (dropped by
           Griffin Hands) and a Power Suit (dropped by Whimper) to get
           his ultimate equipment.

  Whip yourself to the other side and go left and down.  Kill the now
  relatively easy Fiend Head and move on; Master Ninjas and Terminators
  will block your way.  Follow the path all the way while fighting more
  monsters and you will in due course end up by some of those diamonds.
  Hack them away and ready Shade, because three Terminators await you!
  They are easy to kill as long as you target Dark Force on a single one
  at a time.  Walk north and you will be in a NO-shaped room... funny.
  Walk into the warp and you'll wind up on the platform where you put
  the boot in Mech Rider 3; enter the warp to the right and you will
  meet Thanatos.  Remember; it's a point-of-no-return here!  If you
  continue from here, you will resume to the final battles of the game,
  without there being some sort of exit leading back to the earth!

  THE SHOWDOWN ---------------------------------------------------------

  Accompanied by Dyluck, he will tell you that he was looking for a body
  like Dyluck's for a long time.  The girl doesn't accept this and
  attacks Thanatos, with success, it seems... but then you'll discover
  he resides in Dyluck's body already!  Dyluck himself uses his last
  strength to talk to you, and yeah, what'd you expect?  A boss fight!

  Boss Strategy -- Dark Lich:
    LV:  72     HP:  6666     EXP:  38600     TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  99       GP:   27000     ELEMENT:  Shade

    Thanatos isn't as hard as you'd expect.  Dark Lich is, well, dark,
    and dark means that he detests light, so pummel away with Lucent
    Beam!  That spell, even though it's expensive, does uber damage.
    Don't you even bother using weapons; they only hit when they're
    charged and Light Saber doesn't help much.  Instead, keep firing
    Lucent Beams and let the sprite cast Burst (that spell seemed to
    work best for me).  If you want an almost-guaranteed victory, have
    the sprite chain-cast Magic Absorb, since Dark Lich is pretty much
    helpless without MP.  His only attacks will then be Leaden Glare and
    those other beams.

    Speaking of attacks, he has a lot of them!  Occasionally, of course,
    he will use Shade-spells, but he has other elements to his
    possession.  They don't really hurt much, but make sure you heal
    when it is needed.  Dark Lich will, after a li'l while, disappear
    and let his hands do the dirty work; do NOT stand in-between them or
    you will go shish kebab.  Instead, cast spells over and over again,
    and/or charge your best weapon.  He will eventually rematerialize,
    and ultimately bite the dust when you reduce all 6666 of his HP.

  You won't get an orb, but instead, the seal on Dryad's Mana Magic will
  be gone!  Hooray!  But it is not yet time for a party, as the Mana
  Beast attacks the fortress and announces a social gathering.  Leave
  via the warp below and a dialogical sequence follows, and that results
  in the party wipin' some big bad Flammie in order to, yes, save the
  friggin' world.

  LET'S-A SAVE THE WORLD! ----------------------------------------------

  Boss Strategy -- Mana Beast: (*echo*)
    LV:  73     HP:  9990     EXP:  0         TYPE:     None
                MP:  99       GP:   0         ELEMENT:  Dryad

    The girl and sprite will say that you should whip out the Sword and
    that they use Dryad's Mana Magic in order to revive the Mana Sword.
    The only weapon that can hurt the beast is the Sword, and only when
    both of your followers have cast Mana Magic upon you.  The effect of
    it will expire after a while, so you will have to cast it several
    times.  With the Mana effect, your damage easily hits the triple
    digits, even if the attacks aren't charged.  Speaking of that, don't
    charge your weapon at all; just jam the sword in the Mana Beast when
    the gauge is 100%.

    The beast has two attacks; turning into a swirling fireball and
    flying into you, or just flying across the screen hitting you as
    well.  He will, after attacking a few times, fly slowly from the
    bottom to the top of the screen and sit there in front of you using
    spells (Wall and Lucent Beam mostly).  This is also the moment when
    you can attack, but make sure you're enhanced by Mana Magic!  I
    would recommend letting both allies cast Mana Magic as soon as you
    see the Mana Beast at the bottom of the screen, so that the effect
    of it will not stop right when you don't want it to stop.  And
    remember not to cast Wall in order to repel the beast's magic, as it
    will prevent you from gaining Mana Magic's power as well!  And you
    wouldn't want that, eh?

    That is the battle, actually.  You will have to repeat the above
    process until the beast dies--don't forget to heal (and remember to
    conserve your allies' MP; use items to heal when you have them).
    You can also cast Lunar Boost and Moon Energy if you feel like it;
    it will help.  The Mana Beast has 9990 HP, and after a rather simple
    yet lengthy fight, you will have beaten the game.  How cool.


  So, yeah, you've beaten the Mana Beast and saved the world yet again.
  Unfortunately, sprite died during the battle, having given up all of
  his energy in order to give the beast a HARD kick.  Dyluck isn't here
  as well, but like the girl says, we must be strong.  The Mana Fortress
  is no more and the Mana Beast has turned into snow, and it's time to
  party!  The credits will roll while the remaining of the party visits
  many places they've been to.  The boy eventually ends up in Potos,
  where he fortunately gets a warm welcome.

  The sprite will reappear in his village and the Mana Sword gets dumped
  in the trunk again, and until another stupid moron gets to be
  "chosen", the world in Secret of Mana is a world of peace.  About


3-A:  World Map

  Here's a not-exactly-perfect ASCII-drawing of the World Map.  I'm not
  really good at drawing line-draw pictures, so pardon this rough map.
  But it should do the trick, eh?  Remember: north is up, south is down,
  west is left, and east is right.

         __/  \_                          __  ____
        /       \                     ___/  \/    \
        )  (z)   )                   (     (l)  (k)\_
       (        (                     )              \
        \__    __)                   (_              /
           \__/                        \_           (
                                         \_____     /     /) ()
                                               \___/     (/ __
                                                         __/  \___
                                                (\_ ()  /         )
           _    ___                              \_)   /   (p)(o)(   __
         _/ \__/   \                   ___           _/     (n)   \_/  )
        (       (w) \_                /(v)\         /        /\_      /
        _)(j)         \               \___/        /   __    )  )    /
      _/               \                           \__/  \__/  /    (
     /                  )                                _____/(m)   )
    /                   \                          _____/           /
    \_____      _        \_____    ___            (_               /
          \/\__/ \___          \__/   \_            \              \
                     )                  \            )              )
                    (_          (i)      \_          \__     _/\___/
                      \               (g)  \__          \___/
       (q)          _  \_                     \       _
                  _/ \___)       (h)          (_     / )  ()
                  \   (s)                       \   (_/
               _   )              (f) (b)        )
        ___   / \_/     (t)               (a)   (          ()
       (_  \  \           (u)                   /
     ____)  ) /                        (e)     (
    / (x)  / (__                                \/\       ___/\_
    \_/\__/     \____              (d)             )     (      \___
                     \__                   (c)   _/    () )        _)
                        \__   __                /        /   (y)  (
                           \_/  \__           _/        (          \
                                   \_    ____/           \    _     \
                                     \__/                 \__/ \____/


      (a) -- Potos Village               (n) -- Empire Northtown
      (b) -- Water Palace                (o) -- Northtown Ruins
      (c) -- Kingdom of Pandora          (p) -- Northtown Castle
      (d) -- Kippo Village               (q) -- Sea Hare Island
      (e) -- Gaia's Navel                (r) -- Lookout Tower
      (f) -- Witch's Castle              (s) -- Mandala Village
      (g) -- Upper Land                  (t) -- Palace of Darkness
      (h) -- Wind Palace                 (u) -- Sage's Cave
      (i) -- Matango                     (v) -- Gold City
      (j) -- Kakkara                     (w) -- Moon Palace
      (k) -- Todo Village                (x) -- Castle of Tasnica
      (l) -- Ice Palace                  (y) -- Tree Palace
      (m) -- Empire Southtown            (z) -- Pure Land

3-B:  Leveling Up Weapons/Magic

  If you go to the Level-screen via the menu ring, lots o' things

   - Press L to switch to weapons, or R to go to the elementals.
   - The number before the colon (":") represents the weapon's or
     element's power; the higher this is, the more damage.
   - The other number is the amount of experience you have with that
     weapon or elemental.  This number increases as you use them.  After
     the number reaches 100 or more, the counter will reset to 0 and the
     number before the colon goes up by one.
   - The maximal level you can upgrade weapons to is the amount of orbs
     you have forged into that weapon plus one.
   - For magic, it's the amount of Mana Seeds you've sealed plus one.
     When you get the last seed, you can upgrade magic to level 7, but
     after finishing business in the Pure Land, magic can go up to 8.

  For weapons, the amount of experience you will gain is described here
  (thanks to Zach Keene):

   - The one who delivers the finishing blow will receive (9 - weapon's
     level) experience.
   - If his or her level is two or more higher than the enemy he or she
     killed, then only ((9 - weapon's level) / 2) is received.  This
     number is rounded down.
   - Companions (those that did not kill the monster) will receive half
     of the experience that the killing character gets (also rounded
   - The best way of leveling up quickly is to have a companion use a
     low-level weapon while others employ the stronger ones.

  For magic, the amount of experience you will gain is described here:
   - With each casting, your experience will go up by (9 - element's
     level).  It does not matter what spell you use; using a 10 MP-spell
     will give you as much experience as a 1 MP-spell.
   - If weapons are holstered (villages, etc.), you will gain ((9 -
     element's level) / 2) experience, rounded down.  This sucks.  The
     best place to level up magic for which no enemies are required
     seems to be the Wind Palace (weapons out and free MP).

  And the fastest ways to upgrade magic, which you probably came for:

    Undine    -- Cast Remedy repeatedly.
    Gnome     -- Cast Defender repeatedly.
    Sylphid   -- Go to a place with monsters and make sure they cannot
                 reach you.  Cast Analyzer repeatedly.
    Salamando -- Chain-cast Fire Bouquet repeatedly.
    Lumina    -- Cast Lucid Barrier repeatedly.
    Luna      -- Cast Lunar Boost repeatedly.
    Dryad     -- Cast Wall repeatedly.  Takes LONG; be sure to bring
                 some food, or coffee if it's already late.

    Undine    -- Freeze.  Try to chain-cast this so that the targeted
                 enemies will not die, meaning you don't have to search
                 for new monsters over and over again.  When you run out
                 of MP, refill.
    Gnome     -- Go to a place with monsters and make sure they cannot
                 reach you.  Cast Speed Down repeatedly.
    Sylphid   -- Go to a place with monsters and make sure they cannot
                 reach you.  Cast Silence repeatedly.
    Salamando -- Cast Fireball (see Undine).
    Shade     -- Cast Dark Force (see Undine).
    Luna      -- Cast Magic Absorb repeatedly.  If Gnome, Sylphid or
                 Dryad still needs to be leveled up, don't work on Luna
                 yet but do them, and use Magic Absorb to get the MP you
    Dryad     -- Make sure enemies can't reach you (well, doesn't matter
                 anyway), and let loose Sleep Flower.

      Note:  Switch to the boy and press X to access your allies' ring.
             This works faster than controlling the girl/sprite
             themselves.  Make sure that the girl doesn't cast spells
             upon herself, or you will not be able to chain-cast; chain-
             casting is necessary if you want to level-up magic as
             quickly as possible.  If there are no "instructions" on
             WHERE to level up, it's near a source of MP (inn, or Wind

3-C:  Secrets, Bugs and Glitches

  This is everything I know from the top of my head; more secrets are
  forthcoming.  Feel free to submit more information...

   + If you fly around with Flammie to the corners of the world, you
     will see a FACE somewhere!  It's... obscure, yet funny.  On the
     World Map, it is in the upper-right corner.

   + You can get back in Potos!  This is possible after you get a second
     party member.  It's simple--hug the guy blocking the entrance and
     repeatedly press Select.  The two (or three) characters will each
     press, move a pixel forward.  Ultimately, you'll be HOME!  It's not
     tremendously exciting, though.  Don't save if you don't have
     Flammie, because it can be nearly impossible to leave using the
     same method.

   + The girl has these wicked stat-up spells (e.g. Defender); it is
     very possible to keep these effects permanently!  Go to any inn or
     save point and cast the spell.  Immediately save, reset, and load
     up your game.  The system will have "forgotten" to undo the spell
     and you'll be lastingly stronger!

   + When an enemy is about to cast a spell upon you, you can completely
     evade any damage to you by casting a curative spell at the right
     moment.  The healing animation will appear, instead of being
     damaged.  Yeah!  This is great in boss battles, and especially the
     last one...

   + To get the last, "missing" Sword's Orb, you'll have to follow a
     certain sequence of actions (I've gotten the info from JD Cyr's
     FAQ).  Remember that this is a glitch and THIS CAN HEAVILY SCREW UP

      - Load the game you want the last orb on.
      - Fly over the Ice Country and land on one of the small islands
        behind it; not on the Ice Country itself.
      - You should appear in front of Neko; if not, restart.  Create a
      - Reset (L + R + Start + Select).
      - Start a new game, and play on 'til you fight Mantis Ant.
      - When the fight begins, hold the reset button combo for about
        five seconds.
      - Load the original save log (the one at Neko's).
      - Fight and whoop Mantis Ant's ass, claim the Sword's Orb, and fly


4-A:  Items

  Welcome to the charts, my dear reader.

   + Consumable Items:   GP:       Effect:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Candy            -- 10     -- Restores 100 HP.
     Chocolate        -- 30     -- Restores 300 HP.
     Royal Jam        -- 100    -- Restores 999 HP.
     Faerie Walnut    -- 500    -- Restores 50 MP.
     Medical Herb     -- 10     -- Removes bad status effects.
     Cup of Wishes    -- 150    -- Revives knocked-out character.
     Barrel           -- 900    -- Invulnerability (can't attack/run).

   + Key Items:          Effect:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Magic Rope       -- Returns you to where you entered the dungeon;
                         that is mostly the entrance, unless you came in
                         via the back or whatever.  Found: Gaia's Navel.
     Midge Mallet     -- This pygmizes you, or vice-versa.  You can get
                         this from the Elder in Dwarf Village after you
                         recover the Water Seed from the Scorpion Army.
     Flammie Drum     -- Summons Flammie, so you can fly around the
                         world!  This is the only item that is not
                         optional, and is acquired automatically.
     Moogle Belt      -- Turns you into a Moogle, or vice-versa.  FUN!
                         You will get this after you bring back water to
                         Kakkara by getting them a Sea Hare's Tail,
                         obtainable on Sea Hare Island (see map).

       Note:  Consumable items can be bought in nearly every shop; the
              better goods are usually available later in the game.  The
              Barrel however, can only be bought at Neko's.  Everything
              can only be applied on a single party member at a time.
              Items are mostly sold for 2/3 of the original price, with
              the key items taking exception, as they cannot be sold.

4-B:  Weapons

  DESCRIPTIONS ---------------------------------------------------------

  Descriptions are the in-game descriptions, complete with typos and
  grammar issues.  I can't vouch for the accuracy of these descriptions,
  but I'll just assume they are correct.

   + Sword:              Att.:    Description/Effect:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯              ¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Rusty Sword      -- 3     --
     Broad Sword      -- 8     -- Raises agility/evade %.
     Herald Sword     -- 14    -- Effective against slimes/lizards.
     Claymore         -- 20    -- Inflicts damage on insects, etc.
     Excalibur        -- 27    -- Effective on evil/non-living enemies.
     Masamune         -- 35    -- Raises % of critical hits.
     Gigas Sword      -- 44    -- Increases strength 2 pts.
     Dragon Buster    -- 52    -- Effective against dragons.
     Mana Sword       -- 127   -- The top sword!

   + Spear:              Att.:    Description/Effect:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯              ¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Spear            -- 4     --
     Heavy Spear      -- 11    --
     Sprite's Spear   -- 16    -- Balloons enemies.
     Partisan         -- 23    -- Effective against slimes/lizards.
     Halberd          -- 29    -- Confuses enemies.
     Oceanid Spear    -- 38    -- Puts enemies to sleep.
     Gigas Lance      -- 47    -- Increases strength 2 pts.
     Dragon Lance     -- 54    -- Effective against dragons.
     Daedalus Lance   -- 56    -- The top spear!

   + Boomerang:          Att.:    Description/Effect:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          ¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Boomerang        -- 2     --
     Chakram          -- 6     -- Effective against slimes/lizards.
     Lode Boomerang   -- 12    -- Slows enemies down.
     Rising Sun       -- 17    --
     Red Cleaver      -- 24    -- Inflicts damage on insects, etc.
     Cobra Shuttle    -- 30    -- Poisons enemies.
     Frizbar          -- 38    -- Effective against slimes/lizards.
     Shuriken         -- 47    -- Raises % of critical hits.
     Ninja's Trump    -- 53    -- The top boomerang!

   + Bow:                Att.:    Description/Effect:
     ¯¯¯¯                ¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Chobin's Bow     -- 3     --
     Short Bow        -- 8     --
     Long Bow         -- 12    -- Use against animals/birds/beasts.
     Great Bow        -- 20    -- Confuses enemies.
     Bow of Hope      -- 27    -- Effective on evil/non-living enemies.
     Elfin Bow        -- 35    -- Raises intelligence/wisdom.
     Wing Bow         -- 43    -- Confuses enemies.
     Doom Bow         -- 52    -- Raises % of critical hits.
     Garuda Buster    -- 54    -- The top bow!

   + Axe:                Att.:    Description/Effect:
     ¯¯¯¯                ¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Watt's Axe       -- 4     --
     Lode Axe         -- 11    -- Effective against plants/fish.
     Stout Axe        -- 16    -- Increases constitution by 2 pts.
     Battle Axe       -- 23    -- Effective against plants/fish.
     Golden Axe       -- 29    -- Inflicts damage on insects, etc.
     Were-buster      -- 36    -- Use against animals/birds/beasts.
     Great Axe        -- 46    -- Effective against plants/fish.
     Gigas Axe        -- 59    -- Increases strength 5 pts.
     Doom Axe         -- 56    -- The top axe!

   + Glove:              Att.:    Description/Effect:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯              ¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Spike Knuckle    -- 2     --
     Power Glove      -- 6     -- Inflicts damage on insects, etc.
     Moogle Claws     -- 11    -- Puts enemies to sleep.
     Chakra Hand      -- 17    -- Raises intelligence/wisdom.
     Heavy Glove      -- 24    -- Inflicts damage on insects, etc.
     Hyper-Fist       -- 29    -- Effective against slimes/lizards.
     Griffin Claws    -- 38    -- Poisons enemies.
     Dragon Claws     -- 47    -- Effective against dragons.
     Aura Glove       -- 53    -- The top glove!

   + Whip:               Att.:    Description/Effect:
     ¯¯¯¯¯               ¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Whip             -- 2     --
     Black Whip       -- 6     -- Slows enemies down.
     Backhand Whip    -- 14    -- Raises agility/evade %
     Chain Whip       -- 17    -- Effective against slimes/lizards.
     Flail of Hope    -- 24    -- Effective on evil/non-living enemies.
     Morning Star     -- 30    -- Inflicts damage on insects, etc.
     Hammer Flail     -- 38    -- Slows enemies down.
     Nimbus Chain     -- 47    -- Inflicts damage on insects, etc.
     Gigas Flail      -- 53    -- The top whip!

   + Javelin:            Att.:    Description/Effect:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯            ¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Pole Dart        -- 2     --
     Javelin          -- 6     --
     Light Trident    -- 12    -- Use against animals/birds/beasts.
     Lode Javelin     -- 17    -- Balloons enemies.
     Fork of Hope     -- 24    -- Effective on evil/non-living enemies.
     Imp's Fork       -- 30    -- Balloons enemies.
     Elf's Harpoon    -- 38    -- Raises intelligence/wisdom.
     Dragon Dart      -- 47    -- Effective against dragons.
     Valkyrian        -- 53    -- The top javelin!

  WEAPON'S ORBS --------------------------------------------------------

  First off, here are the costs for reforging your weapons with Watts:

    Level 1 to 2 -- 200 GP
    Level 2 to 3 -- 400 GP
    Level 3 to 4 -- 800 GP
    Level 4 to 5 -- 1600 GP
    Level 5 to 6 -- 3000 GP
    Level 6 to 7 -- 6500 GP
    Level 7 to 8 -- 12500 GP
    Level 8 to 9 -- 25000 GP

      Note:  The first time you meet Watts, he will do the Sword for you
             for the low, low price of only 100 GP.

    1.  Earned after defeating Mantis Ant, the first boss.
    2.  In a chest in Pandora's treasure room.  After ditching Evil Wall
        in the ruins, talk to the King for the guard to move away,
        allowing you to enter the room.
    3.  Earned after defeating Great Viper, the tenth boss.
    4.  In a chest in the Northtown Ruins.
    5.  Given by the King after defeating Dark Stalker.
    6.  In a chest in the Grand Palace.
    7.  Earned after defeating Thunder Gigas, the thirty-fourth boss.
    8.  Cannot be found!  See the section 3-C...

    1.  Earned after defeating Tropicallo, the second boss.
    2.  In a chest in Pandora's treasure room.  After ditching Evil Wall
        in the ruins, talk to the King for the guard to move away,
        allowing you to enter the room.
    3.  In a chest in Santa's house, in the Ice Country.
    4.  In a chest in the Northtown Ruins.
    5.  In a chest in the Golden Tower.
    6.  Earned after defeating Aegagropilon, the twenty-fourth boss.
    7.  Earned after defeating Mech Rider 3, the twenty-ninth boss.
    8.  Rarely dropped by Tsunami (Mana Fortress).

    1.  Earned after defeating Spikey Tiger, the third boss.
    2.  Earned after defeating Spring Beak, the ninth boss.
    3.  Earned after defeating Frost Gigas, the thirteenth boss.
    4.  Earned after defeating Vampire, the sixteenth boss.
    5.  Earned after defeating Blue Spike, the twentieth boss.
    6.  In a chest in the subway (area around the Tree Palace).
    7.  Earned after defeating Blue Dragon, the thirty-fifth boss.
    8.  Rarely dropped by Master Ninja (Mana Fortress).

    1.  Earned after defeating Wall Face, the sixth boss.
    2.  Earned after defeating Jabberwocky, the eighth boss.
    3.  Earned after defeating Boreal Face, the twelfth boss.
    4.  In a chest in the Northtown Ruins.
    5.  Earned after defeating Gorgon Bull, the twenty-first boss.
    6.  Earned after defeating Kettle Kin, the twenty-sixth boss.
    7.  Earned after defeating Snow Dragon, the thirty-first boss.
    8.  Rarely dropped by Metal Crab (Mana Fortress).

    1.  Earned after defeating Fire Gigas, the fifth boss.
    2.  In a chest in Moogle Village (Great Forest).
    3.  In a chest in the Fire Palace.
    4.  In a chest in Northtown Castle.
    5.  In a chest in the Golden Tower.
    6.  Earned after defeating Dragon Worm, the thirtieth boss.
    7.  Rarely dropped by Fiend Head (Mana Fortress and more).
    8.  Rarely dropped by Fiend Head (Mana Fortress and more).

    1.  Earned after defeating the Biting Lizard, the fourth boss.
    2.  In a chest in Moogle Village (Great Forest).
    3.  In a chest in the Ice Palace.
    4.  Earned after defeating Metal Mantis, the seventeenth boss.
    5.  In a chest in the Palace of Darkness.
    6.  Earned after defeating Red Dragon, the thirty-third boss.
    7.  Rarely dropped by Kimono Wizard or Wolf Lord (Mana Fortress and
    8.  Rarely dropped by Kimono Wizard or Wolf Lord (Mana Fortress and

    1.  In a chest aboard the thieves' ship, before facing Kilroy.
    2.  Given by Jema after defeating Jabberwocky.
    3.  Earned after defeating Mech Rider 1, the eleventh boss.
    4.  Earned after defeating Doom's Wall, the fifteenth boss.
    5.  In a chest in Northtown Castle.
    6.  Earned after defeating Hydra, the twenty-fifth boss.
    7.  Earned after defeating Hexas, the twenty-eighth boss.
    8.  Rarely dropped by Terminator (Mana Fortress).

    1.  Earned after defeating Kilroy, the seventh boss.
    2.  In a chest in Fung Castle (Matango).
    3.  Earned after defeating Minotaur, the fourteenth boss.
    4.  Earned after defeating Mech Rider 2, the eighteenth boss.
    5.  Earned after defeating Lime Slime, the nineteenth boss.
    6.  Earned after defeating Snap Dragon, the twenty-seventh boss.
    7.  Earned after defeating Axe Beak, the thirty-second boss.
    8.  Rarely dropped by Whimper (Mana Fortress).

4-C:  Equipment

  In the "WHO"-column, "B" stands for boy, "G" is girl, and "S" is

   + Body:               Who:       Def.:    Buy:       Sell:
     ¯¯¯¯¯               ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Battle Suit      -- B G S   -- 139   -- 30000   -- 20000
     Chain Vest       -- B G S   -- 10    -- 120     -- 80
     Chest Guard      --   G S   -- 28    -- 1000    -- 666
     Faerie Cloak     --   G S   -- 250   -- --      -- 43332
     Fancy Overalls   -- B G S   -- 22    -- 675     -- 450
     Flower Suit      --   G     -- 115   -- 21000   -- 14000
     Golden Vest      -- B G S   -- 34    -- 2250    -- 1500
     Kung Fu Dress    --   G     -- 17    -- 350     -- 232
     Kung Fu Suit     --   G     -- 4     -- 25      -- 16
     Magical Armor    -- B G S   -- 78    -- 11500   -- 7666
     Midge Robe       --     S   -- 7     -- 22      -- 14
     Overalls         -- B       -- 3     -- 20      -- 12
     Power Suit       -- B       -- 245   -- --      -- 35332
     Ruby Vest        -- B G S   -- 43    -- 4500    -- 3000
     Spiky Suit       -- B   S   -- 13    -- 260     -- 172
     Tiger Bikini     --   G     -- 64    -- 7100    -- 4732
     Tiger Suit       -- B   S   -- 52    -- 6375    -- 4250
     Tortoise Mail    -- B   S   -- 95    -- 14850   -- 9900
     Vampire Cape     --   G S   -- 243   -- --      -- 31332
     Vestguard        -- B G S   -- 240   -- 65550   -- 21832

   + Head:               Who:       Def.:    Buy:       Sell:
     ¯¯¯¯¯               ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Amulet Helm      --   G S   -- 143   -- --      -- 24000
     Bandanna         -- B       -- 2     -- 50      -- 32
     Circlet          -- B   S   -- 38    -- 2300    -- 1532
     Cockatrice Cap   -- B G S   -- 142   -- --      -- 15000
     Dragon Helm      -- B G S   -- 66    -- 7500    -- 5000
     Duck Helm        --   G S   -- 78    -- 11250   -- 7500
     Faerie Crown     --   G S   -- 155   -- --      -- 38666
     Golden Tiara     --   G S   -- 17    -- 350     -- 232
     Griffin Helm     -- B       -- 145   -- --      -- 29666
     Hair Ribbon      --   G     -- 3     -- 55      -- 36
     Head Gear        -- B       -- 7     -- 70      -- 46
     Needle Helm      -- B G S   -- 140   -- 30000   -- 10000
     Quill Cap        --   G S   -- 10    -- 110     -- 72
     Quilted Hood     --   G S   -- 26    -- 700     -- 466
     Rabite Cap       --     S   -- 5     -- 45      -- 30
     Raccoon Cap      -- B G S   -- 21    -- 550     -- 366
     Ruby Armet       --   G     -- 43    -- --      -- 2266
     Steel Cap        -- B       -- 13    -- 180     -- 120
     Tiger Cap        -- B G S   -- 32    -- 1100    -- 732
     Unicorn Helm     -- B G S   -- 55    -- 5625    -- 3750

   + Arm:                Who:       Def.:    Buy:       Sell:
     ¯¯¯¯                ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Amulet Ring      -- B G S   -- 95    -- --      -- 32000
     Cobra Bracelet   -- B G S   -- 6     -- 280     -- 186
     Dragon Ring      -- B G S   -- 92    -- --      -- 20666
     Elbow Pad        -- B G S   -- 2     -- 90      -- 60
     Faerie's Ring    -- B G S   -- 100   -- --      -- 36666
     Frosty Ring      -- B G S   -- 16    -- 1200    -- 800
     Gauntlet         -- B G S   -- 90    -- 37500   -- 12500
     Gold Bracelet    -- B G S   -- 24    -- 3750    -- 2500
     Golem Ring       -- B G S   -- 13    -- 750     -- 500
     Guardian Ring    -- B G S   -- 41    -- --      -- 8332
     Imp's Ring       -- B G S   -- 94    -- --      -- 28332
     Ivy Amulet       -- B G S   -- 20    -- 1875    -- 1250
     Lazuri Ring      -- B G S   -- 35    -- 8800    -- 5866
     Ninja Gloves     -- B G S   -- 91    -- --      -- 16000
     Power Wrist      -- B G S   -- 4     -- 150     -- 100
     Shield Ring      -- B G S   -- 29    -- 5100    -- 3400
     Silver Band      -- B G S   -- 10    -- 525     -- 350
     Watcher Ring     -- B G S   -- 93    -- --      -- 25000
     Wolf's Band      -- B G S   -- 8     -- 400     -- 266
     Wristband        -- B G     -- 1     -- 45      -- 30

       Note:  Some rings/bracelets/whatever they are provide protection
              to various status effects:

                Amulet Ring    -- Petrifaction
                Faerie's Ring  -- Silence; pygmy; balloon
                Frosty Ring    -- Frosty
                Imp's Ring     -- Engulfment; frosty
                Ninja Gloves   -- Entanglement
                Watcher Ring   -- Moogle

4-D:  Magic

  This is sorted on elemental.  Remember, the first three spells are
  those of the girl, the last three are at the sprite's disposal.
  Descriptions given here, vague as they are, are copies of the in-game

   + Undine:             MP:     Effect:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯             ¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Ice Saber        -- 2    -- Weapons gain the power of water!
     Remedy           -- 1    -- Recovers status
     Cure Water       -- 2    -- Recovers HP
     Freeze           -- 2    -- Causes a freezing ice storm
     Acid Storm       -- 2    -- Acid rain lowers enemy's defense
     Energy Absorb    -- 3    -- Takes away enemy's HP

   + Gnome:              MP:     Effect:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯             ¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Stone Saber      -- 4    -- Weapons gain the power to petrify
     Speed Up         -- 3    -- Raises evade % and speeds attack
     Defender         -- 2    -- Raises defense/decreases damage
     Earth Slide      -- 3    -- Covers enemies in rock slide
     Gem Missile      -- 2    -- Rains jagged diamonds on enemies
     Speed Down       -- 1    -- Lowers evade % and slows attack

   + Sylphid:            MP:     Effect:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯            ¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Thunder Saber    -- 3    -- Weapons gain the power of wind!
     Balloon          -- 2    -- Lowers wisdom/confuses enemies
     Analyzer         -- 1    -- Detects traps/enemy's weak point
     Air Blast        -- 2    -- Wind-burn damages the enemies
     Thunderbolt      -- 4    -- Strikes the enemies with lightning
     Silence          -- 2    -- Confuses the enemies

   + Salamando:          MP:     Effect:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          ¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Flame Saber      -- 2    -- Weapons gain the power of fire!
     Fire Bouquet     -- 3    -- Scalds enemy/lowers battle power
     Blaze Wall       -- 4    -- A wall of fire engulfs the enemies
     Fireball         -- 2    -- Sends fireballs at enemies
     Exploder         -- 4    -- An explosion rocks the enemies
     Lava Wave        -- 3    -- Magma engulfs the enemies

   + Lumina:             MP:     Effect:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯             ¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Light Saber      -- 5    -- Weapons gain the power of light!
     Lucent Beam      -- 8    -- Evil foe hit with pure light
     Lucid Barrier    -- 4    -- Protection from weapon attacks

       Note:  The girl is the only one that has Lumina to her disposal;
              the sprite doesn't.

   + Shade:              MP:     Effect:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯              ¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Evil Gate        -- 8    -- Wave of darkness hits the enemies
     Dark Force       -- 2    -- Enemy's energy explodes
     Dispel Magic     -- 4    -- Sets enemy's gauge to 0/halts magic

       Note:  Conversely, the sprite is the only one that can handle
              Shade.  A small note on Evil Gate; this spell does damage
              based on the enemy's HP: Damage = (Current HP + Max HP) /
              (20 - 2 * Sprite's Magic Level).

   + Luna:               MP:     Effect:
     ¯¯¯¯¯               ¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Moon Saber       -- 3    -- Weapons gain the power to take HP!
     Lunar Boost      -- 2    -- Raises battle power
     Moon Energy      -- 2    -- Raises critical hit %
     Change Form      -- 5    -- Transforms enemy to weaker level
     Magic Absorb     -- 1    -- Takes enemy's MP
     Lunar Magic      -- 8    -- Makes enemy/you do curious things

   + Dryad:              MP:     Effect:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯              ¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Revivifier       -- 10   -- Sends the reaper running
     Wall             -- 6    -- Makes a barrier to ward off magic
     Mana Magic       -- 1    -- Secret
     Sleep Flower     -- 2    -- Lulls enemies to sleep
     Burst            -- 4    -- Hidden energy strikes enemies
     Mana Magic       -- 1    -- Secret

       Note:  Mana Magic cannot be used until you actually need it.

       Note:  And a little note on magic (couldn't find any other place
              to fit this in).  If you level it up to level 8, it'll do
              the same damage as it'd do if you cast a level 7-spell.
              However, sometimes you will get a bigger animation (e.g.
              bigger blocks with Freeze), and then it'll do level 8-
              damage.  Very, very rarely, you will get a super-enhanced
              animation (e.g. Shadow Zeroes run around the screen with
              Evil Gate).  This is uber-cool to look at, but sadly does
              the same damage as level 8-magic.

4-E:  Shops and Inns

  The lowercase letter in front of the location of the shop refers to
  the chapter in the walkthrough in which you will encounter it.  I'm so
  smart.  Note that Neko's shops are expensive; you'll have to fork over
  twice as much, so I would recommend only buying when it's really
  needed or if you cannot get what you want elsewhere.  Locations with
  Neko (and thus double prices) are marked with an asterisk ("*").

   + Potos Village:      Cost:      What:     Who:       Def.:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Candy            -- 10      -- Item
     Medical Herb     -- 10      -- Item
     Cup of Wishes    -- 150     -- Item
     Bandanna         -- 50      -- Head   -- B       -- +2
     Overalls         -- 20      -- Body   -- B       -- +3

   + Neko's (*):         Cost:      What:     Who:       Def.:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯         ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Candy            -- 20      -- Item
     Chocolate        -- 60      -- Item
     Royal Jam        -- 200     -- Item
     Faerie Walnut    -- 1000    -- Item
     Medical Herb     -- 20      -- Item
     Cup of Wishes    -- 300     -- Item
     Barrel           -- 900     -- Item
     Bandanna         -- 100     -- Head   -- B       -- +2
     Hair Ribbon      -- 110     -- Head   --   G     -- +3
     Rabite Cap       -- 90      -- Head   --     S   -- +5
     Wristband        -- 90      -- Arm    -- B G     -- +1

   + Pandora:            Cost:      What:     Who:       Def.:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯            ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Candy            -- 10      -- Item
     Medical Herb     -- 10      -- Item
     Cup of Wishes    -- 150     -- Item
     Hair Ribbon      -- 55      -- Head   --   G     -- +3
     Kung Fu Suit     -- 25      -- Body   --   G     -- +4
     Wristband        -- 45      -- Arm    -- B G     -- +1

       Note:  There is another shop in this town, but the instant you
              arrive in Pandora, it's not open.  The list for that other
              shop is somewhere below.

   + Kippo Village:      Cost:      What:     Who:       Def.:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Candy            -- 10      -- Item
     Medical Herb     -- 10      -- Item
     Cup of Wishes    -- 150     -- Item
     Hair Ribbon      -- 55      -- Head   --   G     -- +3
     Chain Vest       -- 120     -- Body   -- B G S   -- +10
     Kung Fu Dress    -- 350     -- Body   --   G     -- +17
     Elbow Pad        -- 90      -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +2

   + Dwarf Village:      Cost:      What:     Who:       Def.:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Candy            -- 10      -- Item
     Medical Herb     -- 10      -- Item
     Cup of Wishes    -- 150     -- Item
     Rabite Cap       -- 45      -- Head   --     S   -- +5
     Head Gear        -- 70      -- Head   -- B       -- +7
     Midge Robe       -- 22      -- Body   --     S   -- +7
     Chain Vest       -- 120     -- Body   -- B G S   -- +10
     Spiky Suit       -- 260     -- Body   -- B   S   -- +13
     Wristband        -- 45      -- Arm    -- B G     -- +1
     Elbow Pad        -- 90      -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +2
     Power Wrist      -- 150     -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +4

   + Pandora:            Cost:      What:     Who:       Def.:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯            ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Candy            -- 10      -- Item
     Medical Herb     -- 10      -- Item
     Cup of Wishes    -- 150     -- Item
     Head Gear        -- 70      -- Head   -- B       -- +7
     Spiky Suit       -- 260     -- Body   -- B   S   -- +13
     Kung Fu Dress    -- 350     -- Body   --   G     -- +17
     Elbow Pad        -- 90      -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +2
     Power Wrist      -- 150     -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +4
     Cobra Bracelet   -- 280     -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +6

   + Moogle Village (*): Cost:      What:     Who:       Def.:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Candy            -- 20      -- Item
     Chocolate        -- 60      -- Item
     Faerie Walnut    -- 1000    -- Item
     Medical Herb     -- 20      -- Item
     Cup of Wishes    -- 300     -- Item
     Head Gear        -- 140     -- Head   -- B       -- +7
     Quill Cap        -- 220     -- Head   --   G S   -- +10
     Spiky Suit       -- 520     -- Body   -- B   S   -- +13
     Kung Fu Dress    -- 700     -- Body   --   G     -- +17
     Power Wrist      -- 300     -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +4
     Cobra Bracelet   -- 560     -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +6

   + Fung Castle:        Cost:      What:     Who:       Def.:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯        ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Candy            -- 10      -- Item
     Chocolate        -- 30      -- Item
     Faerie Walnut    -- 500     -- Item
     Medical Herb     -- 10      -- Item
     Cup of Wishes    -- 150     -- Item
     Quill Cap        -- 110     -- Head   --   G S   -- +10
     Steel Cap        -- 180     -- Head   -- B       -- +13
     Fancy Overalls   -- 675     -- Body   -- B G S   -- +22
     Wolf's Band      -- 400     -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +8

   + Kakkara:            Cost:      What:     Who:       Def.:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯            ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Chocolate        -- 30      -- Item
     Faerie Walnut    -- 500     -- Item
     Medical Herb     -- 10      -- Item
     Cup of Wishes    -- 150     -- Item
     Golden Tiara     -- 350     -- Head   --   G S   -- +17
     Raccoon Cap      -- 550     -- Head   -- B G S   -- +21
     Chest Guard      -- 1000    -- Body   --   G S   -- +28
     Golden Vest      -- 2250    -- Body   -- B G S   -- +17
     Silver Band      -- 525     -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +10

   + Todo Village:       Cost:      What:     Who:       Def.:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Chocolate        -- 30      -- Item
     Faerie Walnut    -- 500     -- Item
     Medical Herb     -- 10      -- Item
     Cup of Wishes    -- 150     -- Item
     Golden Tiara     -- 350     -- Head   --   G S   -- +17
     Raccoon Cap      -- 550     -- Head   -- B G S   -- +21
     Chest Guard      -- 1000    -- Body   --   G S   -- +28
     Golden Vest      -- 2250    -- Body   -- B G S   -- +34
     Silver Band      -- 525     -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +10

   + Southtown:          Cost:      What:     Who:       Def.:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Chocolate        -- 30      -- Item
     Faerie Walnut    -- 500     -- Item
     Medical Herb     -- 10      -- Item
     Cup of Wishes    -- 150     -- Item
     Golden Tiara     -- 350     -- Head   --   G S   -- +17
     Raccoon Cap      -- 550     -- Head   -- B G S   -- +21
     Chest Guard      -- 1000    -- Body   --   G S   -- +28
     Golden Vest      -- 2250    -- Body   -- B G S   -- +34
     Ruby Vest        -- 4500    -- Body   -- B G S   -- +43
     Silver Band      -- 525     -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +10
     Golem Ring       -- 750     -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +13

   + Northtown:          Cost:      What:     Who:       Def.:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Chocolate        -- 30      -- Item
     Faerie Walnut    -- 500     -- Item
     Medical Herb     -- 10      -- Item
     Cup of Wishes    -- 150     -- Item
     Quilted Hood     -- 700     -- Head   --   G S   -- +26
     Tiger Cap        -- 1100    -- Head   -- B G S   -- +32
     Ruby Vest        -- 4500    -- Body   -- B G S   -- +43
     Tiger Suit       -- 6375    -- Body   -- B   S   -- +52
     Tiger Bikini     -- 7100    -- Body   --   G     -- +64
     Silver Band      -- 525     -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +10
     Golem Ring       -- 750     -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +13
     Frosty Ring      -- 1200    -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +16

   + Mandala Village:    Cost:      What:     Who:       Def.:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Candy            -- 10      -- Item
     Chocolate        -- 30      -- Item
     Faerie Walnut    -- 500     -- Item
     Medical Herb     -- 10      -- Item
     Cup of Wishes    -- 150     -- Item
     Circlet          -- 2300    -- Head   -- B   S   -- +38
     Magical Armor    -- 11500   -- Body   -- B G S   -- +78
     Ivy Amulet       -- 1875    -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +20

   + Gold Isle:          Cost:      What:     Who:       Def.:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Chocolate        -- 30      -- Item
     Faerie Walnut    -- 500     -- Item
     Medical Herb     -- 10      -- Item
     Cup of Wishes    -- 150     -- Item
     Unicorn Helm     -- 5625    -- Head   -- B G S   -- +55
     Dragon Helm      -- 7500    -- Head   -- B G S   -- +66
     Duck Helm        -- 11250   -- Head   --   G S   -- +78
     Flower Suit      -- 21000   -- Body   --   G     -- +115
     Battle Suit      -- 30000   -- Body   -- B G S   -- +139
     Shield Ring      -- 5100    -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +29
     Lazuri Ring      -- 8800    -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +35

   + Tasnica:            Cost:      What:     Who:       Def.:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯            ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Candy            -- 10      -- Item
     Chocolate        -- 30      -- Item
     Royal Jam        -- 100     -- Item
     Faerie Walnut    -- 500     -- Item
     Medical Herb     -- 10      -- Item
     Cup of Wishes    -- 150     -- Item
     Dragon Helm      -- 7500    -- Head   -- B G S   -- +66
     Duck Helm        -- 11250   -- Head   --   G S   -- +78
     Tortoise Mail    -- 14850   -- Body   -- B   S   -- +95
     Battle Suit      -- 30000   -- Body   -- B G S   -- +139
     Gold Bracelet    -- 3750    -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +24
     Lazuri Ring      -- 8800    -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +35

   + Tree Palace (*):    Cost:      What:     Who:       Def.:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯
     Candy            -- 20      -- Item
     Chocolate        -- 60      -- Item
     Royal Jam        -- 200     -- Item
     Faerie Walnut    -- 1000    -- Item
     Medical Herb     -- 20      -- Item
     Cup of Wishes    -- 300     -- Item
     Barrel           -- 900     -- Item
     Needle Helm      -- 30000   -- Head   -- B G S   -- +140
     Vestguard        -- 65500   -- Body   -- B G S   -- +240
     Gauntlet         -- 37500   -- Arm    -- B G S   -- +90

4-F:  Monsters

  The type of an enemy can help you deciding which weapon you should use
  (some weapons are effective against certain types) and don't mistake
  "element" for "weakness"!  Zach Keene originally dumped the stats from
  the game's ROM, and I thank him for allowing me to use these 100%
  accurate stats.  Now, without further ado, here's the stuff:

  Aegagropilon: (boss)
    LV:  46     HP:  3016     EXP:  11050     TYPE:     Plant
                MP:  99       GP:   1800      ELEMENT:  Dryad
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-W of the

  Armored Man:
    LV:  34     HP:  250      EXP:  633       TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  20       GP:   540       ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  Armored Men are slow and don't have very much HP.  They drop
           a fair amount of experience points too, so it is recommended
           to destroy these people to level up.  They have many attacks
           to their disposal, so continually assault them with weapons
           to prevent them from harming you.

  Axe Beak: (boss)
    LV:  64     HP:  2800     EXP:  27784     TYPE:     Bird
                MP:  99       GP:   20400     ELEMENT:  Salamando
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-Y of the

    LV: 49      HP:  580      EXP:  1755      TYPE:     Lizard
                MP:  41       GP:   1200      ELEMENT:  Gnome
    Info:  Cute, helpless-looking frogs.  They are fairly easy to kill.
           If you plan to do so, do it quick, for they can spawn
           Eggatrices.  Oh wait!  Those are fairly easy to kill too, so
           here's a fine source for experience points.  Whatever.

  Beast Zombie:
    LV:  41     HP:  320      EXP:  1065      TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  48       GP:   708       ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  Just like the Howlers, these folks charge at you.  They're
           just about as dangerous as they were in the Ice Country.

  Biting Lizard: (boss)
    LV:  11     HP:  770      EXP:  210       TYPE:     Lizard
                MP:  6        GP:   348       ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-E of the

    LV:   5     HP:  55       EXP:  7         TYPE:     Bird
                MP:  18       GP:   10        ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  These bats use the Balloon-spell, which makes you paralyzed
           for a little while.  Kill them before they do so.

  Blue Dragon: (boss)
    LV:  67     HP:  3200     EXP:  31570     TYPE:     Dragon
                MP:  99       GP:   28560     ELEMENT:  Sylphid
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-Y of the

  Blue Drop:
    LV:  27     HP:  380      EXP:  330       TYPE:     Slime
                MP:  0        GP:   216       ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  Remember the Green Drop?  This one is... well, blue, and does
           exactly the same and is a tad more powerful.  This guy has
           the ability to frosty you, and that's not cool.  Well, okay,
           it's cool, but not "cool".  (Whatever.)

  Blue Spike: (boss)
    LV:  43     HP:  1980     EXP:  9150      TYPE:     Animal
                MP:  99       GP:   3840      ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-S of the

  Bomb Bee:
    LV:  38     HP:  310      EXP:  863       TYPE:     Insect
                MP:  40       GP:   528       ELEMENT:  Salamando
    Info:  Acts the same as the Buzz Bee you've encountered WAY earlier
           (unless you are reading this section for fun without having
           played the game, in which case he's below).  They aren't any
           harmful, they have MP but cast no spells, and still use that
           annoying sting plugged onto their ass.

  Boreal Face: (boss)
    LV:  26     HP:  1100     EXP:  2245      TYPE:     Plant
                MP:  12       GP:   1040      ELEMENT:  Dryad
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-L of the

  Brambler: (boss)
    LV:  7      HP:  78       EXP:  2         TYPE:     Plant
                MP:  99       GP:   24        ELEMENT:  Dryad
    Info:  Part of Tropicallo and Boreal Face.

  Buffy: (boss)
    LV:  70     HP:  4200     EXP:  35686     TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  99       GP:   22200     ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-Z of the

  Buzz Bee:
    LV:  4      HP:  65       EXP:  4         TYPE:     Insect
                MP:  0        GP:   11        ELEMENT:  Dryad
    Info:  Not easy to hit when you meet them for the first time.  They
           poop out needles that can poison you.  They're annoying and
           hard to avoid when in large numbers, so killing them is the
           best option.

  Captain Duck:
    LV:  50     HP:  523      EXP:  1850      TYPE:     Demi-human
                MP:  22       GP:   1440      ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  A souped-up army duck with grenades to make your life
           miserable.  Ah yes.  Stupid name.

  Chamber's Eye: (boss)
    LV:  16     HP:  300      EXP:  2         TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  99       GP:   0         ELEMENT:  Sylphid
    Info:  Part of Wall Chamber.

  Chess Knight:
    LV:  12     HP:  135      EXP:  36        TYPE:     Insect
                MP:  15       GP:   38        ELEMENT:  Dryad
    Info:  Has high evade at the point you meet him.  Either avoid them
           or continually attack them while evading his charging attack.

  Chobin Hood:
    LV:  7      HP:  60       EXP:  12        TYPE:     Demi-human
                MP:  0        GP:   17        ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  Most of them are "imprisoned", meaning they can fire arrows
           at you while being out of reach.  Cut your way through the
           bushes to bury your short-ranged weapons in them, or attack
           them with the Boomerang or Bow from afar.

    LV:  19     HP:  100      EXP:  124       TYPE:     Insect
                MP:  16       GP:   97        ELEMENT:  Dryad
    Info:  A monster that sort of looks like Pokémon's Caterpie that
           crawls.  Watch out for its attack that puts you to sleep.
           (My hands hurt because of all this typing.)

  Crystal Orb:
    LV:  0      HP:  1        EXP:  0         TYPE:     None
                MP:  0        GP:   0         ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  Er...  This thing is "targetable" and because it has 1 HP, I
           dumped this piece right here in this monster list!  Now my
           list is the most complete of them all!  GAH HAH HAH!  This
           one also appears in other places, except with other

  Dark Funk:
    LV:  25     HP:  100      EXP:  268       TYPE:     Non-corporeal
                MP:  20       GP:   192       ELEMENT:  Salamando
    Info:  Same as the LA Funk.  This one blows fire instead of ice.
           Undine is your friend here; one Freeze distributed to several
           Dark Funks will usually waste them.

  Dark Knight:
    LV:  40     HP:  200      EXP:  996       TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  56       GP:   1020      ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  Kill every single one of these!  They drop Magical Armor and
           Gauntlets, which are uber-1337 items you simply want.  They
           aren't much different from the Armored Men except that they
           are stronger and cast Barrier.

  Dark Lich: (boss)
    LV:  72     HP:  6666     EXP:  38600     TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  99       GP:   27000     ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-Z of the

  Dark Ninja:
    LV:  36     HP:  300      EXP:   740      TYPE:     Demi-human
                MP:  22       GP:    600      ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  Avoid them is what I'd suggest... as you may have learned
           from various movies, these peeps are dangerous.  If they
           don't hold up a mirror (or whatever it is) to make themselves
           invisible, they use stat-up and stat-down spells before they
           give you a piece of their sword.

  Dark Stalker:
    LV:  43     HP:  510      EXP:  1219      TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  60       GP:   900       ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  A normal enemy now (if you read this after the Tasnica King
           fiasco).  He uses a variety of ninja-attacks (throw shuriken,
           slashes, etc.)  and is pretty good at evading your attacks.
           If you want to get this over with quickly, use Lucent Beam,
           otherwise I'd suggest just evading them.

    LV:  29     HP:  240      EXP:  400       TYPE:     Fish
                MP:  25       GP:   264       ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  This is a beefed-up Iffish that is able to launch missiles--
           how that is possible is beyond me.  They can also cast
           spells, but I already forgot which.  They're not hard to
           kill, so don't worry.

  Doom Sword:
    LV:  53     HP:  411      EXP:  2190      TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  32       GP:   2640      ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  Like that other sword (Evil Sword), this one is stationed on
           a standard of some sorts and attacks when you get near.
           Little damage is done until it moves, and yeah, it's a sword.
           Swords are painful.

  Doom's Eye: (boss)
    LV:  34     HP:  425      EXP:  1         TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  99       GP:   0         ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  Part of Doom's Wall.

  Doom's Wall: (boss)
    LV:  34     HP:  1180     EXP:  4750      TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  99       GP:   648       ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-P of the

  Dragon Worm: (boss)
    LV:  61     HP:  3525     EXP:  24290     TYPE:     Dragon
                MP:  99       GP:   17460     ELEMENT:  Gnome
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-Y of the

  Dread Slime: (boss)
    LV:  71     HP:  5000     EXP:  37000     TYPE:     Slime
                MP:  99       GP:   26400     ELEMENT:  Lumina
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-Z of the

    LV:  39     HP:  185      EXP:  928       TYPE:     Bird
                MP:  0        GP:   720       ELEMENT:  Gnome
    Info:  Cute monster that is an egg, until legs and a head pop out.
           It can attack, but they're probably dead already before they
           do so.  Think Rabite.

  Eggplant Man:
    LV:  62     HP:  300      EXP:  3390      TYPE:     Demi-human
                MP:  99       GP:   2444      ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  They should be killed as soon as possible!  Reason is, they
           can summon Needlions, powerful critters that beat the crap
           out of you if you don't watch out.  I would suggest firing
           your best magic (the element that you leveled up most)
           against them, for they have no real weakness.

    LV:  35     HP:  125      EXP:   685      TYPE:     Slime
                MP:  36       GP:    516      ELEMENT:  Salamando
    Info:  They are able to continually regenerate, similar to the
           various drops you've met earlier.  They look like the
           Grimer/Muk from the Pokémon games and clap their hands to
           hurt you.  They also have mighty Salamando-spells, so kill
           them before they either cast this or duplicate.  An enough-
           leveled-up Undine distributed will usually kill a group of

  Evil Sword:
    LV:  15     HP:  125      EXP:  64        TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  24       GP:   60        ELEMENT:  Luna
    Info:  When you meet multiple of them, avoid them.  If you meet a
           lone one, you CAN attack it, but be prepared because Evil
           Swords dodge many attacks of yours.  Also, they shed Moon
           Saber upon themselves, allowing them to gain HP equal to the
           amount of damage they do to you.

  Eye Spy:
    LV:  8      HP:  100      EXP:  28        TYPE:     Lizard
                MP:  15       GP:   30        ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  Eye Spies spit out Chobin Hoods until destroyed.  They can
           also use a ray-attack that Moogles you, which is funny until
           you realize that you take damage and can't do anything worth
           a crap.  They also use Cure Water.  Kill them as soon as

  Fiend Head:
    LV:  65     HP:  1150     EXP:  3868      TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  99       GP:   2280      ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  They have so many HP!  They're very powerful, have a nasty
           sting sticking on their head, and know voodoo.  They are not
           ultra-hard to get rid of, but avoiding them is what you
           should do until you're satisfactorily leveled-up.  And, they
           can summon Dark Stalkers.

  Fierce Head:
    LV:  39     HP:  308      EXP:  928       TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  80       GP:   864       ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  Be careful when you meet these foes.  They can do mucho
           damage if you don't watch out--the horn on their head can
           pygmize you and they use strong attacks.  Although not as
           "fierce" as the Fiend Head above, you should take care.

  Fire Gigas: (boss)
    LV:  13     HP:  850      EXP:  326       TYPE:     Non-corporeal
                MP:  66       GP:   360       ELEMENT:  Salamando
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-F of the

  Frost Gigas: (boss)
    LV:  29     HP:  1140     EXP:  3045      TYPE:     Non-corporeal
                MP:  99       GP:   1200      ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-M of the

    LV:  63     HP:  632      EXP:  3540      TYPE:     Non-corporeal
                MP:  99       GP:   2160      ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  Lumina, Lumina, Lumina!  You can't hit them with weapons;
           use that attack gauge for escaping instead or summon that
           nice light-elemental.  Waiting too long may result in a
           Freeze or Evil Gate in your face.

    LV:  31     HP:  230      EXP:  450       TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  32       GP:   288       ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  Ghouls have a charging attack which you should avoid.  They
           are a Shade-elemental monster, but use Gnome-spells instead
           (only status-affecting magic).

    LV:  12     HP:  130      EXP:  42        TYPE:     Demi-human
                MP:  18       GP:   60        ELEMENT:  Gnome
    Info:  A Goblin that uses a boomerang to hit you.  The irritating
           thing is that it spawns Ma Goblins.  ...but shouldn't Ma
           Goblins spawn _them_?

  Gorgon Bull: (boss)
    LV:  44     HP:  2470     EXP:  9755      TYPE:     Animal
                MP:  99       GP:   4800      ELEMENT:  Gnome
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-S of the

  Grave Bat:
    LV:  30     HP:  210      EXP:  446       TYPE:     Bird
                MP:  25       GP:   258       ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  Not a real threat.  They're not big so it might be hard to
           hit them.  Just use normal attacks or spread out spells to
           get rid of them.

  Great Viper: (boss)
    LV:  22     HP:  1330     EXP:  1410      TYPE:     Lizard
                MP:  8        GP:   1056      ELEMENT:  Gnome
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-J of the

  Green Drop:
    LV:  6      HP:  40       EXP:  10        TYPE:     Slime
                MP:  0        GP:   12        ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  Green Drops can multiply themselves.  While this might be a
           quick source for experience points, be sure not to get caught
           in a corner!

    LV:  52     HP:  423      EXP:  2074      TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  64       GP:   1620      ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  Like the Imp, this guy throws his fork at you, flies around,
           and... stuff.

  Griffin Hand:
    LV:  60     HP:  600      EXP:  3090      TYPE:     Animal
                MP:  99       GP:   2560      ELEMENT:  Sylphid
    Info:  A walking foot (or hand?) that knows the flying kick.  He'll
           occasionally jump into you and damage you greatly if you
           don't have the best armor you can get at the moment, but the
           only real way to lose against them is getting trapped in a
           corner.  Sometimes, they also cast Silence upon you, which
           means getting trapped is an easy-to-fulfill job, so watch it.

  Heck Hound:
    LV:  51     HP:  550      EXP:  1964      TYPE:     Animal
                MP:  40       GP:   2450      ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  A grey hound that charges at you and doesn't do anything else
           really... except summoning other dogs (Beast Zombies or

  Hexas: (boss)
    LV:  57     HP:  3465     EXP:  20103     TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  69       GP:   14400     ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-X of the

    LV:  24     HP:  190      EXP:  240       TYPE:     Animal
                MP:  16       GP:   180       ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  While they are easy to kill, if they manage to outnumber
           you, you are most likely going to collect a few hits.  Be on
           your guard.

  Hydra: (boss)
    LV:  48     HP:  3382     EXP:  12439     TYPE:     Lizard
                MP:  99       GP:   3600      ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-W of the

  Ice Thug:
    LV:  57     HP:  440      EXP:  2680      TYPE:     Fish
                MP:  40       GP:   2850      ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  A reused Water Thug with higher stats.  The fork they have is
           like your Bow; sometimes, they throw multiple forks at you at
           once (like a charged attack of the Bow).  Besides this, they
           cast Undine-spells, varying from Cure Water to Freeze.

    LV:  10     HP:  140      EXP:  35        TYPE:     Fish
                MP:  18       GP:   29        ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  Spits water at you for a lotta damage.  Appears in groups of
           three; it's not unlikely if you get away damaged.

    LV:  33     HP:  138      EXP:  582       TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  64       GP:   312       ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  A small flying demon with a sharp fork that has annoying
           abilities to disappear and reappear somewhere else.  Besides
           doing this, they might also blow Salamando at you.

  Jabberwocky: (boss)
    LV:  18     HP:  950      EXP:  800       TYPE:     Lizard
                MP:  90       GP:   768       ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-H of the

  Kettle Kin: (boss)
    LV:  52     HP:  1230     EXP:  15555     TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  33       GP:   3360      ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-W of the

  Kid Goblin:
    LV:  5      HP:  64       EXP:  8         TYPE:     Demi-human
                MP:  0        GP:   14        ELEMENT:  Gnome
    Info:  They're asleep, but wake up when you get near them.  Avoiding
           them is the best option, but if you try to kill them, watch
           out for their axes!

  Kilroy: (boss)
    LV:  17     HP:  900      EXP:  686       TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  18       GP:   650       ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-H of the

  Kimono Bird:
    LV:  20     HP:  160      EXP:  145       TYPE:     Bird
                MP:  48       GP:   120       ELEMENT:  Sylphid
    Info:  While these birds aren't too spectacular on their own, they
           can spawn Pebblers!  Either quickly attack and dump magic-
           attacks on them or run away in fear.

  Kimono Wizard:
    LV:  48     HP:  408      EXP:  1660      TYPE:     Bird
                MP:  80       GP:   1080      ELEMENT:  Sylphid
    Info:  Instead of summoning Pebblers, this one creates Metal
           Crawlers.  Fairly hard to kill with weapons, so use Gnome to
           win the fights quickly.

  La Funk:
    LV:  25     HP:  100      EXP:  265       TYPE:     Non-corporeal
                MP:  20       GP:   190       ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  Clouds.  As you know, putting a sword in clouds does not help
           you, so let sprite cast magic on them.  Do NOT get close to
           them; you do not want to be spit upon with snow that turns
           you into a snowman, leaving you, besides extremely stupid-
           looking, very vulnerable.

  Lime Slime: (boss)
    LV:  41     HP:  3470     EXP:  8000      TYPE:     Slime
                MP:  99       GP:   3000      ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-R of the

    LV:  2      HP:  36       EXP:  3         TYPE:     Plant
                MP:  10       GP:   8         ELEMENT:  Dryad
    Info:  Appears to be a normal flower, but lunges at you when you get
           near it.  It uses Sleep Flower too, which is annoying, so try
           to waste it before it gets the chance to.

  Mad Mallard:
    LV:  23     HP:  200      EXP:  215       TYPE:     Demi-human
                MP:  0        GP:   174       ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  My personal favorite of Secret of Mana's enemies!  Who
           doesn't love 'em?  Run away and leave them alive.

  Ma Goblin:
    LV:  11     HP:  150      EXP:  38        TYPE:     Demi-human
                MP:  8        GP:   36        ELEMENT:  Gnome
    Info:  Like the Goblins, mamas use a boomerang also.  They carry an
           axe for close-combat.  If you're looking for level-up
           opportunities, Ma Goblins are your best bet here, if you can
           handle them.

  Mana Beast: (boss)
    LV:  73     HP:  9990     EXP:  0         TYPE:     None
                MP:  99       GP:   0         ELEMENT:  Dryad
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-Z of the

  Mantis Ant: (boss)
    LV:  3      HP:  150      EXP:  10        TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  20       GP:   100       ELEMENT:  Gnome
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-A of the

    LV:  45     HP:  324      EXP:  1385      TYPE:     Lizard
                MP:  30       GP:   816       ELEMENT:  Luna
    Info:  They don't appear to do much, but they do have the ability to
           cast Magic Absorb...  I suggest either killing them as soon
           as possible and hoping they don't use their magic (or cast it
           on the boy), or going *meep meep*.

  Master Ninja:
    LV:  68     HP:  400      EXP:  4388      TYPE:     Demi-human
                MP:  44       GP:   2760      ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  DEADLY.  They are *SO* damn powerful; considering them bosses
           is no over-exaggeration.  They act like the Dark Stalkers you
           have fought earlier but are ten times as strong.  It is best
           to avoid them entirely or attacking them from a distance with
           your best spells (they have no weakness).  UGH.

  Mech Rider 1: (boss)
    LV:  23     HP:  980      EXP:  1595      TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  18       GP:   1055      ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-K of the

  Mech Rider 2: (boss)
    LV:  37     HP:  1258     EXP:  6013      TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  30       GP:   1500      ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-Q of the

  Mech Rider 3: (boss)
    LV:  58     HP:  4327     EXP:  21104     TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  38       GP:   16000     ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-X of the

  Metal Crab:
    LV:  61     HP:  533      EXP:  3230      TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  28       GP:   2846      ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  They use bubble-attacks and have their ultra-irritating claw-
           assault again.  Paired with Light Saber, they try to snip you
           into pieces.

  Metal Crawler:
    LV:  47     HP:  450      EXP:  1563      TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  44       GP:   1020      ELEMENT:  Dryad
    Info:  Like the crawlers you've met in the Upper Land, they...

  Metal Mantis: (boss)
    LV:  34     HP:  1220     EXP:  4749      TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  40       GP:   1464      ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-Q of the

  Mimic Box:
    LV:  36     HP:  290      EXP:  740       TYPE:     Plant
                MP:  30       GP:   399       ELEMENT:  Luna
    Info:  This is a "trap"--a treasure chest that is actually a
           monster.  He is pretty strong and knows some attacks, so kill
           this one as soon as possible.  And yes, you might even get a
           treasure from this one.  ^_^;

  Minotaur: (boss)
    LV:  30     HP:  1200     EXP:  3348      TYPE:     Animal
                MP:  99       GP:   1440      ELEMENT:  Gnome
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-N of the

    LV:  3      HP:  60       EXP:  3         TYPE:     Plant
                MP:  0        GP:   7         ELEMENT:  Dryad
    Info:  Much HP.  Watch out for his rolling attack, and especially
           for his attacks that knock you unconscious.

    LV:  56     HP:  628      EXP:  2550      TYPE:     Plant
                MP:  38       GP:   3200      ELEMENT:  Dryad
    Info:  Much HP.  Watch out for his rolling attack, and especially
           for his attacks that knock you unconscious.

  Mystic Book:
    LV:  28     HP:  190      EXP:  370       TYPE:     Plant
                MP:  99       GP:   264       ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  A book gone insane, casting spells on itself and you while
           flying around.  Quickly shred them to pieces or you will
           regret it... or not, as they sometimes flip to a page with a
           naked woman!

  National Scar:
    LV:  55     HP:  630      EXP:  2425      TYPE:     Plant
                MP:  58       GP:   2600      ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  I've seen them in front of those orbs in the Grand Palace and
           never really bothered to fight them.  They look like the
           Mystic Books, and this time, they're weak against Lumina.
           They still haven't removed the 18+ page and can summon Imps.

    LV:  58     HP:  599      EXP:  2800      TYPE:     Animal
                MP:  28       GP:   2430      ELEMENT:  Gnome
    Info:  BLARGH.  They are annoying; at the moment you meet them first
           (Grand Palace), they're too strong for you.  Their powerful
           attacks (see Pebbler) crush you if you're not too powerful,
           especially if there is an Eggplant Men around that summons
           other Needlions.  Better run away and obliterate them too
           hell when you're stronger.

  Nemesis Owl:
    LV:  18     HP:  122      EXP:  100       TYPE:     Bird
                MP:  24       GP:   88        ELEMENT:  Sylphid
    Info:  While they should be no threat to you, they have the ability
           to cast the "Silence"-spell on you.  This confuses you (Left-
           button is walking to the right) and should be countered by
           switching to any sane character.  That is all.

  Nitro Pumpkin:
    LV:  44     HP:  420      EXP:  1300      TYPE:     Plant
                MP:  20       GP:   468       ELEMENT:  Dryad
    Info:  They look like the kamikaze-Pumpkin Bombs, but act no way
           like them.  I don't think they're dangerous physically, but
           their magic owns you if you're slapdash.  Use Dispel Magic
           when they use Wall in order to get rid of the reflect-status,
           and then pump him full of magic.  You can't really hurt him

    LV:  19     HP:  186      EXP:  125       TYPE:     Animal
                MP:  0        GP:   96        ELEMENT:  Gnome
    Info:  You're going to meet Pebblers, blue brutal hedgehogs, much
           more.  They occasionally dig under the ground to attack you
           from below and have a powerful attack that throws dirt to
           anything in the Pebbler's range.  Also, they spin quite a lot
           around, and it's best to avoid them if you're not high in the
           levels.  But the Pebblers in Moogle Village (where you'll
           meet them first) aren't avoidable, so... never mind.

  Phoenix: (boss)
    LV:  77     HP:  7777     EXP:  6671      TYPE:     Bird
                MP:  77       GP:   4653      ELEMENT:  Salamando
    Info:  "This firebird is going to be a real pain in the ass for
           everyone who is dumb enough to cross him...  He will rise
           from his ashes every time you have the luck to kill him and
           then he will come after you to burn your butt to a crisp!"
             -- Kr@ze

  Polter Chair:
    LV:  8      HP:  128      EXP:  21        TYPE:     Plant
                MP:  0        GP:   22        ELEMENT:  Dryad
    Info:  Just a chair.  Like the Lullabuds, they are harmless when you
           don't do anything, but they attack when you get near them.
           Not hard to beat.

  Pumpkin Bomb:
    LV:  21     HP:  160      EXP:  1         TYPE:     Plant
                MP:  4        GP:   12        ELEMENT:  Dryad
    Info:  A Halloween-pumpkin.  Not filled with a candle, but with a
           bomb that you not wish to explode in your face.  Avoid them;
           the rewards you get are pitiable.

    LV:  1      HP:  20       EXP:  1         TYPE:     Animal
                MP:  0        GP:   2         ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  Just spins and bites and jumps.  Nothing really to worry
           about, but you know the saying, "Never underestimate to power
           of stupid people in great numbers."

  Red Dragon: (boss)
    LV:  65     HP:  3000     EXP:  29000     TYPE:     Dragon
                MP:  99       GP:   21800     ELEMENT:  Salamando
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-Y of the

  Red Drop:
    LV:  27     HP:  380      EXP:  330       TYPE:     Slime
                MP:  0        GP:   216       ELEMENT:  Salamando
    Info:  Squaresoft must be recycling--the Red Drop is exactly the
           same as the Blue Drop except a bit more powerful and able to
           engulf you in flames if you touch it.

  Robin Foot:
    LV:  28     HP:  125      EXP:  368       TYPE:     Demi-human
                MP:  16       GP:   240       ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  Basically a palette-swap of the Chobin Hood with a new name,
           new suit, and more powerful.  They will sometimes cast Flame
           Saber upon themselves, but are probably killed already before
           they get to make use of it.

  Sand Stinger:
    LV:  21     HP:  200      EXP:  170       TYPE:     Insect
                MP:  10       GP:   144       ELEMENT:  Gnome
    Info:  Scorpions... and you know, scorpions are dangerous because of
           their stinger.  Do the attack-and-go-away-strategy and you
           should be able to leave unscathed.

  Shadow X1: (boss)
    LV:  0      HP:  999      EXP:  0         TYPE:     None
                MP:  0        GP:   0         ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  It's... you!

  Shadow X2: (boss)
    LV:  0      HP:  800      EXP:  0         TYPE:     None
                MP:  0        GP:   0         ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  And her!

  Shadow X3: (boss)
    LV:  0      HP:  800      EXP:  0         TYPE:     None
                MP:  0        GP:   0         ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  And him!  See the appropriate boss strategies in section 2-V
           of the walkthrough.

  Shape Shifter:
    LV:  42     HP:  350      EXP:  1140      TYPE:     Slime
                MP:  0        GP:   1500      ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  They're a dark-colored drop, and like drops, they multiply.
           They don't replicate into other Shape Shifters, but the
           produced monster will be another monster--varying from a
           Rabite to the most powerful foes you will face in the final
           dungeon of the game.  Duplicating monsters are annoying, and
           in many cases deadly, so be on your guard/avoid them.

    LV:  26     HP:  180      EXP:  300       TYPE:     Lizard
                MP:  16       GP:   204       ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  A turtle-Pebbler.  They are sometimes hard to hit (and won't
           take damage while they're spinning) and have hard-hitting
           attacks.  Run, or attack them carefully.

    LV:  17     HP:  130      EXP:  91        TYPE:     Animal
                MP:  40       GP:   79        ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  Ah, the pink Rabite!  Basically, it's just... a pink Rabite.
           Nothing really to worry about, except if you're low in the
           levels.  Silktails jump around, spin around, and try to bite
           you.  Well, bite back then.

  Snap Dragon: (boss)
    LV:  56     HP:  1215     EXP:  19200     TYPE:     Dragon
                MP:  6        GP:   12480     ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-X of the

  Snow Dragon: (boss)
    LV:  63     HP:  2800     EXP:  26588     TYPE:     Dragon
                MP:  99       GP:   18360     ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-Y of the

    LV:  27     HP:  200      EXP:  330       TYPE:     Non-corporeal
                MP:  99       GP:   213       ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  Like the LA Funks, they are immune to physical attacks.
           Sprite should smack them down with a bunch of spells, unless
           you meet multiple of them, in which case you should be on the

  Spider Legs:
    LV:  22     HP:  230      EXP:  188       TYPE:     Insect
                MP:  21       GP:   156       ELEMENT:  Gnome
    Info:  Spider Legs appear in pools of quicksand, and sometimes they
           are hidden under "normal" sand.  They mostly cast "Earth
           Slide" on you and aren't attackable with weapons when they're
           underground.  To do away with them, have sprite use magic.

  Spikey Tiger: (boss)
    LV:  10     HP:  520      EXP:  210       TYPE:     Animal
                MP:  21       GP:   288       ELEMENT:  Salamando
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-D of the

  Spring Beak: (boss)
    LV:  20     HP:  720      EXP:  1090      TYPE:     Bird
                MP:  99       GP:   864       ELEMENT:  Sylphid
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-I of the

  Steamed Crab:
    LV:  18     HP:  110      EXP:  110       TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  25       GP:   180       ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  A small crab, with an attack that hits everyone in a circle
           around it.  Also uses Thunder Saber on itself, but this seems
           to do pretty much nothing.  And if you carefully study this
           monster's name... you'll realize it's quite stupid.

    LV:  46     HP:  390      EXP:  1472      TYPE:     Insect
                MP:  52       GP:   960       ELEMENT:  Gnome
    Info:  Watch out for their stinger and you should be fine.  I am
           rubber, you are glue.

    LV:  69     HP:  300      EXP:  4570      TYPE:     Metallic
                MP:  99       GP:   3600      ELEMENT:  Lumina
    Info:  Arnold Schwarzeneggers with a super-powerful mace that blows
           yo arse and are super-good at evading your attacks.  HOWEVER!
           They are super-weak against Shade; give 'em a Dark Force, and
           this time you'll be the one saying, "hasta la vista, baby."

  Thunder Gigas: (boss)
    LV:  66     HP:  4462     EXP:  30277     TYPE:     Non-corporeal
                MP:  99       GP:   30600     ELEMENT:  Sylphid
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-Y of the

  Tomato Man:
    LV:  14     HP:  40       EXP:  65        TYPE:     Demi-human
                MP:  46       GP:   96        ELEMENT:  Salamando
    Info:  No!  Don't attack them; you won't hit them unless the attack
           is charged.  On the other hand, they have not much HP.  But
           because they spawn Zombies, stay away from them.

  Tonpole: (boss)
    LV:  11     HP:  600      EXP:  50        TYPE:     Lizard
                MP:  0        GP:   0         ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-E of the

  Trap Flower:
    LV:  37     HP:  144      EXP:  800       TYPE:     Plant
                MP:  50       GP:   532       ELEMENT:  Dryad
    Info:  Kill these as soon as possible!  They don't pose a threat,
           but they have the ability to cast Sleep Flower... and sir,
           this is truly annoying.

  Treasure Chest:
    LV:  0      HP:  0        EXP:  0         TYPE:     None
                MP:  0        GP:   0         ELEMENT:  None
    Info:  Not a monster per se, but it is targetable and analyzable.
           Using Analyzer on it results in the chest glowing red--this
           ensures you will not be shocked to death by an unpleasant
           item inside... literally, sometimes.

  Tropicallo: (boss)
    LV:  7      HP:  315      EXP:  80        TYPE:     Plant
                MP:  0        GP:   132       ELEMENT:  Dryad
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-C of the

    LV:  64     HP:  388      EXP:  3700      TYPE:     Slime
                MP:  99       GP:   2100      ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  Tsunamis are like the Embermen you've met earlier, except
           that they're snow-white.  They regenerate (but, fortunately,
           are not hard to kill) and have big hands to slap your face
           till it hurts.  And they constantly use Acid Storm and Energy
           Absorb, which is annoying.

    LV:  54     HP:  560      EXP:  2300      TYPE:     Lizard
                MP:  44       GP:   2965      ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  A turtle with wheels (what the?) and a spear, and able to
           cast some sabers.

  Vampire: (boss)
    LV:  35     HP:  2550     EXP:  5148      TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  99       GP:   696       ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-P of the

  Wall Face: (boss)
    LV:  16     HP:  920      EXP:  580       TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  99       GP:   720       ELEMENT:  Sylphid
    Info:  See the appropriate boss strategy in section 2-G of the

  Water Thug:
    LV:  16     HP:  145      EXP:  77        TYPE:     Fish
                MP:  10       GP:   65        ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  A frog-like thing with a trident that functions like both a
           spear and a javelin.  Not hard to kill, though.

  Weepy Eye:
    LV:  28     HP:  165      EXP:  370       TYPE:     Plant
                MP:  80       GP:   264       ELEMENT:  Lumina
    Info:  A stupid eye floating around.  Use the Spear, because it
           looks downright painful to get hit by one.  Ha.  I love video

    LV:  9      HP:  140      EXP:  30        TYPE:     Animal
                MP:  6        GP:   36        ELEMENT:  Luna
    Info:  Difficult earlier in the game.  They have obviously played a
           bit too much Street Fighter, and now practice their fighting
           skills on you.  They also use Cure Water after taking a few
           hits.  They're fast also, so watch out.  Werewolves only
           appear in the Haunted Forest if you haven't recruited the
           girl by then, and make their reappearance at Elinee's.

    LV:  66     HP:  230      EXP:  4036      TYPE:     Insect
                MP:  99       GP:   2280      ELEMENT:  Lumina
    Info:  Whimpers are the umpteenth in the line of enemy eyes and they
           continue the tradition of Moogling those that dare to face
           them.  Unfortunately, cuteness does not equal strength.

  Wizard Eye:
    LV:  32     HP:  200      EXP:  530       TYPE:     Lizard
                MP:  50       GP:   504       ELEMENT:  Undine
    Info:  Notable is that Wizard Eyes spawn Weepy Eyes.  And they can
           frosty you (if I remember correctly).  I would suggest
           keeping away from them or running amok with Salamando.

  Wolf Lord:
    LV:  67     HP:  280      EXP:  4210      TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  50       GP:   2400      ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  Do you remember the Werewolves?  That when you first met
           them, they awfully punched everything out of you?  Well, here
           they are, back with more karate skills.  They are still hard
           to defeat, so if you don't want to bother fighting them, show
           'em a ray of Lucent Beam and they're done for.

    LV:  13     HP:  150      EXP:   50       TYPE:     Undead
                MP:  20       GP:    48       ELEMENT:  Shade
    Info:  The monsters spawned by Tomato Men are a bit easier to get
           rid of, compared to Tomato Men themselves.  They are easy to
           hit and don't really do anything to hurt you, but don't let
           them get too close.


  Q:  Argh!  What's with this "walk the seasons"-crap!  Help!

  A:  "Walk the seasons from spring to winter, spring again and we can
      enter..."  With the seasons, the verse refers to the colors of the
      trees.  If it's winter, there's snow everywhere; if it's spring,
      the trees are pink, etc.  You have to walk a counter-clockwise
      circle, starting in spring (pink trees).  Go right, into summer,
      then up to autumn, then left to winter, and lastly, down to
      spring.  You will hear a sound...

  Q:  What do I gotta do in the fire palace?  I searched everywhere but
      every place leads to dead-ends!

  A:  You're not supposed to be there.  In order to get rid of a Crystal
      Orb that blocks your path, you'll have to acquire an elemental
      that resides in the Ice Country.  Find a Cannon Travel Center and
      launch yourself into the snow.

  Q:  The entrance to the light palace is blocked!  Where's the key?

  A:  Ah yes, the key...  If you talk to the guy on top of the mini-
      Chinese wall in Gold City, he'll say that a Tasnican spy stole it.
      Go to Southtown and talk to Mara (the old hag that gave you the
      password earlier); she'll give you the key you're looking for.
      Note that she WON'T give it if you haven't spoken to that guy on
      top of the long wall in Gold City.

  Q:  Whoa...!  I opened a chest, got a weapon orb out of it, and then
      the chest reappeared!  Not complaining or anything, but how come?

  A:  If you missed an orb earlier, it will return later in the form of
      a double chest.  So if you, for example, forgot the Whip's Orb in
      the Thieves' Ship, you will receive an extra one in Northtown
      Castle.  So thoughtful.


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  Special Thanks:
   - Zach Keene for allowing me to use some of his Secret of Mana-
     related articles (100% accurate stats for the monsters and the
     mechanics of weapons leveling up).  And some general corrections
     here and there.
   - JD Cyr, for making a FAQ for this game; it contained a method to
     get a Sword's Orb, which I've taken over.

  Revision History:
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  Final Words...:
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      -- phx

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