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Low Level FAQ/Walkthrough by AbsoluteZero

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/06/02

/---|           |-|                  |---\
\ ---| /--\ |-| | |/-/ /--\ |-|/-\   --/ |
|--/ / | -/ | | |   \  | -/ |   | |  |---/
|___/  \__| |_| |_|\_\ \__| |___|_|    \ |
Low-Level FAQ/Walkthrough
Version 1.3

Version 1.0 12/29/01-
*FAQ/Walkthrough posted
*Wrote introduction.
*Did a bit of the basics (Stats and words to know).
*Wrote rules.
*Did Angela, Carlie, Duran, Hawk intros and Jad.
*Started the spells section.
*Did three enemies.
*Did 8 parties
*Did "Who to chose as a starting character"
*Did strategies
*Did contacts and credits.

Version 1.1 12/29/01-
*Attempted to fix the name. (Low-Lever? Sheesh..)
*Added Angela's Classes.
*Edited Table of Contents.

Version 1.2 1/3/01-
*Added tips section under Rules.
*Edited rules.

Version 1.3 1/6/01-
*Added Hall of Fame.
*Added recommended levels up to Jewel Eater (Under walkthrough).
*Added good places to train (Under walkthrough).
*Edited teams section.
*Added one more tip in intro tips and strategies.
*Added to The Basics section.

2.The Basics
4.Character Classes
6.Boss Strategies
10.Hall of Fame
11.Contact me

1. Introduction

 A few of you may know me as the author of the Class Change Challenge FAQ or
know me from the boards.
 This is yet another one of my challenges. This one, however, has proved to be
WAY more interesting and more fun than the Class Change Challenges. I have to
admit myself, the CCCs weren't all that great. This challenge is active through
the whole game, unlike the CCCs. Many people probably will like this; many
people also don't like training.
 I haven't really introduced what this is. It's a challenge to go through the
game at a low level, hence the title Low Level Game. This can also be used as a
walkthrough for beginners to the game who don't like to train. That's why I
have the walkthrough and boss strategies. Of course, if you're doing it as a
challenge, then I highly recommend NOT using the boss strategies unless you're
stuck and dying.
 Well, I hope people enjoy this more then the CCCs. Have fun!(I hope)
2. The Basics
Words You Should Know
FC-Final class.
FST-Full screen tech, hits all the enemies.
ST-Single target.
MC-Main character.
BTW-By the way.
CC-Class change.
Stats and What They Do
Strength, or STR- Raises attack power, thus raising the damage you do in battle
while attacking with your characters' weapons. Duran's specialty.

Agility, or AGI- Raises evade and hit rate, thus lowering the chances you have
of getting hit and raising you chance of hitting the enemy. Hawk's specialty.

Vitality, or CON- Raises defense, thus lowering the damage enemies do to you
when fighting with weapons. Kevin's specialty.

Intelligence, or INT- Raises magic defense and magic damage, thus lowering the
damage that enemies do to you with magic and raising the damage you do when
using magic like Angela's magic. I'm not sure if this affects summons or not.
Angela's specialty.

Spirit, or PIE- Raises the power of healing spells, making Heal Light heal more
HP. Also raises the damage of Holy Ball and Saint Beam. I'm not sure if it
affects Lise's stat up spells or not. Carlie's specialty.

Luck, or LUC- Raises the chances of getting a treasure chest, not having it be
trapped, and raises chances of a critical hit, which makes your character do
more damage on one hit. Hawk's specialty.          
Raising Stats & Leveling Up
----------------------------------------------------------------------- When
you get a certain amount of exp., which you earn from defeating enemies, you'll
level up. You get a chance to raise one stat. Sometimes, if you raise a stat
too much, you won't be allowed to raise that stat for a while. That doesn't
mean you've reached the maximum for that class, it just means you're getting
too far ahead on that stat, and you need to raise a different one.

Classes have maximum stats, and when you raise your character's stat to their
class's max., then you won't be able to raise that stat until you CC, or if
you're in your FC, you won't be able to raise it.

When you CC, your stats automatically raise to those of the previous class's
max. stats. For example, the Magician's max. stats are :


So when she becomes a Delvar or Sorceress, those will be her stats, even if her
stats when you class change are:


Now, in this case, you notice that her vitality is equal to her starting
vitality in the next class. That means nothing will happen to it. You won't
gain HP or defense from CCing here. Now, if it was 7, she would gain defense
and HP.

These rules don't apply to those newbies who don't want to train, so if you're
a newbie who doesn't want to train, skip these (except for #1, you probably
should read that), although the tips are helpful for everyone.

1.You may notice that my recommended levels are very often a 3 level range. I
classified each level into a group. Well, it's like this:

Highest Level (Example: 3 in 1-3): Beginner Level
The recommended level for people who haven't beaten the game or have beaten the
game once but still aren't very comfortable with it.

Middle Level (Example: 2 in 1-3): Novice Level
The recommended level for those who have beaten the game at least once and want
a bit of a challenge, but they don't want to have TOO much of a hard time.

Lowest Level (Example: 1 in 1-3): Veteran Level
The level for people who consider themselves experienced players and want a
real challenge.

Eventually in the walkthrough, these levels will split up and stop being so
similar. For example, the ending level for a Veteran is 29-30, for a Novice,
31-32, and for a Beginner, 34+. At this point, at least.
2.Again a Hall of Fame thing. If you go above the recommended level for the
skill level you're shooting for twice, you automatically move up in the Hall
for the skill level. Example: You're shooting for Veteran Level, and the
recommended levels for three different places are 3,5,and 6. You're lv.4 for
the three spot, but you're 5 for the 5 slot. You're still qualified for
Veteran. If you're 8 in the seven spot, you can only try for Novice. Beginners
won't get in the Hall of Fame, sorry, but the Beginner is a good training
experience. It is allowed that someone does the Beginner Level until they get
the hang of it (About at Maia) and switches to the Novice. I highly recommend
staying on one path, though.
I'll probably end up annoying you all by adding a rule when you're on your end
bosses. :p Oh, and I don't expect many people to be able to do these until I'm
finished one, so you can have the recommended levels.

1. The most important thing is money. DON'T FORGET THAT. Don't go off spending
your money on Pakkun Chocolates to find 9 of them. You only have a limited
amount of training, therefore a limited amount of money. Even when you're going
into a boss, choose carefully who to buy armor for. If you buy armor to go
through Bucca and then you don't have money for the better armor to beat the
2nd Bill & Ben + Machine Golems, you'll be very miserable.

2.You know how what day it is affects your and the enemies spells (Example:
It's Jinn's day, all wind spells are more powerful) use it to your advatage. If
you go to a place where enemies use a lot of ice spells then go on Salamando's
Day. Etc. etc. etc. You get the idea, right? (This is Anemo's tip. Thanks,
Anemo! And if you want Carlie info, go check out his FAQ. Carlie's a great
character to have in a Low-Level game too.)

That's all I have (So far). This is gonna be my last update for a while, I need
to finish my Low-Level game. (Note from version 1.3-Okay, I lied.)
4.Characters and Classes.

 Now about the Class Change System. Each character has an initial class, a
light class and a dark class, and classes that branch off those.  Each class
learns different spells and has different stats. Here's a diagram of what it
looks like-

                   Dark Dark
             /    \
            /      Dark Light
            \       Light Dark
             \     /
                    Light Light

 You first class change at level 18. To class change, find a Mana Stone and
talk to it. It will ask you which class you want to change to. It won't say
Light or Dark like my diagram, so if there's a specific class you want to
change to, you have to know its name. For the second class change, you must be
level 38. You also need certain items for certain classes when doing your
second class change. Don't expect to get to the FCs, you'll be too low of a
level to reach them. I simply put them in if you decide at the last minute not
to do a Low-Leveler, and train like heck. No, not really, it's just for your
 Just a note- I call the Light and Dark classes first classes, Neutral classes:
defaults, and Light Light, Light Dark, etc. are second classes. * means
 Here are all the classes and my opinions for every character. Enjoy!

Max. Stats

Tech- Double Attack.

Spells-*Holy Ball,*Diamond Missile,*Air Blast,*Evil Gate,*Ice Smash,*Fireball.

Comments-She learns spells. What else can I say? Okay, so her strength,
agility, and vitality are atrocious, and her tech's pretty useless.  Nobody
else learns spells, and even though it takes a while to learn them all,
especially at the rate of a low-level game, they're preferable to fighting
because of element weaknesses. Very helpful when you have low stats. Good for a

Max. Stats

Tech-Pink Typhoon

Spells-Magician spells+: Saint Beam, Earthquake, Thunderstorm, Mega Splash,

Pros-*All second level spells except for Dark Force.
     *Better strength, agility, and spirit than the Delvar.
Cons-*Worse intelligence than the Delvar.

Comments- A great class. All the 2nd level spells except for Dark Force. Just
devastating on the God-Beasts. Better attack, agility, and spirit than the
Delvar. The big offensive magic thing in a low-level game is the element
weaknesses, not the stats, so the Delvar's extra intelligence point isn't much
over her 5 new spells. Love this class...

Max. Stats

Tech-Star Attack

Spells-Magician spells+: Dark Force.

Pros-*Dark Force.
Cons-*Worse strength, agility, and spirit than the Sorceress.

Comments- A pretty useless class. She has better intelligence than the
Sorceress, but as I said in my Sorceress comments, what really matters is
variety. She hardly has any variety. The first level spells are her variety,
but they aren't as useful as a variety of 2nd level spells. Avoid this class.

Grand Divina (Light Light)

Tech-Spiral Rod

Spells-Magician Spells+: *Saint Beam,*Earthquake,*Thunderstorm,*Mega
Splash,*Exploder,*Double Spell.

Tech-Spiral Rod

Pros-*MT 2nd level spells.
     *Double Spell.
     *Highest strength and agility of all Angela's second classes.
Cons-*No 3rd level spells.

Comments- My personal favorite class for Angela. Learns to multitarget the
second level spells. Also gets Double Spell, an ultimate spell. Of course, all
of Angela's classes get an ultimate spell. Double Spell is my personal
favorite. You can use it 11 times with 99 MP, it's MT, and it doesn't matter
what level you are, it will always do damage, which is great with a low-level
game. Not like you'll have 99 MP with a low-level game, but low MP cost is
still useful.

Arch Mage (Light Dark)

Spells-Magician Spells+: *Saint Beam,*Earthquake,*Thunderstorm,*Mega
Splash,*Exploder,*Rainbow Dust.

Tech:Dancing Rod

Pros-*MT 2nd level spells.
     *Highest spirit and luck of all Angela's second classes.
     *Good Poto Oil thrower if you don't have a healer.
Cons-*No 3rd level spells.
     *Worst intelligence of Angela's second classes.

Comments- My 2nd favorite class for Angela. Learns to multitarget the second
level spells. Also gets Rainbow Dust, an ultimate spell. Highest spirit and
luck, making her a good Poto Oil thrower if you don't have a healer. I prefer
the Grand Divina, though. Grand Divina vs. Arch Mage is at the bottom of this

Rune Master(Dark Light)

Spells-Magician Spells+: *Dark Force,Stun Wind,Cold Blaze,Stone Cloud,Blaze
Wall,Death Spell.


Pros-*3rd level spells.
Cons-*Lowest strength and agility of Angela's second classes.
     *Death Spell only works if you're equal to or higher than the level of the
enemy you're trying to use it on.

Comments- The better of Angela's dark classes which you should avoid in the
first place. 3rd level spells are useful, but it's not worth the suffering it
takes to get there. You're your first class a majority of the game, and the
Delvar is a awful class. Death Spell is useless, because it only works if
you're equal to or higher than the level of the enemy you're trying to use it
on, which you probably won't be. The strength and agility hardly matter, you'll
never reach the max anyways. Well, maybe, if that's all you raise. This class
is actually an okay class, but the Delvar spoils it.

Magus(Dark Dark)

Spells-Magician Spells+: Dark Force, Earthquake, Thunderstorm, Mega Splash,

Tech:Hot Shot.

Pros-*Highest intelligence.
Cons-*One MT spell besides 1st level spells, but it costs 12 MP.
     *Learns all the spells the Sorceress does, except Saint Beam (She has Dark
Force instead), and Sorceress doesn't have Ancient.
     *Worst luck of Angela's classes.

Comments- Avoid this class like the plague. As I said in the Pros and Cons,
she's basically the Sorceress with better stats, Dark Force for Saint Beam, and
Ancient. You could've gotten a Sorceress much earlier. She's not really all
that bad as I'm making her out to be, but only because she has better stats
than the Sorceress. She has good stats, though, which still don't quite make up
for her terrible spells. The only thing that's low is luck. Ancient can be
pretty good if you raise intelligence a lot, but with the high MP cost, you
can't use it enough for it to be worthwhile. If you really have your heart set
on this class, then you MIGHT consider using it, otherwise, don't.
That's all for now.

 This section contains spoilers. Don't read if you don't want the storyline
spoiled for you! I will also refer to the character you control as "You". You
can do the challenge without the walkthrough. This is just to be helpful for
the beginners I mentioned in the intro. Here are the recommended levels for
now, I'll integrate them into the walkthrough later:

Full Metal Hugger-2-4 (2&3 for your MC, 4 for all)
Jewel Eater-4-6 (4 for your MC, 5&6 for all)
Here's what I'm hoping to do at Tzenker-6-8 (All)
*Angela's Introduction*
 You start off looking at Altena and hearing about how the snow is coming into
the city. Then it goes to the Queen's room and listen to Koren blabber on about
how Mana is disappearing and how they have to go to the Mana Holyland to get
the Mana Sword. Then the scene goes to Angela in magic class with Jose. She's
not having a easy time learning magic, so she gives up and runs away.

 Now you gain control of her. Walk down the bridge. You'll run into some dude
called Victor. You'll hear about how Angela never had anyone care for her as a
child, so she acted like a jerk to get attention. Go across the bridge.

 Go down the stairs and to the left to find a door. Go through. Go to the left
until you hit the main path. Follow the main path down 2 screens. Once you end
up in the building with the staircase, go down the staircase, and go down after
that. Then go left, into the door. Then up, left into the top door. Now there's
only one path. Go past the lady cooking into the next room, past the sleeping
witch, and talk to the witch next to her. You'll find out that you need to go
to the castle. Go back the way you came until you get back to the point where
you found the main road. Go up, talk to Victor, go up, at the fork, go either
way, talk to the witch in front of the door, she'll move. Go through.

 Now you'll see a scene in which Angela is told that she's being sacrificed to
release a Mana Stone. She gets teleported outside Altena by some unknown force.

 Go down into the Sub-Zero Snowfield. You can fight Sahagins for exp. Actually,
if you stay alive, you can grow a level. It doesn't matter if you die, the game
makes you die anyway. Wander around until Angela says "Too cold...can't walk".
You'll die.

 You wake up in a house in Elrand. Go to the inn and talk to the old lady
there. She'll tell you to go to Wendel. Leave. You'll see a scene where Angela
decides to go to Wendel.  You'll take a ship to Jad.

*Duran's Introduction*
 It's all dark and some person says "Hey, Duran! You're up next! Go show 'em
what you're made of!". You enter into some sort of battle arena, fighting
against some guy called Bruiser. Don't worry about dying, you can't. You have
to win. Talk to King Richard once you've won. You'll hear a little about
Duran's childhood.

 Now you're on guard duty and Duran remembers his past, how his father, Loki,
fought the Dragon Emperor and they both fell down a bottomless pit. His mom
fell ill and died, so he was raised by his aunt. Duran wakes up from his dream
to find all the guards dead. Talk to the guard by the big gate. Duran will
wonder what's happened. A wizard wearing a red cape will appear. He'll go
through a door. Follow him. Duran will try and attack him once you've caught
up. You can't hit him, he'll continuously teleport around. Eventually, he'll
attack you, and basically kill you. He's about to finish poor Duran off when
some guards come and he leaves. Duran passes out.

 You see a scene where the guards make a report. They figure out that the
wizard is the infamous Wizard of the Red Lotus from Altena. King Richard
wonders why Altena is attacking Forcena.

 Now you regain control of Duran in a pub. Wendy will come in and get angry at
Duran. Leave the pub. Go under the house you came out of and go up the nearest
staircase into the door on the 2nd story. Talk to the old lady and she'll tell
you to go to Wendel to learn about class changing. Duran decides to go to
Wendel. He wants to go back to his house to pack up. Go as far to the right as
you can, then go down until you reach a door. Go in, and go up the staircase.
Go over to the treasure chest and press A. A scene will happen where Duran
packs up, says goodbye to his family, and starts to leave. His aunt will come
out and give him a sword and tell him to see the king.

 The castle is in the most northern part of town. Just walk up and you'll get
to the king. You tell the king you're leaving. Now just walk down until you get
to the Molebear Highlands. Go down until you get to a tunnel. There's only one
way through the tunnel, so go that way. You'll se a scene where Duran says he's
going to kill the wizard. Now Duran auto-walks to Maia and takes a ship to Jad.

*Carlie's Introduction*
 You begin dreaming about, uh, well, um, walking into flowers while your
parents watch you. Then your parents vanish and you cry. Then you wake up and
realize that it was a dream. You run out into the hall and crash into your
friend/guardian (I'm not quite sure what he is), Heath. He'll ask you if you're
okay. You'll nod and run off. Now the scene follows Heath talking to the Priest
of Light. The Priest tells Heath to go check out what's happening at Jad.
Carlie decides that she "gotta find Heath".  Now you gain control of her.

 Go up through the door, up the nearest staircase, through the nearest door,
down until you reach the two priests. Turn left. Talk to the kid. Leave the way
you came and go right. Walk up to the bed you were sleeping in in the
beginning. It will ask, "Sleep here until night?". Say yes.

 Now go out of the room the way you came. Go down, and go into either door.
Mick (The kid) will bounce you off on a sproingy-whasitcalled. You'll miss
Astoria, and instead land on your 2nd character. They'll bring you to the
Astoria Inn.

 Now go as far south as you can and find the weapon shop. Buy a new weapon. Now
go as far north as you can to enter the Rabite Forest. Just go north until you
see the scene in which a "mean man" captures Heath. So ends your introduction.

*Kevin's Introduction*
Coming soon!

*Hawk's Introduction*
 You start in Sultan, robbing some dude's house.  When you gain control of
Hawk, you're on the second story of dude's house. Open the treasure chest. Dude
will wake up and spin around. You give him some advice and leave. You jump off
the roof and go to Navarre. You visit Flamekhan to tell him your raid went
well. Isabella will tell you that Navarre has become a kingdom and is going to
capture Rolante because the wells are drying up. You go to your room and wonder
what's going on. Jessica comes in and you say something that offends her, and
she slaps you.

 Now you gain control of Hawk. Move away from the window, and go down the
staircase. Go out the door, and go up along the carpet. Follow the carpet until
you reach a fork. At this point, pretty much, no matter where you go, you get
to the bar. I'll just give you my preference. Go left, down through the door,
up the staircase to the north, down. Now you should be in the bar. Go down, to
the left until you hit a wall, then down again. There should be a thing that's
in the middle of the path that looks like a pile of nicely arranged rubble.
It's a staircase. Go down.

 Talk to the man inside, Eagle. When he asks you a question, say "Yeah!". He'll
leave, go back to the bar through the first door you see on the way back. Go up
three times. You'll end up in a room that was formerly barred off with Eagle.
You'll watch Isabella talk to some weirdo while Flamekhan is laying down,
looking rather dead, and Eagle will run out and ask her a million questions.
The weirdo will vanish, leaving Izzy to deal with Eagle. She'll make him go
nutty and attack you. Fight him. You can't die. Once he's dead, talk to
Isabella. She'll call in guards and say you did it.

 Now you're in jail, and Isabella tells you about a necklace she gave to
Jessica, which will kill her if you tell anyone the truth. Talk to the gate
until Jessica comes. When she does come, she'll ask you if you really killed
Eagle. Izzy reminds you about the necklace. You stay silent. She runs away,
thinking you did do it. Go to the back of your cell and talk to the dark spot.
Nikita, the cat-person from the beginning, blows up the wall and saves you.
There's really only one way to go from here.

 Nikita will tell you to go to Wendel to get the necklace removed. You decide
to go. Go out the back door. The guards will yell that you're escaping. Now
enemy ninjas will pop up a lot and attack you. They don't give you exp, so just
ignore them. Go right a little, down, and up the staircase. From there, go left
over the bridge and down. Follow the path, and at the fork, go up. Go to the
center of the room and go down. You'll end your intro and go to Jad.

*Lise's Introduction*
Coming soon!

*Intro tips/strategies*
1.Carlie, Kevin, Lise, Duran, and Angela can level up in their intros. DON'T
LEVEL UP!!! Avoid the enemies. Not like you shouldn't kill them at all, but
don't train too much.
2.Carlie skips Jad, but if you want her in your team as your 3rd character, you
can have three people in your team by Full Metal Hugger.
3.Hawk can get a Round Drop in his beginning (After you're freed from jail)by
going right a little, down, and up the staircase. From there, go left over the
bridge and down. Follow the path, and at the fork, go up.  Then cross the room
and go up. Go right, and there will be a Round Drop in a treasure chest.

Recommended Lv:1         Castle City Jad
 You'll end up in Jad after your intro, unless you're Carlie, a city controlled
by beastmen. It's hardly any different for Kevin, except for the fact that if
he talks to a beastman, you won't get a "Fight!" or "Listen" option. As soon as
you enter, Lugar makes a speech that tells you the city is controlled by the
beastmen. The captain of the ship you came over on, or in Kevin's case, just
some sailor, will tell you that you're stuck in Jad.

 All the characters besides Carlie are here, so you can go meet them, if you
want to fool around. There's no weapon/armor upgrades here, so don't bother
looking in the weapon/armor stores. Items are for sale. If you talk to a
beastman and you're not Kevin, you'll get a "Fight!" or "Listen" option. Listen
just means stop talking, and Fight! means the beastman will knock you down to 1
HP. If you say Fight! You wake up in the inn.

 Now, back on track, go to the inn and stay until night. It's free, too. Now,
go down the the bottom of town and leave. Where there were formerly two
beastmen, there's two Bound Wolves, who you can fight. Now, leave into the
Rabite Forest.

*Jad tips/strategies*
1.Don't bother with healing items yet. You won't need them in the Rabite Forest
or the Cave of Waterfalls. You'll also find them from Rabites. Save your money
for a weapon or for later when you need healing items, not just as a

=      Good Places to Train        =
You may be thinking "Why on Earth does he have a section about training?".
Well, ever out of money, but on the verge of leveling up and you really want to
get into the Hall of Fame but if you level up, you won't? Well, this section's
for that. Here's what I've got so far:

1. Rabite Forest-When you re-visit it after going to the Amazonesses' Secret
Hideout, you can get around 30 luc and only 1 exp. Now that's value.

More coming soon!
6.Boss Strategies

 I will have boss strategies posted for areas I haven't gotten to in my
walkthrough, so don't worry if you see a boss you haven't heard about before or
vice versa. * means multitarget. These are the REAL walkthroughs, it's the boss
strategies that matter in the low-level games.

Full Metal Hugger
Recommended level-2-4 (For your main character).
Spells-Holy Ball, Heal Light.
Special attacks-Eye Beam, *Bubble Breath, *Dive Attack.

Strategy-This battle is straightforward. Fight, fight, and fight some more. You
should have at least 9 Round Drops (They won't all be needed if you're lv.5,
but if you're 3, you'll probably use them all), it's always nice to have a
Pakkun Chocolate or two, and at least 4 Angel's Grails, more are preferred. I
wouldn't use too much money on them, though. You should heal at around 30-40
HP. Every character is important here, so revive all the ones that die. If you
have limited Angel's Grails, the importance of reviving them is in this
order(Most important first), assuming at night: Kevin, Hawk, Duran, Lise,
Angela/Carlie. After Dive Attack, you'll probably need to heal every character.

*Who to Pick as a Starting Character*

-2nd hardest end bosses.
-Can't open ring while using magic, would have to switch controlled character
during battle to use items, other magic, and Angela's magic at the same time.

Difficulty Rating (1 being easiest)-3/5


-Easiest end bosses.
-If you want her in your team, you can get her before the first boss as a third
-Same magic prob. as Angela.
-Early healing.

Difficulty Rating (1 being easiest)-2/5


-2nd hardest end bosses.
-Very slight magic problem.

Difficulty Rating (1 being easiest)-2/5


-Hardest end bosses.
-Pretty big magic problem. Shuriken, jutsus, skills, and traps are used the
whole battle.

Difficulty Rating (1 being easiest)-4/5


-Easiest end bosses.
-Almost no magic problem.

Difficulty Rating (1 being easiest)-1/5


-Hardest end bosses.
-Summons used whole battle, magic problem.

Difficulty Rating (1 being easiest)-4/5

 Here's some party suggestions.


 A nice team. Angela should be a Sorceress to blast the enemies, Duran should
be a Gladiator to cast sabers, and Carlie should be an Enchantress because you
already have someone with sabers. This team is really for bosses, though,
because you just don't have enough attack power. This is a great team, thanks
to Carlie's early healing, and MT healing later on.



A great team. Angela should be a Sorceress, as always. Carlie should be a
Priestess to cast sabers, and Hawk should be a Ninja to use jutsus (stat downs
while doing damage are always good). A really great team, apart from the lame
attack power. Hawk could always use Shuriken instead of fighting; it only takes
1 MP, it hits the whole screen, and it does good damage. Again, Carlie and her
awesome healing will really save the day for this team, them all having low HP.

Fighting-1.5/5, 2.5/5 stats down.


 Also a great team. Angela should be a Sorceress. Carlie should yet again be a
Priestess (I prefer sabers over summons). Kevin can be whatever, because you
already have a healer, although I think Pressure Point's pretty useful (it will
raise your attack power higher than the Bashkar's and you're not using MP
anyways), so I recommend going light.

Fighting-2/5 at day, 2.5/5 at night.


 A good team. Angela as a Sorceress, Carlie as a Priestess, and Lise should be
a Rune Maiden. Again, low attack power, so if you really think you need more
attack power, take the Valkryie. However, she only beats the Rune Maiden by 13
attack points, and she gets to fight less during boss battles because she only
has ST stat ups.

Fighting-1/5, 2/5 stats up/down.


A pretty good team. Angela should ALWAYS be a Sorceress, Kevin should be a
Monk, and Duran should be a Gladiator to use Sabers. Plus, Gladiator has a FST.
There's only decent healing in this team, if you have leftover money, that you
think you won't need for a while, feel free to use it on healing items.

Fighting-4/5, 5/5 at night.

That's all for now.
Attack Magic
Holy Ball-2MP-Learned by Angela(All classes) and Carlie(Light classes)
Comment:The weakest of the 1st level spells.
Saint Beam-5MP-Learned by Angela(Light classes) and Carlie(Sage)-2nd level.

Diamond Missile-2MP-Learned by Angela(All classes)-1st level.
Earthquake-4MP-Learned by Angela(Light classes, Magus)-2nd level.
Stone Cloud-7MP-Learned by Angela(Rune Master)-3rd level.

Air Blast-2MP-Learned by Angela(All classes)-1st level.
Thunderstorm-4MP-Learned by Angela(Light classes, Magus)-2nd level.
Stun Wind-7MP-Learned by Angela(Rune Master)-3rd level.
Comments-Can silence enemies.

Evil Gate-2MP-Learned by Angela(All classes)-1st level.
Dark Force-5MP-Learned by Angela(Dark classes)-2nd level.
Death Spell-8MP-Learned by Angela(Rune Master)-3rd level.
Comments-Instant death if you're a higher level than who you're using it on.
999 damage on bosses.

Ice Smash-2MP-Learned by Angela(All classes)-1st level.
Mega Splash-4MP-Learned by Angela(Light classes, Magus)-2nd level.
Cold Blaze-7MP-Learned by Angela(Rune Master)-3rd level.

Fireball-2MP-Learned by Angela(All classes)-1st level.
Exploder-4MP-Learned by Angela(Light classes, Magus)-2nd level.
Blaze Wall-7MP-Learned by Angela(Rune Master)-3rd level.

Unicorn Head-1MP-Learned by Carlie (Dark classes)-1st level.
Comments-Weakest level 1 summon.

Machine Golem-1MP-Learned by Carlie (Dark classes)-1st level.

Gremlin-3MP-Learned by Carlie (Evil Shaman)-2nd level.

Ghoul-3MP-Learned by Carlie (Necromancer)-2nd level.
Comments-Poisons. The two 3MP summons are the weakest lv.2 summons.

Great Demon-5MP-Learned by Carlie (Evil Shaman)-2nd level.

Ghost-5MP-Learned by Carlie (Necromancer)-2nd level.

Marduke-6MP-Learned by Lise (Star Lancer)-3rd level.

Lamian Naga-6MP-Learned by Lise (Fenrir Knight)-3rd level.

Freya-7MP-Learned by Lise (Vanadis)-3rd level.
Comments-Chibikkos enemies, makin them do 1 damage and give 1 exp.

Jormundgand-7MP-Learned by Lise (Dragon Master)-3rd level.
Comments-Poisons enemies.

Stat Spells
Shuriken-1MP-Learned by Hawk(Dark classes).
Comments-Hit rate down/damage.
Deadly Weapon-4MP-Learned by Hawk(Nightblade).
Comments-Max.HP down by 1/5.

Earth Jutsu-3MP-Learned by Hawk(Dark classes).
Comments-Speed down/elemental damage.
Protect Up-2MP-Learned by Lise(Light classes).
Protect Down-4MP-Learned by Lise(Dark classes).

Thunder Jutsu-3MP-Learned by Hawk(Dark classes).
Comments-Defense down.
Speed Up-2MP-Learned by Lise(Light classes).
Speed Down-4MP-Learned by Lise(Dark classes).

Water Jutsu-3MP-Learned by Hawk(Dark classes).
Comments-Attack down.
Mind Up-2MP-Learned by Lise(Light classes).
Mind Down-4MP-Learned by Lise(Dark classes).

Fire Jutsu-3MP-Learned by Hawk(Dark classes).
Comments-Magic power/defense down.
Power Up-2MP-Learned by Lise(Light classes).
Power Down-4MP-Learned by Lise(Dark classes).

Sabers/Hawk's non-stats spells
Flame Saber-4MP-Learned by Duran(Dark classes) and Carlie(Light classes).

Ice Saber-4MP-Learned by Duran(Dark classes) and Carlie(Light classes).

Diamond Saber-4MP-Learned by Duran(Dark classes) and Carlie(Light classes).

Thunder Saber-4MP-Learned by Duran(Dark classes) and Carlie(Light classes).

Saint Saber-4MP-Learned by Duran(Dark classes) and Carlie(Light classes).

Dark Saber-4MP-Learned by Duran(Dark classes) and Carlie(Light classes).

Moon Saber-4MP-Learned by Duran(Swordmaster) and Kevin(Dervish).
Comments-Turns some of the damage done to the enemy into HP.

Tree Saber-4MP-Learned by Duran(Swordmaster) and Kevin(Dervish).
Comments-Turns some of the damage done to the enemy into MP.

More to come soon...

 This is an enemy list. I only have up to the Rabite Forest, but I'm running
through the game again and hope to add more.

Enemy name   Place it's found     Exp   Level Range    Items it drops
Rabite        Rabite Forest        1      Lv.1        Round Drop
                                                      Pakkun Chocolate
                                                      PuiPui Grass

Myconid      Rabite Forest, Cave   1      Lv.1-3      Round Drop
             of Waterfalls.                           PuiPui Grass
                                                      Matango Oil

Battum       Cave of Waterfalls    3      Lv.3-4      Round Drop
                                                      Stardust Herb
                                                      Battum's Eye
10.Hall of Fame

Well, here goes. I haven't QUITE figured out the ending levels for each level
(Veteran and Novice are the only ones that make it in here). I will after I
finish, though.

   *Undecided Level*
|CyberKnight, lv.32.  |
|Team- MC:Hawk-Ninja, |
|Angela-Sorceress     |
|Kevin-Monk.          |

That's all we got for now, I hope I'll be in there soon...
11.Contact Me

 My e-mail address is squarerocks@hotmail.com. E-mail me if-
*You have a class opinion.
*You have a team for me to put in my FAQ.
*You're answering a question I asked in my FAQ.
*You want to ask me a question and you can't go on the message board.
*Pretty much anything but flaming.

 If you can go on the SD3 message board on GameFAQs.com, that would be good.
I'm on at least 2 hours a day.
Thanks to-
GameFAQs.com for posting my FAQ

The Character Guides on GameFAQs. I used their info a lot. If you want in-depth
on a character, check 'em out!

Loopy's FAQ. It has all the directions for the places (up, down, etc.).
However, I'm running through the game again, and as I improve my quickly-done
sections, I'll update them with my own directions, even if they are often the

The Monster Item Guide by SManiac. His guide helped me find a lot of the items
that monsters drop in my monster list.

Anemo for submitting tips (And for being one of the first to say he'll try a
Low-Level game) Check out his FAQ if you want Carlie in your party-it's good.
Carlie's a great character to have for a Low-Leveler, BTW.

A HUGE thanks to jagan the vampire for sending this to me to submit when I was
on vacation.

 -THE END-(What, still here? Wow..)

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