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Angela FAQ/Walkthrough by ThundaSnake

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 01/02/02

Seiken Densetsu 3 Angela FAQ 

By: ThundaSnake 

Platform: SNES/Super Famicom 

Players: 1-2 

(Version 1.6) 

(Table of) Contents: 

0. Updates
1. What is SD3? (Intro) 
2. About Angela 
3. Angela in battle 
4. Angela's classes, magic, techs, and Final equipment
5. Suggested team/class combinations 
6. All Weapons/Armor/Helmets/Rings for Angela 
7. Angela's last Scenario 
8. The Black Rabite 
9. My Rants/Opinions
10. Version History 
11. Credits 
12. Copyright Info. 

0. Updates: 
7/31/01: Just finished the FAQ for the first time, expect more updates 

8/3/01: Added a new section (See Table of contents), and some opinions 
from people about Angela's classes.  Added the first part of the guide 
for Angela's last Scenario as well. 

8/6/01: Finished the final Dungeon guide up to the Mana Holyland, and 
fixed a few spelling errors. 

8/9/01: Completed the entire Weapons list, and provided directions on 
how to get to the Black Rabite in Dragon's Hole.  Also added more to the 
"What I think" section.  And I did fix some spelling errors.

8/11/01: Version 1.4 is now Version 1.5, which is basically a fix of 
Version 1.4, it includes stuff I forgot to add previously.  Sorry you 
guys. :(

1/2/02: I really REALLY apologize for the lack of updates.  A lot has 
been going on, and I haven't really had a chance to get around to the 
FAQ.  But now that I'm back into it, be prepared to see tons more 
1. What is SD3? 

     Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2), In my not-so-humble opinion, 
is probably the greatest RPG created for the SNES by Square.  SD3 is the 
Sequel to the game "Secret of Mana", and it is an impressive Sequel 
indeed.  Although created after Secret of Mana, the events take place 
WAAAAYYYYYYYYY before the first Secret of Mana game.  About 1000 years 
as a matter of fact (WHOO! I can't live THAT long).   

	The game is about a Mana tree, and how Mana is slowly fading from 
this world, and it must be restored before the Mana Goddess dies, or 
else, Mana will be gone from the World, and the 8 God-beasts will awaken 
from their Mana stones to destroy the world.  Oh no!  We can't let that 
happen, now can we?  6 people are chosen by a Faerie by strange events 
to go to the Mana Holyland and draw the sword from the tree, with the 
Mana Sword, they can restore the Mana and save the Goddess.  Not only to 
restore the Mana and save the Goddess, but to save the world!

	Although SD3 wasn't released in the US, it is known by a lot of 
people because some people translated the ROM so that we that speak 
english could understand it.  There are even people that import the 
original cartridge from Japan cause it was never available in the US 
until it was translated via internet.  You will never, I repeat, NEVER 
find an english cartridge version of this game, not anywhere.  It was 
only translated as a ROM.  The only way to get the original cartridge is 
to import it from Japan (hope you can speak Japanese!  Heh.), or look on 
Ebay or something. 

	What I have made here is an Angela FAQ, because I know many people 
will have questions about Angela, so I thought, why not?  Angela IS 
after all my favorite character, so I thought it would help to make an 
FAQ telling you EVERYthing about her..... :)


	(ahem) You can pick 3 out of 6 characters to start your game (1 
being the Main character, and the other 2 being partners).  The 6 
characters are: 

Angela, Magician and Princess of Altena. 
Duran, Swordsman from Forcena. 
Hawk, Thief from Navarre. 
Lise, Princess and Amazoness of Rolante. 
Kevin, Grappler from the Beast Kingdom. 
Carlie, Cleric from the Holy City Wendel.

	The first character you choose is the Main character, and the Main 
character you pick determines the Scenario you are playing through.  
There are 3 different Scenarios, each with a different Final dungeon and 
a different final boss.  These are how the 3 Scenarios are shared:

Angela and Duran share a Scenario
Hawk and Lise share a Scenario
Kevin and Carlie share a Scenario  

	Whatever characrter you pick as your first character determines 
what Final dungeon you will go through, and the end bosses you will be 
fighting.  What you will be reading from here on down is an FAQ about 
Angela, the (hot and sexy) Princess of Altena.  Watch your step, it's a 
looooong way down from here.....


2. About Angela 

	Angela is the Princess of the Magic Kingdom Altena, and she is the 
only one living in the castle that doesn't know Magic.  The Magic 
Kingdom Altena is on the Ice Continent in the Sub-Zero Snowfields. 
Valda, "the Queen of Reason", is Angela's mother and the greatest Magic 
user throughout all of Altena.  The Queen's Magic is what keeps the 
snowy city at a decent temperature, but since Mana is fading, the 
Queen's magic can't hold out much longer.  Valda constantly nags Angela 
about skipping Magic class every day, and Angela doesn't care if she 
knows Magic or not, she doesn't think it will help the way she lives.  
Angela is spoiled, and that's partially because her mother never 
disciplined her when she was a child.  She is selfish and stubborn to 
everyone around her, wanting to feel comfortable being around her 
mother.  As she grew to be an adult, she matured into a beautilful 
woman, like her Mother, but unable to use Magic.  She is friends with 
Victor, someone commonly known throughout the castle of Altena. 

	One day, Victor tells Angela that Koren and Valda wish to see her.  
Angela goes to the Queen's chamber being pursued by Victor, to speak to 
her Mother.  Koren tells Angela about the invasion of Forcena that they 
are planning, and how they plan to take the world's Mana stones.  They 
say that in order to get to the Mana Holyland, they must release the 
energy of the 8 Mana stones.  Angela asks how this will be done, and 
Valda tells her of an ancient spell that controls the energy of the Mana 
stones, and that it takes the life of the caster.  They then tell Angela 
that they are using Angela's life as the sacrifice for releasing the 
Mana stone's energy that is in the Labyrinth of Ice walls.  Angela 
freaks, wondering what the hell is going on...  Valda then tells her 
that she is the shame of the Royal family, being the only one that 
cannot use Magic.  She also says that Angela can be greatly remembered 
as a user of the great Magics (the magic that controls the stones' 
energy), so her death will not be a forgotten one. 

     Angela refuses, then she is all of a sudden vanishes atthe cause of 
a mysterious force.  She awakens a few minutes later to find herself 
outside of the Castle gates.  She wonders to herself why her mom wants 
her life as a Sacrifice to release the Mana Stone's energy, and decides 
to venture away from the castle, knowing she can't go back in order to 
avoid death.  

     She fights her way through the fierce Sahagins of the Sub-Zero 
snowfields, and then all of a sudden passes out because she can't 
withstand the fierce cold weather.  She then finds herself in a house 
with a woman and a little girl that brought her from the Sub-Zero 
snowfields, to the Snow City Elrand.  She then watches as the woman 
plays with her daughter, and turns away because she remembers how her 
mother never did things like that for her when she was an infant.  

	She walks outside, and goes to the inn to talk to the Fortune 
Teller, and the FT tells her that life is 99% fate, and 1% hope.  The FT 
tells Angela that some people lose their 1% hope, which is why they go 
to the Priest of Light in the Holy City Wendel.  She walks out of the 
inn, then decides to head out to the Holy City for help, seeing that she 
can't stay in Altena anymore unless she wants to be killed by Koren and 

Side note: Doesn't Valda look hot? Hehe....

3. Angela in battle 

	Angela is not really much of a fighter like some of the other 
characters, but she learns offensive Magic.  As a matter of fact, she is 
the best offensive magic user in the game.  Although most of her stats 
are low, her magic makes up for it.  Angela has low Vitality and low HP, 
and she isn't very strong, either.  Offensive, elemental magic is her 
specialty.  She has the highest intelligence rating, meaning the highest 
Magic Defense and Magic Effectiveness in the game.  She also has a high 
Spirit rating, although she learns no spells that increase the party's 
stats, but she is good with HP-raising/beneficial items.  She learns a 
few spells in her Neutral class to start her off, then gains a lot more 
as she levels up.  Every one of her Final classes has 12 spells, which 
is the Maximum number of spells for one character.  None of the other 
characters can learn the magic that Angela learns, making her stand out 
in Offensive attack Magic.  Her luck isn't so great either, meaning that 
she isn't the best at opening treasure chests and avoiding traps, unlike 
Hawk, who has the highest luck rating.  She is one of the 4 single-
hitting characters in the game, but her range is slightly better than 
the characters who have 2x attack, but that still doesn't make up for 
her low attack power.  Angela isn't meant to have a high attack power, 
since after all, she IS the best Offensive Magic user, and that's what I 
love her for.  
     Angela's Light classes actually have a better attack power than her 
Dark Classes, and this is sort of a surprise indeed.  Angela's Light 
Light class (Grand Divina) has the Highest Strength of all of her 
classes (17), which isn't bad for a magic user, and her tech does enough 
damage to take out most regular enemies in just one hit.  Angela's Light 
Dark class, the Arch Mage, has a higher Spirit rating than the Grand 
Divina, but a lower Strength Rating.  Otherwise, the Grand Divina and 
the Arch Mage are very similar (Multitarget all Lv 2 spells, and 
"Ultimate" Spells), but their ultimate spells are different.  Both are 
excellent classes.  I'm not going to say which is better, Grand Divina 
or Arch Mage, since they are almost the same, so there is no better one.   

	Angela's Dark classes, however, don't learn to use Multitarget 
Magic unlike her Light classes (except for Ancient, Magus), but they do 
learn powerful Spells.  Angela's Dark Dark class, the Magus, has the 
highest intelligence rating of all her classes (22), too bad her Lv 2 
spells aren't Multitargetable.  Although not Multitargetable, She has 
the most powerful Lv 2 spells (And Lv 1 spells) of all classes.  The 
Rune Master, Angela's Dark Light class, is the only class that learns Lv 
3 spells, which are more powerful than Lv 2 spells, and most of them 
inflict a bad status effect on enemies.  It kinda reminds you of Hawk's 
Dark Light class, the Ninja Master, except that the Rune Master's magic 
doesn't have Stat Down effects unlike the Ninja Master's Magic.  They 
are also pretty costly on MP, and aren't Multitargetable. 

	All of Angela's Final classes are good ones, there is no best 
Final class for Angela.  

	Since Angela's magic proves to be very effective during the course 
of the game, she is a good character choice for a starting team, since 
she will help speed the game up big time, especially with most of the 
bosses.  Angela is not that hard of a character to use, if ya know what 
yer doin.  Beware, tho, don't use Angela as a physical attacker, as she 
has low HP and low attack power.  It's best to stay at a distance and 
use her magic since she has a LOT of MP, and attack with her every once 
in a while.  When you Master how to control Angela in battle, you'll 
fall in love with her as much as I am in love with her (hehehe...) 

4. Angela's classes, magic, stats, techs, and Final Equipment 

	Here is a list of all of Angela's classes, the magic learned with 
each of those classes and their effects, each class's Maximum stats, 
techs that come with each class, and the Final Equipment for each class.  

Here is how Angela's classes work: 

                    Grand Divina
         /         \
        /           Arch Mage
        \        Rune Master 
         \      /

Here are the descriptions for each class, and what they learn.  

Magician (Neutral)- Angela's starting class, nothing much to talk about 
here, as you can't really CHOOSE to be a Magician, you're FORCED to be 
one if you choose her as a character.  A good Neutral class, as she 
learns 6 Magic spells before her first class change.  Note that you must 
have the Elemental before you can learn Angela's magic.  She doesn't 
start off with Magic, but she learns it as she levels up, and if you 
increase her Intelligence rating.  I recommend increasing her 
Intelligence to at least 10 before class changing, just to be sure that 
her intelligence isn't too low to learn her 1st 6 magic spells. 
Magic Learned: 
Holy Ball-(MP: 2) (One/all enemies)- Angela's first spell, and a good 
one throughout the game.  Can damage one enemy, or all enemies on the 
screen with balls of Light.  Does even more damage against enemies of a 
Dark type.  Requires Wisp, the Spirit of Light, to learn.

Diamond Missile-(MP: 2) (One/all enemies)- This is a cool-looking spell, 
in my opinion.  A Diamond shatters and breaks up into smaller pieces, 
which pierce your enemy or enemies, doing earth damage.  Good against 
enemies that are Air-type.  Requires Gnome, the Spirit of Earth, to 

Air Blast-(MP: 2) (One/all enemies)- Two Wind blades come together and 
form a Cyclone on one enemy, or Cyclones Sweep across the screen, doing 
Wind elemental damage.  Requires Jinn, the spirit of Wind, to learn. 

Evil Gate-(MP: 2) (One/all enemies)- Enemy gets trapped in a gate of 
darkness that "sucks" them in, doing Dark elemental damage.  Requires 
Shade, the Spirit of Darkness, to learn.   

Ice Smash-(MP: 2) (One/all enemies)- Hails large chunks of ice down on 
one enemy, or hurls 3 giant Ice chunks down on all enemies on the 
screen, doing Ice elemental damage.  Requires Undine, the spirit of 
Water, to learn.  

Fireball-(MP: 2) (One/all enemies)- Launches 3 missile-like fireballs at 
one enemy, or 6 fireballs at all enemies.  This spell looks cool, and it 
has awesome animation too.  Requires Salamando, the spirit of Fire, to 

The Magician's maximum stats: 

Tech: Double Attack (Hits anything that's in the way of it)

Sorceress (Light)-This is a great class, as she learns a few Lv 2 spells 
that are useful throughtout the game, especially against the God-Beasts 
that you will come across.  She doesn't learn to Multitarget her Lv 2 
spells until later, which is even better.  If you're a starter, I 
recommend taking the Sorceress first, as you will NOT regret it, and 
you'll be happy that you did.  She also gets a nice-looking tech too 

Magic Learned: 
Saint Beam-(MP: 5) (One enemy)- Makes a Triangular-shaped beam circle 
around Angela once, then pierces an enemy, causing great Light damage.  
A powerful spell indeed, and very useful against Dark enemies.  

Thunderstorm-(MP: 4) (One enemy)- Makes a fierce Lightning Bolt strike 
one enemy from above, causing great Wind damage.  Good against Ground-
type enemies. 

Earthquake-(MP: 4) (One enemy)- Drops a giant boulder on top of an 
enemy, causing great Earth damage.  Good against Wind-type enemies. 

Mega Splash-(MP: 4) (One enemy)- Rains on top of an enemy for a bit, 
then shoots 4 Icebergs up from the ground around an enemy, causing great 
Water damage.  Good against Fire-type enemies. 

Explode-(MP: 4) (One enemy)- Makes the area that the enemy is standing 
in explode, causing great Fire damage.  Good against Ice-type enemies. 

The Sorceress's Maximum Stats: 

Tech: Pink Typhoon (Shows her arse for a few secs, then blows a damaging 
kiss at one enemy.  Sweet!) 

Delvar (Dark)-The Delvar doesn't have as much to offer as the Sorceress, 
as she only learns 1 extra spell (Dark Force).  This spell is helpful 
against 1 God-Beast, the Light Gazer (probably the most annoying God-
Beast).  She has a higher intelligence than the Sorceress, meaning her 
Lv 1 spells are slightly more powerful than the Sorceress's level 1 
spells.  Not recommended for starters, I only recommend this path for 
Vet Angela players, or experienced ones, at least.  You have to suffer 
20 levels of this class before you can get to her better Dark classes.  

Magic Learned: 
Dark Force-(MP: 5) (One enemy)- Makes a black Circle close in on an 
enemy, followed by a series of damaging Darkness orbs.  Dark elemental 
damage.  Good against Light enemies, and powerful too.  

The Delvar's Maximum Stats: 

Tech: Star Attack (Shoots three stars from her cane at one enemy.)

Grand Divina (Light Light)-Oh yes, Yes, YES!  YESSS!  (ahem) Never mind 
me.  Anyway, the Grand Divina is Angela's Light Light class, and an X-
SUH-LENT class indeed.  Although there are A LOT out there that disagree 
with me.  Most others say that the Rune Master is the best class for 
Angela, but I disagree, and I'll tell you why later.  Anyway,  thye 
Grand Divina is my favorite class, as this class gives Angela the 
ability to multitarget all of her Level 2 spells (MT Saint Beam! 
Yahoo!), plus an awesome ultimate spell called "Double Spell", which 
rocks the screen for a combination of magic attacks, and it's awesome.  
This class also has the highest Strength rating of all of Angela's 
classes, making her not too bad of an attacker for a Magician.  A HIGH 
intelligence meaning powerful spells, and a great Spirit rating too, 
which makes her good at using those infamous Poto Oils, or any 
beneficial-magic items (Sabering items, etc.).  An enjoyable class.  
'Nuff said.  

Magic Learned: 
Saint Beam (One/All enemies)
Thunderstorm (One/All enemies) 
Earthquake (One/All enemies) 
Mega Splash (One/All enemies) 
Explode (One/All enemies)
Double Spell-(MP: 9) (All enemies)- A combination of Lava Wave followed 
by a multitarget Ice Smash attack, damaging all enemies on the screen 
for a double-elemental attack.  Very powerful, and useful in the last 
few dungeons, but watch your MP.  

Grand Divina's Maximum Stats: 

Equipment of the Grand Divina: 
Weapon: Ganvantein 
Armor: Myein Dress 
Helmet: Myein Crown 
Ring: Blizzard Hairpin 

Tech: Spiral Rod (Angela throws her Rod at an enemy in a spinning 
motion, and the rod hacks away at the enemy while still in a spinning 
motion, then the Rod returns to Angela.  Pretty cool tech) 

Item needed for the Grand Divina class: 
Arcane Book (if used as a Regular item, it will cast Saint Beam against 
the enemy)  

Archmage (Light Dark)-Whoo!  Here we goze again!  Okay, Meet the Arch 
Mage, which has just about everything that the Grand Divina has, except 
a different Ultimate spell, a higher point of Spirit and Luck, and one 
less point in everything else except Vitality.  As I said before, the 
Archmage has just about all that the Grand Divina has, meaning 
Multitarget ALL Level 2 spells, AND an ultimate spell, but instead of 
Double Spell, she learns a spell called "Rainbow Dust", which is a magic 
spell with the 4 basic elementals creating a Rainbow-like Aura to attack 
all enemies.  You should see for yourself.  It's fun to watch, but it 
does cost a lot, so be careful.  Angela's Light classes RULE!  

Magic Learned: 
Saint Beam (One/All enemies) 
Thunderstorm (One/All enemies)
Earthquake (One/All enemies) 
Mega Splash (One/All enemies) 
Explode (One/All enemies) 
Rainbow Dust-(MP: 10) (All enemies)- The 4 elementals Gnome, Undine, 
Salamando, and Jinn (in that order) jump out of Angela and disappear, 
then a Rainbow Circle slowly closes in on the center of the screen, then 
a bunch of Rainbow dots splatter all over the screen, damaging all 
enemies.  One awesome spell, along with Double spell.   

Archmage's Maximum Stats: 

Equipment of the Archmage: 
Weapon: Spirit Cane 
Armor: Eremos Coat 
Helmet: Eremos Crown 
Ring: Blizzard Hairpin 

Tech: Dancing Rod (Angela makes her cane "dance" for a few seconds, then 
makes it repeatedly attack one enemy.) 

Item needed for the Archmage class: 
Book of Secrets (If used as a Regular item, it will cast Multitarget 
Explode against all enemies)

Magus (Dark Dark)-The Magus.  Yes, hmm..... the Magus has the highest 
intelligence of all of Angela's classes (22), meaning she has the most 
powerful Lv 1 and Lv 2 spells in the game.  Only bad thing is that the 
Lv 2 spells she learns are single-target (sigh).....  Basically, she 
learns all the Lv 2 magic that the Sorceress does, except for Saint 
Beam.  But, to top off all the Lv 2 magic that she learns, she learns 
Ancient, which is the most powerful attack spell the Magus has to offer.  
I know you've seen Ancient being casted at least once before, but if you 
haven't, it's an attack in which a bunch of Meteors fall from the sky, 
causing a bunch of explosions, then ends with one GIANT Meteor, dealing 
EXTREME damage.  Be wary, as it does take some time to cast, so you may 
need a spell such as Trans-Shape (Hawk as a Wanderer has it) to cast on 
Angela so that she is safe from being attacked while casting Ancient.  
Be careful, though, because Ancient takes a whooping 12 MP to cast, and 
you can run out before you know it.  I'd rather take the Archmage or the 
*Grand Divina*, but just for fun, I pick this class to kill everyone 
with the fun Ancient spell.  So, maybe she doesn't have the ability to 
MT Level 2 spells unlike the GD and the AM, but she has the most 
powerful Lv 1 and 2 spells.  Good choice if you want a challenge.  

Magic Learned: 
Thunderstorm (One enemy) 
Earthquake (One enemy) 
Mega Splash (One enemy) 
Explode (One enemy) 
Ancient-(MP: 12) (All enemies) (Description above)

Magus's Maximum Stats: 

Equipment of the Magus: 
Weapon: Dragon Rod 
Armor: Ancient Robe 
Helmet: Ancient Tiara 
Ring: Magma Hairpin 

Tech: Hot Shot (Angela shoots 5 small explosive red bombs from her cane 
at one enemy.) 

Item needed for the Magus class: 
Forbidden Book (If used as a Regular item, it will cast Multitarget Dark 
Force against all enemies) 

Rune Master (Dark Light)-(Takes a deep breath) THE RUNE MASTER....sorry 
for shouting. (ahem) The Rune Master is the only class of Angela that 
learns Level 3 spells, which do more damage than Level 2 and Level 1 
spells, as well as inflict a bad status on an enemy (with the exception 
of Blaze Wall).  And she also learns DeathSpell, which wipes out an 
enemy in one hit, or does 999 damage to bosses.  There are some bad 
things, though: her Lv 3 spells are only single-target, and they cost a 
lot of MP to cast (7 per spell).  She has almost the same stats as the 
Grand Divina, but two lower points of Strength and Agility.  An 
impressive class with Level 3 spells, but many people claim that this is 
the "only" way to go with Angela, but I disagree in many ways, and I 
will explain why I disagree later on.  And I do have to agree, this is 
the most unique class of Angela.   

Magic Learned: 

Dark Force (One/all enemies)

Stun Wind-(MP: 7) (One enemy)- Attacks one enemy with a hurricane-like 
wind, dealing heavy wind elemental damage and Silences the enemy (unless 
it is a boss). (Jinn Spell)  

Stone Cloud-(MP: 7) (One enemy)- Makes a large rock-elemented cloud fall 
on top of an enemy dealing heavy Earth damage, and Petrifies the enemy 
(except bosses).  Very useful spell, especially against the Lv 99 Great 
Demons in the fight with the Black Rabite. (Gnome Spell)  

Cold Blaze-(MP: 7) (One enemy)- Snows on the screen for a few seconds, 
then all the snow instantly comes together, trapping an enemy in a cage 
of ice, and dealing heavy Ice damage.  Turns an enemy into a Snowman 
(doesn't work on bosses), disabling then to move. (Undine Spell)

Blaze Wall-(MP: 7) (One enemy)- Makes Magma shoot up from the ground 
under one enemy, dealing heavy Fire damage. No Status effect unlike the 
other spells, but does good damage. (Salamando Spell) 

DeathSpell-(MP: 8) (One enemy)- Traps an enemy in a darkness sphere 
surrounded by a "Triforce" as I like to call it.  Kills an enemy 
instantly, or does 999 damage to bosses, but there's a catch: YOU MUST 
WORK.  If your level is lower than the enemy you are casting it on, it 
will do 0 damage.  Also note that DeathSpell is a non-elemental spell, 
so no types of enemies can absorb it. (Shade Spell, but non-elemental)  

Rune Master's Maximum Stats: 

Equipment of the Rune Master: 
Weapon: Rune Staff
Armor: Rune Coat 
Helmet: Rune Veil 
Ring: Magma Hairpin 

Tech: 10t (Angela throws her Rod in the air, and a giant 10-ton weight 
falls on top of an enemy.  (sigh) Kinda reminds me of the Road 
Runner/Wile E. Coyote cartoons.....) 

Item needed for the Rune Master class:
Book of Rune (If used as an item, it will cast DeathSpell against a 
single enemy)

Well, that's it for the classes and their descriptions.  Hope this 
If you have any class descriptions, e-mail me at 
lightninglegend@aol.com, or tell me at the SD3 message boards. 

From MeepleLard: 
Sorcerress-This Class is one of the Top Second Classes in the game. She 
learns all her Level 2 spells when you need them, namely the God Beasts. 
And her attack is pretty good for Angela this stage in the game. The 
only thing she does worse than the Delvar is fighting Light Gazer and 
weaker level 1 spells, but her Level 2 spells are much better.

Delvar-On the flip side, while Angela contains one of the Best 2nd 
Classes, she also has one of the worst. This class gets one spell, WOW! 
And the spell is dark based, which is the most useless Elemant in the 
Game. Personally, I have no reason to choose the Delvar, unless the team 
needs the Rune Master, which it usually does not. This class could have 
been a lot better, but it's not. STAY AWAY FROM THIS UNLESS YOU'VE 

Grand Divina-Her Best Class, but only a little above the 2nd place one 
but a whole lot above the other 2. She learns powerful MT level 2 
spells, and her Ultimate Spell, Double Spell, is just awesome. I have 
gotten it to do over 900 points of damage to certain bosses, and that's 
awesome. If that sounds good, what if I said that the Grand Divina also 
contains Angela's highest Strength, meaning, she can be used as a 
Fighter to a degree in this Class. This is one you definitly should put 
into consideration. Also, you don't suffer 20 levels as the Delvar, but 
kick *$$ for 20 levels as the Sorcerress.

 Arch Mage-Ummm, basically the same as the Grand Divina, only not as 
good. But she is better for areas with Dark Enemies, as her Saint Beam 
is Stronger, since that is one spell based on Spirit and she has the 
Highest Spirit of all of her classes. Also, Rainbow Dust is as powerful 
as Double Spell and looks cooler too. This Class is great, use it if 
your team lacks a healer, since she can Throw Poto Oils almost as good 
as Carlie. 

Rune Master-The Most hated class on the board, the most loved on the 
Faqs. This class is the only reason to choose the Delvar, IMHO. She is 
better than her light classes ONLY if your team has Good MT Spells or 
can't do much Damage to bosses. She is great against Bosses, with her 
Level 3 spells and Death Spell, but against Regular Enemies, she loses 
use. I think this class is one of the best to use against Koren, but 
Still, I'll choose her Light Classes 9/10, the 1 time is when I use the 
Rune Master.

Magus-At first, I loved this class, because of Ancient. When I realized 
that her Light Classes cast Cheaper Ultimate Spells that are strong 
enough to wipe out enemies, I thought "Why use this class?" Out of 
Seriousness, there is not much reason to choose this Class. Instead of 
learning MT Level 2 basic elementals, she only gets slightly stronger ST 
Level 2 spells, which are not nearly as good. Instead of the almighty MT 
Saint Beam, she gets the all crappy ST Dark Force. And some people say 
Ancient is worth 20 levels as the Delvar, but I think its not. 
Personally, if you want the Magus, i'ts basically the same as her Light 
Classes with a More expensive Spell, and w/out MT level 2's. And one 
last thought, on bosses, Ancient does the same amount of Damage to them 
with stats raised and lowered as Rainbow Dust and Double Spell. And 
those 2 you can cast more. THis is the worst and most useless class of 
Angela, and what's worse is that you are forced to use the Delvar for at 
least 20 levels. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CLASS, and most of the time, her 
dark side.  

From Unlocke: 

Grand Divina and Archmage are pretty much the same class. They're both 
very good because they can multi target all lvl1 and lvl2 spells except 
for dark force, and have double or rainbow. However, Grand Divina does 
have a slightly higher strength and intelligence. Archmage has higher 
spirit, so have her toss poto oils. Although rainbow does more damage, 
it costs more 10 MP. This means it can be cast 9 times, but have 9 mp 
left over. Double spell costs 9 mp, so it can be cast exactly 11 times. 

RuneMaster-Read any of my rants on RuneMaster topic. Basically, I say 
that she has worse spells and stats, compared to her other classes. 

From Aron Figaro: 
Okay, here go mine: 
Sorceress: Well personally I find all of Angela's classes to be pretty 
effective. For the Sorceress, you get single-target level-2-elemental 
spells in Light, Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water, as well as retaining the 
Multi-Target level-1 spells of the aforementioned 5 elements, as well as 
Darkness. Her techs aren't really worth mentioning for power...but Pink 
Typhoon is just cute and funny! 7/10 for this class. 

Delvar: I find this class to be more effective than a lot of people take 
it as, and I did my first playthrough of the game with Angela as a 
Delvar. It was a little bit harder, because you don't have the level-2 
Elemental spells in anything except for Darkness, but you do get 
improved Intelligence. This will increase the power of your level-1 
spells, and I found that they were the most MP-efficient to begin with. 
Delvar is just a good class, albeit misunderstood. I give it a 7/10 as 

GrandDivina: I really like this class, although I still say that all of 
Angela's FCs are really equal, save possibly for the Archmage. The 
GrandDivina gets MT Level-2 Element spells, and her Ultimate Spell is 
Double Spell, for 9 MP. I don't often use DS, but I do find her magic to 
be effective, and she has the highest attack power out of all the FCs. I 
rate this class 8/10

Archmage: This class has NOTHING over GrandDivina. I think they should 
have made more differences. Rainbow Dust, the Ultimate Spell of this 
class, is more effective than Double Spell, but not by much, and you 
sacrifice Strength, Agility, and Intelligence, for an extra point on 
Spirit and Luck. I wouldn't bother really with this class, and I give it 

Rune Master: THIS class gets interesting! You get some nice Level-3 
element spells, albeit single-target, and they inflict status ailments. 
Sure you're burning a lot of MP on them, but I really find them 
effective. Deathspell, on the other hand, I find quite useless. Don't 
even bother using it unless you know you're a higher level than a boss. 
Then go ahead and bomb his brains out with it, by all means! I give this 
class, which was my FC on my first playthrough, a good 7.5/10. 

Magus: Now this is a great class. Level-2 spells and Ancient are the 
dominating factors. The L2s aren't Multi-Target, save for Dark Force, 
but that doesn't matter, because you will usually be using this class on 
bosses anyway. You have the highest maximum Intelligence for any 
character in the game, as well as the most powerful magic attack in the 
game, Ancient. It DOES cost 12 MP, and is very long to cast, though, so 
it should be saved for bosses, unless you have Tree Saber on someone. I 
give this class an 8/10! 

From Fizban13: 

Here I go... 
Sorcerress- Good second class with pretty powerful lvl2 spells. 

GrandDivina - Angela's best class IMO, has stronger magic power than 
Archmage(not counting saint beam) and Angela's highest strength. She has 
a good final spell too, at only 9 MP and dealing just barly less than 
rainbow dust.

ArchMage - very similar to GD, just less powerful magic but casts spells 
faster due to her extra points in spirit. Her tech costs more MP than 
GD's but doesn't deal much more damage. She has somewhat low of attack 

Delvar - the second worse second class in the game IMO. She learns 
DarkForce and...and...that's it. Avoid this class unless you have a good 
party with RM and Magus. 

RuneMaster - Usually a poor class, but in the right party, it can be 
pretty good. Somewhat of a MP consuming class, but has very powerful 
magic. What makes this class even worse is her extremly low attack 
power, but it shouldn't be too big of a problem being that Angela is 
supposed to be a magic user. 

Magus - Angela's second best class and often her best class when used 
properly. People often see Ancient and don't look any further into the 
class. She has Angela's highest magic power and her second highest 

From Veib: 
Sorceress: The MT lvl 1 spells are nice, but ST lvl 2 spells are even 
nicer. Gets all the lvl 2 spells except Dark Force. Spells help 
tremendously against the God-Beasts. Great spells and a funny tech make 
a great class.

Grand Divina: MT lvl 2 spells are good, and so is Double Spell. DS just 
looks boring, and is damn long to watch. GD has highest attack power of 
all Angela's classes with her 17 strength. Also highest intelligence, so 
her spells are more powerful than those of Arch Mage. She has the 
coolest sub-screen pose in the game, and cool colors. I prefer this over 
Arch Mage. 

Arch Mage: Basically the same as GD, but with Rainbow Dust instead of 
Double Spell. Has higher spirit, and thus has more powerful Holy Ball 
and Saint Beam spells. A good class, but IMO not as good as Grand 

Delvar: Now this sucks. Only one spell over the Magician, and that's the 
not-so-useful Dark Force. Whoopee. And you have to use her for 20 
levels. Go to with the Light, my friend. Just go with the Light.  

Rune Master: I like it. Since I use spells only one bosses, MT is not 
needed so ST lvl 3 spells kick ass. Death Spell is nice with high enough 
levels (which I never have...). The most unique class of Angela, and the 
only class in the game that can get the lvl 3 elemental spells. Lack of 
lvl 2 spells is a bad thing, though. A nice class, but it's not worth 20 
levels of Delvar.

Magus: Has all the lvl 2 spells except Saint Beam, but they're only ST. 
Ancient is the most powerful spell in the game and it's MT. But the 
ultimate spells of her light classes are powerful enough, and they also 
get MT lvl 2 spells. Magus has the highest intelligence of all Angela's 
classes, and so has the most powerful spells. Not worth 20 levels of 
Delvar, especially since Light classes have almost all that Magus has, 
and they also have better stuff. I'd say that this is Angela's worst 

From Paul Wolfstien: 

I'm only gonna go the FC's, that's all that matters to me. 
Grand Divina: The GD is definitly a "Tier 1" character, along with the 
Arch Mage. They are both very good, but I agree with everyone in they 
could have more variety. The GD gets higher STR/DEX than the AM but the 
AM gets higher INT/SPR. So if you want a little more power, take the GD. 
If you want a little more magic power/healing take the AM.  
Highlights of this class are: MTLV1 spells, MTLV2 spells, good 
STR/DEX/INT, and Double Spell. 
Arch Mage: The AM is also a definite "Tier 1" character (although I put 
it in Tier 2, I think). She is the excat same as the GD, except she has 
lower STR but she has higher INT/SPR. I find this comes more in handy 
for the teams I use Angela with. Still both of them are great classes. 
Highlights of this class are: MTLV1 spells, MTLV2 spells, good 
STR/INT/SPR, and my fav US Rainbow Dust. 
Magus: The Magus is not only one of the few "Useless" classes in SD3 ... 
but it is the WORST of the "useless" classes. She has MTLV1 spells, 
STLV2 spells, and a very strong US in Ancient. However since she doesn't 
have MTLV2 spells she's really horrible. Yeah, you could say she's a 
great BOSS fighter, but the Rune Master takes her easily in that 
department. She has good STR and the highest INT of Angela's FC's which 
makes her MTLV1's a lot more useful than before. Still stronger MTLV1's 
and Ancient don't make up for her lack of MTLV2's. This is basically 
like a worse version of the Grand Divina and Arch Mage.  
Highlights of this class are: MTLV1 spells, good STR, highest INT of her 
FC's, and Ancient. 
Rune Master: The RM is probably the most controversial class in SD3. 
This was due to the idiotic FAQ writers (early on) for SD3 that totally 
praised this class, and didn't see it's downsides as well as it's 
upsides. The RM has the worst stat's of all of Angela's FC's but she 
makes up for it with her awesome powered LV3 spells which not only do 
amazing damage, but cause status effects as well. She gets the best 
spell in the game (Death Spell) which kills any enemy in one hit, and 
does 999 damage to BOSSES, and it's guaranteed for 8 MP. The only catch 
to DS is that for it to work you have to be on an equal or higher level 
than your enemy. That's never a problem for me personally, so it has 
tremendous uses. MTLV1 spells really help this class as well. Since this 
class is mainly for BOSS fighting the MTLV1's help her contribute with 
regular enemy battles. This is a great class if used right, but it can't 
be used in as many parties as her light classes can. Still, it's a blast 
to use, and has Angela's coolest tech (10t). 
Highlights of this class are: MTLV1 spells, LV3 spells, and the Death 
There ya go. 

Thanks you guys!  I really appreciate it! 
Oh yeah, and to Veib: 
LOL! :)

5. Suggested Team Combinations

This is a section where I have tried out a variety of teams with Angela 
in them. 

Angela, Kevin, Hawk 
This is actually my first team, and I have to say, it did go pretty 
well.  I had Angela as a Grand Divina, Hawk as a Nightblade, and Kevin 
as a God Hand.  Good thing I did have the God Hand, as the God Hand and 
the Nightblade have Full-Screen techs, and Angela has all multitarget 
Magic, making it easy for me to hack through enemies in my way.  A cool 
team, if you ask me. 

Kevin, Duran, Angela 
This is a team where I made a mistake on.  A couple of mistakes, 
actually.  First, I had Kevin as a Dervish, Duran as a Sword Master, and 
Angela as an Archmage.  The mistake I made was turning Kevin into a 
Dervish cause the Sword Master already has Moon Saber.  Then, I tried 
Kevin as a Death Hand, Duran as a Duelist, and Angela as a Grand Divina.  
This team worked well, as Kevin and Duran both have Full screen Techs, 
and Angela has once again all multitarget elemental magic (plus Double 
spell), AND this team is an all out powerhouse, with all characters at 
their most powerful classes (in terms of strength).  The bad thing is, 
no healers (>_<), but that can be fixed with Healing items (D'oh!).  A 
great team, you should try it for fun.  

Angela, Lise, Carlie  
Yay!  The all-female team!  Whoo!  Fun, fun, fun!  (AHEM, ahem) Anyway, 
I had a lot of fun with this team, even though not the highest of 
offense, but I still liked it.  This is where I (sorta) found a home for 
Angela's Dark classes.  I went Dark with Angela, then to the Rune Master 
class, went Light with Lise, then to the Star Lancer class, then I went 
Dark (again) with Carlie, then to the Necromancer class.  It was kinda 
bad because I had to suffer 20 levels of the Delvar, but then again it 
wasn't because I had Lise's stat ups to improve Angela's Level 1 spells.  
I managed to make it through, not that hard.  The good stuff happened 
when I got to the second class change.  I have Carlie with Black Curse 
(all stats down, except for Hit/Evade Rate), Lise with Multitarget Stat 
ups and an EXCELLENT summon, and Angela with the Level 3 spells, and 
DeathSpell.  The all-female team can do some SERIOUS damage if you know 
what you're doing. :) 

Angela, Hawk, Lise 

A rather interesting team... for this team, I had Lise a Star Lancer, 
Hawk a Ninja Master, and Angela as Archmage.  It's a cool team, with 
Stat downs, Stat ups, and multitarget magic.  Maybe not the most 
exciting of all teams, but try it for the hell of it.  

More teams to come..... 

6. All Weapons/Armor/Helmets/Rings for Angela 

Basically, all the equipment Angela as to offer.  I FINALLY got through 
the Weapons list, and it was a freaking pain in the arse..... 

Wooden Cane (starter weapon) 
2xStrength(+10)=Attack power 
Found where: Don't ask me, Ask Angela.....
Cost: Nothing

3xStrength(+10)=Attack power 
Found where: Lakeshore Village Astoria, Free City Maia, Holy City Wendel 
OR Angela is already equipped with it if she is your 2nd or 3rd 
Cost: 75 Luc 

Witch Staff 
4xStrength(+13)=Attack power 
Found where: Dwarf Village, Grasslands Country Forcena
Cost: 180 Luc  

Oak Cane 
5xStrength(+13)=Attack power 
Found where: Castle City Jad after defeating the Jewel Eater 
Cost: 220 Luc

Pewter Rod 
6xStrength(+13)=Attack power 
Found where: Fishing Harbor Palo 
Cost: 378 Luc 

Ruby Cane
7xStrength(+13)=Attack power 
Found where: Volcanic Island Bucca 
Cost: ?  

Crystal Rod 
8xStrength(+18)=Attack power 
Found where: Sand City Sultan, Snow City Elrand
Cost: 1,100 Luc  

Soul Rod
9xStrength(+18)=Attack power
Found where: ?
Cost: ?  

Light Class weapons 
Varshu Staff  
9xStrength(+20)=Attack power 
Found where: ? 
Cost: ?

Ash Cane 
10xStrength(+19)=Attack power 
Found where: Flowergarden Land Diorre
Cost: 2,650 Luc 

Will Staff 
10xStrength(+21)=Attack power 
Found where: Flowergarden Land Diorre 
Cost: 2,900 Luc

Rajin's Cane 
11xStrength(+20)=Attack power 
Found where: Moonlight City Mintos, Magic Kingdom Altena, Oasis Village 
Cost: 3,480 Luc

Mythril Rod
11xStrength(+22)=Attack power 
Found where: Moonlight City Mintos, Magic Kingdom Altena, Oasis Village 
Cost: 3,830 Luc

Memyl Rod 
12xStrength(+20)=Attack power 
Found where: Chiquichita the Cat during the 8 God-Beasts Quest
Cost: ?

Druid Cane 
12xStrength(+22)=Attack power 
Found where: Chiquichita the Cat during the 8 God-Beasts Quest
Cost: ?

Nebula Staff 
13xStrength(+20)=Attack power 
Found where: Chiquichita the Cat after defeating 4 or the 8 God-Beasts
Cost: 14,335 Luc

13xStrength(+22)=Attack power 
Found where: Chiquichita the cat after defeating 4 of the 8 God-Beasts
Cost: 16,400 Luc  

Mizunara Cane 
14xStrength(+20)=Attack power 
Found where: Ancient City Pedan
Cost: 22,000 Luc 

Eternal Rod 
14xStrength(+22)=Attack power 
Found where: Ancient City Pedan 
Cost: 33,470 Luc 
Grand Divina's Final Weapon: 
15xStrength(+22)=Attack power 
Found where: From a Weapon/Armor Seed (must have Angela as the Grand 
Divina class to obtain)
Cost: N/A  

Archmage's Final Weapon: 
Spirit Cane 
15xStrength(+24)=Attack power 
Found where: From a Weapon/Armor Seed (must have Angela as the Archmage 
class to obtain) 
Cost: N/A  

Dark Class weapons 

Cunning Staff 
9xStrength(+22)=Attack power 
Found where: ?
Cost: ?

Ash Cane 
10xStrength(+19)=Attack power 
Found where: Flowergarden Land Diorre
Cost: 2,650 Luc

Tot's Cane  
10xStrength(+23)=Attack power 
Found where: Flowergarden Land Diorre
Cost: 3,155 Luc 

Rajin's Cane 
11xStrength(+20)=Attack power 
Found where: Moonlight City Mintos, Magic Kingdom Altena, Oasis Village 
Cost: 3,480 Luc 

Skull Rod 
11xStrength(+24)=Attack power 
Found where: Moonlight City Mintos, Magic Kingdom Altena, Oasis Village 
Cost: 4,000 Luc 

Memyl Rod 
12xStrength(+20)=Attack power 
Found where: Chiquichita the Cat during the 8 God-beast quest 
Cost: ?

Revelation Cane
12xStrength(+24)=Attack power 
Found where: Chiquichita the Cat during the 8 God-beast quest 
Cost: ?

Nebula Staff 
13xStrength(+20)=Attack power 
Found where: Chiquichita the Cat after defeating 4 of the 8 God-beasts
Cost: 14,335 Luc  

Ancient Rod 
13xStrength(+24)=Attack power 
Found where: Chiquichita the Cat after defeating 4 of the 8 God-beasts
Cost: 17,335 Luc

Mizunara Cane 
14xStrength(+20)=Attack power 
Found where: Ancient City Pedan
Cost: 22,000 Luc 

Celnunnus Cane
14xStrength(+24)=Attack power 
Found where: Ancient City Pedan
Cost: 31,735 Luc 

Rune Master's Final Weapon: 
Rune Staff
15xStrength(+26)=Attack power 
Found where: From a Weapon/Armor seed (must have Angela as the Rune 
Master class to obtain) 
Cost: N/A 

Magus' Final Weapon: 
Dragon Rod 
15xStrength(+28)=Attack power 
Found where: From a Weapon/Armor seed (must have Angela as the Magus 
class to obtain) 
Cost: N/A

Armor/Rings/Helmets coming soon.....


7. Angela's Last Scenario 

Here is a Mini-Walkthrough that guides you through Angela's Final Area, 
the Glass Desert, followed by her Final Dungeon, Dragon's Hole. 

Side Note: The Max HPs I put for the bosses is a rough estimate....

~!~Glass Dessert~!~ 

  Okay, you should know where the Glass Desert is.  If not, then I'll 
tell ya how to get there.  Just go to the NorthWestern continent on 
Flammie, and land on it.  Simple!  Also, make sure you are stocked on 
healing items, and any other items you may need, because once you get to 
Dragon's Hole, you won't be able to Call Flammie and go to towns unless 
you travel ALL the way back to the beginning of the Glass Desert (and I 
don't think you want to do THAT...) 

{Enemy threat Level: Semi-High} 

  When you land in the Glass Desert, you will land in a spot where there 
are no enemies.  To get through this area, just head North up the path, 
killing all the enemies in your way.  Continue following the path North, 
until you reach a point where you must go west.  Go west into the next 
area, then head around the corner and continue following the path east.  
Go east a couple of screens till you get to a place where you can't go 
east anymore (there are enemies in the area also), go up the "Quicksand" 
as I like to call it, then go into the northwest exit of the screen.  

  In the next screen, go into the northeast exit (be careful not to go 
down the sand running downward, or you will be forced to go around 
again), in the next screen, go north, and continue the path upwards, 
until you reach a cave entrance.  Before you enter the cave, make sure 
you have a LOT of healing items, and make sure your character levels are 
40+, and prepare to fight a boss.  When you think you are ready, enter 
the cave.  Here is the God-Beast of Darkness, the Zable-Fahr. 

{Boss: Zable-Fahr}  
Max HP: 5,000 (Per head)
Boss threat level: High 

  Strategy:  And I thought the God-Beasts would get Easier later on in 
the game.  Guess I was wrong.....  Okay, the Zable-Fahr fight may or may 
not last a while depending on what you're doing.  Just basically attack 
the side heads, doesn't matter which one you attack first, just as long 
as they both end up going down.  Holy Magic works GREAT here 
(Multitarget Saint Beam works excellent), so use any Holy spells that 
you have.  Cast Saint Saber if you have it, as that will also help big 
time, since the Zable Fahr's weakness is Holy, after all.  Stat downs 
and stat ups will help too. The only Stat downs that aren't needed are 
Power Down and Speed down, as the Zable Fahr isn't a physical attacker.  
Mind down helps in lowering their magic attack power.  I also suggest 
watching your character HP Levels, as the heads use a lot of attacks, 
and they can deal some pretty decent damage to your party.  No real 
strategy, just don't use Dark elemental spells against it, as it helps 
them instead of hurting them.  Once you kill the two side heads, 
Congrats!  You beat the Zable Fahr.....

NOT!  Prepare for a surprise.....

New Female head Max HP: 10,000

  A Female head then appears in the center of the two heads, giving you 
yet another head to kill.  Not only that, but she uses Regeneration to 
revive the two side heads.  Ouch!  And to top it all off, she uses Hell 
Cross on your entire party just to let you know that the fight ain't 
over yet.  Hell Cross hurts. Badly.  Heal Immediately after she casts 
it, then prepare for a whole new fight.  Just follow the same strategy 
you used to kill the two side heads, except for only attack the middle 
head.  Destroying the middle head destroys the side two heads, so don't 
worry about them.  Also, watch out, as the middle head casts DeathSpell 
at least once while you're fighting her, so be prepared to immediately 
revive.  Once you kill the middle head, then Congrats!  You defeated the 
God-Beast of Darkness, the Zable-Fahr!  SERIOUS this time!  What?  You 
don't believe me?  Fine then!   

  After you kill the Zable-Fahr, the Faerie will tell you about how 
killing the 8 God-beasts was all a trap, and how the power of all 8 God-
beasts now rests in the Mana Sword.  After watching the scene, continue 
past the cave, and heal/save at the *Gulp* Headless Golden Goddess 
Statue.  Make sure you are once again stocked on healing items, and 
prepare for yet ANOTHER boss fight.  Continue following the path, when 
you get to a Dragon Head, enter it, and meet the Darkshine Knight. 

{Boss: Darkshine Knight} 
Max HP: 18,000
Threat Level: Sometimes low, sometimes Very High 

  Strategy: This boss can either be a piece of cake, or an atomic 
bomb...  I hated fighting him, and I will eternally.  The Darkshine 
Knight has the techs of all of Duran's Dark classes, and that makes him 
dangerous.  When fighting him, use any stat downs/ups you may have 
(Black Curse will help).  No wait, scratch that.  Use Power down and 
Protect down, as he doesn't use any magic, and he barely uses normal 
attacks on you.  If you have Power Down, it will make it a bit easier 
because his techs will do a little less damage.  He is weak against Fire 
and Lightning magic, and he absorbs Water and Earth magic.  And, 
according to some people, he is supposedly weak to Holy Magic.  I'll 
have to double check on that one.

  Anyway, I suggest you kill him quickly.  He tends to go into his 
"casting stance" (he will stand still and do this weird motion for a few 
seconds), meaning he is about to use a combination of Whirlwind Sword, 
followed up immediately by an Eruption Sword/Vacuum Sword attack without 
leaving time to heal in between, and it can wipe out your party 
instantly, if not wiping out, then leaving their HP levels extremely 
low.  The only problem is, there is no way of telling when he will cast 
the tech combo, cause it isn't a counter, that's for sure.  Otherwise, 
just pound away at him, use your techs (Aura Wave works excellent here, 
especially if you have Duran, Kevin, or Hawk in your party), revive if 
someone dies, and fight for your freedom.  Don't be surprised if you 
lose (you DID remember to save outside, right?), just try again.  You'll 
end up defeating him sometime.  

  When you defeat the Darkshine Knight, Congratulations!  You just beat 
one of the hardest bosses in the game.  If Duran is in your party when 
you defeat the Darkshine Knight, you will see his father appear after 
the fight.  Watch the scene.....

After that, Walk north, and prepare for the maziest (is that a word?) 
dungeon in the game: Dragon's Hole. 

*!*Dragon's Hole*!* 

{Enemy threat Level: High} 

  Okay, this is the LAST dungeon you will ever have to pass through.  I 
hate passing through this dungeon, because it is hard to get through, 
and the enemies in it are tough, and they pose as a dangerous threat to 
your party.  Luckily, I have a guide that will help you get through this 
dungeon without any problems (I hope).....  

  From the entrance of Dragon's Hole, kill off the enemies first (Watch 
out for the Dark Lords, as they can cast Eruption Sword on your party, 
and it does a LOT of damage), then Go east a bit, then head up north a 
bit, then go all the way west, and go into the exit you see.  You should 
come to a room with three exits, and a couple of enemies.  Kill off the 
enemies, then head into the north exit.  In the next room, head east to 
go to the next room, in the next room there will be a headless Gray Mana 
Goddess.  Save if you want to (I recommend saving), then continue east.  
In the next room, go east (ignore the exit you see for now), when you 
hit a wall, head around to the other side of it, and go upward into the 
exit.  In the next room, go up the path that goes in circles until you 
reach the top.  Make aure your characters are healed, and enter the room 
to fight a familiar face. 

{Boss: Tzenker}  
Boss threat Level: Low

  Okay, you fought the Tzenker before, so you shouldn't have a hard time 
fighting her again.  She has improved a bit since your last fight with 
her, but not as much as you think.  If you don't know how to fight her 
(you should), just follow the strategy you did before.  Attack her when 
she gets low enough, use any Earth spells you have, as they do a lot of 
damage, and they can hurt her while she is high up.  Tzenker's Magic is 
unavoidable, but weak, so you shouldn't have problems fighting her.  She 
dies quickly, so HURRY UP AND GET ON WITH IT!  *Waits* 

*!*Dragon's Hole*!* 

  Once you've destroyed the Tzenker (for GOOD this time), head back out, 
and down the path that "goes in circles."  When you get back to the area 
where you entered, head all the way to the south-western part of this 
room, and go into the exit there into the next area.  Follow the straigh 
path to get to the next exit, and go in.  You should now be back at the 
area with the three exits where you were before.  Go to the Southern 
exit back into the main area. 

  This time, head all the way over to the eastern part of the room, go 
down a bit, and go in the eastern exit you see.  Go across the straight 
path, into the exit at the end.  In the next room, continue going east, 
and down the stairs to the next area.  There are a lot of enemies in 
this part, so watch out and try not to get killed.  Anyway, go west in 
this part, but do NOT go in the western exit you see.  Instead, head 
south from where you see the West exit, and go in the south exit 
instead.  Go all the way south in the next room, killing your way 
through the enemies, making sure you go through the SOUTH exit to get to 
the next room.  You should now be at an area where you can go West or 
East.  Follow the west path, taking the west exit as well to get to the 
next area.  In the next straight-path area, kill the enemies, and make 
sure your characters are healed, then enter the room and prepare to 
fight ANOTHER familiar face... 

{Boss: Jewel Eater} 
Boss threat Level: Low 

  Strategy: This boss isn't any harder than he was last time.  He does 
have higher HP, and he has gotten a bit stronger since your last fight 
with him, but that's about it.  Anyway, if you *Gulp* have trouble 
fighting him (shudder), just use any Wind/Thunder Magic you have.  Stat 
ups/downs will help, although they really aren't needed, as he dies 
quickly just like the Tzenker died quickly (you DID kill the Tzenker, 
didn't you?).  Cast Thunder Jutsu if you have it, just to speed things 
up.  No real strategy to fighting him, just fight him, and kill him, and 
be done with it.  I said, BE DONE WITH IT.  Come on, I haven't got all 
day ya know!  How long does it take to beat a boss as simple as the 
Jewel Eater?  (sigh) *Waits*  

*!*Dragon's Hole*!* 

  Once the Jewel Eater is dead, head back out, and backtrack to the room 
that you were in before you came to the room with the west/east paths.  
In this room, head to the eastern exit, in the next screen, there will 
be a Gray Goddess Statue to save at.  Save if you want to, then continue 
east into the next room.  

  In the next area, follow the path down, and go down the stairs to get 
to the next area.  There are a lot of enemies in this next part, so 
watch out.  In this enemy infiltrated room, find your way to the 
northernmost part of the room, there should be an exit for you to go 
through.  Go into the exit, and meet yet ANOTHER familiar face.... 

{Boss: Full Metal Hagger} 
Boss threat Level: Very Low 

  Strategy: Oh my gosh!  This dude is SOOOO friggin easy, I beat him in 
less than 1 try.  How, you ask?  He's just that easy.  Anyway, the Full 
Metal Hagger hasn't improved much since your last fight with him 
(besides his HP being raised), so this is a very easy fight.  His 
attacks are weak (Eye Beam is pathetic), so don't worry about dying.  
Just attack him until he dies, maybe throw in a stat up or two to make 
the fight go faster (although they really aren't needed).  Easy boss, 
'nuff said.  He is weak against Dark Magic, by the way, just in case you 
do have trouble.  Another use for Dark Saber... 

*!*Dragon's Hole*!* 

  After you beat the Full Metal Hagger, head out, back up the stairs in 
the southeast corner of the room, in the next area, back up to the West 
exit.  Save at the headless Mana Goddess statue if you want (I recommend 
doing so), then head west to get to the next area.  In the next room, go 
to the Northern exit.  In this area, go all the way north, and go in the 
West exit you ignored before.  Follow the straight path, and go to into 
the exit at the end.  Since there is nothing in this room, just go south 
to get to the next room.  Head down the couple of flights of stairs in 
this room, to the south exit you see.  In this next area, there are more 
flights of stairs to go down, and yet another southern exit to go 
through.  In the next room, there is an exit in the eastern part, go 
through it.  Continue east, to get to the exit in the north-eastern part 
of this room.  Cut your way through more enemies, and go into the 
northern exit in this room.....

  In this next part, you will cross a narrow bridge that will disappear 
once you cross it.  You will then be standing on a floating platform.  
Koren will appear and say some stuff, then he will leave, and you are 
forced to fight a few groups of Dragons.  Don't worry, this isn't hard, 
just hammer away at them, you will end up with a lot of EXP. by the time 
they are all dead.  

  After killing off the Dragons, head south down the bridge that 
appears, and you should appear at a place similar to the area that you 
had to go up to fight the Tzenker.  Go down the "circling paths", into 
the exit at the bottom, in the next room is a gray headless Mana Goddess 
Statue.  I REALLY recommend saving here, as there is a really tough part 
up ahead.  Continue west. 

  Here is another straight forward path, just continue, killing off the 
enemies in the way till you reach the end where there is an exit.  Go in 
the exit.  In the next room, kill off the enemies in there, and go into 
the northern exit you see.  In this area, go east, down the flight of 
stairs, east some more, and go up, up, up until you reach an exit at the 
top.  In this next room, you will see two Demon Statues.  You are now in 
the Dragon Emperor's "castle".  Go up one exit, and make sure you are 
stocked on healing items, and make sure your characters are fully 
healed, as there is an extremely HARD part up ahead.  When you think 
you're prepared, go into the next room.....

  This is hard, as you have to kill all the enemies in this room without 
dying.  Enemies constantly re-appear after you've killed a group of 
three, so just use everything you got.  Use your healing items if 
needed, cast spells if you have trouble, and just hack your way through 
all of the enemies that appear.  You have to kill ALL of the enemies 
that appear in order to succeed.  Don't be surprised if you die, as this 
part is a toughie.  If you manage to defeat all of the enemies that 
appear, a door will open up in the northern part of this room.  Enter, 
and watch the cut-scene, and prepare for a boss fight.....  

{Boss: Koren the Magician} 
Max HP: 15,000
Threat Level: Medium 

  Strategy:  Alright, I know you've been waiting to kill this bastard 
all along.  Now's your chance to open the biggest can of whoop-ass 
you've ever opened on anyone.  Koren just LOVES to use level 2 elemented 
spells, and they don't do much damage either.  Just pound away at him.  
You can cast Mind Down/Mind Up to make the fight even easier.  Be wary 
that Koren moves around from place to place in between casting each of 
his spells, so it would be a good idea to use Magic against him as well.  
Counter Magic helps BIG time here (Hawk as a Wanderer has it, or if you 
don't have Hawk, then you can use Matango Oils instead), as you can 
reflect all of his Level 2 spells back at him with Counter Magic.  
Otherwise, no real strategy against him.  He has no elemental 
weaknesses, by the way, so any type of magic works good against him.  
The only thing that can't be reflected back at him is Ancient, and it 
hurts your party for quite a bit of damage, so heal afterward to avoid 
being killed by one of his many level 2 spells.  Aura Wave will also 
help out here, as Koren tends to move around a lot, and it will be a 
little hard to build up to use a Level 3 tech.  Koren doesn't have very 
high HP, so the battle shouldn't last too long.  

  After you defeat Koren, he will "return to normal" and tell you how he 
couldn't use magic like Angela could, so he gave a piece of his soul to 
the Dragon Emperor to become the greatest Sorcerer in the world.  He 
will then cast Multitarget Dark Force on himself and *GASP* die.  Head 
south, and you will see Angela's mom.  Watch the loooooooong scene..... 

 *!*Magic Kingdom Altena*!* 

  You will then end up in Altena Castle after talking with the Queen of 
Reason, and finding out that Valda was under possesion by Koren.  Head 
out of Altena Castle by going to the southeast exit or the southwest 
exit (doesn't matter), and keep going south to find your way out of the 
castle, and you will end up in the town.  Go to the inn and save, go to 
the item shop and stock up on any items you may need to.  Prepare for 
the last area in the game: the Mana Holyland.  You should already know 
where the Mana Holyland is.....

*!*Mana Holyland*!*  

This area is the exact same for everyone, so let's just go to the boss, 
shall we? 

{Boss: Dragon Emperor} 
Max HP: ?????
Threat Level: High  

  This is it, the Final Boss.  Be prepared, as this battle will be 
extremely long.  It really isn't too hard, if you know what you're 
doing.  Just hammer away with all you've got, use up all of your 
attacking items/MP (it's the last fight anyway), and he'll be dead 
sooner or later.  Don't worry about his Magic attacks, as none of them 
can kill instantly, but they can do a lot of damage.  Plus, nearly all 
of his attacks are unavoidable, so don't even attempt to evade them.  
Just heal when your HP is low, and continuously fight.  As for what kind 
of Magic to use against him, use elemental Magic that is opposite of his 
current color.  For example, he starts out the color red, so you'll want 
to use Ice elemental magic against him.  Beware though, his color 
changes... if you use magic that is the same as his color, he will 
actually GAIN HP, so be careful!!!  Also, he may change positions (from 
the back of the screen to the front of the screen), in which he gets two 
new attacks: Fang Rush and Dragon Shout.  They don't do much damage, but 
Dragon Shout can lower your Hit Rate/Evade Rate.  Also, when he changes 
positions, you will have re-cast any stat downs you casted on him 
previously.  Don't worry though, he doesn't change positions too 

  About halfway through the battle, you will hear a change in the 
music....this means that the Dragon Emperor is getting closer and closer 
to death!  He will start to use new spells, such as Air Slasher and 
Flare.  He also becomes more powerful, but it shouldn't be too much of a 
problem as long as you can keep your party alive.
  Once you beat the Dragon Emperor, Congratulations!  You have finished 
SD3!  Enjoy the ending!

8. The Black Rabite 

THE BLACK RABITE IS A SEC......(All caps is back again) The Black 
Rabite.....read on. 

Anyway, the Black Rabite is a mysterious creature.  Or, as most others 
say, "evil in its cutest form."  The Black Rabite is possibly the 
hardest boss in the game, even harder than the Dragon Emperor or the 
Archdemon!  It has just about every enemy Magic spell there is, and it's 
difficult to defeat it without some help.  I HATE HIM!  I REALLY DO!  It 
took me a lot of tries to kill it, but I managed to do it.  WITHOUT 
FAQs, that is.  It was hard.  Really, really hard.  Okay, so maybe I 
FOUND it with FAQs, but I beat him without the FAQs.  What is mentioned 
here is how to find it, and tips for fighting it and stuff like that.  
Good luck... 

Here are the directions on how to get to the Black Rabite: 

I'll start from the room in which you fought the Darkshine Knight to 
make it easier.   


From the Darkshine Knight area, head North into the Main Dungeon.  Head 
around to the Northwestern part of this area, and use that exit to get 
to the next room.  In the next room, there will be three different exits 
to take.  Take the Northern exit.  In the next room, follow the path 
until you get to the next room, in there should be a Gray Goddess 
statue.  Saving there is recommended, if you plan on fighting the Black 
Rabite.  Continue east into the next room. 

In this area, go into the north exit you see when you first enter the 
area.  You should now be in a room where you must go west, up two mini-
flights of stairs.  Do that, and take the exit you see.  There is only 
one other exit to take in this room, so go through it to continue. 

In the next room, go west "through the wall" as I like to call it (cause 
it kinda looks like yer passing through a wall), kill off the enemies, 
and take the south exit when you go all the way west.  You should now be 
in a narrow corridor in which you can only go south or north to leave.  
Do NOT exit through either of those.  Make sure you have stocked on 
healing items, and anything else you may need.  When you think you're 
ready, push against the mid-section of the left wall, you will walk 
through it and your other two characters will follow.  The place will 
rumble, and the Black Rabite will appear..... 

{Boss: The Black Rabite} 
Max HP: ????? 
Threat Level: Extremely high  

Read on for tips on fighting it.    

*When you first enter the room where the Black Rabite is, you can open 
the item ring before it casts Dark Force on your party if you're quick 
enough, to use any items/spells you may need before the fight begins.  
This is useful if you want to cast something like Mind Down on the Black 
Rabite before it casts Dark Force, so that the Dark Force it uses 
doesn't do much damage.  

*Be careful when casting spells on the Black Rabite, as it will counter 
by summoning a Great Demon at Level 99, or with a nasty multitarget 
spell like Supersonic or Killstinger.  There is one spell that it CANNOT 
counter, and that's DeathSpell, but I don't think your characters 
(Namely Angela) are at Level 99..... O_O  

*The Rune Master's magic works EXCELLENT against the Great Demons (if 
there are any produced during the fight).  You can Silence them with 
Stun Wind to prevent them from using Multitarget Dark Force on your 
party, or you can use Stone Cloud on them and petrify them so they can't 
attack you at all.  Since the Great Demons are at Level 99, you can't 
use DeathSpell on them (well, you can, but it will do 0 damage, unless 
you're at Level 99 .....).   

*Hawk as a Wanderer helps here too, as the Wanderer has Counter Magic, 
which can reflect the magic casted by the Black Rabite, but not all of 
it, so be wary.  Also note that Counter Magic can be nullified by the 
use of a Stardust Herb on the person(s), so be careful.  Also, Counter 
Magic cannot reflect spells such as Ancient or Hell Cross, so watch out. 

*You will know when the Black Rabite's HP gets to about half when it 
casts something called PsychoWave that knocks your characters in 3 
directions, then right after that, it will cast something called 
"Flash", which Moogles all of your characters, meaning that you can't 
cast spells, or you can't attack.  This can be healed with something 
such as Puipui Grasses, Mama Poto Oils, or Stardust Herbs.  If you're 
quick enough, you can open the item ring immediately after it casts 
Flash, to cure the Moogle Status or to restore your HP with a healing 
item.  Right after it casts Flash, it will start casting Dark elemental 
spells on itself to restore its HP, and after it casts the last Dark 
spell on itself, it will cast a heavily damaging enemy spell which hits 
all of your party members (Such as Hell Cross, Killstinger, or Spiral 
Moon), so be prepared to heal immediately afterward.  

*When the Black Rabite is almost dead, it will cast Ancient on your 
party, and it hurts.  Badly.  But it's kind of a good thing, cause this 
means the Black Rabite is at his last breath!  At least, this is what 
I'm thinking, because the Black Rabite ALWAYS casts Ancient on me at 
least once, and like 10-20 seconds afterward, it dies from me attacking 
him, so I'm presuming it's near death when it casts Ancient.  

*If you use spells on the Black Rabite, one of its counter spells may be 
multitarget Dark Saber.....casted on your team!  This is a bad thing, 
since the Black Rabite is dark-attributed, meaning you will heal it with 
every hit.  The Dark Saber can be nullified by casting another Saber, or 
by using a Stardust Herb.  It can't be removed by Mama Poto Oils or 
Puipui Grasses, because Sabers are not Status effects.  Dark Saber CAN 
be helpful in the right situation, though..... read the AntiMagic part 
to see what I mean.

*Sabers don't tend to help in this battle, as each Saber makes your 
party only do 1 point of damage to the Black Rabite.  There's an 
exception, though, and that's Saint Saber (AND Dark Saber, read on to 
find out why).  Since the Black Rabite is weak against Holy damage, 
casting Saint Saber on your party will help BIG time.  It can't counter 
damage from Sabers, can it?  Nope.  

*There is ONE spell that will probably be the most effective spell in 
the game against the Black Rabite.  AntiMagic (or Specter's Eyes if you 
don't have the Evil Shaman).  Why, you ask?  AntiMagic nullifies the 
Black Rabite's ability to absorb damage from magic attacks, meaning that 
any Darkness damage done to the Black Rabite HURTS it instead of healing 
it.  So, when he does the "spell flurry" after he uses Flash on your 
party, it will damage it rather than healing it.  I realized this one 
time when I had the Evil Shaman in my party, and the battle went faster.  
Much faster.  So, that way, if he casts Dark Saber on your team with 
AntiMagic casted on him, Your party will actually do MORE damage to him 
than usual when you attack it instead of healing it.  This, as what I 
call it, can be a "replacement" for Saint Saber if you don't have it.  
THERE'S a use for Dark Saber for those of you that call it "useless", 
and also to those of you who say Saint Saber is better than Dark Saber, 
although I use Dark Saber MORE than Saint Saber..... (Runs like Hell) 

*When the Black Rabite dies, and it says "Victory" at the top of the 
screen, he will sometimes leave a treasure chest behind, containing the 
Moogle Badge.  The Moogle Badge is an item kind of like the Chibikko 
hammer, but a different Status effect.  The Moogle badge turns one or 
all allies into Moogles.  I know, you're probably like, "What is the 
point of that?"  Well, it can be used just like the Chibikko Hammer can.  
If you get a bad status inflicted on you, you can use the Moogle Badge 
to cancel the effect of the bad status, then use it again to turn back 
to Normal.  Or, if you get Moogled by an enemy, you can just use the 
Moogle badge to turn back to normal.  Although you may not use it much, 
consider the Moogle badge to be a "Trophy" for beating the hardest boss 
in the friggin' world.  It can also be shown as proof that you defeated 
the Black Rabite.  NOTE: The Black Rabite doesn't always drop the 
treasure chest.  If it doesn't, and you want the Moogle Badge, then 
you'll have to reload the game save and then *Gulp* fight it again until 
it drops the chest.  If you save after killing the Black Rabite and it 
doesn't drop the chest, you will never be able to get the Moogle Badge 

There is ONE way to kill the Black Rabite VERY cheaply, though 


If you're just having too hard of a time killing the Black Rabite, here 
is a small trick I learned to kill him quickly and easily.   

First, just walk in to the Black Rabite Area.  Then, let him cast Dark 
Force on your party, then walk out of the room.  Walk back in, and the 
background music will stop playing.  The Black Rabite will then cast 
Dark Force on you again.  Immediately afterward, first, cast any Dark-
elemented spell on it (Ex: Evil Gate or Dark force, DeathSpell won't 
work).  Then, afterwards, cast a Holy-elemented spell on it (Ex: Holy 
Ball, Saint Beam).  Then all of a sudden, POOF!  No more Black Rabite.  
Yep.  Instant Death.  Cool, huh?  But one thing: it might summon a Great 
Demon after you cast the Dark Spell (even though he absorbs Dark 
elemented spells), so make sure the Demon dies before the Black Rabite 
does, that is, if you want the Treasure chest with the Moogle Badge.  
When I heard about this trick after FINALLY killing the Black Rabite, I 
almost DIED, because it took me all those tries to kill it, and I find 
out that you can beat it in what, a few seconds with two lousy spells?  
Arrrrgh!  I hate it when that happens.....(sigh) Oh well.  Now you know 
about the Black Rabite.  I will post more about him if I find out 
anything else. 

If you have any more useful tips/tricks for fighting the Black Rabite 
(Any tips/tricks I haven't mentioned above), e-mail me at 
lightninglegend@aol.com, that is, if you feel like e-mailing me, and 
I'll post your tips and give you credit.

9. My Rants/Opinions

This is the place where I rant about a lot of stuff I hear about Angela, 
and how I disagree.  This is where I will talk a LOT, so grab a soda 
before you continue reading.  I don't care which soda you get, just GRAB 

Quote: "The Rune Master is the best class for Angela, no questions 
asked. Has a cool Death Spell, only bad thing is that she can't 
multitarget some of her good spells. Still, the only
class with Level 3 spells, this is the (only) way to go with Angela." 

ThundaSnake: The "only" way to go with Angela?  This isn't what I hear 
from the people at the SD3 message boards.  I know A LOT of people that 
disagree with this, and I'm one of them.  The Rune Master is a great 
class, though it isn't the best class, IMO.  Reasons?  Well, for one, 
she may be the only one with Level 3 spells, but she can't dish out as 
much magic damage as her Light classes can.  For one, all of her Level 3 
spells are single-targetted, AND they cost loads of MP.  Sure, they're 
powerful and all, but the status effects only work on normal enemies and 
NOT bosses.  And if you waste your MP on casting Level 3 spells on 
normal enemies, you'll run out too quickly, as her level 3 spells cost 7 
MP per cast (with the exception of DeathSpell, which costs 8).  Now, 
personally, I don't like wasting MP on normal enemies unless I have 
someone like the Grand Divina or the Arch Mage, since the enemies in the 
last few levels come in groups of 3 about 99% of the time, unless it is 
a boss or something like that.  Since the GD and the AM hae some nice 
Multitarget magic (Saint Beam!), I usually prefer these two over the RM.  

Now, about the Rune Master's stats.  I won't even go that far, I'll just 
say that she has two LOWER points of strength and Agility than the Grand 
Divina, meaning not as high of an Evade Rate or attack power, but I'll 
leave that fact alone since Angela is after all meant to be a Magic 
User.  Never mind that she has the worst overall Stats of all of 
Angela's Final classes... Plus, she can't multitarget ANY of her Lv.3 

I am NOT saying that the Rune Master sucks, because I have used the Rune 
Master many times before.  I like using Stun Wind to Silence those 
annoying Dark Lords who love to use Eruption Sword, and I also silence 
those Death Machine bastards, as they just LOVE to Silence your party 
with Thunderbolt, which is damned annoying.  I have also found an 
EXCELLENT use for the Rune Master against the Black Rabite, as her Level 
3 spells are superior against the Level 99 Great Demons, especially Stun 
Wind and Stone Cloud.  Though I haven't found much of a use for Angela's 
DeathSpell, because by the time I learn it, the enemies in the last 
dungeons are always a level or two higher than I am, and I have to sit 
around and Level up after I learn DeathSpell in order for it to be 
effective.  I love that DeathSpell, though, as the Black Rabite can't 
counter it if you use it on him (hint hint: Level 99 party) (>_<).   

Anyways, back to the point.  My point is: The Rune Master is NOT the 
best class for Angela.  As a matter of fact, Angela HAS no best class, 
all of her classes have uses (I'll admit that even the MAGUS has uses).  
So, to those of you who think that the Rune Master is the best class for 
Angela, I'm just letting you know that Angela's Light classes can top 
the Rune Master in just about every way.

"The Sorceress is better than the Delvar because she learns more magic 
earlier, but she has a crappy attack power."  

"The Grand Divina sucks so bad, I won't even tell you about it, except 
for Double Spell, which lets you cast two spells at once with a Heavy 
time cost.  Plus, still a low attack power and she can't multitarget 

"The Arch Mage is the Grand Divina with different spells, and still 
sucks with attacks." 

"Ummmmm, generally stay away from the Light side for Angela."

ThundaSnake: Whoo!  A LOT to say here.  Grab a bucket o' popcorn......  
Let's begin, shall we?  

How the hell can you use the words "crappy attack power" as something 
against the Sorceress?  HELLO!  Angela is MEANT to have a crappy attack 
power!  How long did it take you to realize that?  Anyways, the 
Sorceress actually has a HIGHER Max Strength than the Delvar, so you 
can't say that she has a "crappy attack power."  Plus, the only reason 
the Delvar is SLIGHTLY more powerful than the Sorceress is because the 
Dark classes have more powerful weapons.  But that still doesn't make up 
for the Delvar's lack of magic compared to the Sorceress.  The Delvar 
only learns ONE, yes, 1 SPELL, and that's Dark Force, and it's only 
helpful against one of the God-Beasts, the Light Gazer.  The Sorceress 
learns 5, yes, 5 SPELLS, which are good against 5 of the God-Beasts.  
Now, tell me.  Which would you rather have?  Easy decision.   

Now let's get to the Grand Divina, shall we?

The Grand Divina, for one, does not "suck so bad."  And once again, low 
attack power was brought up.  For one, the Grand Divina has the HIGHEST 
attack power rating of ALL of Angela's classes (EVEN higher than the 
Magus), and the Highest Strength rating of all of Angela's classes 
(17=GD's Max STR).  You can't say the Grand Divina sucks with attacking, 
as she can do HUGE damage.  My Angela (regular stats maxed, NO Hacking) 
does around 165 damage with each normal attack, and her tech does like 
590 damage.  With a simple Power up (or Drake's Scale) casted on Angela, 
she does around 257 damage per hit, and her tech did 819-820 damage!  
You call that "low attack power?"  I sure as hell don't, and I say 
that's amazing for a character that isn't a very good physical attacker, 
namely a Female.  Now there is NO WAY you can say the Grand Divina has 
low attack power.  I DARE you to say she has a low attack power.  

Anyways, now onto the Grand Divina's magic.  For one thing, ALL of the 
Grand Divina's magic is multitarget AND powerful.  Not to mention 
useful, especially Multitarget Saint Beam.  Also, Double spell may take 
a few seconds to cast, but it's worth it, as it rocks the screen for a 
combination of Lava Wave and Multitarget Ice Smash, doing heavy damage 
to all enemies.  Even if it doesn't take out all enemies on the screen 
in one use, the enemies will die in like 1 or 2 hits afterward, so it 
does enough damage for you to take out enemies with ease.  I don't see 
how you could call that a bad thing.  Really.  If you want to say 
something about someone (Namely the Grand Divina), make sure you watch 
what you're saying before you say it.  

Now, about the Archmage.  The Archmage may have some of the same things 
the Grand Divina does, but the Archmage is NOT the Grand Divina, thank 
you very much.  The Archmage gets multitarget all Level 2 spells just 
like the Grand Divina, just with a different "Ultimate" spell.  The 
Archmage's stats differ from that of the Grand Divina.  The Archmage has 
one point of Spirit and Luck higher than the Grand Divina, and one lower 
point in Strength, Agility, and Intelligence, meaning she is slightly 
weaker than the Grand Divina.  The Archmage has a slightly more powerful 
Saint Beam (since it is the only Lv 2 spell based on Spirit) and a 
different ultimate spell (Rainbow Dust).  The Archmage may be weaker 
than the Grand Divina, but she can still dish out good physical damage.  
Remember, Angela is NOT meant to be a fighter.  I repeat, Angela is NOT 
meant to be a fighter.  So, you can't say she has crappy attack power as 
a thing against her.  

Now, let's compare Angela's Light classes to her Dark classes.  Angela's 
Light classes, for one, have better overall stats than her Dark classes, 
AND they have the advantage of cheap (MP wise) multitarget Lv 2 magic 
and ultimate spells (with the exception of the Magus having Ancient).  
The advantage that her Dark classes have are powerful, MP-costly single-
target magic.  Her Dark classes may be good against bosses, but they 
lack magic power against normal enemies.  That's where Angela's Light 
classes come in.  They have strong multitarget magic, which is excellent 
for taking out groups of enemies.  You know that about 99% of the time 
in the final dungeons, enemies come in groups of three, so her Light 
classes pose as a dangerous threat to enemies in the final dungeons.  
Angela's Dark classes have Single-Target powerful magic, giving them an 
advantage against bosses, but their magic is expensive (The Rune 
Master's Lv 3 spells cost 7 MP per cast, and DeathSpell costs 8).  The 
Magus' level 2 spells cost the same amount as the GD and the AM's level 
2 spells, but if you were to use them on normal enemies a lot, you'd run 
out of MP pretty quickly before the next time you recover, seeing that 
the Magus only has Single-Target magic (her ultimate spell also is the 
most expensive in MP, it's 12 per cast).

My point is, do NOT stay away from Angela's Light classes, as they top 
her Dark classes in just about every way.   

If you have any comments about my thoughts, just e-mail me anytime at 

Happy trails...                                

10. Version history 

Version 1.1-Just finished the FAQ for the first time, will add more 
later on.  

Version 1.2-added some opinions by people in the "Opinions by others" 
section.  I also added a new section titled: "What I think" which tells 
about stuff that I hear, and my disagreements with the stuff I hear.  
Also added the first part of Angela's last Scenario, will add the second 
part later. 

Version 1.3-Finished the guide for Dragon's Hole, Angela's Final 
Dungeon, up to the Mana Holyland.  Also fixed a few minor spelling 

Version 1.4-Added the entire Weapons list for Angela, and *finally* 
provided directions on how to get to the Black Rabite.  Also added more 
to the "What I think" section.  Fixed a few minor spelling errors. 

Version 1.5-Basically a fix of Version 1.4, added stuff I forgot to 
include before.  And fixed yet more spelling errors.  Also removed a 
section, and included it with the "Angela's classes, etc." section.

Version 1.6- Finally finished the Final Dungeon guide.  Changed the 
"Legal Stuff" Section name to "Copyright info", and added more to the 
credits.  Added a buncha other stuff, and fixed yet more punctuation 


11. Credits 

I'd like to thank many people.  First off:

MeepleLard, especially, for letting me use his FAQ as a help to make my 
FAQ.  Without him, I probably would have never made it this far in an 
FAQ. :) 

I would also like to thank MeepleLard again, for pointing out the 
mistakes I made, and RyuSeiryuu, for helping me to get this FAQ 
accepted.  Thanks, you guys! :)   

I would also like to thank Paul Wolfstien, Veib, Tw1light, and the 
others at the message boards for encouraging me to do an Angela FAQ 
after it was suggested.  It really makes me feel good to have done 
something for a favorite character in a game that I LOVE, and this IS my 
first FAQ for any game I've ever played.  I really do hope that it 
helps, and if it doesn't, then oh well, at least I tried. :) 

I'd also like to thank MeepleLard, Unlocke, Aron Figaro, Fizban13, Paul 
Wolfstien, and Veib for sharing their thoughts about Angela's classes.  
I enjoyed reading them, as it helps for me to read thoughts shared by 
others about Angela.  Thanks to you all! 

I'd like to thank Squaresoft for making one of the coolest RPGs in the 
world.  Where would we be, without a little SD3.....hey, that rhymes!  

I'd like to thank myself for finally finding something to do worth my 
time during the summer.....but summer's over now.  Damn...

I would also like to thank GameFAQs (THE best gaming site) for posting 
my FAQ, I really REALLY appreciate them for putting this up for me.  I 
hope it helps. :) 

And one last person to thank.....okay, maybe not a REAL person, but oh 
well... I'd like to thank Angela for being THE absolute best character 
in SD3, without her, this FAQ wouldn't be possible.   

Angela: "Ugh.....I'm tired of your little speeches!" 
12. Coryright Info.  

This Angela FAQ: Copyright (c) 2001 by ThundaSnake.  It may be distributed 
freely, but no one is allowed to take ANY part of this FAQ and re-make 
in ANY way (not even changing the format of it) to give to others.  If 
you request to use any part of my FAQ for something, contact me at my E-
mail Address: lightninglegend@aol.com, and I will approve of your use.  
Make sure you give me credit if you do use any parts of this guide in 
another FAQ or something. 

The latest updates can always be found at www.gamefaqs.com in Seiken 
Densetsu 3's "FAQs and Guides" Section. 

Well, nothing much left..... I hope that this has helped all of you SD3 
players, and fans of Angela.  ThundaSnake, saying over and out.  End of 























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