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Save State Hacking Guide by BelGarion

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/17/01

Final Fantasy Adventure for the Game Boy
Save State Hacking Guide version 1.0 using Rew 1.2 STX Game Boy Emulator.

By: BelGarion (llloyd@ematic.com)

My gameshark codes and other save state files can be found at:

This document is copywrite 2001 BY Lee Lloyd. It may not be printed, published,
or any other form of reproduction unless express written permission is granted
by the author of this work. Kapesh?

I persume you know how to use hexadecimal numbers and such, and that you have,
already, either UltraEdit which is a great all around editor that does not only
text but hex editing as well, or you have Hex Workshop which does a decent job
too. If not, you can get either one at:


Hex Workshop

If you have never hacked a saved state file before, or used a Game Shark Pro to
edit memory, then you most likely will be a little lost. That is because all
game systems that I have hacked the data in memory is always *backwards* ! So
0X270F is in game memory as 0X0F27! Confusing isn't it? You litterally have to
take the number you want, for example, 0X1869F, and split it into groups of 2
from right to left, adding a leading 0 if need be. So 0X1869F would be 01 86
9F. Now move the right most pair to the far left. 9F 01 86. Now move the
remaining right most to the right of the new first pair. 9F 86 01. There, now
put that into memory and it will see it as 0x01869F. Only one character, the
main character, is editable. (Like, duh!) But the game employs a trick to check
itself, it stored the hp, mana data and stats in two locations, but not gold.
So you will have to change both address to match.

Gold 0x1C31 to 0X0C33 , max gold is 99,999 (0x1869F)

Hit Points     : 0x1C06 to 0x1C07 and 0x1C25 to 0X1C26
Max Hit Points : 0x1C08 to 0x1C09 and 0x1C27 to 0X1C28
Mana Points    : 0X1C0C and 0X1C29
Max Mana Points: 0X1C0E and 0X1C2B
Stamina        : 0X1C02 and 0X1C34
Power          : 0X1C03 and 0X1C35
Wisdom         : 0X1C04 and 0X1C36
Will           : 0x1C05 and 0X1C37

Max Hps is 9999 (0x270F) and Max Mps, Power, Stamina, Wisdom, and Will is 255

WARNING!!! When you level up, your hps/mps and stats will all reset, so you
have to save state, reedit the saved state file, then load the edited saved
state file!.

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