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Hawkeye FAQ by Meeple Lard

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 06/02/03

                         Hawk/Hawkeye FAQ for Seiken Densetsu 3
                                     Meeple Lard
                              Date: 6/02/03, Version 2.0

Table of Contents:
1.Overview of the Game itself
2.Background and brief description of Hawk
3.Hawk as a character
4.Hawk's Classes, spells, Best equipment and stats
5.Strategies of Hawk and his classes
6.Hawk compared to the others
7.Weapons and Armor List
8.Hawk's scenario tips
9.Team Suggestions
10.Miscellaneous Stuff related to Hawk
11.Odds, Ends, and Other Random Stuff
12.Version History
13.Some other SD3 FAQs and Vets who helped
15.Legal stuff

1. Over view of the Game Itself:

Seiken Densetsu 3, prequel to Secret of Mana, was never released n the US.  
Though the game was made after Secret of Mana, it takes place at least
1000 years before the events in Secret of Mana.  The Game is about Mana is 
slowly disappearing from the world, and the Mana Goddess, who has placed 
herself in the form of a tree is slowly fading away.  If this keeps up, the 
Mana Stones will shatter, and the God-Beasts will be released from their 
imprisonment and most likely cause the world's destruction.  6 teenagers are 
chosen by a fairy to obtain the Mana Sword and hopefully, stop Mana from 
dying out.

The Game starts off with you, the player, choosing one of 6 six characters to
be your main character, and then 2 others to be the supporting characters.  
You can choose from Angela the Magician, Duran the Fighter, Hawk the Thief, 
Kevin the Beast Man Grappler, Carlie the Cleric, and Lise the Amazoness. As 
the game progresses, the characters can Class Change into more powerful 
classes, and you choose from one of 2, a Light Side and a dark side.  Later 
in the game, you can Class Change again, and into a Light side or a Dark 
making a total of 7 classes which are Neutral (the starting Class) Dark, 
Light (the 2 second Classes after the First class change), Light Light, Light
Dark, Dark Light, Dark Dark.  The game begins differently depending on who 
you picked, and there are three, yes three, final bosses, depending totally 
on the main character, and each boss has a different lair so to speak.

This game is so popular in the US because a few people happen to translate 
the Rom and many players have downloaded it.  Other fanatics have the 
Imported Cart from Japan. (Note that this game is for the Super 
Nintendo/Famicom) The game is an Action Rpg, where you don't have battle 
scenes, but instead, the enemies appear right on the screen and you issue 
commands through buttons, like A means attack, B means use your character's 
Tech and so on.  You only control one character, while the Computer controls 
the other two.  Like in Secret Of Mana, you can issue battle tactics on the 
menu screen to tell the Computer how you want them to control that character,
but the difference is that it's a lot more limited, as you can only issue 5 
or so commands.

The point of this information guide is to show you where and how to use Hawk,
and an overview on him as well.  I will try to get walkthrough in as well, 
but don't count on it being soon.  So don't expect this to be a walkthrough 
of any kind, yet.

2. Hawk's Background and his general character.

Hawk is a one of the greatest thieves of the Navarre Thieves guild, which is 
hidden in the Desert of Scorching Heat.  His leader, to who is totally loyal 
to, is Lord Flamekan, the head thief of Navarre.  His best friends are Eagle,
the son of Lord Flamekan, and Nikita, the Merchant Cat sort of person.  It 
appears that he is the boyfriend of Eagle's sister Jessica, and that he is 
great with the ladies (or at least makes himself out to be) He is also good 
friends with the famous Ninja Duo of Navarre, Bill and Ben.  

About Navarre, it is a thieves guild but not in a very traditional sense.   
One might say they are a "Guild of Robin Hoods" so to speak, as they only 
steal from the Rich and Greedy, never from the poor and generous.  Navarre, 
for defenses, raises some of their thieves that perform well in combat to be 
Ninjas, mastered in the arts of stealth and sneak attacks.  Despite the large
Amount of Ninjas trained, the Navarre thieves' guild has never killed anybody 
on purpose.  But they did not always train Ninja's.  Before, the desert of 
where they are hidden, used to be a forest, but the abuse of Mana has slowly 
over many decades and centuries, turned it into a desert wasteland, and the 
last reminiscence of the forest is in the Oasis where the Village Deen is 
located.  Since it was a forest, they trained their Thieves to become 
Rangers, who were experts at traps and using nature on their side. 
Since Ranger's are useless in a desert, they had to adapt, and thus the 
Ninjas of Navarre were formed.  

Hawk's problems arose when Lord Flamekan returned from his journey with a 
strange woman named Isabella.  Hawk and his friend Eagle knew immediately 
that this woman was changing their honorable leader.  But they were not sure,
as nothing that drastic had happened.  The game begins shortly after this, 
where Hawk, Nikita, and 2 Navarre thieves, enter the Sand City of Sultan, and
steal from the richest man there, who Hawk lectures on how he(the man) stole 
from others to gain his money, and now he knows how it feels, the man can't 
believe a thief lectured him, but Hawk, with his cunningness, responds with 
"takes one to know one"  After giving his gains to Lord Flamekan (a routine 
thing the Guild does), Isabella says that the Guild has become a Kingdom, and
Hawk knows that his Lord hated monarchy and would never make a quick decision 
like this.  What's more, the water wells supposedly are drying up and they 
are going to take over the country of Rolante, which holds the greatest 
Amazon army, and make that their Home.  He soon finds out that only Eagle 
notices something wrong as well, and the two of them sneak in and find 
Isabella talking to a strange Dark Man.  She then notices the two of them, 
and causes Eagle to attack Hawk, who Hawk defeats w/out killing him.   
Isabella kills Eagle, and frames Hawk, who is thrown in jail.  She then tells 
Hawk that if the secret got out, Jessica would die, and if he were to kill 
Isabella, the same thing would happen.  After Nikita rescues him, he is told 
to go to Wendel to find the Priest of light who will teach him how to remove 
the curse.  That's the whole introduction of the game with Hawk.  Basically, 
his story is of vengeance for his best friend's death, and a mission of 
finding how to remove the curse on Jessica so he can tell the truth to the 
people and stop Isabella.
3.Hawk as a Character

Out of all the characters, Hawk has the best overall stats.  But, unlike 
Lise, who has the second best, he does have ones that are much better than 
the others.  The stats that Hawk has better than anyone else is Agility and 
Luck.  This makes him have a high critical hit rate (never actually 
recognized one, though, due to a bug in the game causing critical hits to 
almost never (they still exist though)), almost always hit, 2nd highest evade 
rate under Duran's light classes (only because they can equip shields, 
raising their evade by 20), and the best person to open chests with (unless 
you want a trap, but the only one of the traps you'd want are the Ogre Box 
and the Kaiser Mimic, for exp and money reasons) Hawk has average strength, 
not a great vitality rating, and between low and average Intelligence and 
Spirit ratings as well.  But even though Hawk does not have such amazing 
strength, he does what only 1 other character (Kevin) can do, hit twice with 
one shot. 
This means that not only does he deal 2x as much damage with one push of the
Button, but also build up his tech gauge 2x as fast as the other characters.
But because of this, like Kevin, he suffers from range, but that's not such
A big loss.  As far as techs go, it is usually best to use his lvl 1 tech 
Back Slash instead of most of his other techs, the exceptions being Split 
Image Slice and Flying Swallow Toss, but I'll emphasize more on techs later 
in the guide.  As far as Hawks uses, it really depends on what class he is, 
as Hawk is the most versatile character in the game, and has the most 
variety, and is the only character where each of his classes are not remotely 
similar.  Like with Lise, it's hard to go wrong with Hawk's final classes, as 
they are all good in their own way.

If Hawk takes the Light Path, he will follow the footsteps of his Ancestors 
and learn the ways of the Ranger.  Taken towards the Dark, he will become a 
Ninja, like most modern Navarre thieves.  His final classes are the Wanderer
(Light Light), who learns all non-saber spells of Luna and Dryad, many spells
nobody else learns.  The Rogue, (Light Dark) who learns all the trap 
techniques, and some throwing ones, a few of which are elemental attacks.  
The Ninja Master (Dark Light, my personal favorite), who learns to Multi 
target all those skilled he learned in the Ninja Class, and they tend to be 
more powerful as well.  Finally, what seems to be the most popular of his 
classes, the Night Blade (Dark Dark), which learns more Ninja related skills, 
and has one of the best techs in the game, Split Image Slice.  All four are 
good, and can be useful with almost anyone in the game.  

Hawk has many skills that only he can use, the exception being a few of those
Used in the Wanderer's class. This means that he is one unique character who
Should be used in consideration for a great team.  But Hawk takes a bit of 
experience to learn how to use properly, making him not a great choice for 
beginners, but an excellent choice for Veterans or Second time players.  Once
You mastered how to use Hawk; boss fights later in the game become a breeze,
Since he has so many useful skills.

Hawk's Stat Evaluation: 
HP: Hawk's HP is the 3rd Lowest in the game; so obviously, it isn't going to 
be too great.  Not much to say here, but I will point out that raising VIT 
will not help HP for Hawk as much as you'd expect, let alone for any 
character.  For a description of how HP and VIT are related, check out my 
Technical FAQ.

MP: Like with most of Hawk's Stats, Hawk ranks #4 in MP.  He's got the 
highest of the Males, but is beaten by all 3 of the females.  Interestingly 
enough, the classes that would normally need this stat to be the most, the 
Wanderer and Rogue, whom are very MP intensive, actually couldn't really care 
much for it, seeing as they both come with spells that Drain MP.  The Ninja 
Master and Night Blade, though, if you use their spells consistently, might 
start having problems, but his MP is still high enough to get around with 
relatively consistent Casting, just don't think its Angela or Carlie and go 
on a Spell Blasting frenzy every 5 seconds...

STRENGTH: Hawk may not have Amazing Strength like Duran or Lise have (or 
Kevin in Wolf Forms), but he has a decent amount nonetheless.  His Average 
Strength is 17, and since he attacks 2x, it makes good of this decent rating.  
The Night Blade with an STR of 18 holds his highest, while the Wanderer with 
Strength of 16 is his weakest.  Thus, he can deal good damage physically, and 
since he attacks 2x, he is can be a reliable fighter.

AGILITY: Now Hawk has the Highest Agility of all the characters in the game.  
This will result in not only great evade (Beaten by Duran's Light Classes 
with Shields only), but also an almost Perfect hit rate, or in other words, 
he will rarely miss the target.  The Ninja Master has the Highest Agility of 
his, and thus the Highest in the game, with 22, while the Wanderer has the 
lowest with 20.  
NOTE: For all his Traps and Throwing Spells (like Shurikens or Axe Bomber), 
the higher his agility the stronger those attacks are.  A lot of his spells 
are learned through agility (The only exception is Sleep Flower, Change Form, 
and all of the Wanderer Spells), but only his Throwing Weapons and Traps are 
effected by Agility, not his Jutsus, which most people believe to be true.    

VITALITY: Like Strength, he's does not contain an Amazing Vitality, but 
neither a bad one as well.  Like most other characters, all his Final Classes 
contain the Same Vitality, that rating being 19.  The result is in not only 
an Average defense, but that is compensated by his strong Armor (believe it 
or not, 3rd strongest Armor in the game, only to Carlie and Angela, 
Ironically, who have the games Lowest VIT (funny when you consider Robes and 
Dresses being stronger than heavy Armor...)).  But since his Agility is so 
high, it will seem like this Stat is a bit higher, as he will dodge many 
NOTE: Although Vitality means a lot for defense Early to Mid way through the 
game, by the end; all characters reach a Defense of 300, which is the Max 
defense for all characters.  This is due to his strong armor, obviously.

INTELLIGENCE: While compared to the girls, his Intelligence is Low; he has 
the Highest INT of all the guys.  This means that when faced against a 
Magical enemy, Hawk can defend against it rather decently, but he will take 
more damage than any of the Females.  Also, Hawk's Jutsus and Poison Bubble 
spell are effected by INT, so keep that in mind if you want to raise the 
damage done by some of Hawk's spells. 

SPIRIT:  For Hawk, spirit means very little.  Now I know it does effect 
damage done by Holy Based Spells (not skills Like Silver Dart) and Summons, 
both he contains none of (he could throw a Wisp Statue or a Light Coin, but I 
don't condone this unless it's an all Male party and Magic Support is 
needed), and defense against them.  Like with INT, he has the Highest of the 
Boys, but is low compared to the Girls.  This results in that if you are 
playing an All Male party, he is also the best to throw Poto Oils, as the 
Spirit rating of the character using them too affects them.  The Wanderer 
holds his Highest Spirit rating of 18, while the Ninja Master with 16 holds 
the Lowest.

LUCK: Like Agility, Hawk holds the Highest Luck in the game.  This means that 
he can pull off Critical Hits (as rare as they might be) much more frequently 
than any other character in SD3.  Also, because of his High Luck, in almost 
all his classes, he can open a chest with a small chance of a trap being in 
it.  The Rogue contains Luck of 22, the games highest making him have the 
highest Critical Hit rate in the game (exception is Wanderer with Energy 
Ball, but that lasts for 3 attacks and the rate of change is not that 
significant), and ALWAYS opening Chests with 100% OK's in them.  The Lowest 
Luck rating of his Classes is the Night Blades with a Luck of 20 (Still 
NOTE: Again, despite his high Luck, it won't be noticeable with regards to 
Critical hits, due to a bug that causes the game to ignore Luck and use this 
ludicrously low number instead (Something like a 1/10,000 chance, lets just 
say for sake of examples), regardless of Character, or Energy Ball for that 

Overview on Hawk by other people:


Hawk's the only character to get Tree/Wood-based damage spells and 2 of them 
cause poison (you'll know 'em when you see 'em.) now, on to the classes! 


Hawk is great. Light and dark are both great, while I prefer to 
go dark. They're stronger, and Night Blade has a kick ass FST.

4.Classes and stats:

Hawks schematic is as follows (up is Light, down is Dark)

       /      \
      /        Rogue
      \        Ninja Master
       \      / 
               Night Blade

Now for an evaluation on his classes, one by one:
|NOTE: Each Class is done in the following Format:                          | 
|*Name*											    |
|Alignment:									                |
|Description of Class                                                       | 
|                                                                           |
|Item needed for Class Change (Final Classes only)                          | 
|Name of Item: Item's effect in Battle                                      |
|                                                                           |
|TECH:                                                                      | 
|Tech's Name: Description of Tech                                           |
|                                                                           |
|Spells: Basic overview of what spells they get                             |
|Description of the New Spells learned                                      |
|                                                                           |
|Opinions by Others:                                                        | 
|Name of Person:                                                            | 
|their input on that class                                                  |
|                                                                           |
|Max Stats:                                                                 |
|The Highest rating the class can achieve in each stat respectively.        |
|                                                                           |
|Ultimate Equipment (Final Classes Only):                                   |
|Best Weapon                                                                |
|Best Helmet                                                                |
|Best Armor                                                                 |
|Best Accessory                                                             |

Alignment: NEUTRAL

Class Description: Not much say, as it is his first class, and you don't have 
a choice what he starts as.  Compared to the other neutral classes, he is 
pretty good and a reliable class early on.  

Back Slash: Hawk turns white, spins and Slashes the enemies a few times (at 
least twice, I think he might have hit a large boss 3 times, but not sure)

Spells: None

Starting/Max Stats:

Alignment: Light
Class Description: IMHO, the worse of his 2-second classes, but its not all 
that bad.  He learns a nice FST, called Flying Swallow Toss, but unlike his 
alternative, The Ninja, he has lower strength, and his spells are not that 
great.  Sleep Flower my seem good at first, but has limited effects, as sleep 
only knocks out enemies for a very short time, and Change Form would have 
been better if you could obtain Exp after casting it.  His trap techs are not 
that great, but they can be good for long-range damage.  The reason to get 
this class is because (unlike Angela's Delvar which is bad and the classes it 
leads on to are not that great) the Rogue and the Wanderer class are 2 great 
classes that are worth considering.  Also (as I mentioned before) the Ranger 
gets an FST, something that the Ninja does not, which is another decent 
reason to chose the Ranger over the Ninja, but it's not that big a deal 

Flying Swallow Toss: Hawk grabs a few darts or throwing knives (can't seem to 
tell) and chucks them at each enemy, dealing some nice damage.

NOTE: For all spells, its written in this fashion:
Name (spell cost): requirements
Effects: Spell Description and personal input on spell

CHANGE FORM (3 MP): Need to have gotten Luna to learn and an Intelligence of 
at least
Effects: Turns an enemy into a Shell Hunter, which lowers their attack power 
significantly, and they lose all spells and skills.  Does not work on bosses.  
Disadvantage is that your character can't get the special treasures of the 
enemy, nor do they gain Exp or that much money.

SLEEP FLOWER (3 MP): Need to have gotten Dryad spirit and have Intelligence 
of 10 or above
Effects: Puts enemies to sleep until either hit or effect wears off.  Not 
that useful until the later classes where this spell is Multi Targeted, and 
you can immobilize multiple enemies at once.

ARROWS (1 MP): needs to have agility of 13 or above to learn.
Effects: Arrows fly from 4 corners and deal some level 1 trap damage (Non 

SPIKES (2 MP): Hawk needs to have agility of 14 or above needs to have 
learned arrows first.
Effects: Spikes impale one enemy, dealing slightly more trap damage than 
arrows (not much more, though).

Max Stats:
Strength 14
Agility 17
Vitality 15
Intelligence 14
Spirit 15
Luck 18

Other opinions on this class:

RANGER: Not many spells, and all except Sleep Flower kind of suck. The traps 
do horribly low damage, but they were good enough to help beating Fiegmund. 
Change Form sucks; since one can't _ever_ have too much experience.
But Sleep Flower 0wns. It rocked when I was collecting ??? Seeds in Glass 
desert. First I cast SF on a Night blade to keep him down instead of doing 
nasty SIS, and after pounding the Guardians, I attacked the sleeping Night 
blade. Helped quite a bit. Unlike the Ninja he has a FST, and it looks cool.  

RANGER - the only things this class has over the Ninja is Sleep Flower and a 

Ranger: The weaker of Hawk's two second Classes, he doesn't have much going 
for him vs. the Ninja except his FST. He doesn't get many spells, 
And I only liked Sleep Flower or if things got SEVERELY tough, Body Change. 
However, you do get the awesome Rouge and Wanderer classes later on down the 

Alignment: Dark
Class Description: This class is considerably better than the Ranger, except 
that it does not learn an FST.  But its higher strength and more useful 
spells make it one great 2nd Class.  Like the Ranger, the Ninja is a versatile 
Class that leads on to two more amazing classes, both powerful in their own 
right.  The Ninja is a Combo (sort of) of Lise's Rune Maiden class (Stat 
Downs) and Angela's classes in general (Magic power) since all of his spells 
both deal damage, and lower at least one stat.  Shurikens gains Strength as 
you raise his Agility.  But something that I have recently discovered is that 
the Jutsus are affected by Intelligence, although learned according to his 
Agility.  Thus, I suggest you put a priority in Raising Agility for this 
Class, as the only spell you'll want to do that deals damage is Shurikens.  
The others are good for their Side Effects.  
Basically, you'll want this class if you don't have a way to lower stats, as 
lowering stats is a big help in this game.  The only disadvantage the Ninja 
has is that if an enemy absorbs an element, than that spell won't lower
The stat, and heal the enemy, which is never a good thing.

Silhouette Slice: Hawk jump and flips away from the enemy, and then jumps 
back on them and slices them twice, dealing some good single target damage.


SHURIKEN (1 MP): Need an Agility of 13 to learn it.
Effects: Hawk throws shurikens at the enemy, dealing great non-elemental 
damage, but also lowering the enemies Hit Rate. I have dubbed This the "1 MP 
wonder" (you'll see why later)

WATER JUTSU (3 MP): Need to have Undine and agility of 14 or higher to learn 
Effects: Water splashes down on the enemy, lowering the physical attack power
Have the enemy, and dealing water/ice based damage to him as well.  Great 
against enemies like Bigieu or Dark Lords who are mainly physical, as you 
take away their threat almost completely. 

FIRE JUTSU (3 MP): Need to have Salamando and an Agility of 15 or higher to 
learn it.
Effects: One of the best spells in the game.  Not only does it lower Magic 
Effectiveness and Defense, (making spells deal less damage to you, while 
yours deal more to them), but it also deals some nice Fire Elemental damage 
as well, great against Fiegmund who is weak against fire and makes himself 
unable to be hit by everything except magic temporarily, when you don't have 
Angela to cast those spells.  
Please note that although it does not list Magic Defense down on the 
Description or after the Spell is cast, but trust me, it does.  Cast 2 Fire 
Jutsus, and the 2nd one will do more damage.

EARTH JUTSU (3 MP): Need to have agility of 16, and Gnome to learn this 
Effects: Deals some good earth damage, and lowers the enemies Evade and Hit.   
This is the only one of Hawk's spells that lowers 2 stats.  This means 
that(for stat lowering purposes) you don't have to cast Shuriken, but, IMHO, 
this is the least useful of all of  his spells, as enemies don't evade much, 
and Bosses use more spells, and one of the bosses this is useful on, Dark 
Shine Knight, does not do anything, as he absorbs it.  This is a good spell 
to use on Dangaard, Bigieu and the 2nd Tzenker, bosses weak against Earth, and 
who agility based stats are dependant on.

THUNDER JUTSU (3 MP): Need Jinn and at least 17 agility rating.
Effects: The best of all of his 4 elemental spells (Keyword: Elemental).  Not 
only does deal good thunder/wind based damage but also lowers the enemies
Defense (including bosses), which makes your entire party deal more damage 
with Standard attacks and techs.  Use on all bosses not resistant to 
lightning (it's only problem, as it won't effect wind elemental monsters.)

Max Stats:
Strength 15
Agility 18
Vitality 15
Intelligence 15
Spirit 14
Luck 17

Other Opinions on this class:

NINJA: One of the best second classes in the game. All of the Jutsus (a
Stupid word, innit?) deal damage and lower stats; no other spells except 
Demon Breath do both. The double-edged sword with them is that they're 
elemental; while they do good damage on the opposite kind of enemies, they 
heal their kind of enemies, and thus the effects wont work. You can't lower 
the Attack Power for Fiegmund, for example. Shuriken is okay, but I don't use
It often. Ninja looks cool, both in the menus and on the game. Tech looks 
kinda cool, but its only ST. can't find anything else bad in it. 

NINJA:  gets Shuriken (lowers Hit Rate), Fire Jutsu (lowers magic 
Abilities and defense), Earth Jutsu (lowers Hit and Evade rate), Water Jutsu 
(Lower Attack power), and Thunder Jutsu (which lowers defense). No FST 

Ninja: The Ninja's cool. He learns Shuriken, but more importantly, 
The Jutsus! These babies damage AND lower stats. Always use Thunder Jutsu 
whenever you can, it helps heaps (and probably looks the nicest, too). Use 
Shuriken to keep enemies away from people casting spells (eg. Angela using 
any of her final spells). No Full screen tech, though. 

Alignment: Light Light
Class Description: The most versatile class in the game, it not only has too 
a lot of support spells, but a few attack ones as well.  This class also has 
infinite MP, since his spell Poison bubble rasps MP from its target.  This 
class might have the worst overall stats of Hawk's, but his spells make up 
for it.  He has would have had more spells if there was no 12 spell limit, 
which he easily reaches.  But, the biggest problem this class has, and he 
himself can't make up for it, is his lack of strength.  So this class is best
Used in a team with at least one other strong fighter.  If you're choosing 
this class, watch your MP, though, and make sure you have enough to cast 
Poison Bubble to refill it.  This is a great class to have if you lack 
support. The Wanderer has a %100 chance of opening boxes without having them 
being trapped.

Item needed for Class Change: Good Luck Die
Effects: Casts life booster on one character

Dance of Roses: Hawk takes a Rose and throws it at the enemy, and then jumps 
on the enemy and slices the Rose and the enemy a bunch of times, and the 
petals of the rose fly around while he is doing so.  Does decent damage to 
one enemy.

Spells: (The part I dread about the Wanderer is writing his spells :()

First learns to Multi Target Sleep Flower and Change Form, and then learns 
the rest. (Must have either Luna or Dryad to learn them all, but I assume by 
the point you get his Final Classes, you will have all the spirits, in fact, 
I am certain that if you did not cheat, this is the case)

AURA WAVE (3 MP): Requires Spirit of 8
Effects: Fills up the tech gauge immediately. :)  A good thing to have if you 
have somebody with a powerful level 3 FST (Namely, Duran and Kevin in all 
except their Light Dark forms) and you can easily obliterate the enemies.  
This is why I suggest the Wanderer in a team with at least one other Strong 

ENERGY BALL (6 MP): Requires a Spirit of 13
Effects: Supposedly raises critical hit rates.  Never seen a critical hit, so
Never really did much for me.  One of the Useless spells of the Wanderer.
NOTE: Again, due to the Critical hit Bug, Energy Ball has no desirable 

LUNATIC (5 MP): Requires Intelligence of 15
Effects: Lowers the enemies Max HP by 1/5. :)  Cast on all bosses before 
anything else for an immediate 1/5 of their HP gone.  This trick always 
works, but only works once.  Still, that's one 1/5 of the enemy dead right 
off the bat.  Really handy spell when used properly.

POISON BUBBLE (5 MP): Requires Intelligence of 15
Effects:  This spell does three things.  That's right, 3.  First, it deals 
some nice Leaf Based damage, and those are hard to come by.  Next, it poisons
the enemy. Finally, it restores a good deal of MP back to Hawk, giving him 
virtually limitless MP.  But whatever you do, don't cast this on a Leaf Based 
enemy.  Other wise, Hawk will lose MP and the Enemy gains MP, not to mention 
the Enemy will most likely heal.  Oh well, guess you can't always win.
NOTE: I could have said this spell cost nothing, since it basically does.  
But if you have less than 5 MP, you won't be able to cast it.  That's the 
only thing that MP cost matters for this spell.
NOTE2: Common Misconception is that Poison Bubble STEALS MP from the enemy 
and restores it to Hawk.  That's not the case, it merely restores Hawk's MP 
based off a percentage of Damage he's done.  Same applies for Grenade Bomb, 
and (Though not a Hawk spell) Leaf Saber, as well as the Pumpkin Bomb item.

COUNTER MAGIC (4 MP): Requires a spirit of 16
Effects:  Arguably, the best support spell in the game.  Like in the FF 
games, it repels all attack magic (not skills, are Ultimate Spells like 
Ancient or Death Ecstasy) dealt to you and deals it back to the enemy.  But 
unlike the Reflect spell in FF games, it does not, and I repeat, DOES NOT 
repel healing or support spells back at the enemy.  Thus, your characters are
Almost completely immune to the effects of attack magic, and you can still 
heal from attacks.  This is the single most valuable spell to have against 
Koren, who uses only Magic as attack power, and the only spell that can hurt 
you is Ancient.  This is another really good reason to choose the Wanderer.  
This spell is a bit underrated, which I learned Recently, since lots of 
people think it lasts too short a time to be useful, but in actuality, it 
lasts until its either Nullified (Anti Magic, Stardust Herb or the like), 
character dies, or battle ends, meaning its relatively permanent.

HALF VANISH (3 MP): Requires 16 spirit
Effects: One of the less useful spells IMHO.  It takes off damage equal to 
that of 1/2 the enemies current HP.  This would be better if it could hurt 
bosses, but it does not.  This is the only Moon spell in the game that deals 
real damage and can be used effectively more than once.  Good to make hard 
enemies with high HP 1/2 as strong.
NOTE: Supposedly, this spell sometimes works on Bosses.  I have yet to see 
this, but people claim that they have seen it work on Arch Demon.  
Apparently, this does not always work, and it's probably a bug of some sort.  
E-mail me if you have info on this.
NOTE2: Believe it or not, this spell DOES increase in damage on Luna's Day.

TRANSHAPE (2 MP): Need Spirit of 16
Effects:  This spell can be really good, or really useless.  It depends.  The
Reason is that your characters become invincible, but only for a short period 
of time, shorter than you'd you want or might expect.  This spell can be good 
if say, another character needs to cast spells, and he/she puts themselves in 
danger while casting, this can give them the time needed to cast their spell 
without much problems of attacking.  But be warned, though your characters 
are immune to all physical attacks, they are still open to take damage from 
Magic spell.

LIFE BOOSTER (4 MP) (finally the last Wanderer Spell): requires spirit of 16
Effects:  Exactly as the name implies, it's the exact opposite of Lunatic.  
Raises your characters Max HP by 1/5.  Useful if your characters all have low 
HP, but note that the Effects are temporary.  And it does not raise your 
Current HP at all.  This spell is good for canceling out Lunatic or Deadly 
Weapon when cast on you, as well as Dolan's, Arch Demon's, and Dragon 
Emperor's "Spiral Moon" attack.

Max Stats:
Strength 16
Agility 20
Vitality 19
Intelligence 16
Spirit 18
Luck 21

Ultimate Equipment: 
Wind Spirit Hat
Phantom Cuirass
Lucky Card

Other Opinions on this class:

WANDERER- The Wanderer would be number one if it had better stats, but it's 
still awesome. In parties where you want to use Aura Wave, I'll usually just 
take the God Hand, but the Wanderer has so many other great
Spells, the party combinations/uses are endless. Make sure you have at least
One "Power Attacker" when using this class in your party. 

WANDERER: While he has great variety of spells, I really don't think many of 
them are too useful. Lunatic, Poison Bubble and Counter Magic are all
Great. Poison Bubble gives him an endless supply of MP, and it also poisons.
I'd say it's Wanderer's best spell, since it's the only direct damage spell.
Other spells aren't too good. A stupid sub-screen pose, but the colours are 
kinda nice. Like all of Hawk's FC's, he is good, but not my fave one. His 
attack power is low, and the tech looks kinda stupid.

WANDERER - this class' large bag of tricks make it very good class.
TransShape (dodge physical attacks), Poison Bubble (the other Tree-type spell 
that poisons, if you didn't know and drains MP from enemies), Sleep Flower 
becoming mutli-target, and Lunatic (lowers enemy' HP by 1/5) are just 
A few (very few for the Wanderer) spells he gets.

WANDERER-Ah yes, the wanderer. It has fun spells to let you tinker around 
with. Dance of Roses...bleh. Too many spells to write, but they kick ASS. Try 
him out -_^ 

Wanderer: Talk about having a big bag of tricks. He gets some VERY 
Cool spells (I really like using Life Boost on Angela or Carlie on boss 
fights) and Lunatic is also good. However, he is the weakest of Hawk's final 
Classes and his Tech is one of my favorites of all time. Sure, it's not Full 
screen but...I mean, who couldn't like watching a guy throw a rose and then 
go nuts? Eh? EH? 

Wanderer - Gets a bunch Leaf and Moon spells to play around with. However, 
one only does damage. (Poison Bubble - steal some MP too.) The other ones 
just do status affects and such. Has the lowest Attack, Agility, and 
Intelligence out of all of Hawk's FC's (Sucks, don't it?). Best used in 
conjunction with Lise (Light or Dark? It depends on you way of taking on 
enemies). NO FST

Wanderer-My favorite overall class, this has all the right spells, Aura Wave 
which allows max tech gauge, Body Change can be very useful especially when 
you can multi target your enemies (not useful against bosses) and the body 
change also will cut the enemies defense in half (sometimes less) which makes 
it easier to kill off them, Poison Bubble is most useful against bosses since 
75% of the time you cast it on a boss it will take around 150-200 and will 
poison them tipping the battle more in your favor, then there is Lunatics 
which will lower the enemies hp(how much hp it takes it determined by how 
much hp the enemy has and how much luck you have),Transhape is useful if you 
are tired of battling and just want to get on with the game without some 
monster whacking at you, and Sleep Flower which when you can multi target it 
can be a handy spell. 

I don't really like the Wanderer, but I have To agree that's the most fun 
character to play in the game. Transhape, Aura Wave, Poison Bubble, and so... 
His attack power blows, and while it's fun; it's probably not useful.

Wanderer: The Wanderer class is unique from any other class since the spells
that Hawk learns in this class is mostly from Dryad and Luna. This class 
makes a very good supportive class since he is able to cast counter magic and 
transhape. This would make a very good choice as a class in a party where you 
already have power attackers. You could make your characters invincible for a 
period of time by casting transhape and counter magic on your allies. No 
enemy can touch you until the spells fade away. A drawback to this class 
could be based on his strength. This is the weakest class of the final 
classes for Hawk. The third tech level is Dances of Roses which just looks 
cool. However, it does not do as much damage as the other final classes. If 
you team this class up with both Carlie and Angela in your party, then this 
would give a good challenge for you.  A good class for any type of player.

Alignment: Light Dark
Class Description: The Rogue is not as versatile as the Wanderer, but is 
still a great class nonetheless.  In fact, this class has the best overall 
stats in the game (tied with the Ninja Master), as well as the best Luck.  
This class has Decent Attack Power, and because of his 2x attack, it's not as 
low as it might seem at times.  All of this class' spells (other than the 2 
non trap skills he learned as the Ranger) are offensive.  This class also has 
almost unlimited supply of MP, due to the Grenade Bomb spell.  This class is 
the best Substitute if you don't have Angela in your party, as he has a nice 
variety of spells, some elemental, others not.  The only disadvantage this 
class has (as far as I can tell) is that he is completely offensive and has 
no Multi Target (MT) Spells that deal damage.  But still, the Rogue is one 
amazing class against bosses, and still performs well in regular battles as 
well.  Plus he can open a chest with no chance of Traps as well as have a 
high critical hit rate (mentioned my problem before about this.)  Also, he 
gets to MT the spell "Sleep Flower" and "Change Form" (as does the Wanderer, 
btw), upping their use quite a bit, turning them into pretty decent spells.

Item needed for Class Change: Bad Luck Die
Effects: Casts Land Mine on one enemy.

Thousand Slice: Hawk jumps on the enemy, and slashes him many times, and
Little slash marks appear on the enemy.  Good damage to one enemy.

Spells:(I also dread writing the Rogue's spells, but not as much as the 

First, he'll learn to MT Sleep Flower and Change Form like the Wanderer did, 
than he learns his more advanced skills.  Also, like Hawk's Dark Classes,
The Higher his agility, the stronger his spells will become.

ROCK FALL (3 MP): Hawk needs an Agility of 15 needed.
Effects: Causes small rocks to fall on the enemy for a decent amount of level
2-trap damage.  Note, this is not an Earth Attack, despite what other FAQs 
say, as it's the impact that hurts the enemy, not the Rocks themselves.  OK 
spell, but there are better ones out there.

LAND MINE (4 MP): Agility of 16 needed
Effects: Hits the enemy with an explosion for stronger level 2-trap damage.  
This is not a fire-based attack, like many FAQs may say, as it's the force of 
The explosion that hurts the enemy, not the fire it produces (I tested this 
on Genova, and it deals damage, and Genova absorbs fire attacks, thus point 
made.) Basically, it's a slightly stronger and more expensive version of Rock 

CUTTER MISSILE (3 MP): Need Agility of 17(all Rogue Spells after this require 
an agility of 17)
Effects: Throws an enlarged Axe type weapon at the enemy, dealing some decent 
non-elemental damage.  This is a decent and cheap spell for getting rid of 
annoying little enemies or weakening them at least.  Later, this spell 
becomes obsolete, since the Rogue also learns Axe Bomber, which is 
considerably stronger, but also costs twice the MP. 

Effects: Throws an explosive axe dealing nice non-elemental damage.  Good if 
you need a cheap spell to rid your self of an annoying enemy, or deal damage 
to a Boss.

Effects: Hawk magically creates Missiles and fires them at the enemy dealing 
Powerful fire damage.  Very good and pretty damaging spell, especially 
Using it against enemies vulnerable to fire. 

Effects: Hawk throws an axe type weapon and deals some good Dark based 
damage.  Nice against the 2nd Full Metal Hugger and Heath, as Dark Spells are 
Hard to find as well, especially without Angela in your party.

Effects: This spell is by far his best spell for this class.  It does the 
same as the Wanderer's Poison Bubble, except does not poison.  Take the same 
precautions with this spell as with the Wanderer's Poison Bubble spell.  This 
causes the Rogue to keep casting his spells over and over, and regenerate his 
magic to cast some more.  Oh yeah, Hawk throws a Big Green Pumpkin Bomb at 
the enemy, which explodes in blue light, dealing great Leaf damage.

Effects: Another great spell.  Hawk takes a dark and throws it at the enemy, 
Dealing great Holy damage.  This spell, when Stats are raised, can be even 
better than Carlie's or Angela's Saint Beam, as it deals more damage in the 
long run and is much cheaper as well.  Holy elemental is one of the best 
elementals in the game, as most enemies are dark ones, thus being susceptible
To Holy Magic. 

Max Stats:
Strength 17
Agility 21
Vitality 19
Intelligence 17
Spirit 17
Luck 22

Ultimate Equipment:
Man Slaughter
Silver Wolf Garea
Silver Wolf Pelt
Lucky Card

Other Opinions one this Class:

ROGUE- you have to have a number 4, even though the ROUGE doesn't deserve it. 
It's a great class ... but all of Hawk's FC's are. It has
The best stats in SD3, and great spells. It could very well be number 1,with
The rest of Hawkeye's FC's. Grenade Bomb is pure GOLD. He has an awesome LV3 
tech as well.  

ROGUE: Not as much of variety in spells than the Wanderer, but way more
Killing power, and the only class that can replace Angela as a spell caster
(While not being as good as Angie, he's still good enough for a main caster). 
Has great stats; too, though they don't really matter since I'm never on a 
high enough level to have all stats maxed. The weaker trap attacks
Are decent early on, but better ones replace them quickly. The only ones I 
used regularly in the end game were Rocket Launcher (best fire damage), 
Crescent (dark damage), and Grenade Bomb (great, rasps MP and deals good Leaf
Damage His best spell IMO), and finally Silver Dart. Costing only 2 MP and 
dealing Light-based damage, I think it's the second best spell for Rogue. He 
also has Thousand Slice, the coolest ST tech in the game. Overall a good 
class, but attack power is a bit low. Again, he has just too many useless 
spells. Still, he is probably my favorite of Hawk's Final Classes.

ROGUE-Has some good spells. Hawk's worst class though IMO. Silver dart is 
TIGHT, but his other spells...they're only OK. I use the dark classes almost 
exclusively, so I don't have much to say about the light classes

Rouge: Commonly over-shadowed by the Wanderer, he serves a different purpose. 
Generally, he gets offensive skills that deal ELEMENTAL damage. I 
particularly like Silver Dart. I've gotten it to deal 350-400 damage before 
against Dark enemies and it takes under 2 seconds to cast. Still no Full 
screen Tech though 

Rouge - Gets more attack power and attack magic (with more elements [Fire, 
Dark, Leaf, Holy]) than Wanderer. Silver Dart (Holy) rocks! Especially if you 
chose Kevin/Carlie as you main character. NO FST!

ROGUE: I think it's better than the Wanderer (go figure), but it's not as fun 
_... A better attacking character, and, I think, better character as well. 
Has many good spells, and can be thrown on any party without Angela (In my 
case, almost any party).

Rogue: This class is very similar to Angela and her classes in the sense of 
spells. Personally I find this class to be Hawk's better light class. If I 
need a person to cast spells, then I would choose this class instead of 
Angela. In replacement of Angela, I could another power attacker or have 
Carlie for healing. The Rogue has spells that do not cost a lot of MP and the 
damage that it inflicts on the enemies is well worth it. If you run low on MP 
just cast the grenade spell and Hawk will recover MP. In this case, Hawk 
virtually has infinite MP. Physically, this class has a decent strength in 
attack. Hawk can deal a lot of damage physically and magically.

NOTE: I don't know why, but people a lot of times call the Rogue the "Rouge" 
I'm guessing this is just a common typo, or people are confusing words.  I 
dunno.  Ummm ::Jumps behind a tree and hides::

Alignment: Dark Light
Class Description: This Class is exactly as it might sound, a master of the 
arts of the Ninja.  This is the only one of Hawk's classes w/out a large 
variety of spells, but instead, he learns to MT all his old ones, and they 
become much more powerful.  This is great, as not only do you deal some good 
elemental damage to all the enemies, but lower all their stats as well.  He 
lacks an FST, but he (tied with the Rogue) has the highest overall stats in 
the game.  This class has the highest Agility, and that means his spells are 
as strong as possible.  This is my favorite class in the entire game, but 
many people seem to disagree with me.  But it's a great class nonetheless 
(most experts will say that, those who don't have never really used the Ninja
Master Correctly) But what makes the Ninja Master the Best is that his 
Shuriken spell does about 400 points of damage with stats raised and the 
enemies lowered, it is an MT spell, lowers the enemies hit rate, and Costs 
only 1MP.  Now you know why I call it the "One MP wonder" and I forgot to say 
that it takes him very little time to cast this spell.  His luck is also good
Enough that he has a %100 Chance of opening chests without traps.  Note that
Many FAQs claim the Ninja Master has the highest attack power of all of 
Hawk's classes.  This is untrue, as the Night Blade is stronger then him in 
every way (physically speaking)

Item needed for Class Change: Bulls Eye Die
Effects: Fire Jutsu on all enemies

Shadow Dive: Hawk leaps into the ground and a shadow circle appears to show 
his movements, and then leaps up at then enemy and slashes him many times 
with an explosion.

Finally an easy class with spells.  The Ninja Master learns no new spells, 
only learns how to make the old ones stronger and can now Multi Target them.  

Max Stats:
Strength 17
Agility 22
Vitality 19
Intelligence 18
Spirit 16
Luck 21

Ultimate Equipment:
Konguo Raken
Stealth Hood
Wind Demon Mail 
Stealth Guard

Other Opinions on this Class:

NINJA MASTER: The NM is a great class because of it's great stats, and MT 
Jujitsu's. Also the MT Shuriken is very, very good. Not much for Variety like 
the Duelist, but it seriously kicks but. Gets a nice LV3 tech, too. 

Ninja Master-It's a nice class, but not as good as Night Blade. Shadow 
Dive is only Single Target, but its OK. He learns all the Jutsus (multi) and 
Has the most attack strength. Not bad.

Ninja Master: The Ninja raised to the next level, basically. No new skills 
over the Ninja, only ability to Multi-target them. But since I have a 
Habit of using spells only on bosses; this ability is basically useless to 
me. A great class, but for the mentioned reason I don't use it. He is 
probably the best choice for anyone who uses spells on regular enemies. 
There's nothing really wrong about Ninja Master, except the lack of FST. But 
Shadow Dive is one of the coolest single-target techs in the game. 

Ninja Master: As you've probably heard, the Ninja Master learns no new spells 
but learns to multitarget his old ones. While this may not seem so good, it 
is DEFINTELY worth considering. Multitarget Thunder Jutsu is EXTREMELY good, 
and so is multitarget Shuriken (the One-Hit wonder. =]) Still no Full screen 
Tech, though... 

Ninja master - No new spells but gets to multi target the old ones! 
(Shuriken, Fire Jutsu, Thunder Jutsu, Water Jutsu, Earth Jutsu) Really useful 
if you don't have Angela in your team/not enough magic power (e.g. Duran and 
his sabers)

Ninja Master-Probably Hawk's coolest class, IMO (not best, there is no best, 
remember that), because he gets multitarget Jutsu Magic, and can throw 
multiple Shurikens. The Ninja Master's MT Jutsus/Shurikens are more powerful 
than the Night blade's new magic (with the exception of Black Rain, but 
still), they do good elemental damage, AND they lower stats. That's a lot for 
3 MP per Jutsu. Though maybe not as powerful as the Night blade, this is an 
excellent choice of class. 

Ninja Master: Power, power, power... Yep... The perfect Partner for my 
beloved Riesz as a Star Lancer (What a couple!). Rips thru normal 
Enemies like a hot knife thru butter, and is as versatile as the Night Blade 
in the long run. Tough luck if you don't have Riesz as Vanadies and Star
Lancer: His usefulness is greatly reduced.

Ninja Master: A very good dark class. Hawk is able to multi-target his stat 
down spells. Hawk is also able to max out his agility at 22 which gives his 
spells the chance to deal the most damage possible. I personally enjoy this 
class a lot. The shuriken can deal a lot of damage to the enemies no matter 
what element the enemy is aligned with. If you encounter a screen of powerful 
enemies that attack physically, then cast water jutsu and their strength will 
be greatly reduced. Ifs a very good class in any type of party. I recommend 
this class.

NOTE: Many FAQs will say that this class is the Strongest of Hawk's Final 
Classes, but that is untrue.  As far as ATK PWR goes, he is 2nd best behind 
the Night Blade. 

Alignment: Dark Dark
Class Description: Meet the most popular of all of Hawk's classes.  The Night 
Blade combines the features of a spell caster and a fighter into one powerful 
class.  Personally, this is not my favorite class, as I said I like the Ninja 
Master, but it's easy to see why people love this class so much.  The one 
reason its popular is that while retaining all its old Ninja Skills, it adds 
a few new ones that are fun to play with as well.  But the most popular thing 
about the Night Blade is that it is the only class of Hawks with a level 3 
FST, but not just that it is an FST, but the damage it deals is also great.  
Downsides are that its stats are not as high as the Rogue or the Ninja 
Master, and all its spells (Black Rain being the exception) are Single 
Target.  Plus, many of his newer skills are not very useful, and his old 
skills don't perform as well as the Ninja Master performs them (they are 
weaker and not MT in this class)
NOTE: Explained a bit more lately, but I'll bring it up now.  There's a bug 
in the game that happens ever now and then (not that often, don't worry), 
which causes the Night Blade to do 1 point of damage where Hawk's other 
classes, whom are weaker, are doing more.  More explained later in the FAQ.

Item needed for Class Change: Night's Eye Die
Effect: Thunder Jutsu on all enemies

Split Image Slice: Hawk splits into how many enemies are on the screen and 
slashes them all, kind of like a multiple Silhouette Slice to say the least.


POISON BREATH (3 MP)-Requires an Agility of 18
Effects: Hawk breathes some gas out of his mouth that does some Non Elemental 
damage, but also poisons the enemy.  Not a great skill, as it does little to 
bosses, and its only ST and deals too little damage as well to merit worth 
NOTE: Most people think this spell is Leaf Elemental, but there is no way to 
prove it.  No enemy in the game absorbs or nullifies Leaf damage, as they 
instead reverse the effects of MP healing spells like Grenade Bomb, by 
causing MP Damage to the caster instead or restoring it.  Also, because of 
Flame Breath, it leads me to believe that this is not an elemental spell 
(you'll see why)

FIRE BREATH (3 MP)-Requires 18 agility
Effects: Same as Poison Breath, only fire based damage, and does not poison. 
I can't find one use for this spell, as the Night Blade has Fire Jutsu that 
does the same, if not more damage then Fire Breath, and lowers stats as well.
If someone can find something this spell does better than Fire Jutsu, please 
E-mail me (DbzFFlord@aol.com).
NOTE: Apparently, this Spell is Useless.  For one thing, it is NOT elemental, 
so it gets compared to Shurikens, Blow Needles, and Deadly Weapon.  All three 
of those cost the same or less than Flame Breath, does less than all 3 of 
them, and causes no Special Effects.  A few theories on this Spells Existence 
were that it looks cool, or that you need a useless spell in an RPG and this 
happens to be the one.  As I said, if there is a use to this spell, please 
contact me at my E-mail listed above.  Another possibility is it's a bug 
causing it to be NON elemental (supposedly, the game lists it as Fire 
Elemental, but that's not the type of Damage it deals), or that it had some 
intended special effect, which was later, removed.

BLOW NEEDLES (3 MP)-Requires 18 agility.
Effects: Hawk blows small needles at the enemy, dealing damage but also
Silences non-boss enemies.  Good against some strong magic or tech using 
enemies, like Dark Lords who use Eruption Sword.  Loses value if you have the 
Rune Master or the Star Lancer, who can Silence as well, but do it with 
better spells (Stun Wind hurts a lot, and Marduke is strong and MT.)

DEADLY WEAPON (4 MP)-Requires agility of 18
Effect: This spell is even better than, say, Lunatic.  Reason being that it 
does the same thing, but also deals damage (I think its damage first and then
HP down) and costs less.  A very handy spell at beginning of boss fights.  
BTW, its animation is that Hawk grabs a very large Wrench and throws it at 
the enemy.  What can I say; it fits his character, as he is a resourceful one
As well, and that means using whatever he has got.

BLACK RAIN (6 MP)-Requires agility of 19
Effects: Hawk causes a rainstorm of black water, dealing good dark damage to 
all enemies.  This is another decent spell of his.  It's his only MT one and 
its dark elemental makes it good against enemies like Heath and the 2nd Full 
Metal Hugger, as well as annoying light enemies all around.  Disadvantage is 
that a lot of enemies later in the game absorb dark energy (namely those in 
Mirage Palace) so you might help the enemy instead of hurting it.  Also, its 
an FS spell, meaning it always hits all enemies on the screen, so you can't 
focus it to one enemy if you want to, which lowers its use a bit as well 
(say, 2 enemies absorb Darkness and can counter attack while the 3rd is weak 
vs. Dark, you'd want to be able to use an ST spell, wouldn't you?)

Max Stats:
Strength 18
Agility 21
Vitality 19
Intelligence 17
Spirit 17
Luck 20

Ultimate Equipment:
Death Stroke
Bloody Mask
Black Garb
Stealth Guard
Other Opinions one this Class:

NIGHTBLADE- The NB is Hawkeye's best class. He has the best STR of Hawk's 
FC's, and his spells are awesome. He's also the only FC of Hawkeye to get a 
FST (and it's one of the best in SD3). He's just one of those classes that is 
... just that damn good. You'll want to have him in a lot of parties. Forget 
about "flow" and "combos" lol. His Deadly Weapon spell Rocks, along with 
Black Rain, Blow Needles, and the ST jujitsu's. Poison/Flame Breath is there 
because they look cool, I guess. Great Class. 
Night Blade-Best Hawk class IMHO. Nice spells, Hawk's best B attack, and most 
powerful. I mean, Split Image Slice just kicks ass. His Jutsus are -GREAT- 
stats down attacks. Deadly weapon lowers the enemies HP's...Kicks ass in 

Night blade - physically, it's Hawk's strongest class. Magically, 
It's 3rd banana. It has a Full Screen Tech, so, that another high point. It's
Spells of interest are Poison Breath (told you) (one of the few Tree spells 
and poisons enemy), Blow Needles (silences enemies), Deadly Weapon (cut enemy
HP by 1/5 and damages them), and Black Rain (Dark elemental damage on all 
enemies. the downside of it is by the time you get it, most enemies absorb 
Night blade: I've seen people say that this is the only way to go with 
Hawk, and far superior when compared to his other FC's. 'Blade is great, but 
Not that great. Best attack power and best tech, thus making him the best 
physical attacker of all Hawk's classes. Unlike Ninja Master, he actually 
gains new spells. The breaths are actually kind of useless, since why not use
Fire Jutsu instead of Fire Breath? And bosses wont be poisoned. Blow Needles
Is good when there are Night blades/Ninja Masters/Sword Masters/Dark 
Lords/Werewolves around, because their techs hurt a lot. Deadly Weapon is 
basically like Lunatic, good in boss fights. Having mostly dark-type enemies 
in Final Areas reduces Black Rain's usability. This is a great class, but not
My favorite one. Though I'd say he's the best choice if you want to have Hawk 
as the main fighter (ie. have Angela and Carlie both). 

Night Blade: SPLIT-IMAGE-SLICE! Full screen Tech, nice damage, nice
Animation. Split Image Slice = Dead enemies. Also gets a crap load of new 
spells. Deadly Weapon is great, and against enemies that don't protect 
against it, so is Black Rain. Highest Strength of all of Hawk's classes (I 
think) and he gets a Full screen Tech. 

Night blade - Arguably the best class for Hawk. Get more spells! Poison 
Breath [Leaf] Deadly Weapon [Lowers HP], Fire Breath [Fire], Black Rain [Dark 
and multitarget-able too] Blow Needles. Split Image Slice!  

Night blade: another awesome class, and the most powerful of all of Hawk's 
classes. Has a nice FST, and learns some pretty cool ninjitsu style magic. 
Though some of the ninjitsu magic he learns doesn't prove to be useful 
(*cough*FLAME BREATH*cough*), and some of it does prove to be useful. Blow 
Needles is useful if you don't have something such as Stun Wind, and Deadly 
Weapon knocks off 1/5 of an enemy's HP instantly. I haven't found uses for 
his other ninjitsu magic, though. Oh well. Basically, this team is a 
powerhouse; so go for the Night blade if you're looking for power. 

Night blade-My second favorite class, best class on the dark side, The Jutsus 
are quite useful taking a considerable amount of damage and causing status 
down to the enemy, Blow Needles can be handy at times and is usually only 
good if you have a high amount of luck so it will silence an enemy or a boss 
every time (it does not silence every time and it is especially harder to 
silence a boss without high luck), Shurikens are probably the most useful out 
all the spells since it cost only 1 mp and is cast almost instantaneously 
causing 200 or more damage at higher levels, lastly is Black Rain which is 
quite and is very effect against any elemental enemy and if you are around 
lvl 40 or higher black rain cast within about 2 second after chosen.

Night Blade: Fun as hell, useless as hell. Except for the Deadly 
Weapon, it?s just a lot of useless spells with good attack power. Putting it
this way, the Ninja Master does the same work much better. If you don?t
have Riesz as Riesz or Star Lancer, though; this one is a good choice.

Nightblade: A popular dark class for many players. I find that most of the 
reasons for this class is that Hawk is capable of getting a multi-target 
third level tech. This is the only class capable of getting a fullscreen 
tech. Another reason could be for the whole slew of spells. I find most of 
these spells to not be so great. These spells are basically covered by other 
classes, so there is nothing new about them. A spell that I find to be 
completely useless is flame breath. What is the point of this spell when you 
already have Fire Justu? Black Rain is a powerful spell, but this tends to 
heal most of the enemies at the end of the game instead of damaging them. The 
physical strength of this class is what is important. This class can be 
proven to be helpful in a relatively weak party. If you want a physical party 
without worries of using spells, then this is the class to choose.


Now, here is a quick General Use for each of Hawk's Classes after the Thief:

RANGER= All Around Fighter, since he gains Support and Offensive Magic, not 
to mention an FST.

NINJA= Boss Fighter.  Single Target Jutsus and High Strength make this class 
an Ideal Boss Fighter for the middle section of the game.

WANDERER= Support Fighter.  Come on.  Only 4 of his spells deal actual 
damage, and Half Vanish will never kill anything.  He's the man to use when 
you want a Support Magic User.

ROGUE= All Around Fighter.  Sure, his spells are Single Target, but they do 
hurt when used right.  And due to Grenade bomb, he'll never run out of MP 
(well, almost never)  His level 2 FST serves well for Gunning down multiple 
Enemies at once, and his Stats are also Well balanced.

NINJA MASTER= Monster Fighter.  Multi Target Jutsus.  What can I say?  Deal 
damage to all enemies on the screen and lower their stats at once are 
definite signs of a Monster Fighter (all non Boss Enemies), not to mention 
his Highest Agility for dodging those annoying Cornering Physical Attacks.

NIGHT BLADE= Boss Fighter.  He's basically the Ninja to the next Level.  Has 
those Single Target Jutsus to use on Bosses, and added to the list is Deadly 
Weapon to make battles considerably Shorter.  Then there's his Highest Attack 
Power, which helps most on bosses, especially when a Magic Saber is thrown on 

And here are the enemy equivalents of each class: 
Thief- Porobins
Ranger- Porobin Hoods (Not sure on name, but the ones in the Lamp Flower 
Ninja- Ninja (Need I say more?)
Wanderer- Porobin Leaders (Not sure again, but the ones in the Forest of 
Ninja Master- Ninja Masters (Yet again quite obvious) and Bill+Ben for bosses
Night Blade- Night Blade (no surprise there)

5.Strategies for Hawk

-For all Boss fights, it is a good idea to have Hawk use his level 1 tech, 
Back Slash.  The reason is that, unlike other characters except Kevin, this 
Tech is stronger than his others, even more than Shadow Dive or Spilt Image 
Slice.  Level 1 tech is similar to regular attacks, but they are stronger.  
Since Hawk attacks twice when he uses Back Slash, it makes it more damaging 
than the other techs he has.  What's more is that you can use 2 Back Slashes 
for every level 3 tech you could have done.  That means double the damage, 
and more frequent damage as well.  Sometimes, when a spell is cast, and Hawk 
is pulling off a Back Slash, he sometimes gets a freebee (can with the 
others, but not nearly as frequently.)  Against regular enemies, it depends, 
I suggest use the tech for there class, as Back Slash can miss, especially 
the Ranger's Flying Swallow Toss and the Night Blade's Split Image Slice, 
since those are FST's and are really great against taking out regular 
enemies.  Also, level 1 techs are effect by sabers, meaning he can drain HP 
if Moon saber is on, MP if Leaf Saber is cast, or deal twice as much if the 
proper element is on him that the enemy is weak against.

-Take advantage of Hawks Double Hit.  Use it frequently.  A good strategy is 
to hit and run while using it.  That way he deals good damage and dodges most 
attacks that come towards (not including spells are level 2/3 techs) Because 
Hawk attacks twice, his tech gauge fills up twice as fast, and so he can get 
his level two or three techs in the time it takes other characters to get 
their level 1 techs up.  This is undoubtedly, a handy maneuver.

-Take advantage of the way Back Slash hits enemies around him.  If Hawk has 
his level one technique and is surrounded on all sides by enemies, then use 
Back Slash to knock them all aside.  If you are lucky, he'll kill enemies all 

-Always have Hawk open chests.  I can't stress this more.  Not only does he 
have a low trap rate while opening them, but a high rare item rate as well, 
due to his high luck.  An example is that most times defeating a lesser 
demon, you'll get a shade statue.  On lucky occasions, you can get an ??? 
Seed from them, and on the best occasions, a Weapon/Armor Seed can be found.  
With Hawk, you can get a large amount of ??? Seeds from them, and maybe a few 
Weapon/Armor seeds as well.  This allows you to Class Change before Pedan, a 
very good thing, as the God Beasts are much easier to defeat then.

-Hawks Change Form spell has more uses than you think (all his light classes) 
Say you don't want to level your characters up too much because by doing so, 
you'll Class Change (CC from now on) at higher level.  When a character CCs, 
the previous classes stats max out, making the Earlier you CC the better.  An 
example is when going Thief to Ninja or Ranger (does not matter here), your 
stats were 8, 12, 6, 5, 5, 11 (does not have to make sense, this is for the 
sake of argument), his stats will be 9, 12, 9, 9, 9, 12 when the CC is over.  
This means a level 45 characters that CC at level 43 will be weaker (MP and 
HP might being exceptions) than a level 42 characters that CC at level 38.    
Casting change form on an enemy slows down the Exp Gain tremendously.  This 
is really good, when you're trying to get  ??? Seeds and don't want to level 
up too far.   It's also good to avoid unnecessary battles, or killing certain 
enemies before others for purposes of treasure.  Like if there's a Night 
Blade and you want Weapon/Armor Seeds, and there is one more tough enemy, 
turn the other enemy into a shell hunter and kill him quickly, then go for 
the Night Blade.

-Sleep Flower may not be good with the Ranger, but the Rogue and Wanderer's 
MT version is.  The reason being is that if you want to avoid a battle 
altogether, cast this spell on all the enemies (don't use an attack, or the 
Computer controlled characters will attack the enemies, waking them up), and 
they will be inactive temporarily, giving you enough time to run.

-If an enemy is immune to one of the Jutsus, there is one solution you can do
To make them affected by it, use a Specter's eye, which can be bought at the
Black market in Byzel.  This takes away any immunity the boss might have, and 
so you can lower all his stats that the Ninja or his more advanced forms 
can utilize.  Also works with the Evil Shaman's Anti-Magic spell.

-Take advantage of the Ninja Master's MT Jutsus techniques.  With this, you 
can quickly and effectively damage all the enemies and lower all of the 
enemy's stats.  Just cast Fire Jutsu on Magic Enemies, Water Jutsu on power 
house enemies (those Dark Lords yet again), and then cast Thunder Jutsu on 
all enemies to lower their defenses, and now you can beat the crap out of 
them all without you worrying about them hurting you.  What's more, you've 
dealt around 300 damage to them all as well already

-As I said before, use Lunatic or Deadly Weapon on every boss immediately.  
This will lower their HP by 1/5 right off the bat.  But it only works once 
per boss; so don't waste MP casting this spell over and over again.

-Use Grenade Bomb and Poison Bubble a lot.  This way, you will not run out of
MP, and you steal it from the enemy.  Also, you can use walnuts on people who 
need them more, like Angela or Carle.

-Use Blow Needles on enemies with dangerous techs or spells.  This will 
eliminate the threat throughout the battle (Dark Lords fall under this 
category yet again, as well as the enemy Night Blades.) Also, cast them on 
anything that heals.  These enemies are real pain since they cause battles to
go on longer than they should.  This also gives you full EXP awards, unlike 
Change Form (which is its one sole handicapped)

-When you have the urge to cast Flame Breath, don't, unless you just want to 
see it.  Shurikens is stronger, cheaper (MP wise), lowers hit rate, and 
learned earlier than Flame Breath.  Also, don't waste magic on Poison Breath 
as well.  Remember that Flame Breath is non elemental, despite its name.

-The Night Blade and Rogue are good choices if your team lacks Angela, since 
They can cast a whole slew of elemental spells, both of the classes can cast 
Dark elemental spells as well.  These two can effectively take advantage of 
all most of the enemies' weaknesses.

-The traps the Ranger and the Rogue has are not great, but can be used if you
need a long distance attack (like a monster on a cliff and you can't reach 
it) cheaply and effectively.  I believe, the weaker (arrows and spikes) ones 
take about 6 hits to kill an enemy, and the stronger ones take about 4 hits 
to kill (Land Mine and Rock Fall).

-Never underestimate a spell because of the amount of MP it costs.  Silver 
Dart is one of the best Holy attacks in the game, and Shuriken deal a lot 
more damage than in proportion to its cost.  So using these spells over and 
over again causes some nice damage.

-Make Hawk Dark if you lack a Stat lower in your party, or if Lise is your 
party as well.  Make him light if you need more support or attack magic.

-Despite all this talk about Leaf Elemental Magic, there seems to be no enemy 
with a weakness to that Element, so apart from Poison Bubble on Dryad's Day 
(Where it gets a damage increase), they have more or less the same use as Non 
Elemental spells, so use them in that vein.

-What stats to raise if you want to boost up Hawk's spells you say?  Well, 
for Poison Bubble (Wanderer) and the Jutsus (Ninja, Ninja Master, and Night 
Blade), raising INT will cause damage to increase.  For all his other spells 
(Believe it or not, this includes Flame Breath, Black Rain, and Poison 
Breath), raise his AGL.  SPR will not increase damage done by any spells.  
Obviously, Half Vanish' damage is based off the enemies HP, so there is no 
way, stat wise, to increase its damage.

More to come soon....

6.Hawk vs. the other characters:
\Duran:                            \         Hawk:                      \
/High Strength                     /         Decent Strength            /
\Gets Shields in Light Classes     \         High Evade and Hit Rate    \
/High Vitality                     /         Average Vitality           /
\Can Heal in Light Classes         \         Has a whole lot of spells  \
/Gets Sabers in Dark Classes       /         Can Lower Stats            /
\Wide Swing                        \         1 lvl 3 FST                \
/Low Magic Stats                   /         Awesome Level 1 Tech       /
\3 classes with FSTs               \         Bad Range                  \
/Good Range                        /         High Luck                  /
\Low Luck                          \         mid ranged Magic Stats     \
/Awesome Defensively               /         Multi Dimensional          /
\Hits REALLY Hard                  \         Attacks Twice.             \

Comments: Between these 2, the question is More Strength and Defenses or More 
Variety.  Do not switch Duran with Hawk if he is the only possible healer (no 
Kevin or Carlie in other words) Hawk is better all around, but Duran is much 
better offensively, it all depends on Power vs. Variety.  Also, if Duran's 
Light, his Shields give him certain advantages that no other character has 
(like Evade even higher than Hawk himself, or protection from Status Effects 
are to name a few) Also, Duran at times can build his tech gauge up faster 
than Hawk, since his 3 hitter swing is just plain awesome (it's has the same 
width as Hawk's 3 hitter swing, but because of Duran's great range, its 
likely to hit more enemies.)  Of course, making Duran a Duelist (DD) and Hawk 
a Wanderer can result in pulling of "3 MP Ancients" (Ancient is the strongest 
spell in the game, which only Angela gets in her Magus form, and it costs 12 
MP) on almost every screen, annihilating all the enemies.  Finally, as far as 
Non Game playthings, both of these characters contain some of the coolest 
techs in the game, so it's hard to choose which character you want if you put 
Tech Animation into consideration.  

\Kevin:                                  \        Hawk:                     / 
/Great Physical Power                    /        Decent Strength           \
\Attacks Twice                           \        Attacks Twice             /
/High Vitality                           /        Average vitality          \
\Completely Offensive                    \        Very Versatile            /
/Can Heal in Light Classes               /        Can lower stats           \
\Pressure Point!!!                       \        SHURIKENS!!!!             /
/Can cast the Rasping Sabers             /        Can Cast Rasping Spells   \
\Very Low Magic Stats                    \        Mid Ranged Magic Stats    /
/3 level 3 FSTs                          /        1 Level 3 FST             \
\Great Level 1 tech                      \        Great Level 1 tech        /
/Lowest Overall Stats                    /        Highest Overall Stats     \
\Can Change into a werewolf at night     \        Good all day long         /
/Learns 2 techs every class change       /        Fastest Tech Building     \
\Throws annoying when FST wanted         \       Many Useless Spells        /

Comments: Although Kevin can't compare in stats to Hawk, he has 2 things 
nobody else has, 2 techs every Class Change (in other words, 5 techs after 
the 2nd CC), and he turns into a werewolf at night, making him the Strongest 
character in the game, physically speaking.  Here, it's all about whether you 
want Raw Power (Kevin) or a lot of Variety (Hawk) also, likes with Duran, 
Kevin can heal, and Hawk cannot replace Kevin if Duran or Carlie is not in 
that party.
These 2 are some extremes, as Kevin is the most 1 dimensional character (not 
necessarily a bad thing) while Hawk has the most dimensions of all the 
characters in the game.  As I said before, Variety vs. Pure Strength is what 
you are to choose from here.  But placing these 2 in a team together creates 
a devastating effect, as they make up for what the other one lacks.

/Lise:                                /    Hawk:                            /
\High Strength                        \    Decent Strength                  \
/Learns Stat Ups in Light Classes     /    Can Lower Stats + Deal Damage    /
\Can Lower Stats in Dark Classes      \    Gets all the Wanderer's spells   \
/Always gets a Summon                 /    Gets the Rogue spells            /
\1 Level 3 FST + 2 Level 2 FSTs       \    1 level 2 and level 3 FST        \
/Great Range                          /    Great level 1 tech               /
\Not a Very Wide Swing                \    Bad range                        \
/2nd Highest Stats                     /    Double Attack                    /
\Balanced All Around                  \    Highest Stats                    \
/All classes have very similar uses.  /    Learns some neat spells          /
\Great all around character           \    can cause status effects         \
/Summons cause Status Effects         /    Great Variety                    /

Comments: Hawk and Lise are 2 great characters.  And they are hard to compare 
as well.  Lise's stats are better balanced, but Hawk's are a bit better.  
Lise can also do a Change Form effect with her Spell Freya, but its always 
MT, making it not as useful as Hawks Change Form where he can control who 
will be hit by it.  Lise's Dark Summons is very devastating, and the Summon 
learned in the Star Lancer (Light Dark) Marduke, hurts and silences all 
enemies.  Lise's strength is a bit better than Hawks, but she attacks only 
once, which makes it lower in the long run.  Yet she has much better range in 
as well.  One thing I hate to do is decide between these two, as when paired 
together, they make the best 2-person combo, especially if Hawk is a Ninja 
Master and Lise a Star Lancer.  The Difference between these is basically 
Versatility vs. Balance.  Tough Choice, I know (no Sarcasm intended).
But, if you want a team where you can't go wrong, put both of these 2 in the 
same team, as they can make many deadly combos.  If you really want to be 
safe, put Hawk and Lise with Carlie, and you'll get a team that is good no 
matter what classes you choose (well, almost)

\Angela:                              \       Hawk:                         / 
/Low Strength                         /       Decent Strength               \
\High INT and SPR                     \       Mid Ranged INT and SPR        /
/Decent Luck                          /       Very High Luck                \
\Low Vitality                         \       Average Vitality              /
/Mediocre Agility                     /       Variety                       \
\Nice set of spells                   \       Jutsus do more than one thing / 
/No FSTs                              /       2 Classes Max Out Spell Slots \ 
\3 of her classes are very similar    \       Most Skills Not MT            /
/Mainly Offensive Magic Character     /       has a few Useless spells      \
\Ultimate Spells Rock                 \       Very High Agility             /
/Dark Classes Suffer through Delvar   /       Nice Set of Skills            \
\Always Maxes spell slots out         \       1 level 3 FST, 1 level 2 FST  / 
/Learns 6 spells before the 1st CC     /       Double hit                    \
\Level 3 Spells do Status Effects     \       Light Classes need Ranger     /

Hawk is probably the only character you can conceivably compare Angela too.  
He is the only character who learns a slew of elemental Attack Spells like 
Angela.  Thus, you can use him to replace her to an extant.  In an Earlier 
addition, I said Angela was not all that great.  My views have changed since 
then, and she is actually a rather good character (well, if she goes Light at 
least) Basically, the biggest Advantage Angela has over Hawk is the fact that 
she can wipe out all the enemies on the screen faster than any other 
character.  And the Rune Master is one of the best Boss Fighting classes 
around (but that's about all its good for) Basically, when deciding between 
Hawk and Angela, its Versatility against Powerful Offensive Magic.  These two 
do work well together, as Hawk as a Ninja Master can add some elemental 
Damage with his MT Jutsu's to really hurt the enemy with Angela's MT Level 
1's (Level 2's as well in the case of the of the Light Classes) Or, you can 
put the Rogue in to cover the Leaf Elemental Angela Could not cover, and 
since she always has to choose between Saint Beam and Dark Force, the Rogue 
can make up for the one she missed with Silver Dart or Crescent.

\Carlie:                               /         Hawk:                      \ 
/Cute with annoying personality        \         Attacks twice              /
\Always gets MT Heal Light             /         Learns a bunch of spells   \
/Light Classes learn Sabers            \         Very High Overall Stats    /
\Dark Classes learn Summons            /         Dark Classes Lower stats   \
/High Spirit and Intelligence          \         High Agility and Luck      /
\Nice Luck Ratings                     /         Mid range INT and SPR      \
/Low Physical Stats                    \         Techs look cool            /
\Black Curse!!!!                       /         Has Several Useless Spells \
/High Overall Stats                    \         Fun to play as             /
\No FSTs                               /         Classes are all different  \
/Learns 2 spells before the 1st CC      \         Great level one tech       /
\Techs are fun to watch                /         Has Annoying Ranger Class  \

Carlie and Hawk are really hard to compare.  Other than stats, they are 2 
different characters.  Carlie has the ever-useful Black Curse and heals 
instantly in her Final Classes, but can't deal the damage Hawk can.  Her 
Demon Breath Spell is similar to Fire Jutsu, except lowers Magic Attack and 
Defense and is dark elemental.  These 2 characters are hard to switch between
one another, since they are used in totally different fashions.  I guess its 
pure support vs. Variety, is the best way to explain it, but even that's not 
that adequate of a description.  One thing they do share is that they are 
both characters with a lot of variety.  Hawk can do nearly anything as long 
as it does not involve Healing.  Carlie can do nearly anything besides 
fighting.  Simply put, Carlie is the only character with a variety rating 
that can evne be compared to Hawk's.

7. Weapons and Armor List

This is a list of Hawk's weapons and armor, where you get them, the costs of 
some, and their damage calculations.  I will also list who can equip them, 
like if I say Dark classes, then the Ninja, Night Blade, and Ninja Master are 
the only ones who can equip it, while Neutral means that all of his Classes 
can equip it.  Also note that the weapons, armor, ect. Won't Appear unless 
you are a class that can equip them, so the Cresent Knife Won't appear if 
Hawk is a Ninja, lets say, but the Acala will be there, and Vice Versa for 
the Ranger.

NOTE: For all equipment, if the sign ? appears near something, it means Not 
Flint Knife
Power-9+2xSTR(to avoid confusion, this means that if Hawk's strength is 3 
lets say, than his attack power would be 15)
Location: Initially equipped on him if he is your Main Character.

Location: Astoria, costs 90 OR initially equipped if he is your second or 
third character

Location-Dwarves Village, costs 194

Roundel Dagger
Location-Byzel, costs 234

Shark Teeth
Location: Palo after Rolante section, Costs 405

Steel Dagger
Location: Dark Priest Village on Island Bucca, Costs 820

Location-Elrand or Sultan, costs 1300

Location-Mintos, costs 2600

Location-Mintos, Costs 2900

Main Gauche
Location-Mintos, costs 2795

Crystal Dagger
Location-Diorre, costs 3160

Location-Diorre, costs 3195

Elf Dagger
Location-Diorre, costs 3300

Blue Gale
Location-Altena (Duran's or Angela's story only, same applies for anything 
bought in Altena) OR Mintos and Deen after Mana Holy Land (everyone's story), 
Costs 3830

Location-Altena, Mintos OR Deen after Mana Holy land, costs 4400

Mythril Knife
Location-Altena, Deen OR Mintos after Mana Holy land, costs 4240
Classes- Light

Dancing Dagger
Location-Merchant Cats after 1st God Beast, first set of Weapons, Costs 7600

Location-Same as Dancing Dagger, Costs 7735

Field Dagger
Location-Same as the Dancing Dagger, Costs 7870

Merikiel Dagger
Location-Merchant Cats after 4th God Beast, Costs 17230

Location-Merchant Cats after 4th God Beast, Costs 17470

Sylvan Knife
Location-Merchant Cats after 4th God Beast, Costs 17615

Sheol Dirk
Location-Pedan, Costs 18270

Location-Pedan, Costs 32535

Crescent Knife
Location-Pedan, Costs 32060

Crimson Glare
Location-Weapon Armor Seed while in your 2nd Classes
Note: For some reason, if the Crimson Glare is removed from the Night Blade 
(Have not tried with the other classes), he can't Re-equip it.  Of course, 
the only reason to remove this is if you got the Death Stroke.

Location-Weapon Armor Seed
Classes-Light Light

Man Slaughter
Location-Weapon Armor Seed
Classes-Light Dark

Kongo Raken
Location-Weapon Armor Seed
Classes-Dark Light

Death Stroke
Location-Weapon Armor Seed
Classes-Dark Dark

ARMOR: (note, First numbers in defense ratings are Defense, the second is 
Magic Defense)

Cotton Kit: 
Defense: 2xVit+2, 4xINT+7
Location: Initially Equipped if main character
Classes: Neutral

Black Fatigue: 
Defense: 2xVit+8, 4xINT+7
Location: Initially Equipped if 2nd or 3rd Character, Wendel if 1st, Costs 55
Classes: Neutral

Camoulflage Cloak
Defense: 3xVit+8, 4xINT+7
Location: Dwarves Village, Costs 100
Classes: Neutral

Thief's Cape:
Defense: 4xVit+10, 4xINT+7
Location: Byzel, Costs 200
Classes: Neutral

Soft Leather
Defense: 5xVit+14, 4xINT+7
Location: Palo after Rolante Scenario, costs 234
Classes: Neutral

Idaten Cloak
Defense: 6xVit+17, 4xINT+7
Location: Dark Priest Village, costs 276
Classes: Neutral

Chain Guard
Defense: 7xVit+20, 4xINT+7
Location: Sultan OR Elrand, Costs 630
Classes: Neutral

Moon Beam Cloak:
Defense: 8xVit+23, 4xINT+7
Location: Mintos, Costs 1300
Classes: Dark/Light

Elf Breast Plate
Defense: 9xVit+26, 8xINT
Location: Diorre, 1750
Classes: Dark/Light

Fleet Wind Cape
Defense: 10xVit+29, 8xINT
Location: Altena, Deen OR Mintos after Mana Holyland, costs 2350
Classes: Dark/Light

Fluorite Plate
Defense: 11xVit+35, 8xINT
Location: Merchant Cats after 1st God Beast, Costs 3155
Classes: Dark/Light

Dark Suit
Defense: 12xVit+35, 8xINT
Location: Cats After 4th God Beast, costs 4135
Classes: Dark

Utsushimi Cape:
Defense: 12xVit+33, 8xINT
Location: Cats after 4th God Beast, Costs 3480
Classes: Light

Ninja Garb
Defense: 13xVit+34, 8xINT
Location: Pedan, Costs 7200
Classes: Dark

Yafuku Cuirass
Defense: 13xVit+32
Location: Pedan, Costs 7735
Classes: Light

Shijima Mail
Defense: 14xVit+40, 8xInt
Location: Weapon Armor Seed while Ninja or Ranger
Classes: Dark/Light

Phantom Cuirass
Defense: 14xVit+42, 8xINT
Location: Weapon Armor Seed
Classes: Light Light

Silver Wolf Pelt
Defense: 14xVit+45, 8xINT
Location: Weapon Armor Seed
Classes: Light Dark

Wind Demon Mail
Defense: 14xVit+48, 8xINT
Location: Weapon Armor Seed
Classes: Dark Light

Black Garb
Defense: 14xVit+51, 8xINT
Location: Weapon Armor Seed
Classes: Dark Dark

HELMETS: (Helmets and Accessories add to your Defensive Ratings, and have no 
Multiplication, So +3, +1 means +3 to Def and +1 to Mag Def)

Leather Hat
Defenses: +3, +2
Location: Maia, Costs 42
Classes: Neutral

Defenses: +3, +2
Location: Jad (don't have how much it costs)
Classes: Neutral

Feather Hat
Defenses: +5, +2
Location: Deen, Costs 800
Classes: Neutral

Faerie Hat:
Defenses: +6, +3
Location: Diorre, Costs 1150
Classes: Dark/Light

Grizzly Garea
Defenses: +8, +3
Location: Cats after 1st God Beast, Costs 2100
Classes: Dark/Light

Black Hood
Defenses: +9, +3
Location: Cats after 4th God Beast, Costs 2100
Classes: Dark/Light

Nocto Goggles
Defenses: +10, +4
Location: Pedan, Costs 3630
Classes: Dark/Light

Fool's Crown
Defenses: +11, +4
Location: Weapon Armor Seed when Hawk is Ninja or Ranger
Classes: Dark/Light

Wind Spirit Hat
Defenses: +14, +4
Location: Weapon Armor Seed
Classes: Light Light

Silver Wolf Garea
Defenses: +14? +5?
Location: Weapon Armor Seed
Classes: Light Dark

Stealth Hood
Defenses: +15? +4?
Location: Weapon Armor Seed
Classes: Dark Light

Bloody Mask
Defenses: +15, +5
Location: Weapon Armor Seed
Classes: Dark Dark

ACCESSORIES: (Note, I don't have the costs for them)
Utsusemi Earrings
Defenses: +2, +1
Location: Forcena
Classes: Neutral

Thief's Armband
Defenses: +3, +1
Location: Jad
Classes: Neutral

Cobra Earrings
Defenses: +4, +1
Location: Deen
Classes: Neutral
NOTE: Protects against Poison Status

Ancient Talisman:
Defenses: +5, +2
Location: Altena, Deen OR Mintos after Mana Holyland
Classes: Dark/Light

Tree Spirit Ring
Defenses: +6, +2
Location: Cats after 1st God Beast
Classes: Light

Mist Creen Charm
Defenses: +7, +2
Location: Cats after 1st God Beast
Classes: Dark

Defenses: +8, +3
Location: Weapon Armor Seed when Hawk is Ninja or Ranger
Classes: Dark/Light

Defenses: +8, +3
Location: Weapon Armor Seed when Hawk is Ninja or Ranger
Classes: Dark/Light

Yaddrig Amulet
Defenses: +8, +3
Location: Weapon Armor Seed when Hawk is Ninja or Ranger
Classes: Dark/Light

Lucky Card
Defenses: +9, +3
Location: Weapon Armor Seed when Hawk is a Wanderer or Rogue
Classes: Light

Stealth Guard
Defenses: +10, +3
Location: Weapon Armor Seed when Hawk is a Ninja Master or Night Blade
Classes: Dark

NOTE: For some reason, the Yaddrig Amulet, Magnatama, and Wish Bone all have 
the same properties.  If someone can verify if they each do something special 
please contact me at my E-Mail Address listed at the end of this FAQ.
NOTE2: I think I discovered the mystery behind those 3 accessories.  
Apparently, some accessories can actually be shared by some characters, so 
they are probably meant for other characters (in this case, Lise or Carlie, 
since those were the other 2 characters in my team when I did the equipment 
run through), but are equippable by Hawk.  

8.Scenario Tips

NOTE: This is ONLY for Hawk's Quest, and will only be useful for him, nobody 
elses.  Well, the actually, I lied.  After the beginning sequence, this will 
also be useful for Lise's Scenario, since she has the same Rivals.

Beginning: To get you through the beginning, just find the Chest with a Round
Drop in it and take it.  Then Find Eagle, and go to Flamekan's Bedroom.  Beat 
Eagle, but take sometime to get familiar with the fighting system.  Note
If you lose, you won't die, Hawk will just get angry and comeback up at Max 
HP till you beat him.  Go to the Bars of jail after being put in there, and 
talk to it a bunch of times until Jessica Comes. Then go to the Crack in the 
wall, and talk to it until Nikita blows it open.  Then get out of there.  If 
you want, fight the Ninjas until you reach level 2, as they are not that 
hard, but give 1 exp each.

After the Mana Holy Land: Go into Navarre.  Search around till you find a 
side entrance into the throne room.  If you want, in the entrance of the 
Palace, on the lower right hand side, there is a secret room to Navarre's 
hidden treasures.  Nothing great, you get a Pumpkin Bomb, Shuriken, and 
Salamando Statue, good for selling all 3 for a little extra cash, not much, 
though.  After giving the Sword to them, go back and fight the lesser demons 
in the throne room, note that the front door to the Throne Room is now open.  
They will sometimes drop ??? Seeds, well if you want to CC a second time 
before beating all 7-god beasts.  Plus, they give you 268 exp each time you 
kill them, which is really good for that time in the game.  You can easily 
become Level 30 in no time.  Just beware of the Ninja Masters and their MT 
shuriken and Jutsus lowering your stats.  Also, beware of Dark Priests who 
will heal the Ninja's and the Ninja Master's as well, making life harder.

Dark Cave: To get here, first talk to the Mana Stone Guru in Pedan, and the 
Location will appear on the Map. This is annoying since one false move and 
your back at the beginning or an earlier part of the game.  I don't know the 
way, but a few tips against monsters.  First of all, getting the 2nd CC by 
this point is very possible (go to Pedan and hunt Boulders at night outside 
for ??? seeds, then go to the Goddess statue in the Mana Holy Land, the Stone 
one, not the 2 Gold Ones right near it, and use the Proper item to CC into 
the right class. I have listed Hawk's CC items next to his Final Classes) and 
that makes life a lot easier.  Now, your priorities as far as killing goes is 
to get rid of Wolf Devils and Night Blades first, since they contain powerful 
FSTs to use against us.  But if you want Weapon/Armor Seeds, kill them last, 
as they both give them to you.  MT Sleep Flower and Water Jutsu will surely 
come in handy here, as Sleep Flower knocks all enemies asleep, and Water 
Jutsu will cause those 2 to lose power on their FSTs.  Blow Needles is a good 
thing as well, as it stops their FSTs altogether.  Just keep searching till 
you find the Mana Stone of Darkness, and Zable Fahr will fight you.  Use 
basic boss tactics on it to win.  Next, search for a statue and press A at it 
and the entire Cave will light up.  Then look for Jagan, after the battle 
with him, go find a bridge of energy and go to dark Palace.

Palace of Darkness: This place is too complicated to give details, so I'll 
generalize everything.  First off, the only hard enemy is the Dark Lords, who
use eruption sword.  Use same tactics on them as you would with the Night 
Blades and Wolf Devils.  Also, kill the Dark Priests before anything else, as
they will heal whatever is being attacked.  The bosses here are not too hard, 
and it's a great place to build up your levels.  Just watch out for Power 
Boulders, who if your level is lower than theirs, their Death Roulette
will instantly kill whoever is hit, but sometimes they kill some of their 
friends. You should be between level 43-47 here, and having the 2nd CC is a 
real big help.
  Also, make sure you go through the Castle all at once, as after you fight 
the Full Metal Hugger, if you leave, you can't return to that spot again.  
That's the only precaution.  Its all or nothing, you can't do half and 
comeback to finish the rest like Mirage Palace or Dragon's Hole.
    As far as a walkthrough in this place.  Despite that I said its 
Complicated, the route itself is pretty straight forward, just a few switches 
you have to push in the beginning.  Just in case you want to know, there are 
3 bosses (not including Bigieu) on your way through the castle.  They are (in 
order) the Full Metal Hugger, Genova, and Tzenker.  Basically, use the same 
strategies you used on these bosses earlier in the game, and you should have 
no problem.  Just this time, its easier to apply their weaknesses, and they 
are higher levels, so don't expect them to be easy just because they were 
easy when you when you fought them as your Neutral (or 2nd Classes if you 
leveled up a lot) since they have become stronger in proportion you are.  Ok 
fine, they are easy, but not as easy as you'd expect.

Now for the Bosses:

HP: 16000 
Weakness: Fire, Earth
Monster Type: Undead Magic User (A lich more or less)
This guy is annoying, but if you can lower his magic power, and have Fire 
Saber, he should not be a problem.  He brings a Bloody Wolf and a Carmilla 
Queen with him, so kill them first.  Don't cast any spells on him that are 
not meant to lower stats, as he will count, unless the spell is a Fire based 
spell, Earth Based spell, Death Spell, or Turn Undead.  Despite what people 
think, he is not weak against Holy power, but casting Saint beam with the 
Sage is still a good idea.  Just be careful, he has some nasty spells.  His 
pyschokinesis attack pushes all your characters away from him, dealing about 
100 points of damage,
forcing you to have to come back at him with physical attacks.  He might seem 
hard at first, but once you get your momentum straight, victory will be at 
your grasp.  And Beware of his Death Spell if your levels are low, I can't
tell you what level he is, so just approach him with a level of about 43 and
you should be fine.

HP: 16000 
Weakness: Earth, Water
Absorbs: Thunder/Wind, Fire
Monster Type: Lunar Magic and Summons Lamia Naga
Bigieu is an annoying enemy.  She is not really that hard, just that she has 
a lot of HP, is agile, and casts moon saber to make the battle longer.  (BTW,
She is Hawk's arch rival, though seems more like Kevin's when battling her) 
She casts energy ball frequently to make her Critical Hit Rate higher, and 
when she becomes small, she is either casting Lunatic, MT Change Form, or 
Lamia Naga.  The first two are not a problem, Lamia Naga can be.  Heal right 
after this summon.  She also has a Level 1 kind of tech called Rolling High 
Claw, which is slightly stronger than her standard attack.  She knows every 
single Moon Spell in the game, but Moon Spells are usually not that much of a 
problem, as only Half Vanish (and Maybe Lunatic) deal damage.  Casting spells 
like Earthquake, Earth Saber, Earth Jutsu, and Stone Cloud help in this 
battle.  She is also Weak against Water as well, so blast away with Water 
Jutsu, Ice Saber, Mega Splash, and Cold Breeze as well.  Of Course, if you 
have one of those elements, you most likely have the other, so it's a matter 
of taste (and what day it is, like use Earth based spells if its Salamando's 
day, since Water Spells are weaker on that day is one example).  Death Spell 
is also good if Angela's level is high enough.  As always, start the battle 
off by casting all stat downs you have (Deadly weapon and Lunatic come first 
if you have either of them) All in all, an easy, but long fight.  Just don't 
panic, and you'll be victorious.

HP: 54500 
Weakness: Varies first form, none second form 
Absorbtions: None in either form
Monster Type: Final Boss, hardest one, knows nearly all higher level spells 
in the game minus Death Ecstasy, Ancient and Flare
Oh fun, Hawk has to fight the hardest of the 3 final bosses.  What joy.  All 
I can say is start the battle like any other battle, Lunatic or Deadly Weapon
First.  Raise your characters stats with Scales or Lise's spells; lower his 
(for Jutsus, while his color changes, he is effected by different ones, so 
learn when to use them) Black Curse is great here for quick stat lowering.  
Casting Moon Saber helps with the healing a bit, but you can't rely on it.  
Arch demon is likely to lower your stats, use level 3-magic, Stun Wind being 
his favorite silencing one of your characters, and of course, he knows death 
spell.  To avoid his death spell, approach him at level 51, so his Death 
Spell does nothing to you.  Hawk's and Kevin's Level 1 tech's great against 
him, until he turns black, where he is immune to attacks all regular attacks 
and level one techs.  When he transforms, he uses more skills, but they are 
not as strong or painful as the first form.  That is all except Catastrophe.  
This is the Strongest MT spell an enemy can cast at you.  It deals a good 300
Points of damage.  In his Second Form, he will stop changing Colors and 
weakness like he did in his previous form.  Instead, he will always be Red or 
Black.  The only difference is that when he's Black, he won't attack, and can 
only be hurt by Spells and Level 2/3 Techs, though; he is not in his Black 
Form very long. Heal when necessary, follow my advice, and you should 
prevail.  Also, when he goes to his 2nd form, he repels Fire and Thunder 
elemental spells, some of them anyway, amongst the spells he DOES repel 
include Hawk's Jutsus, so do NOT use Fire or Thunder Jutsu, unless you have 
Anti Magic/Spectre's Eye handy.  

9.Team Suggestions:

[Hawk Angela Carlie]

This is the weakest of all the possible parties, physically speaking.  I 
suggest Hawk as a Night Blade to lower stats and attack at his highest 
potential, Carlie as a Bishop (LL) to cast sabers, heal, and Turn Undead, and 
Angela as a Grand Divina (LL) or Rune Master (DL), as its either you have 
stronger magic, or MT target Spells and higher attack power.  Another good 
solution would be Night Blade, Evil Shaman (DD), and Grand Diviner/Rune 
Master, this way, the Evil Shaman to cast Anti-Magic so his spells are always 
going to deal damage and lower stats.

For a fun but potentially difficult time, try Hawk as the Wanderer, Carlie as 
the Sage, and Angela as the Rune Master.  This is the WORST physical team of 
Final Classes available.  You'll be relying a lot on Carlie's Sabers for 
Attack Boosts, and the teams Magic supply to get rid of enemies.

Other Teams:

Hawk - Nightblade 
Carlie - Evil Shaman 
Angela - Arch Mage  
Nightblade has the highest atack power and it's already back up with magic so 
the others choices are... not good. 
Evil Shaman can heal, cast Demon Breath (lowers Def and Mag Def) and summon 
GREAT DEMON! I choose this class over Necromancer since this team needs more 
Arch Mage can cast spells and use Poto Oils since Carlie's Spirit is a bit 

[Hawk Angela Duran]

My first party, good if used properly.  Angela should become a Grand Diviner
or Arch mage (both light classes), Duran a Lord and Hawk a Ninja Master or 
Night Blade (either's fine) Duran will heal, Hawk will lower stats, and 
Angela will wipe out all the annoying enemies on the screen at once.  Nice 
team overall.
If you plan on taking on the Black Rabite (must be playing Angela or Duran as 
first character), then things change a bit.  Hawk should be a Night Blade, so 
he can lower stats, and cast Deadly Weapon, or the Wanderer for Counter 
Magic, Lunatic, and Life Booster.  Duran as a Paladin for the Healing 
(although ST, it still can be useful), Sacred Shield, and Saint Saber. Angela 
should be a Grand Divina, since she can cast Saint Beam, and has good Attack 
Power to assist Hawk and Duran in fighting the thing.

[Hawk Angela Kevin]

Hawk a Night Blade/Ninja Master, Angela an Arch Mage (going to need the 
little extra spirit), and Kevin a Warrior Monk.  Kevin will heal, cast 
pressure point to raise his strength, and cast Leaf Saber on himself and 
Angela so he can heal endlessly and have a limitless supply of rainbow spells
to use on bosses.  Hawk, of course, will lower stats, and assist Kevin in 
A nice Fun team to muck around with.

Other Teams:


Hawk-Nightblade/Ninja Master 
Kevin-Warrior Monk/God Hand 
Angela-Grand Divina 
You've got 2 good attackers, an OK healer, and an excellent attack magic 
user. Hawk as a Nightblade/Ninja Master can lower stats. I would choose 
Nightblade because it has better techs, but Ninja Master works too. Kevin 
fights and heals. Aura Wave is useful with the God Hand, but MT Heal Light is 
better. Angela...well, she'll just blast the bosses.

[Hawk Angela Lise]

Try to avoid this team, as it has no healers.  Hawk is best as a Wanderer for
His Defensive skills, Lise a Fenrir Knight for her stat lowering angle and 
casting Lamia Naga, while Angela should become an Arch Mage.  To heal, have 
Angela throw Poto Oils, as she has the highest spirit of the team, and cast 
Rainbow and her MT lvl 2 spells to kill all the small enemies.
Though this team may be hard for your first time through the game, when you 
feel more competent about your abilities, try it.  This is what you call a 
suicide team (a team with no healing spells other than Moon Saber at the 
best), and Suicide Teams can be really fun if you can live without a Main 

[Hawk Carlie Duran]

Nice Overall team.  Hawk a Rogue to cast his offensive magic and Grenade Bomb
enemies, as well as his MT Sleep Flower and Change Form.  Carlie should 
become a Necromancer to lower stats with Black Curse, and cast Ghost summon, 
and if up against a light elemental enemy, cast Dark Saber as well.  Duran 
should become a Sword Master, so he could take advantage of his sabers, and 
does not need Dark Saber of the Duelist since Carlie can cast it.  Duran and 
Hawk will be attacking and Carlie will heal, of course.

[Hawk Carlie Kevin]

This is another Good team.  Hawk a Ninja Master/Night Blade, Kevin anything 
other than the Warrior Monk, so he can use an FST, and cast some interesting 
(God Hand has Aura Wave, Death Hand has Energy Ball and highest strength 
rating of Kevin's classes, and Dervish has Moon Saber) and Carlie will be a 
Bishop so she is able Turn Undead, cast Sabers and heal at highest potential.  
An alternative team with these characters is Carlie Necromancer for Stat 
lowering, Hawk as wanderer with his slew of spells to cast, and Kevin as a 
Death Hand for Pure Strength (won't need energy ball, since the Wanderer 
already knows it) or the Dervish for Moon Saber.  Both teams are good.

[Hawk Carlie Lise]

I'll be plain and simple about this team.  Nearly ANY combo of classes in 
this team will work, I'm not kidding.  Choose any 3, and chances are, the 
game will still be easy.  I call this team the "Team of Versatility"

[Hawk Duran Kevin]

This is an all boy party.  Nice.  Kevin should be a God Hand (not going to 
need MT Heal Light, since this team as enough HP), Duran a Duelist, and Hawk 
a Ninja Master (not going to need the Night Blades power, trust me.)  Kevin 
Heals, and casts Aura Wave on Duran so he can use his powerful level 3 tech 
(the reason for the Duelist) and Pressure Points himself for more damage as 
well.  Hawk lowers the enemies' stats, and Duran Casts sabers (won't Leaf 
Saber or Moon Saber in a physical party like this) All characters will be 
strong attacks, and Hawk can add some magic damage as well.  Another team 
that works
Is (not as good as above, though) is the Dervish for Strength and Moon Saber, 
Paladin for Healing and Saint Saber, and Hawk will be a Ninja Master or Night 
Blade (this team is a bit weaker than the alternative, that's why you might 
want the Night Blade) for stat lowering purposes.  Both choices are
Good, just the second is a bit more defensive while the first is more 

Teams by other people:

Hawk - Rouge 
Kevin - God hand 
Duran - Lord 
since this party lacks power, Hawk has to be Rouge. (Why Rouge? 'Cause this 
is a Light team.) He can cast attack spells too. God Hand and Aura Wave, 
'nuff said. Lord has his MTHL and good attack power. Good for all skill 


Hawk - Nightblade 
Duran - Paladin 
Kevin - God Hand 
This was the very first party I ever used, doing Duran's storyline, but is 
useful no matter who you pick as the lead. I thought that it would comine 
Aura Wave with Split-Image Slice, Byakko Shockwave, and Flashing Sword 
(Hawk's most powerful, Kevin's Second, Duran's Second) with two lots of 
healing, Stat-Downs, Deadly Weapon, Blow Needles and Saint Sabre. All in all 
it was pretty successful. The fact that two of the three characters had hard-
hitting double swings helped immensely. With Sacred Shield reducing all amgic 
damage by 1/3, Duran can be the life force of the team, especially against 
fast spell-casters like Jagan can be, and Archdemon, Koren, Black Rabite and 
the Dragon Emperor for Duran's Quest, or if you chose Kevin's storyline, 
Heath or Dark Lich.


I just had a brilliant Idea. (Well in truth it's been stuck in my head for as 
long as I've been on these boards. 
Hawk: Wanderer 
Duran: Duelist 
Kevin: God hand 
Ok here's the reasoning. You've got yourself two power hitter's one who 
double's as a healer (of course with Duran and Kevin you only really need ST 
heal light. But you still got your poto's) Then you have a support character 
(And what a great support character he is. You'll fly through the start of 
the game as then all three are good attacker's. Then when you class change 
you got your saber's. Heal light and a bunch of weak trap's. As hawk attack's 
twice (same with kevin) he can still do some damage. And by then you'll have 
a healer to heal him. You should be able to beat the god beasts without great 
difficulty (when you use the appropriate saber's of course) The only one who 
MIGHT be trouble is light gazer (As alway's). Then final class change. You'll 
have a great support character with aura wave. The strongest healer with aura 
wave. And somebody with the strongest tech in the game. And if you ever get 
into trouble all you have to do is get kevin to cast aura wave on himself. 
Then Hawk cast it on duran. Byakko shockwave followed by eruption sword >=D

[Hawk Duran Lise]

This is another good all around physical team.  Hawk a Night Blade to lower 
stats (going to need at least one FST), Duran a Lord to heal all characters 
at once, and Lise a Star Lancer to raise stats and cast Marduke on small 
enemies.  All 3 characters are good attackers.

[Hawk Kevin Lise]

Remember how I said this is the best team IMHO.  Well, now you'll see why.  
First Hawk should be a Ninja Master to lower all enemies' stats and cast 
shurikens on bosses, plus help attacking.  Lise should be a Star Lancer to 
raise all the character's stats at once, and summon Marduke to rid away 
annoying enemies, and Kevin should be a God Hand, to heal and cast Aura Wave 
on each of them, allowing them to use their Level 3 techs instantly (well, 
close enough) Even Arch demon did not last long against this party.  It was a 
truly amazing team.  The only reason I would not play it again is because the 
game became a bit too easy.  But if you're looking for powerful team, I 
suggest you try this, but make sure you know how to use each character first, 
as what good is anything if one does not know what to do with it.  Oh, I 
forgot, all three characters will have good attack power, and at nighttime, 
this team just gets even better. :) 

10.Miscellaneous Stuff related to Hawk

***This section contains Many Spoilers, so skip this Section if you don't 
want me to Ruin anything. ***

First off, we'll start from the beginning.
If you choose either Lise or Angela as your First Character, go to the Pub in 
Jad, where Hawk is, and he will tell them how to get out of the town and then 
ask them out for a date, and then Feels Rejected.

In the Corrobokle Village, Hawk will say something about Papa Smurf if he's 
your main character.  I find this a rather interesting scene.

If you chose Carlie As your 3rd Character, and Duran as either you're first or 
second, then Hawk will be the one to let your Party out of Jail.  He has an 
interesting way of getting out of Jail (Not quite as funny as Angela's) where 
he Makes the Beast Man look like an Idiot by saying the Door of his Cell is 
Unlocked, then after the Beast Man lets him out, Hawk locks the Guard back in 
the cell.  Rather fun to watch. (NOTE, he always gets out of Jail in the same 
way, I was just saying that under that Situation, he will let your party out 
of jail as well as if he was your 3rd Character)  If you did what I said in 
the beginning, then the Boat will leave with out Hawk and he will be watching 
it go off in despair.
NOTE: Normally, its Duran who lets your team out of Jail if Carlie is your 3rd 
Character, but if Duran is in your Party, Hawk takes his Place.

Now, for the more interesting Part, Hawk's Relationship with Lise section:

First off, if Lise is your First Character, and Hawk is your Second, then you 
will get a Special Conversation in the same way you would get a Conversation 
between Angela and Duran in a Similar Situation, right before entering the 
Water Fall Cave.  All I'll say is the theme of the Conversation is Trust.

If you have Lise in your Party, but Not Hawk, when you Meet Hawk in Rolante 
as Usual, he will explain his Situation, and then Lise will say something 
that Prompts Hawk into Kissing Lise out of Impulse.

In Rolante, if you have Hawk but Not Lise, you will see Lise knocked out by 
Bill and Ben.  She will insist on Pursuing the Enemy's General, but Hawk says 
something how Royalty Should stay with their own People or so.

If you have Hawk in your party (Does not matter if you have Lise or not), 
Hawk will say to Lise not to kill Bigieu, or Otherwise Jessica will die.  
Lise will respond with "is this Jessica your... Never Mind" implying she is 
curious about Hawk.

Possibly more to come in the Future...

11.Odds, Ends, and Other Random Stuff

"Ninja Master has Hawk's Highest Attack Power"

     Despite how much I like this class, I will never say something like this 
to support my reasoning.  Under No circumstances is the Ninja Master stronger 
than the Night Blade.  There are only 2 possible ways this can come about: 
 A. You put more emphasis on the STR stat for the Ninja Master, resulting in 
Higher Temporary STR.  This of course will eventually disappear, since you 
are going to have to Raise STR eventually (and its advised that you do) and 
the ending result is higher STR meaning Higher Attack Power.
 B. The other possibility (this can override point A) is that the Ninja 
Master has a better Weapon Equipped than the Night Blade (Example: Ninja 
Master in one of your games has the Kongo Raken while the Night Blade has the 
Sheol Dirk), thus resulting in higher damage only because he had a stronger 
weapon.  Of course, if equipped with Equivalent Weapons, the Night Blade 
would be stronger yet again, because of the 1 point in STR, and the Death 
Stroke (Night Blade's Best) is +2 to the Kongo Raken (Ninja Master's Best), 
as is the case with all DD Weapon's Vs. DL weapons.
    As you can see, the Night Blade will generally be the stronger class 
physically speaking if under equivalent conditions as the Ninja Master.  
Someone brought up the point that the Ninja Master's Shadow Dive tech does 
more than the Night Blade's Split Image Slice tech on bosses.  This is also 
false, as all techs do the same base damage are dependant on your ATK PWR, 
which the Night Blade has higher of.
    Yet, I do have a theory on how this false info came about.  According to 
some board members, there is a bug that causes the Night Blade to do 1 point 
of Damage where even the Ranger is doing more than 1 to enemies.  Personally, 
I never saw this happen, but apparently a lot of people have.  I'll call this 
the Night Blade bug (as I did in my Technical Faq) and anybody with info on 
this, contact me at my E-mail listed at the bottom of the FAQ.  That's the 
only conceivable way that I can think of that this myth originated.
    To sum it up, the Ninja Master is NOT Hawk's stronger physical class, but 
rather, the Night Blade is, due to Higher STR and having the Stronger Weapon.

"The Rogue Sucks because his Spells are weak compared to Angela's."

   Ok, I've seen this here and there, so I think I better discuss it.  The 
Rogue does NOT suck.  The Rogue is NOT an all out Offensive Magic user like 
Angela is.  Of course Angela's Spells are gonna be more powerful than the 
Rogues, otherwise, what use would Angela have?  The best way to describe the 
Rogue is if you took Duran and Angela and spliced them together.  In other 
words, he can deal good Damage Magically and Physically.  His spells are also 
cost effective.  The Rogue is the ONLY offensive Magic User who has almost 
Infinite MP ALL Time, due to Grenade Bomb.  Not to mention the fact that 
Grenade bomb is Tree Elemental, so it can only back fire in the sense of 
taking away from Hawk's MP.
    Next off, the Rogue has the BEST overall stats in the GAME, on par with 
the Ninja Master.  His Highest Luck insures that you will never come across a 
trap when opening a chest (they can hurt if you get some of the high level 
ones, like Explosion or whatever its called (that deals damage equal to 1/2 of 
each characters Max HP), and the chances of finding Rare Items are 
significantly better.  The Rogue has the lowest chance of being hit by a 
spell, which is also a plus (Luck effects that as well), insuring that he 
will survive longer against Magic Enemies than other classes (ok, maybe not 
that much)
    The Rogue has a Decent level 2 Tech as well, which is an FST.  I don't 
see any of Angela's classes having an FST?  This means that he can deal good 
Physical damage to all enemies relatively quickly (Due to 2x Attack) Sure, 
the Wanderer has this as well, but there is one thing he lacks...a decent 
attack power.
    To sum it up, The Rogue is NOT Angela.  He will never be Angela.  He can 
be used like her, but won't perform as well as her in her Field.  The Rogue's 
is that he can be an effective Offensive Magic Fighter as well as a good 
Physical Fighter as well.  He's kind of a jack of all trades.  Besides, he 
still gets to Multi Target those Wanderer type spells he learned as the 
Ranger (Sleep Flower and Change Form), which can be really fun to use and 
annoy the enemy with (or if you just want get the **** out of there with your 

12.Version History
Version 2.0:
 -A few grammatical changes
 -Added about the fact of the Critical hit Bug
 -Added info on the Cobra Earrings
 -Changed a few things about leaf elemental aspects around the guide
 -Added a description of Hawk's HP and MP
 -Changed a few spell descriptions
 -Added and Changed a few things in class descriptions and other areas
Version 1.0:
 -The First NON-Decimal UPDATE!
 -Neatened up the Faq... A lot.  Now it's easier to read and looks better.
 -Added the Thief's Starting Stats
 -Changed and corrected a few things here and there.
Version 0.9:
 -Added Good Luck Die to the Other Faqs section
 -Added to the Hawk vs. Other Characters Section
 -Added to the Classes section
 -Added a few notes here and there
 -Fixed some grammatical errors
 -Added to the Odds and Ends section
Version 0.8:
 -Added to the Character Comparison Section
 -Changed more grammar
 -Added enemy equivalents
 -Added info on Jagan's weakness 
 -Changed the lay out of version history and credits.
 -Added to the Other FAQ Section (or whatever its called)
 -Added info on Dark Palace
 -Changed some stuff in the Class Opinions section.
 -Changed Section 11 from Future Updates to Odds Ends and Other Random Stuff
 -Added in opinions by Lord Zero for Classes
 -Added extra teams by other board members.
Version 0.7:
 -Changed a mistake on Spells power 
 -Added Section 10
Version 0.6:
 -Finished the Equipment Guide 
 -Grammar fixed up a bit 
 -Added more Boss Strategies 
 -Changed a Party Suggestion
Version 0.5:
 -Added section 12 
 -Changed the grammar around a bit.
Version 0.4:
 -Added more Comments 
 -Completed Armor List.
Version 0.35:
 -Changed the Spacing a bit to make it fit better
 -Added info some info on the spell Flame Breath  
 -Added personal Comments to Classes.
Version 0.3:
 -Changed the Spacing a bit
 -Started Armor Guide
Version 0.2:
 -Added Tw1light's comments 
 -Changed Back Lash to Back Slash 
 -Completed Weapons list.
Version 0.1: 
 -Corrected a mistake with spells
Version 0.09: 
 -Added comments by Frog, Veib, and Maximum J 
 -Revised the Credits so it gives credit to those who deserve it in this 
Version 0.08:
 -Added comments by Paul Wolfstien on classes 
 -Started the Weapons List.
Version 0.07:
 -Changed all Jistus into Jutsus for proper names of spells
Version 0.06:
 -Grammar Corrected, Layout Corrected, Version History Made, 
Version 0.05: 
 -Font changed to size 10 and New Courier
Version 0.04: 
 -Margins Corrected
Version 0.03: 
 -Tabs gotten rid of
 -Copy Right Fixed
Version 0.02-Got Rid of special Font and Tables
Version 0.01: 
 -Creation of Guide Overview of Game itself, Background of Hawk, Hawk as a 
Character, Hawk Classes and Spells, and weapons, What's new section, Future 
Update Plans, Legal Stuff, Credits, Hawk compared to other characters, 
General Strategies of Hawk, Scenario Tips, Weapon Armor List, Table of 
Contents, and Team Suggestions.

13.Some other SD3 FAQs and Vets who helped on this:

RyuSeiryuu: One of (if not the Most) Respected member on the message boards, 
as not only has he been there for a long time and contains a lot of Knowledge 
on the game, but also because he shares his wisdom to the other Members on 
the board in a rather nice and humble way.  Also, he a has his own FAQ out, 
but on the Game in General, which is probably the best around, as it not only 
has his Opinions, but other's as well, so people can see different points of 
views on a class.  If you are having trouble, check out his FAQ for the info 
you need.

TW1LIGHT: Another fellow board member, he is nice to talk too, and can be 
funny at times as well.  He was the first of all of us Character FAQ Writers 
to write one.  It was on Duran to show the people that he does not suck, and 
he does so very well (changed my Views on Duran a bit as well) His FAQ is 
supposedly Final, so don't expect any updates from his FAQ, but really, there 
seems nothing else to Put into it.  One thing that makes his FAQ special is 
that he adds a few Non-Gameplay info in there, like a few extra Fun scenes to 
see that Involve Duran.  His FAQ is seriously worth Checking out.  Also, I 
gave my Opinions on Duran's classes in his FAQ as well.  Tw1light has also 
created a FAQ on Single Character Challenges (Playing the game with only one 
character through out), which is good as well, but not very developed yet, as 
it is still in its still in the early stages and a lot will be added to it (I 
have recently taken the challenge with the Ninja Master, and I have finished 
it, but his FAQ did help me for early parts in the game) But I would not 
suggest you go to that FAQ unless you really are gonna take the Challenge, as 
its meant for Veteran Players who have beaten the game many times.  I also 
helped him a bit in certain areas on his SCC FAQ as well.

LORD ZERO: The second of the Character FAQ Writers such as myself, he wrote 
one on Lise.  In his FAQ, he contains not only all the info you could need on 
Lise, but also a bit of info on Norse Mythology.  Another thing interesting 
about his FAQ is that he Supported certain classes that were Considered Bad 
and showed people how to use them properly, which has helped me greatly.  
Another FAQ that is worth a look, especially if you can't decide on what 
class to make Lise, or just want a little info on Norse Mythology.  I helped 
him out by giving my Opinions on Lise's classes here too, as well as some 
other useless info that you might find interesting.  Oh, and if Spanish is 
your Primary language, he wrote a Spanish FAQ for this game.  I can't tell 
how good it is, since I don't know Spanish ;_;, but seeing his Lise FAQ, its 
got to be at least decent.

THUNDA SNAKE: A good friend on the Message Boards, and a fellow FAQ writer.  
He wrote a character FAQ on Angela, the same way I wrote a FAQ on Hawk.  His 
FAQ is not entirely to his opinions, so it's rather good, as it's not biased 
at all.  But one thing not to do is say the Grand Divina Sucks, as he likes 
that class a lot more than I like the Ninja Master.  Anyway, back to the 
seriousness, a great FAQ on info for Angela and how to use her.  I also 
helped him out on this FAQ as well.

VEIB: He had a rather tough job IMHO, take the strategy of Kevin which can be 
summed up in 1 or 2 sentences and create an entire FAQ on it.  And Believe 
me, he does this rather well.  His FAQ may not have helped me out, as I knew 
a lot about Kevin before reading his FAQ, but it sure is helpful for those 
who don't know a lot about Kevin.  This FAQ is truly worth Reading as well if 
you need to know how to use Kevin and such.  I helped him with this FAQ as 
well, mostly by voicing my Class opinions like others did to help him.  Like 
the others above, he is another Member on the Board.

PAUL WOLFSTEIN: He is another fellow board member, one who has been there a 
while like Ryuseiryuu.  He not only knows a lot about the Game, but also OWNS 
the original Japanese Cart.  Because of this, his results on damage are 
different than many of ours (the most notable is the Damage with Jormungand 
and Lamia Naga), and so many Flame wars have started (Mostly, they are my 
fault, and its not necessarily a good thing to be, but they are fun) Anyway, 
so far, he has not written a FAQ, but apparently, he is planning on Writing a 
FAQ on the Games Classes in general.  Be on the look out for this HUGE FAQ.

ANEMO: Yet again another fellow Board Member.  He has finally stood up and 
taken it under his wing (so to speak) to write the Carlie FAQ that we've been 
waiting for a long time.  It has been created not too long ago, and is still 
in its early stages.  Hence, it might not seem as developed as the other 5, 
but give him time.  Like all FAQs (including mine), they all have to start 
somewhere.  Anyway, it's a good idea to look at his FAQ for any info on 
Carlie you're curious about.  Despite its youth, its still a great FAQ for 
all the info you could possibly want on Carlie (well almost anyway, and I 
think I basically reiterated what I just said before into different words 
::Runs away:: )  BTW, I contributed to his FAQ as well.
NOTE: Just to let you know, the FAQ is no longer "new" so to speak, since its 
been out for a few months, and he's updated it a bit.

KOREN: Although there already is a FAQ on Duran on GameFAQs, Koren has 
written one anyway.  It was put up just recently, and you might have problems 
finding it, since it was put in the In-depth FAQ section, and not in the 
Character FAQ section like one would think.  Anyway, his is still in the 
early stages, but given time, it should grow to be a great FAQ.  He was the 
first person to write a 2nd Character FAQ (and the only one) for a character 
who already has a FAQ (That sounded weird, right?) Despite that one already 
exists, it is actually beneficial to others that he wrote one.  This way, you 
can see how 2 different people approach the same character.  Its also a good 
thing, since Tw1light stopped updating his FAQ, since he feels its complete, 
and thus, some people might want to see more info that he might have left out 
of his FAQ, and Koren might fill in those spots where Tw1light missed.  To 
Sum it up, look at Koren's FAQ if you felt Tw1light's FAQ was not enough. I 
contributed to his FAQ as well. Oh, I believe he wrote a Weapon and Armor 
Guide FAQ, so you might wanna check that out as well.

GOOD LUCK DIE: His Faqs been up there for a while.  The Reason I did not 
mention him until recently was because, well, it was only recently that he 
became an active board member again.  It all started with a big dispute 
between the 2 of use about the Magus and well, lets just say that he's fun to 
argue with.  This fellow brings some aspects up that people neglect, or 
insights of the classes as well.  Though the 2 of us may argue a lot over 
classes, we actually get along quite well.  Now, back to his Faq.  His Faq is 
a dedicated to ALL the classes in the game for every character.  That's the 
Faq to go to if you want to know what separates each class from one of there 
alternatives.  He even gives a few good combos of classes as well.  Its good 
idea to check out his Faq when you are unsure when deciding between two 
classes of the same character.  Also, he writes a FAQ the way it should be, 
Objectively, or rather, showing the FAQs and how to use them, and not using 
any of his opinions to change the way one might think of a class.  To sum it 
up, read his Faq for Class info.

ABSOLUTE ZERO: Ok, this guy is just insane.  The most insane person on the 
message boards... or at least he would be if I weren't there (the two of us 
have started many insanity wars, which do include Tw1light and Anemo in them 
from time to time)  Anyway, this guy wrote 2, count them, 2 Challenge Faqs.  
One of them is a Class Change Challenge Faq.  He basically has a whole bunch 
of challenges set up that involve class changes like going through the game 
without getting the final Class, or playing with 1 Final Class, 1 Second 
Class, and one Neutral Class.  The other one he created is a Low Level Faq.  
This is self explanatory, but it basically gives you pointers for playing a 
game with Low Levels (IE Trying to Fight as little as possible)  Both are 
neat to read, but like Tw1light's SCC Faq, they won't be very useful unless 
your considering taking the challenge (That's why they exist)

14. Credits:  List of People I would like to thank and why

 -Tw1light and Lord Zero for letting me use their Lise and Duran FAQs as a 
guide, which helped write mine. 
 -All those on the Message board who taught me everything I know.  
 -Thundasnake, Thornlet, and RyuSeiryuu who helped me a bit on this and 
supported my idea to do this as well.
 -Thundasnake, Veib, Frog, Dragon Emperor, Paul Wolfstien, Tw1light, Anemo, 
Maximum J, and Lord Zero (For those who I forgot to thank, just e-mail me and 
complain and I will fix this problem)
 -Caxin, Absolute Zero, and Koren for their alternative teams to my own (if 
they were the same as the once I suggested, well, thanks for the 
reinforcement :))
 -Ryu Seiryuu again, as if it was not for his help, this FAQ would still not 
be posted on GameFAQs.   
 -Ryu Seiryuu, yet again, for forcing me to test what Jagan's weakness is and 
ultimately, letting me find out that he has two.
 -Buskaboo and Edward the Unruly Moose for pointing out certain errors that 
were inaccurate on my FAQ, or just grammatical mistakes.  
 -Gyara Man for inspiring me to do this.

15.Legal Stuff

This FAQ is a copyright 2001 by Meeple Lard.  Those who wish to use it for 
writing their own FAQ or so are to contact me and get my approval and give 
mention of in this as well.  The most updated copies can be found at 
GameFAQs.com's Seiken Densetsu FAQ and Character Guides section. 

For those who wish to contact me, e-mail me at DbzFFLord@aol.com or tell me 
at the SD3 Message.  This is Meeple Lard, saying Good Bye, and Good Luck.  
Hope this helped you.

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