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Class and Class Combinations Guide by GoodLuckDie

Version: Final | Updated: 06/29/07

                       Classes and Class Combinations in
                     Seiken Densetsu 3 / Secret of Mana 2

                               By GoodLuckDie

                    Originally written at January 26, 2001
                   Final Version completed on June 29, 2007
                              Country: Norway

First of all, the Credits:

- First and foremost credit goes to Squaresoft, for creating among others 
  Secret Of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, Legend of Mana, Chrono Trigger, 
  Chrono Cross, Secret Of Evermore and last but not exactly least the le-
  gendary Final Fantasy series.  However, why they decided not to release 
  one of the greatest RPGs in gaming history outside of Japan is some-
  thing I'll truly never understand.

- Second credit is for Mr. Nobuo Uematsu (www.nobuouematsu.com), the musi-
  cal genious behind the majority of Square's soundtracks. The man's music 
  is truly unique and magnificent and seems to have a living spirit all of 
  its own, something everyone who played through FF VII discovered one way 
  or another. Don't ever retire, Mr. Uematsu.  Final Fantasy can never be 
  Final Fantasy without your musical work in it.

- A third credit belongs to the author of the Duran FAQ (Seiken Densetsu 3 
  FAQ page at www.gamefaqs.com), Twilight.  During my correspondence with 
  this fellow I learned about some new things which greatly helped me to 
  bring my own guide another step closer to completion. You have my thanks 
  for this, pal.

- My final credit MUST go to Neill Corlett, Lina`chan, Nuku-nuku and SoM2-
  Freak.  These people actually translated this entire game in their free 
  time, and made their patch freely available for public use.  Now one of 
  the greatest RPGs ever made is at long last available to every single 
  fan of the gametype out there. You have seriously earned my respect and 
  admiration because of it guys.  My thanks to each one of you, I mean it. 
  Visit their SD3 translation homepage at http://www.neillcorlett.com/sd3/ 
  or check out http://www.neillcorlett.com/translations/ to see some of 
  their other translation projects.

Secondly, some Legal Stuff:

This text is not to be used in any commercial way, and may be only displa-
yed at wwww.gamefaqs.com, www.squareuniverse.net and www.neoseeker.com for
the sole purpose of sharing the content of this guide with all other Sei-
ken Densetsu 3 players out there.  However, if you are so utterly impress-
ed with the magnificent work that I've done here that you would give or 
kill anything to have just 3 lines of my text on your site, then give me 
a mail and I'll think about it.

Lastly, info on the Versions:

Version 1.00 - The original version of the guide, written in early 2001.

Version 1.01 - Fixed that damn typo in the URL to Mr. Uematsu's fan site 
               and added the other info about the Classes which I forgot 
               to mention last time (damnit).

Version 1.02 - Only had to make a few last changes, so this version is ve-
               ry probably the final one.

Version 1.03 - Yeah, yeah I know what it says above, but I got bored again 
               so I started to rewrite this thing.

Version 1.04 - Just had to make a few last changes here and there, so this 
               version is very probably the final one.  ;-)

Version 2.00 - Updated a number of things here and there, mainly the des-
               cription of Duran's Lord Class.  I definitely owe Twilight 
               a favor for that one.

Version 3.00 - The gold version.  Everything my experience and my fellow 
               gamers have taught me about Classes and Class Changing in 
               Seiken Densetsu 3 is written down in this final version of 
               the Class and Class Combinations guide.  Hope I was able 
               to boost the fun for you guys with it all. It's been great 
               doing this!

Version 4.00 - The final version.  It's been just about a year since I've 
               last updated the Class and Class Combinations guide, a time 
               during which I learned and realized a number of last things 
               which are interesting enough to still be added.  So is this 
               really the true and final version of the guide?  You oughta 
               know me by now.  

Version 5.00 - The final version mark II.  Basically it's a medium-level 
               rewrite of the entire guide, plus I added some things here 
               and there.  I'm dangerous when I get bored...

Version 6.00 - Spelling error corrections, the updates of URLs, the gran-
               ting of formal permission to neoseeker and squareuniverse 
               to use my guide on their pages, and more importantly I ha-
               ve begun to add more detailed Class information where I 
               felt it was still required and/or desirable.  Added the 
               Team Formation Guide of APolaris82 to the recommended fur-
               ther readings alongside the character FAQs of my contempo-

Version 7.00 - Further expanded a bit on the new content added in version 
               6.00, and fixed a number of formatting errors. This oughta
               be it. 


About Seiken Densetsu 3:

Seiken Densetsu 3 is a prequel to a title known as Secret Of Mana, a 
game with a story so deeply sincere and emotional it almost turned me 
religious.  (Well I was 15 when me and my best friend played through 
its unbelievable plot together.)  As a result of this, the events 
which happen in Seiken Densetsu 3 take place almost a thousand years 
before the birth of the Mana Knight, and thus also a thousand years 
before the catastrophes happening in Secret Of Mana are set into mo-
tion by Thanatos.

Both games were released on the SNES console back in the 1990s, and 
their size, playability and image quality were pretty amazing for the 
time.  In fact, they still pretty much are. For some unimaginable rea-
son however Squaresoft never released Seiken Densetsu 3 outside of Ja-
pan, despite the amounts of Secret Of Mana cartridges which were sold 
worldwide.  It wasn't until the determined work of Neill Corlett, Li-
na`chan, Nuku-nuku and SoM2Freak to translate this gigantic game that 
SD3 finally became available to the European, the Asian and the Ameri-
can gaming communities.

The differences between the two games can mainly be found in the qua-
lity of both story and playability.  Because of Seiken Densetsu 3 its 
character Class system (the very one this guide is dedicated to), SD3 
has one of the highest levels in (re)playability you'll have ever en-
countered in the RPG gametype, but its storyline is a joke in compari-
son to that of Secret Of Mana.  If you in other words are of the opi-
nion that the story of Seiken Densetsu 3 was good, Secret Of Mana will 
make your world crumble beneath your feet where you stand.

Some Basic Things About SD3 Gameplay:

Like in Secret of Mana but unlike the majority of the other Squaresoft 
games, the fighting in SD3 is not turn-based as it is for example in 
the Final Fantasy series.  The battles of SD3 actually happen in real-
time, meaning there is no such thing as a timebar or stationary char-
acter positions.  You can freely move around with your character, both 
when just out in the field or when in combat with enemies.  Whenever a 
character attacks an enemy however, it will need to recover its 
strength for a while before it can attack again so keep your distance 
from enemies in the meantime.

There are a total of 6 available characters in SD3, out of which you 
will be choosing 3 to form a party with.  Once you've made your choi-
ce, you'll then use these 3 characters to play through the game.  Ho-
wever, think it through before actually making that choice, because 
once you've begun the journey there will be no way to change charac-
ters anymore.  Also, depending on which of the characters you choose, 
there might be some major changes in the plot as the story of SD3 has 
3 possible outcomes.  Think of it as 3 games in one with the same he-
roes.  Not only that, but each of the 6 heroes in the game represents 
a completely different playingstyle compared to the 5 others, and 
will thus learn and use very different skills and abilities to survi-
ve what's ahead.  Because of these aspects inherent to SD3 gameplay, 
this game can be a very different experience each time depending on 
which character(s) you have chosen to play with.

However, the most unique aspects of Seiken Densetsu 3 are definitely 
the Classes and the Class Changing.  Class Changing is such a vital 
part of both the plot as well as the gameplay of SD3, that the rest 
of this guide will be about how it works and also to give you detail-
ed info on the Classes themselves.  This way, you'll be better infor-
med about what you can expect from each Class and what to watch out 
for, so you can easier choose a Class you'll have loads of fun with, 
and above all loads of ass-kicking.


I. What Is A Class?

A Class is basically a trade or a job the character has dedicated him-
self/herself to.  Based on the nature of this job, the character will 
have a variety of weapons, armor and skills that are typical to this 
Class.  As the 6 main characters of SD3 unwillingly get involved in 
the conflicts that begin to consume their world and thus each for their 
own reasons begin their journey, they will all have what you could call
a " neutral " Class, meaning a Class that is in no way directly invol-
ved in the Cosmic struggle between Creation and Destruction, Death and 
Life, Light and Darkness.

As the plot unfolds however, the three young heroes you have chosen 
will slowly but surely evolve into the fiercest warriors on the face 
of the Earth, meaning everything will eventually fall upon their bur-
dened shoulders and upon their actions.

II. Class Changing!

As your characters gain experience throughout the game, they will even-
tually reach a level when they have enough strength and skill to evolve 
into a higher Class. Depending on the neutral Class with which the cha-
racter started, the Classes from which you can choose from there on can 
be very, very different from one another.  Each is just about complete-
ly unique in its abilities, advantages and disadvantages.  You'll be 
able of having your characters undergo 2 Class Changes in the game, one 
at level 18 and another at level 38.

An important thing to know is that from the moment a character has his 
or her first Class Change, he or she will no longer be neutral.  This 
means you'll have to choose a Path or a Side from which the character 
will gain its powers.  Once you have chosen a Class, there will be no 
way to change it back, and you will be forced to follow its Path furth-
er down as you eventually reach the second and final Class Change.  Be-
cause of this, the first Class Change is an important one as it will 
determine the Path of the character for the rest of the game.

Here's how it works:

                    1st       2nd
                   Class     Class
                   Change    Change

                  /     \
                 /       \
                /         \
               /           Light-Dark
               \           Dark-Light
                \         /
                 \       /
                  \     /

As you can see above, each character will have to make a choice between 
the Light Side or the Dark Side at their first Class Change.  Under the 
power of Mana, the Light Side generally stands for Creation and Life, 
which means you'll be learning abilities and even pure magic to heal or 
better defend yourself.  If you go Dark, it means you are choosing for 
Destruction and Death, which will learn you abilities and magic to wea-
ken and/or attack your enemies with.

There is no point in asking which Side is better, cause they both seem 
to have their own advantages and disadvantages, and all final Classes 
are extremely powerful either way.  The choice will be all yours.

III. How It's Done.

* The first Class Change:

Once a character reaches level 18, it means it has matured enough to ev-
olve into a higher Class and is thus ready to undergo its first Class 
Change.  In order to perform this Class Change, you will need the powers 
of one of the world's Mana Stones.  Once you've reached level 18 travel 
to the nearest one you can already reach and simply speak to it/touch it 
to begin the Class Changing.

Remember, once you've made your choice you will never be able to change 
it back.  The deal is pretty obvious from here.  If you go for the Light 
Side, you will not be able of choosing one of the 2 final Dark Classes,
and if you take the Dark Path your character cannot turn into one of the 
2 final Light Classes.  The choice you make at your first Class Change 
will determine the character its skills and abilities for the rest of 
the game, so make damn sure that you choose something you feel is inspi-
ring to you and which you enjoy playing with.

* The second/final Class Change:

The final Classes your characters will eventually evolve into are so im-
mensely powerful, it will turn them into the greatest warriors in the 
world of Seiken Densetsu 3.  On the other hand, considering what they 
will be up against it will be more than necessary, you can count on it.

What makes the final Class Change as powerful as it is are the following 

- Extreme limits:   after their final Class Change, your characters will 
                    be able of raising their statistics to a near inhuman 
                    level, making them incredibly skilled and powerful 
- Unique equipment: the final Class Change will take a character's spirit 
                    so deep into the Light or Dark Side, he/she will be-
                    come able of obtaining and using weaponry and armor 
                    which was never crafted by mortal hands in the first 
- Divine abilities: characters who have reached the final Class Change 
                    will begin learning what are almost half-god-like 
                    abilities, skills and magic.

So as you can see, the final Class Change is what it will eventually be 
all about.  Without it, you have little hope of standing against your 
true enemies at the end of the game.

That's the good news.  There is however, as you probably expected, a 
catch or two in actually reaching the final Class Change.  First of all, 
your characters won't be able of performing their final Class Change un-
til they have reached level 38(!), meaning you will already be pretty 
late into the game by then.  Because of this, you're advised to stock up 
on some extra levels every now and then. Secondly, the final Classes are 
sealed.  That's right, sealed.  Following the storyline, whenever the 
flow of Mana in the world gets thrown into imbalance by great conflict 
the Goddess automatically seals the power of the final Classes, trying 
to prevent their enormous power of being turned against the world this 
way.  The only way to break this sacred seal is to find an extremely ra-
re item which can prove that the character is both mature and worthy 
enough of reaching the final Classes, thus ensuring that the immense po-
wers becoming part of him/her are used to fight for the future of the 
living.  For every of the final Classes, you will need a different one 
of those items as proof in order to break the seal.

You can find these items by defeating certain enemies. If you get lucky, 
you will find something called a " ??? Seed " when you open a treasure 
chest. When you plant these seeds in one of the magic boxes you can find
in any inn, you will receive one of the items that can break the sacred 
seal of the Goddess.  All you need to do now is reach level 38 and head 
over to the Holyland, but be sure to have the proof items you obtained 
in your item ring and not in storage, because you'll need to select the 
proof items from the item ring during the Class Change.  You will be 
able of evolving into one of the final Classes at the silver Goddess 
statue that stands in the middle of the Holyland.  However, this whole 
seed thing has one catch to it as well.

The item you will receive after planting the " ??? Seed " is random. 
This basically means that the item you will get can be for any one of 
your 3 characters and for any of their final Classes.  That pretty much 
leaves you with 2 options.  Either you let fate decide for you and you 
have your characters evolve into those final Classes you already recei-
ved the items for, or you can go back defeating enemies to obtain more 
" ??? Seeds " and keep it up till you receive the item you need to get 
that specific final Class which you want to play with.  As always with 
Class Changing, it'll be your choice.

The enemies from which you can get " ??? Seeds " are mostly the follow-

- Mama Potos
- Guardians
- Ruster Bugs
- Dark Lords
- Lesser/Greater Demons
- Dragons (All types)
- Boulders/Power Boulders

By the way, one thing I've noticed is that the higher your level gets the 
more easily you seem to receive " ??? Seeds ".


Now, about the weaponry and armor unique to the final Classes that I men-
tioned earlier -- getting those is not exactly something you'll end up re-
gretting.  A final Class can obtain items which only that Class can equip 
and use, items which essentially are the ultimate weaponry and armor in 
the world of Seiken Densetsu 3.  The equipping of a final Class with its 
true weapon and armor is thus one of the things you need to do if you want 
your characters to reach their absolute potential.

In order to get this ultimate equipment, you'll need to do the same thing 
you did to get the " ??? Seeds ".  By defeating certain enemies, you'll 
sometimes receive something called a " Weapon/Armor Seed ".  By planting 
these seeds in a magic box and with a little luck, you'll get the weapons 
and/or armor for your final Classes.

One important tip though -- if you already found a " Weapon/Armor Seed " 
before your characters reached their final Classes, then don't plant tho-
se. If you plant that seed while your characters are still in their first 
Class, you will receive a weapon or an armor for that first Class. So in-
stead, save up your " Weapon/Armor Seeds " till you've reached the final 
Classes, and then plant them.

One last thing.  Remember that the weapon or the armor you receive from 
the seed will be put among the equipment of the person who opened the 
magic box.  If the item you received can't be equipped on that person, 
open the menu screen and go exchange the item between your characters 
till you find the one who can equip it.

The enemies from which you can get " Weapon/Armor Seeds " are mostly the 

- Kerberos
- Nightblades
- Wolf Devils
- Death Machines
- Great Rabites(!)

IV. The Characters And Their Classes.

Duran -- Sword-wielding Knight of Forcena

Duran is the swordsman hero of Seiken Densetsu 3.  Being a natural born 
swordfighter and a pretty big and athletic guy, he can hit real hard.  
Duran's wide horizontal slashes also have the greatest attackrange of 
all characters, meaning you can easily keep your distance from enemies 
at all times if you don't stop moving.  Best of all however, these wide 
slashes also enable you of swiftly hitting multiple enemies with one 
attack, meaning Duran can build up his tech gauge damn fast if you time 
your attacks a little.  Though Duran doesn't have much for variety he's 
a very powerful fighter, having the highest strength stat of all char-
acters along with a great vitality and a decent agility. This lucky dog 
also gets Angela at the end of his scenario.  ;-)

If you go Light with him Duran will become a Knight, capable of equip-
ping shields.  These shields will double his evade rate(!), as well as 
offer him additional protection against some elemental magic attacks 
depending on which of those shields you have equipped.  The Knight's 
ability to equip shields combined with Duran's already high vitality 
will quickly result in a truly fantastic endurance, meaning that as a 
Knight Duran will be able to outlast enemies in a fight which otherwi-
se are more powerful than he is.  Another great thing about the Knight 
Class is that it will learn Heal Light, which increases the Knight's 
endurance as well as that of his entire team even further, and by no 
small amount at that.  Duran's Knighthood will thus make him a very 
tough and a resourceful fighter, but the downside about it all is that 
he won't nearly reach the attackstrength he can develop as a Gladiator.  
He also doesn't have a fullscreen level 2 technique.  By the way, the 
majority of Duran's shields can be bought at the armor shop in Force-
na, but keep in mind that they aren't cheap things.

Taken towards the Dark Path Duran will become a Gladiator, meaning he
will fully benefit from his strength and gain an attackpower much high-
er than that of the Knight, developing a powerful fullscreen level 2 
technique as well.  On top of that, this Class will learn elemental sa-
ber magic, meaning Duran will be able to combine his impressive attack-
strength with the 4 basic elements(!).  If this saber magic is used at 
the right place and at the right time, the Gladiator has the potential 
of causing heavy damage to any enemy with an elemental weakness.  The 
downside is that as a Dark Class, the Gladiator won't be able to equip 
any shields, making him far more dependent on his raw vitality and in-
telligence stats for his defenses.  By the way, if you choose the Gla-
diator, you will need to raise Duran's spirit once after he has learn-
ed his first two elemental sabers in order to learn the last two ones, 
don't forget this.

Duran's final Classes:

* Paladin * : The Paladin is a highly dedicated Class, as it will turn 
Duran into a Champion of the Light whose sole purpose seems to be slay-
ing the most powerful Dark and undead monsters there are.  Developing 
the most powerful Heal Light of all of Duran's Classes which he on top 
of that casts in under 2 seconds, this Class will also get a pretty po-
werful fullscreen level 3 technique.  The Paladin's greatest aspects 
however are his ability to learn Saint saber and being able of obtain-
ing and equipping the Sacred Shield.  Saint saber, one of the mightiest 
spells in the game, will cast the element of Light on Duran's weapon or 
that of an ally, giving them a tremendous advantage over Dark and un-
dead enemies.  The Sacred Shield, a shield only a Paladin can wield, 
will give Duran a truly fantastic endurance, as it not only brings the 
usual high evade rate but also offers him great additional protection 
against just about any type of magic.  Though the Paladin is physical-
wise the weakest of all of Duran's final Classes, he is a fighter capa-
ble of outlasting any enemy(!) through the highly impressive endurance 
the Sacred Shield and his fast strong Heal Light give him, while Saint 
saber will grant him and indeed his entire team a fantastic advantage 
against the powerful Dark and undead enemies of the late game.  Excel-
lent Class.

Proof item: " Paladin's Proof "

Equipment of a Paladin:

Brave Blade
Hero's Crown
Hero's Armor
War King's Crest
Sacred Shield

* Lord * : The Lord can be considered the most reliable Class in Seiken 
Densetsu 3, something that is not apparent at first glance however.  Fo-
cussing his abilities completely on endurance and stamina, this Class 
will make Duran develop a defense which is beyond anything any of the 
other Classes in the game can reach.  The main greatness of the Lord is 
that this Class can actually obtain and equip two separate ultimate 
shields, namely the Oath Shield and the Adamant Shield.  The Oath Shield 
to begin with will actually turn Duran almost completely immune to sta-
tus affects(!).  With the exception of silence, snowman and petrify, not 
a single status ailment will be able to affect him anymore.  The Adamant 
Shield on the other hand will raise Duran's evade rate to a level which 
is by far the highest in the game.  Combined with Duran's already high 
vitality, this basically means the Lord becomes nearly impossible to 
knock down through physical attacks(!) once the Adamant Shield has been 
equipped on him.  The versatility and defensive powers of these two 
shields are a huge backbone for Duran in just about any situation, with 
the Oath Shield guarding him from many of the status ailments in the 
game, while the Adamant Shield will give Duran unmatched protection in 
combat against even the physically most powerful of enemies.  The Lord 
also has the highest attackpower of all of Duran's Light Classes, and 
to top it off, he will learn how to multitarget his Heal Light as 
well(!) along with getting the Tinkle Rain spell.  However, all of this 
potential comes with a price.  Of all of Duran's final Classes, the 
Lord is the only one who doesn't develop a fullscreen level 3 tech, and 
he also is the only one who won't learn any saber magic either.  The re-
sult is that the Lord relies completely on basic swordfighting in the 
exact same way as the Fighter and the Knight originally did, which does 
count as a downside for a final Class.  Nevertheless, with both the Oath 
Shield and the Adamant Shield readily available and with his very power-
ful healing abilities, the Lord quickly becomes the most resourceful and 
reliable Class in this game, and is despite his low(er) attacking skills 
a great choice for Duran both for main character as well as support.  
Outstanding Class.

Proof item: " Lord's Proof "

Equipment of a Lord:

Protection Helm
Protect Armor
War King's Crest
Adamant Shield, Oath Shield

* Swordmaster * : As a Swordmaster, Duran will by far reach his most ver-
satile incarnation.  Having excellent attackstrength, a great vitality 
and agility and a powerful fullscreen level 3 technique, the Swordmaster 
is an already highly accomplished warrior and a fully evolved version of 
the Gladiator who will on top of all that soon develop a true mastery in 
saber magic(!).  Duran will initially begin learning how to multitarget 
all of his basic elemental sabers, meaning the entire party can instant-
ly be empowered by the four elementals, a great advantage in many situa-
tions.  But best of all, the Swordmaster will eventually also learn to 
cast both Moon as well as Leaf saber(!).  With Leaf saber giving not on-
ly Duran but the entire party a virtually unlimited supply of Mp and 
Moon saber greatly enhancing physical endurance in hard and long battles, 
the value of the Swordmaster becomes very obvious.  Because the Sword-
master combines his very powerful fighting skill so effectively with sa-
ber support of nearly every kind, Duran will be able to handle just 
about any situation he can end up in simply by going on the offensive, 
and this while being able to support the team in many different ways as 
well.  However, this does come with a downside.  Because the Swordmaster 
builds out his skills in such a way that he and his team can handle vir-
tually any situation, Duran ironically won't really excel as an indivi-
dual fighter anymore in the same way as he does as one of his other 
three final Classes.  Because of this, the Swordmaster's power and ver-
satility is definitely best used for support, both for actual battle 
against enemies as in ways of spellcasting.  A great choice for Duran if 
he isn't your main character.  A master fighter Class which features a 
plethora of uses, all of which are geared towards confronting and defea-
ting each of your opponents.

Proof item: " Master's Proof "

Equipment of a Swordmaster:

Rising Moon Helm
Master's Armor
Master's Armband

* Duelist * : The Duelist.  The single most powerful fighting Class you 
can imagine.  Altough it won't be very obvious at first, as a Duelist 
Duran will begin to develop both an attackpower as well as an overall 
physical condition that is so immensely strong nothing in this game 
will eventually be able to match it anymore.  The way of the Duelist is 
thus pretty obvious -- brutal and single close combat until they break 
and fall dead on the ground before you.  This Class is physical-wise so 
strong, it can easily stand against the most powerful enemies of the 
game on its own, and its raw magic defense is frightfully enough the 
highest of all of Duran's Classes as well(!).  As if all that wasn't 
worse enough, the Duelist's fullscreen level 3 Eruption Sword technique 
is one of the most devastating attacks there are, capable of killing 
nearly any regular enemy in a single blow.  Another thing this Class 
has is Dark saber, but that will only be of use against enemies like 
the Potos, the God-Beast Lightgazer, the second Metal Hugger and Heath.
Finally, the Duelist also retains the four basic elemental sabers he
learned as a Gladiator.  The Duelist has no true downsides as his unde-
niable physical strengths make him nearly unstoppable once he is equip-
ped with his final weaponry and armor, but besides his saber magic he 
has no versatility.  Though you might start to think that non-stop phy-
sical fighting will get boring because of this, the ability to kill the 
strongest enemies in the game with 4 or 3 attacks or the ability to wi-
pe everything from the screen with one Eruption Sword is something you 
can get seriously addicted to, believe me.  Awesome Class.

Proof item: " Duelist's Proof "

Equipment of a Duelist:

Skull Head
Skeleton Mail
Master's Armband

* Note: If Duran is a character you frequently use in your team forma-
        tions, I strongly recommend you read the Duran FAQ written by 
        Twilight, which can be found on the same Seiken Densetsu 3 FAQ 
        page of Gamefaqs from where this document can be downloaded.

Shematic of Duran's Classes:

                    1st      2nd
                   Class    Class
                   Change   Change

                  /     \
                 /       \
                /         \
               /           Lord
               \           Swordmaster
                \         /
                 \       /
                  \     /

Angela -- Magic-using Princess of Altena

This sexy thing is simply put the most powerful magic user in Seiken 
Densetsu 3, but all of her magical abilities are of the offensive type.  
In other words, no support or recovery magic.  A great thing about An-
gela is that she is the only character who will already learn a power-
ful collection of magic spells actually before her first Class Change!
Angela has very high intelligence and spirit stats, meaning her Mp am-
ounts will eventually hit the roof of 99, and she'll also develop the 
highest level in magic resistance of all characters because of it. Bad 
things are that physically she is very weak both in attack as well as 
in defense, meaning she has low Hp amounts and is thus pretty vulnera-
ble.  If you want Angela's magical power on your team, it's probably 
best to choose her as your main character so you can control her your-
self.  By the way, Angela has a crush on Duran so it's not a bad idea 
to put those two together.  When it starts happening you'll know what 
I mean.  ;-)

If you go Light with her, Angela will turn into a Sorceress, meaning 
she will begin learning every single level 2 elemental spell in the 
book(!), the Dark Force spell being the only exception.  The Sorceress 
has a great variety of powerful elemental magic because of this, and 
she also has higher physical strength than the Delvar, the first of 
Angela's Dark Classes. However, due to those higher level magic spells 
the Sorceress tends to consume her available Mp quicker than the Del-
var does, and she also has lesser raw magic resistance and magical at-
tackpower than the Delvar has.

If Angela is taken towards the Dark Side however, she will become so-
mething named a Delvar.  The Delvar will only learn a fraction of the 
spells the Sorceress can learn, but in turn she develops a higher in-
telligence and thus a higher magical attackpower and magic defense 
than the Sorceress.  Instead of learning new magic spells, the Delvar 
makes her original spells more powerful, meaning she can cause more 
damage than the Sorceress for the exact same amount of used Mp.  Ano-
ther thing about the Delvar -- and indeed, Angela's Dark Classes in 
general -- is that because she tends to neglect her Light-based 
spells you often will be able to afford placing a point in Angela's 
vitality stat during level-ups, rather than in her spirit stat, which 
can quickly begin to go a long way in terms of Angela's overall endu-
rance on the battlefield.  Finally, the Delvar will also learn Dark 
Force, which is a brute magical force spell that works equally well 
on all types of enemies except the Dark ones, and which can even pen-
etrate various magical defense spells such as Counter Magic(!).  How-
ever, in return for this raw and more powerful style of offensive 
spellcasting, the Delvar will sacrifice the ability of learning the 
new magic spells which the Sorceress learns.

* Note: The choice between Angela's Light and Dark Sides is essential-
ly a choice between giving her either a larger variety of spells to 
cast or giving her a higher magical attackpower and thus more powerful 
base spells.  Which of these two things is the best for a magic user 
is for you to decide.

Angela's final Classes:

* Grand Divina * : The Grand Divina is the absolute mistress in the 
elemental magics, as this Class will begin learning how to multitar-
get every single one of the elemental spells she learned as a Sorce-
ress(!), while at the same time developing the highest intelligence 
of all of Angela's Light Classes(!).  Because of this, the Grand Di-
vina is capable of causing great amounts of damage in a single cast 
to the various enemies of the game once you have learned their elem-
ental weaknesses, and all at a relatively low Mp cost per spellcast-
ing as well.  Eventually, the Grand Divina will also learn Double 
Spell.  Double Spell will easily show you just to what an extent the 
Grand Divina has control over the elements, as this spell unleashes 
a pretty powerful triple elemental attack on all enemies. This Class 
thus has a fantastic variety of powerful elemental spells with Dou-
ble Spell as icing on the cake, and on top of all that she will also 
develop the highest magic defense of Angela's Light Classes as well 
as the highest physical strength Angela is capable of reaching as a 
character(!).  Pure elemental mastery, and a great all-rounder.  Ex-
cellent Class.

Proof item: " Arcane Book "

Equipment of a Grand Divina:

Myein Crown
Myein Dress
Blizzard Hairpin

* Archmage * : The Archmage shares a number of similarities with the 
Grand Divina Class, as she too will learn to multitarget each of the 
elemental spells she learned as a Sorceress(!) in the same way as the 
Grand Divina did.  In other words, this Class too is capable of caus-
ing severe amounts of damage to the various enemies of the game once 
you know of their elemental weaknesses.  However, the difference be-
tween the Archmage and the Grand Divina is that the Archmage will de-
velop a higher spirit stat than the Divina will, meaning this Class 
will become capable of causing heavier damage with its Light-based 
spells, and particularly with the already mighty multitargeted Saint 
Beam spell(!).  The downside about it is that the Archmage has a lo-
wer intelligence than the Divina and thus also a lower raw magic de-
fense.  Eventually, as an Archmage Angela will learn Rainbow Dust, 
which is a pretty powerful non-elemental attack (funny considering 
Rainbow Dust uses the powers of 4 of the spirits in combination with 
each other). The Archmage is not the all-rounder that the Grand Divi-
na is, but this Class holds the key to obtaining the most powerful 
Light-based spells of all of Angela's Classes, as well as the single 
highest luck stat that she is capable of reaching as a character(!).  
Pretty damn powerful and mystical magician mistress, and especially 
so against the many Dark-type enemies of the late game.  Very intri-
guing and efficient spellcaster Class.

Proof item: " Book of Secrets "

Equipment of an Archmage:

Spirit Cane
Eremos Crown
Eremos Coat
Blizzard Hairpin

* Rune Master * : If Angela becomes a Rune Master, she will steadily 
begin to build out a collection of extremely powerful brute force 
spells in a similar way to how the Delvar originally did with the 
Dark Force spell, a spell equally effective against all types of en-
emies except the Dark ones.  The Rune Master begins with learning how 
to multitarget this Dark Force, meaning this Class becomes capable of 
throwing out a pretty powerful punch to all enemies on the screen 
without having to really know what their elemental weakness is.  From 
there on, the Rune Master will begin learning Stun Wind (silences an 
enemy meaning it can't use any magic or techs anymore), Cold Blaze 
(snowmans and thus paralyzes an enemy making it a sitting duck), Sto-
ne Cloud (petrifies an enemy meaning an instant kill), Blaze Wall and 
finally DeathSpell. Stun Wind, Cold Blaze, Stone Cloud and Blaze Wall 
are the game's ultimate elemental spells(!), while DeathSpell causes 
the maximum amount of 999 damage(!) killing virtually anything it hits 
instantly, on the condition that the victim has a level lower or equal 
to that of Angela.  This Class thus wields some pretty damn serious 
power through these spells, but the problem is that this power comes 
with important downsides.  The Rune Master's ultimate elemental spells 
as well as DeathSpell itself first of all consume Mp at a very fast 
pace, and this while non of these spells can actually be multitarget-
ed.  The powerful multitargeted Dark Force spell compensates for this 
in an acceptable way on the other hand, but the problem is that multi-
targeted Dark Force too consumes quite some Mp per cast each time.  
Combine these two things and you have the most Mp consuming Class in 
the game(!).  The Rune Master is a Class which wields tremendous magi-
cal power, but she does this at the cost of tremendous Mp amounts at 
the same time.  Immensely potent yet costly spellcaster.

Proof item: " Book of Rune "

Equipment of a Rune Master:

Rune Staff
Rune Veil
Rune Coat
Magma Hairpin

* Magus * : The Magus.  The magic user which develops the highest in-
telligence possible, not just of Angela's Classes but in fact of all 
the characters as well.  Because of this uniquely high intelligence, 
the Magus develops the highest magical attackpower which even Angela 
is capable of reaching, as well as the single best magic defense in 
the entire game(!).  Under this sheer magical power, the spells which 
Angela originally learned as a Magician will reach their most power-
ful form throughout Angela's Classes, turning these once humble and 
simple spells into an absolute menace. As the Magus eventually reach-
es her higher intelligence levels these spells actually turn so po-
werful they become capable of wiping all regular enemies with an ele-
mental weakness from the screen in two fast consecutive casts, while 
they surrender neither their very low Mp cost nor their very quick 
casting time for this(!).  On top of that, the power of the new 
spells which the Magus learns becomes boosted by this same principle 
as well, turning the spells of the Magus into the most powerful of 
their kind throughout all of Angela's Classes.  The Magus wields an 
immense cost-efficiency because of this, as her spells cause the hea-
viest damage of all of Angela's Classes for the exact same Mp cost(!).  
On top of that, this Class also learns what is the strongest magical 
attack in the game -- Ancient.  Ancient, the ultimate multitargeted 
spell, has one purpose.  To instantly annihilate all enemies which 
are somehow capable of standing against the powered standard magic 
attacks of the Magus.  However, though this Class can definitely be 
considered to be the game's most potent spellcaster, there is one ma-
jor catch to it.  In order to be able of using this principle of em-
powered standard magic attacks the Magus specializes herself in, you 
require an extensive knowledge of the elemental weaknesses of the va-
rious enemies and bosses of the game, otherwise you'll soon find 
yourself relying completely on the overwhelming power of Ancient even 
for regular battles.  In other words, this Class requires the hand of 
a seasoned player, so you're well advised not to choose her if you're 
new to Seiken Densetsu 3 -- unless you already want to have Ancient 
and the single highest magic defense of the game with you.  Overtly 
powerful spellcaster Class.

Proof item: " Forbidden Book "

Equipment of a Magus:

Dragon Rod
Ancient Tiara
Ancient Robe
Magma Hairpin

* Note: If Angela is a character you frequently use in your team forma-
        tions, I strongly recommend you read the Angela FAQ written by 
        ThundaSnake, which can be found on the same Seiken Densetsu 3 
        FAQ page of Gamefaqs from where this document can be download-

Shematic of Angela's Classes:

                    1st       2nd
                   Class     Class
                   Change    Change

                           Grand Divina
                  /     \
                 /       \
                /         \
               /           Archmage
               \           Rune Master
                \         /
                 \       /
                  \     /

Kevin -- Son of the Beast King.  Heir to the Throne of the Beast Kingdom.

Kevin is really something, and can to my experience definitely be consi-
dered to be one of the best characters in SD3, so it all comes down to 
whether he fits into your playingstyle or not. Half-human, half-beastman, 
he has the highest vitality stat of any of the characters and thus qui-
ckly builds out high Hp amounts.  Not only that, but Kevin's strength is 
not very far behind that of Duran himself either, plus he has a double-
attack meaning 2 hits for some heavy damage provided you manage to land 
both those attacks on the enemy each time.  But the very best thing about 
Kevin is that during the nighttime, his beastman blood will start boil-
ing and he'll turn into a Werewolf(!).  Being granted inhuman strength 
and endurance by the powers of the Moon because of his beastman heritage, 
Kevin has the amazing advantage of becoming even stronger than Duran 
when the night falls.  Physically immensely powerful in all ways, Kevin 
will be a great addition to your party.  The only problem with him is 
that he tends to have a lack of versatility, though that too can depend 
on which Classes you choose for him.

Taken towards the Light Path, Kevin will focus more on his human side 
and become a (Shaolin?) Monk.  This basically means that he will start 
to combine his fighting skills with some very effective magic spells 
like Heal Light and Pressure Point, the latter of which will help him 
to gain the attackpower of a beastman during the daytime(!).  The Monk 
also has both a fullscreen level 2 technique as well as the Tornado 
throw tech.  Result of all this is that the Monk is a skilled and a 
very balanced fighter which makes Kevin no longer dependent on his 
Werewolf abilities.  But, this also has one big downside.  If you take 
Light, Kevin will neglect his beastman blood meaning his Werewolf form 
won't evolve into anything more dangerous as it does with his Dark 
Classes. As a Monk, he'll turn into an " ordinary " Werewolf at night, 
just like he did when he was still a Grappler, his starting Class.  By 
the way, Pressure Point boosts the attackpower of the Monk's Werewolf 
form as well(!), so don't hesitate to use it during the nighttime too.  
The same goes for the Werewolf forms of Kevin's final Light Classes.

If Kevin goes Dark however, he will fully embrace the fierce passions 
of his beastman blood and turn into a Bashkar, a powerful fighter.  
This first Dark Class won't let Kevin learn any spells at all, but his 
attackpowers will soon rival even that of Duran's Gladiator Class with 
a double-attack(!).  The other good thing is that Kevin's Werewolf 
form will grow in power as well if you choose Dark, and will evolve it-
self from an " ordinary " Werewolf into something called a Black Fang.  
Like I said, pretty powerful stuff.  The downside about the Bashkar is 
that Kevin will begin to rely on pure attackstrength to see him through 
as he will have no support spells whatsoever.  Because of it, he will 
be much more dependent on his stronger Werewolf abilities as a Black 
Fang and thus also on the night.  The Bashkar also has the powerful 
Bastard Slam throw, but he doesn't have a fullscreen level 2 technique.

Kevin's final Classes:

* God Hand * : As the name subtly is implying already, this Class will 
begin to shape Kevin into a perfectly balanced and a supremely skilled 
martial artist, who is something greater than the mere sum of his own 
parts.  The God Hand develops the highest attackpower of Kevin's Light 
Classes, a very powerful fullscreen level 3 tech, the Stardust Bomb 
throw and a fast, strong Heal Light.  He'll also retain the Pressure 
Point spell he learned as a Monk.  Above all else however, the God 
Hand's greatest power is his ability to learn Aura Wave(!).  This tru-
ly mighty spell will give you the ability to instantly fill its tar-
get's tech gauge up to its max(!), meaning you will actually have an 
unlimited access to the level 3 techniques of all the partymembers(!).  
With the almost supernatural attack prowess as well as the great sup-
port spells of the God Hand in your party few things will be able to 
stand in your way, meaning this Class is worth choosing regardless if 
Kevin is your main character or not.  At night, the God Hand will be-
come the Golden Wolf, a sacred beast.  Magnificent fighter Class.

Proof item: " Gold Wolf Soul "

Equipment of a God Hand:

Spiral Claw
Ivory Band
Byakko Uniform
Tohsei Armband

* Warrior Monk * : The Warrior Monk is a damn impressive Class, as it 
will learn Kevin to use both Heal Light multitarget as well as Leaf 
saber(!).  This spell combination, placed together with Kevin's inhe-
rent double-attack, is obscenely powerful(!), giving not only Kevin 
but in effect his entire party a virtually unlimited endurance both 
in terms of Hp as well as Mp(!).  He will also retain his Pressure 
Point spell and learn the cool Blow Impact throw.  The Warrior Monk 
is a truly fantastic addition to your party, however as an individual 
fighting Class he definitely also has a few downsides to himself.  
Having the lowest attackpower of all of Kevin's final Classes and 
being the only one that doesn't develop a fullscreen level 3 techni-
que, this Class will make Kevin somewhat weak as a single fighter in 
comparison to his other 3 final Classes.  Outstanding choice for Kev-
in if he isn't your main character.  At night, Kevin will turn into a 
Silver Wolf as the Warrior Monk Class.

Proof item: " Silver Wolf Soul "

Equipment of a Warrior Monk:

Holy Glove
Darkshine Band
Genbu Suit
Toshei Armband

* Death Hand * : The Death Hand is physical-wise Kevin's most power-
ful Class, having such serious attackpower it almost rivals that of 
Duran's Duelist Class.  However, and this you really must keep in 
mind, although by definition the Death Hand is not as powerful as 
the Duelist remember that Kevin has the advantage of turning into a 
Werewolf at night, considerably increasing his attackstrength this 
way.  As a Death Hand, Kevin will be able of turning into a Wolf 
Devil(!) during the nighttime, which is beyond the shadow of a doubt 
the most powerful physical thing that comes under your control in 
this game. The Wolf Devil its attackpower, matching even that of the 
Duelist but with a double-attack(!), is completely off the scales, 
and will rip anything that stands in its way to pieces in the blink 
of an eye.  The Wolf Devil has what is one of the most devastating 
fullscreen level 3 techniques in the game, and will also learn the 
Dead Crush throw and the Energy Ball spell.  Energy Ball will in-
crease the amount of Kevin's critical hits, but it will cancel it-
self after only a few attacks.  However, despite all these awesome 
advantages this Class is not without its downsides.  Because the 
idea behind the Death Hand Class is to physically overpower any and 
all enemies, Kevin will become totally dependent on his strength as 
a Wolf Devil as his human form will only have half its strength.  
This Class has in other words no versatility whatsoever and relies 
completely on the night to maximize its powers, meaning it will 
need support from other partymembers when faced with an enemy it 
can't swiftly overpower.  Nevertheless, make no mistake about it --
when the night falls it's all over for your enemies.  An immensely 
fierce Class.

Proof item: " Death Wolf Soul "

Equipment of a Death Hand:

Skull Disect
Sapphire Band
Seiryuu Uniform
Demon Neckband

* Dervish * : The Dervish.  Kevin's Darkest Class, and it will show 
to say the very least.  As a Dervish Kevin will gain 2 main abilities 
-- he will learn to use the Moon saber spell and become able of turn-
ing into something called the Bloody Wolf at night.  And you'd better 
believe that this thing carries this name for a pretty justified rea-
son.  Although the Bloody Wolf won't reach the same extreme attackpo-
wer the Wolf Devil of the Death Hand Class can, it will swiftly beco-
me capable of casting Moon saber on itself, making the Bloody Wolf a 
by far greater menace to your enemies than the Wolf Devil will ever 
be.  Because the Dervish Class very effectively combines the Bloody 
Wolf its heavy attackpower with the ability to cast Moon saber AND 
Kevin's double-attack, the end result placed in your hands is absolu-
tely frightening(!).  Literally feeding himself on the grave inju-
ries he is causing to his enemies, the Bloody Wolf will turn into a 
raging beast of the Dark the moment he casts Moon saber on himself.  
The rate at which Moon saber lets the Bloody Wolf rasp Hp from its 
unfortunate victims is based on the power of the attack -- the harder 
you hit, the more Hp that you will drain (making Ashura Dream Fist a 
fantastic tech to use again).  Kevin will constantly restore his Hp 
at a real fast rate as he literally rips it out of his victims(!) by 
tearing them to pieces with his amazing attackstrength.  This basi-
cally means that the Bloody Wolf just does not stop until everything 
around him is dead and torn to complete shreds.  Being the most dan-
gerous and menacing thing that comes under your control, there will 
be almost no way to stop the Dervish once night has fallen and he 
has learned the Moon saber spell.  Extremely fearsome Class.

Proof item: " Demon Wolf Soul "

Equipment of a Dervish:

Gigas Glove
Ruby Band
Suzaku Suit
Demon Neckband

* Note: If Kevin is a character you frequently use in your team for-
        mations, I strongly recommend you read the Kevin FAQ written 
        by Veib, which can be found on the same Seiken Densetsu 3 
        FAQ page of Gamefaqs from where this document can be downloa-

Shematic of Kevin's Classes:

                    1st      2nd
                   Class    Class
                   Change   Change

                           God Hand
                  /     \
                 /       \
                /         \
               /           Warrior Monk
               \           Death Hand
                \         /
                 \       /
                  \     /

Carlie -- Cleric and the Granddaughter of the Priest of Light

As you probably figured out already by looking at her, Carlie is not 
exactly the attacking type.  Half-human and half-elf, she's small and 
physically pretty weak.  She also doesn't learn any real attackmagic.  
So what is she good for?  Carlie is the best support character there 
is, and this for more than a single reason.  She starts out as a Cle-
ric, and since she is the granddaughter of the Priest of Light she'll 
be able of using Heal Light and Tinkle Rain even before her first 
Class Change is done(!).  One of the best things about Carlie is that 
no matter what Class she chooses, she will always end up with Heal 
Light multitarget(!) and that's damn great.  Being mainly a magic us-
er she also has an excellent magic resistance.

If you let her go Light Carlie will become a Priestess, capable of 
learning elemental saber magic in the same way as Duran's Dark Class-
es do, something which will greatly support any other members of the 
team who represent fighter Classes.  On top of that, she will also 
learn the Holy Ball spell.  Heal Light multitarget, Tinkle Rain, Ho-
ly Ball and all basic elemental sabers in a single character.  Excel-
lent support for your other partymembers who will be doing the actual 
fighting for her.

If you have Carlie go to the Dark Side however, she'll become an En-
chantress.  Instead of learning support spells through which she can 
empower other characters like the Priestess does, the Enchantress 
will begin to learn how to summon monsters, meaning Carlie will ac-
tually become capable of independently causing some decent damage to 
enemies.  Though these summons aren't too powerful, they are pretty 
useful nonetheless and they're fun too. And of course, just like all 
of Carlie's Classes except for the Cleric, she'll learn to multitar-
get her Heal Light just as well.

Carlie's final Classes:

* Bishop * : The Bishop is Carlie's Light-Light Class, and it defini-
tely shows.  As a Bishop, Carlie will develop a great collection of 
high-end and Light-based support spells such as Turn Undead (causes 
massive damage to all undead enemies if they are at a level lower or 
equal to that of Carlie's), Magic Shield (reduces the damage caused 
by all magic attacks by half) and even the mighty Saint saber spell.  
The Bishop is indeed the only Class besides the Paladin himself who 
can learn this mighty saber magic, and on top of learning all these 
abilities she will also develop the single highest spirit stat of 
the entire game(!).  In other words, the Bishop has the most power-
ful Heal Light there is, and being one of Carlie's final Classes she 
is capable of casting it the very second that you started the spell-
casting(!).  Also, because of that ultimate spirit stat the Bishop 
develops the strongest Holy Ball spell there is too, and is thus ca-
pable of causing some pretty damn impressive damage to any Dark and 
undead enemies for just 2 Mp per cast this way.  Lastly, the Bishop 
will also learn to multitarget her Tinkle Rain spell.  One of the 
most magnificent support Classes there are, the value of this Class 
can be tremendously high for almost any team.

Proof item: " Holy Water Vial "

Equipment of a Bishop:

Bishop's Ribbon
Bishop's Robe
Moon Flower

* Sage * : The Sage will learn to multitarget all the saber magics 
that she learned as a Priestess, meaning this Class can empower 
the entire team by the elementals with a single spell just like 
Duran's Swordmaster Class can(!).  Other things she'll learn are 
the multitargeted Tinkle Rain spell, and she will actually also 
learn Saint Beam(!), an already very powerful Light-based attack-
ingspell which becomes even more interesting and useful because of 
the Sage her very high spirit stat(!).  The Sage is above all an 
excellent choice when your other two characters are fighting Clas-
ses, as she can empower the entire team with the basic elementals 
in one cast, and with actually having Saint Beam in her arsenal 
she's capable of independently causing serious damage to any Dark-
type and undead enemy as well.  And of course, as one of Carlie 
her final Classes, she's also capable of casting her Heal Light 
the very second that you have started the spellcasting.  A nearly
perfect support Class for any team which consists out of fighter 
Classes that are in need of either saber magic, powerful healing 
abilities, or both.

Proof item: " Bottle of Salt "

Equipment of a Sage:

Giant's Flail
Sage's Ribbon
Sage's Robe
Moon Flower

* Necromancer * : As the name whispers, this Class will teach Carlie 
to summon undead monsters such as ghosts, and ghouls.  These summons 
can cause very decent damage, and she will also get the Dark saber 
spell.  Dark saber will only be useful against such enemies as the 
Potos, the God-Beast Lightgazer, the second Metal Hugger and Heath 
though.  Much more importantly, however, the Necromancer Class will 
also learn a spell which is known as Black Curse, and this thing is 
absolutely menacing.  What Black Curse does is lower all the four 
basic stats of an enemy at the same time(!), and there is no way it 
can be countered or blocked(!).  Though it can't be multitargeted, 
this ultimate stat-down spell is so powerful and effective it defi-
nitely is worth choosing the Necromancer for on its own already(!).  
The Necromancer will also learn to multitarget her Tinkle Rain 
spell, and in being one of Carlie her final Classes, she can cast 
Heal Light the very second that you started the spellcasting.  A 
powerful support Class, which has a surprisingly potent offensive 
streak to herself at the same time.

Proof item: " Bottle of Ashes "

Equipment of a Necromancer:

Maul of the Dead
Undead Ribbon
Undead Suit
Black Onyx

* Evil Shaman * : The Evil Shaman gives Carlie her most powerful sum-
monings, something which the gremlin and great demon summons will 
prove to you very nicely.  On top of that, she will also learn the 
Antimagic and Demon Breath spells, both very powerful abilities.  An-
timagic from its part will cancel any magic affect an enemy can cast 
on itself(!), such as stat-up spells, saber magic and even their abi-
lity to absorb the very elemental they belong to(!), meaning you can 
deny them gaining any advantage over you whatsoever with this spell.  
Demon Breath is a spell which causes heavy damage to all enemies, 
alongside lowering their magical attackpower and magic defenses.  
This should make Demon Breath a truly fantastic spell, however the 
problem is that it's a Fire-type magic attack which will thus heal 
Fire-based enemies, meaning the stat-down affect won't work on them 
either.  Using Antimagic first will solve this problem though, defi-
nitely something to remember in boss battles.  And of course, being 
one of Carlie's final Classes, the Evil Shaman gets to cast her Heal 
Light the very second you started the spellcasting.  The downsides 
about this Class however are that she has the lowest spirit stat of 
all of Carlie's final Classes and thus her weakest Heal Light, and 
she's also the only one that won't develop a multitargeted Tinkle 
Rain.  Still, with her mighty summons and her very powerful offensi-
ve spells the Evil Shaman is a very independent Class for Carlie's 
standards, and an excellent choice if she is your main character.  
Outstanding Class.

Proof item: " Bottle of Blood "

Equipment of an Evil Shaman:

Bitium Ribbon
Bitium Dress
Black Onyx

* Note: If Carlie is a character you frequently use in your team forma-
        tions, I strongly recommend you read the Carlie FAQ written by 
        Anemo, which can be found on the same Seiken Densetsu 3 FAQ pa-
        ge of Gamefaqs from where this document can be downloaded.

Shematic of Carlie's Classes:

                   1st       2nd
                  Class     Class
                  Change    Change

                  /     \
                 /       \
                /         \
               /           Sage
               \           Necromancer
                \         /
                 \       /
                  \     /
                           Evil Shaman

Hawk -- Dagger-wielding Thief of Navarre

Hawk is the most versatile character in Seiken Densetsu 3.  A profess-
ional Thief and a highly skilled knifefighter, he has the highest agi-
lity stat of all characters and is the second character along with Ke-
vin to use a double-attack.  Hawk can be a real fierce fighter because 
of this, but he is physically pretty weak both in strength as well as 
endurance meaning he has problems causing real damage to certain ene-
mies, and if he gets surrounded or cornered he's in trouble cause he 
really can't take the beating.  After his first Class Change however, 
Hawk will begin to combine his fierce fighting skill with abilities 
and spells that are among the most effective in the game, making him 
one of the most useful characters there are.  A resourceful and sharp 
fellow, Hawk is a man who will come through for himself and his others 
no matter the odds, and has a tendency to become an invaluable part of 
the team before you've truly realized it.

If you go Light with him, he will become a Ranger.  The Ranger is ac-
tually the Class out of which the better part of the Navarre army was 
formed long ago, when the desert was still a lush, green forest.  By 
learning the ancient skills of his people, Hawk will be able to set 
traps causing decent damage to distant enemies, and he'll also learn 
pretty powerful magic directly from nature itself, namely the potent 
Sleep Flower and Body Change spells.  Best of all, his Flying Swallow 
Toss technique is fullscreen and does despite Hawk's low(er) strength 
stat a good amount of damage.  However, keep in mind that Body Change 
will also have the effect that the targeted enemy won't give you any 
experience when you kill it afterwards, which is a true downside to 
the Ranger's otherwise powerful magical abilities.  Very resourceful 
Class nevertheless. By the way, if you choose Light for Hawk you will 
need to raise his intelligence twice after he has learned his initial 
trap spells for him to begin learning all his magic abilities, some-
thing which will also boost the damage of Hawk's trap spells at the 
same time, don't forget about this.  The same holds true for the Wan-
derer, one of Hawk his final Light Classes, though with him you will 
need to raise the spirit stat a few times as well.

If you take the Dark Path for Hawk, he will become a Ninja.  As the 
great forest in which the Navarre people lived turned into a dry des-
ert over time, they had no choice but to adapt to survive as they 
could no longer rely on nature as they had done for centuries.  Out 
of the ancient skills of the Navarre Rangers, the art of the Ninja 
was born.  If you thus take Dark for Hawk, he will begin to learn the 
Ninjitsu abilities of the Navarre warriors of today.  This basically 
means Hawk will learn Jitsu magic, which uses the 4 basic elementals 
to lower enemy stats, as well as how to use Ninja Stars, which can be 
powerful long range weapons.  The Ninja also has a higher attackpower 
than the Ranger does, but he doesn't have a fullscreen tech.  Also, 
remember that the stat-down affect of the Jitsu magic won't work if 
the enemy absorbs the element the Jitsu spell uses.  Very effective 
Class nonetheless.  By the way, the higher Hawk's agility the more 
powerful his Ninja abilities will become, so if you take Dark for 
Hawk always put a priority on raising agility at his level-ups.  The 
same goes for his final Dark Classes.

Hawk's final Classes:

* Wanderer * : The power and mystery of the spark of life in all of 
its glory.  The Wanderer is the Class which will learn every Dryad 
and Luna spell there is, with the exception of the Moon and Leaf 
sabers.  As a Wanderer, Hawk will develop a large collection of el-
usive as well as extremely powerful spells such as Trans Shape, 
multitargeted Sleep Flower, Half Vanish, Counter Magic, Aura Wave,  
and Lunatic, to name but a few.  Best of all, although the Wanderer 
is an intensive Mp user he will early on learn the Poison Bubble 
spell, which rasps large amounts of Mp from an enemy alongside cau-
sing heavy Tree-type damage to it.  What follows is that the Wande-
rer has the means to use his hallowed abilities as much as he feels 
is called for, as Poison Bubble gives him besides a powerful at-
tackingspell an unlimited source of Mp(!).  The Wanderer is so in-
credibly powerful and versatile because of all these spells Hawk 
will virtually begin incarnating good luck for everything and any-
one who is on his side as one(!), however that doesn't take away 
that the Class also comes with a few downsides to itself.  Along 
with a low defense across the board, the Wanderer has the lowest 
attackpower of all of Hawk's final Classes, and his lovely Dance Of 
Roses technique isn't a fullscreen one either.  Nevertheless, make 
no mistake -- this Class is near to invincible if used in the right 
way(!), and can easily provide some of the most fantastic support 
of the entire game to all its allies at the same time.  The grea-
test - and the most mysterious - hero that the living can hope for.

Proof item: " Good Luck Die "

Equipment of a Wanderer:

Wind Spirit Hat
Phantom Cuirass
Lucky Card

* Rogue * : The Rogue is a final Class of Hawk which develops an en-
tire new collection of attacking skills in the same way the Ranger 
originally did with his trap spells.  What is so impressive about 
this is that the Rogue actually begins to combine most of these ad-
vanced new skills with the elemental properties(!).  As a result, 
this Class builds out a large variety of elemental-based attacking 
skills such as Silver Dart (Light damage), Crescent (Dark damage), 
Rocket Launcher (Fire damage) as well as a few powerful non-elemen-
tal skills like Rock Fall, Cutter Missile and Axe Bomber.  These 
skills can often prove seriously damaging to any of your opponents, 
and especially so if you know how to work with the elementals, as 
well as show themselves to be extremely effective due to their ve-
ry short casting times(!). On top of that, the Rogue will eventual-
ly also learn an ability called Grenade Bomb, which besides causing 
heavy Tree-type damage rasps Mp from its target in a similar way to 
the Wanderer's Poison Bubble spell.  In other words, the Rogue too 
has the impressive advantage of being able to use his potent at-
tackskills as much as you need him to, and on top of all that he's 
got not only the highest attackpower of all of Hawk his Light Clas-
ses, but also their best overall stats along with the single high-
est luck stat in the entire game(!).  A cunning and a very powerful
fighting/spellcaster combination Class, the Rogue's only real dis-
advantage is that he has no fullscreen level 3 tech.

Proof item: " Bad Luck Die "

Equipment of a Rogue:

Silverwolf Garea
Silverwolf Pelt
Lucky Card

* Ninja Master * : The Ninja Master is exactly that -- a master in 
the abilities of the Ninja.  As a Ninja Master, Hawk will begin 
learning to multitarget both his Jitsu spells as well as his Ninja 
Stars.  Both of these abilities are a frightfully effective skill, 
but above all else it will be Hawk's mastery over the Ninja Stars 
that makes this Class as lethal as it truly is.  Being able of 
hitting every enemy on the screen within 2 seconds of you starting 
the spellcasting, Hawk will not only cause powerful damage to them 
but also decrease their accuracy and evade rate all at the same 
time(!).  Being softened up for the kill in every thinkable way, 
Hawk's double-attack will be as useful as ever as he will hardly 
miss, plus with his incredible agility as a Ninja Master he will 
be able of dodging nearly every enemy attack as well.  And to top 
it off, all this beauty is given to you for 1 Mp per battle(!).  
Immediately hitting the enemies with Ninja Stars at the beginning 
of each battle will thus give Hawk such an advantage he can liter-
ally start killing them one at a time, as their decreased accuracy 
and evade rate will make them near defenseless to the Ninja Master
his double-attack and ultimate agility.  And finally, any other 
problems the more powerful enemies might cause will be swiftly 
countered with the multitargeted Jitsu spells.  Extremely effecti-
ve as well as surprisingly endurant Class, with not having a full-
screen level 3 technique being its only true downside.

Proof item: " Bullseye Die "

Equipment of a Ninja Master:

Kongo Rakan
Stealth Hood
Wind Demon Mail
Stealth Guard

* Nightblade * : An expert in the with blood drenched art of killing, 
this Class will turn Hawk into a genuine shadow warrior, specialized 
in the assassination of any enemy through stonecold efficiency.  The 
Nightblade has the highest attackpower of all of Hawk's Classes, and 
combines this attackpower with abilities through which he can nullify 
the core advantage of virtually any type of enemy(!).  Nice examples 
of these abilities are Blow Needles (silences the target, meaning you 
instantly neutralize any enemy that uses spells or powerful techni-
ques), Poison Breath (poisons the enemy, meaning you can soften up 
enemies with high vitality and/or high Hp making them easier to kill)
and Deadly Weapon (decreases an enemy's maximum Hp, Hp which they 
will never be able to recover).  When these abilities are used in 
combination with the Jitsu spells Hawk learned as a Ninja, they can 
show themselves to be so effective they can almost be called cruel, 
as they render the Nightblades's victims either defenseless or com-
pletely harmless to him.  Best of all, the Nightblade is the only one 
of Hawk's final Classes that has a fullscreen level 3 tech, and it's 
quite a vicious one too.  If the Nightblade's ability to neutralize 
is thus used in combination with his vicious attacking skills, this 
Class turns seriously deadly real, real quick.  However, that doesn't 
take away that the Nightblade has one definite downside -- with the 
exception of Black Rain, not a single one of his abilities can be 

Proof item: " Nighteye Die "

Equipment of a Nightblade:

Bloody Mask
Black Garb
Stealth Guard

* Note: If Hawk is a character you frequently use in your team forma-
        tions, I strongly recommend you read the Hawkeye FAQ written 
        by Meeple Lard (how's that for a nick, eh?), which can be 
        found on the same Seiken Densetsu 3 FAQ page of Gamefaqs from 
        where this document can be downloaded.

Shematic of Hawk's Classes:

                   1st       2nd
                  Class     Class
                  Change    Change

                  /     \
                 /       \
                /         \
               /           Rogue
               \           Ninja Master
                \         /
                 \       /
                  \     /

Lise -- Rolante's Princess, Leader of the Amazon army.

Lise is a great and valuable character, something she proved to me mo-
re than once as I chose her as a member of the team several times.  In
being both an Amazoness and a lance expert she definitely understands 
how to fight, having a surprisingly high strength and agility to speak 
for her.  Lise is a pretty powerful fighter, with her true greatness 
lying in the fact that she will eventually become an outstanding sup-
port character as well, learning spells that can really save your neck 
at times.  The only problem she seems to have is that in being a girl, 
she has a somewhat low vitality and is thus not very good in taking 
punishment.  Nevertheless, with that surprisingly good attackstrength 
as well as her high agility stat Lise can hold her own in any battle, 
and once the first Class Change is done awesome support spells will 
come to this warrior Princess as well.

If you take Lise to the Light Side she'll become a Valkyrie, a power-
ful female warrior.  But besides being a strong fighting Class with a 
mighty fullscreen level 2 tech, the Valkyrie will also begin to learn
spells which can actually boost a character its 4 basic stats(!).  
Because of these spells, the Valkyrie is capable of empowering her-
self as well as her allies through pure magic, making them able to 
stand against enemies which are actually much more powerful than they 
are.  All this makes the Valkyrie a great Class in many ways, and 
thus a fantastic addition to nearly any team.

If you have Lise walk the Dark Path however, she will become some-
thing called a Rune Maiden.  Doing the complete opposite of what the 
Valkyrie does, the Rune Maiden will begin learning spells that can 
lower the stats of an enemy.  Being able to weaken any enemy in any 
way, the Rune Maiden is capable of breaking the strategic advantage 
the enemies have of being made out of the typical 2 attackers - 1 
support or 2 support - 1 attacker combinations, meaning she can be 
a much better support character than the Valkyrie provided that you 
know which enemy to weaken in which way.  The Rune Maiden doesn't 
have the attackstrength which the Valkyrie has, but she too has a 
fullscreen level 2 tech.  Not an as powerful fighter as the Valky-
rie, but if used in the right way this Class can become much more 

Lise her final Classes:

* Vanadis * : The Vanadis can pretty much be described as the ulti-
mate female warrior.  Having the highest attackpower of all of Lise 
her final Classes, she's on top of that also the only one which will 
develop a powerful fullscreen level 3 tech.  The Vanadis also becom-
es capable of casting her stat-up spells faster than she could as a 
Valkyrie, and finally she'll also learn to summon Freya. This summon 
will besides damaging all enemies invoke the Chibikko status on them 
meaning they'll all turn into the size of a Corobokkle, making them 
totally harmless(!).  This will however have the side-effect that 
those enemies won't give you any experience when you finish them off 
afterwards, though that becomes an increasingly arguable downside so 
late into the game.  Because of the Vanadis her fantastic potentials 
as an individual fighting Class she is an excellent choice for Lise 
either way, especially if she is your main character.  Great Class.

Proof item: " Briesingamen "

Equipment of a Vanadis:

True Spear
Vanir Helmet
Goddess Armor

* Star Lancer * : The Star Lancer is the Class which will learn Lise 
to multitarget all the stat-up spells she learned as a Valkyrie(!).  
With the Star Lancer in your party you'll thus be able to raise the 
abilities of your entire team in one single spell, and on top of that 
she'll also learn to summon Marduke.  This summon doesn't only cause 
good damage, but it will also silence all enemies meaning they won't 
be able to use any magic or techs anymore(!).  The Star Lancer is a 
damn good support Class because of all this, but the downsides are 
that she has much lesser attackpower than the Vanadis while lacking 
a fullscreen level 3 technique as well.  Nevertheless, a fantastic 
Class to choose for Lise, especially if she isn't your main characer.  
Excellent support Class.

Proof item: " Morningstar Chain "

Equipment of a Star Lancer:

Stardust Helmet
Polaris Armor

* Dragon Master * : The Dragon Master gets the greatest of Lise her 
summonings -- Jormungand.  Jormungand doesn't only cause heavy dama-
ge to all enemies, but it will also poison them all meaning they'll 
keep losing their Hp at a rapid pace afterwards(!).  The advantage 
this gives you in a fight is considerable and oftentimes decisive, 
as it seriously softens up all types of enemies making them far eas-
ier and faster to kill.  The Dragon Master can also cast the stat-
down spells she learned as a Rune Maiden faster, and in being the 
best summoner she also develops one of the highest spirit stats of 
all of Lise her Classes.  The downsides about the Dragon Master how-
ever are that she is physically pretty weak, having the lowest at-
tackpower of Lise her final Classes as well as the lowest defense, 
and she also doesn't have a fullscreen level 3 tech.  Nonetheless, 
with her quickly casted stat-down spells and above all with her abi-
lity to learn a summon as mighty as Jormungand so very early on al-
ready, the Dragon Master becomes a much more powerful Class than she 
may appear to be at a first glance.  An already good choice for sup-
port, but if you love using summoning magic you'll find yourself 
liking this Class for Lise as your main character just as easily.  
The greatest of all the summoner Classes.

Proof item: " Knightdragon Chain "

Equipment of a Dragon Master:

Dragon Lance
Rising Dragon
Dragonknight Armor
Giant's Ring

* Fenrir Knight * : The Fenrir Knight is one of the most fearsome 
Classes within Seiken Densetsu 3, there is simply no doubt.  Ac-
tually learning how to multitarget all spells of the Rune Maiden(!), 
this Class will totally own its enemies in every way you can think
of.  Capable of weakening anything in any way she so desires, the 
Fenrir Knight has on top of that the highest attackpower of all of 
Lise her Dark Classes, as well as a pretty darn high agility and vi-
tality stat.  As if this wasn't enough, she will also learn to sum-
mon Lamian Naga.  This summon causes good damage, but it won't cau-
se any status affects like the other summons do.  The Fenrir Knight 
is a dreadful and frightening Class as she will easily render any 
and all enemies nearly completely harmless and/or defenseless to 
your party, while with her own powerful fighting skills and the 
Lamian Naga summon she's capable of causing great amounts of dama-
ge as well, rivaling even the Vanadis herself(!).  The Fenrir 
Knight's only true downside is that her brutal Hundred Flower Dan-
ce technique isn't a fullscreen one.  Fearsome and dangerous, this 
Class is a genuine menace to anything that is unlucky enough to get 
caught in its path.

Proof item: " Gleipnir "

Equipment of a Fenrir Knight:

Giant's Spear
Wolf Helmet
Giant's Ring

* Note: If Lise is a character you frequently use in your team forma-
        tions, I strongly recommend you read the Riese Walkthrough 
        written by Lord Zero, which can be found on the same Seiken 
        Densetsu 3 FAQ page of Gamefaqs from where this document can 
        be downloaded.

Shematic of Lise her Classes:

                   1st       2nd
                  Class     Class
                  Change    Change

                  /     \
                 /       \
                /         \
               /           Star Lancer
               \           Dragon Master
                \         /
                 \       /
                  \     /
                Rune Maiden
                           Fenrir Knight

V. Class Combinations

Class Combination means that you select Classes which are capable of co-
vering each other's weaknesses or which can make the most out of each 
other's strongest abilities.  The examples I will describe below are ba-
sed on my own experiences.  By using these Class Combinations I pretty 
much owned my enemies, so you might want to give 'em a try.

Just remember, Seiken Densetsu 3 has a total of 42 Classes(!) spread ov-
er 6 characters, so there are a lot of possible combinations.  The ones 
below are just to give you an idea of what's possible. It all comes down 
to being creative, so begin by taking those characters and Classes which 
you think are the coolest and the best.

Some examples of Class Combinations which seriously worked for me:

* The Rogue and the Archmage: Combine these two Classes their powerful 
  elemental skills, and their Light-based attacks in particular, and you 
  will be able of causing extreme amounts of damage in a very short ti-
  meframe to a lot of different types of enemies.  But, you'll need to 
  know how to work with the elementals.  Outstanding combo to try if 
  you're a more advanced player.

* The Duelist and the Bishop: Cast Saint saber and Magic Shield on the 
  Duelist and see what happens.

* The Magus and the Evil Shaman: If you're into spellcasters, this truly 
  is one of the most beautiful Class Combinations you can dream of.  The 
  nullifying power of Antimagic and the magic defense lowering Demon 
  Breath of the Evil Shaman, combined with the ultimate magical attack-
  power of the Magus.  Play these cards right and you'll bring about an 
  Armageddon in regular battles and boss fights alike.

* The Dervish and the Nightblade: Since both Kevin and Hawk have a dou-
  ble-attack but more importantly also a level 1 tech that uses two at-
  tacks, they are the best characters to use Moon saber with.  Also, how 
  effective Moon saber really is depends on the character's attackpower.  
  If you thus combine the Dervish and the Nightblade, Kevin's second 
  strongest and Hawk's strongest Class physical-wise, you'll get two ve-
  ry powerful fighters that won't even really require a Heal Light any-  

* The Swordmaster and the Star Lancer: Both multitarget strength-up and 
  multitarget elemental sabers is one of those Combinations you just ha-
  ve to have tried once.  ;-)

* The Rune Master and the Warrior Monk: The magical powers of the Rune 
  Master are very powerful and useful, but they cost heavy amounts of Mp 
  and can't be multitargeted.  Angela is also vulnerable against physi-
  cally strong enemies, no matter which Class you've given her. The War-
  rior Monk will solve both these problems easily, as his spells give 
  virtually unlimited Hp and Mp for both Angela as well as himself.

* The Star Lancer and the Ninja Master: Multitargeted stat-up spells and 
  multitargeted stat-down spells in the same team can be serious fun, 
  believe me.

* The Death Hand and the Fenrir Knight: One of the most fearsome Class 
  Combinations there are.  Nothing will stand against you with these two 
  placed in the same party, and I do mean nothing.

* The Paladin and the God Hand: Bringing together many of the best fea-
  tures of the Light Side (the Sacred Shield, the great Aura Wave spell, 
  two powerful and fast Heal Light spells, the Golden Wolf and of cour-
  se the mighty Saint saber), these two Classes were truly destined to 
  be fighting side by side.

* Etc, etc, ...  Go get 'em!

* Note: If Class Combinations are something you frequently find your-
        self scratching your head over, I strongly recommend you read 
        the Team Formation Guide written by APolaris82, which can be 
        found on the same Seiken Densetsu 3 FAQ page of Gamefaqs from 
        where this document can be downloaded.




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