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PAR Codes and Hacking by DC

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 04/07/01

Last updated : 7 April 2001 (Australian Time)
Seiken Densetsu 3 PAR Codes and Hacking
© Copyright DC, Paul Le and les1two 2001                      v1.01

                          _____      _ _
                         / ____|    (_) |
                        | (___   ___ _| | _____ _ __
                         \___ \ / _ \ | |/ / _ \ '_ \
                         ____) |  __/ |   <  __/ | | |
                   _____|_____/ \___|_|_|\_\___|_| |_|
                  |  __ \                    | |
                  | |  | | ___ _ __  ___  ___| |_ ___ _   _
                  | |  | |/ _ \ '_ \/ __|/ _ \ __/ __| | | |
                  | |__| |  __/ | | \__ \  __/ |_\__ \ |_| |
                  |_____/ \___|_| |_|___/\___|\__|___/\__,_|
                                    |___ \
                                      __) |
                                     |__ <
                                     ___) |

Seiken Densetsu 3 is copyright 1995 Squaresoft. Please do not leech any
of this to make your own FAQ out of it. Unless you have MY permission DO
NOT take anything at all from this guide. Don't edit, don't do anything to
it and submit it without e-mailing me with permission first. You can
print it out, but only for personal use, no selling this! Summing it
up, do anything for your own personal benefit (apart from reading it)
without asking me, AND YOU'LL BURN IN HELL!!!!!

The only sites can use this without asking are:


If you want to use it on your site, please e-mail me at dc3131@yahoo.com.au
The latest version can always be found from

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Note, that if you've asked me for permission but don't see your site on the
list above, don't worry about it, as it's a real pain to update each time
everyone asks me to use this guide on their site. So as long as you've
asked me, yes, you can put it up on your site. The sites above are the
ones that don't have to ask to use them.

To get in touch, e-mail me at dc3131@yahoo.com.au
My ICQ# is 34601221
My webpage is http://www.dcmagus.com
My MSN contact is dcmagus@hotmail.com, but any email sent to that
   address will most likely be ignored, as I don't check that
My AIM name is dcmagus

Be warned that I'm only on the net twice a week, don't expect replies
from me which are ten minutes after you've sent the mail. Here's some
guidelines about sending me mail:

1.Make sure you put the title of the game you're asking about in the
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2.If it's an FAQ, make sure that it's not already in the guide!!! If
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  If it's not in there, make sure that the details you provide
  are, well, DETAILED, and not sketchy. Examples are "Hi need to know
  how to get past this part, i'm in a room and stuck", I need to know
  where you are, etc.

3.Ask nicely. So far, most people have, but if your mail goes along
  the lines of "Hi, need code for B2, reply within the next hour
  otherwise I'll bomb you" will not get you anywhere.

That's it. Sorry for being a pain, but it had to be said.

PAR CODES (thanks a heap to les1two@hotmail.com! Send all questions
regarding PAR codes to him, I have no clue how these work =)

            Seiken Densetsu 3 - Pro Action Replay Codes - Version 2.0

i.    Contents                         |  XIV.  Storage Inventory Codes
I.    Introduction                     |        A. Storage Item Chart
II.   Information                      |            1.  Weapons
III.  Version History                  |                a. Swords - Duran
IV.   Format/Keys                      |                b. Gloves - Kevin
       A. Base Codes and Charts        |                c. Daggers - Hawkeye/Hawk
       B. Keys                         |                d. Staffs - Angela
V.    Player Attribute Codes           |                e. Flails - Carlie/Charlotte
VI.   Health Codes                     |                f. Spears - Lise/Rieze
VII.  Magic Codes                      |            2.  Helmets
VIII. Money Codes                      |            3.  Rings
IX.   Experience/Level up Codes        |            4.  Armors
X.    Weapon Charging Codes            |            5.  Shields
XI.   Weapon Meter Codes               |            6.  Class Changing Items
XII.  Skill/Spell Codes                |            7.  Magic Pot Items
       A. Skill/Spell Chart            |            8.  Elemental Items
         1.  Elemental Spells          |            9.  Flying Items
         2.  Other Misc. Spells        |            10. Miscellaneous Items
         3.  Miscellaneous Spells 1    |  XV.  Class Changing Codes
         4.  Tech Spells               |        A. Class Changing Chart
         5.  Flying Items Spells       |  XVI. THE END
         6.  Enemy Spells              |
         7.  Trap Spells               |
         8.  Special Effect Spells     |
         9.  Miscellaneous Spells 2    |
         10. Other Tech Spells         |
         11. Miscellaneous Spells 3    |
         12. Other Spells              |
XIII. Circle Inventory Codes           |
       A. Circle Inventory Items Chart |
         1. Class Changing Items       |
         2. Magic Pot Items            |
         3. Elemental Items            |
         4. Flying Items               |
         5. Miscellaneous Items        |

To all you hardcore CHEATERS out there or to you weak ass gamers that are stuck somewhere, who
ever the hell you are this file is everything and more than you need to enhance your gameplay
of one of the best RPG game ever!
Pro Action Replay Codes can only be used with a Super Nintendo and the Pro Action Replay
hardware or by using Emulators. If your having problem reading this it's probably because of
different Programs or Fonts. Look at the Information section to try and fix it. Do not edit
this file in any way or you may not distribute or put it up on your website. And please don't
try to sell this to anyone either.



Seiken Densetsu 3 is a Copyright 1995 Squaresoft

Written by: les1two
Any Questions or Comments? E-mail: les1two@hotmail.com
Sources: Unknown
File: Seiken Densetsu 3 - Pro Action Replay Codes v2.0.txt
File Size: 33.9 KB
Screen Area: 800x600 Pixels
Program Used: Wordpad
Font Type: Courier
Word Wrap (Options): Wrap to Window
Code Count: 1,445+ Pro Action Replay Codes
Date Completed: October 19, 2000
Copyright 2000 les1two

                           Version History

Version 2.0 - October 19, 2000 - 33.9 KB
    - Added More Information.
    - Corrected a few minor errors.
    - Changed Format from Notepad to Wordpad for more space.
    - Added Contents, Introduction, Version History and Keys.
    - Added some extra Level up Codes

Version 1.1 - October 5, 2000 - 30.8 KB
    - Added Information Section.
    - Corrected a few minor errors.

Version 1.0 - October 2, 2000 - 30.7 KB
    - Original Version.


Base Codes and Charts
Base Code - This Codes contains variable that are to be replaced with different codes from a
    chart below.
Variable - Lower Case letter (x, y, or z.) Replaced with a code specified from a chart below.
    The variables in the chart are usually between Parentheses.

    For Example:

        7F zz yy xx <--Base Code        7FEDF6FF = Player 1's Strength is 255
        || || || ||
        || || || ||
        || || ||  \--These are replaced w/ the codes under (xx)
        || ||  \--These are replaced w/ the codes under (yy)
        ||  \--These are replaced w/ the codes under (zz)
         \--Leave these alone

Code(zz) Player(1-3)     Code(yy) Attribute Type     Code(xx) Attribute Level
---------------------    ------------------------    -------------------------
ED     Player 1          F6     Strength             00     0(Minimum)
F0     Player 2          F7     Agility              20     32
F3     Player 3          F8     Vitality             50     75
                         F9     Intelligence         75     125
                         FA     Spirit               AA     200
                         FB     Luck                 FF     255(Maximum)

 * - Extra Notes that you should know when using these codes.
 *# - When a number is next to it's just to distinguish from the others because there are
    different notes from the ones with a different number. (Eg. *1, *4, etc.)

                            Player Attribute Codes *

Edit Character's Attributes
7Fzzyyxx  Base Code

Code(zz) Player(1-3)     Code(yy) Attribute Type     Code(xx) Attribute Level
---------------------    ------------------------    -------------------------
ED       Player 1        F6       Strength           00       0(Minimum)
F0       Player 2        F7       Agility            20       32
F3       Player 3        F8       Vitality           50       75
                         F9       Intelligence       75       125
                         FA       Spirit             AA       200
                         FB       Luck               FF       255(Maximum)
 * Using these codes will sometimes freeze or reset the game.

                           Health Codes

Infinite Health Player 1    Infinite Health Player 2    Infinite Health Player 3
7FEDF2E7                    7FF0F2E7                    7FF3F2E7
7FEDF303                    7FF0F303                    7FF3F303

                             Magic Codes

Infinite Mana 1st Character    Infinite Mana 2nd Character    Infinite Mana 3rd Character
7FEDF463                       7FF0F463                       7FF3F463

                             Money Codes

Adds Luc *

Code        Luc Added        Code        Luc Added        Code         Luc Added
---------------------        ---------------------        ----------------------
7E2C24FF    255              7E2C25FF    65,280           7E2C26FF    16,711,680
                                         (255x256)                  (255x256x256)
 * You can change the last two digits of these codes to edit the amount of luc you want but
   the code FF is the most possible to Add.

                         Experience/Level up Codes

264,000,000 Experience *
7FEDFEFF   Player 1    7FF0FEFF   Player 2    7FF3FEFF   Player 3
 * You will gain a Level when you kill an enemy until you reach 99.


Other Experience Codes *
7FEDFFFF   255 Experience Player 1        7FED00FF   65280 Experience Player 1
7FF0FFFF   255 Experience Player 2        7FF100FF   65280 Experience Player 2
7FF3FFFF   255 Experience Player 3        7FF400FF   65280 Experience Player 3
 * You will gain the specified # of exp. per enemy that's killed.

                         Weapon Charging Codes

Edit Level of Charged Weapon
Player 1    Player 2    Player 3    Code(xx) Level
7FEDFCxx    7FF0FCxx    7FF3FCxx    04       1
7FEEEDxx    7FF1EDxx    7FF4EDxx    07       2
7FEE0Cxx    7FF10Cxx    7FF40Cxx    09       3

                          Weapon Meter Codes

Edit Tech Meter                    Code(yy) Level
Player 1    Player 2    Player 3        04      1
7FEE0Cyy    7FF10Cyy    7FF40Cyy        07      2
 (Meter won't be charged)               09      3

                           Skill/Spell Codes

Edit Spells
7Fzzyyxx    Base Code *

 * zz is the Player of the skill/spell you want in that slot.
 * yy is the Slot Number of the skill/spell you want in that slot.
 * xx is the Skill/Spell Code of the skill/spell you want in that slot.

Player   Code(zz)        Player   Code        Player   Code
-----------------        -------------        -------------
1        EE              2        F1          3        F4

Slot # Code(yy)       Slot # Code
----------------      ------------
1.     A5              6.     AA
2.     A6              7.     AB
3.     A7              8.     AC
4.     A8              9.     AD
5.     A9             10.     AE

Skill/Spell Chart
Type of Spell
Code(xx)    Name of Spell

00 Disables all Spells

Elemental Spells
Earth (Gnome)       Air    (Jinn)      Water (Undine)  Fire (Salamando)  Dark (Shade)
01 Diamond Missile  07 Airblast        0D Ice Smash    13 Fireball       19 Evil Gate
02 Earth Quake      08 Thunderstorm    0E Mega Splash  14 Explode        1A Dark Force
03 Stone Cloud      09 Stun Wind       0F Cold Blaze   15 Blaze Wall     1B Death Spell
04 Protect up       0A Speed Up        10 Mind Up      16 Power Up       1C Anti-Magic
05 Speed Down       0B Protect Down    11 Power Down   17 Mind Down      1D Black Curse
06 Diamond Saber    0C Thunder Saber   12 Ice Saber    18 Flame Saber    1E Dark Saber

Light (Wisp)     Moon (Luna)      Wood (Dryad)
1F Holy Ball     25 Lunatic       2C Sleep Flower
20 Saint Beam    26 Half Vanish   2D Poison Bubble
21 Heal Light    27 Body Change   2E Trans-Shape
22 Magic Shield  28 Life Booster  2F Aura Wave
23 Tinkle Rain   29 Energy Ball   30 Counter Magic
24 Saint Saber   2A Demon Breath  31 Leaf Saber
                 2B Moon Saber

Other Misc. Spells   Miscellaneous Spells 1
-------------------  ------------------------------------
32 Turn Undead       3D Machine Golem     48 Rock Fall
33 Demon Breath      3E Ghoul             49 Landmine
34 Rainbow Dust      3F Ghost             4A Poison Breath
35 Ancient           40 Gremlin           4B Flame Breath
36 Ancient 2 *       41 Great Demon       4C Blow Needles
37 Ancient 3 *       42 Earth Jutsu       4D Deadly Weapon
38 Freya             43 Thunder Jutsu     4E Double Spell
39 Marduke           44 Water Jutsu       4F Pressure Point
3A Iormungand        45 Fire Jutsu
3B Lamian Naga       46 Arrow
3C Unicorn Head      47 Spike
 * Doesn't work

Tech Spells *
Duran                Kevin
50 3-Step Cut        56 Whirlwind Kick    5C Genbu 100-Kick
51 Whirlwind Sword   57 Tornado Throw     5D Blow Impact
52 Flashing Sword    58 Water-Moon Slice  5E Suzaku Sky Dance
53 Magic Circle      59 Bastard Slam      5F Veritubach
54 Vacuum Sword      5A Byakko Shockwave  60 Seiryuu Death Fist
55 Eruption Sword    5B Stardust Bomb     61 Dead Crush

Hawkeye/Hawk              Angela           Charlotte/Carlie  Riesz/Lise
62 Flying Shallow Toss    68 Pink Typhoon  6E Jump           74 Vacuum Surge Spear
63 Silhouette Slice       69 Star Attack   6F Dash           75 Flying Heaven Spear
64 Dance of Roses         6A Spiral Rod    70 ChopChop       76 Light Shot Spear
65 Thousand Slice         6B Dancing Rod   71 BoomBoom       77 Falling Star
66 Shadow Dive            6C 10t           72 Craaaazy       78 Dragon Tooth Spear
67 Split-Image Slice      6D Hot Shot      73 HugeHuge       79 Hundred Flower Dance

 * The 1st Tech is the 2nd level for Light Class. The 2nd is 2nd Level Dark and the rest
   is for the Final Stages. Some Techs will glitch or freeze the game.

Flying Items Spells
7A Hand Axe
7B Suriken
7C Dart
7D Pumpkin Bomb
7E Silver Dart          * This spell is different from the Grenade Bomb
7F Cutter Missile         from the Miscellaneous Spells 2 section. This
80 Cresent                one is just about as strong as the other one
81 Rocket Launcher        below and also has a little splash damage to
82 Axe Bomber             other nearby enemies but uses up 7 Mana points.
83 Grenade Bomb (Mp:7) *

Enemy Spells
84 Dark Fear          8F Power Punch       9A Sandstream
85 Surprise Box Bomb  90 Sky Attack        9B Hypercannon
86 Death Roulette     91 Supersonic        9C Hell Cross
87 Tunderbolt         92 Feather Blizzard  9D Darkness Beam
88 Rust Hurricane     93 Black Rain
89 Sweet String       94 Gas Cloud           * Useless, does nothing
8A Eye Beam           95 Ghost Road
8B Dive Attack        96 100 Tentacles
8C Bubble Breath      97 Squid Ink
8D Grand Slam *       98 Tidal Wave
8E Grand Slam         99 Revenge Spike

Trap Spells
9E Arrow          A4 Orge Box       AA Trap Level 1
9F Spike          A5 Kaiser Mimic   AB Trap Level 2
A0 Stone          A6 Spined Kelp    AC Bloody Axe
A1 Bomb (Weak)    A7 Prisoner       AD Icicle
A2 Smoke          A8 Geyseblast     AE Ice Cradle
A3 Mr. Death God  A9 Bomb (Strong)

Special Effect Spells *               Miscellaneous Spells 2
------------------------------------  --------------------------------------------------------
AF magicAF                            B6 Regeneration           *1 This spell exactly the
B0 magicB0                            B7 Graviton Press            same as the Spiral Moon
B1 magicB1                            B8 Howl                      from the section,
B2 magicB2                            B9 Spiral Moon *1            Miscellaneous Spells 3.
B3 magicB3                            BA Grenade Bomb (Mp:0) *2
B4 magicB4                            BB Killstinger           *2 This spell is different
B5 magicB5                            BC Lava Wave                from Flying Items section.
 * These spells don't do anything     BD Heat Beam                This spell is just about
   but show effects of some cinemas   BE Gigaburn                 as strong as the other
   during the game. Some of these     BF Death Ecstasy            one but does not use up
   spells will mess up the game.                                  any Mana points.

Other Tech Spells *1
C0 Whirlwind Sword    *1 Most of these Techs are a little different from the ones above in
C1 Magic Circle Cut      the Techs section but they almost always glitch and freeze the game,
C2 Vacuum Sword           therefore is pretty much useless.
C3 Eruption Sword
C4 Silhouette Slice   *2 These Techs are the same as the ones above in the same section.
C5 Shadow Dive
C6 Split-Image Slice
C7 Vacuum Surge Spear
C8 Star Shot Spear
C9 Whirlwind Sword *2
CA Vacuum Sword *2
CB Eruption Sword *2

Miscellaneous Spells 3
CC Catastrophe   D5 Spiral Moon *2  *1 These spells are useless but each of them show
CD Demon Scream  D6 Turn Wind          different effects.
CE Air Slasher   D7 Flash *3
CF Flare         D8 Psycho Wave     *2 This spell is the same as the one above in the
D0 SBD *1        D9 Thunderball        Miscellaneous Spells 2 section.
D1 SBD *1        DA Whirlwind *4
D2 SBD *1                           *3 Useless
D3 SBD *1
                                    *4 This spell is a little different from Whirlwind Sword,
                                       plus a lot weaker.
Other Spells *1
DB SBD        E5 SBD                      EF SBD                   F9 SBD
DC SBD        E6 SBD                      F0 SBD                   FA SBD
DD SBD        E7 SBD (Magic Rope) *2      F1 SBD                   FB SBD
DE SBD        E8 SBD (Wind Drum) *3       F2 SBD                   FC SBD
DF SBD        E9 poooooon *4              F3 SBD                   FD SBD
E0 SBD        EA SBD                      F4 SBD                   FE SBD
E1 SBD        EB SBD                      F5 SBD                   FF SBD
E2 SBD        EC SBD                      F6 SBD (Wind Drum) *5
E3 SBD        ED SBD                      F7 SBD (Dreamsee Herb) *6
E4 SBD        EE SBD                      F8 SBD
 *1 All of these spells don't have a name, therefore is called SBD. All of these either shows
    an effect from a cinema from the game or do nothing at all.
 *2 Magic Rope Effect (Teleports you to the last place you entered)
 *3 Calls Flammie
 *4 Freezes the game
 *5 You call Flammie and then you get stuck with the ground and backround all black except
 *6 Does the dreamsee herb effect then leaves the ground and backround all black until you
    reload the screen.

                            Circle Inventory Codes

Type of Item *            Infinite Items
------------------        ------------------
Slot#  Code                Slot#  Code
1.     7E2EE9yy            1.     7E2EF309
2.     7E2EEAyy            2.     7E2EF409
3.     7E2EEByy            3.     7E2EF509
4.     7E2EECyy            4.     7E2EF609
5.     7E2EEDyy            5.     7E2EF709
6.     7E2EEEyy            6.     7E2EF809
7.     7E2EEFyy            7.     7E2EF909
8.     7E2EF0yy            8.     7E2EFA09
9.     7E2EF1yy            9.     7E2EFB09
10.    7E2EF2yy          10.     7E2EFC09
 (Replace yy with one of the codes on the Circle Inventory Items Chart)

 * Using one these codes w/o the Inf. Item code will have
   a quantity of zero in the slot and you won't be able to use it.

Circle Inventory Items Chart
Code(yy) Item

00 Disables Inventory

Class Changing Items *
Duran                  Kevin             Hawkeye/Hawk         Angela
01 Paladin's Proof  05 Gold Wolf Soul    09 Good Luck Dye  0D Arcane Book
02 Lord's Proof     06 Silver Wolf Soul  0A Bad Luck Dye   0E Book of Secrets
03 Master's Proof   07 Death Wolf Soul   0B Bullseye Dye   0F Book of Runes
04 Duelist's Proof  08 Demon Wolf Soul   0C Nighteye Dye   10 Forbidden Book

Carlie/Charlotte     Lise/Rieze
11 Holy Waters Vial  15 Briesingamen       * These Items are necessary to change a
12 Bottle of Salt    16 Morning Star Chain     final class and can be use as regular
13 Bottle of Ashes   17 Knight Dragon Chain    items.
14 Bottle of Blood   18 Gleipner

Magic Pot Items
19 Item Seed
1A Mysterious Seed
1B Flying Item Seed
1C Magic Seed
1D ??? Seed
1E Weapon/Armor Seed

Elemental Items
Earth (Gnome)       Air (Jinn)       Water (Undine)        Fire (Salamando)
1F Earth Coin       25 Storm Coin    2B Ice Coin           31 Flame Coin
20 Gnome Statue     26 Jinn Statue   2C Undine Statue      32 Salamando Statue
21 Basilisk's Fang  27 Harpy's Fang  2D White Dragon Fang  33 Fire Lizard Fang
22 Bulette's Scale  28 Bird's Scale  2E Sahagin's Scale    34 Drake's Scale
23 Needlion's Eye   29 Bird's Eye    2F Slime's Eye        35 Battum's Eye
24 Molebear's Claw  2A Siren's Claw  30 Poseidon's Claw    36 Kerberos' Claw

Dark (Shade)          Light (Wisp)            Moon (Luna)          Wood (Dryad)
37 Darkness Coin      3D Light Coin           43 Moon Coin         49 Myconid's Eye
38 Shade Statue       3E Wisp Statue          44 Luna Statue       4A Assassin Bug Eye
39 Ghost's Eye        3F Poto Oil             45 Chibi Devil's Eye 4B Dryad Statue
3A Specter's Eye      40 Pakkun Oil           46 Porobin Oil       4C Grell Oil
3B Shadow Zero's Eye  41 Mama Poto Oil        47 Wolf Devil Oil    4D Matango Oil
3C Demon's Claw       42 Papa Poto's Claw     48 Carmilla's Claw   4E Crawler's Claw

Flying Items      Miscellaneous Items
----------------  --------------------------------------------------------------
4F Hand Axe       53 Round Drop        5A Magical Rope     61 Half Key A *
50 Shuriken       54 Pakkun Chocolate  5B Gunpowder        62 Half Key B *
51 Dart           55 Magic Walnut      5C Chibikko Hammer  63 Mystery Key *
52 Pumpkin Bomb   56 Honey Drink       5D Moogle Badge     64 Dragon's Eye *
                  57 Puipui Grass      5E Pihyra Flute     65 Illusion Mirror
                  58 Star Dust Herb    5F Wind Drum        66 Demon Statue *
                  59 Angel's Grail     60 Dreamsee Herb    * Useless

                             Storage Inventory Codes

Infinite Items in Storage Inventory
7E2zzz63  Base Code
 (Replace zzz w/ one of the codes on the Storage Item Chart)

Storage Item Chart *
Code(zzz) Item

Swords - Duran                          Gloves - Kevin
--------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
C39 Bronze Sword   C49 Balmunk          C63 Leather Glove    C73 Kerberos Claw
C3A Iron Sword     C4A Valar Sword      C64 Iron Knuckle     C74 Diamond Knuckle
C3B Gladius        C4B Kusanagi Blade   C65 Needle Glove     C75 Ghost Hand
C3C Broadsword     C4C Tyrving          C66 Molebear Claw    C76 Rock Claw
C3D Sabre          C4D Defender         C67 Chain Glove      C77 Gleam Glove
C3E Steel Sword    C4E Muramasa Blade   C68 Bagh Nakh        C78 Jug Puncher
C3F Bastard Sword  C4F Krau-Soles       C69 Fiend's Claw     C79 Vampire Claw
C40 Silver Blade   C50 Excalibur        C6A Silverhorn       C7A Aura Glove
C41 Estoc          C51 Levatein         C6B Moogle Claw      C7B Rotton Knuckle
C42 Falchion       C52 Dragonbane       C6C Keen Knuckle     C7C Dragon Claw
C43 Flamberge                           C6D Power Glove
C44 Colichemarde   Final Class Weapons  C6E Kaiser Knuckle   Final Class Weapons
C45 Shamshir       C53 Brave Blade      C6F Acid Claw        C7D Spiral Glove
C46 Palestorm      C54 Sigmund          C70 Cyclone Claw     C7E Holy Claw
C47 Mythril Sword  C55 Ragnarok         C71 Mythril Knuckle  C7F Skull Disect
C48 Katzbalger     C56 Deathbringer     C72 Bone Knuckle     C80 Gigas Glove

Daggers - Hawkeye/Hawk                   Staffs - Angela
---------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
C8D Flint Knife      C9D Dancing Dagger   CB7 Wooden Cane    CC7 Memyl Rod
C8E Dagger           C9E Field Dagger     CB8 Staff          CC8 Druid Cane
C8F Baselard         C9F Bishamon         CB9 Witch Staff    CC9 Revelation Cane
C90 Roundel Dagger   CA0 Merkiel Dagger   CBA Oak Cane       CCA Nebula Staff
C91 Sharkteeth       CA1 Sylvan Knife     CBB Pewter Rod     CCB World Tree Branch
C92 Steel Dagger     CA2 Taishaku         CBC Ruby Cane      CCC Ancient Rod
C93 Misericorde      CA3 Sheol Dirk       CBD Crystal Rod    CCD Mizunra Cane
C94 Katar            CA4 Crescent Knife   CBE Soul Rod       CCE Clenunnus Cane
C95 Main Gauche      CA5 Acala            CBF Varshu Staff   CCF Eternal Rod
C96 Garuda           CA6 Crimson Glare    CC0 Ash Cane       CD0 Ceryeceon
C97 Crystal Dagger                        CC1 Cunning Staff
C98 Elf Dagger       Final Class Weapons  CC2 Will Staff     Final Class Weapons
C99 Ashura           CA7 Orihalcon        CC3 Tot's Staff    CD1 Ganvantein
C9A Blue Gale        CA8 Manslaughter     CC4 Rajin's Staff  CD2 Spirit Cane
C9B Mythril Knife    CA9 Kongo Rakan      CC5 Mythril Rod    CD3 Rune Staff
C9C Yasha            CAA Deathstroke      CC6 Skull Rod      CD4 Dragon Rod

Flails - Carlie/Charlotte                 Spears - Lise/Rieze *
----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
CE1 Hollow Rod      CF1 Cuneal Maul       D0B Bronze Lance    D1B Griffen Lance
CE2 Wood Flail      CF2 Holy Flail        D0C Spear           D1C Staghorn
CE3 Ball and Chain  CF3 Thibula Flail     D0D Flamea          D1D Wolf's Fang
CE4 Light Flail     CF4 Gravity Maul      D0E Corsesca        D1E Maidenleaf
CE5 Warhammer       CF5 Ultima Maul       D0F Partisan        D1F Valkyrie Spear
CE6 Steel Maul      CF6 Bloodsucker       D10 Steel Lance     D20 Mideel Spear
CE7 Duck Ironball   CF7 Meteo Flail       D11 Glaive          D21 Burnak
CE8 Silver Flail    CF8 Mijolnir          D12 Silver Lance    D22 Gungnir
CE9 Heavy Flail     CF9 Satan Flail       D13 Wing Spear      D23 Pain Tooth
CEA Hammer Flail    CFA Vertina Maul      D14 Mystic Spear    D24 Blaze Piercer
CEB Morning Star                          D15 Plume Lance
CEC Heiro Flail     Final Class Weapons   D16 Dark Piercer    Final Class Weapons
CED Puppet Flail    CFB Judgmentes        D17 Torrento Spear  D25 True Spear
CEE Blockbuster     CFC Gigas Flail       D18 Golden Spear    D26 Stargazer
CEF Mythril Maul    CFD Maul of the Dead  D19 Mythril Spear   D27 Dragon Lance
CF0 Troll Maul      CFE Juggernaut        D1A Brain Wrecker
 * There is a glitch in the game that won't allow any Giant's Spears in storage.

Duran                 Kevin                Hawkeye/Hawk
D39 Leather Visor     D45 Bandanna         D51 Leather Hat
D3A Headgear          D46 Warrior Band     D52 Garravilla
D3B Studded Helm      D47 Headband         D53 Feather Hat
D3C Visored Helm      D48 Chakra Band      D54 Faerie Hat
D3D Horned Helm       D49 Werewolf's Mane  D55 Grizzly Gerea
D3E Silver Sallet     D4A Majuu Mask       D56 Black Hood
D3F Beryl Armet       D4B Genjuu Mask      D57 Noctogoggles
D40 Dragon Helm       D4C Dragon's Mane    D58 Fool's Crown

Final Class Helmets   Final Class Helmets  Final Class Helmets
D41 Hero's Crown      D4D Ivory Band       D59 Wind Spirit Hat
D42 Protection Helm   D4E Darkshine Band   D5A Silver Wolf Gerea
D43 Rising Monn Helm  D4F Sapphire Band    D5B Stealth Hood
D44 Skull Head        D50 Ruby Band        D5C Bloody Mask

Angela               Carlie/Charlotte     Lise/Rieze
D5D Circlet          D69 Cat-ear Hood     D75 Winged Ribbon
D5E Witch Hood       D6A Rabite Cap       D76 Leather Helmet
D5F Emerald Tiara    D6B Mog Cap          D77 Barbute
D60 Panther Hood     D6C Silk Ribbon      D78 Viking Helm
D61 Silver Circlet   D6D Porobin Hood     D79 Horncrest
D62 Snow White Veil  D6E Holy Spirit Hood D7A Uniform Helm
D63 Mist Vail        D6F Sunstone Hat     D7B Aurora Helmet
D64 Moonstone Tiara  D70 Spiritus Ribbon  D7C Pegasus Helmet

Final Class Helmets  Final Class Helmets   Final Class Helmets
D65 Myein Crown      D71 Bishop's Ribbon   D7D Vanir Helmet
D66 Eremos Crown     D72 Sage's Ribbon     D7E Stardust Helmet
D67 Rune Veil        D73 Undead Ribbon     D7F Rising Dragon
D68 Ancient Tiara    D74 Bitium Ribbon     D80 Wolf Helmet

Rings *
Duran                 Kevin                  Hawkeye/Hawk
D81 Leather Gauntlet  D8A Leather Neckband   D93 Utsusemi Earrings
D82 Steel Gauntlet    D8B Beastman Collar    D94 Thief's Armband
D83 Gauntlet          D8C Power Wrist        D95 Cobra Earrings
D84 Strength Armband  D8D Red Moon Horn      D96 Ancient Talisman
D85 Knight's Crest    D8E Cardinal Eye       D97 Tree Spirit Ring
D86 Fencer's Armband  D8F Mad Beast's Fang   D98 Mistscreen Charm
D87 Dragon Ring       D90 Dragon's Bone      D99 Wishbone

Final Class Rings     Final Class Rings      Final Class Rings
D88 War King's Crest  D91 Tohsei Armband     D9A Lucky Card
D89 Master's Armband  D92 Demon Neckband     D9B Stealth Guard

Angela                Carlie/Charlotte       Lise/Rieze
D9C Jewel Ring        DA5 Marble Ring        DAE Vambrace
D9D Crystal Ring      DA6 Bunny Egg          DAF Steel Bracelet
D9E Mist Pendant      DA7 Moon Ring          DB0 Wind God Bracelet
D9F Protect Ring      DA8 Protect Earrings   DB1 Earth Bracelet
DA0 Snow Crystal      DA9 Whitelight Ring    DB2 Gyralhorne
DA1 Fireblaze         DAA Blackshade Ring    DB3 Rune Earrings
DA2 Sage Stone        DAB Magatama           DB4 Yadorigi Armlet

Final Class Rings     Final Class Rings      Final Class Rings
DA3 Blizzard Hairpin  DAC Moon Flower        DB5 Draupnir
DA4 Magma Hairpin     DAD Black Onyx         DB6 Giant's Ring
 * The first item in the final class ring are for light the other
   for dark.

Armors *
Duran                                      Kevin
DB7 Quilted Leather  DC2 Knight Armor      DCB Cotton Uniform   DD6 Red Uniform
DB8 Hard Leather     DC3 Swordsman Armor   DCC Leather Belt     DD7 Blue Uniform
DB9 Bezant Mail      DC4 Gold Armor        DCD Fur Vest         DD8 Ganjuu Belt
DBA Lamellar Armor   DC5 Platinum Armor    DCE Warrior Uniform  DD9 Majuu Belt
DBB Hauberk          DC6 Dragon's Mail     DCF Chain Vest       DDA Scale Uniform
DBC Half Plate                             DD0 Wolf Belt
DBD Plate Mail       Final Class Armors    DD1 Protector        Final Class Armors
DBE Lunula Mail      DC7 Hero's Armor      DD2 Beast Uniform    DDB Byakko Uniform
DBF Reflex           DC8 Protect Armor     DD3 Lyshee Vest      DDC Genbu Uniform
DC0 Pegasus Armor    DC9 Master's Armor    DD4 Battlesuit       DDD Seiryuu Uniform
DC1 Leonis Plate     DCA Skeleton Mail     DD5 Amber Uniform    DDE Suzaku Uniform

Hawkeye/Hawk                               Angela
DDF Cotton Kilt       DEA Utsushimi Cape   DF3 Cotton Robe      DFE Sunshine Dress
DE0 Black Fatigue     DEB Dark Suit        DF4 Silk Robe        DFF Dusk Dress
DE1 Camouflage Cloak  DEC Yafuku Cuirass   DF5 Witch's Robe     E00 Pure White Robe
DE2 Thief's Cape      DED Ninja Garb       DF6 Queen Bee Dress  E01 Darkness Robe
DE3 Soft Leather      DEE Shijima Mail     DF7 Bat Coat         E02 Dreamdevil Coat
DE4 Idaten Cloak                           DF8 Tiger Bikini
DE5 Chain Guard       Final Class Armors   DF9 Rose Leotard     Final Class Armors
DE6 Moonbeam Cape     DEF Phantom Cuirass  DFA Bunnydress       E03 Myein Dress
DE7 Elf Breastplate   DF0 Silverwolf Pelt  DFB Owl Coat         E04 Eremos Coat
DE8 Fleetwood Cape    DF1 Wind Demon Mail  DFC Zephyr Dress     E05 Rune Coat
DE9 Flourite Plate    DF2 Black Garb       DFD Mananan Dress    E06 Ancient Coat

Carlie/Charlotte                           Lise/Rieze
E07 Chibikko Robe   E12 Golden Robe        E1B Padded Leather   E26 Valkyrie Mail
E08 Lamb Suit       E13 Silver Robe        E1C Cuir Boulli      E27 Rune Armor
E09 Priest's Robe   E14 Minister's Robe    E1D Feather Vest     E28 Wing Armor
E0A Popoi's Rags    E15 Shrine Girl Robe   E1E Spiked Leather   E29 Fang Armor
E0B Sailor Dress    E16 Kurikara Robe      E1F Chainmail        E2A Phantasm Armor
E0C Poto Suit                              E20 Banded Mail
E0D Velvet Cape     Final Class Armors     E21 Scale Mail        Final Class Armors
E0E Moogle Smock    E17 Bishop's Robe      E22 Mani Plate        E2B Goddess Armor
E0F Pakkun Suit     E18 Sage's Robe        E23 Steda Plate       E2C Polaris Armor
E10 Glint Robe      E19 Undead Suit        E24 White Eagle Plate E2D Dragon Knight Armor
E11 Utsufushi Robe  E1A Bitium Dress       E25 Jotzdammoran      E2E Wulfhezein

Shields *
E2F Water Dragon Shield
E30 Red-heat Shield
E31 Thunder God Shield
E32 Earth Shield
E33 Gold Shield
E34 Dragon Shield
E35 Scared Shield
E36 Oath Shield
 * Only Duran's Light Class
   can use these Shields.

Class Changing Items *
Duran                Kevin                 Hawkeye/Hawk       Angela
E39 Paladin's Proof  E3D Gold Wolf Soul    E41 Good Luck Dye  E45 Arcane Book
E3A Lord's Proof     E3E Silver Wolf Soul  E42 Bad Luck Dye   E46 Book of Secrets
E3B Master's Proof   E3F Death Wolf Soul   E43 Bullseye Dye   E47 Book of Runes
E3C Duelist's Proof  E40 Demon Wolf Soul   E44 Nighteye Dye   E48 Forbidden Book

Carlie/Charlotte      Lise/Rieze
E49 Holy Waters Vial  E4D Briesingamen         * These Items are necessary to change a
E4A Bottle of Salt    E4E Morning Star Chain     final class and can be use as regular
E4B Bottle of Ashes   E4F Knight Dragon Chain    items.
E4C Bottle of Blood   E50 Gleipner

Magic Pot Items
E51 Item Seed
E52 Mysterious Seed
E53 Flying Item Seed
E54 Magic Seed
E55 ??? Seed
E56 Weapon/Armor Seed

Elemental Items
Earth (Gnome)        Air (Jinn)        Water (Undine)         Fire (Salamando)
E57 Earth Coin       E5D Storm Coin    E63 Ice Coin           E69 Flame Coin
E58 Gnome Statue     E5E Jinn Statue   E64 Undine Statue      E6A Salamando Statue
E59 Basilisk's Fang  E5F Harpy's Fang  E65 White Dragon Fang  E6B Fire Lizard Fang
E5A Bulette's Scale  E60 Bird's Scale  E66 Sahagin's Scale    E6C Drake's Scale
E5B Needlion's Eye   E61 Bird's Eye    E67 Slime's Eye        E6D Battum's Eye
E5C Molebear's Claw  E62 Siren's Claw  E68 Poseidon's Claw    E6E Kerberos' Claw

Dark (Shade)           Light (Wisp)         Moon (Luna)            Wood (Dryad)
E6F Darkness Coin      E75 Light Coin       E7B Moon Coin          E81 Myconid's Eye
E70 Shade Statue       E76 Wisp Statue      E7C Luna Statue        E82 Assassin Bug Eye
E71 Ghost's Eye        E77 Poto Oil         E7D Chibi Devil's Eye  E83 Dryad Statue
E72 Specter's Eye      E78 Pakkun Oil       E7E Porobin Oil        E84 Grell Oil
E73 Shadow Zero's Eye  E79 Mama Poto Oil    E7F Wolf Devil Oil     E85 Matango Oil
E74 Demon's Claw       E7A Papa Poto's Claw E80 Carmilla's Claw    E86 Crawler's Claw

Flying Items       Miscellaneous Items
-----------------  ---------------------------------------------------------------
E87 Hand Axe       E8B Round Drop        E92 Magical Rope     E99 Half Key A *
E88 Shuriken       E8C Pakkun Chocolate  E93 Gunpowder        E9A Half Key B *
E89 Dart           E8D Magic Walnut      E94 Chibikko Hammer  E9B Mystery Key *
E8A Pumpkin Bomb   E8E Honey Drink       E95 Moogle Badge     E9C Dragon's Eye *
                   E8F Puipui Grass      E96 Pihyra Flute     E9D Illusion Mirror
                   E90 Star Dust Herb    E97 Wind Drum        E9E Demon Statue *
                   E91 Angel's Grail     E98 Dreamsee Herb       * Useless

                              Class Changing Codes *

Edit the Classes of Your Characters
7FEE14xx  7FEE15yy    Player 1                                Class Changing Chart
7FF114xx  7FF115yy    Player 2                     -------------------------------------------
7FF414xx  7FF415yy    Player 3                     |Neutral  1st Stage Final Stage  (xx)--(yy)
 (Replace xx and yy w/ a the coresponding          |            /------Light-Light--|02|--|00|
  codes on the Class Changing Chart )              |            |                   |  |  |  |
                                                   |  /-------Light-----------------|01|--|00|
 * Each Character Change will not automatically    |  |         |                   |  |  |  |
   change their appearance. To fix this just use   |  |         \-------Light-Dark--|02|--|01|
   any transportation, (Flammie, a Cannon, a Ship, |  |                             |  |  |  |
   Booskaboo, etc.), where it shows the world map. |Neutral-------------------------|00|--|00|
                                                   |  |                             |  |  |  |
                                                   |  |         /-------Dark-Light--|02|--|02|
                                                   |  |         |                   |  |  |  |
                                                   |  \--------Dark-----------------|01|--|01|
                                                   |            |                   |  |  |  |
                                                   |            \--------Dark-Dark--|02|--|03|

                            The End


Seiken Densetsu 3                                                   v0.8
ZST Hacking Guide                  By Paul Le <kenshou@square-haven.net>
First off, if you want to hack your ZSNES ZSTs, you must have a hex
editor.  If you don't have one, download "Hex Workshop":


Install it, open one of your ZSTs, and you're ready to go.

By the way, "C9A0" and "1FFFFF", for instance, are offsets (in
hexadecimal, base-16).  To put it simply, locations of data you can
modify.  Use the "Goto..." function to quickly skip about the file.

Also, one more note: I will not be held responsible if you screw up
your ZSTs somehow.  Use this guide at your own risk.
Recent Updates...

 August 26, 1999 - General corrections.

 August 18, 1999 - I was bored again, so I decided to create yet
 another guide.  The only thing missing is the equipment information
 and some miscellaneous stuff, like "Attack Gauge" and "Critical Hit
 Rate" under Character Parameters.

Table of Contents

      1. Lucs

      1. Item Storage Quantities
      2. Item Ring
      3. Item Ring Quantities
      4. Class Change
      5. Seeds
      6. Gnome
      7. Jin
      8. Undine
      9. Salamander
     10. Shade
     11. Wisp
     12. Luna
     13. Dryad
     14. Projectile
     15. Recovery
     16. Special


      1. Gnome
      2. Jin
      3. Undine
      4. Salamander
      5. Shade
      6. Wisp
      7. Luna
      8. Dryad
      9. Special
     10. Summon
     11. Ninja
     12. Other
     13. Power Attack
     14. Traps
     15. Enemy/Dummy

      1. Party Identification
      2. Current Hit Points
      3. Current Magic Points
      4. Strength
      5. Dexterity
      6. Constitution
      7. Intelligence
      8. Piety
      9. Luck
     10. Experience
     11. Maximum Hit Points
     12. Maximum Magic Points
     13. Experience to Next Level
     14. Level
     15. Character Data
     16. Class
     17. Equipped Items
     18. Equipment Storage
     19. Magic
     20. Magic Targeting



1. Lucs
3839, 3838, 3837


1. Item Storage Quantities
3A4C-3AB1 (102)

Note: These values correspond directly to the order of items as shown
below.  For example, enter "63" at 3A4C to get 99 of Paladin's Proof.

2. Item Ring
3AFC-3B05 (8)

3. Item Ring Quantities
3B06-3B0F (8)

4. Class Change
01 Seikishi no Akashi
02 Kunshu no Akashi
03 Kenshou no Akashi
04 Toushi no Akashi
05 Kinrou no Tamashii
06 Ginrou no Tamashii
07 Shirou no Tamashii
08 Marou no Tamashii
09 Kouun no Saikoro
0A Akuun no Saikoro
0B Hicchuu no Saikoro
0C Yome no Saikoro
0D Ougi no Sho
0E Hiden no Sho
0F Rune no Sho
10 Kindan no Sho
11 Seisui no Kobin
12 Shio no Kobin
13 Hai no Kobin
14 Chi no Kobin
15 Briesingamen
16 Myoujou no Kusari
17 Kiryuu no Kusari
18 Gleipnir

5. Seeds
19 Item no Tane
1A Fushigina Tane
1B Tobidougu no Tane
1C Mahou no Tane
1D ??? no Tane
1E Bukibougu no Tane

6. Gnome
1F Daichi no Coin
20 Gnome no Zou
21 Basilisk no Kiba
22 Barette no Uroko
23 Needlelion no Mitomi
24 Molebear no Tsume

7. Jin
25 Arashi no Coin
26 Jin no Zou
27 Harpy no Kiba
28 Bird no Uroko
29 Bee no Mitomi
2A Siren no Tsume

8. Undine
2B Hi no Coin
2C Undine no Zou
2D Shiroryuu no Kiba
2E Sahagin no Uroko
2F Slime no Mitomi
30 Poseidon no Tsume

9. Salamander
31 Honoo no Coin
32 Salamander no Zou
33 Katokage no Kiba
34 Drake no Uroko
35 Battum no Mitomi
36 Cerberus no Mitomi

10. Shade
37 Kurayami no Cion
38 Shade no Zou
39 Ghost no Mitomi
3A Specter no Mitomi
3B Shadow Zero no Mitomi
3C Demon no Tsume

11. Wisp
3D Hikari no Coin
3E Wisp no Zou
3F Poto no Abura
40 Pakkun no Abura
41 Mama Poto no Abura
42 Papa Poto no Tsume

12. Luna
43 Tsuki no Coin
44 Luna no Zou
45 Chibidevil no Mitomi
46 Porobin no Abura
47 Wolf Devil no Abura
48 Carmilla no Tsume

13. Dryad
49 Myconido no Mitomi
4A Assassin Bug no Mitomi
4B Dryad no Zou
4C Gurel no Abura
4D Matango no Abura
4E Crawler no Tsume

14. Projectile
4F Hand Axe
50 Shuriken
51 Dart
52 Pumpkin Bomb

15. Recovery
53 Manmaru Drop
54 Pakkun Chocolate
55 Mahou no Kurumi
56 Hachimitsu Drink
57 Puipuisou
58 Hoshikuzu no Herb
59 Tenshi no Seipai
5A Mahou no Rope

16. Special
5B Nitro no Kayaku
5C Chibikko Hammer
5D Moogle Badge
5E Piihyara Fue
5F Kaze no Tairo
60 Yumeimisou
61 Hanbun no Kagi A (dummy)
62 Hanbun no Kagi B (dummy)
63 Shinpi no Kagi (dummy)
64 Dragon's Eye (dummy)
65 Gensou no Kagami
66 Akuma no Zou (dummy)

I'll get to it when I feel like it.

Note: Enter these in your character's magic slots (see "Magic" under
Character Parameters for offsets).

1. Gnome
01 Diamond Missile
02 Earthquake
03 Stone Cloud
04 Protect Up
05 Speed Down
06 Diamond Saber

2. Jin
07 Air Blast
08 Thunderstorm
09 Stun Wind
0A Speed Up
0B Protect Down
0C Thunder Saber

3. Undine
0D Ice Smash
0E Mega Splash
0F Cold Breeze
10 Mind Up
11 Power Down
12 Ice Saber

4. Salamander
13 Fireball
14 Explode
15 Blaze Wall
16 Power Up
17 Mind Down
18 Flame Saber

5. Shade
19 Evil Gate
1A Dark Force
1B Death Spell
1C Anti-Magic
1D Black Curse
1E Dark Saber

6. Wisp
1F Holy Ball
20 Saint Beam
21 Heal Light
22 Magic Shield
23 Tinkle Rain
24 Saint Saber

7. Luna
25 Lunatic
26 Half Vanish
27 Body Change
28 Life Booster
29 Energy Ball
2A Moon Saber

8. Dryad
2B Sleep Flower
2C Poison Bubble
2D TransShape
2E Aura Wave
2F Counter Magic
30 Leaf Saber

9. Special
31 Detect
32 Turn Undead
33 Demon Breath
34 Rainbow Dust
35 Ancient
36 Ancient 2 (dummy)
37 Ancient 3 (dummy)

10. Summon
38 Freya
39 Marduk
3A Jormundgandr
3B Lamia Naga
3C Unicorn Head
3D Machine Golem
3E Ghoul
3F Ghost
40 Gremlin
41 Great Demon

11. Ninja
42 Doton no Jutsu
43 Raijin no Jutsu
44 Suiton no Jutsu
45 Katon no Jutsu
46 Yumiya
47 Spike
48 Ganseki Rakuka
49 Chirai
4A Dokukumo Breath
4B Kaen Breath
4C Fukumiri
4D Kyouki Kougeki

12. Other
4E Double Spell
4F Hiran

13. Power Attack
50 3 Dan Giri
51 Senkaze Ken
52 Senhikari Ken
53 Mahou Jin Zan
54 Shinkuu Ken
55 Daichi Funde Ken

56 Toshou Senkaze Kyaku
57 Tornado Throw
58 Shinkuu Mizu Tsuki Zan
59 Bastard Slam
5A Shiroko Shougeki Ha
5B Stardust Bomb
5C Genbu Hyaku Retsu Kyaku
5D Blow Impact
5E Ake Suzume Toten no Mai
5F Belly to Back
60 Aoryuu Satsujin Ken
61 Dead Crush

62 Tosubame Tou
63 Zan Kage Zan
64 Bara no Mai
65 Senmai Giri
66 Kagemoguri
67 Bunshin Giri

68 Pink Typhoon
69 Star Attack
6A Spiral Rod
6B Dancing Rod
6C 10t
6D Hot Shot

6E Jump
6F Dash
70 Harisen Chop
71 Dokaan
72 Mechakucha
73 Dekadeka

74 Shinkuu Hadou Yari
75 Toten Yari
76 Hikaridan Yari
77 Ryuu Hoshi Shou
78 Ryuu Kiba Yari
79 Hyaku Hana Ran Mai

14. Traps
7A Hand Axe
7B Shuriken
7C Dart
7D Pumpkin Bomb
7E Silver Dart
7F Cutter Missile
80 Engetsurin
81 Rocket Launcher
82 Axe Bomber
83 Grenade Bomb

15. Enemy/Dummy
84 Dark Fear
85 Bikkuri Bomb *
86 Roulette Death
87 Thunder Bolt
88 Rust Hurricane
89 Amai *
8A Eye Beam
8B Dive Attack
8C Bubble Breath
8D Grand Slam
8E Grand Slam (?)
8F Buchi Kamashi *
90 Sky Attack
91 Suupaan Nick *
92 ???
93 Black Rain
94 Gas Cloud
95 Ghost Lode
96 ???
97 Ikasumi *
98 Tidal Wave
99 Revenge Spike
9A Sand Stream
9B Hyper Cannon
9C Hell Southern Cross
9D Darkness Beam
9E Arrow
9F Spike
A0 Stone
A1 Bomb
A2 Smoke
A3 Shishin-kun
A4 Ogre Box
A5 Kaiser Mimic
A6 Spined Kelp
A7 Prisoner
A8 Geyser Blast
A9 Bomb
AA Trap Level 1
AB Trap Level 2
AC Bloody Axe
AD Icicle
AE Ice Cradle
AF-B5 [boss explosions]
B6 ???
B7 Graviton Press
B8 Houkou
B9 Spiral Moon
BA Grenade Bomb
BB Kill Stinger
BC Lava Whip
BD Heat Beam
BE Gigaburn
BF Death Ecstasy
C0-CB [power attacks]
CC Catastrophe
CD Demon Scream
CE Earth Lasher
CF Flare
D0-D3 Suka
D4 Meltwave
D5 Spiral Moon
D6 Turn Wind
D7 Flash
D8 Psychowave
D9 Thunder Ball
DA [power attack]
DB-FF Suka

Note: The offsets for your second and third characters are listed in
parentheses.  Character offsets may be at 1FDxx, 200xx, 203xx, etc.;
it depends.

1. Party Identification
3C03 Lead
3C04 Second
3C05 Third

00 Duran
01 Kevin
02 Hawkeye
03 Angela
04 Charlotte
05 Riesz

Note: You can refresh your character sprites by getting on Flammie
and landing somewhere or saving/loading to SRM.

2. Current Hit Points
1FA06, 1FA05 (1FD06, 1FD05; 20006, 20005)

3. Current Magic Points
1FA08, 1FA07 (1FD08, 1FD07; 20008, 20007)

4. Strength
1FA09 (1FD09; 20009)

5. Dexterity
1FA0A (1FD0A; 2000A)

6. Constitution
1FA0B (1FD0B; 2000B)

7. Intelligence
1FA0C (1FD0C; 2000C)

8. Piety
1FA0D (1FD0D; 2000D)

9. Luck
1FA0E (1FD0E; 2000E)

10. Experience
1FA12 (1FD12; 20012)
01 = 1, FF = 255

1FA13 (1FD13; 20013)
01 = 256, FF = 65,280

1FA10 (1FD10; 20010)
01 = 50,000, FF = 12,750,000

1FA11 (1FD11; 20011)
01 = 12,800,000, FF = 3,264,000,000

Example: For 999,999,999 EXP, enter

1FA10 1F (1,550,000)
1FA11 4E (998,400,000)
1FA12 4F (79)
1FA13 C3 (49,920)

Enter "FFFFFFFF" at 1FA10 for the maximum 3,276,815,535.
It will cycle back to 1, however.

11. Maximum Hit Points
1FA16, 1FA15 (1FD16, 1FD15; 20016; 20015)

12. Maximum Magic Points
1FA18, 1FA17 (1FD18, 1FD17; 20018, 20017)

13. Experience to Next Level
1FA22 (1FD22; 20022)
01 = 1, FF = 255

1FA23 (1FD23; 20023)
01 = 256, FF = 65,280

1FA20 (1FD20; 20020)
01 = 50,000, FF = 12,750,000

1FA21 (1FD21; 20021)
01 = 12,800,000, FF = 3,264,000,000

Note: Relative to total experience.

14. Level
1FA24 (1FD24; 20024)

15. Character Data
1FA26 (1FD26; 20026)

00 Duran
01 Kevin
02 Hawkeye
03 Angela
04 Charlotte
05 Riesz

16. Class
1FA27, 1FA28 (1FD27, 1FD28; 20027, 20028)

0000 Neutral
0100 Light
0101 Dark
01FD Light/Light
0201 Light/Dark
0202 Dark/Light
0200 Dark/Dark

17. Equipped Items
1FA2F (1FD2F; 2002F) Weapon
1FA30 (1FD30; 20030) Headgear
1FA31 (1FD31; 20031) Armor
1FA32 (1FD32; 20032) Accessory
1FA33 (1FD33; 20033) Shield

18. Equipment Storage
1FA74-1FA7B (1FD74-1FD7B; 20074-2007B) Weapon (8)
1FA7C-1FA83 (1FD7C-1FD83; 2007C-20083)
1FA84-1FA8B (1FD84-1FD8B; 20084-2008B) Headgear (8)
1FA8C-1FA93 (1FD8C-1FD93; 2008C-20093) Armor (8)
1FA94-1FA9B (1FD94-1FD9B; 20094-2009B) Accessory (8)
1FA9C-1FAA3 (1FD9C-1FDA3; 2009C-200A3) Shield (8)

Note: I'm assuming that 1FA7C-1FA83 would have been the range for a
second equippable weapon (for Hawkeye and Kevin).

19. Magic
1FAB8-1FAC3 (1FDB8-1FDC3; 200B8-200C3) (12)

20. Magic Targeting
1FAC4-1FACF (1FDC4-1FDCF; 200C4-200CF) (12)

01 Single
02 All
03 Single/all
04 Caster

 - Matt Mitchell, for his "Seiken Densetsu 3 Game Information" document,
   which contains the translation for the Power Attacks I could not
   translate completely.

Fin                                     Seiken Densetsu 3 © 1995 Square.


les1two and Paul Le - For these lists!

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