should I play Trials multiple times?

  1. In trials of mana, there are 6 playable characters but do all of them provide a different journey with unique stories and areas?
    Basically, should I play this game 6 times back to back or just once to experience the full game?
    Thanks for the help!

    User Info: twitchguy64

    twitchguy64 - 3 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. In general, there's a large amount of overlap between all six characters. The characters actually are kind of paired up (3 sets of 2 characters in each: Duran/Angela, Riesz/Hawkeye, Kevin/Charlotte), where each pair experiences a very similar story and progression.

    It's certainly not necessary to appreciate the game to go through 6 times. I'd say it's good to play through once, and see how you feel after. If you really enjoyed it and want more, then try out with another primary character (probably first choosing your primary to not be the other of the pair you already played).

    User Info: Paladin14x

    Paladin14x - 3 months ago 1   1

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